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File: 1616122846651.jpg (347.87 KB, 2500x1667, lola-bunny.jpg)

79fbe546 No.3609019[Reply]

Pepe has been kicked out of "Space Jam 2," for being "rapey." (That's exactly the word the SJW's use!)

And now Lola is being de-feminized!
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461c8c0e No.3609533

>image posted unironically


620fc801 No.3609538

File: 1616697283916.jpg (47.61 KB, 505x900, F15DEF0E-3794-4B18-8CEF-C7….JPG)

Because the left is full of miserable, angry assholes, that think if they "fight" stupid shit like plastic toy potato gender, or cancelling imaginary cartoon characters, they're "making the world a better place" as some sort of balancing out of how miserable they are.

Seriously though, leftists by and large are some of the worst people on the planet. Kyle Rittenhouse didn't just coincidentally kill a child rapist, wife beater and maim a convicted burglar in Kenosha - those are the kind of people that the left in America is built for.

1ca6d08b No.3609565

File: 1616728726239.jpg (57.63 KB, 720x473, 1613974897323.jpg)

Yeah that sounds about right.

03e97319 No.3609566

Amusing oneself with the misery of your "opponents" is a conservative pastime. As is projection.

conservative humor, every1
inb4 "im not a conservative". okay coomer

>children should be taught that no means increase your aggressiveness
>The moral of the story is clearly to not do what he does
the clip you posted, titled "It is Possible to be TOO Attractive!", actually sends the message that if you persist in your aggressive sexual advances they will be requited
>He's a corrupt wannabe dictator who runs New York with an iron fist.
so, everything trump wished he could have been

62af6b3f No.3609567

lmao niggers
amirite fellow racist?

8208ffb5 No.3609629

of course it sounds right, because you're stupid as fuck and will happily believe legions of strawmen demanded a potato be ungendered or syrup be renamed or whatever log of shit that's being bricked into you mouth

620fc801 No.3609632

File: 1616777340181.jpg (14.64 KB, 308x185, MassShooter.jpg)

File: 1615735542305.jpg (748.3 KB, 1813x2314, d01fe8b77cd3f65dea00ac3b5d….jpg)

8f978ae8 No.3608484[Reply]

When humans finally go to other worlds, will we have sex with the inhabitants? Sure we will. Or maybe they will come to us. Or maybe we will just make them in the lab then they would be DNAliens.

Would we tend to forget when we make aliens, they're alien. And we should be open about our differences and celebrate them by exploring every difference in every way.

I find fucking something that actually looks like an alien would be much hotter than fucking something that looks a hell lot like a human

And what if we find aliens with alternative biochemistries, would we be toxic to one another?

What is that book she is reading?
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690f4776 No.3609578

File: 1616736348682-0.jpg (428.15 KB, 1304x1500, 1ee4340dde.jpg)

File: 1616736348682-1.gif (4.62 MB, 1074x720, 4e45ff2c4f.gif)

File: 1616736348682-2.jpg (409.15 KB, 2000x2400, 2a4c3d84ff65e.jpg)

File: 1616736348682-3.jpg (2.17 MB, 1920x1393, 1e8f032.jpg)

File: 1616736348682-4.jpg (155.67 KB, 1245x1280, 3a8532ad5a89f300c072b0a927….jpg)

690f4776 No.3609580

File: 1616736622049-0.jpg (797.41 KB, 949x1315, 1517705370.jpg)

File: 1616736622049-1.jpg (110.66 KB, 595x750, 75838.jpg)

File: 1616736622049-2.jpg (2.82 MB, 2302x1700, 4cd7133ff94.jpg)

File: 1616736622049-3.jpg (206.73 KB, 851x1111, 66d2380fb90.jpg)

File: 1616736622049-4.jpg (561.89 KB, 1000x870, 8c0262f45dd.jpg)

690f4776 No.3609581

File: 1616736869729-0.gif (811.04 KB, 448x252, 1423693.gif)

File: 1616736869729-1.gif (899.24 KB, 448x252, 1423694 - Alien Beastlyjoe….gif)

File: 1616736869729-2.gif (1.22 MB, 448x252, 1423695 - Alien Beastlyjoe….gif)

690f4776 No.3609582

File: 1616736936896-0.jpg (301.26 KB, 989x1280, 411185.jpg)

File: 1616736936896-1.png (1.53 MB, 990x1080, 1298085.png)

File: 1616736936896-2.jpg (64.54 KB, 634x919, 118713.jpg)

File: 1616736936896-3.png (2.56 MB, 1920x1080, 1541998.png)

690f4776 No.3609583

File: 1616737015247-0.jpg (382.64 KB, 1600x1200, 540873 - Twi'lek star_wars.jpg)

File: 1616737015247-1.jpg (381.35 KB, 1600x1200, 540875 - Twi'lek star_wars.jpg)

File: 1616737015247-2.jpg (361.86 KB, 900x900, 137095187.jpg)

File: 1616737015247-3.jpg (569.2 KB, 1441x1080, 707c55eb4d64.jpg)

File: 1616737015247-4.png (809.18 KB, 920x823, 1651716.png)

6bbb54bc No.3609604

File: 1616761013670-0.jpg (583.21 KB, 1070x642, 689516.jpg)

File: 1616761013670-1.jpg (756.4 KB, 1200x854, 1720463.jpg)

File: 1616761013670-2.jpg (77.07 KB, 600x432, 13298884.jpg)

File: 1616761013670-3.jpg (157.13 KB, 856x1300, 1282292929881.jpg)

File: 1616761013670-4.jpg (242.15 KB, 1280x1168, 155950589.jpg)

6bbb54bc No.3609605

File: 1616761187798-0.jpeg (191.17 KB, 1443x2000, BeeRus (1).jpeg)

File: 1616761187798-1.jpg (258.27 KB, 850x1053, Beerus (1a).jpg)

File: 1616761187798-2.jpg (243.67 KB, 1043x1280, BeeRus (2).jpg)

File: 1616761187798-3.jpg (316.45 KB, 850x1491, Beerus (1gdhd).jpg)

File: 1616761187798-4.png (438.05 KB, 800x656, BeeRus (12a3a).png)

File: 1580537768583.jpg (127.58 KB, 1280x791, r1.jpg)

7ef57b59 No.3568403[Reply]

In celebration of the fact the owner is retarded and can't actually block Tor, have some rape. I'll start.
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6d6debf5 No.3598069

File: 1608949733776.png (1.55 MB, 1000x781, b2f3644ec9b68b8fbe0df17929….png)

The one in the middle is obviously the rapist.

8b4b0542 No.3606377

File: 1614658828375.gif (85.8 KB, 700x422, 2-WAY.GIF)

b9037e83 No.3606753

lol, I thought that was the devil fucking a dakimakura goat waifu from the image. Someone draw that shit.

68153625 No.3606768

File: 1614689833175-0.jpg (355.61 KB, 2120x2714, sex 11.jpg)

File: 1614689833175-1.jpg (419.12 KB, 2120x2714, sex 11a1.jpg)

File: 1614689833175-2.png (781.5 KB, 1000x911, macha.png)

68153625 No.3606769

File: 1614689867392-0.jpg (398.49 KB, 2120x2714, sex 11a.jpg)

a23d16d9 No.3609261

File: 1616414069466.jpg (348.91 KB, 2000x2000, 64nao.jpg)

438a40a2 No.3609584

File: 1616739484065-0.jpg (742.67 KB, 914x1034, DoggyHump (3).jpg)

File: 1616739484065-1.png (2.79 MB, 2144x1444, dag 10.png)

File: 1616739484065-2.jpg (281.94 KB, 1200x1243, 7e244.jpg)

File: 1616739484065-3.jpg (154.91 KB, 1174x1200, 4eded5c331aba.jpg)

File: 1616739484065-4.png (2.6 MB, 2000x1414, 75be1cded.png)

File: 1611383650713.jpg (2.4 MB, 2500x3695, 3437806_JinxMcKenzie_31601….jpg)

d5d949ca No.3601145[Reply]

Underrated characters or characters lacking porn.

f93cc2f9 No.3609562

File: 1616727124579.jpg (112.17 KB, 1400x1060, our precedent.jpg)

ca66b262 No.3609563


Why is he wearing a metal ring behind his glans?

dd64b7a4 No.3609564

File: 1610078838979.jpeg (83.93 KB, 802x789, 5D2CE1EC-B9D4-4EBD-AB88-2….jpeg)

6ee9b811 No.3599158[Reply]

You dumbasses believed him xD
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3ce14290 No.3609488


SAUCY!NUGGS/fbI. wrote:
> Obama was precedent in 2002?
Dude, are you retarded?

e789c8af No.3609552

File: 1616712061007.png (377.06 KB, 521x600, 1616534855998.png)

297b6190 No.3609553

>But I thought this was some huge bigoted campaign that was sweeping America! They were flipping their shit way before that
You keep asserting this with no evidence.

>Dude, are you retarded?
The shooter came here in 2002. That other poster asserted that Obama let him in. Was Obama precedent in 2002 or not?

7669d32b No.3609554

Looks like he's nitpicking, because you misspelled "president".

c2e359a8 No.3609555

File: 1616721691200.webm (1.99 MB, 782x440, chinavsusmilitary.webm)

>Now imagine if some sheboon gets up there, hooting and hollering, doing shuck and jive dancing or twerking

I cant resist….must…..post…..webm…..

051a20f4 No.3609557

LOL. And he continues to misspell it.

2fc18fa8 No.3609558

File: 1616724497153.jpg (98.41 KB, 1280x720, PRECEDENT.jpg)

File: 1577655689855-0.jpg (639.88 KB, 1022x877, 21425658273.jpg)

File: 1577655689855-1.jpg (100.35 KB, 848x1024, B_IHlCSWsAArFQS.jpg)

File: 1577655689855-2.jpg (56.4 KB, 599x586, B0G0UDVCcAAaN-0.jpg)

File: 1577655689855-3.jpg (30.28 KB, 600x405, B0ggmvjIIAE3QwP.jpg)

File: 1577655689855-4.jpg (41.69 KB, 599x834, B0qu9OHIQAA1ln_.jpg)

fbdb80b4 No.3078[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

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0120aef8 No.3608010

I desperately want to know what his reaction to this stuff would be

3cf5ed5b No.3608012

Spoilers, he would say meh and it's just too tame for him or not crazy enough about the whole idea. it would not work.

3cf5ed5b No.3608014

File: 1615331284481.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x1480, tirrelsmum.jpg)

"Tirrel honey, could you come here a minute?"

Tirrel begrudgingly rolled out of bed, slipping his underwear back on. He headed towards his mom's room to see what she needed.

He opened the door, and there his mom sat, topless in a bra, facing away from him. "Mom, what the hell?"

"Sweetie, could you help me get out of this bra? I think something ripped, and I can't reach it by myself."

Tirrel had never seen his mom like this before, and it was… strangely arousing. He gulped and agreed to help her.

As he struggled to undo the bra, he began to sweat. His mom's fur was so soft and warm, and he started to get hard from the contact. What the hell is wrong with me? She's my mom, dammit! Why is my body doing this?

He finally got the bra undone. She let out a sigh of relief, and turned around to face him, completely topless, her breasts hardly noticable under all her luscious fur. "What's that in your boxer shorts, hmm?" Tirrel turned bright red.

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738fdd7f No.3609420

File: 1616563068747.jpg (273.58 KB, 1081x1080, 6d474cf023efec7f8e73fd4270….jpg)

72333d22 No.3609467

I wrote the story for >>3608014 as anon so I don't have a chance of being cancelled. Some people still know who I am though. Noticing writing styles I guess.

c0e8a2fa No.3609514

Used to be known as Cerburus

738fdd7f No.3609525

File: 1616689733402-0.gif (58.93 KB, 50x50, ddqnlt0-b4a76f22-a79a-49cc….gif)

File: 1616689733402-1.jpg (354.68 KB, 1200x817, pozimiiiiiz.jpg)

File: 1616206694637.png (20.59 KB, 680x257, Screenshot_2021-03-19 Sean….png)

71be2178 No.3609113[Reply]

Sean Piche
FSegngStbruadSSSrasrnpy 2oo7 nmllatShse g5fl:o52 relAMda ·
Part of the problem dealing with bipolar is when something triggers that depressive state it's hard to explain to people what's going on.
Most people just think you're sad, angry, or are weirdly irrational… but it's hard to explain that something beyond your control has triggered and now the sheer act of simply being alive is excruciatingly painful. Your *very soul* hurts. Just existing feels absolutely awful, and it's on par with physical pain.
It's like being Mr. Meeseeks. :-(
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5a790a6a No.3609286

File: 1616435932920.jpg (68.04 KB, 700x411, strangebrew-rickmoranis-da….jpg)

1bb133bd No.3609319

File: 1616468697483.jpg (261.31 KB, 806x706, piranhapettingzoo-boop-155….jpg)

>just a continuous state of bleh, and hate
Sounds like my life.

The only reason why I haven't killed myself yet is cause my enemies would be happy if I did. Also anime.

Does it even matter if one calls it depression or not at this point? It's just whatever.

216ee05e No.3609338

File: 1616492675137.jpg (434.29 KB, 3000x2800, 20000c437c977d640a6592f5d7….jpg)

I dream of a world were every depressed person could just have a portal glory hole. We could all just blow wads instead of nonexistant non-tears.


216ee05e No.3609340

worst thing about depression, everyone thinks you're sad. Its not sadness, sadness would be a blessing, its just this all consuming empty feeling.

I drink because it makes me sad/angry, its better than just sitting in an emotional vacuum.

0ea2daa3 No.3609343

>>I drink because it makes me sad/angry, its better than just sitting in an emotional vacuum.

ALKIE, ALKIE, ALKIE, it means you have a weak mind and no willpower.
Radio TriColor.

216ee05e No.3609346

I've got pretty good willpower, I was in the military and such. I've even been tortured, I showed the scars.

I just like alcohol, it has nothing to do willpower.

1bb133bd No.3609515

File: 1616678525478.jpg (71.95 KB, 350x382, 214.jpg)

>>just have a portal glory hole
Nah, I'm good. I don't want to play STD Russian roulette.

>>its just this all consuming empty feeling
But have you accepted anime as your lord and savior yet?

So many good shows right now. Attack on Titan is going absolutely nuts with the last season. The Promised Neverland is back. Beastars got a new season. Dr Stone. Evangelion 3.0+1.0 just came out in Japanese theaters. I can't afford to die at any cost until I can see the last Evangelion movie.

Or an extra hobby. Or learn how to do a thing.

Or a workout routine while you listen to some books and podcasts.

Or learn to play a musical instrument.
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File: 1615257079918-0.png (200.73 KB, 729x855, fdbb0b2fbd68e6193aa908dbac….png)

File: 1615257079918-1.png (1.14 MB, 1436x2559, 2567065.png)

File: 1615257079918-2.png (142.39 KB, 591x965, 762cc3b717255b7bad19779208….png)

33b7904c No.3607932[Reply]

A thread for bugs lovers.

33b7904c No.3607933

File: 1615257186468-0.jpg (62.71 KB, 537x615, f70cd5566c6f1ffa5a61ca2e79….jpg)

File: 1615257186468-1.jpg (92.1 KB, 1008x1104, b7ddff60832310aff0b3647d3c….jpg)

File: 1615257186468-2.png (208.91 KB, 713x1000, 6e6da54b39279ccde4bab854f0….png)

33b7904c No.3607934

File: 1615257370118-0.jpg (82.08 KB, 1012x855, 5a8d430ae51d0728b8a83f85c6….jpg)

File: 1615257370118-1.jpg (64.2 KB, 764x645, 7707534d16dd240dde4169b2df….jpg)

File: 1615257370118-2.png (183.4 KB, 1000x1000, 3747b05e19f6150ef56b4adf87….png)

33b7904c No.3607935

File: 1615257992692-0.jpg (3.1 MB, 4000x5000, 94bd2709d6eeee3b967ff7b700….jpg)

File: 1615257992692-1.jpg (182.94 KB, 1724x1900, cdb96f0629765ea4f92908eb0f….jpg)

File: 1615257992692-2.png (402.22 KB, 861x917, 3be3cafe53338bf8a318e54d67….png)

f6c6bd4a No.3609480

File: 1616643588945-0.jpg (479.19 KB, 2008x2972, 7bb15e4399d8608b3bd2f7716a….jpg)

File: 1616643588945-1.jpg (355.81 KB, 1752x2729, e23b32014e67901d2433d97639….jpg)

b290b4fe No.3609484

File: 1616648032770-0.jpg (114.53 KB, 850x842, 2dada99c7ccf.jpg)

File: 1616648032770-1.png (397.31 KB, 800x718, 13893.png)

File: 1616648032770-2.jpg (163.41 KB, 1000x937, 13357244.jpg)

File: 1616648032770-3.png (1.3 MB, 975x1000, 1533043550925.png)

File: 1616648032770-4.png (687.17 KB, 1233x1396, c72f4840.png)

b290b4fe No.3609489

File: 1616648795930-0.jpg (114.74 KB, 800x775, a1463ac176ec.jpg)

File: 1616648795930-1.png (3.02 MB, 3021x1070, 06c3a95dbc.png)

File: 1616648795930-2.jpeg (251.45 KB, 2197x743, 7sj062ok.jpeg)

File: 1616648795930-3.jpg (112.28 KB, 982x860, 127905705242.jpg)

File: 1616648795930-4.jpg (105.86 KB, 888x836, 1441825384543.jpg)

b290b4fe No.3609490

File: 1616648892104-0.jpg (259.64 KB, 1500x2000, 2d3bc1.jpg)

File: 1616648892104-1.jpg (648.62 KB, 1500x2080, 02cd35787.jpg)

File: 1616648892104-2.png (444.12 KB, 1157x1465, 5f1955fd27d0e62.png)

File: 1616648892104-3.png (106.82 KB, 1039x1280, 146.oouichi.png)

File: 1616648892104-4.png (4.95 MB, 1000x1349, 2588861.png)

File: 1616623644001.jpg (21.29 KB, 650x431, confused.jpg)

819811f2 No.3609453[Reply]

"Milkshake Duck"
No, I have no idea where it comes from.

A Milkshake Duck is a person (or thing) who becomes extremely popular on the internet for some positive reason, but as their popularity takes off and people dig into their past, they quickly become an object of outrage and hatred.

Milkshake Duck is primarily used by those who are social media savvy and spend a lot of time immersed in internet culture.

656e50aa No.3609455

Moldy Twitter meme. Haven't seen it used in quite a while.

d3f9b1f5 No.3609472

File: 1616514779827.png (924.68 KB, 800x450, Screenshot_2021-03-23 Weir….png)

a81a66c9 No.3609358[Reply]


"18. Speaking of which, “elephant dung coffee” is not only a thing, it’s reportedly the world’s most expensive brew. Coffee beans are fed to elephants, who then digest them and poop them back out. The beans are plucked from the dung, washed (phew!), roasted, and the resulting taste is described as “chocolate malt cherry and a little bit of grass”—without the usual bitter aftertaste coffee is known for. "
5 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a81a66c9 No.3609413

File: 1616559707085.jpg (22.09 KB, 480x360, StanMcNer.jpg)

0b3ccb31 No.3609424

File: 1616565558285.png (865.02 KB, 900x1200, 1461199354.megawolf77_wnts….png)

If a cute civet girl offered you a cup, would you question it?

f55110cd No.3609427

I quit caffeine a while ago, so I'd just say "no thanks!"

59d0e258 No.3609434

honestly don't see the problem, the coffee beans get washed and roasted like normal so they are sterile

i would make sure to complement her tasty coffee poops

3f0f9eb2 No.3609439

I'd suck the fucking coffee beans right out of her musky fat asshole.

82bcd4bb No.3609441

File: 1616606352894.jpg (1.02 MB, 1280x933, 1_civet_2_cups.jpg)

Damn, I'm not even hardcore enough to suck the beans out of her ass. Now I feel like an imposter. Maybe I'm not even a real Lulzian…

a82d08d3 No.3609447


Nice paws.

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