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74a611b1 No.3710756[Reply]

1d ·
We've gotten some burning last minute questions about our current COVID-19 policy.
As was the case last year, masks are required to be worn while present in the event space at all times. This also includes those in fursuit, as the fursuit head does not meet the standards of proper protection.
Additionally, all attendees (and staff) are to have received thier primary series of COVID-19 vaccinations at least 2 weeks prior to this event, and proof of vaccination will be checked before your registration can be claimed. Booster(s) are not required but are heavily recommended.
If you've got any questions, feel free to send an inquiry to use at [email protected]
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64e95dc8 No.3710854

File: 1691154475844.jpg (620.23 KB, 2380x2261, 1872644_WinterFox_ychmarch….jpg)

>pre-prepared lies and lying counterarguments
Kill yourself, you mentally defective piece of shit.

d5917a83 No.3710859

File: 1691156247285.jpg (455.12 KB, 1124x3076, soulless-jew.jpg)


64e95dc8 No.3710860

File: 1691157847610.jpg (131.06 KB, 1280x1160, 4387602_psychobat_floppyor….jpg)

Ha ha! (((Business Dog))) can't stand hearing the truth. Too bad wack-a-doodle!

U.S. COVID hospitalizations climb for second straight week.

Updated on: August 1, 2023

d5917a83 No.3710864

Oh, man. I like the art you've posted but I've just noticed something:
The leafy trees on the top-right look like a fat man's gut, the fence looks like his stained/scribbled-on underwear, the walkway looks like a table and the bushes in the background look like his dick.
A fat guy resting his dick on his kitchen table and taking a photo of it!
Anyway… nighty-night.

bba0065b No.3710865

File: 1691161814689.png (211.47 KB, 1139x774, 4391609_HalcyonWinter_2201….png)

Your continual denial of reality will cause you severe problems eventually, (((Business Dog))). For your own benefit, get professional help now.

Covid hospitalizations are rising again.

3667e4cc No.3710867

File: 1691162530782.jpg (182.86 KB, 1152x1165, Sanae_20170312rough_e.jpg)

> I've just noticed something:

> The leafy trees on the top-right look like a fat man's gut, the fence looks like his stained/scribbled-on underwear, the walkway looks like a table and the bushes in the background look like his dick.

You are hallucinating, (((Business Dog))). Your mental deterioration is accelerating. Get help now before it is too late.

916d6f8a No.3711665


Conreaught (the other co-chair) is departing the con after this one as far as I've heard through the rumor mill. Shithead Tiger might be out next as well and they might put some fresh blood back into the convention. They're both jackasses that need to be knocked down a peg.

File: 1679097093761.jpg (131.52 KB, 675x900, FrdWO3waQAIH0YU.jpg)

d0569ca2 No.3695690[Reply]

When you can't afford a fursuit…..What do you do?
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a77ad523 No.3696748

File: 1679684400555-0.jpg (124.93 KB, 1200x675, mongrels_destiny_01.jpg)

File: 1679684400555-1.jpg (36.25 KB, 1024x576, mongrels_destiny_02.jpg)

I think that's a screenshot from a short-lived British puppet sitcom called Mongrels.

Looks like Destiny the Afghan Hound on the left.

44e8cdb5 No.3696797

File: 1679698582398.jpg (246.94 KB, 1572x1077, Nelson_Crying_.jpg)

That's not a photoshop, that's two live-action screenshots taken just seconds apart, of the world-class puppeteering from "Mongrels". Some of their puppets took three or even four people to operate them, but as you can see, the resulting expressions were amazing.

Much of it was very subtle. Like this one, where Nelson the fox is trying very hard not to cry.

7c76bdc1 No.3696927


He died doing what he loved.

That lucky lucky bastard!

76823d07 No.3698637

File: 1681090650836.jpg (73.18 KB, 1280x720, damn furries.jpg)

> When you can't afford a fursuit…..What do you do?
No problem!

7b57c411 No.3707329

File: 1688570992795.jpg (257.6 KB, 1200x1497, 43616729_original.jpg)

> When you can't afford a fursuit

698b0055 No.3709707

File: 1690012986543.png (189.12 KB, 670x517, d4ny4sa-00973d23-2468-4090….png)

f90abb93 No.3711663

File: 1691941735958.jpg (136.98 KB, 1024x768, matatabi_nibi_quadsuit_by_….jpg)

File: 1691723880845.jpg (409.91 KB, 1473x1600, a1.jpg)

7d516639 No.3711482[Reply]

510ff3d6 No.3711485

File: 1691741688744.png (48.89 KB, 626x424, 8560c83e4b70d57d00a865c32f….png)

File: 1691574484917.jpg (743.86 KB, 1108x1600, RCO001_1469005705.jpg)

786fee03 No.3711379[Reply]

DC COMICS used to have a line of sci-fi comics that were very popular, mainly because the artwork was really good and they would come up with lots of original and interesting concepts, unlike the media of today that just seems to re-hash the same old storyline endlessly.

Marvel Comics had their own line also, although their sci-fi stories tended to lean mostly towards a monster or horror theme most of the time.

If you enjoy reading old comics, dig out some of your favorite stories and post them here for us to enjoy.
Remember a lot of sci-fi involves furries as well.

If not then post something new you like, we'll read it.

97df4fa0 No.3711380

File: 1691577244593.jpg (89.73 KB, 1112x626, bc1a51b9c027.jpg)

There was a comic, Strike Force… something…

I read it when I was very young so it's foggy but it was the first story I ever read where the heroes died. They died a lot.

Aliens invade earth with advanced technology and the only way earth has to survive is to turn humans into biological weapons. They give their best soldiers super-powers but every time those powers are used they get closer to death. They all sign up for the program even knowing the powers will kill them.

I remember this one issue where a building had fallen and one of the heroes was using a force bubble to hold up the ruble and stop it from crushing the crowd of people he was protecting but the weight of the building was making him burn through his power quickly, the bubble kept shrinking as he grew closer and closer to death but a reporter in the group noticed a man-hole cover and the civilians pulled it up to crawl inside.

The reporter was the last one in and he called out to the hero who couldn't move and maintain the force field to escape, "What's your name?! At least tell me your name?!" and the hero said, "Today, my name is Bulwark. I stand defiant! Now, it's your turn. Go! Go tell the world they can stand to! We can fight back!"

Years later I thought back on that comic when I watched My Hero Academia and they had this scene - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7PlFZNnpdE

786fee03 No.3711382

File: 1691580637709.jpg (1.02 MB, 1024x1553, th-2561047554a.jpg)

Yes, that series was called STRIKEFORCE; MORITURI and was VERY good,
There was talk for a long time of making the series into a major motion picture and then a TV series, but nothing has come of it so far.
It's a MARVEL property but it seems the creator's rights they need to use it are tied up in some complicated legal way.

File: 1690292087494.png (12.47 KB, 680x680, F14ppmBX0AE6RxD.png)

6c893941 No.3709911[Reply]

Elon musk has officially rebranded Twitter to X leaving everyone making fun of him for acting like a child living in the 1980s. His xtreme, xtra, xciting rebrand has went over about as well as you would expect.

People are calling the platform Xitter (Shitter) and no one really knows what to call Tweets any more because on the help page he changed it to "How to Xeet"

Yeet? Sheet? Zeet? What the fuck with that word?
It took Twitter 15 years to make "Tweet" synonymous with sending a short message and he just threw that all away.

Brand annalists and advertisers are flabbergasted at this move and many say he's cost himself at least 5 billion, maybe as much as 20 billion with just this one, amazingly stupid move.
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ce6b8d2f No.3710004

File: 1690346423085-0.jpg (104.55 KB, 1120x1200, 663f6c1b5bbda039c2929a131d….jpg)

File: 1690346423085-1.jpg (462.99 KB, 2048x2048, F12W1vmXgAEJa72_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1690346423085-2.jpg (114.17 KB, 700x934, F100H4vXoAA6llw_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1690346423085-3.jpg (559.6 KB, 2894x4093, F110OF2WwAIDYW8_u18chan.jpg)

ce6b8d2f No.3710007

File: 1690346803082-0.jpg (818.63 KB, 3419x3862, 788ccee48d0e517168dcdf3883….jpg)

File: 1690346803082-1.png (2.92 MB, 4000x3500, 4bdcf6fd26d8b43a7837dee492….png)

File: 1690346803082-2.png (459.35 KB, 1280x586, 07d24702ce2e3006a1a96bcd56….png)

File: 1690346803082-3.png (2.43 MB, 3135x1175, ee27d205a3a2035d20d5cae39a….png)

File: 1690346803082-4.jpg (409.29 KB, 800x1200, WelcometotheXerabyTailsrul….jpg)

a92597b1 No.3710014

File: 1690348582920.jpg (95.42 KB, 1200x799, 1200x0.jpg)

cdcb4163 No.3710030

i'm going to die of cringe

a92597b1 No.3711369

File: 1691560756717.png (985.94 KB, 915x767, Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 0….png)

3dfd5f24 No.3711376

File: 1691563794880.jpg (71.61 KB, 772x640, blazethecat strikes.jpg)

8814efc7 No.3711647

File: 1691913808776.jpg (31.5 KB, 372x385, Super Cream the Rabbit is ….jpg)

SuperCream is pissed!

File: 1691453137211.png (38.49 KB, 1500x500, Banner_Twc.png)

60ce1112 No.3711211[Reply]

Check out my website for prices and over 30 full-story samples. Why not hire a professional who has been doing this for 15 years.
Website is www.writtencommissions.com for more samples and all that jazz.
I offer free re-writes and edits - because customer satisfaction is central to me. Discord me will normally get an immediate reply.
Discord: WrittenCommissions#2072

2340cd4b No.3711214

File: 1691453633781.jpeg (173.56 KB, 1842x2048, F2g_15DaIAA41YJ.jpeg)

A while back, I had a thread where I wrote short little stories on request. I definitely admire people that can write about anything on demand. I tried taking a private commission, but I found I wasn't making any headway (payment would have been on delivery, no big deal).

Is SoFurry still the place to go for furry writers?

2aeaf101 No.3711225

I remember when sofurry was called yiffstar

Haven't been there in a while

8e72078a No.3711231

File: 1691461278143.jpg (77.04 KB, 590x390, Not-fooling-anyone.jpg)

>I offer free re-writes and edits - because customer satisfaction is central to me.

So you copy and paste what they give you it into chatgpt and ask it to re-write it in the style of Stephen King then pretend you actually worked hard at it?

File: 1689788878404.jpg (25.4 KB, 300x300, brutusavvy.jpg)

5cfba6f0 No.3709320[Reply]

I think i'm literally dying from loneliness.

That is the conclusion that i have to make. I'm about to turn 40 and if something isn't suddenly going to change my life, it's not going to get any better. I've had chronic fatigue syndrome and depression for about 20 years, but it's really gotten bad in the last few years, and while even those things were usually intermittent, now they seem not to be.

My skin is crumbling, i have an increasing amount of food intolerances which leave me with almost nothing left that i'm able to eat, which also has a direct effect of my physical and mental state, and i've lost most of the strength and much flexibility of my hands, leaving me unable to play any musical instruments or do anything that requires fine motorics or stamina.

I'm increasingly convinced that my life circumstances are the reason for much of my health problems, and if something miraculous doesn't happen to my life real soon, i might eventually die from sheer misery, or end up with some ailment that cripples me for the rest of my life.

I know that every time there is something that looks promising, not even necessarily for me, but the way the world is going, it actually makes me physically better, to the point that many of my ailments are almost gone temporarily, then as it turns out to be nothing, it's back again.

There's really no clear ideas that are relevant to me. I have been trying everything there is, over and over and it's never led to anything. I have still never met one single furry in real life, nor do i even know of many in my country - they all seem to be rich hipster fursuiters with no concern for the overall community, and absolutely nothing in common with me. And i don't really have many close friends online in the rest of the world either, anymore, much because of the ways Internet culture and furry culture has changed from the days of forums, personal websites, IRC and desktop messengers.

With my other interests, it's equally hopeless - there simply isn't anybody here who cares about the things that i do, nor are there enough people online for it to be of any use. I don't think i can really relate to people who aren't furries, they have no idea about the issues, so what is there to do?
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87fa2d2c No.3709695

File: 1689994292661.jpg (55.19 KB, 442x879, 71nIA J54oL._AC_SY879_.jpg)

I believe I suggested you taking a digestive enzyme. Food intolerances can be caused by a lack of enzyme, translating to bad skin because you're malnourished.

You will feel so much better taking it, regardless if that's the root issue. It's been a miracle for me. Also supplement with probiotics, using the 'pearl' style pill that unravels in the intestines.

3494e281 No.3709961

File: 1690321706985.jpg (62.76 KB, 700x442, bufúcnosť.jpg)

Read the folowing:
>Marcus Aurelius Meditations /it wrote Roman Emperor himself/
>Simo Häyhä - The World's Best Sniper - White Death writen be Petri Sarjanen /The life story of the legendary Finnish sniper Sim Häyhä/
>The Bible /writen be the best spiritual phylosofers known to us. It contains forgoten kodex of morals that can help you/.

Start play mutiplayer games like (warthunder, BattleBitt Remastered, Counterstike, many variations exists.) join some clan and play with others through Discord in order to socialize.

Or start play some board games, go out more often, pray to God, know your ancestors more closely. Are many variationt out there just pick one and try.
I can't recommend anything further, Lol.

6c3544ce No.3710925

Why was i just banned from the Discord again? And why are Shurn and the others allowed to post their racist shit forever?

e793d1a0 No.3710933

Discord is for trannies

44ebe107 No.3710960

FYI Shurn got kicked a while back. Basically you were an autistic asshole that didn't want to socialize, just take potshots at other users at random. You are the most unlikeable faggot in this entire community besides 3B, and you come whine here because you have zero social awareness whatsoever. Good luck with your life. Fuck you.

14692201 No.3710962

Kill yourself

f1ae9aed No.3710987

Who are you? I bet you don't even go there yourself.

Anyway, you can all join my Discord server instead:

File: 1691036592368-0.jpeg (41.21 KB, 716x243, Web capture_3-8-2023_0181….jpeg)

File: 1691036592368-1.jpg (106.92 KB, 591x1042, FPTdg2aVsAYWjyw.jpg)

File: 1691036592368-2.jpg (182.84 KB, 960x1280, FPTdmC6VEAAVbeI.jpg)

File: 1691036592368-3.jpg (149.16 KB, 852x1280, FPTdk3rVEAEnFtY.jpg)

bd4fed7c No.3710715[Reply]

They're basically threatening me to sue me AGAIN for my review. They're saying im the liar. But truly, they're pathetic to sue me for a fucking review. I've been only honest.

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3b6b4d9d No.3710720

File: 1691044954991.png (357.85 KB, 502x419, gv0yY (1).png)

d86822c2 No.3710728

File: 1691058390260.jpg (19.83 KB, 300x314, 53859be0b1ef66b2f22e26e104….jpg)

6f8617f6 No.3710736

File: 1691068876296.jpg (39.9 KB, 480x480, 1599527568324.jpg)

73d5444a No.3710819

File: 1691111484157.jpg (35.75 KB, 480x640, Steam makes me moist.jpg)

4c1396d0 No.3710821

The truth is a positive defense.

If you can prove the claim, you can sue them for defamation of character for saying you lied.

I am not a lawyer and can not give legal advice. My post reflects my opinion only.

73d5444a No.3710822

File: 1691113014402.jpg (36.27 KB, 480x640, Steam makes me moist 2.jpg)

d86822c2 No.3710847

File: 1691145398559.jpg (2.18 MB, 2864x2387, 1304245.jpg)

I make everyone wet.

File: 1689197422321-0.jpg (340.15 KB, 750x1199, 2015-01-09-235_FutureYou.jpg)

File: 1689197422321-1.jpg (177.99 KB, 1046x1910, 6ookk6gj67v61.jpg)

File: 1689197422321-2.jpg (468.7 KB, 2550x2550, 5v5aazhb8oj01.jpg)

ce2f6662 No.3708445[Reply]

Rules; What will you say to your past self?

7b844a7d No.3708446

File: 1689198574428.jpg (104.08 KB, 1050x1350, MFW_Fight_scene.jpg)

"I wish you'd find a way to get us killed."

b2adf038 No.3708449

>second comic

Does the artist think suicide is a form of time travel?

c220ea9c No.3708530

I'd tell myself to stay off imageboards.

ce2f6662 No.3710737

File: 1691068980175.jpg (547.4 KB, 1800x3814, a-cool-guides-to-human-evo….jpg)

b186acde No.3710739

File: 1691069927191.jpg (45.48 KB, 679x544, ggfukyfufu.jpg)

Filthy "jewish" lies, all of it. Also - that "white negroes" future "thousands of years from now" is another zionist/khazarian-psycho lie; the Whiteys are already the true minorities and sadly an endangered species that likely won't see another 100 years unless it wakes up from its poison-induced sleep.

There are better image boards - ones that were so good and ballsy, their owners were "disappeared" or their boards were taken out in some illegal/criminal way… yet this place remains. Do you even lift? Not too late to start.

File: 1690397963398.jpg (2.2 MB, 2360x3428, 1101.jpg)

ec320ddd No.3710047[Reply]

how life
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21a07b35 No.3710153

fa?, furaffinity? don't have one neather da nor ib

53693bcd No.3710158

how do think your going to make friend or what if you dont have an fa

4bd064a7 No.3710497

File: 1690839379883.jpg (1 MB, 4200x3000, 4607888_Gi0_com_pyredracof….jpg)

Put a tail on her and I'd fuck her.

1d963a76 No.3710501

Would you sniff and lick her dirty feet?

71d50142 No.3710515

4a9d450e No.3710723

What the fuck I am I doing, I woke up in the middle of the night, and I have no idea what the fucking I am doing with my life, what I am doing why I am trying is there a point what I am doing

8906ff2b No.3710733

File: 1691067305985.jpg (29.16 KB, 512x410, oh shit.jpg)

LOL, confusional arousal. I've sometimes had similar effects immediately after waking in the morning. I learned to ignore it and have a nice cup of coffee. After that, everything is OK.

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