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File: 1604310954656.jpg (51.56 KB, 785x400, athoughton2030.jpg)

d48d0f42 No.3593399[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Years are passing quick, technologies and political and economic stability will create new problems and solutions any poor country with inflated currency might have a revolutionary war. it will happen somewhere South America and suddenly a new "bogyman" is need to fear porn the United States Media Regardless if any politician wins It might affect your area. I do not know what crisis will there be by that year but I do know half of the country will be homeless and/or unemployed. Will this lulz site ever survive in 10 more years?
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8b3303ed No.3605896

File: 1614324790881-0.jpg (21.58 KB, 550x350, 5ac3f2ea9f5886dc51b3ad5944….jpg)

File: 1614324790881-1.jpg (18.44 KB, 634x403, edf3931f75a58e73b60ee259cb….jpg)

File: 1614324790881-2.jpg (47.55 KB, 1000x527, shutterstock_1158131695-1.jpg)

Image these contact lens get hacked and give people seizures, worse, it would malfunction with an expiration date without noticing it. That's cyberpunk for ya.

7cfdbfff No.3605902

File: 1614330846346.jpg (16.44 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.1413295138_a112.jpg)

We use both systems. We're not getting rid of the imperial units system and you know why?

That's why.
We will use whatever system we like and if you don't like it well that's tough shit. If you want measure in metric that's all and good and no one's saying you can't. But if some people continue to measure in Imperial units your just gonna have to suck it up. Don't fuck'n tell me what units to use.

8b3303ed No.3605905

File: 1614332038921-0.png (19.61 KB, 385x692, 886683e526a457d584617a0de0….png)

File: 1614332038921-1.jpg (29.54 KB, 600x328, image00928-1.jpg)

How many rich people uses the metric system that saved their life because of a correct dosage measurements they used? A foreign smart fuck uses metric instead of imperial in American hospitals ends up killing them and sue them? Welcome to America pal it's no use using metric!

7cfdbfff No.3605907

Well people need to be more careful.

8b3303ed No.3605908

File: 1614334285345.png (13.73 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

My greatest fear in the United States is that what if we run out of qualified doctors? And the ones that are desperately needed hasted into service that don't know which measurement of dosage of medicine is to keep the person alive accidently kills them? I sure this should not happen right? We will see some speculations if Second Thought uploads another video. Good news is we have access to all medical knowledge to eliminate all errors and illnesses. I watched some of Chubbyemu's videos that gave me a little faith in humanity.


8b3303ed No.3606109

File: 1614492309242-0.png (171.83 KB, 604x800, 134-Vaporeon.png)

File: 1614492309242-1.png (1.95 MB, 1748x2480, 147d63d961c5b5076e2c017719….png)

Lost some files by a ransomeware that encrypted them into .YGKZ these are the only images I saved. I'm attempting to decrypt them while searching a tutorial on youtube.

7e698308 No.3606145

File: 1614517188141.jpg (427.98 KB, 1200x673, hq720.jpg)

So what is this product, actually? My best guess is that it sends your pet's mind into a device that you can carry around so that you can leave him at home and still have him with you everywhere you go?

File: 1614472006653.png (562.06 KB, 750x562, dungeons-and-dragons.png)

25e13ecf No.3606091[Reply]

Come one, come all, watch a bunch of old and new cartoons with a gaggle of ne'er-do-well's,.riff, luagh, be a jerk or just chill and hang out to the tune of old toons.

Starting at 8 pm EST


File: 1614453140278.jpg (806.87 KB, 1200x800, 9257408630_82fbf3af73_o.jpg)

001ab553 No.3606066[Reply]

In a recent poll of 1,000 daid foxes, 100 percent of them, or 1,000 said they want MORE DAID FOXES.

Poll has an error rate 0f + or - 3 percent.
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049730f3 No.3606080

I almost thought this was an Aufy thread. Because its shit.

3bb9bbfe No.3606089

File: 1614471016608.jpg (415.04 KB, 1280x1920, dead_fox_stuffed_2.jpg)

6a397906 No.3606090

This thread has been permasaged. Please keep this to one thread. Thank you.

429db239 No.3606094

Excuse the Fuck out of me if my threads don't meet your standards. Last time I checked I don't make threads for you sucka.

049730f3 No.3606098

The biggest problem is you just saturate everything in the worst autism, constantly, without ever stopping.

Its like accidentally wiping your face after spraying your arm with bug spray. It sucks, but its a taste of summer. With you, its like just chugging back the entire bottle, and grabbing for another.

5b7d3164 No.3606099

File: 1614482816146.png (71.62 KB, 477x572, oh no.png)

049730f3 No.3606100

nope, drama is done. I have nothing more to say on the matter.

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File: 1614438722111-1.jpg (177.28 KB, 960x1280, 6FACAD3.jpg)

File: 1614438722111-2.jpg (155.14 KB, 1280x960, 59E801B.jpg)

File: 1614438722111-3.jpg (175.38 KB, 960x1280, 5649777.jpg)

File: 1614438722111-4.jpg (182.38 KB, 960x1280, 567AC4E.jpg)

a40885a5 No.3606051[Reply]

This is why the normal public views furries as fucked up degenerates.

Furries didn't need CSI or Vanity Fair to give non furries a negative opinion of them. They act indecently in public all the time.

Post incidents of furries making the news for acting indecently.

1e3b2533 No.3606059

File: 1614445304193-0.png (1.23 MB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2021-02-27 The ….png)

File: 1614445304193-1.png (1.52 MB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2021-02-27 The ….png)

File: 1614445304193-2.png (1.1 MB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2021-02-27 The ….png)

File: 1614445304193-3.png (1.2 MB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2021-02-27 The ….png)

File: 1614445304193-4.png (1.2 MB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2021-02-27 The ….png)


'FurBQ' at NJ rescue squad building draws criticism

Party-goers dressed in 'furry' costumes; inappropriate behavior made workers uncomfortable

a510e7c5 No.3606060

File: 1614445573382.jpg (52.11 KB, 800x629, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)


the thread

23942da2 No.3606068

Just go to reddit/r/fursuitsex or search fursuitsex on duckduckgo or on scroller, just type fursuitsex.

21060866 No.3606071

File: 1614455892978-0.png (1.35 MB, 1299x785, Screenshot_2021-02-27 The ….png)

File: 1614455892978-1.png (1.71 MB, 1299x785, Screenshot_2021-02-27 The ….png)

File: 1614455892978-2.png (1.86 MB, 1299x789, Screenshot_2021-02-27 The ….png)

1e3b2533 No.3606073

File: 1614456145561-0.jpg (48.4 KB, 615x919, THP_CHP_100418SLUG_4406JPG.jpg)

File: 1614456145561-1.jpg (35.71 KB, 615x701, THP_CHP_100418SLUG_4405JPG.jpg)


Raunchy couple caught making X-rated motions in hotel lobby during furry animal costume convention

The couple were at the 14th annual Furry Weekend in Atlanta,US and are thought to have remained clothed as they gyrated against one another

File: 1614295144310-0.png (415.76 KB, 624x468, Revisiting the crimes and ….png)

File: 1614295144310-1.jpg (66.59 KB, 720x720, 18446744_300344327076202_2….jpg)

dc9f1a70 No.3605759[Reply]

Could you compare Connor Goodwolf's house to that of 10 Rillington Place? Would you consider him to be capable of being as evil as John Christie?
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0b94e955 No.3605991

File: 1614395956624.jpg (1 MB, 1723x2480, A1Kf8QGdiwL.jpg)


Born in England in 1899, John Christie served a number of prison sentences for theft and assault before becoming a serial killer. He murdered at least six women, including his wife, before being arrested, found guilty and hanged in 1953.

Christie never confessed to killing baby Geraldine, despite having admitted to all the other murders while in prison in the weeks before his execution, so it seems unlikely that the guilt of Timothy Evans will ever be definitively established.

12fe8105 No.3606007

File: 1614412481239.jpg (151.53 KB, 1280x961, 119252076_1033698360407458….jpg)

The look of a future killer to be.

8dd5b4d3 No.3606011

File: 1614413216724.png (418.39 KB, 500x500, ComingSoon.png)

12fe8105 No.3606015

File: 1614413586851.png (879.52 KB, 665x500, Cl Con II.png)

68e31656 No.3606026

John Christie would he shop at hhgregg?

0b94e955 No.3606027

File: 1614423557784.jpg (47.84 KB, 600x387, a1b2e418bf4c43ff88ff22bc74….jpg)

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File: 1614423769141.png (833.72 KB, 1060x450, Screenshot_2021-02-27 hhgr….png)

27b002a3 No.3605410[Reply]

Please Biden save us from racist Trump!

456a188f No.3605418

File: 1614055979723.jpg (3.91 MB, 4656x3492, 20210206_001507.jpg)


c17a1b81 No.3605992

> ????
Pic related.

File: 1614298470222.jpg (12.4 KB, 160x160, 41.jpg)

3a2877e3 No.3605773[Reply]

can anyone copy the script for me? I dont have telegram I would appreciate if anyone could up it to pastebin or something?


707b72cc No.3605928

I'd be surprised if that link didn't direct you to one of those child porn honeypot sites this place gets bombarded by.

e8a31ba0 No.3605932

I checked, it didn't. It joins a telegram group made for bypassing that site's login.

42fafd67 No.3605944

Then use Tor Browser you dumb idiot.

6f51e95d No.3605952

26c13e4e No.3605962

>Implying that 99% of Tor nodes aren't all US federal honey pots

Nice joke

File: 1606631767050.png (122.78 KB, 439x261, oh_my_rod.png)

4095c359 No.3595686[Reply]

Have you all gotten your social distancing rods yet?

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f84a9808 No.3605296

File: 1614025433286.jpg (57.68 KB, 932x728, anus.jpg)

4699744e No.3605300

File: 1614026298003.gif (319.2 KB, 500x277, b58.gif)

better than that horrible nose swab. id rather have some gmilf nurse poke my butt, then spend all day feeling like im about to sneeze.

i need to delete this pic before it pops up in my fap folder at the worst time.

12c75915 No.3605307

File: 1614029864573.jpg (44.44 KB, 680x794, KlausSchwab.jpg)

8ab77263 No.3605437

c583d0b4 No.3605564


f17bb9c6 No.3605961

File: 1614373985847.jpg (315.4 KB, 1100x1100, Albo Jucika coronavirus.jpg)


Woman caught on video removing her panties to use as a face mask.

File: 1606559749054.jpg (125.37 KB, 540x720, regular3.jpg)

038c84b3 No.3595582[Reply]

Rigby, I got your package. Tried to msg you on Discord but couldn't. My internet's back on now so if there's anything you need to talk about get back to me when you can, okay.
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1c749577 No.3601634

File: 1611737844476.jpg (65.32 KB, 1200x630, miniwheat.jpg)

Yeah I'll be honest. I got mixed feelings about her.
Like the grown up me is all oh no how could she do this to her Body?!
But the horny bimbo in totally gets why someone would do this and thinks it's super hot because it so outrageous and out there.
I could stand for fewer tattoos though, after a certain point it just gets distracting.

fcb4d068 No.3601635

Only tattoo I ever got was the alchemical symbol for destruction and rebirth its the ouroboros

59b81a15 No.3602128

File: 1611940487753.jpg (74.55 KB, 575x1024, 1611739419115m.jpg)

I did get your letter Rigby.

I am thinking of ya. Thank u again btw for Nicee. I play with her often. You make very happy. Hope you're going easy on yourself. My computer is being worked on as we speak.

59b81a15 No.3602129

File: 1611940502274.jpg (109.61 KB, 1200x900, Eb2b2YwXsAAVqdF.jpg)

10c9524b No.3602811

File: 1612423134341.jpg (37.86 KB, 1280x720, frame_0000.jpg)

Alright I got my computer back tonight.
Isn't there a way to restore previous settings or something so that my browser will remember my passwords?

1371b4ed No.3603314

Okay bad news. When I got my computer back from the shop the must have cleared some of my cache because I couldn't get into
My discord or Twitter.

So I did a system restore. Like I was saying here >3602811
Now my computer isn't booting Windows. After the Dell logo appears it just goes blank some times the mouse cursor will appear but that's it.

So I'm gonna have to take it to the shop again. I'm sorry about all this but I will get it working again.

10c771fb No.3605950

File: 1614366018242.jpg (22.6 KB, 300x300, 5142ec0767879ed584b48862a6….jpg)

Okay Rigby here's an update. Before I left to see my family and perform as Funtime Foxy at a birthday party … I kinda got fired from where I was working over a dispute regarding conflicting orders from management and upper management. So I haven't exactly had any money to get my computer fixed.

The good news I just at started a new Job today so I should be able to get it back to the shop soonish. I know this may seem like it's taking forever but I am trying to get back on discord.

Now you don't have to but if you could give me a shout out here on this thread I'd and/or message me on my Facebook https://www.facebook.com/circus.fox.5
I'd really appreciate it.

Any way I hope you're doing alright and get back to me when ya can.

File: 1606968517893.jpg (550.43 KB, 3840x2160, 3202465_Sonicthebitch_cher….jpg)

d772cfed No.3596070[Reply]

Weird shit thread. Let's see what abominations you have found online. I've made a subreddit for it too if you're interested: r/damnitinternet
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136ca24b No.3603928

File: 1613198225220.jpg (319.19 KB, 1488x2088, bafybeibgjmgmzhjk3n5pbe7xu….jpg)

b98985e1 No.3604119

File: 1613364911548.png (664.1 KB, 830x468, (Repost) Sick Fuck Castrat….png)

5c75887f No.3604121

this is the chemo curing /furi/

c14e473b No.3604140

This is what foreskinfags think circumcision is

e6f921a9 No.3604144


Anon has left the Gene-pool !


5c75887f No.3604152

File: 1613410810330.webm (1.59 MB, 480x360, typical-circumcision.webm)

what? no

4929a8e7 No.3605917

File: 1614338412801.png (224.5 KB, 628x2736, Ychan - c - very sexy furr….png)

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