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File: 1627002492431.png (4.37 MB, 2076x733, JIMMAY's Bad Day 5-21.png)

9c2d6e39 No.3620676[Reply]

He deleted this post a day later, but I saved a screencap.

be8cad2c No.3620684

This is just someone explaining a car accident. Fuck off.

da374208 No.3620727


Read it again. Unless Jim is being full of shit (again), he and his wreck got towed to the junkyard that just so happens to be owned by the woman who's vehicle Jim damaged a few years prior with his usual clumsiness.

Because of what he did, he lost his NAPA job and his CDL driving license, thus condemning him to nothing but shitty food delivery jobs for the rest of his life that even 16 year olds won't take. Even Doordash won't hire him.

And Jim is only only get a grand tops insurance money for his shitmobile, right in the middle of a time where prices for even used cars from the 00's are skyrocketing. Any car he could afford now probably still has the rotting stench of the previous owner who suicided.

Plus that his boss is pissed at him for fucking up again and has hired a new driver because he's sick of losing business thanks to Jimmy being a bumbling retard. My guess is that Jim isn't gonna be holding onto his current job for much longer once the new guy is broken in.

Much karma! Wow!

File: 1626184419209.png (515.43 KB, 422x751, Karen Goes Crazy Part 2.png)

b45a3c9f No.3619818[Reply]

So this Karen was at a Victoria's Secret when she was asked to please stay 6 feet away from another shopper who was there first looking at items on a rack but OMFG a black woman dared to ask her for personal space and that made this Karen snap.

She went to the store manager and said that she was being threatened and that they should kick this black woman out of the store and call the cops on her.

The manager said no because clearly the black woman was just shopping like everyone else in the store and wasn't even paying attention to Karen.

We pick up from there as Karen goes crazy and melts down because no one would punish the black woman for daring to ask her to act like a decent human being.

Part1 - The meltdown

Part 2
Then she calls the cops on the woman recording her while also charging her forcing the woman to hide behind one of the displays.

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b45a3c9f No.3619857


You should care because as long as Karens think they can get away with this shit you are in danger.

This whole scene was because a Karen got asked to not be in the personal space of a woman looking at panties.

Imagine what a psycho like this would do if you parked in a parking space she wanted or if you turned her down for a date.

Conservatives like this who weaponize fake victimhood to try to get the police to punish other people for them need to be arrested and taught a lesson.

e88c61f7 No.3619858

File: 1626213233409.jpeg (78.83 KB, 620x930, need more of this.jpeg)

well ur kinda right about some things wrong about others so i gotta give that a solid c+
>You should care because as long as Karens think they can get away with this shit you are in danger.
this is probs the most correct part of ur post
>Imagine what a psycho like this would do if you parked in a parking space she wanted or if you turned her down for a date.
im a bipolar war vet im p sure I could get away with taking her parking spot.
>or if you turned her down for a date.
i mean I would I dont like white women jewish grills and hispanic grills for me thanx
>Conservatives like this who weaponize fake victimhood to try to get the police to punish other people for them need to be arrested and taught a lesson.
yeh true
victimhood is bad

4f49e5bc No.3619859

f1c49b50 No.3620593


Karen's are no different than crackers and nygghur furries on Twitter. Things dont go their way, they cry a river.

06355c93 No.3620617

File: 1626948039135.jpg (457.62 KB, 1929x1086, mqdefault_[Upscaled]_[Upsc….jpg)

GET HER AWAY FROM ME! *Literally runs at her*

90b44847 No.3620627


Amen. It's not a race, gender, or culture thing. If it was, there wouldn't be constant exceptions.
It's really just a humans being shitty thing.

8474aade No.3620644

File: 1626987161496.jpg (114.49 KB, 1024x683, slave_wm502703714.jpg)

Is the poor girl starving?

File: 1624317460943-0.jpg (110.6 KB, 800x566, 118f0f0a5fee5055fd52d91635….jpg)

1a3550a4 No.3617966[Reply]

I'm 22.
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d5614dc4 No.3620130

File: 1626431817632.jpg (149.8 KB, 1280x810, 1612808970.aseethe_lewd.jpg)

Unrelated to your post, but I love Aseethe's art

2e317230 No.3620132

Beautiful faces, very appealing drawing style, but not very sexually adventurous and not lewd enough in the porn she does draw.

7c76add9 No.3620176


lol people over 25 *are* the real furries. The rest of you youngins are tourists. You just got here. The rest of us were building the first MUCKs and interactive spaces and establishing the fandom on USENET and via fanzines before you were a tingle in your dad's scrote.

d9b7f4f3 No.3620201


1cc010df No.3620213

File: 1626526125306.jpg (213.61 KB, 1067x800, 1514644289250.jpg)

Three and a half

e4b7d67f No.3620224

File: 1626530217305.jpg (106.59 KB, 600x936, 2096777.jpg)

1534c578 No.3620618

File: 1626948876202.jpg (6.63 KB, 224x224, Ep5jp6wXEAEaDUC.jpg)

I'm 32

File: 1626774698656.webm (445.39 KB, 1280x960, video0000001.webm)

fa7ca249 No.3620477[Reply]

It's really puzzling, I see these things sneaking around my place at night and don't know what they are! I'm pretty sure they're not raccoons, I've seen a lot of raccoons and these don't have even the slightest trace of a mask or ringed tail that raccoons always have. Also, the face is shaped different. I imagine they would have to be some species that is native to SW Ohio, where I live, but I have no idea! Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

ff0c42c9 No.3620479


a89f46d2 No.3620512


Two of my favorite things.

4ac6d5a9 No.3620599

File: 1626928057346.jpg (56.06 KB, 720x676, E5nsrulXoAU_68b[1].jpg)

/mu/ and skrat?

6adc06f7 No.3620600

File: 1626931239624.jpg (495.66 KB, 1280x1741, 1280px-Jeff_Mangum_at_Coac….jpg)


Unfriended </3

c7e29033 No.3620610



c9fd50c5 No.3620614


C'mon.. no jumpscare ??!

File: 1625595277478.png (269.1 KB, 615x1053, Furi_pol.png)

9a6907b7 No.3619176[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

New thread because the old one won't bump any more.
Lets keep all political discussions here!
Please honor this request!
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7502b209 No.3620594

File: 1626917532019.jpg (27.97 KB, 668x226, Capture.JPG)

>anti-vaccine type

You mean President Trumps vaccine that Biden is taking credit for? The same vaccine that Harris and Biden tried to undermine?

"2020 Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris this weekend overtly undermined any COVID-19 vaccine rolled out by the Trump administration in the fall. "

And now you are salty because people distrust it?

It is a complete mystery.

964f393a No.3620598

>get of my porpity
>iphone poster

>The same vaccine that Harris and Biden tried to undermine?
>t. right wing blog
previous guy and the right-wing outrage machine hyped the vaccine as being 2 weeks away for 6 months last year as an excuse to disregard basic pandemic hygiene, then when it came out were nowhere to be found

but yes, it was ol' sleepy joe's fault, making magats disregard their supreme leader's wisdom
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7762c36e No.3620607

As I said before you wouldnt get positive covid results if reported flu infections are 0 its just not physically possible and if you understood enough of the mechanics surrounding viruses instead of parroting from your overlords brainwashing you would possibly have a chance but I suggest you vacciners stay out of the reply box because until you know how it is these things work then maybe you could have a worthwhile counter argument but being that your a long way away in that department

Stay far away from me you are an enemy of humanity and chances are I would take you down without hesitation all in the name of species preservation.

31f8fe29 No.3620621

Nothing is quite as amazing as the number of liberals I know who will talk about “Jan 6th”
and Qanon, but when I start listing the cities that have burned, the property damage, the violent assaults, the assassination of police officers… They look confused as if they can’t understand why any of that would be a problem

twisted values of liberals… “They broke in, they broke windows, they smashed stuff…“
terrified of Qanon, systemic racism and Trump supporters, not to mention global warming

I sent one liberal I know dozens of pictures of minority shop owners standing in shock in front of their vandalized and/or burned businesses, the list of injuries, stories of the terrified children… as antifa and BLM rioted in city after city

not elitist politicians with armed security, but low income people in poor neighborhoods, who struggle to stay ahead of the vandalism, the burglary, the crime… watching everything they have worked for destroyed

I wish I could’ve found the picture I remember from 2016, a small mature hispanic woman
standing on the sidewalk with her hands over her face, crying over her burning car…

antifa destroying the property of the minorities they claim to care about, bands of them walking down the sidewalk shoving this small woman as they walk by

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

81d4eb21 No.3620623

File: 1626957009166-0.jpg (116.79 KB, 602x602, 1616185244268.jpg)

File: 1626957009166-1.png (13.14 KB, 226x255, 1622055249170.png)

File: 1626957009166-2.jpg (126.05 KB, 656x900, 1624829355642.jpg)

File: 1626957009166-3.jpg (197.66 KB, 720x1049, 1621875851597.jpg)


These are the people who hate the flag and everyday Americans too.

They might be liberals but more than likely they are Leftists or Communists and have subscribed to that weirdness of lack of fairness and balance.

They will in the end side with pedos and fascism because that is really what they want.

f960115d No.3620636

File: 1626979100063.jpg (59.98 KB, 970x647, www.usnews.com.jpg)


So, to you protestors throwing rotten fruit at cops and breaking windows is equally as bad as trying to overturn an election, planting bombs, and breaking into congress for the specific purpose of hanging the Vice President till dead in public while holding congress woman Nancy Pelosi hostage till they get what they want?

That was their plan you know, they wanted to hang the VP and hold congress hostage. It's not a secret.

They made it very clear when they started chanting HANG MIKE PENSE! HANG MIKE PENSE!


Same thing in your eyes?

175fc9e5 No.3620654

File: 1626994068610-0.jpg (97.44 KB, 430x750, 99b2ed50075c9d0e7d4ba629f8….jpg)

File: 1626994068610-1.jpg (210.46 KB, 889x1390, d4c2fff70c1f14dc95e24433e0….jpg)

File: 1626994068610-2.jpg (17.52 KB, 282x400, rawImage.jpg)

File: 1626309395116.png (1.09 MB, 1278x1061, unknown.png)

8df2758b No.3619977[Reply]

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e3b57b91 No.3620491


Communism is the only thing that will safe the World for American Imperialism. you know : The bombing, stealing , lying, droning, torturing & pro-Judetum kind.

cc33a342 No.3620503

File: 1626805383248.png (231.05 KB, 871x567, quoteibnkhaldunblacksareno….png)

It is time to face the fact that blacks are simply not capable of joining the group of civilized races.

39536ec7 No.3620513

39536ec7 No.3620515

>>3620503 "Civil and superior" white people behaving so civil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEiELcsNbIU

5de62f6d No.3620516


But the media tells me that blacks are wonderful super-intelligent gods and are all doctorlawyerscientists! They wouldn't lie to us would they?

5de62f6d No.3620517


You're going to have idiots in every group, just as you're going to have blacks that can act like people and not n1gg3rs.

Don't confuse the race with the individual.

ffc7d62d No.3620556

File: 1626861334377.gif (1.02 MB, 1515x2292, 1626838925108_u18chan.gif)

File: 1620460202504.png (789.66 KB, 857x1200, 1620358249.rika_thomas.png)

a923b5fc No.3613976[Reply]

Were going on 2 years now without a single seasonal flu related death, keep those masks on and we can make it 3!

a923b5fc No.3613977

not a single case of teachers having to call in a case for seasonal flu for 2 years either, they deserve a pay increase.

1f652a95 No.3613979

Without smaller seasonal flu outbreaks, population immunity wanes and the next season when people are no longer self-isolating will have a flu pandemic.

f87e1e07 No.3620162

The next pandemic will be a virulent form of rabies that develops quickly and causes human victims to bite any other person they come across. Existing rabies vaccines will only be partially effective.

It's the Zombie Apocalypse!

8edd3d76 No.3620164

Its called information suppression or dont you get it the influenza virus and cold virus as well as many other common illnesses like it are being written off the board completely and relabeled as covid so in reality take away the relabel and your left with a scamdemic a faked pandemic to push certain. Agendas and being that most people are cowards and wont truly take up arms as a group is because they feae losing what they have. And its that fear which stops them from progressing also it wouldnt really matter what you give up because in the end your losing it anyways only difference is if you don't fight back you will never have a chance to reclaim anything or move up fighting is the only option.

I'm not falling for this BS.

ed1256db No.3620230

File: 1626531432076.jpg (38.06 KB, 432x432, door-to-door.jpg)

27ebe2d3 No.3620519


Influenza happened in 2020, it was simply labeled COVID to puff up numbers. It will be right back to normal levels once the scamdemic ends.

All kinds of things were labeled COVID, including (but not limited to) motorcycle accidents, blunt trauma from falling off ladders, congenital birth defects, and people that were 100 years old dying.

File: 1626760546379.jpg (6.72 KB, 286x245, sumofoddnumbers.jpg)

dffe0bbf No.3620456[Reply]

File: 1626755117701.jpg (166.79 KB, 1280x853, 1602442707.dazith_15962037….jpg)

736af52d No.3620446[Reply]

I ask my top partner is it possible to bend further down so that I could get my dick to reach your ass while having your dick inside me. "how is that possible but you could try." We try to use the lesbian scissoring for our dicks to reach each other's ass and it kind of worked. What do you think?

736af52d No.3620447

File: 1626755411374.png (6.81 KB, 757x377, painfulgaysexsiccoring.png)


736af52d No.3620449

File: 1626755817271-0.png (2.79 MB, 1920x1080, Newhalf-Furry-Newhalf---Ra….png)

File: 1626755817271-1.jpg (65.76 KB, 850x735, 67dae1e05f7026955ddfaf74a4….jpg)

Gay scissoring furry art is rare.

736af52d No.3620451

File: 1626756617061.gif (1.05 MB, 1430x1050, b3850f7cf7433bd213c6252b45….gif)

Male/Male anal penis scissoring.

File: 1614061988246-0.png (437.8 KB, 1285x819, screentest0.png)

File: 1614061988246-1.png (830.21 KB, 1285x819, screentest.png)

451cbd21 No.3605431[Reply]

Turn Any Surface Into an Android Touchscreen!
Can you draw on it? for commisions and art stuff? do ya need a pen for it?
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03cfb101 No.3620068

You're both fucking idiots for not googling for the thermal conductivity of superglue, which is about 3-4 times better than just having a heatsink sitting dry over the CPU.

Air: 0.025-0.031 W/mK
Superglue Loctite 382: 0.11 W/mK
Thermal Grease: 0.735 W/mK

(note: it's meter-Kelvins, not milliKelvins)

03cfb101 No.3620070

Also, superglue would be superior to the usual thermal goo pads because it's much thinner, which as we know by the distance term in the unit, has a great effect on the thermal throughput.

If you apply the glue/paste in a layer that's half as thick, you double the amount of heat that can flow through for any given temperature difference. CA glue is usually very thin and has a low surface tension, and it would allow the heatsink to sit tighter to the CPU than the stock heating pad.

The only problem of superglue is that it's brittle and will probably crack and fall off from the thermal expansion.

377d2e95 No.3620072

Point out that they are being rude and just move on from that and keep the convo going. Nothing infuriates an ignoramus more than not allowing their ignorance change the debate/convo and they immediately lose the arguement at no hassle to you walking away is just seen as they win even if you move on they wont. So by taking their chance to freak out they are left with making a fool pit of themselves.

71571732 No.3620128

File: 1626428489524-0.jpg (270.18 KB, 615x312, servs.jpg)

File: 1626428489524-1.jpg (174.48 KB, 512x684, s177_bk1_ch1_f1_1.eps.jpg)

Will The Biggest Open World Space Game Ever Be Finished?
Can You Upload Your Mind & Live Forever?

I have been thinking about this before I sleep, What if a computer server is a small solar system for players to play on? As servers become bigger and bigger and require more power and processing units you create a single galaxy to run on create any avatar races including furries? It's well organized and it loads faster than second life. In the future we would accept nuclear power to power our servers to keep them running for research for gaming and education finance. Sound good?

71571732 No.3620129

File: 1626428827955-0.jpg (197.58 KB, 1280x640, 1587402111.zorryn_zorryn_c….jpg)

File: 1626428827955-1.jpg (205.35 KB, 960x1280, 1623518175.zorryn_ralen_2_….jpg)


Zorryn would make a fine specimen for two minute papers research on how anthropomorphic beings use much processing power.

b60405a6 No.3620200

What do you mean?

16549600 No.3620444


They probably are referring to the amount of number crunching involved in rendering all the individual hairs on anthropomorphic 3D models.

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