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File: 1693164158091.jpg (71.84 KB, 496x448, trollface.jpg)

60987e75 No.3713669[Reply]


My name is Kyle Robbins. I'm the Sr. SRE manager of GTI (Global Technology Infrastructure)/CNS (Compute, Network, Storage) at JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPMC). My JPMC SID is V677983. I report directly to GTI ESX Operations Sr. Manager of the Americas, Kenneth L. Falor (SID F671000).

A detailed description about JPMC's internal security protocols can be read here: https://rentry.co/wadu81

A detailed description about JPMC's W.A.D.U. employee monitoring system can be read here: https://rentry.co/wadu80

I wanted to let everyone know that I stand in solidarity with Kenneth L. Falor. The things that we have been asked to do by JPMC upper management with regards to eliminating unwanted employees is not right…and that's putting it lightly. I can no longer continue to do the things I have been pressured to do.

List of VMware employees currently compromised by the JPMC's phone spyware and are effectively being blackmailed:
- Dixon Ly
- Nimish Desai
- Steven Tumolo
- Vlad Lalovic
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306b5c8b No.3713756

File: 1693211413127.jpg (71.63 KB, 409x425, 1621047779907.jpg)


You tell 'em Skeet!

f830a632 No.3713776

>repeatedly spanked for shitposting politics everywhere

076ab683 No.3713785

File: 1693242057072.jpg (149.38 KB, 750x923, pedo pedo.jpg)

>Some groomer posts child porn in yet another thread

076ab683 No.3713786

File: 1693242289227.jpg (9.25 KB, 400x400, s-l400-1431364649.jpg)

>Rabbi sells foreskins….
>Buyer upset that they turned out to be cheap Chinese knockoffs….

bf747ab6 No.3713787

File: 1693243628109.jpeg (101.21 KB, 750x1000, F4XJK36WsAAUI6J.jpeg)


Its easy to see what this thread is about, if you just click the links and do some reading. I checked them through TOR, they're legit.

b4de6cc2 No.3713876

File: 1693279423895.jpg (96.54 KB, 1650x990, 2656733_Xennos_pleasing_da….jpg)

> my on-topic posts mentioning Christian and surviving-democide matters
In what psychotic universe is that "on topic" for a furry image board such as lulz?

eceda244 No.3713879

File: 1693282151287.jpg (222.78 KB, 1280x913, furryloliparty.jpg)

It took me a long time to come to terms with it, but I've finally come to understand how and why some will never "get it". A number of people (and super-intelligent animals) have left this zionist hellzone for good (or at least mostly) after I started posting here again, and I'm glad about that. Good for them.
None of my posts were ever off-topic. If they were, then show screenshots or thread-saves and point it out.

File: 1692997200966.jpg (50.27 KB, 1050x571, 04P1Rl2B24tojiVXg15FqBJ-2.….jpg)

0007b40c No.3713510[Reply]

Tampermonkey script to make youtube work since they kill all video playback if you have a adblocker turned on.


Tampermonkey® by Jan Biniok

Youtube Ad Cleaner(Include Non-Skippable Ads- works)
by BjDanny
// ==UserScript==
// @name Youtube Ad Cleaner(Include Non-Skippable Ads- works)
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76f3df61 No.3713512

Use firefox and not a chrome based browser

2ac5ebc9 No.3713513


or use TOR and choose to stream through Duckduckgo NOT directly from jewtube if you wish to remain anonymous as far as possible with TOR

76f3df61 No.3713514

Don't forget google wants to DRM the internet.

4dc5a63c No.3713600

Yep. I'm using FF with uBlock. No problems here.

0007b40c No.3713605

FireFox is a resource hog but I guess it's better than a browser that doesn't work at all.

ce65f9a8 No.3713646

Don't use Firefox, use Waterfox. It's a mostly degoogled Firefox, and there's a Waterfox version that still runs old Firefox addons from before they neutered it to make it like Chrome.

5e21e792 No.3713650


Funny, I've been running the AdGuard extension for years and never seen that message. The browser made no difference.

File: 1690334719600.png (838.51 KB, 768x1152, 1690310305122421.png)

15d6e618 No.3709982[Reply]

>hey, come here! let's do things together, pleaseeee?
What things would you like to do with her?
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57a1e2e1 No.3711161

File: 1691425116503.png (582.25 KB, 1029x685, Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 1….png)

8e5ec33b No.3711300

Fix that hand bro

5545ec37 No.3711548

Do this

b5218f63 No.3711570

My hands are perfectly fine, other than the artificial joint in my right hand. They normally look perfectly normal, they can just bend in nightmarish ways.

57a1e2e1 No.3711571

File: 1691850602799.png (313.05 KB, 594x582, Umk3_Shang_Tsung_pose.png)

7e80e1a4 No.3713613

What game is this?

33fb47eb No.3713615

File: 1691970143658.jpg (285.94 KB, 1000x1500, 6qKM3Rl1tQgOFO1fMA7DAizWZ5….jpg)

c647c030 No.3711729[Reply]

Your thoughts on Over the Hedge? Did you like it? Do you want a sequel or any more related content?

19b8c805 No.3711732

File: 1691971252812.jpeg (369.02 KB, 1840x1102, Dm1leAgW0AAWgfL.jpeg)

The 9/11 tribute needs to be posted any time the film or comic is mentioned

cdfb80a8 No.3713611

Pretty nice.

File: 1688763671769.jpg (80.89 KB, 534x800, all alone gatsby.jpg)

801d8091 No.3707699[Reply]

Alone on a Friday night? How pathetic.
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4696914c No.3707739

File: 1688779466530.jpg (75.49 KB, 1280x1024, fc1896f3216517a52141887bed….jpg)

44142dcd No.3709689

File: 1689987680244.jpg (399.62 KB, 2000x2000, 921bf1fbf7d09a58de291eae12….jpg)

> Alone on a Friday night?
Well time for this then.

3e7d3cad No.3709693

File: 1689990971337.jpg (128.99 KB, 850x904, 0852fb3cc90de9984a616c3613….jpg)

I'm spending the night alone recharging, but I didn't spend the day alone.

My brother's ex, who used me to get to him, hijacked me while I was looking at washing machines and driers. My neck is still hurt, and I can't really drive much, so my mom took me to a home depot and then to the local mall where she ditched me in some grand plan to get me hooked up with her.

She got a few outfits, tried to drag me into victorea's secret, we ate, and managed to get me in the theater to watch insidious 5. The entire time I was like a pissed off snake in the mouth of a honey badger. I did not like what was happening, I did not like my situation, and I did not like any future that could come of it.

I'm like my brother's darker, more unstable, and more financially successful version of himself. I get why she might be attracted to me, but she had her chance years ago, and I want no part in my brother's psychotic second hand bitch.

fa7e234c No.3709701

File: 1690008650016.jpg (548.2 KB, 954x1280, 4a1346273b5b4bdc445810d6f5….jpg)

[drink wine for loneliness]
[masturbate for loneliness]

Hell, why not both?

3e7d3cad No.3709706

File: 1690012272896.png (8.93 KB, 225x225, Untitled.png)

my pastime is pretty much vodka and masturbating with a dip in all at the same time.

254cc0c6 No.3713501

File: 1692992722682.jpg (55.19 KB, 594x718, d8d99d96fa3bc1261f80ccd789….jpg)

> Well time for this then.

698461a5 No.3713507

File: 1692996395098.jpeg (352.9 KB, 1175x1071, F3SfBZ8XcAE_kuC.jpeg)

Nope :D

File: 1689453181402.jpg (127.77 KB, 1024x576, Ncuti-Gatwa-00-header-1024….jpg)

6f412d9c No.3708802[Reply]

The new Dr Who. He's a gangsta nigga out to saev tiem.
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0598d095 No.3709057


I am not so sure. I'd need to study all the episodes, especially those on Gallifrey before committing to that viewpoint. Were there any negro Time Lords at all?

462d6cb9 No.3709069

File: 1689605164246.gif (1.35 MB, 160x160, main-qimg-5af3ac40d8960081….gif)

The Doctor is HALF HUMAN on his mother's side.


531009c6 No.3709071

How fucking long has Dr who been running and how many different writers has it had over that time?

It's like superhero comics. You can't have consistent lore when it's all shit that's been written by dozens of people over decades. There are never any good stories or characters that are written by constantly changing committees

c794ee2e No.3709093

File: 1689616520761.jpg (62.88 KB, 1452x721, cb5efd8d686e.jpg)

I watched the final three episodes of the girl-doctor series. She died and regenerated into one of the previous doctors which has never happened before.

c794ee2e No.3709097

File: 1689617056391.jpg (1.15 MB, 1500x1500, EPTvWXEWkAcUaUT.jpg)

There were several black time lords. I remember one of them was on the council that ruled Gallifrey during the Dalek war arc. Didn't River Song spend time as a black girl in one of her regenerations?

Supposedly one of the future doctors is a black lady but that one might be retconned out. The executives have shown discomfort with the idea that the first Doctor to embrace guns and violence should be a black lady. Kinda sends the wrong message if you are trying to be progressive.

Dr. Thuglife.

4bcdf7b3 No.3709100

File: 1689618345576.jpg (64.51 KB, 500x500, artworks-K2tRbg88rvjlD2iB-….jpg)

I guess I'm not nerd enough. My lore has failed me.

dd0024be No.3713499

File: 1692992368909.jpg (95.96 KB, 582x779, sci-fi convention.jpg)

File: 1692559520202.png (446.58 KB, 415x823, Piggyback Cockroach Costum….png)

9de24810 No.3712652[Reply]

Why does the fandom keep protecting this geriatric man? How many countless young furries have piggybacked their rise to success in the furry fandom by taking a ride on the cockroach? How much longer will the dirt be contained until a landslide of roaches come flooding out of the fandom's doors?

bfd3790f No.3712819



There is no sex tape, despite furries being absolute autists, they have class, and a 70 year old man with his 110 year old mom living with him isn't "Hot."

86891f41 No.3713202

Maybe not a sextape but pre-sex drunk shenanigans.

6281e745 No.3713459

File: 1692984840311.jpg (74.74 KB, 800x513, Kage the Cockroach.jpg)

> the cockroach

File: 1692743893999.jpg (240.85 KB, 1500x1500, 71Y9ZahLoWL.jpg)

77f45257 No.3713002[Reply]

Kinda funny, my dad used his "american" tools "made in china" to help me with a project. They started arching all over and then caughtut on fire and started to smoke.

Weirdly, because Uninion, he wasn't able to to use my tools as a temp thing, cause they're Makita, and not American made… despite all the American made tools being made in China.

I will never know what is wrong with people.

77f45257 No.3713003

File: 1692744099780.jpg (42.2 KB, 800x800, alucard_1611.jpg)

although he's like 3 months from retirement, and he's looking at getting my makita set… because fuck you I suppose.

a25d546d No.3713106


Makita is nice, Also Dewalt is popular , but I always the batteries in those lacking in lifespan (not charge but years of usability).

In the old days it was Metabo and Bosch but today not so much anymore , well not in cordless.

If you really want to treat yourself one day , try Fein in cordless but expect to bring the biiiig Wallet

The worst crap I have had the displeasure of owning was Milwaukee despite the hype, they shorted out. Twice!

File: 1692055143433.jpg (234.71 KB, 1903x1230, Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 1….jpg)

3321e4f8 No.3711900[Reply]


Genderverse Furries is planning a picnic!
What: Catered lunch! Bake sale! Speed meeting! Outdoor games! Sketchbook swapping!

When: August 20, 2023, 11 AM to 5 PM

Where: Walter Baker Park, Terry Fox drive, south of Palladium drive, meeting at the picnic shelter near the parking lot.

The park is accessible by OC Transpo route 88 at stop 6382, five minutes from Terry Fox station.

Why: We're raising money for more community events!

How much: 5$ per person, not including food, or by donation.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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ddaf09bb No.3712527

File: 1692470821853.jpg (82.63 KB, 659x900, Mink676.jpg)

f0547c7a No.3712535

File: 1692474193256.png (1.14 MB, 1024x1024, 00091-3627499131.png)

a38226c0 No.3712551

File: 1692487443062.jpg (103.09 KB, 980x831, 2HPXCJ4IQRH3LD3TZYY3JJRMHI.jpg)

773733be No.3712626


Is the sick old fuck still in prison or has he been released or shanked by the other inmates yet?

a38226c0 No.3712651

File: 1692559103138.png (440.05 KB, 461x624, Screenshot 2023-08-20 at 1….png)



Mitch Beiro pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor under the age of 15[5], and was sentenced in February 19, 2013, to 10 years in prison at the Arizona State Prison Complex- Eyman, in Florence, AZ, with lifetime probation upon completion of his sentence.[6] He was released on August 2, 2022. "

6cf59cfd No.3712664

File: 1692565232664.jpg (197.67 KB, 1280x1596, Fiona_fox67656.jpg)


Why would you cheat on minerva mink bro? Look where it got you.

7e9f27d1 No.3712665


I call dibs on going to his basement a dark and stormy night

File: 1692409669506.jpg (43.01 KB, 960x640, 238.jpg)

0d350233 No.3712481[Reply]

"Lulz Archive
This archive has gone private.

Content is still being saved but is no longer accessible publicly. Truth is, i don't give a shit about that dumb ass imageboard. The only reason i created this archive was to save posts from a user that used to frequent the site. However they haven't posted for months now. and since their posts are no longer allowed on the site because of that abuse report to the hosting company, i see less of a reason to care about the site."


75c4ecd8 No.3712485

Don't fucking care.
Also it's hilarious that the only reason you were archiving the board was so you could jerk off to bfg's necrozoo porn.

6ffff20d No.3712490


44ec8f03 No.3712496

The ex-archivist did have contact info there so any CP would be deleted, if reported.

001ade5b No.3713068

Is this abt that one thread about not so alive foxes?

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