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I'm home sick from work today and need a distraction. With it being October and Halloween about 2 weeks away I wanna read about anything you've experienced that you'd consider paranormal, explainable, or just plain fuckin' weird.

I'm home sick from work today and need a distraction. With it being October and Halloween about 2 weeks away I wanna read about anything you've experienced that you'd consider paranormal, explainable, or just plain fuckin' weird.

My personal story in next post. I was a teen when it took place:

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TL;DR: Helped renovate a basement after a flood, got spooked by a voice, ping pong balls, and a board. Can't find any logical explanation.

This was early winter (Nov 7th) 2008 and the fall prior the rain had caused our finished basement to flood, didn't bother us much since the walls were 70s wood paneling. All but 3 walls were just wood framing at this point. The day of this event we had just framed the last wall that needed replaced, this wall is in a bedroom. The frame is finished and we start leaving the room to haul down drywall sheets. Once headed up the stairs we heard what sounded like a ping pong ball bouncing, this wasn't out of the ordinary because we found a bunch from the previous owner and the cats liked to play with 'em. We stage the sheets and call it a day.

Night comes along and I'm down there doing some laundry, one of the cats comes up and starts meowing. This wasn't the "hey human look at me" meow, this was the "there's a fucking problem" cry cats give when they're stuck somewhere. I walk toward the cat and he walks me to the bedroom area, he walked through the wall and I opened the door. He stops and starts crying at the wall we framed last and I'm thinking "the hell is he on about?". I scan around wondering what could be setting him off when I heard something go "Hey!" damn near right in my ear. It sounded gravelly. That point I felt my body go full fight or flight mode and I chose flight. Picked up the cat and damn near ran upstairs.

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According to my brother I was almost white as a sheet after shutting the basement door. Being the teenage half-wits we were we called some of our friends who had an interest in ghosts and such. 5 of us headed downstairs with all the lights on, everything is normal as it can be. The only thing of note I saw was a lone ping pong ball in one of the corners. So we get the bright idea to shut the lights off, get the cat out of the basement, setup on the couch we had down there, and kill the lights. It's quiet for a bit, we start bullshitting as teenagers do. The bullshit's cut short by the sound of a ping pong ball bouncing. A couple of us freak out, we start going upstairs, someone gets the idea to do something. Dude puts a leftover 1x1 piece on a wall opposite of the stairs, then we go up.

At this point parents are wondering the fuck's going on with the sound of 5 dumbasses running up the stairs. Mom thinks it's funny, Dad wants to go check shit out. Dad goes down with the lights on and the first thing he asks is "who put this board in front of the steps?". The 1x1 was now leaned across the front of the steps. From that point on even after the basement was finished I always had some feeling of being watched. None of us wanted the bedroom down there anymore. Years later I asked my brother if he ever saw or heard anything while down there. Said he saw what could be described as a living shadow, and it vanished as quick as it showed up. He said after seeing it there was this unspoken rule in the house that no one goes in the basement room closet.

Parents moved out a decade later. Another family lives there now. I wonder if they have any weird shit happening in the basement.

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It looks like it's going to be good once some time has passed and the pages have filled in a little more but the art is very nice.


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take a race pill you niggt

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Well, shit. Everyone's dying.
(Thoughts to self: I wonder if he took any "experimental" gene therapy injections in the last 2 years.
Why didn't all these "big club members" know better?)

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They have shaved for you because they love that skin-on-skin contact too with nothing in the way, and also to reveal all that they are for you so that nothing is hidden, what could be more intimate?
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Its always cute when a buck gives up his antlers to look like a doe for another buck.

5844864b No.3668760

They shed their antlers every year though?

e09aad1c No.3668764


Yeah I know. I've found shed antlers before. But one likes not to think about that.

Does make one wonder though. That if a buck is injected with doe hormones if horn regrowth could be reduced or disabled. Unlikely I'd imagine since the horn producing cells should still exist.

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and now im depressed that slave maker 3 doesn't work anymore

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File: 1665665406089.jpg (6.59 MB, 2515x4001, khan airing it out copy.jpg)

The artist went into such detail that you can see the faint stripe markings on his skin. This is the way most species really are, if they have any kind of markings on their fur and then are shaved you can still see those same markings faintly on their skin. A lot of people don't know that.

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File: 1665665815845.jpg (2.89 MB, 1300x2190, Magi spready copy.jpg)

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I've got a stack of furry sex comics from the early 2000s and I don't know what to do with them. For some time, Ebay and Amazon were allowing me to sell some of them, each like $20+ for the time… but they updated their policies. And Facebook Marketplace wont let you sell any porn. I'm stumped. I don't want to just throw these out, nor give them out for free somehow.

Worst case scenario I just throw them out I guess. I have the internet for porn, don't need physical shit I have to hide.

01a83919 No.3669779

There is a place called Ebid that is like a knock off ebay. I went there and searched for playboy magazines and they have them so I don't see why you couldn't sell them there?

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File: 1665656012530.png (148.71 KB, 770x405, 1514845411146.png)

Dealers den. Online furry auction site

166d6da2 No.3669792

Try Amazon or Etsy.

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right now
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That first mountain looks fun to go up. Where's it at?

52b726be No.3666818

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57ed038f No.3666822


Thwarted by the Navajo yet again :(

4a95ea45 No.3667656

File: 1664350260988.png (182.32 KB, 500x698, do-you-know-what-time-it-i….png)

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the time is NOW!

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File: 1665661604003.png (99.6 KB, 500x379, hell-its-about-time-287735….png)

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Research and development in better realistic fursuits and sexdolls?
Create an indie movie or video game?
Invite only close friends and discuss about improving living conditions with family?
Create a rave party festival in in the richest country?
What more could I say?
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30caeb78 No.3665362

I will spend it on fucking with exotic animals, such as dingos, tigers, lemurs, elephants, bears, wolfs.

b316d2a9 No.3665880

File: 1662564085944.png (60.65 KB, 450x338, 450px-Money_flower.png)

52da989b No.3665881

> I actually just got cannsell certified.
So not only is Cobalt blaze a druggie, now he wants to be legally a dope dealer too.

75de27ac No.3668834

They'd make vaccines to kill humanity, of course.
So far though, white privileged furries can only get as far as being Moderna vaccine researchers. Nonetheless they pridefully claim they made the vaccine all by themselves anyway. That's what you call true furry pride.

b316d2a9 No.3669485

Peter Zeihan Warns: China Is Doomed If Russia Loses, China Don't Want Russia To Lose This War

babb8c46 No.3669537

This belongs in the main thread, not in the furry containment zone.

10f47ede No.3669728

i would live

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aef83f90 No.3669582[Reply]

Can anyone post all of palomas/feralfrenzies animations?
Apparently its all behind discord now instead of patreon.

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A list of furries that use twitter for art.

034558ac No.3669561

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