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Mmm… cute birb… Alalalallalah!
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the 3D model for rovik was deleted last year look good, live short.

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Good night Sweet prince.

59dd2675 No.3626033

I just woke up though

64086057 No.3626056


You actually died of the DEADLY CORONAVIRUS.

It's DEADLY, thus the name.

6122d7f3 No.3626111

File: 1620236538395.jpg (137.22 KB, 1092x846, 59429 - Chris_Thorndyke Li….jpg)

d30a6edc No.3613733[Reply]

I've said this before, Mass Effect 2 is anti-authistic garbage, just like Doom: Eternal. Boycott everyone associated with it. Support Autism Speaks. Light It Up Blue!

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1a0f1c4a No.3614448

I never had that problem, so probably not autistic then. About the worse I did was getting really upset as a toddler because I didn't understand why were were drawing "stick dogs" I hadn't seen a dog to that point, so after getting smacked a few times, and started toddler crying, my parents came to pick me up, and its been a thing that gets brought up a lot during holiday meals.

I mean, how the hell does a kid know how to draw a stick dog, if they've never seen a dog?

3e8717f9 No.3614468

File: 1620878989622.png (155.04 KB, 912x813, why-refrigerator-mothers-w….png)

3e8717f9 No.3614472

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File: 1620880627217-1.png (393 KB, 1700x825, compulsive hoardings.png)

Another factor is that if your the mother of that child that could not afford a home but have to sleep with your cousin older bigger cousins' room over a sleep over while they snore and rowdy.

If you could not afford a home, Don't force your kid to sleep with your older niece's room or they're gonna have trouble sleeping.

A bad habit could lead to compulsive hoarding. "Don't a dragon's child." quote.

3e8717f9 No.3614473

File: 1620880992405-0.jpg (206.46 KB, 1024x745, a_hoard_of_garbage_by_lehc….jpg)

File: 1620880992405-1.png (629.67 KB, 800x583, TmCGyLn.png)

File: 1620880992405-2.png (152.03 KB, 650x650, tumblr_059b680aefc252a9d80….png)

Why do people collect a lot of junk you ask? Because they have dragon's habit. it's like an addiction attached to your teddy bear.

0356a373 No.3614504

>I never had that problem, so probably not autistic then.

You probably don't remember if you did, because the lack of finger pointing/following manifests in younger autistic children.

Older autistic children learn the meaning of it eventually the same way they learn other basic social cues by repetition and reward/punishment. You have to teach them like dogs before they get the point that you pointing at something means you want their attention that way.

d30a6edc No.3618895

The amount of ignorance in this thread is worrying. I'm not even going to bother replying to most of the crap posted here, but I hope most of you are just trying to troll and don't actually believe those things you post.

995355c0 No.3618917

File: 1631805339791.jpg (8.64 KB, 197x255, download.jpg)

64e851d8 No.3626134[Reply]

>profession impersonator
>can't read or do psychology research to save his life and thinks he's a misunderstood genius
>tries to shove that research into academia but he gets rejected every time, he insists he's just being rejected because he's being punk
>uses said research to "treat" his apprentices, in his cult-like group, with half assed and dangerous art "therapy"
>apprentices that are a risk group that could kill themselves in any minute and they have a fucking retard that talks about their inner self/fursona and telling them to NOT get real therapy or to talk about him and what he's doing
>His best friend (vernum) is a literal sexual harasser/predator/pedo that he doesn't recognize as a friend in public, but that they're extremely close

I used to admire the fucker, but at this point I'm suprised to see him using his clout to harm innocent people that don't know any better while trying to further his pathetic academic career.

Is it me or this sort of shit has been on the rise with sociopathic popufurs? What other guys have you seen forming cult-like behavior with their close followers to hide their horrible behaviors?
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5a18d039 No.3626256

File: 1631914606915.jpg (87.26 KB, 768x576, img_1544-1.jpg)

Angelique > Beans

1cf082c8 No.3626263

File: 1631932793599.jpg (205.74 KB, 765x2048, EmsNppTVoAAqd0P.jpg)

>That's just stupid.
it's shounen manga :shrug:

380fe49f No.3626266

File: 1631934284849.jpg (641.26 KB, 1920x1200, 621670-cat-animals-kittens.jpg)

I left "permanently" awhile ago on "advice", OP post caught my attention, I'm anon furry shitposter from <2010 who was addicted to the blue color. Now I check this twice a month tapering off with no regrets and haven't posted recently except this and that picture of biden with the kids. There's literally nothing left, the whole 20-30 crowd that makes up furry was indoctrinated, it's fucked, the world is slowly disintegrating while people F5 social media learning nothing craving dependency getting poorer, now the socialist kids are doing the shill work for the mega/pharma corporations and investment firms that soak up the trillions laughing their asses off (I can't even), and the good people I knew all gave up or self-destructed. I found real people in some agricultural freedom movements I'd never advertise here (don't), not furries but they do the nature/native thing, have brains, actual expertise. This is an illusion. Find real people and save yourself man. Goodbye

7c21205e No.3626271

File: 1631939461697.jpg (123.93 KB, 1920x1080, Tim & Eileen.jpg)

You were a drawfag, weren't you?

I just gave up, I'm gonna have as much fun as I can before the world turns into full surveillance state dystopia.

I used to be hardcore on Twitter, fighting the culture war and all of that, but got super burned out, I'm just not social enough to do the angry political tribal thing. I still come here cause it's the only place where you can vent without risking a suspension. The world has really gone up its own ass.

I do the hardest I can to not follow the news, but you hear it even if you don't want to, and then you just wanna scream about it.

>>the nature/native thing

I've recently also developed a new interest in nature of sorts. At least it's keeping me away from Twitter. Or this place. I'll just leave it at that.

I still kinda do politicking, but it's more about meat industry reform, hunting restrictions, abolishing fur farms, that kind of stuff, and it's more contacting local representatives, networking with NGOs in private, compiling some stats and info on my own, baby steps sure, but people respond positively. At any rate it's much better than just yelling into a hate-filled void like twitter about the inevitable collapse of our civilization.

43c2ded5 No.3626279

File: 1631961092170.jpg (271.08 KB, 1080x1350, Maxine_the_Fluffy_Corgi.jpg)

No, I was a true shitposter. The stuff you want to forget and I want to forget myself. At some point the agencies figured out who I was, but I'm small fries. I fixed myself with safe drugs and now I'm social enough to be a businessman when I want. _Of sorts_. (screw new syntax, why try?) I got warned off posting here lol, see how much I have to lose? Fuck each and every one of you, they exploited my physiological anxiety to troll me.

I know what you mean. Corporates and government ruined my life and years ago, almost considered murder-suicide to make them pay. That was ages ago but I managed to get rid of the hate this year finally. Now some of the kids shill for the same maniacs. They're all pathetic shit tier middlemen and the rest are internet addicts who shill for free while others get paid.

Those causes I supported before as long as you don't let the fake corporate eco people use you, sharks in the water. I just ended a relationship (it was like clawing a part of your heart out and throwing it to the dogs, but being alone is freedom) and in these last years of it became an aspirational therian more than a furry or anything else. It fits the native thing without the cultural appropriation and helps me cope with exile. It's not as emo as it sounds, I'm on nootropics, they work fantastic, I brought my old cat outside for the first time and she was a really good girl, I'm proud of her :3, will have to give her up though

112a3eb1 No.3626281

U have the the personality of a dead cat have ever bothered but dialing someone and repeating the words n I g g e r no g g e r n I g g e r

178fb555 No.3626282

>You have the personality of a dead cat
Yes, yes that's very close, see drugs work

File: 1624840996648.png (825.87 KB, 727x1000, 1517877610.kacey_neko_ed_p….png)

c4699e7a No.3618485[Reply]

One time i used the term cuntboy and a transgender person took offense at the term in a online game chat i was in.
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83b07d97 No.3626421

go back to pol chuds

efaf2262 No.3626434

I honestly give no shits what a person wants to call someone ..

I myself have a kinda preference for fembois traps and intersex people if I am to be a top otherwise I'm strictly a bottom so obviously were going to be utilizing keywords and such to distinctly describe what we like and what we like doesnt harm anyone but some ego.

8c585209 No.3626435

Trannies are offended by everything, including reality, because they're fucking delusional.

aced8835 No.3626439

File: 1632095520006.jpg (1.02 MB, 4096x2396, 21515a890dd423625d0e62b7d0….jpg)

Fucking lol you necro bumped 2 month dead thread to reply to a post that was 3 months old.

Intersex thread.

8c585209 No.3626447

Cuntboys are good and wholesome

Dickgirls and futa shit is disgusting shit that only the mentally deranged are aroused by.

aced8835 No.3626452

File: 1632115308335.jpg (127.92 KB, 923x1280, 34007a0a890b05e14bf8fae4cd….jpg)

I certainly find the players of cuntboys to be more wholesome, at least. Shemales usually make being an egotist or whore their entire personality.

There are a few good ones, though it all comes down to preference.

aced8835 No.3626453

File: 1632116557447-0.jpg (156.75 KB, 912x1280, 0a8d1a1cdd267a3e84c092182e….jpg)

File: 1632116557447-1.jpg (182.13 KB, 1280x1158, 060a619167d495fc9e25ac8da2….jpg)

File: 1633050020319-0.png (1.34 MB, 1903x1165, Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 2….png)

File: 1633050020319-1.png (1.53 MB, 1903x2910, Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 2….png)

fd98113e No.3627525[Reply]

Hey Furi does having a murrsuit channel increase the sales of a fursuit maker's business? We've all heard the saying that there's no sex in the fandom numerous times, but should a fursuit maker cater to the horny side of the community by providing murrsuit content to increase advertising in their fursuit making business? What is your preference when fursuit shopping? Would you trust someone into murrsuiting to make your fursuit or would you shop around for a squeaky clean company instead?

47163610 No.3627531

Furries are a bunch of degenerate coomer consoomers so it only makes sense to use sex to get their autismbux.

bad747b5 No.3627538

Never understood the idea of fucking someone with just a partial on. Seems just like an evolution of the bag over someone's face so you don't see how ugly they are. It's not enough covered to enjoy the fantasy of fucking a real anthro. I guess it's a signal that you're in with a certain crowd of sexual deviants.

395230da No.3627539

>We've all heard the saying that there's no sex in the fandom numerous times
It's okay as long as they're not the same ones claiming this, similar to how feminists claim sex work is real work while also not wanting to be objectified.

13afcd67 No.3627548

File: 1633072784602.jpg (95.04 KB, 1399x752, 81bRDdNZvLL_c.jpg)

>>We've all heard the saying that there's no sex in the fandom numerous times

The second biggest lie ever told.

But to answer your question, I'd be looking for the fursuit maker that:

1.) offers biggest bang for the buck, reputation be damned, I'd commission a fucking baby murderer if it means I can save a few hundred dollars on my fursuit
2.) manages to be decently on-model according to the ref sheets
3.) least derpy heads and faces… cause let's face it, that happens quite a bit, and it really ruins a suit…

File: 1633118966191.jpg (191.54 KB, 1366x768, keepangry.jpg)

234c89ab No.3627671[Reply]

Apparently anthros are a status sign in China now. Told 'ya this would happen!

7ee76494 No.3627681

File: 1633120166625.png (234.43 KB, 960x1280, 1522079648.arinadler_fox_v….png)

They've been selling bootleg fursuits and animal dildos for years already.

Even North Korea can't stop people from wanting to fuck sexy vixens

File: 1633252517456.png (368.32 KB, 1280x1920, bcdb13f44997fe687cfb9e62fc….png)

682a7089 No.3627900[Reply]

more like this

f16f0e86 No.3627907

File: 1633261671737-0.jpg (434.07 KB, 1024x1022, 3c7cedd6601c4ca16d3fa5fb5b….jpg)

File: 1633261671737-1.jpg (501.93 KB, 1448x1024, c2a151b7f77290f89b506aee52….jpg)

>human baby
the absolute degeneracy

File: 1633814557918.jpg (654.49 KB, 886x1181, 93323897_p0_master1200.jpg)

944b550c No.3628748[Reply]

adventures into pixiv

File: 1633581061781.png (2.66 MB, 1331x6512, knot_foolery_01.png)

8452c73c No.3628449[Reply]

No exceptions.

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