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Previous thread: >>3745700

This is the only politics thread. Any others created will be deleted. Political discussion is allowed in existing threads, just don't be a spammy bitch about it.
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File: 1721707063875.jpeg (261.16 KB, 941x1178, IMG_5467.jpeg)

Just as prophecy foretold

9021df80 No.3747837

Verbal Kung fu practice

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irc.furnet.org #lulz

Paysite rips:
FurAffinity archive: http://g6jy5jkx466lrqojcngbnksugrcfxsl562bzuikrka5rv7srgguqbjid.onion/fa/ [add artists name]
The Permanent Boroo:
Lulz dot net archive (clearnet):
Old lulz dot net:

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Direct all moderation inquiries to [email protected]

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Use the Tor browser and navigate to The Permanent Booru. The link is above. Since it is a booru, you can search by tags just like before.

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File: 1721137736612.jpg (38.5 KB, 800x459, you-are-screwed.jpg)

801d218a No.3747790


There are no bugs in Windows.

Windows IS the bug!

5b223ad1 No.3747791

File: 1721687037960.jpg (70.1 KB, 960x720, 0_cIfuKuBz1Mx--J6m.jpg)

What specs you got?

e405d831 No.3747793

> There are no bugs in Windows.
That is sort of true, according to Microsoft. Before Microsquat got involved, the universally known term for a program flaw was "bug." Microsoft insists on using the term "issue" instead.

65d0503e No.3747806

File: 1721691795277.jpg (71.81 KB, 500x385, MV5BNzc4ZDc2ODYtZDczMi00M2….jpg)

Windows has worlds of bugs, but as far as security issues go, as long as you stay up to date you should be ok. fuck the hell out. Windows Defender is pretty ok at what it does, but people keep turning it off.

oh, bring it on me. I have defenses up to military standards.

never either physically or electronically assume that your defenses are secure, always be on the watch… or don't.

The choice is yours to be paranoid or not… I chose paranoid.

File: 1717102108254-0.png (1.1 MB, 1152x768, o-HgX_9bRkqtKF_X0eylsg.png)

File: 1717102108254-1.png (1.33 MB, 1152x768, rXyOAz2rTnC51SuZNsgFig.png)

File: 1717102108254-2.png (1.2 MB, 1152x768, 6n4BL56RTvGGFibDV7wv6Q.png)

File: 1717102108254-3.png (1.14 MB, 1152x768, rqx1b2EaTSy0SlJqdNf6_w.png)

File: 1717102108254-4.png (1.28 MB, 1152x768, _YcsfqjtSX-QtPpmi1_9FA.png)

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AI art thread VII.
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File: 1721660621810-3.jpg (212.21 KB, 1408x960, ponyDiffusionV6XL_v6StartW….jpg)

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File: 1721660652776-2.jpg (270.79 KB, 1280x1408, ponyDiffusionV6XL_v6StartW….jpg)

File: 1721660652776-3.jpg (271.82 KB, 1280x1408, ponyDiffusionV6XL_v6StartW….jpg)

File: 1721660652776-4.jpg (276.62 KB, 1280x1408, ponyDiffusionV6XL_v6StartW….jpg)

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File: 1721660687593-1.jpg (326.54 KB, 2304x1728, ponyDiffusionV6XL_v6StartW….jpg)

File: 1721660687593-2.jpg (334.73 KB, 2304x1728, ponyDiffusionV6XL_v6StartW….jpg)

File: 1721660687593-3.jpg (343.48 KB, 2304x1728, ponyDiffusionV6XL_v6StartW….jpg)

File: 1721660687593-4.jpg (336.88 KB, 2304x1728, ponyDiffusionV6XL_v6StartW….jpg)

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File: 1721660730924-2.jpg (332.18 KB, 1728x2304, ponyDiffusionV6XL_v6StartW….jpg)

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File: 1721660765386-1.jpg (391.13 KB, 2528x1728, ponyDiffusionV6XL_v6StartW….jpg)

File: 1721660765386-2.jpg (377.6 KB, 2528x1728, ponyDiffusionV6XL_v6StartW….jpg)

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Yeen butter

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File: 1721695375948-0.jpg (245.89 KB, 1536x1536, Detailed_anime_very_aesthe….jpg)

File: 1721695375948-1.jpg (236.83 KB, 1536x1536, Detailed_anime_very_aesthe….jpg)

File: 1721695375948-2.jpg (217.01 KB, 1536x1536, Detailed_anime_very_aesthe….jpg)

File: 1721695375948-3.jpg (212.29 KB, 1536x1536, Detailed_anime_very_aesthe….jpg)

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File: 1696007779046-1.jpg (193.4 KB, 2500x2500, aff6eb1a93e545594d14756ebe….jpg)

File: 1696007779046-2.png (4.23 MB, 3600x4400, ac60d5be16ef2235e7cae42bfc….png)

File: 1696007779046-3.png (892.42 KB, 864x1152, 9b05c2e240a9ed9cd07a7869dc….png)

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Post any species that rarely drawn.
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File: 1720447771180.jpg (356.97 KB, 880x1100, Beaver.jpg)

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File: 1720470469267-0.jpg (1.3 MB, 1600x1600, 9cd73fd9b7fef9bca228cc97fe….jpg)

File: 1720470469267-1.jpg (655.62 KB, 1300x1130, beaver-head-close-up-view-….jpg)

File: 1720470469267-2.jpg (1.06 MB, 1600x1161, beaver-tail-detailed-shot-….jpg)

File: 1720470469267-3.jpg (269.03 KB, 408x612, istockphoto-173846216-612x….jpg)

File: 1720470469267-4.jpg (324.24 KB, 640x480, roasted-up-some-beaver-tai….jpg)

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File: 1720470823903-0.jpg (1.66 MB, 7675x4324, 134784ee2781bec25c5e35f9f2….jpg)

File: 1720470823903-1.jpg (1.71 MB, 7675x4324, b7d461856d12f819e6da121970….jpg)

File: 1720470823903-2.jpg (137.41 KB, 919x1280, 2f5e8c7f5f5e6172b68773a3b9….jpg)

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File: 1721690936477.jpg (345.68 KB, 1600x1120, marie-thompson-colette-ref….jpg)

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File: 1721691429158-1.jpg (358.66 KB, 1440x1802, GC0bM8qbUAAHCZF.jpg)

File: 1721691429158-2.jpg (146.72 KB, 876x1024, GQhnO_Ob0AAqFzu.jpg)

File: 1721691429158-3.jpg (178.11 KB, 721x892, GQhnLaWaQAAaBP0.jpg)

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File: 1721691449653-0.jpg (512.45 KB, 2919x2471, xl.jpg)

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File: 1721691475280.webm (1.17 MB, 720x1280, ssstwitter.com_1721691346….webm)

File: 1689638021722-0.png (3.97 KB, 360x289, png-transparent-blender-hd….png)

File: 1689638021722-1.jpg (572.43 KB, 2731x4096, Ff73Dr2XoAAF7re_u18chan.jpg)

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File: 1721243672699.png (649.84 KB, 658x871, flamedram.png)

1d4cf01e No.3747058

File: 1721243757982.jpg (167.73 KB, 1920x1080, da-nilkaz-dus-ca0-ftaChame….jpg)

This one as well?

She fits perfectly well with the adventures of starfox and krystal models.

yeah, a shame the character is terribly written and the movie is garbage.
but hey that's what porn is for right?

She's from Kung Fu Panda 4. Movie is vehemently mid and it wasn't fun for most of its fanbase.

1d4cf01e No.3747349

File: 1721367282035.png (2 MB, 1440x2160, untitled_22_u18chan.png)

1d4cf01e No.3747720

File: 1721635149184.png (270.98 KB, 477x751, porcha.png)

1d4cf01e No.3747737

File: 1721652641975.jpg (610.82 KB, 1114x1980, vrmodels_store_vexus_pinup….jpg)

1d4cf01e No.3747797

File: 1721688830327.jpg (204.67 KB, 1005x565, osc3bs2m3yvz13h83z6zfnuvnq….jpg)

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File: 1721690087812-0.gif (7.84 MB, 800x1020, 66f9dadfbf45d791d2659febec….gif)

File: 1701739056876.png (57.8 KB, 423x1251, f917afac9828e2c235d413512f….png)

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File: 1721069908290.png (543.81 KB, 1619x1280, Judy Hopps juicy.png)

66557978 No.3746784

File: 1721094005130.png (5.39 MB, 2140x1938, 084b44b088fc355a212cea76de….png)

00eb3e79 No.3746792

File: 1721096593476.jpg (197.27 KB, 990x990, dccc461f8061557b5458a2b9d8….jpg)

66557978 No.3747676

File: 1721600706728-0.jpg (1.19 MB, 1820x2396, GSGtvdTaQAArsh-.jpg)

File: 1721600706728-1.png (3.94 MB, 2400x2400, rabbit_reveal_by_twokinds_….png)

3c58f24e No.3747679

File: 1721608500732.jpeg (320.96 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_5243.jpeg)

b8268120 No.3747770

File: 1721666457585.jpg (542.38 KB, 2240x1280, Hazel shenanigans.jpg)

Hazel is a cutie.

00eb3e79 No.3747796

File: 1721688769403.png (174.18 KB, 600x784, bunny2a.png)

File: 1721682466877.jpg (60.08 KB, 850x850, d625403deb01bda9d5b5404c9b….jpg)

a7ccd13b No.3747785[Reply]

Do you feel like you're smarter than other people? Prove it if you do. Your all looking like retards and broken records.

5ec60971 No.3747786

File: 1721682970545.jpg (118.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Could you give us a dirty secret on how 3rd snd and 1st world societies are raised for a living?

BlackStone vs BlackRock

You have to understand the sense of your economics and logistical cost on what you're spending on is it useful in the long run cost? if yes, if you have good connections with poeple who have plans for your service you're pretty much covered.

04508654 No.3747788

>Prove it if you do.
>Your all looking like retards and broken records.

d3c2c373 No.3747789

File: 1721684023888.jpg (23.25 KB, 637x358, download (2).jpg)

145 IQ. I make guns and gun accessories.

9d1ffbd9 No.3747795

File: 1721688728820.jpg (4.76 KB, 225x225, A.jpg)

ABS from University of Arizona, holla

File: 1721197645807.jpg (216.51 KB, 952x1421, gun_reform.jpg)

1a88153d No.3746978[Reply]

First, the how-to:
The definitive guide for getting started with 3d printed guns is theguide.ctrlpew.com

Second, where to get your 3d print files:
Most creators upload them to "Odysee", but that site is in the process of dying due to some govt fuckery.
I recently discovered printyour2a.com/frames
The big one on the dark web is Bibliotheca Nex Alea:
nex.i2p &

Bonus: Here's a 3d printable minigun:
And an updated/fixed gear for it: https://odysee.com/@Nopel:6/crankWheel_fix:5
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3c6ad4c7 No.3747752

> The best 3d printed plastic guns are all still shit compared to a simple steel tube stock gun.
Yeah, this just isn't true. New printed designs are better than Lutys, and that faggot German shooter proved it. 3D printed firearms function fine. Urutau's coming out too, never seen a tube steel bullpup before.
INB4 more cope & seethe

3c6ad4c7 No.3747761

And INB4 Professor Parabellum shit too lmfao

4ec2ac6a No.3747766

File: 1721662729881.jpg (195.12 KB, 700x1048, Evstafiev-chechnya-tank-he….jpg)

Those 3d printed guns need how many factory built parts to function? That retard in Germany failed because he was a failure, not the gun. Chechens didn't have any problems using their homemade sub guns


Khyber Pass crafted guns are far better than anything 100% 3d printed

3c6ad4c7 No.3747769


Zero factory built parts are required for the Urutau, FGC, or Partisan firearms.

And you're coping with khyber pass specials now? Just GTFO this thread mate you have no idea what you're talking about lmfao

687b9b27 No.3747779

File: 1721678863743-0.jpg (935.63 KB, 3072x2304, thread firearms (1)_001.jpg)

File: 1721678863743-1.jpg (4.18 MB, 3900x5008, thread firearms (1).jpg)

File: 1721678863743-2.jpg (1.12 MB, 1497x2126, thread firearms (2).jpg)

8f83685a No.3747787

At first, I thought the dolls were Barbie doll knockoffs and the guns, GI JOE 1/12th scale replicas along with the money and other shit. No slam on the guy's gun collection, but two life-size sex dolls AND the guns gives me pause.

331c484f No.3747794

Not just sex dolls, but child sex dolls.

And what do they use for barrels and firing pins?

File: 1715920831433.jpg (652.04 KB, 3616x3315, Dystopia-now.jpg)

061e5f2a No.3740116[Reply]

Now that Windows is purposefully opening security holes so it can put ads in your start menu and popups on the desktop, which Linux flavor will you be switching to?

If you are running windows, you are the product. They are selling a record of everything you do online.

a9c068a7 No.3740118

You think they won't ban open source, like the EU keeps wanting to do?

Microsoft lobby, google lobby, etc. Want ads everywhere.

07ad8c89 No.3740131

Arch, because I am a programmer socks faggot and a masochist.

6473549c No.3740166


Just go full Neo-luddit and problem solved.
Im semi there. Only an old win 8 machine , TOR browser 100% of the time and use nothing that needs any sort of user or password login.

Sure, there is stuff I will have to do without but life goes on and the planet keeps turning oddly enough

4579dff8 No.3740464

Wow, Windows is just going fully off the deep end.
They are introducing new features in Windows 11 that include lovely tracking software to let them see a desktop screenshot of whatever you are doing every 3 seconds. They are calling it co-pilot. They say that it will allow you to go back and see how you did things or what went wrong so that you can more easily fix things but in truth they just want to know everything you are doing down to every tiny detail.

8f2a1faf No.3740468

File: 1716409343191.png (278.84 KB, 1898x1573, Microsoft Copilot.png)



1. install Microsoft Windows 11 Pro as a local account (link above)

2. Never sign to an Microsoft account.

3. inside Windows 11 Pro, click APPS/installed apps & click Microsoft Copilot.

4. Click where it says " background permissions" "let this app run in the background" & click never.

I mostly use my PC for gaming, so I'm kinda stuck with using Microsoft, I hope this somewhat helps.

061e5f2a No.3740487

Yeah, that's not going to be an option for long. Microsoft has already closed down every loophole that lets you not log in to Microsoft account except one and I'm sure they are working on that one too. They are going full fascist because of the new Qualcomm chipsets coming out. The Snapdragon chipsets designed to work with arm architecture.

They want people to abandon their old technology and buy a new pc. Having to develop and support old technology cost them too much money. They want to force adoption of the new technology as fast as possible, even if that means using BitLocker or some other means to brick your computer.

4332ac05 No.3747778

File: 1721678727660.jpg (627.29 KB, 1280x1280, CrowdStrike-update-Newark-….jpg)

So hows that window operating system working out for you? LOL!

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