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8dad14b1 No.3589767[Reply]

How do we not already have an incest thread?

Post familial love
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a187dd67 No.3595713

Has Tirrel seen this?

4314c5de No.3595745

Probably the same reason why all the incest porn on various tube sites involves only step-relatives.

But really, where can I find actual real incest porn? It has to exist

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7833b7ff No.3595664[Reply]

If you're not seeing posts, clear your cache.
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7833b7ff No.3595674

Agreed, satan. I'll unstick this one after a few days.

82eb65db No.3595717


Do it now, numbnuts.

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f0d2a2f4 No.3581239[Reply]

File: 1578261633778.png (1.09 MB, 780x600, Assassination_of_George_I_….png)

dfa4f276 No.3620[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I enabled posting checks against multiple DNSBL. This means that users trying to post from behind Tor, or many other publicly available proxies, will likely not get through. They can view & download content, but not post to this board. I may add another board that does not have these restrictions.
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34e104ce No.3572370


34e104ce No.3572371


File: 1606691146557-0.png (37.04 KB, 595x411, Z18bE5gX03.png)

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File: 1606691146557-2.jpg (275.11 KB, 1920x1080, En2mKYyW4AIwT5s.jpg)

File: 1606691146557-3.jpg (272.59 KB, 1920x1080, En2mKZpXIAogL5h.jpg)

File: 1606691146557-4.jpg (287.42 KB, 1920x1080, En2mKa9W8AY0Zim.jpg)

d62bf201 No.3595749[Reply]

Some fag wants to create an even more moderated furry Twitter.

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82b766e0 No.3595765

By your broad ass definition literally everything everyone does is social media. Go fuck yourself

5196cb04 No.3595766

That's a funny way of saying "I admit to being wrong, and I apologize, and thank you for correcting my ignorance."

df945f75 No.3595767


That is true. Pretty much any activity online where there is back-and-forth between two or more participants is media that is social.

However, since this indeed social media, you are perfectly within your rights to continue posting swearwords without actually presenting an opposing viewpoint with any substance. Swearing tells us "I'm serious, I'm stronger than you!" and lets us know that you're a man.

a7951d83 No.3595768

File: 1606696426866.png (443.43 KB, 1280x1280, f617305373578cba799a315848….png)

*blah blah blah*
>more moderation
>everything I don't like is hate speech
>tow the line or bannu

Already garbage.

82b766e0 No.3595769

For fucks sake you might as well call even the earliest uses of ARPANET social media.

Or how about fucking cavemen doodling on the cave wall? That's a form of media that's meant to be seen by other people.

df945f75 No.3595771


You can call all of those things Social Media, because they technically are.

The term "Social Media" came about with thing such as Myspace and Facebook and Twitter and all the other has-gones from the early days of Web 2.0, but we've been doing those things for far longer than the term existed.

8765b964 No.3595773

the problem is MODERN social media, where instead of community moderators and an owner who at least has some vague connection to the community, you have insane ultrabeings owning the place and overworked invisible indonesians who just deleted their fifth babyrape that day moderating you, your friends, your enemies, people who don't even speak your language, and your grandma

dragoneer and chase vs jack and/or the zuck isn't even a fucking contest. not even close.

File: 1600148979379.jpg (1.94 MB, 1919x3127, jn-Zoeleans_u18chan.jpg)

b5e6fd7f No.3588559[Reply]

Could we have some good jay naylor art?
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e4bb2844 No.3595709

File: 1606645035973.jpg (106.93 KB, 756x1280, swimming otter.jpg)

f8c099e8 No.3595725

File: 1606665151832.jpg (122.45 KB, 1280x937, cat butts.jpg)

>Jay draws a mean asshole.

69c40615 No.3595727

Has he drawn any skunks? Skunks have the best butts

8cf40570 No.3595730

File: 1606667330755.jpg (365.96 KB, 955x705, summer - syphon.jpg)

Yeah, some skunks but I can't think of any good skunk butts he might have drawn.

479cffef No.3595739

File: 1606673959509.jpg (353.65 KB, 649x896, jay naylor skinny dipping.jpg)


There was a really good one I used to have but can't seem to find it titled 'No Surrender'.

28fe63f4 No.3595746

479cffef No.3595772

Good Naylor but not the 'skunk butt' one. That one was a one-off b&w drawing of a cat surrounded by skunks with upturned tails but the cat looks ready for a fight anyway.

Didn't Naylor also draw a comic featuring 'cat town' and 'skunk town' maybe featured in Furrlough or Genus or something?

File: 1585239531998.jpg (422.27 KB, 1500x1125, 83d3f708b74593af661b13d8d4….jpg)

79bb43c5 No.3572523[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

its my birthday can we have a thread for real animal dongs, ass, and pussy?
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ca12afc0 No.3595069

ca12afc0 No.3595070

File: 1606083667003.jpg (145.32 KB, 827x1200, f1b8453b20cc241bc3cc6b0256….jpg)

>Fish with tits
You mean a mermaid?

1ec3d6fc No.3595113

File: 1606133310654.jpg (221.45 KB, 1600x1200, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

07bc77ed No.3595577

File: 1606549471414.webm (2.9 MB, 540x360, jerk.webm)

ebe7ef05 No.3595584

File: 1606562939708.jpg (249.9 KB, 1200x1142, 9.jpg)

1ec3d6fc No.3595587

File: 1606576939826.png (435.96 KB, 1220x900, 3375991_DeltaDynamics_gold….png)

319118a4 No.3595770

Do any of you know the new zoox18 bypass?

File: 1605156468633.jpg (91.36 KB, 1280x549, GettyImages-1284243515-sca….jpg)

f2650e9b No.3594246[Reply][Last 50 Posts]


I know a tranny who is just a female who tried to turn male.

I would like trump to win just to make them cry.
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e8826414 No.3595741

Trump and a lot of his government supporters know better than to say the white supremacist stuff out loud. – It's all done with trigger words and coded phrases and liberal use of vague terms like 'us' and 'they' where you get to fill them in with your own prejudices.

Even the terms "freedom", "liberty" and "free speech" are all dogwhistles for American white supremacy now.

40883dea No.3595747


The south created its own nation with its own president, its own constitution, and turned in papers of secession. They left America and became a terrorist state attacking us at our border.

They were traitors and anyone who flies the flag of the south is likewise unamerican human garbage celebrating terrorism.

40883dea No.3595748

File: 1606691146951.png (239.21 KB, 1021x426, Owned_By_Covid19.png)

Republicans, not wanting to lose their 40th case in court, decided to invite Trump to a fake "Hearing" held by a Republican policy sub-comity in Pennsylvania at a Wyndham Hotel.

They were literally going to put on a show of presenting fake evidence to a fake panel of judges while the president watched to keep the man-child happy however the president had to cancel his play-date. Why? The people putting on the show for him tested positive for Covid19.

40883dea No.3595755

File: 1606693182851.jpg (82.95 KB, 960x679, En_1xK9XcAMxnHu.jpg)


You don't need to prove Republicans are white supremacists. They prove it to us every year.

012fb35f No.3595756

White supremacy is not a conservative value. Educate yourself: https://conservapedia.com/White_supremacy

40883dea No.3595757


Try Loser.com instead.

f26679e5 No.3595762

File: 1606694961631.png (724.77 KB, 1065x917, a6f9b8b108fff309d002915428….png)

“I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally – but you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists, okay?”

He EXPLICITLY excluded the neo-Nazis from the "fine people" statement, you idiot.

File: 1584209112013.jpg (484.32 KB, 1280x1671, 57fd3b27ef6a665fd89b87ae0c….jpg)

426989ee No.3571532[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Happy Pi Day! Post some math memes, math puzzles, pi, pie, porn, cute animal videos, whatever.
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32705fdd No.3594679

File: 1605673842392.jpg (131.67 KB, 960x1200, eff92e8105ccbc8113dc86934b….jpg)


a5a9eff0 No.3594685

You don't trip someone's back foot.

lrn 2 bully

32705fdd No.3594686

File: 1605678680538.png (2.94 MB, 2400x3000, 5ff0dabeb9307af4a7149949b3….png)

Look at this fucking nerd trying to analyze this shit

8e81391b No.3595711

File: 1606647775607.png (458.66 KB, 750x682, limuqeueou551.png)

In a blackhole, virtual space is contained reciprocal to that of actual space outside.
The space is connected via the dependent factors of entropy and gravity.(Energy/Matter–DarkMatter/QuantumEnergy)
This forms a projection of information to either side by the event horizon isolating light and time in virtual space.

As Time is relative to its frame of reference(present), with virtual information of non referenced frames/dimensions/tangents occuring in singularity.
Information is flux to isolated instances of light, so that an atomic light is possible (that breaks down immediately in chemistry compliance of quanta/energy/gravitional forces/entropy and heatdeath/or even particle annihilation in virtual space due to observing or imprinting information) (Slit Experiment)

Quantumtunnels(hyperspace) can occur 'As Per Singularity'. Allows passage of linear quantum matter from the spacetime event. Simultaneity occurs in a way that is retroactive to allow so. (Spacetime)light can be atomically transversed through teleportation via a the bridge, and the absolute measures of Gravity/HeatDeath traffic the information in flux(of halflife) to its last seen observed state. So it is semi-preserved for virtual cloning of, the light is always the same upon observation in line of its critical mass, and the original particles are simply in reference of timeframe.

A relay of the same spacetime event can also reoccur, if virtual circuit has been achieved, i.e. the big bang the reciprocal of it being a big crunch in theory. A bottle neck tranversal of singularity, wherein information is retained through the projection of, whe the atomic light breaks down via chemistry compliance of itself, allowing multiple time lines. (Or repeat events)

A multi-linear time line is a 4-dimensional space where a virtual projection occurs in singularity to a circuit, or 'orthagonal teleportation'. Where one instance of light can normalize in response to another of its same observed state being in contact. Rather than "unleashing an incredible amount of energy" due to (Observable Simultaneity in Retroactivity). Otherwise particle annihilation that takes place of its spacetime(bang->crunch or Gravity/Entropy) through convergence. I.e. A conjecture (infomation on a wavelength tangent to other frequencies), and can be shown as an Quantum "wavefunction" (or path).

A wavefunction may or may not be corrupt by interference in quantum Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

188fd235 No.3595729


Bullshit * Bullshit = 2*Bullshit.

What does the scientific community and my peer-reviews think of my research ?

Is more empiric proofs necessary?

8e81391b No.3595738

File: 1606673421853.gif (1.95 MB, 500x500, Z7Vnzbb.gif)


At the height of complexity (or peak) the system reverts upon itself to its most simpliest form. The fibonacchi sequence is the simplest or most easily recognizable quantum pattern. Where a quantum entangle of states is readily visible by the third increment, 1-2-2 (the repeating function shows a potentiated quantum state.) and then so forth, all states are potentiated. The mechanic relies on a golden spiral where its increment is based on its ratio, in an applied logirithm or logirithmic spiral, the spiral is based on the averages of its prior scaling. This is known as the golden ratio and is visibly different in portrayal, that a lensing of the ratio depicts an aligned or applied logrithm in balance at peak complexity, overlayed to the original plane of measure. This measurement can be used semantically as an equilizer between frequencies, for what good it would do I am not sure but frequencies themselves have semantic traits, the golden ratio can alter their sematic traits through a lensing, much like any lense would though might help to understand other forms of quantum-states, such as a long range cold fusion or free energy pulse engine. I dunno. This could possibly be used to acquire nuclear-metals not achievable without the use of nuetrinos in nuclear fusion or fission, and save energy doing so (without harvesting from the surface of a nuetron star.) It could also represent some form of virtualized databank for physical retreival of portal-storages, where items are stored via blackholes or other uses including virtualized quantum portal projection (for example alternate man made dimensionsin a simulation)
Or some sort of portal extraction for long distance rescue or ship salvage. Lightning in a bottle, diamond batteries, plasma crystals. Real esoteric stuff.

7b70d50c No.3595744


scenario :

its sunday evening . OP discovers he has no more Schizophrenia drugs and the pharmacy is closed…

OHGOD !!! The voices…THE SCREAMING VOICES!! Commanding him to spam…….LULZ WITH MADE UP MATH!

File: 1606664000865.jpg (97.61 KB, 640x480, GAZ9ITVI.jpg)

d6f96b7f No.3595720[Reply]

Due to Covid, the gov is putting restrictions on Christmas caroling, shows of affection, board games, "Christmas themed impersonators" and in-person gift exchanges. The restrictions are in the process of being made into criminal offenses.

On the bright side. We didn't manage to stop Covid this year, BUT we did manage to have the first year ever without a new seasonal flu!

ca3f6ee7 No.3595723

File: 1606664922030.jpg (694.18 KB, 2740x2139, 3241409_Meowmere_predprey2.jpg)

That's nice.

c19bbf9a No.3595728

File: 1606665590840.jpg (203.33 KB, 1250x1154, 7967256af34f0fe2c8cfdb4575….jpg)

2abb6430 No.3595743

Reasons why I hate Christmas:
-the whole Santa Claus theme is shit. It's only interesting enough to see it once in your life, after that it offers nothing new. It's an offense to dignity that Santa Claus imagery is foisted onto everyone in the world for an entire month of the year. Effectively one spends 8% of their life immersed in the arbitrary imagery of Santa Claus. And the imagery really is arbitrary, as arbitrary as culturally devoting the entire month of June to imagery of a short skinny woman who wears purple robes and lives on the South Pole with 8 camels and a village of giants who make suntan lotion and deliver it to old people on the noon of June 25th if they've been bad all year.
-For the entire month of December, and leaking into Nov and Jan, perfectly good furry porn is ruined by artists who needlessly add xmas theme imagery to it (which I've already mentioned is arbitrary and stupid). Candy canes used as dildos and sex with reindeer, etc, holy fuck dude just stop. Though at least it's not as bad as Easter-themed porn (characters shitting out easter eggs) and Halloween porn (characters sitting on pumpkins using the stem as a dildo)
-You don't need a mandated holiday to give you permission to gather with family and friends, have a meal together, and exchange gifts. If fact, it's far more meaningful to do this on any other day by ones own volition.

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