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File: 1655696910267.webm (3.74 MB, 480x270, Best-boy.webm)

a1e1f069 No.3660148[Reply]

I'm just going to leave this here in case anyone needs it.

Do you have pictures of your best-boy? Did you never have a best-boy?

File: 1636116012570.jpg (3.71 MB, 2481x1754, 9f3e3ab1a68e0477ce65034a84….jpg)

3058d85c No.3631759[Reply]

Never saw a thread for this on here ever before. Ferals showing off the latest fashions for their species.
Clothed and unclothed versions of the same picture especially welcome.
Has this caused anyone to develop a new fetish?
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2403544a No.3658753

File: 1654246131866.jpg (65.67 KB, 800x581, 89e17d45e3223a7506d43277ce….jpg)

I'm air frying some rally's french fries and they need my attention, have some more dog pussy.


4586a6e2 No.3658759

Aren't they called Checker's on the east coast?

2403544a No.3658762

File: 1654264181070.jpg (112.17 KB, 850x572, 7d62ba58c7cbe6b9ecbf5a5da4….jpg)

they have several names, the important thing is that their greasy as fuck burgers are amazing, and their fries are god tier.

Also getting real sick of this bs with my isp dropping be down from a gigabyte to essentially dial up speeds. I can't upload for shit.


4586a6e2 No.3658763

File: 1654265252275.png (521.89 KB, 768x1047, e064a9a7aeabc1cf5e07074f6d….png)

>the important thing is that their greasy as fuck burgers are amazing, and their fries are god tier.

Agreed. Totally underrated amongst burger chains.

But that dragon lacks lingerie

2403544a No.3658764

>But that dragon lacks lingerie
and that is an unforgivable crime

44892a28 No.3658804

File: 1654276208454.gif (3.37 MB, 500x380, 1391386223.cerberus_newohf….gif)

19f65578 No.3660133

File: 1655676878452.png (721.12 KB, 917x1200, 1613174958.luvythicus_krys….png)

File: 1643401194690.jpg (190.19 KB, 1280x960, 1288827428.rabbi-tom_the_v….jpg)

045ab239 No.3644126[Reply]

ITT: Confedurries
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14fe1fab No.3645079

File: 1644083125591.jpeg (22.12 KB, 480x640, received_241996891104531.jpeg)


Of course they lost.
They were numbered and out gunned the odds were not in thier favor. Yankees thought the war was going to last a month or 2, it lasted 4 fucking years.

Slavery as an institution was dissolving anyway. Even had the south won, slavery would have ended soon after regardless.

Some confederates traveled further south to Brazil and founded the city of Americana. Which is still considered rightful confederate territory. Slavery is illegal in Americana and has been for hundreds of years.

It takes a great deal of courage to know the odds are not in your favor but to stand your ground anyways.

Yeah … It is my heritage. It's also my room. For Christ sake I'm allowed to have hang what ever banner I like in my room.

Even today… If some one fucks with me, even if thier bigger than me, I stand my ground anyways.

38590952 No.3645080

File: 1644083862091.jpg (174.17 KB, 1200x756, 81162b2de4ae233bfcc0377929….jpg)

Some Norwegian immigrants are being told they have to take thier flag down because it "resembles" the Rebel Flag.

458c0cda No.3645127

>Some Norwegian immigrants are being told they have to take their flag down because it "resembles" the Rebel Flag.

Take it to the /pol thread.
We're here for furry porn, not bigotry.

800756d7 No.3645209

Yeah… That is pretty bigoted and intolerant to tell people what flags they can and cannot have on their property.

045ab239 No.3649313

File: 1646162298571.jpg (75.24 KB, 960x728, k81tpzgappzx[2].jpg)

So if i get this right, Ukraine is like the Confederates and Russia is like the Yankees, rite

045ab239 No.3660123

File: 1655669131513-0.jpg (75.65 KB, 850x575, c1ca535b8a91eb3802550572e3….jpg)

File: 1655669131513-1.png (309.03 KB, 842x1078, 3e80c771f6201b8bd3850767d3….png)

File: 1655669131513-2.jpg (264.45 KB, 850x1097, 7192d452b875abdc25d6477be4….jpg)

File: 1655669131513-3.jpg (86.54 KB, 545x418, 079cf94e5bd624c9cd01afbd22….jpg)

File: 1655669131513-4.jpg (87.42 KB, 850x645, ca818aba76b9000f1675275365….jpg)

045ab239 No.3660124

File: 1655669225691-0.jpg (198.34 KB, 850x1109, 90812f2d6fc8f367cdb840da0d….jpg)

File: 1655669225691-1.jpg (71.49 KB, 850x922, 6234182a0ba2f04d9b0d6871b9….jpg)

File: 1655669225691-2.jpg (354.53 KB, 651x900, 7344d256be902d4bc8250a005f….jpg)

File: 1655669225691-3.jpg (159.44 KB, 850x1008, 987aaf61a1cd5f393dde2c95ec….jpg)

File: 1655669225691-4.jpg (185.67 KB, 850x787, 3648a626d034c12f40006e7e21….jpg)

File: 1580787939961.png (894.75 KB, 1433x1228, howtobreaklockoffear.png)

b3470f31 No.3568634[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Post pics that restore your faith in humanity.
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6e5121ad No.3659277

Religious nutjobs (which is all religious people) don't buy these products to stop masturbation.

They just mutilate their child's genitals via circumcision to stop masturbation (and make sex worse). That's literally the only reason for circumcision

383342db No.3659278

Speaking of nutjobs…

3d9b805a No.3659281

File: 1654709344308.jpg (61.46 KB, 720x764, FB_IMG_1654708003470.jpg)

3d9b805a No.3659282

File: 1654709370937.jpg (29.67 KB, 540x383, FB_IMG_1654707744786.jpg)

a69a6890 No.3659315

lol im fucin ded

deae50f6 No.3660090

It's all ogre now
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a2383756 No.3660092

File: 1655633413228.jpg (215.9 KB, 768x649, 6-768x652~2.jpg)

File: 1646302473839-0.png (391.62 KB, 992x1024, 1364773754.ribnose_arokh_n….png)

File: 1646302473839-1.jpg (747.69 KB, 1210x1000, 1533157285.acidic_praexonf….jpg)

File: 1646302473839-2.jpg (152.59 KB, 1086x1280, 1506237858.cane-mckeyton_a….jpg)

File: 1646302473839-3.jpg (192.84 KB, 569x1280, 1442025671.kyle.foxson_fox….jpg)

File: 1646302473839-4.png (1.32 MB, 1754x1240, 1563216705.rooc_2824bob01_….png)

0d0e926d No.3649467[Reply]

Vore Art
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94520c7f No.3649619

File: 1646380094779.jpg (131.63 KB, 982x1200, 3c840154716ce370e2718dfa30….jpg)

0d0e926d No.3649651

File: 1646389496953.png (687.59 KB, 636x900, 1485467438.mtp123654_ifusm….png)

*jumps in*

17e842d5 No.3649749

File: 1646449129737.jpg (203.39 KB, 1080x790, Screenshot_20210124-224922….jpg)

156636da No.3652539

what a crappy job

8988b23e No.3652614


well someone has to pull the tourist out!

0b3dd1dc No.3652920

File: 1649020895227.png (747.24 KB, 1000x750, 1611444492.naantam_8-3.png)

a812f122 No.3660089

File: 1655630289977-0.jpg (156.22 KB, 1280x960, 1654288710.shyguy9_asheate….jpg)

File: 1655630289977-1.jpg (158.85 KB, 1280x960, 1654289242.shyguy9_asheate….jpg)

File: 1655610081211.png (1.24 MB, 845x857, Illustration.png)

dcc5e4d7 No.3660069[Reply]

I propose a new game. Generate a grid of DALL-E AI images and post it omitting the keywords used. Then have others take a guess!

e033711b No.3660073

these look like shit

edd8e1e4 No.3660076

I'm guessing "reddit moderator"

File: 1630346641901.jpg (2.76 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20210830_135042.jpg)

86f101b6 No.3624520[Reply]

Is there any porn of this character?
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52a65b66 No.3631961

File: 1636316863939.jpg (175.92 KB, 850x825, sample_0a09bd2d30ee9698fe3….jpg)

779bab94 No.3631962

File: 1636317892869.png (144.82 KB, 997x292, afa.png)

Her head looks so incongruous with the rest of her body

Cheetahs are the superior big cats anyways. Lions can't even purr…

5b29a503 No.3646832

File: 1644788533843-0.jpg (237.86 KB, 900x601, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

File: 1644788533843-1.png (236.7 KB, 675x1184, download.png)

File: 1644788533843-2.png (151.79 KB, 500x464, external-content.duckduckg….png)

969ff822 No.3646837

File: 1644791712041-0.png (451.37 KB, 493x640, FLgD4tKWUAsMeW4.png)

File: 1644791712041-1.png (434.26 KB, 445x576, FLgD7C3XIA8kEkR.png)

File: 1644791712041-2.png (160.42 KB, 290x302, FLgEAXNXsAcyt6-.png)

Not that cat but how about a vintage tiger?

a0a2b1ef No.3646863

File: 1644799699268.jpg (137.56 KB, 640x640, b00.jpg)

> Cheetahs are the superior big cats anyways.
Foolish cheetah wears cap wrong. You'll never see a lion doing that.

b8f48bd0 No.3646871

Unintentionally hot. But still hot.

f4191ae4 No.3660070

File: 1655611094326.jpg (2.39 MB, 1994x2500, 66412d3b-6683-4108-88ca-27….jpg)

File: 1638677529312.jpg (246.92 KB, 1280x1014, 1638662142860.jpg)

027fe30c No.3635855[Reply]

Which one is the best art site? Which one has the best community? Which one do you see more future long term?
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8e4e03de No.3660026

File: 1655558905260.gif (5.53 MB, 500x732, 4066348_croisshark_ezgif-4….gif)

Also remember that there is another option that kicks both FA and IB's collective asses. Pixiv. That site has their shit together. Its just a shame that most of the asian artists on the site needlessly censor their works.

24fea355 No.3660042

File: 1655568953949.jpg (113.17 KB, 883x704, дурка.jpg)

>NS community
Something medical would've fitted them better.

b6f4155b No.3660044

File: 1655569877558.jpg (21.5 KB, 679x500, 2i38od.jpg)

NN (Not Normal) would be more accurate. But then they could shorten it to just one letter, A for Abnormal.

8e4e03de No.3660045

File: 1655571042722-0.png (556.89 KB, 920x1001, 4046610_Tricksta_ottter_2_….png)

File: 1655571042722-1.png (512.89 KB, 920x1001, 4046609_Tricksta_ottter_2_….png)

I wont argue against it, I'm gay but I wish I wasn't, and I have no pride in it. I wish i was straight.

0fc03d65 No.3660047

That's a cute otter

Would succ his pp

53633f0e No.3660054

>Pedobunny will be taken down before FA when it's staff/owners get caught for real CP charges

>Ironic that more IRL CP has been uploaded to Furaffinity whereas Inkbunny's moderation is constantly working to make sure it doesn't. More pedophiles have been exposed on Furaffinity than on Inkbunny, as well as rapists, zoophiles, and more.

Would rather have pedobunny IMO, at least the mods give a shit. And the tagging system actually does better than Dragoneer's 15 years of promises.

888aaad4 No.3660055

File: 1655589761087-0.png (1.84 MB, 1502x2048, 149ec1e499fd72505c09533f54….png)

File: 1655589761087-1.png (17.59 KB, 889x822, FRDq_3sXMAUuwC5.png)

Isn't there some law in Japan where you have to censor the genitals in art?

I think that's punk Chester

File: 1646002340763-0.jpeg (76.24 KB, 1475x1751, FLbqIOUXsAEJgO2.jpeg)

3b3bec9d No.3648993[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

We almost lost our hosting over this once before.
Please take it elsewhere.
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c5a33fba No.3655275

File: 1651181198954.jpg (115.18 KB, 776x448, article-2531236-1A58028A00….jpg)

webm examples:


11286fe5 No.3655316

File: 1651199354013.jpg (28.07 KB, 612x459, istockphoto-147461191-612x….jpg)

>Travel back in time with a person from the future.
>Show them this dead fox.
>Wow, cool a realistic looking fox silicone doll!
>Sniffs the fox doll.
>Take me back to the future, the past sucks!

c5a33fba No.3655322

File: 1651201981321.jpg (198.25 KB, 1000x699, 1328076562.malameux_beefyo….jpg)

Actually they don't smell like anything.

If they're not washed, they smell pleasantly of fox musk. And lately I'm only freezing them repeatedly to preserve the foxy smell.

And if they are gutted, they smell a bit meaty. A hot bath then will also give off a bit of a soup smell, but it's a good idea to stitch them up before cause the fur will get oily if you don't.

Repeated freezing really does a weird thing on how they degrade, making the process going in reverse (skin -> inside, rather than digestive system -> muscles -> skin) with the skin going bad first and the meat staying good. The fur starts slipping way before it starts to stink though, so if that happens anywhere, immediate action needs to be taken. A small patch may be fixable. If you wash the whole thing and no further areas fall off, you got lucky. Just dry it properly and it'll stay good. Applying alcohol every once in a while to mouth, nose, dick, balls, underbelly and butt area are a good idea (thinner skin = more moisture from underneath, moisture -> slipping fur).

Fur can also fall off if you accidentally wash it with burning hot water. Basically if it's too hot to touch, it's too hot for a fox.

The more you know.

066ddaf0 No.3655365

kill yourself

c5a33fba No.3655370

File: 1651237544753.jpg (213.07 KB, 1280x915, 82b8a274238f852e3107610fb2….jpg)

You just gave me an extra reason to stay alive.

Also I still don't get why you're mad.

If I don't leave my house, the dump truck gets the fox and nobody wins. If I leave my house and bring it home, I win, some people who are interested in anatomy win, maybe some pervs win too, but you get butthurt.

Do you lack a hobby that bad? Or did you want the fox for yourself and are too lazy to go find your own and now you're assmad that I have them and you don't.

Cause this is a furry board. Come on. If you had a fox right now and were alone, I know and you know and everybody here knows you'd look under the tail, don't even lie. And I know you've seen the videos so you know they're clean and nice and fluffy. You'd do more than just look. Maybe grope that groin when nobody's watching, yeah, get a good feel there, the fox won't complain. Maybe smell those paws. Mmmmm. Maybe look into the maw a bit. That can't hurt. Maybe pet its head a bit. You know you'd do it. You 'know you'd do it.

967155c6 No.3659256


17e647ff No.3660050


File: 1590583756285.png (258.91 KB, 500x523, vomitsquid.png)

83f35afb No.3576783[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Daily reminder that cub porn is CP and you should feel bad for enjoying something which is basically simulated child abuse.

Pic not related
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3403b9bf No.3655149

File: 1651083372710.jpg (301.77 KB, 920x1172, 3861231_NeutralPlasma_gasp….jpg)

730f7e2b No.3655313

File: 1651198299626.jpeg (245 KB, 1566x2200, bafkreigbakfkwheszdbh3g6b….jpeg)

cdd9950e No.3655694

File: 1651569170264.png (346.94 KB, 1085x844, 3994254_HalcyonWinter_2204….png)

46f200b3 No.3657009

File: 1652568843364.jpg (50.16 KB, 960x1080, dyzmmnx7cmjpqif7kw.jpg)

87da8516 No.3657786

File: 1653036869972.jpg (146.75 KB, 2000x1200, yha.jpg)

7f546c32 No.3658429

File: 1653717878026.jpg (392.34 KB, 1946x1511, cub rape.jpg)

306497ac No.3660011

File: 1655540440221.jpg (135.35 KB, 920x1197, more cub rape.jpg)

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