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File: 1637082627017.jpg (91.04 KB, 553x645, cuckman.jpg)

8b8323e1 No.3633034[Reply]

>tfw David Pakman just made an unintentionally awesome glitch-hop / chiptune track


File: 1594205636099.png (3.55 MB, 1413x3464, 1be463ddcb41418575f92ef49b….png)

db433496 No.3581606[Reply]

Slave porn. The South will rise again!

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5f9aaf2e No.3624263

File: 1630151066811.jpeg (7.77 KB, 210x240, images (65).jpeg)

For the uninitiated, this is a FALSE Aufy thread.

91d27449 No.3624283

disregard this poster, he is a fake and mentally ill

7f166f77 No.3625035

File: 1630754653582.jpg (154.09 KB, 1459x1900, 3483298_Jedader_wolfie_clo….jpg)

e09991a1 No.3625045

File: 1630766968837.jpeg (6.66 KB, 195x259, download (2).jpeg)

I might be a little mentally ill. But obviously I am not fake. The /furi/ community know the real deal when they see it. I would never post a slave thread. Some of the wisest most capable people I know are black. I speak highly of blacks. I always have

adaad675 No.3625336

File: 1631050188474.jpg (492.55 KB, 2000x1125, encounter with slave trade….jpg)

f5601fe4 No.3625775

File: 1631488554968.jpg (1.71 MB, 2894x4093, 862658c626b1fc763c2852599b….jpg)

Shut up, fake Aufy.

2d642ea5 No.3632986

File: 1637038249097.png (933.85 KB, 1590x1770, 2626722_Rathfoks_comeslave….png)

File: 1634335816473.jpg (681.28 KB, 1731x1080, b0016a0278f002319b384ea5a6….jpg)

afb08bbf No.3629486[Reply]

I like it a lot, it's one of my favorite fetishes. But I cannot help to feel a bit guilty and ashamed when I fap to it. I feel that even telling someone that you like cubs comes with a lot of dirty looks.
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055cea99 No.3631314

File: 1635574874338-0.png (550.75 KB, 730x517, Screen-Shot-2021-04-08-at-….png)

File: 1635574874338-1.jpg (47.61 KB, 602x480, up3gk7m7zg811.jpg)

Taxidermy horse with a flesh light!

055cea99 No.3631326

File: 1635593546492.png (583 KB, 820x300, 7418425ced068060c8d383fbc8….png)

0eece368 No.3631337

To get their consent, dumbass, so they can't drag you into court!

055cea99 No.3631354

File: 1635634360892-0.jpg (122.92 KB, 1072x1280, c8f1d2ef651f206059fdf64243….jpg)

File: 1635634360892-1.jpg (506.25 KB, 927x899, 53b3b6b3ff7d7d2a12c01bd6d8….jpg)

f2ef71a3 No.3631360

not going to lie, I came buckets.

2295331f No.3631399

File: 1635662930929.webm (1.93 MB, 406x720, 1635099498161.webm)

not even a real horse, i deleted the copy i downloaded

f2ef71a3 No.3631405

bitch, rarity is majestic

File: 1633283074853.png (140.16 KB, 640x358, vlcsnap-2021-10-03-19h43m0….png)

c3759f40 No.3627941[Reply]

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06af04d7 No.3628104

ddff4237 No.3628107

slayers isnt anime. its hentai with clothes on.

06af04d7 No.3628110

>its hentai with clothes on.
So it's anime?

ddff4237 No.3628132

that's a pretty thicc mask of french you are wearing mister anon

d8443b07 No.3628143

12 Kingdoms is actually pretty goddamned good yo

57d95dad No.3628190

File: 1633459118193.jpg (101.58 KB, 500x500, c_1216382786238_けもの_121621….jpg)

Well it still has cute fox boyo, anything else is tangential.

I fucking swear if that character dies I will go on a fucking murder rampage :v

afc57a4d No.3629830

File: 1634522958954.gif (2.1 MB, 640x360, Fug_the_bunny.gif)

What Chinese cartoon is this?

File: 1624317460943-0.jpg (110.6 KB, 800x566, 118f0f0a5fee5055fd52d91635….jpg)

1a3550a4 No.3617966[Reply]

I'm 22.
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7a497be5 No.3627029

File: 1632617113987.png (195.53 KB, 800x767, f65e9883fa81944cff686cd812….png)

Americans includes Europeans.

Unless you meant Native Americans, in which case I've yet to meet an actual real human that hates them. Kinda like East Asians. Everybody seems to like those too.

And it's not like I don't have racist friends, all my friends are racist! :3

4d44aa1d No.3627030

prat hates blacks

77f1450b No.3627031

File: 1632617731059.png (661.17 KB, 797x913, zwbwsuzr.png)

But does he loves whites that speaks non english? anyways, Aseethe draw canine noses on squirrels and I had to make an edit.

77f1450b No.3627032

He probably disrespects whites with disabilities such as deaf, and shudder speakers "stay young minded"

7a497be5 No.3627033

File: 1632618422579.jpeg (91.84 KB, 674x879, 5cdf0820efe22.jpeg)

He must have acquired some forbidden knowledge

(read: FBI stats)

To be fair, deaf people are some of the most difficult to deal with, because if you don't have a pen and paper on your person, or a phone (nowadays), it's impossible to communicate with them.

I've seen once two deaf people, probably a couple having an argument on the street with each other. Both walking furiously and gesticulating at like 4-5 words per second, their hands were moving so fast, that was some Naruto shit right there.

648d6c00 No.3627052

Did you not learn basic sign in school did you not have a deaf classmate? I have and I cant say I even know very much sign but it was at least taught in basic form

7b328c3f No.3627055

File: 1632636971124.jpg (113.52 KB, 1024x684, marginalization.jpg)

I'm only speciesist against humans. How many black cats did those dogmatic, superstitutious pests murder?! Why is hollywood an indiscriminate domestic cat slaughter-fest? Stop institutionalized speciesism against felines deprived of personhood status.

File: 1635507757842.jpg (98.85 KB, 1200x900, facebook-meta-name-change-….jpg)

495b68fb No.3631184[Reply]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said his company is rebranding itself as Meta in an effort to encompass its virtual-reality vision for the future — what Zuckerberg calls the “metaverse.”

Skeptics point out that it also appears to be an attempt to change the subject from the Facebook Papers, a leaked document trove so dubbed by a consortium of news organizations that include The Associated Press. Many of these documents, first described by former Facebook employee-turned-whistleblower Frances Haugen, have revealed how Facebook ignored or downplayed internal warnings of the negative and often harmful consequences its algorithms wreaked across the world.

"Facebook is the world’s social media platform and they are being accused of creating something that is harmful to people and society,” said marketing consultant Laura Ries. She compared the name Meta to when BP rebranded to “Beyond Petroleum” to escape criticism that it harmed the environment. “They can’t walk away from the social network with a new corporate name and talk of a future metaverse."

The announcement comes amid an existential crisis for Facebook. It faces heightened legislative and regulatory scrutiny in many parts of the world following revelations in the Facebook Papers.

“Changing their name doesn’t change reality: Facebook is destroying our democracy and is the world’s leading peddler of disinformation and hate,” the group said in a statement. “Their meaningless name change should not distract from the investigation, regulation and real, independent oversight needed to hold Facebook accountable.”

A corporate rebranding won’t solve the myriad problems at Facebook revealed by thousands of internal documents in recent weeks. It probably won’t even get people to stop calling the social media giant Facebook — or a “social media giant,” for that matter.

But that isn’t stopping Zuckerberg, seemingly eager to move on to his next big thing as crisis after crisis emerges at the company he created.
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a94712eb No.3631273


I have no money, but I'm trans-billionaire and this triggers me.

d4e99bf6 No.3631286

Billionaires are "successful" in the same way the Mafia was successful. So yes.

31d5b137 No.3631348


Splendid idea.

Problem is : Can you name one ?

cuz´ I cant.

bb70e212 No.3631353

Bill gates wouldn't be missed if someone killed them same with tredeau or even Steve jobs. These are all people who are destroying society as a whole to support a few asshats.

04cfe84a No.3631355

Steve jobs died years ago because he tried to treat his pancreatic cancer with veganism or some shit.

Apple products are all overpriced shit for faggots anyways

2071ad31 No.3631401

but if they are uncompromised you cant ruin their chances as easy. im a lazy faggot

acdb0ca8 No.3633102

File: 1637114874631.png (629.8 KB, 799x464, Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 2….png)

File: 1636340298401.jpg (110.08 KB, 681x383, The-Freak-Brothers-Tubi-cr….jpg)

b854065d No.3631986[Reply]

Starting Nov 12th on Tubi.

Fox’s Tubi Snags ‘Freak Brothers’ Animated Series

Woody Harrelson, John Goodman and Tiffany Haddish lead the voice cast for the show based on the underground comic.


3ba2fbc9 No.3631990

>streaming exclusive
Cancer. Yaaargh!

65e5f7b8 No.3631992

>Not pirating everything

Well there's your problem


3ba2fbc9 No.3631993

File: 1636346899787.jpg (57.32 KB, 1200x1200, 89d336f1696c8ac2d2aa6baa3d….jpg)


Thats why I made the pirate sound, you goofus.

File: 1603493552811.png (371.7 KB, 2048x1536, 2338952.png)

f629a57e No.3592535[Reply]

Alone on a Friday night? Sweet Celestia, Anon! You're confined again!
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4cbc2d87 No.3631817

File: 1636166054311.png (276.76 KB, 750x680, 75rn.png)

ad903765 No.3631838

File: 1636175229379.jpg (216.9 KB, 1926x1577, 01c0c97412b537993c902577b8….jpg)


I want to fuck that snarky cat doctor so bad.

32c7f1b4 No.3631969

File: 1636322782654.png (2.61 MB, 2480x3508, bfa8415e885672fa7069ddb3bf….png)

32c7f1b4 No.3631970

File: 1636322901242.png (2.8 MB, 2480x3508, 6f10347c5d7e3cc121f16f6bf0….png)

Your pokemon, She attacc, she protecc, she also thicc!

32c7f1b4 No.3631971

File: 1636324599801.jpg (105.78 KB, 1080x1080, a8bf20348d9d6e9070e3fc30df….jpg)

32c7f1b4 No.3631976

File: 1636334198607.png (3.23 MB, 2560x1840, 1634401806.ashnar_sam_31c_….png)

32c7f1b4 No.3631980

File: 1636337375739.png (800.32 KB, 699x1200, 1634423279.zyira_cayes_pos….png)

File: 1628624681901.jpg (505.47 KB, 942x1008, EtkSCz9VIAA99Hu[1].jpg)

8fd818dc No.3622386[Reply]

Does anyone else here find their enjoyment is ruined when someone you hate appears in the credits? Prime example, Andrew "AndyKatt" Dickpic.

Just a few years ago he hung out on Furnet IRC all day looking for the youngest boys and girls to bribe with his slightly-above-mediocre artwork and get real nudes from, or possibly even meet up. Then ineptly try to act like a anti-pedo in public to cover it up. EVERYONE knew it and the fuckers who ran the channels dindu nuttin'. He even got baited by someone posting "im just 11 hope you dont think im too young to be here" and Andrew Dick-in-hand immediately PMed and offered to draw his fursona.

When i saw his name pop up in the Wabbit credits, it just made me rage and my stomach bubble. Same with that child abuser and groomer, Kirk Roger Tingblad, who got to direct a bunch of Animaniacs and Pinky & the Brain episodes. I bet the whole crew there is just a bunch of pedos and psychos!

The worst thing is what sort of influence these vile creatures have over the tweens and pre-schoolers watching the shows they wrote and directed. It's not just the outright message, it's the subtle messages they put in the exact sequence of events, the colors and shapes, the timing and the sound effects. Look up Neuro-liinguic programming, it's true. They're neurulungically programming a generation of kids to be susceptible to pedophiles, and they get paid big $$ by WB and Disney to do it!

And why the hell does the racist Trumptard Jim Cummings still get any work? He basically said "Black Lives won't matter to me until they get a job, stop looting and pull up their pants", now he's back voicing a million characters on Duck Tales and whatever.

Oh, and calling it now, the flop with Apple announcing they will scan users private image collections (which is going way too far, everyone rightfully agrees) is gonna be used as an excuse for them not to do anything about users trading CP on Apple products at all, trust me. I am never wrong on this.
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94d530e7 No.3622732

>but molesting kids is okay as long as you're not caught by the law!
Ironic, coming from you, Leukemia.

4fd7d318 No.3631878

There used to be a secret network of pedophile Disneyland & cruise ship employees, maybe there still is. The higher-ups knew about it for long and paid zillions to the witnesses, and for the news not to cover it, but it's all out there if you search. Nevermind what goes on in those "adult-only" (and the kids we drugged) secret clubs…

3dcc5129 No.3631911

and yet people still talk about the disneyland conspiracy that there are pedo cruise underground maritime law free-sex rings. Who could ever believe it.

15d5df23 No.3631943

If Epstein could own an island and run it for a long time as one it wouldnt actually surprise me if the Disneyland rumors are true. I mean look at the its a small world ride for example its beyond creepy and has been a host for way too many news stories.

9395dff6 No.3631952

Epstein was mossad and a few Disneyland employees are nowhere near as powerful as child molesters like Bill Clinton. Not that Disney hasn't harbored child molesters like Bryan Singer before.

15d5df23 No.3631953

Well then lets just entertain the fact that it might be possible not that it is a reality but it could very well be all the same.

3dcc5129 No.3631973

all the while this was happening at disneyland, the moon landing was being staged and buzz aldrin and the rest of the brave astronauts had sex with little boys while pretending to be martians performing a peace ritual. open your eyes. the real facts staring you right in the face, and you could be next. egads.

File: 1633197991091-0.jpg (357.92 KB, 1200x1600, fatbastard1.jpg)

File: 1633197991092-1.jpg (310.73 KB, 1600x1200, fatbastard2.jpg)

File: 1633197991092-2.jpg (312.77 KB, 1200x1600, fatbastard3.jpg)

770938cc No.3627823[Reply]

With Halloween on again, what will you dress up as this year? Will you wear your same old Fursuit or will you dress up as something different such as Fat Bastard? Maybe you already look like Fat Bastard and can just go as yourself?
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770938cc No.3631248

File: 1635539771875.jpg (538.05 KB, 1432x1440, Hofleen Thompson.jpg)

Well if you ever take a trip up North to Hamilton, instead of visiting Cobalt, this lady would give you some real good lovin' and unlike Cobalt, the McDonald's food would be delivered, not collected from a dumpster behind the restaurant.

42207596 No.3631254

Oh wow! She's pretty!

770938cc No.3631256

87755a8a No.3631279

she's gonna give you aids

7ac2bed2 No.3631282

Well… I know this may silly but, even though Aufy will whore it up on camera and allow horny guys and girls (it's mostly guys though) to get a little grabby gropy, Aufy won't do full on penetrative sexy.. Because… Uhmm.. he's kinda saving himself for that special some one. No one in particular. *giggles*

So no… She will not "give me aids"

64fa0d92 No.3631284

File: 1635560182742.png (583.38 KB, 637x569, situationalawareness.png)

2222e842 No.3631287

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