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fc4d1f37 No.3572485[Reply]

Allocate millions to minorities who don't want to work or integrate into society at all, by the way fuck white people and fuck national security


America first

Wow hard choice..
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e7c71fb0 No.3572576

> I found it
Took you long enough!

9d269fa1 No.3572581

Yes, only on the Democratic side idiot.

ee7b10a1 No.3572625

No evidence of collusion was found from either side. Your president said so himself and was very proud of this fact. Or are you so brain damaged you don't remember?

951d57ce No.3572648

>Your president said so himself and was very proud of this fact

Gonna need a source, I have never heard that

0065cf7f No.3572652

File: 1585349303746.jpg (144.48 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

This is what Republitards masturbate to. Sergajinsaotomelicious has nutted 16 times over this. If only they had a sponsorship with Hasbro so he could play as an official Rainbow Dash Doomslayer, he'd never lose his erection.

What happened anyway? They were marketing HARD to white supremacists, then he's retconned into a descendant of the guy who killed Hitler in Wolf3D and now this pony crap. Or do racists really like that shit? They are completely insane so guessing their mental state is hard. This shit ain't even Doom but they never played that so like they give a fuck. They ain't playing it or anything. The game still "upsets the left" so that's all they care about.

Corona killing conservatives won't be a loss, at least. Except to the pony toy company since, despite being massively SJW, they have a lot of Republitard customers. Pony land's going to lose some residents.

0065cf7f No.3572653

Sergajinsaotomelicious is hated by 90% of /toy/ but he orally pleasured the janitor so he's welcome there, however he's been a furry for years so he'll still come here to shitpost for extra attention.

>every time you say muh name I get Google hits

Then why do yo get upset when you're mentioned and called out, BOY?

951d57ce No.3572655

File: 1585352979961.gif (17.01 KB, 220x220, 1584943329960.gif)

File: 1577864903770.jpg (28.73 KB, 360x540, 3.jpg)

c70c39a7 No.3268[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

From time to time I write very sarcastic, even evil poetry, I've been planning on making a mocking poem on behalf of a homofag who's mocking straight subhumans from his point of view, however I'm lacking material for writing.
Please give me the most dumb and ridiculous stuff LGBT has ever done.
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05fde611 No.3569018

File: 1581161922787.jpg (389.25 KB, 1200x1749, SexualizedCrossdresingForK….jpg)

ff5caa16 No.3569208

If I had to pick between siding with trannies or with the hijabis, there's no arguing really. At least he isn't a sandnigger. You go girl/guy/whatever

e05db543 No.3569245

File: 1581444171462.png (13.16 KB, 589x346, suicide attempts williams ….png)

Too bad it's only 41% and not 75%.

49e5e68f No.3572578

File: 1585272180840.jpg (195.53 KB, 1524x1333, 44447265579fad9de6c41dcabd….jpg)

3cbaff6c No.3572592

This is every 'gender studies' class in a nutshell.

c2f9bd40 No.3572593

How many "gender studies" courses have you taken?

3cbaff6c No.3572596

None because I didn't want to waste my time.
Is this a wrong assessment?

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38b577ea No.3571454[Reply]

Post all your soft chubby boys here!

2b80f4d3 No.3571455

File: 1584128510735.jpg (11.74 KB, 250x335, Fuck-this-out.jpg)

49d0029d No.3571458


That's not chubby, that's morbid obesity. The Beetus will be strong with this one.

6cb0c845 No.3571462

1c0fa3b0 No.3571471

File: 1584151183979.gif (1.67 MB, 378x378, image0.gif)

23657f70 No.3571920

whomst is this cute fluffo
I need more for reference material

38b577ea No.3571922

1d96e405 No.3572584

File: 1585275920010.png (1.33 MB, 1392x1218, 4d58f364611ba38c7f9c23b6a9….png)

File: 1585259787760-0.jpg (133.58 KB, 286x973, 5309759_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1585259787760-1.png (535.7 KB, 1183x1904, 5309500_u18chan.png)

File: 1585259787760-2.png (233.29 KB, 752x1038, tumblr_o9gvdwQN1m1ufyollo2….png)

a8fef828 No.3572545[Reply]

a8fef828 No.3572546

File: 1585259956263-0.png (533.09 KB, 1280x1752, tumblr_o9r6ijptCP1ufyollo1….png)

File: 1585259956263-1.png (376.27 KB, 971x1920, tumblr_oxlinjgPj91ufyollo4….png)

File: 1585259956263-2.png (432.44 KB, 1280x1427, tumblr_o9r6ijptCP1ufyollo4….png)

The archive does not work for me either.
So I uploaded my how rip of Guoh tumblr (311 Mo):
I extracted both archives and put them on ipfs.

To be fair, aikega never stopped posting art completely. He just changed his name (to eigaka), betrayed the furry cumflation fanbase he had by randomly deciding one day to swear off doing furry art ever again*, and started doing humans only and doing an increasing amount of gay shit in his art.

*Except he technically still does furry art with his dragon girl OC, Nina, but insists on Tumblr that he "doesn't draw furries" like a lying hypocritical piece of fucking shit.

And before anyone even asks, yes, I DO have a massive hate-boner for Aikega/Eigaka as a person. He basically fucked over his entire fanbase on FA by pulling out of furry art with no warning or explanation whatsoever, locking his FA gallery, and when questioned about it on his Tumblr, he insists "I don't do furries" and acts like the conversation ends there, like we're too stupid to recognize his art style on the furry art that he clearly did in the past.

a8fef828 No.3572547

File: 1585259974103-0.jpg (298.53 KB, 883x1006, f431677db59a1d45fcaa1627b8….jpg)

Could you elaborate on what art in particular? Was it the world building stuff, or was it the very small amount of penetration he had? I'm curious; he's one of my favorite artists. Even if it's against his wishes, I have everything I could find of his archived.

a8fef828 No.3572551

Wow these are absolutely vile, but seeing as how I haven't been here to update people I guess that's expected.

I spoke to Guoh recently and he seems to have been able to accept my apology and has taken down his posts about the whole thing on Twitter (primarily where I was referred to as a stalker).
He seems like a genuinely nice person and he even told me he doesn't hold grudges over this type of thing. I believe this because people who've been around him say he's probably overreacting.
He told me that he basically doesn't like unfinished art being released because he's pretty self-conscious about it and I can understand since I do draw things myself from time to time and have things that I do not feel comfortable in sharing.

However even after the whole thing, Guoh does need to figure out what he's gonna do with stuff he does not finish. I mean it's nice he holds art streams and all, but if he's gonna' put stuff there that he doesn't want around then it's gonna come back to bite him again later on. The internet is quite a different beast to tangle with, and it's got many people who still feel just like I did the first time I began.

Any update on this? Their NSFW tumblr is now empty.
Speaking of that, since there are too many files lost from the tumblr disaster I have pulled an old archive some dude shared with me a long while back. It's got some real old stuff and _raw NSFW tumblr posts back before Tumblr phased out the feature.

a8fef828 No.3572553

Now that I'm not feeling like I've been overwhelmed by stress, I think it's time for some people here to know a little about what I did and what I think about the situation.

I started viewing Guoh's stream as much I could back in Late January or Early February in 2017, and I kept viewing Guoh's streams since it felt like a place I could go where I felt like I genuinely had fun being in. But it wasn't long before I noticed a issue that came up constantly in Guoh's stream and it's always created the same type of question: "Is <thing> gonna be uploaded soon?". If you've been to the streams you know it often isn't responded to.

So I took it upon myself and only myself to make sure I got everything I wanted from the streams and I settled that way for a long time until I came across some really rare material that I shared here and now painfully regret doing.

It was already about a little over a year ago that Guoh answered a question saying he was ready to deliver something he was working on, and I just deep down couldn't let that go unnoticed I just felt that I had to share something cause what I saw was looking quite spectacular. I started by inviting a friend to the stream introducing him to Guoh's art blog and what not and also the big thing (you probably know what it is, but I won't say). This eventually caused me to develop a delusional sense of entitlement after I pondered again the old repeating question I often knew was never answered.

I started thinking "…maybe I can fill in the gap myself". I took it upon myself to start sharing what I had already been doing from the very beginning of March 2017, and just recently I ended up with a small circle of people who had appreciated my efforts every time I got a stream recording finished. I kept going over the idea in my head about what Guoh would say about what I am doing and I wouldn't think it would end up killing Guoh's drive to draw and stream, I couldn't fathom something like that just before this week.

a8fef828 No.3572554

As a result I kept dropping hints wherever I could about my activities, there was even a time I straight up told Guoh I had a recording ready in Picarto chat of all places and it's probably the most daring move I've ever done. I offered to give him his art back if his work was erased at one point and he just casually said "Nah, it's not gonna be as good quality, thanks though". I still didn't know if it was not OK (at this point I'm too scared to go directly to him to ask because of fear of being alienated.) and I was still being encouraged by friends to keep going in my pursuit of streams and art from them. Eventually I dropped the hint here and decided to stay in a place with a like-minded crowd. Finally just this Monday Guoh told everyone that he was aware of a "4chan knockoff thread" where someone (me) was recording stream material and posting art rips. I know I've held back on just how much I could post and who I gave it to, as throwing my entire archive to the general public would be like springing open Pandora's box.

That Monday stream he responded to the question about uploads for the first time (but didn't answer) and brought up the subject of recordings and described his feelings on the topic, but other people were pushing that "stalker" and "creepy shit" angle really hard full on and the weight of those messages made me feel torn. The real hard presser was that he was going to stop his streams (but it wasn't until later that I knew posting art would also be effected). At this point I felt a lot of regret for what I had done and I started to notice that I was going about things wrong somewhere down the line. I just couldn't figure out where my delusion started, and I had to find someone willing to challenge my concepts from the beginning and someone who knew Guoh as a friend. And finally after talking and struggling to dig around for my reasoning for continuing to record I eventually directly confronted the statement: "Guoh doesn't owe anyone anything except for those give him cash for his work".

a8fef828 No.3572555

]I stopped in my tracks to run that idea that I didn't go over from the beginning. It forced me to think differently about what I did, so I had to think about if this was the hill I was going to die on. The consequences would be more severe now that I broke the news to a friend of Guoh, and that friend of his is someone I care about. I also care for Guoh and how he feels, so I absolutely couldn't continue justifying recording- I felt completely in the wrong. I broke up the group I had barely just put together, deleted every link I'm aware of floating about, posts I've made, and called it quits on my recording activities. I saw the post on twitter where Guoh was talking about being stalked and I just felt dreadful. Not only would I not forsee the issue being this bad, but I didn't want to make Guoh look at me like a creep. However my actions were similar to that of a stalker and I could see why he would want to call me that. Worst part is I may not be able to go on normally, if Guoh already knows who I am then I probably cannot speak to him the same way for who knows how long. I've been used to being bullied in school and being wrongfully called something I know I wasn't, but this hit harder than my first experience of being labelled something. It was a negative label given to me by the one I had looked up to for some inspiration to draw and start myself something that would be my hobby at the very least. I feel absolutely crushed by that message, I'm already slipping into depression from my IRL circumstances going further down the drain, but seeing a artist who I like the most just drain my image indirectly in public is quite a painful thing to take in on top of the financial mess that I am in (I can only hold back the inevitable and slow descent into a dark future for so long…) and I don't think I can let go of the pain as easily as his friend told me it would be if I just stick to my word. The consequences in store for me may already be lingering around in other unforeseen ways and I'm not sure if I'll be prepared to take them on this time. I've been told to stop worrying and that's all I can do since there's nothing left to do than wait.

Edit: I spoke to Guoh and he has accepted my apology, I didn't notice comments for a long while and holy shit this blew up with toxic comments.

dda557c1 No.3572566

> Could you elaborate on what art in particular?
I don't know who you think you are asking. Your ID, a8fef828, is the only one posting in this thread – other than mine with this post.

File: 1583190479889.jpg (102.5 KB, 1608x905, tgy44.jpg)

065bc811 No.3570702[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

oday’s college students overwhelmingly believe that Socialism is a much better system of government than our free-enterprise system, Capitalism. The reason that they believe that is that they’ve never experienced Socialism, and just take their professors’ word for it. The short video below was recently produced by Turning Point USA and made possible by Dr. Bob Shillman. It shows what former Cuban citizens think of Socialism. Don't miss it!

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df815ece No.3572473

This from an idiot that thinks "SJW" is an insult. You even called Clint Eastwood one when he supported Bloomberg, because even if the man is 99% Trump, he's not 100% Trump, and not being for 100% Trump now means you're an SJW or something.

I bet you cry over Mortal Kombat 11 being better than anything made by Crapcom, too.

>but they had leftist shit in the game

Yeah yeah, go suck off Crapcom's pink hair tranny icon and pretend they're different.

f93dd5d9 No.3572496

File: 1585201578770.jpg (52.06 KB, 636x485, ET8VZ6yX0AIgyte.jpg large.jpg)


I don't think schizophrenics get to choose which voices live in their heads.

2d75bf4a No.3572518


a38362a4 No.3572526

File: 1585240752877.jpg (70.9 KB, 600x782, StopWhining.jpg)

> I miss when everyone accused everyone else of being Michael Hirtes instead of 3B.
Quit your whining, Hirtes!

6a981675 No.3572529

File: 1585242715550.jpg (140.7 KB, 640x640, fd920e977937a4482f021fc9db….jpg)

Michael Hirte - One Moment In Time (offizielles Video)

6a981675 No.3572530

File: 1585242826954.jpg (69.22 KB, 500x500, 0001049783.jpg)

Michael Hirte - Der Junge mit der Mundharmonika (Offizielles Video)

6a981675 No.3572531

File: 1585242908193.jpg (767.35 KB, 1811x2560, 91VAnbmQUbL.jpg)

Michael Hirte - Heimweh (Offizielles Video)

File: 1581361981413.jpg (709.29 KB, 1281x721, raccoon_demonstrates_probl….jpg)

d0720f41 No.3569167[Reply]

Racoon Demonstrates Problem Solving Skills

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254c42a8 No.3572459

There is an overuse of "raccoon" in your post. Consider using "he" or "it" every now and then.

1b56ea6f No.3572460

File: 1585184358591.png (271.52 KB, 570x404, urban_monsters.png)

Or "the animal" or better yet, "the filthy pest." :)

d0720f41 No.3572467

A picture of a raccoon YAWNING is supposed to be terrifying or something?

54a50e3d No.3572468

File: 1585191576039.jpg (521.09 KB, 1200x934, rocket raccoon awaits in b….jpg)

Wow.. the person who wrote this article really fucking hate raccoons. What the did they do to him?


d0720f41 No.3572471

Ok, I read that entire thing. A whole lot of it seemed like tongue-in-cheek satire, not really meant to be taken seriously.
But this was the part that really caught my attention:

"Sallinger has also spoken with women—human women—who took in baby raccoons and breastfed them. From their human bodies."

So, your assignment /furi/, should you decide to accept it, is to find these pictures and videos and post them here.
For scientific study and debate, of course.

013a7852 No.3572521

File: 1585233670312.jpg (193.65 KB, 886x1280, 1571319991.teranen_wile_ns….jpg)

>But let's not forget, coyotes are also really bad! I know, I was surprised too, because they're dogs, and dogs are cute. But they're a big issue, because in addition to adapting easily to urban life, they also eat cats and small dogs (which I grudgingly admit raccoons are not likely to do). Sallinger said the majority of the calls about urban animals regard coyotes and concerns about them lurking too close to people.

What if I like coyotes more than I like my neighbor's cat?

6259ea59 No.3572528

That can't be Rule-63 Wile E. She's way too attractive and cheerful.
She should be a skin-and-bones, desperate, starving, raggedy, scheming schlmazel just like he is.
Maybe it's his ultra-competent second cousin or something.

File: 1584894023709-0.png (598.79 KB, 552x616, gfhfghfghn_25435.png)

File: 1584894023709-1.png (1023.43 KB, 836x851, 095840.png)

e4857582 No.3572177[Reply]

What does your grocery store look like today?
How is capitalism treating you, America?
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a7477408 No.3572413


Oh wow, she looks horrifying. I remember when she looked cute and natural, not like a Stepford Wife cyborg.

c0fe33e5 No.3572479

File: 1585196192655.png (1 MB, 634x633, Screenshot_2020-03-26 mado….png)

She's perfect for the next Terminator movie!

d702004b No.3572511

File: 1585210586483.jpg (20.92 KB, 230x219, FishyAgenda.jpg)


Yeah, there is like, really no difference between dead peoples and other normies, we all can get it. It's like…viruses are so much more open ended than people, why can't you just accept that and tolerate sickies. I mean like…theres so much troublesome people who are intolerant of like, and stuff. Absolute Beauty, it comes from like, actual integration of races and being into like, all types. The jewish people are so wise, no vaccines, no medicines, no discriminating, mix yourself into like nature and God and let your body choose for itself. Shalom and stuff and like Gandhi.

Maddonna, during her stage 5 CoronaVirus Therapy posing as a self proclaimed Vintage Jewish Whore.

062b350a No.3572617


062b350a No.3572618

Sliding the autistic troll into oblivion…

062b350a No.3572619

Going, going…

062b350a No.3572620

…and gone.

File: 1574409413352.jpg (86.44 KB, 900x700, simba-lion-king-png-simba-….jpg)

a9bb8456 No.1395[Reply]

Although the new board is off to a solid start with some good art stuff & toon smut, this was too juicy to pass up. Anyone got more details on this? Who is this insane dumbass?


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5a9d9929 No.1399

File: 1574455713965.jpg (113.6 KB, 617x800, lion tied to anti-masturba….jpg)

>>1397 *everything is an evil liberal plot*
Okay.. I was being unfair on that point. He was mostly complaining about how Twitter and Facebook are siding with liberals more and banning conservatives more. – He was getting a bit long winded and it started sounding like general 'blame liberals' yammering but it was more like 'blame social media'.

After finding out about that long ass Kiwifarm thread I'm like .. no thanks .. I don't want to fall into that shithole.

That first kiwi page, however did confirm my theory that he had his name legally changed to 'Simba Lion'. Only extremely high-level furfags do that especially if they're not trans.

[repost to change pic to 'no nut november' theme .. and to test if 'delete' works .. it does but I had to manually re-enter my deletion password]

c66cf311 No.1404

File: 1574477274548.jpeg (8.2 KB, 272x186, sperm_on_wheels.jpeg)

Gad, this board's CSS theme sucks. Your trip code is completely invisible on my tablet.

5a9d9929 No.1557

A bit of an update. Simba Lion was in critical condition after he was shot but recent news reports say he eventually died from them.


A former friend said 'he died years ago' .. wasn't the same person he used to be (mental illness) – and wasn't surprised that he ended up this way.

a9bb8456 No.1560


I'm not surprised that he ended up this way, either.

He shot two cops. You know what happens to even wannabe cop killers on TV shows & movies. They get shot right back, usually overkill. And if that doesn't do the trick, the perp often gets finished off in the hospital.

Er, sorry, succumbs to sudden complications to their injuries.

74730b73 No.1580


As in the guy that ran Anthrochat IRC?

8557bb56 No.3572390

9da4fe27 No.3572401


No, that was Scott Garron

File: 1578737426100.jpeg (166.42 KB, 1280x853, 5C8C75BB-F400-439C-AB37-6….jpeg)

2431fb6d No.3566939[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

OwO w-what? Wet me suck youw pemith repubwican god UwU
224 posts and 90 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

efb8562e No.3567778

File: 1579410299076.jpg (21.84 KB, 501x501, socialismsuchagoodideaitmu….jpg)

>Says the guy who cries about it any time a black guy beats the shit out of and murders a white woman, throws a white child off a three story balcony, douses a white child in gas on his doorstep of his house and lights the child, robs a white store clerk and sets her on fire, tries to sell his own child for drug money, punches a pregnant woman trying for a miscarriage so he does not have to pay child support, strangles a woman for not getting an abortion fast enough, create cities where the literacy rates are the lowest, crime rates are the highest.

But what do I know.

>>I better use a made-up image from a hollywood movie hoping somehow that it relates to real life…..

>>Relates the alt-right to a socialist movement from 70 years ago but thats ok - no one will notice.


9cc6c960 No.3567779

File: 1579411878886.png (135.08 KB, 320x240, gilliamblazing6560-1934.png)

ba391154 No.3567788


He could use the lyrics to songs.
Just copy-paste that stuff.

62122565 No.3567791

File: 1579469936414.png (38.42 KB, 623x392, 1930scollegeprofessors.png)


>>Liberal College Professor 1938

>>They are just as liberal as Professors today


45bd8532 No.3568081

I apologize for calling you names and telling you to eat shit. I was frustrated. Sage because this thread is cursed, so you probably won't even see this.

dea92c7e No.3572391

how topical

db4539b7 No.3572399

File: 1585085638062.jpg (51.08 KB, 900x563, 582b8195fb9717f93eaf607b33….jpg)

Yes, you are correct.

File: 1574459163486.jpg (310.24 KB, 600x800, 2d48088dde92bf1651c170a31e….jpg)

73dfb687 No.1400[Reply]

Drug Thread - General

Anyone have experience with 1/4 of a tab of LSD?

I've tried it a few times but every time was totally overwhelming. Probably cause I took 2 tabs each time.

The last time I did 1 tab after shaving the sides down until it was nearly half the size, but it also floored me. Probably cause the most of the dose was dead center.

It would be cool to experience something light, introspective, and gentle without it making me feel like my body is literally melting into nonexistence.
8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

052d4f7a No.1413

File: 1574487998340.jpg (167.23 KB, 750x600, donotsue drugs.jpg)

I unironically agree with this. Drugs will fuck you up. I tried weed once and I thought I was gonna die. Made me paranoid. Felt like I was reliving the same moment over and over.

All the people I've seen who take drugs end up fucking themselves up or fucking someone else up. I've seen people turn to crime just to feed their habit.

I know it sounds lame when I say this but it's the stone cold truth: Drugs are bad m'kay!

73dfb687 No.1414


Why didn't you smokea a tiny bit? Everyone seems to not know how to space anything out

eb946f24 No.3572396


f5439abc No.3572397


39ca3f57 No.3572412

I have my nicotine, caffeine, booze, and weed. World is on fire, might as well find comfort where I can.

da24da38 No.3572444

Some of those things probably increase your risk of death from The Chinese Virus.

fe72b150 No.3573445


They increase my risk of death in general

I'm more likely to get greased from riding a motorcycle before I'm 40. Who gives a shit? Certainly not me :)

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