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File: 1599328011478.jpg (83.7 KB, 754x548, 1ea610bf17894064028efe9a32….jpg)

7685124b No.3587505[Reply]

Teens in 2000: Once i even found a lemon with a brother and sister doing it!
Ewww, i think we saw the same one, that totally killed my boner for days afterwards.

Teens in 2010: Don't you think it's a little bit weird that they're brother and sister?
Yeah, but i don't mind it so much…. it's still hot….

Teens in 2020: I'm gonna be home alone with my sister the entire weekend again!
Wow, nice…. my sister is only 9, we haven't done it yet but i'm trying!
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9c9af99a No.3592145

File: 1603062264044.png (545.61 KB, 1000x809, 1334385596.rogenuchiha_001….png)

7685124b No.3596731

>tfw you realize 2020 was probably a good year for teen sibling incest, but we'll never actually find out

43a2d059 No.3596732

I just want to know where to find real incest porn and not the fake shit that's everywhere. It has to be somewhere.

7685124b No.3596734

>>3596732 I just want to know where to find real child porn

7f743694 No.3605014

File: 1613891336226.jpg (241.53 KB, 1600x900, Lemon Drop.jpg)

Sounds like you are the one obsessed with child porn.

f482dffc No.3605017

File: 1613891710782.jpg (53.34 KB, 720x960, tumblr_npt23dbJ5Y1sdaujho1….jpg)

coming to bed with meeeeeeeeeee?

f482dffc No.3605018

File: 1613891842295-0.jpg (1.02 MB, 2844x3152, 49333261.jpg)

File: 1613891842295-1.jpg (60.22 KB, 475x692, f972db03460c0865e5258d5517….jpg)

File: 1613891842295-2.jpg (54.96 KB, 512x369, unnamed.jpg)


File: 1607859545333.jpg (279.61 KB, 1172x1914, EpB6DIzXEAAs-Co.jpg)

fb936c07 No.3596891[Reply]

Since yiff.party is dead, does anyone have this guy's nsfw works?
He's asking for TEN BUCKS to view the uncensored pictures, with this many followers he could double or triple the number of supporters if he asked three or five bucks maximum, no sane person could ever support multiple artists if all of them asked ten bucks, how ridicolous is that? For that price I'd expect a chance to win a commission with a raffle.

de876215 No.3596931


8792254e No.3604867

File: 1613825787232.jpg (154.64 KB, 850x1127, edtropolis.jpg)

Did you look at his e621 pages?

4413a97d No.3604971

File: 1606021712284.jpg (331.57 KB, 1200x900, 553596425_2110627471.jpg)

2c632c2a No.3595000[Reply]

Do you want to save the Arecibo radio telescope? Then sign the emergency petition:

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36c79036 No.3596409

File: 1607378651734.jpg (33.43 KB, 460x288, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)


Do you think anything built today will survive 2000 years? Anything at all?


5aef629a No.3596415

Oh I totally agree with you. I often wonder what'll become of the plywood-drywall-and-aluminum-siding houses of the suburbs, 50 years from now, 100 years from now, 200 years from now? In what year will the house I'm living in right now get torn down? Will my town's 19th century stone-brick church be the only building still standing 500 years from now? Will private houses still be a thing in 500 yrs or will everyone live in cyberpunk highrise apartments?
>inb4 civilisation wont last that long

0c7c2731 No.3596424

File: 1607386775516.jpg (490 KB, 1600x900, 22bridge-videoSixteenByNin….jpg)

That sounds like a great rule. Imagine the woke woman engineering firm needing to stand under their wonder work…

4d64bdf3 No.3596425

Fall 2014 - Spaghetti Bridge Final Testing

Spagetti bridge could last more than that trashy bridge.

4d64bdf3 No.3596426

Understanding and Analysing Trusses

that bridge had no trusses that's why it fell!

4d64bdf3 No.3596430

File: 1607390304517.gif (67.43 KB, 533x340, 625869119.gif)

The engineer contractors who are allowed to build never tested it in practice using spagetti bridges. This proves the education system in the united states is rubbish.

9809f27f No.3604966

File: 1613861999020.jpg (48.99 KB, 634x357, Snap!.jpg)

You are blind. That WAS a truss bridge. The trusses can be seen in the picture from

File: 1609569299260.jpg (334.78 KB, 1920x1080, flat earth.jpg)

573d9dce No.3598506[Reply]

Flat Earthers try to sail to the edge of the world.
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1e30cf6a No.3599363

At least they didn't get splatted onto a desert floor like Mad Mike.

fa0b90f5 No.3599367

File: 1610169201742.png (14.52 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

How flat are we talking about?

c3a64fc4 No.3599389


Atleast he DIED living his dream to the fullest.
How many of us can claim that ?

c3a64fc4 No.3599390


"Going Postal" BBC , 2010

it was marvelous! Cinema grade movie as TV series.

ff272e6c No.3604864

Were they wearing their space suits?

d1c294ad No.3604921

damn that picture almost has me convinced

17716b97 No.3604935

File: 1613853406888.jpg (106.03 KB, 1280x720, space dinosaur.jpg)

File: 1595667626580-0.png (225.2 KB, 500x384, 1zcqy7n9ljx41.png)

File: 1595667626580-1.jpg (24.31 KB, 720x405, default-1464360350-98-gall….jpg)

File: 1595667626580-2.jpg (197.97 KB, 1936x1936, 1d5z4rtnrkz11.jpg)

268965b4 No.3583085[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Gonna need a bigger tougher gag ring design to withstand croc or gator bites.
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3c993e05 No.3601233

File: 1611461379027.png (285.28 KB, 934x675, f2765be49c0a49ab425f21f803….png)

0225d48a No.3601236

I'm going to need a source for that image… for reasons.

I be she feels hotter than my dog when he sleeps in front of my main quartz heater, it'd be comfy as hell getting wrapped in those coils.

Later in the night, who needs to poke their feet out when you have a sexy snake girl sucking the heat from you.

3c993e05 No.3601237

File: 1611461744456.jpg (289.74 KB, 1600x900, c6c7306243cd3eb1d6a5f4d74d….jpg)

0225d48a No.3601239

much appreciated comrade anon.

25a79e08 No.3603366

File: 1612779052345.png (685.14 KB, 1280x929, ugly dog playing Frisbee.png)

868e89f8 No.3604667

File: 1613701037617.png (2.53 MB, 2000x2000, 1612298034.antira_sisu.png)

e2f0b925 No.3604925

File: 1613848056416.jpg (3.18 MB, 4000x2554, 1612391501.casimyrcsko_sat….jpg)

File: 1613583428046.jpg (29.11 KB, 620x407, 20150610__limbaugh1.jpg)

17ff6e79 No.3604392[Reply]

"I never have wished death on anyone, but I have read some obituaries with great satisfaction." -Clarence Darrow
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e1b56d70 No.3604446

File: 1613608967057.jpg (253.55 KB, 700x961, cat-scream.jpg)

Media products don't die. His successor's already planned and so is your demise.

1ccac26f No.3604471

lol it kicks so much ass that he's dead

17ff6e79 No.3604876

Limbaugh was a blowhard, liar, racist pig.

He had no sense of decency, no facts, and no class.

084c017c No.3604877

So why emulate that?

50979999 No.3604879

at least it wasnt crowder, or his kick ass cancer ridden pitbull.

17ff6e79 No.3604914

The worst part is there are so many Limbaugh sound-alikes.

Like Michael (Savage) Weiner, Sean Hannity, and so on.

Guys with big mouths who make zero sense.

b628b597 No.3605006

>The worst part is there are so many Limbaugh sound-alikes.
You've entirely forgot alex jones. His actual voice is completely different. He didn't become popular until he aped the angry, gravely voice of limbaugh.

File: 1613522923347.webm (2.65 MB, 640x800, 5fde88e325a1b0100f2ec63cb….webm)

1444bceb No.3604323[Reply]


975a9f12 No.3604386

neat :)

d36fef37 No.3604840

I suppose this is teaching you how to hide drugs in furniture?

38fc2c42 No.3604841

File: 1613804952841.jpg (6.72 KB, 275x183, download.jpg)

I wonder if I could hide my usb porn in there too!

4f9943e4 No.3604852

I'd only found one USB dead-drop and it just had a bunch of crap on it. Mostly bad music and some dumb meme pictures.

I'd been wanting to set one up in Madison and fill it up with eBooks or something.

07d5243e No.3604856

File: 1613817321075.png (902.23 KB, 1024x1024, b67f5109-a520-ec8b-b7a5-86….png)


File: 1613588697401-0.png (429.72 KB, 682x681, Screenshot_2021-02-17 Conn….png)

File: 1613588697401-1.png (161.93 KB, 680x443, Screenshot_2021-02-17 Conn….png)

1a4645b8 No.3604403[Reply]

Connor Goodwolf
1tSponfs5hSorheted ·
As a progressive community we all need to be more accepting of our transgender brothers and sisters. I'm appalled we still have anti-trans groups in the LGBT community.
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bf60e193 No.3604421

When you're rich like I am kids just let you groom them.

f5063143 No.3604424

If you were rich, then you wouldn't have to rent out roomshares to young furries to help subsidize your mortgage with their welfare cheques.

5f3edb07 No.3604457


Child molestation and human trafficking get waay easier during times of economic strife.

8158fdcc No.3604463

>progressive community
Dude what. I know Connor Goodwolf from his WikiFur edits. All he does is conservative edits trying to dox, shame, and harass people he dislikes. He particularly tries to slander all zoophiles as rapists, for example.
What a nasty guy. It makes sense he's anti-LGB (since being pro-T is anti-LGB by default)

7d300f37 No.3604521

d66bb984 No.3604634

Lol this nigga is poor as fuck

f5063143 No.3604792

File: 1613789532230.jpg (51.98 KB, 383x362, e26ac429044d629fce7aa85bd1….jpg)

File: 1613639407107.jpg (806.24 KB, 949x1280, 21c2e5066af24f2230857013d6….jpg)

f53956a5 No.3604501[Reply]

I'm bored, and im not even going to bother using a proxy or my phone to make new ID's. I just can't be bothered with this ultimate level of boredom.

Post some youtube videos of name fag unofficial themes. I think this one kinda works for me.

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5407066a No.3604515

File: 1613646251025-0.png (2.04 MB, 3991x2555, pantelssss.png)

File: 1613646251025-1.jpg (1.54 MB, 2070x2355, 68662.jpg)

5407066a No.3604522

File: 1613650544481-0.png (3.01 MB, 1236x2160, 8cec9d92f244e525b40ab963cc….png)

File: 1613650544481-1.png (543.95 KB, 574x837, 690ffff967ba736ab9b04554f1….png)

f53956a5 No.3604532

how did this turn into a luna thread? I'm not complaining but wat?

75fc2595 No.3604538

File: 1613666081951.jpg (131.92 KB, 1280x1344, EoUhetkWMAAkNDc.jpg)

5407066a No.3604624

File: 1613685764540-0.png (370.94 KB, 604x1200, 5f6bb5fa56e9c595e0aa0093ab….png)

File: 1613685764540-1.png (5.4 MB, 3000x1935, c80189d25bf3ba44f5bb97a679….png)


5407066a No.3604627

File: 1613686168551-0.png (301.69 KB, 775x1112, f_1465591438114.phoenixmag….png)

File: 1613686168551-1.png (1.68 MB, 1280x1864, f_1596933879247_8ce3739a18….png)

5407066a No.3604767

File: 1613774723555.png (111.46 KB, 739x669, funniestartmoments.png)

Hey Steam, here's someone funny for ya.

File: 1612838019432.jpg (930.96 KB, 1800x1800, 1_gt23SrG7PvEHSykgAqFy-w.jpg)

560a905f No.3603422[Reply]

World Start? / Location? / Environmental? / Climate and Temperature?
Appearance? / Race? / Sex? / Body Appearance? / Body Status?
Who are you living with? / Family Status? / Near Strangers Status? / Animals Status?
Where do you live? / Home and Status? / Religion or Beliefs? / Government Quality? / Life Status?
Nutrition and Physical Fitness? / Food Culture? / Sports?
Healthcare? / Social Security? / How is your quality of living?
Mentality Health? / Education and Learning?
Treatment and Development Status? / Nutrition Care? / Diet Care? / Mentality Care? / Social Care?
Skills Status? / Wealth Value? / Hobbies? / Goals?
Traits Status? / Experience? / What are you? / Who are you? / How are you?

Religion is ridiculous and a waste of time, Price gauging on healthcare's medicine is expensive. Poverty regardless of race, religion or creed. Politics is a power of influence that controls and own lower, middle and upper classes. Know your face, know your space, know your place, know your race.

Science helps the need and exceeds humanity's development. Stable and desirable environment people and places make you live longer. The awakening of logic and reason is the perfect utopia.
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6fcf00e7 No.3603462

File: 1612871229033.webm (2.34 MB, 422x238, 1541801827320.webm)

On a cold winter of morning
In the time before the light

560a905f No.3603473

File: 1612882911235.png (17.93 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

When you are going to war against a crisis species.

560a905f No.3603502

File: 1612910640986.png (117.13 KB, 668x676, Irkiens vs Karens.png)

It's always the smiling creatures that are creepy.

560a905f No.3603505

File: 1612911348858.png (153.46 KB, 1845x743, sizes.png)

Races and Species size.

7ee04d2d No.3604761

File: 1613771755139.jpg (34.01 KB, 493x335, PRinc_photo_of_fetus_at_16….jpg)

Just like in the sims but more of depth environmental you are the god that controls the dad and mom and are responsible to raise this embryo you choose male or female, can give it defects, harmful or beneficial mutations, make them impoverish, assign them to a religion, place them in good or bad school, ruin and improve their financial securities. I wish this was a game. To be continued.

Power Corrupts (Part 1)

7ee04d2d No.3604763

If the protagonist lives or dies you will estimate the cost how much you earned and lost and acknowledge if the simulation works in real life.

7ee04d2d No.3604764

How much does it cost to raise a baby in 2020?
Adding a child represents a major financial stress: The cost of raising a child today is $233,610 – excluding the cost of college – for a middle-income family, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.Feb 26, 2018 this is in the united states

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