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What kind of stinky smell from another species do you enjoy most? Please describe, with picture if possible.
Who wouldn't want to grab those huge toes and spread them apart then shove your nose right in between them!
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File: 1625297817744-0.png (3.64 MB, 3000x2944, 1a547ec35bc441d619884b3716….png)

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File: 1625297817744-3.jpg (244.39 KB, 959x1000, 1586289515960.jpg)

File: 1625297817744-4.jpg (182.89 KB, 1280x960, 1586289179680.jpg)

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File: 1625354550116-0.png (493.51 KB, 1104x1152, 1539369977.blueballs_smell….png)

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File: 1625526686993-0.jpg (83.07 KB, 1280x627, 1548871744.dracosyndrome_c….jpg)

File: 1625526686993-1.jpg (61.24 KB, 588x1024, photo_2019-05-01_06-23-40.jpg)

File: 1625526686993-2.jpg (466.72 KB, 1280x993, 1577505975.niteskunk_2019_….jpg)

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File: 1625527248673-0.png (155.38 KB, 1280x875, 1567885572.24momochi_aurig….png)

File: 1625527248673-1.png (933.87 KB, 1280x834, 1573149893.ceeb_brookesmel….png)

File: 1625527248673-2.jpg (191.2 KB, 1280x1043, 1570938984.mythicc1_mattbi….jpg)


I sorta posted these in the wrong thread. Oh well.

91c0a07d No.3619254

File: 1625635975917-0.png (151.19 KB, 1280x1165, 1567484015.rokie38_stuffed.png)

File: 1625635975917-1.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1080, e6009be5de18fdc527cf2bbb82….png)

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File: 1627445723393.jpg (4.9 MB, 5000x3535, 1627329157.parabellum3_cm6….jpg)

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File: 1627717544621.jpg (101.61 KB, 1200x857, IMG_20210729_224944_105.jpg)

File: 1627500717960.jpg (924.03 KB, 1280x1019, 1535057356.tderek99_wendyf….jpg)

2021aa48 No.3621136[Reply]

What's your take on the Koopa fandom?

I used to consider it one of my "home" fandoms, but it got ruined by toxic people like SusieBeeca, Kaptain H, Lady Mecha and Misty Koopa. Then I just kinda forgot it. Glad to see the Koopalings back in the games now, do the fandom still exist?

92097841 No.3621143

Being a fan of or caring about anything associated with Nintendo is autistic as fuck if you're older than the age of 12

77729083 No.3621160


Tell us how you really feel.

d5f713be No.3621363

File: 1627696273291.png (691.54 KB, 1598x1500, wendy_body_pillow_by_jeatz….png)

I had a crush on Wendy when I was really young. Felt bad every time I had the jump on her in Mario.

File: 1627623772890-0.png (140.17 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20210730-004129.png)

File: 1627623772890-1.png (144.26 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20210730-004044.png)

a4f95b5e No.3621277[Reply]

Well Aufy might be in some trouble maybe not I dunno. But some cam whore sends me a friend request on face book. Then got all flirty with me. Then tells me she's gonna spread it around like a bitch.

I told her Bitch please. Everyone knows I'm a horny bimbo. They know I got a rebel flag. You show that footage to who ever the hell you want. I like my body.

Ooooh baby! Tell the media? Do it! Get me some coverage. Get my name out there. Stir up a buzz around me. Make hot hit piece on me. Bitch just jealous cause I got bigger than tits than her.
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a4f95b5e No.3621294

>>3621282 ohhhhh…. Does that even work?
Like that is so stupid.

Its like now that they have the footage…
You giving them money isn't going to stop them spreading it around. That's just you loosing money.
Then they have the money and footage.

0ba38aab No.3621299

File: 1627641754510-0.jpeg (6.58 KB, 240x180, download.jpeg)

File: 1627641754510-1.jpg (12.06 KB, 320x240, 331_mistress-beast.jpg)

File: 1627641754510-2.jpg (17.25 KB, 670x490, 5c8d3ae33b5a2mistress-beas….jpg)

File: 1627641754510-3.jpg (17.44 KB, 670x490, 5c8d3ae33b85dmistress-beas….jpg)

File: 1627641754510-4.jpg (54.67 KB, 523x397, 0e28c630598e3a61935636b79f….jpg)

You know, this is what I always found fascinating about MISTRESS BEAST… She was like the Bodil of the 90's/2000's only on steroids. She was Canadian, fucked animals, wasn't afraid to show her face, and openly stated she didn't give a shit if family or friends knew she was doing this. You literally could not blackmail her. She had a couple of small websites that generated income until someone she turned the management over to hijacked it and made away with all the profits.

But she always said she did it for fun, claimed she was "XenoSexual", and would literally have sex with ANY species, male or female, mammal, bird, or reptile. You name it, she did it with it…dog, horse, pig, llama, bull, and many others she had hardcore sex with. I miss her new stuff but her existing videos are numerous and varied and still widely pirated on the internet.

0ba38aab No.3621300

File: 1627642572630-0.jpg (40.53 KB, 320x240, pasUvRiM6tA.jpg)

File: 1627642572630-1.jpg (42.77 KB, 800x532, 171011970_586_hrsx_mbs_min….jpg)

File: 1627642572630-2.jpeg (18.81 KB, 500x340, 1157d1586aecfb54664d50eaf….jpeg)

File: 1627642572630-3.jpeg (4.49 KB, 200x150, download (1).jpeg)

File: 1627642572630-4.jpg (36.23 KB, 800x585, (MyPornSnap.top)_tumblr-oc….jpg)

b037c697 No.3621308

"professional career" ya they got your number down

a5ed4f42 No.3621312

Yeah I remember Mistress Beast, I destroyed many millions of perfectly good sperm cells watching her movies.
She would actually answer questions on her web site, one guy asked her how she got started with all that and she said that she didn't know why, but animals of all kinds got her sexually excited since she was very young, and that she could always sense that they wanted her as much as she wanted them, which made it all but impossible to control her urges, and she was never truly happy until she gave into them utterly and completely.
Unlike women that did things for companies like Book & Film International just to get paid, it was just HER and a couple of helpers sometimes. She would even try to fulfill special requests.
The only thing was, she wasn't rich and good cameras were very expensive at that time, so a lot of her stuff, although the action is wonderful, looks like VHS tape quality.

4983a9ff No.3621340

File: 1627683301476.jpeg (299.29 KB, 1536x2048, E7hqXHRXEAoH9oJ.jpeg)


It is stupid, but nobody should be surprised. Horny idiots do stupid things out of desperation. Maybe the target is married or has a career that would be affected. Point being, this scam absolutely does eventually pay off.

542de600 No.3621353

I would have played along and pretended like I was freaking the fuck out. "Noooo don't tell my family and friends! My life will be ruined! I'll do anything!" And just kept stringing them along and pushing the conversation more and more into the absurd. Wasting a scammer's time is a public service.

File: 1627682987918.jpg (7.66 MB, 5037x5846, 7355968a7e9627507565d7604f….jpg)

aa5dca78 No.3621339[Reply]

Why are there only 268 for sloppy_seconds and where the hell is my promiscuous tag?!

9adb24cf No.3621341

>anything but committed monogamous long term relationships

Absolutely disgusting.

File: 1610393632294.png (249.79 KB, 677x1158, parlowned.png)

b5770355 No.3599651[Reply]


"This group of Internet Warriors then used that account, to create a handful of other ADMINISTRATION accounts, and then created a script that ended up creating MILLIONS of fake administration accounts."

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fb641778 No.3606857

>if they're plastering Emma Best's name around as doing this hack
Did you read a different article than the one I posted?
>the myth of American violent "white supremacists"
I've never heard of this myth. I have heard the fact that the vast majority of terrorism in the US is from far-right, white nationalist, or anti-government groups.

fb641778 No.3607011

>If it can happen to parler, or to those users, it can happen to you. It is just a matter of time….
conservatives, and the people they hire aren't exactly the best

anyway, the new hot pile of shit for rejects is
wonder how long until it gets hacked

61886ba1 No.3614301

File: 1620733464394.jpg (20.41 KB, 320x240, b5eb2b82634a48dba93e2d42d4….jpg)

No one's actually mentioned yet that OP's story is complete bullshit. It never happened. The only incident even remotely similar is where someone archived all the posts that were publicly viewable by THAT USER. Any posts he was blocked from seeing, he could not archive.

61886ba1 No.3614302

File: 1620734739975.jpg (536.63 KB, 1500x1125, cf9d19599fb3370d9cee21485d….jpg)

OP's story doesn't even make sense. It supposedly happened while Parler was moving their site from one hosting service to another.

That means they had a complete backup available. If there had been "MILLIONS of fake administration accounts" created at the site they were moving to, they simply would have deleted the corrupt installation and uploaded again from their backup – after correcting the alleged security flaw.

aafcf71b No.3614305

LOL. Fags who fall for every honeypot "alt tech" scam eternally btfo. The only people in that sphere I have any respect for are the conmen running the show. They get to double dip on retards' welfare checks (not socialism if they get money) AND intelligence community funding. If you're so traditional get your ass off social media and start networking with real people in your area.

8e83f941 No.3614308

File: 1620748139186.jpg (134.4 KB, 682x1124, b55be277c3f79ec55f7c8ca9e6….jpg)

> If it can happen to parler, or to those users, it can happen to you.
It didn't happen to Parler, though. OP's story is pure fiction, nothing but an attempt at FUD.

67ae5c53 No.3621233

File: 1627583268204.jpg (109.02 KB, 1000x800, 7284032.jpg)

File: 1610829875465.jpg (1.12 MB, 2000x2963, 1610826905487[1].jpg)

46e8749d No.3600283[Reply]

Wow, isn't it amazing what original ideas Hollywood are able to come up with!
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27c8a5dd No.3602595

fuk u

d758ca76 No.3603452

File: 1612865139275.jpg (16.95 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

db1e7241 No.3603459

File: 1612866608461.webm (3.86 MB, 1280x720, 1536989007265.webm)


46e8749d No.3610477

>you are now aware there is a sex scene between two of the animatronics

cce305c7 No.3610531

He said something mean about Weinpstein.

c54e8284 No.3617582

File: 1623907116568.jpg (384.13 KB, 480x640, 00001IMG_00001_BURST161459….jpg)

46e8749d No.3621230

File: 1627580700441.gif (4.67 MB, 400x165, 6dcd9d8fg00qt7fgx03opc000b….gif)

So if there's going to be a sequel, which of the bots do you think survived? I think it's possible that they will all be back, since they seem to have some way of magically regenerating, judging by Siren Sara's appearance in the end.

Also, I find it grimly amusing that their evil behaviour comes from them being possessed by pedophiles. That's literally the two things I hate most in the world, robots and pedophiles. Couldn't make me any more happy to see them torn apart painfully!

File: 1626237471876.png (582.54 KB, 1080x1076, 1626201176340[2].png)

075ad43b No.3619882[Reply]

I've collected so much pornographic content that my mortal body will never be able to experience the pleasure of ejaculating to all of them. Even if I bust 5 nuts a day every single day for like 20 years that's still only 7% of my porn collection.

It makes me wonder… What was the point?

How do I cope with this harsh truth and what am I supposed to do with all this good porn?!
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6b64fbbd No.3619956

File: 1626306114820-0.png (734.52 KB, 1275x1500, f379749bc8cc9256766bc8cd3f….png)

File: 1626306114820-1.png (3.27 MB, 1800x2200, a1947ca5d613db1aef3e65d637….png)

6b64fbbd No.3620143

File: 1626457783468-0.png (1.95 MB, 1200x900, 1626439814.levelviolet_par….png)

File: 1626457783468-1.png (1.22 MB, 800x1000, 1626439329.levelviolet_hek….png)

I collect art for scientific research for simulations.

c92c327f No.3620171

File: 1626471265986.jpg (401.87 KB, 1079x1250, RussianFace.jpg)

>second pic

b912229f No.3620173

File: 1626472158936.jpg (644.12 KB, 1079x1250, 1626471265986.jpg)


These two are good, would like to see males or shemales from them.

a1acec22 No.3620619

Do you do a clear out now and then to remove the not so good stuff?

6983d074 No.3621111

File: 1627466221648-0.jpg (215.6 KB, 1832x2048, 2b91a7887b61443dbea5b4d151….jpg)

File: 1627466221648-1.jpg (551.08 KB, 910x1075, 35b0e691597162227479c43fe1….jpg)

File: 1627466221648-2.jpg (177.91 KB, 1400x2050, 096a18c60092380f3bec3f8b06….jpg)

File: 1627466221648-3.jpg (426.8 KB, 1280x1243, 673a04300219920f51b21f7d10….jpg)

File: 1627466221648-4.jpg (712.83 KB, 3900x3400, 5056e28aff4d73c80158bdf44a….jpg)

I'm taking a break from nut busting, enjoy these pics.

6983d074 No.3621112

File: 1627466338193-0.png (4.53 MB, 2296x3347, 9812a7d082d35f29cf941b11e6….png)

File: 1627466338193-1.jpg (894.23 KB, 2667x4096, bf93cf8ceac29dcfa7e7516046….jpg)

File: 1627466338193-2.jpg (401.11 KB, 2869x4096, c1156732b7a7f009a8f6999728….jpg)

File: 1627466338193-3.jpg (334.2 KB, 1280x1021, e5754b7617e7130ee871c77f9f….jpg)

File: 1627466338193-4.jpg (189.5 KB, 1280x933, fd7cc873821f0b98b3c7611696….jpg)

File: 1626716932680.jpg (181.85 KB, 1200x628, ERT-EuropeMatters-1200x628….jpg)

6eb57573 No.3620419[Reply]

Can anyone explain why Europeans aren't as proud of their country as Americans? I recently travelled through there and i almost never saw the EU flag displayed in public or at homes, in fact most people don't even own one!
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46675674 No.3620803

we do, many are doing it, but what happens is leftard mayors or municipalities ask them to be removed if it constitutes a "racial hatred provocation" and on administrations, it is just illegal to have like, just the french flag alone, it must be accompanied with the EU flag (a directive under Hollande)

13a01b13 No.3620879

I don't know… maybe because Europe is not a country, but a fucking continent? And maybe because the flag is a flag of Europen Union which is a useless institution that has nothing to do with Europe?

681fbfa4 No.3620892


I think I found the one person here with a whole clue.

87310b6d No.3620908

The reason there are no European furries is because Europeans are smarter, funnier and more attractive, so they don't need it.

e9058266 No.3620920

is this a bot?

985e54ff No.3621045


No worries, we don't need sterilisation for obvious reasons.

159f9d90 No.3621094

Flags are a symbol for national identification. They are for governments and militaries to use, and for citizens to use to identify themselves when at sea. It's not a status symbol, nor a lawn decoration. Not everyone shows pride by waving flags around, and screaming 'freedom' and expletives at others. We keep our cities tidy, and our homes neat. We take care of each other, and not everyone, but in general we take care of one another, kin or stranger. We show pride through food and drink, making life enjoyable, and working to make our towns, cities, and country a place where we want to live.

File: 1620980503103.png (14.49 KB, 1024x428, is pawsru down.png)

eddaa0e7 No.3614570[Reply]

So, is pawsru.org gone for good this time? It's been down since February 25, this year.
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e893f21e No.3621056

Why are so many male Murrsuiters circumcised? Like the green raccoon guy on the Twitter link.

1a0b7768 No.3621059

probably because the majority or murrsuiters are american?

d559cc3c No.3621062

Because most people come from religious families. Mostly either Jewish or Christian/Roman catholic either way you end up with a lot of mutilated children all in the name of religion

1a0b7768 No.3621064

Muslims get cut like kikes too. the majority of circumcised men are muslims

845211ab No.3621065

Not just religion, but also done for "hygienic reasons" from the 1920s - 1970s. Circumcision was considered a standard medical procedure. Nowadays, the parents are asked if they want the child circumcised.

d559cc3c No.3621072

Hygenic reasons aside which is a thing of the times when most people were dirty constantly and never used much for soap. But now we live in the modern age and any modern circumcision done is purely for religious reasons rather than medical. I went through a medical reason that I had fixed myself and they still pushed for it. Honestly its not what it's its religious dogma pushing for it. Any excuse to touch and abuse children for these priests n shit.

1a0b7768 No.3621074

File: 1627414402464.jpg (209.8 KB, 1280x768, 1452051387.lonewolfhowling….jpg)

Don't forget that when it comes to foreskin amputation for "medical" reasons a lot of the pro-mutilation medical papers touting the supposed medical benefits of mutilation are demented circumcision fetishists and pedophiles. This shit is basically a legal form of hurtcore for them.

Look into groups like the Gilgal Society, Acorn Society, and Cutting Club.



File: 1627242411767.jpg (36.68 KB, 500x500, 51HpqAS235L._SL500_[1].jpg)

9989ef38 No.3620907[Reply]

I think the furry fandom has turned us all into a kind of Dorian Gray, who's face to the outside world never changes. But in a way it is reversed, because it is our characters, literally our paintings, that stay the same, while our reclusive real life selves, hidden away, has to deal with the weight of our grievances and offences piling up. Which nobody gets to see.

Most people's characters never change or age, instead they tend to be replaced and forgotten as they no longer feel as relevant to us.

I wonder if Oscar Wilde really predicted the online "celebrities", popufurs and RP community. I think he would have been one of them if he had lived now.

I think you should all read this novel. Don't watch the movies.

b45660b9 No.3621066

Oscar Wilde was a pedohpile who paid 13yo "rent boys" for sex.

e7a41489 No.3621067


So… Yep, a Furry!!

0a3068e9 No.3621070

Based as fuck.

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