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3cf5ed5b No.3608014

File: 1615331284481.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x1480, tirrelsmum.jpg)

"Tirrel honey, could you come here a minute?"

Tirrel begrudgingly rolled out of bed, slipping his underwear back on. He headed towards his mom's room to see what she needed.

He opened the door, and there his mom sat, topless in a bra, facing away from him. "Mom, what the hell?"

"Sweetie, could you help me get out of this bra? I think something ripped, and I can't reach it by myself."

Tirrel had never seen his mom like this before, and it was… strangely arousing. He gulped and agreed to help her.

As he struggled to undo the bra, he began to sweat. His mom's fur was so soft and warm, and he started to get hard from the contact. What the hell is wrong with me? She's my mom, dammit! Why is my body doing this?

He finally got the bra undone. She let out a sigh of relief, and turned around to face him, completely topless, her breasts hardly noticable under all her luscious fur. "What's that in your boxer shorts, hmm?" Tirrel turned bright red.

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738fdd7f No.3609420

File: 1616563068747.jpg (273.58 KB, 1081x1080, 6d474cf023efec7f8e73fd4270….jpg)

72333d22 No.3609467

I wrote the story for >>3608014 as anon so I don't have a chance of being cancelled. Some people still know who I am though. Noticing writing styles I guess.

c0e8a2fa No.3609514

Used to be known as Cerburus

738fdd7f No.3609525

File: 1616689733402-0.gif (58.93 KB, 50x50, ddqnlt0-b4a76f22-a79a-49cc….gif)

File: 1616689733402-1.jpg (354.68 KB, 1200x817, pozimiiiiiz.jpg)

0120aef8 No.3614645

File: 1621034483562.jpg (138.64 KB, 1080x918, E1YfRsqXEAYbHNC.jpg)

The ever so slow growing collection of Tirrel porn

7adfef31 No.3614647

>with nicnak turbo roastie
wew talk about cringe

File: 1610505884262.png (201.72 KB, 869x735, 79a9770f430882885e491f9dae….png)

9292b681 No.3599761[Reply]

I don't know who know this guy and his artworks. He had a discord server:


a twitter: https://twitter.com/exedasks?lang=cs

and a curiouscat: https://curiouscat.me/exedasks

however, he deleted all of his contents from one moment to the next and then he disappeared.

He had an own character named Pafu. I just would like to ask, somebody does have all of the "Pafu content" (especially the animations)?

I still have the mega link what contains the all of "Pafu art" from his old tumblr: https://mega.nz/file/La4SRKZJ#UZo0OcIh6IOt3ZiBdsLcObAYvkqY2_bC8COHUyws7zU

but unfortunately this is not the all.
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f8b169bf No.3608039

I'm saying he had an archive of his Twitter posts, if anybody could rummage through their collection and see if they can find it, it would surely be of benefit and much appreciated.

65337686 No.3609037

It is bad. :( Because there was some more post on the twitter besides that

bbd53014 No.3611000

Anyway what happened with the artist and he why deleted all of his content? Somebody knows?

bbd53014 No.3611557

Nobody knows?

bbd53014 No.3611727

Please answeros! Answerious!

7907707d No.3611965

12c4e0d4 No.3614543


File: 1620236538395.jpg (137.22 KB, 1092x846, 59429 - Chris_Thorndyke Li….jpg)

d30a6edc No.3613733[Reply]

I've said this before, Mass Effect 2 is anti-authistic garbage, just like Doom: Eternal. Boycott everyone associated with it. Support Autism Speaks. Light It Up Blue!

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0356a373 No.3614425

Dunno where that chart is from, but actual autistic kids don't get finger pointing. They look at the finger instead of the thing you're pointing at, and don't point at objects themselves. They just assume you know what they want, and then throw a tantrum out of the blue when you don't do what they expect.

Here again the autistic person feels that their mind is the only mind in existence, or rather fails to remember that there are other minds at all because they're retarded. There's no need to communicate your intention or attention by pointing at objects, or saying what you want. Likewise when other people try to communicate their intention or attention there's no need to look at where the finger is pointing because the other person's mind is irrelevant or incomprehensible. There is only what you want to see or happen.

0356a373 No.3614429

To understand how an autistic person is, you just have to understand how our brains develop. Small babies' brains are disorganized to the point that they see sounds and hear tastes and nothing makes sense. In the first two years they start to gain focus and learn what is what, but while they're doing it they haven't yet learned the difference between themselves and the rest of the world. They don't know what is under their own control, and what is the other stuff.

That's why the baby feels that everything that happens is "me", and any unexpected things that happen are scary because they don't make sense. This is why toddlers start to cry over stupid shit, like watching the DSL modem light blink and then suddenly not. They thought they were making the light blink in the first place because for as long as they were aware of it, it had always done so.

After a while, the baby starts to recognize the difference between something happening in their own head, and something happening outside of it, so they're not disturbed by the other stuff happening. Later, they learn the difference between inanimate objects obeying the laws of physics, and people obeying the whims of their own minds.

The autistic kid stops mid-way through that development and actually regresses back towards being a baby. The usual way to test this is to show the kid a play where one person hides an object and another person tries to guess where it is. Normal kids get the trick and correctly predict that the other person is going to look for the object in the wrong place, but autistic kids don't. Autistic kids have to learn the same stuff in a roundabout way, case-by-case, trial and error, because they still don't understand that the world is not the same thing as what's happening in their own heads.

Fast forward to adulthood and watch (mildly) autistic adults behave. Now you understand 3B.

1a0f1c4a No.3614448

I never had that problem, so probably not autistic then. About the worse I did was getting really upset as a toddler because I didn't understand why were were drawing "stick dogs" I hadn't seen a dog to that point, so after getting smacked a few times, and started toddler crying, my parents came to pick me up, and its been a thing that gets brought up a lot during holiday meals.

I mean, how the hell does a kid know how to draw a stick dog, if they've never seen a dog?

3e8717f9 No.3614468

File: 1620878989622.png (155.04 KB, 912x813, why-refrigerator-mothers-w….png)

3e8717f9 No.3614472

File: 1620880627217-0.jpg (69.27 KB, 602x406, main-qimg-50195b4053e84e03….jpg)

File: 1620880627217-1.png (393 KB, 1700x825, compulsive hoardings.png)

Another factor is that if your the mother of that child that could not afford a home but have to sleep with your cousin older bigger cousins' room over a sleep over while they snore and rowdy.

If you could not afford a home, Don't force your kid to sleep with your older niece's room or they're gonna have trouble sleeping.

A bad habit could lead to compulsive hoarding. "Don't a dragon's child." quote.

3e8717f9 No.3614473

File: 1620880992405-0.jpg (206.46 KB, 1024x745, a_hoard_of_garbage_by_lehc….jpg)

File: 1620880992405-1.png (629.67 KB, 800x583, TmCGyLn.png)

File: 1620880992405-2.png (152.03 KB, 650x650, tumblr_059b680aefc252a9d80….png)

Why do people collect a lot of junk you ask? Because they have dragon's habit. it's like an addiction attached to your teddy bear.

0356a373 No.3614504

>I never had that problem, so probably not autistic then.

You probably don't remember if you did, because the lack of finger pointing/following manifests in younger autistic children.

Older autistic children learn the meaning of it eventually the same way they learn other basic social cues by repetition and reward/punishment. You have to teach them like dogs before they get the point that you pointing at something means you want their attention that way.

File: 1620776612728.jpg (26.02 KB, 648x411, brennan-grooming.jpg)

87d13abd No.3614348[Reply]


I entered on duty with the CIA in September 1985. I spent a year in the Career Trainee Program and then, in September 1986, took up my work as the lone Honduran analyst in the Central American Branch. That was a hot position that put me in the frontline of one of the top foreign policy priorities at the time of the Reagan Administration–the Central American Wars and Soviet interference in Nicaragua. When I write, “hot position,” I mean that I was writing two to three times a week for the Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) and the National Intelligence Daily (NID).

I had a front-row seat to watch the struggle to present intelligence that cut against the grain of the political priorities of the Reagan Administration. I recall vividly sitting in a “Warning Meeting” that was chaired by the National Intelligence Officer (NIO) for Latin America. At one point during my briefing I referred to the Contras who were based in the Salient in southern Honduras. The NIO interrupted and ordered me to refer to them as “the Nicaraguan Democrat Resistance.” Me being me responded, “But the President calls them the Contras.” The NIO responded, “Yes, but he’s the President.”

>The CIA has released its recruitment video that features an “intersectional” and “cisgender” Latina mother who says that her employment was not a slip through the cracks and wants to make it known she is “educated, qualified and competent.”

Instead of committing to serve America, this new generation is self-serving and dysfunctional. Instead of weeding out mentally disturbed individuals, the new model “cisgender millenial” seemingly brags about her mental illness-i.e. anxiety disorder. Yep, that is the kind of person a Russian or Chinese target for recruitment by the CIA wants to entrust their life to. Remember, the job of a CIA officer doing human intelligence is to convince foreigners to commit treason against their couPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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f1e6ea3e No.3614362


c9ff68ed No.3614420


Seems like that entire site is a front for AIPAC.

you know….the true snake in Paradise.

0929e69f No.3614453

File: 1620861642727.jpeg (269 KB, 576x1024, 83705716-0838-40D3-BCAC-D….jpeg)

Keeping America safe!!!

0929e69f No.3614454

File: 1620862869848.jpeg (76.51 KB, 1024x682, 6120171A-3819-4480-AF9C-F….jpeg)

Don’t be fooled, they are giving power to people who will do anything they want!

That is the only qualification!

f1e6ea3e No.3614460

Good thing I am not a glazed donut

654136ac No.3614464

there was once a man who dreamed that he was a glazed donut, then upon awakening the questions remained, was a a man dreaming of being a glazed donut, or a glazed donut dreaming of posting on a fringe furry image board?

f1e6ea3e No.3614466

not whatever that shit is

File: 1620665124156.png (187.01 KB, 640x484, charlesdarwin1.png)

216ed2a9 No.3614199[Reply]

This just in Darwin, and other white historic scientists are being assaulted by BLM and universities. With universities like Sheffield University claiming that Darwin’s theory on evolution was used to “justify white male supremacy”

Other scientists like Newton, Einstein, and Tesla, are also going on the new "shush" list.
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26ad8937 No.3614265

File: 1620698016894.jpg (271.15 KB, 1005x1340, negrowhitefeet.jpg)


85 is being generous, and only for mulatto white admixture American 13 percenters.

Actual Africans are actually 65.

216ed2a9 No.3614266

yeah, i believe in a good deal of over education over nature, education play a good deal, but sometimes nature just takes over.

White guys can't jump isn't just something that came out of the blue.

58a514aa No.3614278

They are simply trying to waste everyone's time while the financial system gets replaced.

1cf08bc3 No.3614282

File: 1620714510919.png (614.6 KB, 918x1088, 7c5846e8f4e5bcdbe7585a238a….png)

I'm actually willing to be generous and assume you can shift around 10-20 IQ points with better childhood nutrition and schooling that isn't entirely useless (US schools are a separate rant entirely on its own).

The rest is genetic. (25% white gene) African-Americans max out at 89 IQ when being brought up in white families.

89 isn't nothing, and it certainly doesn't make them bad people (just slower), but it does make them less likely to find certain professions desirable and the average income takes a hit. IQ is correlated with academic achievement and income.

Now, if they solved their fatherlessness problem and the rampant delinquency that comes with it, all of this wouldn't be a problem, married black families earn almost as much as married white ones, and more than single parent of either, but until this problem is solved, they will be perpetual wastes of space. And criminals.

And they will forever hate the cops that they call on themselves to deal with their criminal asses.


d918409e No.3614285


It really is the problem, but no one really cares to address the core issue.
Wasting everyone's time dancing around the issue and blaming it on the so-called "institutionalized racism" won't solve anything ever.
Change starts with an individual, so if more and more individuals start taking care of themselves and the immediate people around them (I don't mean just earning income to stay afloat - talking improving yourself as a person, educating yourself and others), nothing will be different.

55b5cfec No.3614294

File: 1620727060557-0.jpg (686.99 KB, 1100x836, 4cce2d3b5e8392815a13b14a0.jpg)

File: 1620727060557-1.jpg (14.03 KB, 474x318, NOTaJokeDEYdidDis.jpg)

File: 1620727060557-2.gif (3.83 MB, 357x425, 1540893985772.gif)


Don't ever think Communists or Democrats will ever do anything other than praise people for the color of their skin, while they make stupid decisions.

3d61ab26 No.3614311

no they aren't, shut the fuck up

File: 1614061988246-0.png (437.8 KB, 1285x819, screentest0.png)

File: 1614061988246-1.png (830.21 KB, 1285x819, screentest.png)

451cbd21 No.3605431[Reply]

Turn Any Surface Into an Android Touchscreen!
Can you draw on it? for commisions and art stuff? do ya need a pen for it?
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02455b2d No.3608891

02455b2d No.3608893

File: 1616012447973.png (16.65 KB, 1401x813, theorytestzzz.png)

98ca8a74 No.3609129

File: 1616230821235.png (13.64 KB, 325x262, 1_32cy.png)

I think it's amusing that time-sharing, which was universally despised by microcomputer owners in the early 1980s, has become acceptable to new users simply by changing the name to "cloud computing."

2710800f No.3614178

File: 1620627011262.png (754.13 KB, 1024x1027, 1401_mainframe_by_idioticb….png)

24161132 No.3614182

Let me explain on how a basic string can be used as a computer without electricity just by simply pulling it from Texas to New York with an underground pipe stretching there. If you pull it it becomes a 1 or 0.

aa1c2abc No.3614307


AMAZING ! This new string based Tech is way beyond my comprehension. Where will it end ?


91837935 No.3614309

You lost me. Don't jump into the deep end like that without introducing basic string theory first.

File: 1610393632294.png (249.79 KB, 677x1158, parlowned.png)

b5770355 No.3599651[Reply]


"This group of Internet Warriors then used that account, to create a handful of other ADMINISTRATION accounts, and then created a script that ended up creating MILLIONS of fake administration accounts."

7 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2ed58520 No.3606842


If it can happen to parler, or to those users, it can happen to you. It is just a matter of time….

Do you remember this word? Equifax or Yahoo?


fb641778 No.3606857

>if they're plastering Emma Best's name around as doing this hack
Did you read a different article than the one I posted?
>the myth of American violent "white supremacists"
I've never heard of this myth. I have heard the fact that the vast majority of terrorism in the US is from far-right, white nationalist, or anti-government groups.

fb641778 No.3607011

>If it can happen to parler, or to those users, it can happen to you. It is just a matter of time….
conservatives, and the people they hire aren't exactly the best

anyway, the new hot pile of shit for rejects is
wonder how long until it gets hacked

61886ba1 No.3614301

File: 1620733464394.jpg (20.41 KB, 320x240, b5eb2b82634a48dba93e2d42d4….jpg)

No one's actually mentioned yet that OP's story is complete bullshit. It never happened. The only incident even remotely similar is where someone archived all the posts that were publicly viewable by THAT USER. Any posts he was blocked from seeing, he could not archive.

61886ba1 No.3614302

File: 1620734739975.jpg (536.63 KB, 1500x1125, cf9d19599fb3370d9cee21485d….jpg)

OP's story doesn't even make sense. It supposedly happened while Parler was moving their site from one hosting service to another.

That means they had a complete backup available. If there had been "MILLIONS of fake administration accounts" created at the site they were moving to, they simply would have deleted the corrupt installation and uploaded again from their backup – after correcting the alleged security flaw.

aafcf71b No.3614305

LOL. Fags who fall for every honeypot "alt tech" scam eternally btfo. The only people in that sphere I have any respect for are the conmen running the show. They get to double dip on retards' welfare checks (not socialism if they get money) AND intelligence community funding. If you're so traditional get your ass off social media and start networking with real people in your area.

8e83f941 No.3614308

File: 1620748139186.jpg (134.4 KB, 682x1124, b55be277c3f79ec55f7c8ca9e6….jpg)

> If it can happen to parler, or to those users, it can happen to you.
It didn't happen to Parler, though. OP's story is pure fiction, nothing but an attempt at FUD.

File: 1620383415958.jpeg (69.09 KB, 400x436, 4A474704-8FE2-4DE8-9D86-D….jpeg)

498216bb No.3613880[Reply]

Hey could someone link me to the Futurama episodes and any alternatives that Zone got all of Jinxed voices from for this animation?

b9ab5256 No.3613943

File: 1620427003337.jpg (98.41 KB, 612x763, 1252423882.seanblackthorne….jpg)

request thread

Can someone color this? Its been one of my favorite pics for years.

b7cb3c06 No.3613962

File: 1620441388712.jpg (82.99 KB, 512x638, HDJ0EY934OY29JEXU5KP6AMI6W….jpg)

66f3b60e No.3614230

Anyone know?

b9ab5256 No.3614238

yeah thats worse than the original, its less colored, and more "coffee stained"

File: 1619817377470-0.jpg (83.97 KB, 617x800, 1f062d14c.jpg)

File: 1619817377470-1.jpg (76.61 KB, 793x793, 1f5caad.jpg)

File: 1619817377470-2.png (256.15 KB, 638x859, 1f3c0e4.png)

File: 1619817377470-3.jpg (70.6 KB, 754x876, 1e71030.jpg)

File: 1619817377470-4.jpg (184.83 KB, 1440x1033, 1fg1.jpg)

6b5a5395 No.3613194[Reply]

Post pics from your Wallpaper file…
32 posts and 78 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6cf503e2 No.3613696

File: 1620182154693.jpg (135.27 KB, 1134x1050, irollyouover_bear_sketch.jpg)

Yikes! Talk about dumb things, that's almost as stupid as when some idiot wanted to get intimate with a killer whale that was infamous for having previously killed a trainer. The idiot's body was discovered naked and drowned in the whale's tank.

6ac8706f No.3613709

well the kinds of people who are into cetaceans are all fucking delusional about them. these kinds of retards always attribute a bunch of pseudo-scientific or mystical bullshit about how they such majestic creatures.

fucking things aren't even smart. any corvid on the planet is smarter despite their tiny little bird brains.

dcd67301 No.3613711

I'm told dolphins are good to eat, too.

e778981d No.3613720

File: 1620205547670.png (240.39 KB, 1304x2152, 534d3ab6e60c4afc006a7d452c….png)

But crows are pretty smart as far as animals go

6ac8706f No.3613721

Indeed they are.

Cetaceanfags however will ALWAYS say some stupid shit about dolphins having human equivalent intelligence or something along those lines despite basically no evidence for it existing.

a3d65154 No.3614060

Post the 'roo blowjob m8

ddab9369 No.3614189

All the dolphin-fuckers have gone underground thanks to the frantic efforts of all the other nutjobs wanting to fuck them too.

File: 1584860941020.jpg (217.64 KB, 618x800, 1554393787.arabesque_kneel….jpg)

1e6155a3 No.3572150[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Going to slowly post some of my collection ITT

You're going to see a trend in fetishes here, I'm past the point of caring, so…

263 posts and 427 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

41987580 No.3604038

not off topic when holding beer lustfully out to any thread readers. did i mention that selling alcohol without a license is not up to par with business code?

1330bd6b No.3606312

File: 1614594177738.jpg (77.92 KB, 671x1000, IMG_20210301_042204_551.jpg)

d756ba7b No.3606831

File: 1614722255806.gif (494.75 KB, 700x900, 1614197334.dumpyvulpix_fli….gif)

6f8b2325 No.3606916

File: 1614773786154-0.png (131.95 KB, 739x888, birbbooty.png)

File: 1614773786154-1.jpg (55.74 KB, 474x803, Ychan - f - sketches - 858….jpg)

File: 1614773786154-2.gif (451.3 KB, 934x1004, Ychan - f - sketches - 858….gif)

6f8b2325 No.3606917

File: 1614773809146-0.jpg (87.18 KB, 800x1200, Ychan - f - sketches - 858….jpg)

File: 1614773809146-1.gif (66.8 KB, 914x502, Ychan - f - sketches - 865….gif)

File: 1614773809146-2.png (83.05 KB, 563x583, Ychan - f - sketches - ske….png)

8938f85e No.3614166


77ac751e No.3614173

File: 1620623997133-0.jpg (109.58 KB, 772x1280, 1595256434.miakameron_what.jpg)

File: 1620623997133-1.jpg (138.15 KB, 800x1280, 1603016703.miakameron_나중에.jpg)

File: 1620623997133-2.jpg (118.95 KB, 800x1280, 1616075412.miakameron_팤.jpg)

File: 1620623997133-3.jpg (135.48 KB, 800x1280, 1620134844.miakameron_agag.jpg)

File: 1620623997133-4.jpg (127.78 KB, 800x1280, 1619365620.miakameron_comm….jpg)

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