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File: 1594990576275.png (942.58 KB, 1106x1290, aaaaaaaawwwwwww.png)

The Egyptian myth of the death of Osiris - Alex Gendler
Minecraft Misadventures 3 - Hurtful mobs

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When the boogaloo isn't going the way /pol/ said it would
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>noooooo white people can't be sympathetic to black people when mass civil unrest breaks out, you're supposed to turn into nazis, there's supposed to be a race warino!!!

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*Pulp Fiction intensifies*

Zed's Dead, baby.

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File: 1594857871541.png (1.1 MB, 1500x1250, 789ecf9bb0359a9814d4f60d50….png)

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Is that some rare "Vuk" pron?! WoW

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File: 1594905183550.jpg (132.35 KB, 600x600, aqir.jpg)


>Wow World of warcraft

I thought it was a race in a video game.

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File: 1594943053634.jpg (46.78 KB, 500x298, SimpChart2020.jpg)

Average Viewer: Hey Media, u got any comdoms.
Propagandized Rape Machine: No Why?
Average Viewer: Cuz You gonna get the sick when put in your Dick.
Unstoppable Propagandized Rape Machine:We can treat it We can treat it!

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I just want to see a riot where bdsm leather bois and furries charge police screaming for the rubber bullets to hit them harder, while the police desperately try to use dispersal tactics on a group that has that as their fetish

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File: 1594780541120.jpg (584.1 KB, 1280x850, 1280px-A_longer_shot_of_th….jpg)

antifa? More like communists!

Another look at the infamous Killing Tree, described in detail in the previous caption. While the cruelty of the killings is disturbing enough, I could never get round the fact as to how humans can do this to human babies. Poor, innocent babies who have not even begun to walk or talk. Indeed, these humans (if I dare call them that) are crazy. Some (though not all) of the women killed there had been raped as well. Imagine watching your baby brutally killed in front of you and then be raped yourself and then be violently killed by your face being smashed in or being clubbed to death. Most inhuman. And a bigger tragedy was that the perpetrator of all this died at a ripe old age of 82 without being punished for his crimes against humanity- tha too his own people. (Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Apr/ May 2014)

fcf5d7bb No.3582294

>The south was being treated by the north the same as how the British were treating their US colonies.

Bullshit. They were being treated just like every other state. In fact, if you read the declarations of war that started the rebellion it was ENTIRELY the issue of slavery that the confederacy would not budge on.

Hell, Lincoln wasn't even asking them to give up their slaves. He wanted to stop slavery from spreading into the western states because it was terrible for the economy. The south was struggling economically because they refused to let slavery go and embrace automation.

The south went to war specifically because their one good industry, human suffering, was being threatened by regulation. That is your "Heritage"

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File: 1594839869172.png (352.29 KB, 720x863, Screenshot_20200715-140236….png)

fcf5d7bb No.3582310


Fun fact: The cotton gin actually increased the demand for slaves because instead of thinking, "Hey, I'm a rich land owner with a private plantation and I could reduce the number of slaves I need because of this wonderful invention!"

They instead bought more land and more slaves so they could make more money than the money they already had which they couldn't possibly spend because there was nothing they could possibly buy other than more human suffering.

Capitalism baby! You can never have enough human suffering!

3675ee72 No.3582313

> human suffering
Niggers are subhuman, like baboons.

711e2f22 No.3582314

Indeed, Jews use whites masters to enslave niggers go deeper into the rabbit hole!

af296e61 No.3582335

And this is exclusive to capitalism how?

File: 1593451606424.png (90.02 KB, 514x634, Screenshot_2020-06-29 Sean….png)

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Sean Piche
June 27 at 9:35 AM ·

$360 for a toilet repair I was not prepared for, but one has to poop, so…

49630be9 No.3580615

Why do you care?

8638bca1 No.3580620

Disregard that. I suck cocks.

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File: 1593482880711.jpg (110.17 KB, 400x400, i-have-no-idea-whats-going….jpg)

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File: 1593494645038.jpg (203.12 KB, 683x1024, 6754878761_0f4d41739f_b.jpg)

$360 for a toilet repair…

Shrek's toilet: priceless…

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File: 1593500975210.jpg (53.42 KB, 480x748, i wrecked your toilet.jpg)

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File: 1594839114159.jpg (108.77 KB, 1200x677, taftsbathtub.jpg)

I need someone to call the medics, I'm stuck in the tub… Maybe I can get a tub like President Taft, then I can fill it up with semen and have a party!

File: 1594594311368.png (760.43 KB, 837x1110, fea6a3f4a4785b0ba6b9f722df….png)

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N Carolina police swarmed by peaceful protesters armed with molotov cocktails and guns, after a drug and child trafficking bust. Suspects released and child prostitutes let go with their pimps.

TRUMP 2020. More drugs, pedos, and coreuption!

0eb5dc40 No.3582292

Beezus Christ is a pedophile.

a7b6aafc No.3582298

File: 1594838590448.jpg (1.19 MB, 2448x3264, гомбат.jpg)

>police swarmed by peaceful protesters armed with molotov cocktails
>child prostitutes
I've seen it somewhere.

File: 1594838243454.png (1.09 MB, 1280x842, 1586313414.mechaphilia_far….png)

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Freud would've hang out with furries.

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File: 1594838320247.png (856.04 KB, 1280x985, 1576460038.justmegabenewel….png)

Post the most bizarre things you've found on art sites.

File: 1590947704622.jpg (7.58 KB, 300x180, epsteintrump.jpg)

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Hey /furi/. Anonymous dropped a bunch of leaked documents on Twitter which prove that your president killed Epstein and raped children as young as 10.

This is the end of your pedo-friendly president
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You know your doctor told you to stay on a low sodium diet. And you need to quit it with all the burgers. Especially the burgers. There's a reason you have diabetes and high blood pressure, you know.

b4c4fb3c No.3577547

Pretty sad that's all they can come up with these days.

bd1d0925 No.3582251

Pedo Bear killed Jeffery Epstein. He doesn't like the competition.

c02b1b0f No.3582252

File: 1594807139012.png (229.88 KB, 1227x668, Outstanding_posts.png)

Imgur thinks that this post is amazing.

7152c574 No.3582254

When social media turns into loot boxes based free to play games…

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File: 1594826969572.png (35.08 KB, 816x530, Ec74LvwVAAAbzyb.png)


Facebook, Twitter, etc. and even /furi/ would be nothing without addicts, to paraphrase another anon.

At least people dont call 911 when /furi/ is down.

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File: 1594378674839.jpg (186.35 KB, 720x720, startertropic.jpg)

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This Thread is Already Dead Edition.

So just to preface: Draw What You Want.
If you Are Austistic Don't Worry, Just Draw your Tulpa.

ProTip:Cut Off Your Ear and Send it to Yuh Girl, HardMode. She will Plow and Blow, verily.

Tutorials On How To Draw:
www.newgrounds.com (non furs go here)

Aight So You know Just To get Started N SHIT. Here some rules:
1.NO Cussing God Dammit.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1594386251351.jpg (385.5 KB, 1857x3247, xtremelazysauros.jpg)

My tutorial for an anything goes monster Basically ends up looking like commission tier of a 12 year old in an hour or less. Hence why I use alternative as a safety-guard incase things get weird.

1. Just draw your lineart and if you need to make a base model before then add details later.

2. Throw A Second layer on and just let the color Go wheverer, try to keep it in the lines though. Most good Color sets already exist here I have used a Camo-Color Set though there are hi-cyber colors you can find too.

3. Once that is done, copy those layers, and fit them into piece yet again, this time, blend the color layer to look less Splotchy, set your color blend meter up and your brush density to half, basically. you can also use different size brushes to help accent where you blended.

Then with your line art layer, seal off ANY gaps and then use the entire layer as a cookie cutter by highlighting the character with a magic wand, and chop off any other colors that got out of line.

1f07df8a No.3582259

File: 1594813949248.jpg (77.46 KB, 667x1003, InstantGarbagekangaroo.jpg)

So I thought I would just finalize this thread since the posts really aren't listing. Though I figured before it hits the bottom you would like to see something you basically haven't. This concept just is a typical species kangaroo, the horns have been added as you can see. It may or may work for any other species, not necessarily limited to kangaroos, just that I felt it was a good time to put one out. A dingo or something would have worked too.

Your typical desert traveller (wayfarer though I am not using anything buzzwordy) The idea is they salvage scrap and defend with poisons though the use of an exo suit style armor is rare some have earned that luxury. Well that is the all worth mentioning, thought the horns were a nice touch. Also having a huge pouch is a perk except that is the non-adult version the other one you can imagine I guess it has a huge package. Also the muscle work is a little more wonky, the abs are just a notch below deformed and so are the knees and the leg muscles, but I sort of tapped out from going into any major detail. This of course should be no surprise, there are better artists out there.

1f07df8a No.3582263

Before I close on this system not to have an incomplete species here, these kangaroo are characterized as a trader race, living their means in a drylands societal, they are mostly nomadic, going to caravans only to trade for minerals and supplies. They have developed a rivalry with other tradesmen mostly weasles and otterkin though they don't confront each other often, each have their own resourcefulness in combating for terrain. This race makes use of pneumatic weaponry and have developed a multi-shot style ballistic rifle alongside a pneumatic rainstick secirty device used to alert of intruders. Despite being on a primitive development they have achieved the highest tech of their region due to yet again a rivalry of other races. In most situation their bargaining devices include violence and interrogation tactics not limited to starving their captives. As well as the use of inotoxicants which they have also developed from plants into a form of "sleeping" based grenades for dayraids. Well I think that should cover it, though I havent drawn any part of it I just wanted to close out on that concept.

cba24a7c No.3582282

File: 1594829055684.png (96 KB, 1000x1380, shakalofredemption.png)

ac7068c9 No.3582289

File: 1594835144354.png (22.38 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I draw ur fursonae


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