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File: 1625363243704.png (2.24 MB, 1920x1080, 1e49be27bd2c750f82e34929db….png)

848d9037 No.3618984[Reply]

Genuine question, what is it about Death Claws that make them so sexually attractive? I myself get a hard on from them but I'm going to be honest I can't really explain why.

148b9554 No.3619150


b0842e8a No.3619170


Ultimate Femdom ?

b0155012 No.3619211

File: 1625603215172.jpg (596.66 KB, 1920x1080, because.jpg)

Because you're looking at drawings with big honking knockers and pussies and ignore the rest.

File: 1625592348711.jpg (144.54 KB, 666x960, Valerian-2[1].jpg)

2f0cc6ab No.3619174[Reply]


3ed09fb8 No.3619175

it's absolute shit.

9ca41334 No.3619183

File: 1625596724151.jpg (49.43 KB, 564x426, blast it.jpg)

eea25aa0 No.3619202

I enjoyed it. A good scifi movie gets it story across with one movie and doesn't need sequels.

bf035f99 No.3619210


Nah….liked the original comics way more.

its like making a TinTin movie (they did) stuff like that will bomb. (it did).

I just hope they will not destroy what remains of good childhood memories and make a Indy 5 that sucks.

(Indy 1 = BOSS)
(Indy 2 = Bomb)
(Indy 3 = BOSS*2)
(Indy 4 = Can I get my money back or does it cost more if I just claw my eyes out ?)

File: 1618270456781.jpg (2.03 MB, 4032x3024, 20210412_170836.jpg)

64a5fa17 No.3611440[Reply]

damn, I almost started this thing up and had no idea it had no motor oil in it.

I am not a good land owner. sheeeet.
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37fdc685 No.3611687


But I thought you said you went to Boise St.?

a7f33cd8 No.3618846

File: 1625206008203.jpg (839.99 KB, 2448x3264, 600272649.jpg)

Oh no! SteamThePathologicalLiar caught in a lie again.

d9d1e826 No.3618950


Yeah and remember to only use SAE30 (a mono-grade oil) unless other is stated on it . And replace after 20 hours of running ! yes : twenty hours. It will last much longer if the shield does not corrode away first.

fe4626d3 No.3619049

File: 1625428012503-0.jpg (108.3 KB, 709x1134, fac97200b8a45192014a90fe10….jpg)

File: 1625428012503-1.jpg (50.42 KB, 800x583, f2a08217-480a-43fb-92aa-66….jpg)

Needs a custom built armor to top it off.

270e51e0 No.3619058

906eb92e No.3619062

File: 1625438711382-0.jpg (24.11 KB, 400x225, download (2).jpg)

File: 1625438711382-1.jpg (12.36 KB, 352x198, f2b390e46a94d96de6b66a874d….jpg)

File: 1625438711382-2.png (1.89 MB, 3354x2160, 0cc1b35.png)

Hank Hill or Lawnmower porn thread!!

c97ad148 No.3619083

File: 1625450621719.jpeg (696.91 KB, 1890x1417, Lawnmower porn.jpeg)

File: 1625369051032.jpeg (585.38 KB, 1920x1080, 1 r7SCX5depB-ccYQeTpUTWw.jpeg)

4e632dc3 No.3618994[Reply]

Fuck you they are sexy as FUCK
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3e0c18bb No.3619014

File: 1625387894944.png (2.29 MB, 894x894, Hellboy_2019_gruagach.png)

I'd much prefer Gruagach over Bebop.

dbbb1df2 No.3619017

File: 1625394494544-0.jpg (82.95 KB, 1000x563, 1000x563-Q90_12701fdc558f1….jpg)

File: 1625394494544-1.jpg (289.54 KB, 704x395, TV_dinosaurs_charlene_and_….jpg)

File: 1625394494544-2.jpg (136.74 KB, 1024x699, a7c81f9c807ad70aa95dc1b044….jpg)

But why did they have to make them so sexy

22f529da No.3619026

Can you please tell me, how did the movie acknowledge it? I didn't see the movie but am dying to know. Did it show them with huge bulges in their pants or something like that?

f6e533c5 No.3619032

File: 1625419406408.jpg (100.24 KB, 1280x532, tmnt2016movie_rocksteadybe….jpg)

Shortly after their transformation they took a peek down their pants and were suitably impressed.
2:09 in this vid clip

dd423172 No.3619061

File: 1625436100151.webm (4.4 MB, 1280x720, Turtles2334.webm)

e1c8b4bf No.3619075

I wanted to fuck them so hard. That scene where Rocksteady is smacking on Bebop's belly gave me a boner in the theater.

de230bec No.3619147


I want the Rhino to pee in me.

File: 1625513036489.jpg (93.01 KB, 449x750, cheza.jpg)

faac3bde No.3619103[Reply]

I'm quitting human society and going full furry MGTOW (FGTOW). There are no narratives worth following where you don't end up a robot and since already being treated like an animal might as well go all the way.

How are you preparing to help furry culture survive the upcoming Mad Max/1984/Skynet/EMP hellscape?

f18e31a6 No.3619104


Humans are animals though. Naked apes.

faac3bde No.3619105

File: 1625514133292.jpg (59.79 KB, 600x400, g0307.jpg)

That's possible. I was going to bury furry porn time capsules for kids in the future, but what's the best most indestructible emp capsule you can make for cheap?

5b0a0ecc No.3619106

File: 1625515690765.jpg (110.4 KB, 1280x720, wild_me.jpg)

I mean it depends what you value in life, but should we get some pictures engraved on stone?

f18e31a6 No.3619110


its fact we are animals, evolved from ape-like ancestor. We are animals, and to say we are not is foolish. I say we are mentally ill apes.

9f85e3a2 No.3619111

File: 1625521983117.jpg (46.38 KB, 640x640, 678e6a662ab9a562bf85c871a8….jpg)

Okay. I was gaslighted into being a dog. Do you know if copper's worth the extra, or does good old tinfoil come through?

f18e31a6 No.3619115


you should be a monkey furry. closer to your roots

ad92f9b0 No.3619119

File: 1625527892739.gif (5.86 MB, 480x480, tenor.gif)

I loved the fursona stereotypes threads we used to have. I started half of them.

File: 1612709159109.jpg (947.73 KB, 1160x629, trump-confederate-flag.jpg)

032b9561 No.3603274[Reply]

Remember when he said he wouldn't touch gas workers in Pennsylvania, guess what bitches

"Biden vows monumental action on climate change, a fight with the fossil fuel industry has only begun.”

Bye bye all you confederate, racist piece of shit fraccers.
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45ff1604 No.3604085

File: 1613335914525.jpg (96.89 KB, 720x1029, 1168795535.jpg)

>China isn't buying anything from the US anyhow

Trump arranged for the Chinese to buy our food especially pork


Apparently previous administrations didn't think to do this.

That's because socialists don't care about the value of human life. How many "oopsies" happened with the Soviet and Chinese space programs? Soviets haven't landed on the moon and can barely keep their program functioning. I won't even get into their insane ideas on nuclear energy and the tens of thousands of deaths and medical issues those have caused just trying to make a lightbulb work.

Meanwhile, a private enterprise (aka capitalism) has created a successful launch and reentry vehicle without having the bloated price tag that NASA needs.

44251515 No.3604086

>>3604085 China and the (former) Soviet Union are not socialist, you utter fucking moron.

Now imagine how much you are wrong about when this is two blatantly obvious things you're wrong about, idiot.

f014a930 No.3604088

Gotta love how bootlicking authoritarians always claim that their failled attempts at utopia are never actually associated with their ideals

There's no point arguing with these ideologues

683d85db No.3604103


Is there or have there been socialist countries?

562a0344 No.3604105

>Trump arranged for the Chinese to buy our food especially pork
>Apparently previous administrations didn't think to do this.
Unfortunately it had nothing to do with him.
"The export boom is driven by a shortfall in China’s pork output, following an African swine fever (ASF) epidemic that shrank China’s swine herds by 40 percent or more during 2018-19. China’s COVID-19 lockdown, from January through March 2020, further constrained supplies."

Also, did you know that many of the largest hog processors in the US are actually owned by China? Expensive bacon, another win for the American consumer!

7130c30b No.3612158

> Weird how socialists beat the dogshit out of capitalists at getting into space
You are so right. The first man made object to reach space was a NAZI U2 in 1942 or 1944.
Oh, now you are going to claim The National Socialist German Workers' Party "wasn't really socialist." That's what you socialists do every time another socialist country fails disastrously.

I'm sure you'll soon be claiming the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics "wasn't really socialist."

741526a0 No.3619094

Whoops, I didn't notice that typo. I meant to type "V2" not "U2."

File: 1624909286783.png (461.3 KB, 2217x1158, e6.PNG)

e9135822 No.3618552[Reply]

Looks like e621 is becoming useless as a porn site. Nine pages of favorites gone.
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798f3c03 No.3618947

i could really go for some Arbys right about now

f5b1ebc7 No.3618961

File: 1625338737202-0.jpg (52.79 KB, 540x540, Nick_thumbs_up.jpg)

File: 1625338737202-1.webm (548.97 KB, 1280x720, Arby's.webm)


I gotchu senpai.

d3a3500c No.3618974

How DARE you!

fb7def32 No.3618976

Mmm arbys. I could go for some horse meat right about now

57f3ace6 No.3619063

It's *my* art. If I wanted it on e621, I would have posted it there myself. I don't need you to do me any 'favors'.

e513b4d2 No.3619070

What's your name? We need to know whose art to leave alone.

abf924c4 No.3619078

File: 1625448425102.jpg (70.32 KB, 600x853, Egyptian-Mau-Kitten-Sittin….jpg)

>secretly wishes someone would post their art on e621 so they could complain

File: 1618946175207.jpg (86.83 KB, 825x460, European-Super-League[1].jpg)

62cc2596 No.3612083[Reply]

So how excited are you all to hear about the new European Super League?!? Finally soccer is developing in the direction it should, and i couldn't be happier! Fans all over the world are really brimming with excitement over this new improvement to the Art of Football!

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8a814d45 No.3612206

File: 1619047384171.jpg (56.63 KB, 640x523, tennis-dog.jpg)

You are a human adult who likes to watch other human adults chase a ball.

450e042e No.3612231

File: 1619061058388.jpg (51.37 KB, 800x351, ahwatukee-foothills-soccer.jpg)

I always found it weird that in the USA soccer seems to be a really popular sport for kids .. but about when they get to high school the popularity drops to near zero. There have been attempts to promote it but it's never really taken off here.

8a814d45 No.3612268

File: 1619071064260.jpg (191.97 KB, 660x803, football-vs-handegg.jpg)

Betting bottom dollar it's the body armor.

It's easier to act like a gorilla on roid rage in full body armor.

In soccer you get… a shirt, shorts and a pair of socks. Not exactly impressive.

62cc2596 No.3619038

I'll never get why Ameritards play their own stupid version of soccer instead of the normal one like the rest of the world.

Actually, it's obvious: So they can claim to be "world champions", just because no other countries want to play their stupid sport!

df81455c No.3619043

File: 1625425834884-0.jpg (102.97 KB, 766x1418, daa94fccc9e805920c79e26bc9….jpg)

File: 1625425834884-1.jpg (149.12 KB, 995x499, Guest-100215-3.jpg)

Not to mention costing thousands of tax dollars for a broken arm, leg and nose from sports.

2ac867de No.3619045

It's the same as ringette vs ice hockey in Canada.

Body contact is penalized, the puck is a rubber ring, and the sticks are straight without a paddle so you can't make a slap shot at the goalie. As a consequence, only little girls play it.

Football started off as a sport much like rugby in ancient Rome and Greece, and then in medieval times it transformed into "mob football" where again the ball was both kicked and carried by hand with the intent to score a goal by any means. They didn't call it football but just "playing ball". Football became distinct when the aristocratic kids started inventing new rules to only touch the ball by the feet, while the common people just played the game like it was rugby.

In other words, football is a dandier version of rugby made up by upper class people, while American football retains the original character.

523b7d3c No.3619048



Sports are for passive observers of life

File: 1587300562649-0.jpg (178.11 KB, 1000x1334, 24139936_10213512210895830….jpg)

File: 1587300562649-1.jpg (233.78 KB, 1092x1050, tumblr_mfrrs7EH7N1s1ficuo1….jpg)

585acddf No.3574337[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

If you saw a horse. What would you do with it?
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48d67d7a No.3612309

File: 1619096481888.jpg (443.72 KB, 1536x2048, 5761 - anus buttplug mare ….jpg)

1a66ff12 No.3612317

File: 1619109982380.jpg (326.89 KB, 1410x470, 1617446982066B.jpg)

f67ea4e8 No.3618993

File: 1625368571886.webm (339.15 KB, 284x240, Horse_Branding_Fail.webm)

0e71ba1e No.3619013

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

0f7346d9 No.3619019

0e71ba1e No.3619034

File: 1625419934514.png (7.45 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

What is it?

0e71ba1e No.3619035

File: 1625420331272-0.jpg (116.94 KB, 500x435, giraffe-attempted-mating.jpg)

File: 1625420331272-1.jpg (271.61 KB, 1024x683, 44169264795_252ff7c396_b.jpg)

Giraffe pronz

File: 1622027444139.jpg (64.48 KB, 594x1026, FuriPol.jpg)

5d8d951d No.3615547[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Lets keep all discussions here!
Please honor this request!
(I spent a whole 5min on this pic)
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