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File: 1613674982252.png (1.48 MB, 1200x1200, i_showed_them_hell.png)

d4b64f82 No.3604574[Reply]


The pushback and reaction to Facebook's drastic 'retaliation' on the Australian government has been fierce from both officials and the broader public in the hours following the Wednesday decision of the US-based social media platform to block all news sharing on the continent. Australian officials are warning that Facebook's actions are severely damaging the ability to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Facebook announcement came a day after on Tuesday the current session of parliament vowed to implement the so-called "News Media Bargaining Code" by end of next week. The controversial legislation will force major US-based internet companies to begin paying local Australian publishers for use of their content. Aussies are now barred from posting, sharing or even viewing news content on Facebook whatsoever in a move that Google had previously threatened with its search engine.

According to FT the ban has already "restricted access to critical public information on government health and emergency service sites on Thursday."

"It happened: Facebook just went off the deep end in Australia. They are blocking *all* news content to Australians, and *no* Australian media can post news.

This is what showdowns between states and platforms look like. It's deplatforming at scale."
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d4b64f82 No.3604610

File: 1613682918500.jpg (133.17 KB, 800x450, dogskilledinfire8.jpg)

Everything is an aggregator (OP) and nobody checks links so I guess you're right

>Also, remember when news-spamming was a bannable offense on lulz?

You mean the bear guy? Not really, got away with it every time

Any idiots still on FB in 2021 deserve to miss the info on covina. Sadly they'll all survive.

d4b64f82 No.3604620

Yeah wasn't that cause of board flooding? That was awhile ago and scripts don't print out an admin motd. I'm a good person now

28ab7fab No.3604621

Links on social media are simply used for false credibility. Nobody reads them, and quotes are used selectively to hide the counterpoints.

Banning news from Facebook actually improves the quality of discourse there.

7a0b2073 No.3604622

>by Tyler Durden
Intelligent, nihilistic, wickedly humorous article

28ab7fab No.3604623

>You mean the bear guy?

And 3B, and a couple others - point being, remember back when lulz was about furry stuff and not disseminating Australian media politics? Remember when it was about lulz?

Keep your social media and your public media apart, and everything will be better.

d4b64f82 No.3604625

File: 1613685865071.jpg (591.17 KB, 2048x1365, forest-from-the-trees.jpg)

Honestly there were a couple characters but this was never my favorite board because it borrowed too much from 4chan, which just wasn't funny. When you argue about filtering content or banning things on an already suicided board with no subboards (his majesty's own design) I stop caring. Feel free to use the thread for your own masturbatory needs.

fca81ce5 No.3604662

maybe they deserve it

File: 1613633734332.jpg (98.66 KB, 479x258, become-internet-forum-mode….jpg)

928aac0c No.3604488[Reply]

Is there an upgraded list of FA mods and employees somewhere? I have friends who were banned/blocked for stupid reasons, so why shouldn't we do the same? Block/ban them from all your accounts, don't allow them to enjoy your shit.
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eca96e43 No.3604636

File: 1613687971308.png (319.72 KB, 900x506, 5bd8be16dda4c81e3e8b458f.png)

This is no idyllic free speech zone either, if this is the best left furry won't survive in non-puritan form

Look what I just found out: https://www.rt.com/news/442679-russian-nononono-cat-dies/

9078be93 No.3604638

File: 1613688130681.jpg (94.59 KB, 660x495, cb0dba20eef7800e5eaf792ab4….jpg)

52098426 No.3604641

File: 1613688842909.webm (3.72 MB, 280x280, linkin bark - numb.webm)


watch to the end, i cri evry tiem


0a79b4de No.3604647

Linkin Bark?! That's hilarious! 🤣

522f92f4 No.3604654

File: 1613693684276.png (163.94 KB, 1920x1080, millcore_gaslighting.png)

Millcore was gaslighting me for months, because I was uploading pictures she felt entitled to. And when I finally confronted her about it, this was her excuse. Up until that point, e6 had my full respect and support. This was over a year ago. I've since forgiven Millcore and moved on.

d38a1921 No.3604658

>Aggravating comments on 3rd party site.
Do you have a list of e621 mods I can ban permanently from all socials? They deserve it even more than FA.
90% of threads are political cancer right now, how is that better?

eca96e43 No.3604660

File: 1613697319497.png (1.66 MB, 1440x2360, i_regret_nothing.png)

Privilege, favoritism, low stress threshold, conflict avoidance (including bans), passive-aggressiveness, political bias, condescension = "higher position on the site"

Microcosm of corruption politics in my furry art library

File: 1613679460867.jpg (16.04 KB, 345x288, StalkingCat[1].jpg)

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39d46da9 No.3604595

File: 1613679796657.jpeg (283.62 KB, 1502x2048, EjA50yOWoAAtdxn.jpeg)

I remember reading what one of his friends said about him. He sounded like a nice guy. Shame he ruined his life.

214a8718 No.3604596

I no rite? It happened less then a decade ago too! We need more threads on this!

76ecbedc No.3604598

File: 1613679975707.jpg (932.13 KB, 1920x1450, tai-gordon-turnaround-02-m….jpg)

rip indeed…

4f90e016 No.3604604

Yet another 41%er

a3e75385 No.3604613

People who are batshit crazy tend to die early. Just another tranny suicide flavored with otherkin shit

cf79cd45 No.3604663

just another modern day freakshow jewsus

e8d14773 No.3605249

File: 1613989297399.jpg (189.64 KB, 665x475, Michaeljacksonmug1.jpg)


File: 1613675352732.jpg (88.6 KB, 850x616, e580c64a6d91042065bd700957….jpg)

2c1652f1 No.3604575[Reply]



73994560 No.3604576

Friendly reminder to take your meds.

9a8cdf42 No.3604577

Yet more proof that people attracted to Pokemon all have brain problems.

2c1652f1 No.3604579

virus. i lost, keyboard on screen

eeab8af3 No.3604580

Is that hair or some sort of brain attachment?

2c1652f1 No.3604581


2c1652f1 No.3604582


2c1652f1 No.3604588

File: 1613581029937.jpeg (304.65 KB, 1360x1020, 17EE481B-5DCF-48C1-9CC6-B….jpeg)

a955cce0 No.3604390[Reply]

eaabcc16 No.3604414

File: 1613597973583.jpg (68.89 KB, 1280x720, C0D6QtLUsAAoze8[1].jpg)

b2d345f4 No.3604426

File: 1613601801293.jpg (105.18 KB, 700x259, 273448411df1962cba1db6c05b….jpg)

Smurf Dogs!

f5289e17 No.3604430

File: 1613602513752.jpg (26.71 KB, 296x371, chupacabra.jpg)

I fukken hate degenerate countries abusing animals to draw tourism so they can send their scrawny simian offspring in to pillage every single one of them.
Evolve! DO STUFF! Or perish so we can use your wasted ass space for better shit.

e3071be3 No.3604480

File: 1613631085679.jpg (246.67 KB, 600x849, dikrip.jpg)

>>degenerate countries abusing animals
Read the article you fucking moron.

Strays got into a chemical storage facility and rolled in something.

Also: "Animal rights activists said that the dogs' health is not in danger as all seven of them were examined by veterinarians, according to RIA Novosti. Two of the seven dogs have already found new owners, RIA Novosti reports."

So if anything rolling in unknown, potentially hazardous chemicals worked out well for these dogs.

File: 1611713841141.png (1 MB, 1119x1300, dcsfo9y-31c0cc64-784b-4e6c….png)

c30403b2 No.3601596[Reply]

Can I ask a serious question? Why do people even like weed?

I'm an alcoholic, and I got my weed license, I've played with tons of different types. My "favorite" so far is just mixing it into a hookah blend… but I just don't understand why.

Weed just does nothing for me other than make me appreciate shitty music and want to sleep on the couch. I don't get it. It does nothing emotionally.

I've spent over 800 in medical marijana and gadgets, and I still just don't get it.
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b0952442 No.3601607

File: 1611717211539.jpg (126.5 KB, 765x536, ABC_specials-3.jpg)


Sounds like you are smoking it like a cigarette, not weed.
For weed, you need to hold it in your lungs.

There are three steps to smoking weed. "The Pull" Using only part of your lung pressure, draw the smoke into your mouth, into the cheeks of your face, this is called the pull.

Then let a little air out through your nose while holding the smoke in your mouth.

This is where a lot of people fuck up.
They breathe in the smoke into their lungs only partially then breathe it out right away or they breathe it into their mouth and breath it out through their nose so it never even touches the lungs.

You can practice filling your mouth with air using an imaginary joint. You want to be able to reach a point where you can pull in air and puff out your cheeks like a chipmunk while holding the air inside your cheeks and still being able to breathe through your nose normally.

Finally, take a deep breath through your open mouth pulling fresh air and the smoke deep into your lungs using your abdomen.
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c30403b2 No.3601608

what you said before is what I used to call "the devils' breath" I'll try it. Oh well not like I don't have a mountain of weed, a bong and a pipe to try it from.

b9c24075 No.3601610

File: 1611721763805.png (3.94 MB, 3500x3500, vaporzzz.png)

Ever try to vape?

c4a47807 No.3601612

Get a vape. Though thats not to say everyone will enjoy the vape more than smoking a joint or taking a bong hit. I myself have access to 1 of 2 volcanos in household and one of 2 vape mods I have on the go using a MiG dry tank

c4a47807 No.3601615

File: 1611724619320.jpg (2.85 MB, 4160x3120, 20210127_000718.jpg)

Running a Rev universal tank battery mod with my dry herb and concentrate atomizer by MiG vapor. Heres a pic

08fa0d21 No.3604280

File: 1613492241526.png (29.75 KB, 436x171, brkkkore.PNG)

420 so much needing a tolerance break (like that will happen…)

3b8f44e6 No.3604460

Steam, I think the answer to your problems is that you need to find Jesus.

File: 1613505779247.jpg (12.91 KB, 550x170, 6293217_sd.jpg)

36d05ded No.3604297[Reply]

Been playing with it, so far, no pay channels, but there sure are a lot of free channels available.

Especially older shows for an old coot like me! :-)

Was just watching a 1974 episode of the Johnny Carson show, with Joan Embry and some animals, Johnny was trying to hold a tiger cub that dug it's claws into a tender area! :-D

I'm glad I bought the Roku, now, what next?
I know!
I want a Holodeck!
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082144c0 No.3604309

best thing about roku sticks is, if you go to a hotel, you get free wifi and you don't have to put up with weird hotel tv nonsense or trying to figure out channels for the first time since the 90's

e104c7c9 No.3604324

File: 1613522930570.jpeg (89.29 KB, 720x902, EuIRw2gXUAIoUHA.jpeg)


I remember using an RF converter to play Halo on a shitty motel CRT. Though some asshole motels locked the coax to the TV so you had to watch shitty cable.

67468ee3 No.3604404

>Instead of snow we get… Digital artifacts.

You get one digital artifact, then the picture stops for 5 seconds.

And your bluetooth headset plays the sound back half a second out of sync with the TV anyways.

Buffering. This channel does not exist, remove?

67468ee3 No.3604405

I remember when live TV shows were actually live, so you could phone in to a game show and they'd ask you to turn the TV voice down because of the howl. You could play a video game on TV with your touch tone dial and win prizes.

When the digital transition happened, you had some channels that played the local public radio during idle hours. You'd hear the same channel on the actual radio 30 seconds sooner than from the TV because of how much lead they have leave to encode the transmission efficiently. The encoding goes forwards and backwards multiple passes to smooth out the bitrate, so live broadcasts are simply not possible any longer.

eeb3b9ad No.3604448


And some marketing idiots still think that streaming games without lag is actually viable.

de7e1304 No.3604449

File: 1613613053362.png (1.18 MB, 1674x1808, toon_1526893739676_B2_Show….png)

what else can you do with it? order pizza and shop there?

baa8423c No.3604456

File: 1608313958878.png (4.41 KB, 288x175, download.png)

7ebe4480 No.3597445[Reply]

Hey /furi/, can someone please post the current onion for the FA Archive?

Bonus for any interesting onion sites you post in here.
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69f9b45f No.3599550

It does not have a V3 address that I know of. I think many onion sites will be caught by surprise soon when Tor drops support for the insecure V2 addresses.

Interestingly, the Tor V3 name system seems to be under DOS attack right now. The old V2 names, which have been known for years to be insecure, continue to work fine.

If this is not a coincidence, then it suggests that the attacker must be a nation-state.

7ebe4480 No.3604098

Bumping for informational purposes.

71fbc415 No.3604099

File: 1613346434272.jpeg (50.65 KB, 752x282, alloallo-pigeonpost.jpeg)

8f6c42ba No.3604108

Zoo.cab's onion service:

6f629f87 No.3604321

Any updates? It seems to be down today

94514f54 No.3604322

>It'd nice if owning personal hard drives were illegal and all files had to be kept on the cloud. A content creator could request their content to be removed from everywhere, and all the copies everyone owns would also be removed. They'd use the copyright detector YouTube uses to find modified/resized copies people have to delete those too.
novelty points for hilarity of innocence

2a6dd41c No.3604381

Do post it, I'm curious what's on there

File: 1613387527375.jpg (118.2 KB, 652x1024, 1613384478955.jpg)

c565107a No.3604133[Reply]

How was your valentines day /furi/

d8cc5fe5 No.3604139

The shit you can get at Build-a-Bear these days.

70a21e93 No.3604150

File: 1613408011291.jpg (75.1 KB, 1280x720, minions tower of london.jpg)

a8cadc00 No.3604163

The same as every other day. Lonely and miserable

f3fb9543 No.3604211

It was just another day.

45ba27ec No.3604253

File: 1613456094430.jpg (42.3 KB, 449x679, 719kl7ECM8L._AC_SY679_.jpg)

Got my girlfriend a gold rose. She liked it.

58f0457f No.3604361


8693a2ee No.3604380

Damn it was 3 days ago

File: 1610561314088-0.jpg (328.84 KB, 1280x913, 1419324490.bantwolf509_ima….jpg)

File: 1610561314088-1.jpg (182.36 KB, 1096x821, 1544346380.codedawn57_brow….jpg)

File: 1610561314088-2.jpg (171.74 KB, 1170x1280, 1550917261.thelittlebunbun….jpg)

File: 1610561314088-3.jpg (184.61 KB, 726x875, 1535363470.megacycle_15353….jpg)

File: 1610561314088-4.jpg (216.5 KB, 1280x1280, 1548793951.angelblancocomm….jpg)

b9426b28 No.3599825[Reply]

I think there should be more feet-like hooves. They look tasty.
p.s. did someone seen the furry pic where son licks his mothers feet and mother were like (Since you still didn't find a girlfriend, you can play with mommy's big feet)
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27f70d18 No.3599894

File: 1610589414545.jpg (1002.04 KB, 2048x1607, EFQ_WTIWsAALNNj.jpg)


b9426b28 No.3599942

File: 1610636992980-0.jpg (170.74 KB, 716x1280, d9ac7a91a529af20a4f3ce945d….jpg)

File: 1610636992980-1.png (1.21 MB, 1000x1291, 13b81f7012064ccddf4a9eb641….png)

File: 1610636992980-2.png (1.57 MB, 1000x1088, 822f08874d8baddb3ea57df0e9….png)

File: 1610636992980-3.png (637.3 KB, 1812x1342, c326fbc94c7576d31bee49fd72….png)

File: 1610636992980-4.png (2.39 MB, 1202x1870, cd8ef60528a31cb21bc9fd7242….png)

b9426b28 No.3599944

File: 1610637947373-0.jpg (122.49 KB, 450x1280, uo2F_JOd7Ow.jpg)

File: 1610637947373-1.jpg (303.51 KB, 1280x960, yPvz-j8pfqk.jpg)

File: 1610637947373-2.jpg (310.98 KB, 1200x1000, q7ReG_MrkS0.jpg)

File: 1610637947373-3.png (386.16 KB, 1280x1173, 1478203344.glygly_animalcr….png)

File: 1610637947373-4.png (519.74 KB, 1280x869, 1581110562.bondagefanart_r….png)

3285bc22 No.3600235

File: 1610793832967.png (431.08 KB, 1280x1034, d1a2d4596bb97d2a05ee1176a9….png)

93002801 No.3604338

File: 1613528710209.jpg (1.15 MB, 1500x1179, BigRoundLion_EuYIHVUXUAMWF….jpg)

1c814861 No.3604354

I half-jokingly wrote this story for a friend I linked that good-looking goat to, making fun of some TF stories I'd been sent by him. Hopefully someone here can get some amusement out of it.

after the radioactive goat bit me by accident when i tried to feed it, i felt… i felt my fingernails growing! and turning into… big goat hooves around my fingers! "oh no!" i cried out, but at least my camera was already on a tripod, so i didn't drop it, thankfully. i couldn't mope looking down at my hands all day either, as i felt… the strangest weight on my head making me look upward before i recovered
oh my gosh, my arms are growing fluffy
i glared at the goat, who had already bounced up onto the rocky hills beside me, having taken my red apple with him
the fluff grew, up my arm, both arms, making me feel floaty at first before i felt its extra weight and warmth
all the way up to my face, ah! not just fur growing, but fur growing out… forward, more forward than i had on my face before. i touched my new snout with my clumsy handhooves. gosh, it really is a snout: it's firm, and it's really there, covered in fuzz
the fur grew down my chest and my stomach, making me tingle
and then it reached my crotch, and it felt so good having fur around there… oh gosh this is what a sheath is like, mmn, ah!

Now if this was one of those tf pdfs you sent me, the story would just end there, but since it's not, it continues

my underwear and shorts all are warm and gooey now… they look wet even halfway down the shorts from how well i emptied my big, fuzzy goat nuts
i thought, damn, since i came out here to take photos, i should try to get something done anyway… i bet my friends would have a good chuckle if i sent them a photo of a goatperson dressed up in my hipster photography outfit
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93002801 No.3604355

File: 1613540270398.jpg (216.3 KB, 1095x1280, FR95-hoofer.jpg)


Not bad.

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