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File: 1588311735256.jpg (792.68 KB, 1093x1600, MWLRCO001.jpg)

Are there any artists around today who still draw like this cover? Sharp lines, incredible detail, ultra realistic. Easy on the eyes. Or do they just not bother anymore?

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File: 1588311786632.jpg (737.34 KB, 1077x1600, MWLRCO003.jpg)

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File: 1588311861429-0.jpg (631.58 KB, 1058x1600, MWLRCO004.jpg)

File: 1588311861429-1.jpg (655.57 KB, 1088x1600, MWLRCO005.jpg)

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File: 1588311936327-0.jpg (662.65 KB, 1004x1600, MWLRCO006_w.jpg)

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File: 1588311988601-0.jpg (596.93 KB, 1072x1600, MWLRCO008.jpg)

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is there any site to read fumetti, bande-desinee or german comics? I've only found american, spaniard and british comics sites.

File: 1587770334269-0.png (391.01 KB, 442x618, fatfaggot.png)

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What is the deal with this annoying faggot? He dmed me the and wouldn't shut up. looked him up, found a kiwi thread.

Says he tried to take his toddler to a fucking babyfur party and his now ex wife dumped him for a pedo.

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File: 1587770822698.jpg (126.48 KB, 950x919, HalcyonWinter_200302_leilo….jpg)

He sounds like a cool guy.

e7a63788 No.3574746

god, i wish that were me

c31a1d4f No.3575246


There is literally zero truth and zero proof. Through the entire furcon I wasn't even watching my toddler. I literally made a joke on Twitter exploded into a false rumor (mostly falsified by Saphy, the oregon furry in the 500+ member BLFC NSFW chat).

I never took him anywhere. I made a joke tweet and it exploded because of, literally, the stupidest human beings in the world.

cc3c9d00 No.3575260


The fact that you would even make such a joke in the first place tells everyone everything they need to know.

f1074a53 No.3575268

He's a pedo from what I heard

6f1efec9 No.3575286

File: 1588472621959.jpg (67.41 KB, 900x720, 2951678_HalcyonWinter_1912….jpg)

I heard you were a faggot.

File: 1587466467339.jpg (295.17 KB, 979x1280, 1579893825.zorryn_img_2693.jpg)

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A new year, a new machine =D
I hope to improve render quality and speed with this new GPU-Setup. Cloth-Sim is now GPU supported, too.

AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 3500 AM4 BOX
2x GiBy11GB D6 RTX 2080 Ti Turbo
SSD 500GB 2.3/3.4G 970 EVO PCIe M.2 SAM
D432GB 3200-16 Ripjaws V K2 GSK
NZXT H710 Window White wh/bk ATX

CineBench R21 (9004CB) - Redshift Benchmark (3m31s)

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File: 1588024910586-0.jpg (2.48 MB, 6000x4000, DSC00995.JPG)

File: 1588024910586-1.jpg (3.59 MB, 6000x4000, DSC00985.JPG)

Intel Pentium 3 600Mhz 256K cache cartridge
3DFX Voodoo 3 AGP integrated, 8MB TV out
Maxtor 80Gb, I had to cap to 32Gb because the BIOS can't see more of it. Neither Gparted :(
128+64M PC100 Hynix SDRAM
Marantz CD player, now have a better purpose.

Now gotta see how Deus EX runs on this baby.

02d4f42e No.3574942

File: 1588025199729-0.jpg (3.21 MB, 5514x3880, DSC00950.JPG)

File: 1588025199729-1.jpg (4.31 MB, 6000x4000, DSC00981.JPG)

it was a headache to fit it all in but I had time to waste, had to build a chassis inside with remains of the wood floor.
Luckily the motherboard almost had everything needed on it. And a good Sound Blaster chipset.
I even have some room left to eventually add a small amplifier since the amp that came with that stereo was fried.

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File: 1588393556338-0.jpg (83.24 KB, 1000x667, 20160414161417501750.jpg)

File: 1588393556338-1.jpg (64.14 KB, 1276x686, killpings.jpg)

Which is better for gaming that eliminates lag and ping?

Wireless wifi / Copper cable / Gold cable / Silver cable / Optic Fiber cable

Also if you're into gaming what are the best private servers gaming satellite routs that don't shared bandwidth that interferes your play.

900c46d6 No.3575244

File: 1588393922252-0.jpg (43.05 KB, 480x360, optic fibers.jpg)


Wireless wifi is low tier it kept getting interfered.

Copper cable is better and as it ages it needs to change.

Gold and silver cable does not rust and it will last a life time.

Optic Fiber Cable is god tier the downside is that if it breaks you have to replace the whole wire which is expensive.

If you could afford Optic fiber cable and a private gaming server satellite you are all set :)

b54b2ae3 No.3575253

looks like a good system for cgi tho, a little low on RAM for my taste, but it seems he knowas what he is doing.

546921ed No.3575264

File: 1588447280149-0.jpg (810.34 KB, 2048x1536, 0420171647.jpg)

File: 1588447280149-1.jpg (837.37 KB, 2048x1536, 0420171647a.jpg)

Old mining rigs?

ae842f9c No.3575351

>>Copper cable is better and as it ages it needs to change.
>>Gold and silver cable does not rust and it will last a life time.
Copper and silver are the best conductors. Silver is the best, but it oxidizes readily. Gold is a meme; it doesn't oxidize, but it also isn't as good a conductor as the other two.
Is fiber even relevant in a home network setting when p.much anything these days is pushing gigabit over copper?

File: 1579326943040.jpg (81.23 KB, 900x377, FurnationReborn.jpg)

bcd9c302 No.3567637[Reply]

What's all this then?

07dc2504 No.3567663

They're rebuilding the site?

557cef35 No.3567700


Looks like a fake trying to lure people in with the name, if you check the FAQ it looks like it's by some random person since he hints the original staff isn't even "their"…
Also "ended in 2002", which is completely incorrect.

1a3d9c31 No.3567782

No, not the original staff. It's a recreation by Matthew Vacanti and Panda Jenn.

c1e7c983 No.3575214

It sounds good. I like Panda Jenn's webcomic anyway.

File: 1588341957992.jpg (137.39 KB, 1280x999, IMG_20200430_194448_722.jpg)

d0754101 No.3575208[Reply]

Anyone got more of thos dude, or art from the artist of they k ow who it is?

File: 1586937517770.jpeg (2.6 MB, 1800x1800, 55DCF02C-36F1-4A28-BED9-0….jpeg)

a938c8ef No.3574015[Reply]

Anyone got any vitalfluffy uncensored

5bd1a4f8 No.3574043


Did you try inkbunny.com? That looks like their kind of thing.

488a5fa5 No.3574659

File: 1587689565965.jpg (839.98 KB, 2500x1989, Krystal19.jpg)

8b7e70f8 No.3574755

vitalfluffy is v_tail can be found on fa look up v-tail its easy

8b7e70f8 No.3574756

I could not correct the spelling the artist is v-tal not v-tail fa profile

2cefcb08 No.3574769


all of v-tal's explicit stuff is paywalled using primeleap.

dad9dd6f No.3575204

File: 1588330901617.jpg (1.05 MB, 3333x4000, 699bfdb4d2e20a3d19b9523910….jpg)

File: 1588014337478.jpg (27.82 KB, 679x546, 61bN92AUvNL._AC_SX679_.jpg)

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Like they could buy stuff with foodstamps, use the money from ssi and just eat ramen to be able to afford things.

d5703d24 No.3575000

bump back to top

d5703d24 No.3575054


d5703d24 No.3575100

Bumpity bump

99b2a2ff No.3575107

File: 1588207384078.jpg (743.01 KB, 1600x1200, 2e2e0a1f92e2df878870e15c47….jpg)


Don't look like nobody likes your post. Maybe you should porn it up?
Here, i'll help.

d5703d24 No.3575118


Nigga why you shit on my thread?

5752e251 No.3575119

File: 1588224305306-0.png (374.56 KB, 526x592, 303.png)

its this a animal? I want cErebus dick

99b2a2ff No.3575120

File: 1588228635839.png (4.37 MB, 3882x3999, 4e7f25e84386daf0a8c1b10afe….png)


Cuz you suck.

That's a Skeksis from The Dark Crystal series, by Slugboner. Check Slug out for more mind-bendingly and utterly fucked up shit sure to scar you into melting your eyes with bleach.
Also, here's cerberus:

File: 1584342705530.jpg (8.71 KB, 225x225, DoTheRustle.jpg)

145baa04 No.3571647[Reply]

Congratulations Kyber.
You have officially rustled my jimmies.
My jimmies are officially rustled.
You want to rustle jimmies & think you can just walk away.
Nope! You're gonna dance with me mother fucker.
I'm dancing. You're gonna dance too.
You go around deliberately rustling jimmies, mark my words, you WILL be roped into doing the rustle as well.

Apparently https://www.webmd.com is wrong… because Kyber is Jimmy fucking Neutron over here.

He mad? Oh Yeah. I'm pretty mad. When some one tells me a deliberate lie for no other than to give themselves some false since of accomplishment & pat them selves on the back to perpetuate a false sense of superiority, all for a lie well told. Yeah. I'm gonna get a little rustled. You can pat your self on the back for this much. you accomplished rustling my jimmies though.

You wanna rustle jimmies. Then lets do the fucking Rustle, Kyber.
Blocking me is NOT going excuse you from doing the rustle.
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145baa04 No.3575069

File: 1588151637776.jpg (17.87 KB, 432x340, cdc718ba6bf1fa2bbbf5f5993b….jpg)

Don't worry anon I won't. Thanks for looking out for me bro. I appreciate that ^_^

Any ways… It's fnaf…. I'm talking about fnaf.
I mean common my first fursona was "Aufy" a sentient robotic bunny rabbit sort'a of like Bonnie.
With a vague security directive. I didn't make him with the intention of being creepy looking but I've been told he's kind of a disturbing character. He doesn't have that same cutesy cuddly vibe many furries seem to have.

It's not even so much a passion as it is a call. The thing about a call, is … it's not something you can walk away from.
Oooohhhhhhhh You can try… but if you do… It's gonna eat at you until you answer it.
Even if you feel like there are other things you'd rather do with your life, even it makes you uncomfortable.
When you get a call you HAVE to answer it.

145baa04 No.3575070

File: 1588151868162.png (238.57 KB, 383x547, Wow.png)

I walked away from it because, ya know I gotta tell ya,
If you think it gets any less creepy & unsettling after that
first game you are sadly mistaken.

I distanced myself from fnaf & it's Fanbase because.
Kids make me super uncomfortable to be around.
The fanbase while there are some adults in it they are far and in between.
The fan base are a lot like furries except way young & some of them…
they just come off as just down right insane. I used to be insane, like way more than I am now. So I know crazy when I see it. Really I have lulz.net to thank for that, by helping me to keep at least on foot on the ground.
Then there's also the matter of, well lets be honest, ya'll've seen the kind of cosplay I do & some of the more unsavory habbits I have. It's not exactly "family friendly"… I'll work on other costumes of course & I'll do what I can to keep the more adult oriented characters from children's eye's but this is something… I have just been very uncomfortable with for while…. but … ya know it's just been eating at so much, I just can't keep walking away from it any more. A calls a call.
Half efforts aren't gonna cut it any more. I gotta put everything I have into this.

I went to Hurricane Utah twice collected some data, bought a website, made it public my findings.
None of those things were easy. All those things were a huge pain in the ass.
It was expensive, time consuming, My family was not happy about me going up there, I ran out of money a couple of times & it got kind'a rough.
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145baa04 No.3575072

File: 1588154122369.jpg (37.95 KB, 571x600, MoreLikeMaud.jpg)

Wow … yeah that was a mouthful.

That's something else I need to work on.

Saying more with less.
Keeping statements brief & the point.

Maud is SO cool!

I'm gonna need be as in control, disciplined, focused, & collected as I can.
I think I'm gonna make "MoreLikeMuad" my personal mantra.
I may stop by from time to time to say hi.
& Ya know if any of you really wanna talk to me about something you can message me on discord.

Fnaf's are my rocks now.
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File: 1588183441201.gif (962.89 KB, 500x375, 1580807901640.gif)

Alright So I have some time to spare and infact up my sleeve is a mean repetoire of racist stereotypical counter-intuitive agoraphobia that promotes the basement dwelling reassurance and money-nipping hobbyist life style that usually fills that emptiness, maybe not so much but enough to relate.

We are talking about the human condition, it's vulnerability to the world as many of the threads here start off with the CoronaScare trend. While people are afraid they are social creatures, they require accompaniment through life and critique or they end up like little Red Dragons. This stuff here is like new game + for alot of 'internet navigators' so while we all sit back and afford our escape some kick up the dust and try to live visa vie a projection of their self-image. A self-image is the alias of which they interact whether indirectly or by an assessed research. It is the persona and users pander to it. Honestly there needs to be a net101 guidebook to this sort of mental device people have, it meshes with them and whether for the betterment of their intellectualism or not meshes with others, this CHARACTERIZATION takes on its own life at which point exploration is an open world and drama is inevitable. Some go with it some don't; sometimes it just blasts off before anyone can do anything. Descript of typical NETFAME and there are hundreds that are gifted the "pile of vomit" that it represents.

For example this "thread" starts off due to an offsite event, a "third party" discussion and spills out over here onto the "imageboard" or BBS where most information is handled. The subject matter involves a typical trend, as well as your netfamous Poster arbitrating over the directives. This instance has degenerated or "digressed" into the social vulnerability of the poster, and has been more or less self-inflicted due to previous events. BUT the main topic is the Corona-Scare.

The Corona Scare is not a joke, let's divulge into this crisis and say first off, many think that it is due to their escapism. The fact is Virology is very similar to BBS interworkings. Many takes spread out from different angles, the public opinion for instance, generalizes alot of the routes that are being used. This is what is known as memetics, and makes for a almost formulaic propaganda, so let's start there.

dccc5006 No.3575086

File: 1588184036538.png (310.98 KB, 664x570, 1580787691090.png)

While I am hesitant about posting the follow up note that this is exactly how I play the "macabre" background of my Alias. Pic Unrelated cuz I don't want to dig one up.

Viral memetics is when content is so famous it cannot be ignored. It infiltrates the thinking and personal space of those surrounding the experiment taking place. The facts about the issues become key, and are 'meta' to the emergent identity, meaning they play some role. The new identity while anomalous is the economy of the virus, Karl Marx would call this the opiate of the masses were he a cryptologist. And professional cryptologists would be all too ready to encrypt this "information set" for themselves and monetize it. The element of cyber-hysterics in its textbook habitat, i.e. false flag that makes this all click, what could it be, what could all of this mean?

What it means is a shift of power, the world is changing and there is nothing we can do to stop it, things are out of our hands, we are panicking because we are stressed, the markets are more demanding and the distributions require a "great deal", the products are being refer'reed with all their departments and the workerbase is being sidelined, for what? An unnamed generation as usual. Almost as unnamed as machines.

This happens in history all the time and a BBS thread like this is projects a microcosm of it. You can glean yourself some divine purpose by looking at the postal trajectories or you can simply take your place among the bystanders. But in the end we all have to see the propaganda for what it is, war. The Corona virus is not a cold, its not the flu, its aids mixed with sars and its a weapon designed to thin the herd and the people in charge are the ones who are doing it to you, no amount of ignorance will change that, no amount of disregard will keep you safe, we are all at risk to being obsolete both mechanically and naturally, and replaced by ai machines. This is the great deal and many don't get to see it. When death comes all we can do is embrace it. Such is le petite mort and all of your reimagination of this virtual basement dwelling life.

110dfb67 No.3575093


42c524a9 No.3575095

File: 1588117475334.png (195.37 KB, 1920x966, Dragoneer - WikiFur, the f….png)

3e738f14 No.3575032[Reply]


Dragoneer, as drawn by Bo-Gilliam.

Dragoneer, formally The Dragoneer (real name Sean P. Piche; is a FAT fucking piche of shit who purveys all kinds of disgusting porn on Furaffinity! This fucktard of a man-child has no manners and is a gross pig and anyone who's sat down to eat at the same table with him (that is if there's any room at the table due to his gargantuan carcass and with the table heaped full of plates) can attest to! Sean Piche is such a failure at life that his ex wife Sciggles aka Susan Scoggins left him for another man. All she wanted was a child, but this infertile freak couldn't even deliver on that, let alone get it up so to speak. You would wonder how such a ginormous couple could even have sex, and for Dragoneer to even get close to impregnating his wife with his tiny little dick, he'd first need a specially designed truss to keep the hundreds of fat rolls out of the way, not to mention needing scaffolding and a Craftmatic adjustable bed to do all the work for him. Then you'd have to think what kind of ugly monstrosity of a child they'd have produced, not to mention all the health problems to go with it. Dragoneer's bad genetics could have been passed onto such a child and sadly it might have succumbed to a heart attack before the age of five. Thankfully Susan Scoggins acted like a proper lifeguard and kept the pool closed (David Hasslehoff/Mitch Buchannon would be proud) and decided to find a proper man to breed with in FIReNVY, and they had a beautiful baby boy!

These days Dragoneer sits at home slowly nomming his way to death waiting for the BIG heart attack to happen so that his miserable failure of a life will end.
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b03a1653 No.3575036

Hello there, Lupine Assassin.

45e18f3e No.3575049

File: 1588127922383.jpg (44.31 KB, 778x394, 1580735158490.jpg)

Well that is lulzy and no one really has any ammunition against the obvious post raking not even going to name names since that is going on. Who here does the most work making their noise because isn't there a boring Kyber thread. Holy shit that's a tough case to stick a nose in the business for. But yeah he was probably a fat jerk so I am going to have to agree with polybius on it. The copyright troll shit he does with every user is just what a spineless shill jew does with standard media licenses and why we all have to dream twice as hard for titleholders to wax their chins and move on. Typical internet server hoarding landlording bullshit mate. Almost makes me not want to be a part of it. But I do appreciate furries who have a mind of their own even if its absolutely fucked its what makes the fandom what it is. Just look at ChrisChan or Polybius. Hahahah. Why do we fight each other so?

a3660a79 No.3575052

Rent free,in your head that is. Asshole

916ac7d8 No.3575068

File: 1588149517237.jpg (1007.64 KB, 2592x1456, 1436731739.allan_img_20150….jpg)

You're just jelly that Allan got a photo op with the San Diego chicken and you didn't.

9e5932bb No.3575074


Not sure if sarcasm. And if not, who'd be jelly of a crack-addled looking NEET that looks 20 years older than he actually is?

a31e9a78 No.3575075

File: 1588168011911.jpg (27.34 KB, 474x313, mmm.jpg)


Just shut up. You are so tiresome.

7a208987 No.3575077

File: 1588174714189.jpg (169.94 KB, 1070x1280, 1588174505.meganekko_walte….jpg)

File: 1585743727221.jpg (23.29 KB, 474x561, princess.jpg)

8db75388 No.3573079[Reply]

Who hasn't seen the latest season?
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8db75388 No.3574990

File: 1588094121137.jpg (571.58 KB, 562x536, backPatch.jpg)

Finally got around to sewing this back patch to a garment.

Bojack Horseman is such an amazing series.

Princess Carolyn is such a strong ethical character.

I just cannot properly express just how fond I am of this show.

The character development is so rich & so complex.

It so deep & so funny & so relatable even if we're not rich or famous.

I've run out patience for this place.

I'm out.

85e79110 No.3574996

I agree about the show… I finished it a while back and was really amazed at how all the characters developed and the weird world they developed (especially in that underwater episode).

Spoiler: I like how they DIDN'T kill off Bojack at the end.. that would have been a 'cheap' way to end it.

0de575cb No.3574997

File: 1588096579958.jpg (55.9 KB, 1024x652, where_would_i_go__by_stagf….jpg)

The patch looks neat, nice work.

It sucks that you won't be hanging around here anymore. I understand how you feel, and I'm at least happy for you that you're moving forward past this.

lulz.net just won't be the same without you, Poly. I'm thankful I at least got to know you.

5f4b1567 No.3575065

I think I watched the first season but it was just… meh. Everyone in the show seemed like an asshole and not even that entertaining of assholes. Does it get better in the later seasons?

8db75388 No.3575071

File: 1588153821234.png (252.39 KB, 640x360, Drive.png)

Classic! Under water episode was possible one of the best ones.
Thanks, I love this shirt! Peace bro.
I thought it did. Some people say it picks up more in the later seasons. I LOVE IT start to finish, so I may be a little biased, but hey I know it's not for everyone.


yeah… it's not you guys…

It's just… this is something I have to do. Something I've been putting off.
I didn't fill qualified to do it. I'm a hedonist, I'm not super disciplined, I like to drink & smoke & party. I get mad over the silliest things sometimes.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

0de575cb No.3575073

File: 1588154525601.png (238.69 KB, 819x1029, 7c517dd29326458a6b0999e13e….png)

> But ya know I just gotta suck it up & make some changes in my life, be stronger than I have been & just do the thing.

That's great to hear. I know you can do this, Poly.

Good luck out there.

65b28f6f No.3575076


You have no idea how alone you are, Carolyn…


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