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File: 1616990419332.png (576.72 KB, 620x372, Screenshot_2021-03-28 Denm….png)

a08b8af1 No.3610009[Reply]


Denmark launches children's TV show about man with giant penis
This article is more than 2 months old

Critics condemn idea of animated series about a man who cannot control his penis, but others have backed it

211f01af No.3610010

But Leftists don’t want to fuck children..

8139081e No.3610017

There was something lost in translation, because "fuck with children" has two meanings.

File: 1598657549174-0.jpg (53.95 KB, 540x472, tumblr_inline_ogp0yzBL7u1s….jpg)

3223efce No.3586412[Reply]

Fellow pervs, I come to you asking for advice. I want to buy something to stick in my ass that vibrates, but I don't want to spend too much money and have few options to buy stuff.

I'm pretty inexperienced at doing this (I'm a virgin, like most everyone here) so I'm thinking of buying this thing:


It doesn't seem to be too big and it's pretty cheap. Or do you have any other suggestions that aren't $100 or shaped like a dog dick?
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a8ee54f5 No.3608389


664d751e No.3608399

>and you have 4 balls stuck in your rectal cavity

Just shit them out. They literally can't "stick" in there. A condom is actually weaker for the simple reason that it's made of thinner rubber.

7b6ecfc7 No.3608410

File: 1615674906237.jpg (103.39 KB, 965x1200, SS2728120.jpg)

Other things do get stuck so often that medical instruments exist just for removing foreign objects from peoples butts.

664d751e No.3608418

Yeah, long rigid objects get stuck behind the "bend" in the rectum because the muscles can't push them through the kink that forms.

You can also force a large object through the inner sphincter and have it cramp up, kinda like the old light bulb in the mouth gag where you can fit the bulb between your teeth but then can't open your jaw enough to get it out.

For something the size of anal beads though, if the string breaks you simply shit them out. Just don't go stuffing oranges and pears in your asshole and you'll be fine.

7818d112 No.3608421

Too soft to squeeze in a butthole stroking these worms wouldn't make them erected either.

bc35dee2 No.3609397

File: 1616537433386.png (241.38 KB, 472x320, discreet.png)

197014af No.3610021

File: 1617007633056.png (370.97 KB, 1200x1102, 675040_TwistedDragon_ginge….png)


File: 1614278131954.png (766.42 KB, 1366x628, Screenshot-24-e15974207814….png)

4ea07e1d No.3605717[Reply]

ITT: Black patriots. Black men and women who are tired of leftist bullshit.
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9e204c8b No.3605999

File: 1614405109784.gif (982.48 KB, 300x300, UnfoldedNeatAlpaca-small.gif)

>>3605984 There is no argument. I've already explained this. It's a topic thread.

ITT: x
> Proceeds to list examples of x ….

X is not an an argument any more than y. I'm not saying x is good or bad only that x exist and giving examples. You are free to form your own of opinions of x… Is a sandwich an argument? What about lamps? What about Chiese Businessmen? What about Antarctica? What about Transformers? No… These are not arguments. These are nouns people, places, things, subjects of interest. The only thing I posted ITT that constitute an argument was posted in the form of a question here >>3605904 which was duly ignored.

I'm reviewing these videos carefully and will give my conclusion soon but I must say… it's not what I expected, instead of them being "candace owens says something stupid" it's "stuffy liberal dooshers ranting + 45 seconds to maybe a minute of candace owens saying a thing + more fart huffing dooshy liberal ranting on what they think of the brief cut of what candace owens said." I'm giving it a chance but I must say… It's not very compelling stuff chum. Honestly giving me flashbacks of my time in occupy and why I shifted right in the first place.

>>3605993 obviously you have not been paying attention. I understand you can't be expected to know the entire goings on in every thread but please try keep up.

There thread starts here >>3598711
The request is made here >>3605611
The response is made here >>3605715
And the requester makes himself known on this thread were in now right about here >>3605939

4d73b2a8 No.3606031

Your clips prove Kyle Kulinski has a hate boner for Candace Owens, nothing more.
I think you might have learned the incorrect definitions for stupidity and IQ.
Candace Owens isn't stupid, she's quite intelligent, more intelligent than you or I.
She's just very good at manipulating her base.
That might look like stupidity to you, but it's not. It's just her doing what she does best, and what's she's doing is something you don't agree with.

0a0a1e4d No.3606038

File: 1614430176227.jpg (66.24 KB, 692x530, Sisko smile.jpg)

>>3605984 Wow… Every one of the people I've listed? … Even the black Democratic Mayor of a deep south historical city… Even mr.Don never Trumper Lemon… Is a "low I.q sell out?

Why, it's almost as if you can't stand to see black people succeed and do well in life. That's about the most racist stance you could take. As for your videos…. They prove nothing, except perhaps candice has failed to meet the impossible standards of leftist perfection for a right wing speaker from time to time according to stuffy liberal speakers.

>>3606031 couldn't have said it better myself.

5420e015 No.3608401

File: 1615669931405.jpg (282.28 KB, 2348x1326, Thomas-Sowell.jpg)

Then there's Thomas Sowell

5420e015 No.3608405

File: 1615670659651.jpg (92.18 KB, 490x609, hardwickedgerton.jpg)

H.k Edgerton

fc7c4b6d No.3609992

File: 1616979352987-0.jpg (75.16 KB, 538x767, f3vpozfxd3e11.jpg)

File: 1616979352987-1.jpg (40.67 KB, 393x600, zulu-warrior-traditional-d….jpg)

File: 1616979352987-2.jpg (57.57 KB, 564x752, 1d9b89f2dd8a94238260de15d2….jpg)

File: 1616979352987-3.jpg (42.94 KB, 446x879, 81Z-VMO9pJL._AC_SY879_.jpg)

File: 1616979352987-4.jpg (5.74 KB, 263x191, download.jpg)

Black Conservatives are called Zulu Warriors

1aaa5d6f No.3609998

File: 1616980609495.jpeg (13.84 KB, 316x159, D7DDA1F9-5D27-485C-8EF4-7….jpeg)

How the fuck do you make a thread about super blackness and not mention the Hodge Twins?

File: 1597939340169.jpg (81.71 KB, 828x831, Ef1jM0VXsAAncNo[1].jpg)

e06eb77f No.3585366[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

You know what to do.
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b224e7a3 No.3603203

File: 1612665270831.jpg (55.57 KB, 1371x612, FBC8BE30-5FDC-4FD2-83B8-2E….jpg)

The leader's death is a tragedy 6 million is statistics

5da5216d No.3603206

I was just being edgy with my reaction images, I don't actually support socialism of any kind. International or national. Cause they always end up with secret police, camps and gaudy parades for the dictator. No thanks.

5b255159 No.3603207

File: 1612667534597.jpg (100.48 KB, 600x460, ancestors.jpg)

>Given a billion years

This is correct. Basic statistics from college. A near impossible thing that is subjected to near infinite sample selection size becomes a certainty.

So life is actually quite easy to start. Whats difficult, and requires lots of energy and resources of a wide variety, is multi-cellular life forms.

Truly varied multi-cellular life forms requires a highly competitive environment - natural selection. Everything that exists today is the result of billions of generations of unrelenting violence.

5da5216d No.3603212

File: 1612671034433.jpg (73.63 KB, 960x720, slide_6.jpg)


Life, probably even sentient life given enough time is probably inevitable on planets that can sustain complex carbon-based molecules.

Humans themselves are kinda a bit of an accident though. Some ugly-ass primates got too smart for their own good cause it benefited them and here we are, their offspring.

And it's gotta be carbon because the only other molecule that is close enough to do the job, silicon, is too heavy and has a much limited ability to form useful molecules.

8cc371be No.3603214

File: 1612671571281.jpg (249.4 KB, 797x1280, ok but I want to huff your….jpg)

(also if I had designed people, I'd use a ringtailed lemur's body as a basis, not a fucking chimp-like proto-nigger, but that's just my personal taste)

b224e7a3 No.3603241

File: 1612693403034-0.png (14.24 KB, 60x60, PM_Starvation.png)

File: 1612693403034-1.png (238.03 KB, 1086x748, hungerstrike.png)

Imagine Stalin ask his gulag buddies let his people starve but they are all on hunger strike, wait that's illegal.

ab794a12 No.3609996

>muh trans
<lemme scream bigot cause that's an argument.
Nice of you to ignore the specific
"NO PARENTS OR GUARDIANS PERMITTED" included. This sounds like any fucking pedo cult ever.
>fat kids
People wear shirts for swimming regardless of fitness.
>muh males
Because men don't have breasts, which, on any kid not 10 or younger, is something that should be hidden for both public and self-modesty. There is a reason nudist beaches are specifically separate areas.

File: 1614309709463-0.jpg (483.43 KB, 1417x2125, Eggs-Benedict-4.jpg)

File: 1614309709463-1.jpg (855.27 KB, 2100x1400, Tokyo_Chikuyotei_Unadon01s….jpg)

2ecb7e81 No.3605805[Reply]

All you fuckers eat. You can't deny it. What kinda food you eat? Do you have a favorite?

I tend to eat a lot of protein. I like eggs, chicken, turkey, avocados, salmon, eel, uni, fish roe, cheese, yogurt, kefir, poultry liver pate, peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter. I avoid fattier meats. I don't like bacon or fatty cuts of beef. I pretty much don't eat pork unless it's a pork chop, which is lean. I'll get acid reflux otherwise. I noticed raw meat and eggs have a settling effect on my stomach. I don't think it has to do with seasoning either. I tried steak tartar for the first time the end of last year. It had a raw egg on top, and it was heavily seasoned with garlic. Garlic usually messes with me, but I guess because the steak was raw, it offset it somehow? That's probably bullshit. Anyway, steak tartar is really good. Actually, it's probably the egg that neutralized the garlic. Hmm…

I eat a lot of fruit too. Every type of fruit. Not a big fan of citrus, again acid reflux. There's a lot of stuff I avoid because of that shit: anything with tomatoes, anything spicy or smoked, coffee, alcohol. And I loved coffee. I used to drink it black. I used to drink two shots of straight espresso at a time. Espresso tastes so good. Now nothing I drink has caffeine in it. Mostly water. Herbal tea sometimes. Sometimes a ginger beer.

I eat oatmeal for breakfast most mornings. I mix olive oil into it and make a divot in the center and scoop in some peanut butter. The heat from the oatmeal makes it a little molten lake of peanut butter. I use the Santa Cruz no stir creamy. I splurge on good olive oil. The bottle I'm using now is from Coratina olives pressed last year.

There's a place nearby that serves a delicious Eggs Benedict. They serve several kinds actually; they're a breakfast joint. Super busy place. I get the one with crab cakes in place of the Canadian bacon. But I almost never eat out.

For dinner tonight, I made a goat cheese omelette and sauteed spinach. I usually slice an avocado on top, but they were all still hard.
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4680352d No.3607782

File: 1615160812547.jpg (47.11 KB, 683x1024, German-Chocolate-Cake-3-1.jpg)

angel food is nice but imo german chocolate is the best cake.

02d74f7f No.3607817

File: 1615178709948-0.png (1.1 MB, 824x1006, 63577875d81b20304adfcdf15c….png)

File: 1615178709948-1.jpg (431.55 KB, 2048x1365, Best-Ever-Chocolate-Cake-W….jpg)

German chocolate cake is pretty good.

Ever had chocolate ganache cake? It's super chocolatey. It's like it was made by someone who couldn't decide whether they wanted a cake or a chocolate bar.

I was at a party where a dark chocolate ganache cake was served, and everyone else was getting ice cream. I was like, how? The cake on its own is already so rich and sweet and dense. I'm not a big fan of ice cream. I just don't like cold food.

Which of the these cakes do you like better? If you had to pick, would you go for the slice with more consistent layers, cut to geometric perfection from a smooth cylinder? Or do you choose the fluffy cake with more character? They're both chocolate ganache cakes.

379a041e No.3607819

File: 1615179293375.jpg (143.33 KB, 850x850, glitter trap boy_cake.jpg)


"Holy shit, TWO cakes!"

02d74f7f No.3607821

File: 1615179894835.png (10.93 KB, 377x414, O-Comic-Two-Cakes.png)

And then there's the "why not both?" approach.

02d74f7f No.3607822

File: 1615180262368.jpeg (124.25 KB, 1280x705, lex-luthor-40-cakes-11319….jpeg)

And then there's the "why not 40 cakes" approach.

1428b00d No.3608227

File: 1615468273147.png (1.07 MB, 1295x837, garlicbreadz.png)

41dda45f No.3609980

File: 1616971315911.jpg (4.05 MB, 4032x3024, 20210328_150825.jpg)

It was rainy here today, so I made this quiche. This is the best damn quiche I've ever had. I followed this recipe:


File: 1614821178182-0.png (415.59 KB, 598x492, Screenshot_2021-03-03 💀 CO….png)

File: 1614821178182-1.png (252.61 KB, 598x453, Screenshot_2021-03-03 💀 CO….png)

File: 1614821178182-2.png (275.37 KB, 598x453, Screenshot_2021-03-03 💀 CO….png)

File: 1614821178182-3.png (358.44 KB, 598x433, Screenshot_2021-03-03 💀 CO….png)

File: 1614821178182-4.png (382.52 KB, 598x453, Screenshot_2021-03-03 💀 CO….png)

2fa46f06 No.3607034[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

/ @togglerat
/ @smoochthispooch
/ @Exit_Mouse
/ @huskyindenial/ @clunkymunk
/ Buck Daniel Riley

Toggle the zoophile's days of hiding are over. In the thread is evidence that Toggle the Rat is smoochthispooch, singer of Exit_Mouse
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64847b1b No.3609307

File: 1616454652019.jpg (58.27 KB, 600x712, 0bd.jpg)

Oy, I spoketh of the cut and this is what I get.

32225f4c No.3609315

File: 1616467278592.jpg (165.89 KB, 787x1114, 26006948.jpg)

I wouldn't do it on principle.

I like having my balls so by that logic I assume a dog likes having his balls.

Yahoo Answers is an endless source of entertainment.

979ebe34 No.3609676

File: 1616805387707.jpg (445.85 KB, 2048x2048, Exba6ISWQAMoHvc.jpg)

165dc79e No.3609678

File: 1616805829823.jpg (236.41 KB, 2048x1365, 1840 - anal anus man passi….jpg)

165dc79e No.3609915

File: 1616923897506.jpg (650.98 KB, 1836x2448, 1910342907.jpg)

62ddf799 No.3609918

mmmm glazed donuts

707f7ae2 No.3609975


mmhh so lickable <3

File: 1591015799348.jpeg (243.88 KB, 2000x2000, EY7FOgiU0AAT5ru.jpeg)

e47bfbe0 No.3577340[Reply]

Leave a song, lyric snippets, share links, w/e

Anything goes, nerds.
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a7d9f5a7 No.3608930

File: 1616052078471.gif (1.6 MB, 500x500, giphy.gif)

Remind me to be on his team

c8b6051c No.3608933

Bubblegum music?

4a9e0b7a No.3608938

I kinda like this, since everyone seems to think I'm horrible.


4a9e0b7a No.3608939

File: 1616058963171.png (457.66 KB, 1280x679, 18fe82c5d38bd0292adccffa44….png)

Steam, since everything is broken.

64d21ac7 No.3609232

File: 1616377968167.jpg (204.3 KB, 1280x720, Biden-falls.jpg)


Will you remember the famous men
Who had to fall to rise again?
So take a deep breath…
Pick yourself up…
Dust yourself off
And start all over again

7d56827b No.3609234

I went stumblin' through the fox just trying to find a reason for the things I told ya
She woke up sunny side down and I was thinking I was to proud to flip her over
Between the champagne, the hand jobs, and the kissing ass by everyone involved
The cocaine rick come quick and that's why the small dicks have it all

So I'll meet you at the bottom if there really is one
They always told me when you hit it you'll know it
But I've been falling so long it's like gravity's gone
And I'm just floating

6ba5dc1f No.3609960

File: 1616948154786.jpg (186.75 KB, 640x406, Lithuanian-couple-in-tradi….jpg)

I came across this while researching Stravinsky's the Rite of Spring. He says this is an ancient Lithuanian tune called "the Patient Maiden", but that turned out less helpful than expected. Can someone help me find the full song? Whose Slav dick do I have to suck to get a translation of the lyrics?


File: 1616937895138.jpg (27.92 KB, 600x337, 9bbc9cca5e9e62bb0b9badbaed….jpg)

ae7e7c2b No.3609945[Reply]

cut jewish dick, keep all your trump supporters in this thread.

File: 1616878312091.jpg (513.71 KB, 3186x1185, ec27io0w5po61.jpg)

42c1ba5d No.3609817[Reply]

How are your wizard quests going so far?

eaba32bb No.3609841

I hit 40 year old virgin a little while back.

e5dff9eb No.3609857

When I was 17 I thought I was gonna be a wizard, but then I got dick.
I failed.
(polite sage for not being entirely on-topic)

2a4c681f No.3609883

As a wizard I wish I could kill myself but being a wizard I cannot die, it makes me lust for death more and more knowing I am immortal. Everytime i die I just remanifest as the same wizard, I don't even try anymore.

c02f84cd No.3609884

File: 1616904932445.jpg (148.81 KB, 1280x960, a9344e74856c63e73a873435d5….jpg)

I've fucked my dog so I became a druid instead

71267fe2 No.3609919

Failed at chapter 18, but I'm well back on track from the beginning ever since.

File: 1610816377284.jpg (324.54 KB, 1280x817, 2a8efe80c5472b20e14d44fa31….jpg)

e0b9e474 No.3600266[Reply]

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9d2c56d6 No.3601028

This one looks fine to me.
>why does cat pussy look so gross
Most animals that aren't humans don't take care of their genitalia. Penis goes in vagina, and they don't really suck cock, give handjobs, or think about disease or anything, so they're not really worried.
I'd definitely want to wipe down an animal before having sex.

fd3ca597 No.3601031

File: 1611298756841.jpg (1.49 MB, 1707x1280, 1599977051314.jpg)

compare it to wolf pussy and it's pretty obvious why one species is going extinct while the other became mans best friend

54b77367 No.3601056

>. Penis goes in vagina, and they don't really suck cock, give handjobs, or think about disease or anything,

Animals do oral all the time and anyone with a pet dog or cat has seen them lick their junk clean.


9d2c56d6 No.3601062

>anyone with a pet dog or cat has seen them lick their junk clean
>bat cunnilingus
Oh, that's neat.

4b32160a No.3601127

File: 1611372367078.jpg (1.79 MB, 2821x2429, Lioness.jpg)

Big cat pussy is the most beautiful thing in the Universe.

00ef583b No.3601489

File: 1611626090285.png (1.34 MB, 1280x817, noballs.png)

editor fags where do you hang out?

e6b5b8f3 No.3609917

File: 1616925327577-0.jpg (73.59 KB, 1100x550, 24.jpg)

File: 1616925327577-1.jpg (337.58 KB, 1280x853, 5f3.jpg)

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