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File: 1591227849722.jpg (9.84 KB, 258x195, Basementnerd.jpg)

0c7420c3 No.3577848[Reply]

Because back then you had to know how a computer worked before you could get on the internet. And back then everything required a seperate irq# and if something had the same irq it would brick the computer and when modems came seperate. The only way back then you would get on the internet is if you were a college student,military,worked for the government or knew someone in those fields. And back then you couldn't get on the internet using a cell phone.

And back then it as the early adopters who

were oddballs

were mostly on the internet due to having aspergers

Were in some fetish/fandom like furries



bully us
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0c7420c3 No.3578097

Yup, I think a asteroid is due to hit earth

a9f5ee22 No.3578141

>Back then, you had to know how a computer worked before you could get on the internet.

Back then computers couldn't do anything interesting, and there was nothing to do on the internet except engage in exceedingly nerdy stuff that only weenies cared about.

In the mid 90's you could do one thing on a computer that would interest normal people: play video games. The rest of it was either spreadsheets or programming. What the internet brought to that was email, which was for the vast majority of people a completely pointless affair because they could fax, call, or SMS each other much more easily.

The only real thing to do on the internet back then, as soon as computers could display a JPEG image, was to look at porn. I would have included trying to catch pussy on chat sites, but then I realized there were only men on the internet at that time, so that was only an option for the gay nerds.

a9f5ee22 No.3578142

Oh, and also score drugs and hookers off of graigslist.

The internet took off big time with normal people when you could start to pirate music and video games, then movies. Then people realized that they can buy and sell shit on ebay etc. and the rest is history.

0c7420c3 No.3578153

Normalfags reeeeeeeeeeeee

1f88b923 No.3583108

File: 1595695456540-0.jpeg (83.03 KB, 960x960, Edty_J4WoAEZ-b4.jpeg)

File: 1595695456540-1.jpeg (361.26 KB, 2048x2048, Edty_ImXYAEn8oF.jpeg)

File: 1595695456540-2.jpeg (127.67 KB, 960x960, Edty_ImWsAENN3u.jpeg)

File: 1595695456540-3.jpeg (358.74 KB, 2048x2048, Edty_IoWAAACDml.jpeg)

3c8743cf No.3583110

Oh hell, I was on the old BBS-based networks before the Internet, especially RIME and Fidonet.
Sure had some lively religious discussions in the Fidonet "Holysmoke" forum, it was called a "religious food fight."

3c8743cf No.3583111

File: 1595066335192.jpg (103.38 KB, 1280x1072, 1590870965.vulgarstarling_….jpg)

3e44525f No.3582523[Reply]

Why is race such an issue nowadays. It doesnt matter if your normal or black. As a society we should just learn to accept people with birth defects.
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6fad6718 No.3583059


Invent, not invest. Sorry, was looking at finance profiles at the same time.

9e55bdef No.3583091


very very very nice ass <3

059c4b7c No.3583094

File: 1595680494872.jpg (2.77 MB, 4128x2322, Egyptian-war-chariot-©-Moh….jpg)

That's a picture of an Egyptian war chariot. It can't date to 7,000 BC because culture that produced it wasn't around until 3,000 BC.

7,000 BC was still in the Neolithic period - the stone ages - when nobody had the required metallurgy to build such chariots, because they couldn't make the bronze bushings and bands to bind the wheel hubs.

9dfd842a No.3583095

File: 1595681473262.jpg (45.65 KB, 602x414, main-qimg-fbb0622345a2f7c7….jpg)

The example in the museum isn't the real deal though. In the chariots found in King Tut's tomb, we can see how the hubs were actually made.

The darkened band around the end of the sleeve is where they'd hammer in a bronze bushing to stop the wood from splitting, and the gap between the sleeve and the pin is where they'd put a bronze disc for a thrust bearing. Without these, the end of the hub sleeve would slide against the pin and the pin would dig in and split the wood fibers, destroying the hub very quickly - or the hub would grind the pin off and slide off the axle. You can in theory bind the end of the hub with twine and use a wooden thrust bearing, but it won't last.

9dfd842a No.3583096

The number and the uneven distribution of the spokes also indicates that the person who drew the picture didn't understand how wheels work.

The spokes are made by bending a board of wood into a V-shape. The ends of the boards are then carved down into narrow strips and pairs of them are glued and lashed together to form each spoke. That means you always need an even number of spokes. 4, 6, and 8 spokes were used. Never five. This indicates that the person who painted the picture belongs to a culture that didn't use or build chariots or wheels at all - they were simply drawing something they saw out of memory.

9dfd842a No.3583097

>The picture is somewhat fanciful, you're not going to stand on a plank with horses running

The picture is correct on that part. The rider is standing on a little reed platform in front of the axle. That's part of the suspension system invented by the Egyptians.

Previous cultures built the platform over the axle, so the only suspension you had was the axle bending. This was hard on the rider, so they had to use sloppy four-spoke wheels that also flexed under load and provided a part of the suspension. This meant you absolutely could not ride fast for any length of time because the chariot would just bounce under your feet like you were riding over moguls. It was more suited for hauling loads slowly over long distances than for warfare.

The Egyptians put more spokes in the wheels to make them more rigid and faster running, and shifted the rider position forwards of the axle so the long beam would flex under the weight of the rider. Then they improved the harnesses so the horses wouldn't be bothered by the beam flexing up and down with the rider, and they made the superior war chariot that ran circles around everyone else and was stable enough for shooting arrows at slower speeds.

1ef30b35 No.3583098

File: 1595686196069.jpg (2.15 MB, 2754x3398, Ljubljana_(8629147956).jpg)

Here's an example of the oldest found wooden wheel, from Slovenia around 3,100 BC.

You can see the reason why wheeled transport wasn't invented until the beginning of the copper and bronze age. The simplest way to construct a wheel is to use a solid wood disc, but you need some rigid, solid, and durable material to bind it together. Otherwise you can only make tiny wheels by the largest tree you can find.

The technology for making spoked wheels came about when people found out what works and what doesn't work with solid wooden wheels, so while a chariot wheel could in theory be built without metals, it could not be developed until the early bronze age between 3300–2100 BC.

File: 1595334220893.jpg (133.6 KB, 843x983, Oscar-Wilde.jpg)

eb9de7c2 No.3582734[Reply]

Now that it's fashionable to retroactively shame the dead for alleged pedophilia, let's list some individuals who fucked minors but are somehow spared from any criticism by the left:

Pics related.
- Oscar Wilde, irish national poet and LGBT icon, paid impoverished 14-year-olds for sex and later dated a 14-year-old after grooming him for years
- Keynes, founder of liberal economics, had an affair with a 16-year-old and wrote about it in his diary
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2b763af7 No.3583010

Before you meme the idea that Islam is a pedo-friendly religion, let me remind you that Pakistan will soon start doing mandatory castrations, mostly to sex offenders, but also to people who are suspected to be pedophiles. Not the chemical one, I mean literal castration where they cut off your balls.

dbcc667c No.3583022

What does Pakistan do to faggots?

2dead42f No.3583041

Drop them off a roof.

d117eda4 No.3583042

>it's only bad when the left does it

Typical rightard attitude.

0998fb69 No.3583075

U r ass

ab3dae24 No.3583081

And meanwhile in - for example - Yemen you can still mary a child and have sex with her.

Good for Pakistan to modernise their laws and go against what was the custom in Muhammad's day, but it's certainly an evolution that goes *against* islam in a lot of muslims mind, the prophet is the example to follow after all.

248ec947 No.3583088

Cut their balls off after accusing them of pederasty.

File: 1595650099562.jpg (960.68 KB, 1369x1654, 3791092 - BNA__Brand_New_A….jpg)

71356af5 No.3583070[Reply]

Brand New Animal, furry anime.

Lots of anime violence, but will there be any sexy stuff?

File: 1577004547298.jpg (68.1 KB, 600x580, alone_on_a_friday_night.jpg)

1ba126f1 No.2445[Reply]

Alone on a Friday Night? God, You're Pathetic
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28bfc2e8 No.3581301


That iMac G4 isn't going to run much anyway. Slackware has a pretty decent amount of included software, at least. Its not a networked box. Debian unfortunately is kill on PowerPC based boxes… Its not going to be networked anyway so w/e

50034a60 No.3581574

File: 1594176573267.jpg (262.92 KB, 1361x1444, 5ea084c6d1716.jpg)

20f2b6ba No.3583023

File: 1595625696792.jpg (156.12 KB, 1280x853, 6def8d505f713511d3f6bcfb1e….jpg)

87068f4e No.3583046

what about the gays ? everyone in that comic is straight or want to bone a bird

a0dca3b5 No.3583060


Did you just assume their genders?

83a95a67 No.3583062

No, it's much worse. He just implied a straight/gay sexual orientation binary. Literally Hitler.

a0dca3b5 No.3583066


literally shaking rn….from laughter!

File: 1594300671317.jpg (166.02 KB, 1309x1741, 38cf61952b805aa14409aa1470….jpg)

9dc35768 No.3581715[Reply]

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62f06cad No.3582204

File: 1594767801384.gif (4.69 MB, 317x162, bakkaz.gif)

62f06cad No.3582306

File: 1594840631605.png (307.39 KB, 800x2200, Shinyanal.png)

62f06cad No.3582323

File: 1594854855124.png (364.52 KB, 800x2200, Shinyanaliii.png)

9dc35768 No.3582331

My anus was concerned over your desire to obliterate my fart box. After the conference with my penis, they decided that you're a faggot.

98ac7e24 No.3582334

File: 1594861809169.jpg (80.4 KB, 1055x1231, laughing-dog-S21RBE.jpg)

4d552e24 No.3582343

File: 1594889763157.jpg (132.89 KB, 800x488, happy-dog.jpg)

214ffa48 No.3583028

File: 1595628363682.gif (3.47 MB, 1800x1400, 10054.gif)

File: 1594638610609.jpg (77.99 KB, 595x819, scarlet_by_jollyjack.jpg)

a5e02190 No.3582055[Reply]

Needs more squirrels
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25912c93 No.3582182

File: 1594758904089.jpg (120.39 KB, 1399x978, 1588877275194.jpg)

25912c93 No.3582183

File: 1594759023501.png (353.03 KB, 1000x1000, 77445580.png)

25912c93 No.3582184

File: 1594759061882.jpg (221.75 KB, 1500x2100, EYSG9moUwAAGM1e.jpg)

950333c0 No.3582542

File: 1595097727594.png (2.4 MB, 1686x2660, b970f2678bfe2a069befa44f46….png)

527239b6 No.3582602

File: 1595146620538.png (198.22 KB, 820x1026, Secret and Penny after sex….png)

2be8ec73 No.3582622

File: 1595203094476.jpg (436.8 KB, 3840x2880, 3206993_ScuzzyFox_rubberba….jpg)

d10f59bc No.3583025

File: 1595626664601.jpg (352.23 KB, 826x1001, squirrel.jpg)

File: 1591568733970-0.png (12.15 KB, 516x173, Screenshot_2020-06-07 Rich….png)

File: 1591568733970-1.png (13.07 KB, 516x174, Screenshot_2020-06-07 Rich….png)

File: 1591568733970-2.png (24.65 KB, 516x352, Screenshot_2020-06-07 Rich….png)

6fd1b83f No.3578267[Reply]

Cobalt has been feeling down lately. Aufy, wont you go and message him to cheer him up?

e4ed7440 No.3578268

you're right OP, this needed another thread

6fd1b83f No.3578273

File: 1591571609555.png (98.38 KB, 400x398, Screenshot_2020-06-07 LOL ….png)

You wouldn't complain about multiple threads featuring horse cock would you?

e4ed7440 No.3578274

Actually I would.

f972d8ae No.3583008


File: 1585318348509.jpg (3.24 MB, 4096x2304, IMG_20200325_161503.jpg)

22482f51 No.3572614[Reply]

by chance anyone knows what this is?
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7a118c53 No.3576927


b741dd90 No.3578261

File: 1591560018481-0.jpg (3.22 MB, 4096x2304, seal.jpg)

File: 1591560018481-1.jpg (384.9 KB, 1560x1560, spilla sconosciuta.jpg)

hello it's me again :)

now I ask you fot help in finding the logo if the pin and the use of the ribbor/seal, I think it's chinese stuff

5b4c7958 No.3578262

b741dd90 No.3578264


thank U dude, what about the ribbon? it has two little sleeves at the extremes, like to put a cord inside and, IDK, made a knot?

eb2d8752 No.3580425

anyone knows something about the blue pin?

dcbeae63 No.3580466

Is there something on the other side of the pin? Some sign or inscription maybe?

5d05d0e4 No.3583005


unfortunately no, it's plain :(

File: 1592527352825.png (253.64 KB, 315x451, celestia.png)

5b6b9e35 No.3579316[Reply]

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82e1b90c No.3579545

File: 1592694706898.jpg (245.25 KB, 600x849, dikrip.jpg)

I dunno, anyone who makes a comic about somebody making out with a dog has my seal of approval 👍

At least she got on the trans bandwagon before it was cool. Probably not a trender tranny so I can respect that.

c9e733ee No.3579560

File: 1592705381815.png (64.58 KB, 340x546, Art_Zimyelling.png)

Wasnt that around a billion years ago? I vaguely remember I was still in high school or briefly after the whole dog make out thing. Nick is still insane for taking on this comic. But let's be serious, this will be the next super edgey invader zim.

This wouldn't be their first wtf moment.

c9e733ee No.3579562

The worst part is, unlike invader zim. If you disagree, you will be socially ostracised for being a biggot.

It's fairly ingenious.

06b46a40 No.3579563

File: 1592705636951.png (351.76 KB, 861x1556, 1592559847268.png)

why just ten dollars ?

c8c89039 No.3579761

Was out of quarters.

6fa15035 No.3579767

Who drew dis?

cb57ae38 No.3582972

File: 1595537550267-0.png (89.47 KB, 1027x979, c1f27144444a15820211f2de1b….png)

File: 1595537550267-1.png (108.69 KB, 1027x979, 7100df58b3e81937418b04b3c2….png)

File: 1595537550267-2.png (164.13 KB, 1027x979, b5d7f2e02eb198d122010a00da….png)

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