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File: 1602811654601.png (731.84 KB, 892x1000, 1602009172.spelunkersal_pa….png)

dba76a18 No.3591882[Reply]

I'm 14 and I knocked up my mom when we were in quarantine. Should I tell my guidance councilor or just pretend not to know im her dad for the rest of my life?
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1c59dfe0 No.3591894

fake and gay

1d428205 No.3591910

Ive been here since it was wtfux or whatever, i still remember that arab music playing while the site was doing the transfer.

I'd just gotten banned from Fchan for being under 18, so I was probably 16 or 17. Xenofur and SageNadia threw a hissy fit because they accidentally made an underage kid a mod for their fur porn site. I was really into the IRC back then.

Just posting cub because I was a kid back then and op is a kid.

1d428205 No.3591911

File: 1602849102876.png (389.89 KB, 920x808, 3279542_Canyon_90392f80-a6….png)

1d428205 No.3591912

Whatever happened to SageNadia anyway? That girl just kinda glided through life with no drama, but at the same time being a literal drama cow.

Lesbian. Hired people to cut their wrists so she could use their blood as salad dressing. Sued several construction companies for using power tools and "distressing the spirits in her house's wood", she was an extreme dominatrix, regularly paid girls to give her IV blood bags so she could drink it, had a guy in chastity for a year with an agreement to fuck him after and then said no means no…

Literally a psychotic bitch and was somehow able to just skip along.

10b5398f No.3591913

Do you remember how you found your way here?

85817203 No.3591914

Not him but I found this place around the same time as Steam when it was playing the Nasheed called "hubbu hubbu" in the background. I found it from a list of image chans

85817203 No.3591915

File: 1602855052392.jpg (51.44 KB, 476x421, allahackbar.jpg)

File: 1600988430560.jpg (38.55 KB, 390x290, light_cavalry.jpg)

2ccbc6ec No.3589674[Reply]

PA USPS is dumping military ballots. Serves those welfare queens right. Only a fucking worthless moron would go military. They're all murders and accomplices anyway. Those fascist nazis have less right to vote than felons.

A felon murderer might have 1 or a few murders on them. Military and vet trash have countless lives of blood on their hands. The military is just an excuse for white men to kill people of color.

588af053 No.3589678

Veterans are such entitled little shits. They think just because they murder a few people they should get special treatment. They're just crying little babies sucking of the Right's teat.

Godamn parasites.

5fdaa0c5 No.3591859

44d0b0bc No.3591876


Bad trolls are not good at trolling.

File: 1601055871480-0.png (1.69 MB, 2800x2360, e270be97d6900d102c6bef37b1….png)

File: 1601055871480-1.png (1.07 MB, 932x1280, kittydee-c-0494-a.png)

File: 1601055871480-2.jpg (228.68 KB, 944x1280, e38423495c9abb73fd0b04ca7b….jpg)

File: 1601055871480-3.png (2.16 MB, 1615x1933, b9a7b6fa5fa4b81a1c5e1a1ed4….png)

8dad14b1 No.3589767[Reply]

How do we not already have an incest thread?

Post familial love

d93c21d1 No.3591791

File: 1602724957517.jpg (118.06 KB, 920x1118, liontaro_twincest.jpg)

d3074c60 No.3591856

File: 1602792982134.jpg (302.42 KB, 1152x2048, C5j9HOaU4AAx1h3.jpg)

is it incest if you time travel and fuck yourself?

asking for a friend

c7808386 No.3591872

lol thats ,Vegas, there and did sane pictures

File: 1594638610609.jpg (77.99 KB, 595x819, scarlet_by_jollyjack.jpg)

a5e02190 No.3582055[Reply]

Needs more squirrels
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527239b6 No.3582602

File: 1595146620538.png (198.22 KB, 820x1026, Secret and Penny after sex….png)

2be8ec73 No.3582622

File: 1595203094476.jpg (436.8 KB, 3840x2880, 3206993_ScuzzyFox_rubberba….jpg)

d10f59bc No.3583025

File: 1595626664601.jpg (352.23 KB, 826x1001, squirrel.jpg)

b25abe6a No.3589479

File: 1600818666818.jpg (178.25 KB, 1280x1280, 1552826988.rimarabernadett….jpg)

a9331d87 No.3591809

File: 1602749730637.jpg (764.18 KB, 3264x4928, _DSC0230.JPG)

Found this on tinder before it got deleted.

a9331d87 No.3591810

File: 1602749986550.jpg (684.83 KB, 3264x4928, _DSC0229.JPG)

ce31a8e9 No.3591815

File: 1602758446048.jpg (128.46 KB, 1280x1280, 1595864533.mrglazed_sandy_….jpg)

File: 1592469821675.png (628.79 KB, 466x466, Screenshot_2020-06-18 1 Do….png)

7c2aebdf No.3579266[Reply]

Post your favorite episodes, audios or books from the series.
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bb6d8a5c No.3591665

File: 1602636119989-0.jpg (71.14 KB, 921x700, Dr. Who cat nurses.jpg)

File: 1602636119989-1.jpg (86.11 KB, 1024x768, Dr. Who cat nurse.jpg)

Any episode with cat nurses!

e82dee68 No.3591676


And the one where Peter broke the vase and somehow got caught in a time loop and ended up breaking the vase a dozen more times.

e828ff80 No.3591682

File: 1602647271360.jpg (184.24 KB, 1280x720, tooth6.jpg)


New Series, Season 2 Episode 2: Tooth and Claw

c5047b89 No.3591798

At least the cat nurses look better then the faces of the Cats 2019 musical. What would happen if the faces of the Cats musical characters looked more like the cat's face from Ready Player One? There needs to be a live show that has cat chicks.

Does anyone remember the Star Trek The Next Gen ep where Geordi is with Data where Data's cat Spot rubs her tail on Geordi's face?

c2efc911 No.3591802

File: 1602741457404.jpg (87.17 KB, 600x600, de93f97e4b6e62d8865b7d226b….jpg)

c2efc911 No.3591803

File: 1602741543588.jpg (65.42 KB, 640x360, Doctor-Who-Survival.jpg)

c2efc911 No.3591804

File: 1602741736411.gif (25.4 KB, 250x250, tumblr_0862f572a00d60305ae….gif)

File: 1576883178177-0.jpg (34.05 KB, 565x599, 154a42e7-de31-45bd-94ab-12….jpg)

File: 1576883178177-1.jpg (354.11 KB, 500x699, 14b51b17f813e10f4442e65cd0….jpg)

File: 1576883178177-2.jpg (647.72 KB, 1000x1415, 12_MandyFinal.jpg)

File: 1576883178177-3.jpg (31.49 KB, 500x500, 7de188531ff9ec624fa16bbed7….jpg)

File: 1576883178177-4.png (510.71 KB, 500x814, 04bc5d785b4af2eb8b7d218eb8….png)

2c9b4d73 No.2275[Reply]

Hoomins have a thread now post your fave!
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aa285035 No.3583289

File: 1595898665526.jpeg (141.13 KB, 500x659, 5c47c31e725106107b1049bfe….jpeg)

b6992338 No.3583725

why live

9d6e3d35 No.3586527

File: 1598678334659.jpg (89.39 KB, 740x673, furry girls irl - hey kid ….jpg)

3a570c4f No.3586925

File: 1598880603714.png (222.75 KB, 650x297, wellaathenhoomin.png)

53299d24 No.3586984

File: 1598911310055.jpeg (241.29 KB, 708x1000, b83d12c75dd7ded780041c059….jpeg)

b827057a No.3587930

File: 1599707647374.jpeg (361.41 KB, 1314x2048, EhCfs8lWsAc1cBH.jpeg)

65a25955 No.3591797

File: 1602733023861.jpg (66.93 KB, 532x800, spots.jpg)

File: 1602709493163.png (50.39 KB, 938x513, failedsavedissues.png)

cfadaeca No.3591770[Reply]

If images fail with a "Save failed" message, then you might need to specify an alternative
output folder.

tried to convert all jpegs into pngs into a new folder, and it still fails. what's the issue here?
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cfadaeca No.3591772

File: 1602710280090.png (233.01 KB, 907x461, ychanerror.png)

Ychan is not accepting jpegs and it only accepts png and cant make new threads due to errors. What we'ere doing is saving as much furry content and art.

cfadaeca No.3591773

The converter used to work fine and now it starting to act up for no reason.

cfadaeca No.3591775

Saving as png in paint.net would take 20 minutes but if it where 400 images of furry jpeg art it would take a whole day.

a3622d83 No.3591778


Restart the computer, if that doesn't work then reinstall the software. Dunno what else anyone here could tell you.

eb4ebcea No.3591789

File: 1602724499112.jpg (70.01 KB, 907x461, ychanerror.png.jpg)

> Ychan is not accepting jpegs and it only accepts png and cant make new threads due to errors.
That is obviously a glitch at the website. Contact the owner and just wait until it's fixed.
> What we'ere doing is saving as much furry content and art.
There is simply no need to rush by uploading to a temporarily broken website. Other image repositories exit such as furry.booru.org and fur.booru.org.

Also, you are not undoing any damage by converting a jpg to png. The loss of quality happened at the time the jpg was created, and it is irreversible.

Furthermore, if you create oversized images that already have visible low quality, other people may convert them back to jpgs because why not.

cfadaeca No.3591793

File: 1602728325387.jpg (30.42 KB, 700x390, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

had to shut down avast antivirus it was causing issues with it.

aca0f878 No.3591842


File: 1598561885793-0.png (784.82 KB, 1000x1200, RoareyRaccoon cunts.png)

File: 1598561885793-1.png (349.97 KB, 798x768, kupok snitches.png)

1b51d180 No.3586199[Reply]


>Okay, scheduled my account for deletion, minimum seems to be in two days time, so if there's anything you want to save, now's the time to do so. I'm not subjecting myself to this fucking commie shit anymore, I'm too old and I'm done. Seeya….wherever. Dunno yet. Still on FA for however long that lasts, or you can find me on discord. Either way I've had enough. Thanks to all of you lovely people who chatted and liked the drawings, so long and thanks for all the fish XP.

>EDIT: I will only end up banned anyway, staff here want me to be nice to scum and I'm not tailoring my language to protect the feefees of the people who have fucking ruined our fandom. So because I won't change and neither will they, we are at a simple situation. I am going regardless.
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0be3a0d8 No.3587135

File: 1599057972734-0.jpg (9.07 KB, 319x158, testiclesss.jpg)

File: 1599057972734-1.jpg (8.7 KB, 251x201, squidwarzz (2).jpg)

File: 1599057972734-2.jpg (58.44 KB, 1280x720, squidwarzz (1).jpg)


minecraft villiger update looks good I'm sure players at minecon would not mind

0be3a0d8 No.3587136

File: 1599058189791-0.jpg (193.25 KB, 1349x1600, patrick-mappala-villager-s….jpg)

File: 1599058189791-1.jpg (49.62 KB, 564x835, b45db5eddb6bf6b23f97883fb1….jpg)

File: 1599058189791-2.png (375.8 KB, 500x677, U6dlFo6.png)

File: 1599058189791-3.jpg (89 KB, 2048x1536, as4og50r4ty21.jpg)

the creeper is not the only one that looks like a giant exploding penis.

2ab88a96 No.3587137

File: 1599058433652.jpg (102.83 KB, 1280x720, minecraftpenis.jpg)

You're a giant dick.

2ab88a96 No.3587138

File: 1599058564471.png (701.36 KB, 480x721, multi penis man costume.png)

Nothing trumps you being a dickhead or a complete dick in general.

65d20e81 No.3587157

File: 1599063113899.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, NfdDiW9V.jpg)

5a309895 No.3591752

File: 1602695113552.jpg (23.99 KB, 640x495, ualfnuoktus51.jpg)


8939f382 No.3591777

File: 1602711145754-0.png (2.47 MB, 3000x4050, 88a6s8lm3og41.png)

File: 1602711145754-1.png (183.85 KB, 622x640, tenor.png)

File: 1602711145754-2.png (705.03 KB, 2189x800, 2WfvF.png)

File: 1580787939961.png (894.75 KB, 1433x1228, howtobreaklockoffear.png)

b3470f31 No.3568634[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Post pics that restore your faith in humanity.
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092700db No.3591694

File: 1602664688743.jpg (169.39 KB, 535x640, Little Golden Book.jpg)

9047f285 No.3591699

File: 1602666623447.png (82.06 KB, 310x165, 1600024610452.png)

9047f285 No.3591727

File: 1602676160106.jpg (86.31 KB, 927x500, 4cvydc.jpg)

f9cd6b75 No.3591739

File: 1602682389255.jpg (145.96 KB, 1280x1139, fb8bcf6bb288ad9641f600c768….jpg)

f9cd6b75 No.3591740

File: 1602682478387.jpg (123.34 KB, 1280x747, d77f304015e21b4e2bc18bcf21….jpg)

f9cd6b75 No.3591741

File: 1602682505819.png (429.24 KB, 800x800, a84658e0d78307de3b66fa10f8….png)

f9cd6b75 No.3591743

File: 1602685026301.png (1.86 MB, 2240x3240, 44fe93972263749dfbbb2f0bfc….png)

File: 1600122732864.jpg (1.32 MB, 1170x1654, f05ac8398d12868f7e5e884cf5….jpg)

5dcb3796 No.3588498[Reply]

Anal sex is the only kind of intercourse that should legal. Anal is victimless, vaginal forces someone who didnt have the choice to be born. It's essentially rape.

Think of all the death and genocide that's come from vaginal penetration.
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7d5bcb13 No.3589963

File: 1601249693375-0.png (1.77 MB, 1139x1500, 95db0cf76e9a56e59bd93d75f4….png)

File: 1601249693375-1.png (1.83 MB, 1139x1500, 30ef0aeb73c932a051ac21402a….png)

File: 1601249693375-2.png (270.41 KB, 1000x800, e97e8d361f0885bc2349e8c934….png)

7d5bcb13 No.3589964

File: 1601250166420-0.jpg (73.62 KB, 649x800, 5dabe3a27b352eb03bc5fd4b7d….jpg)

File: 1601250166420-1.png (4.29 MB, 3000x2766, 78f4563f20f2be01fff9c47afd….png)

7d5bcb13 No.3590094

File: 1601394285656.webm (3.81 MB, 1260x1080, reariteee.webm)

7d5bcb13 No.3590106

File: 1601409124887.webm (3.84 MB, 1260x1080, rearitytes.webm)

d8cc0fb3 No.3591705

File: 1602671038024-0.png (5.03 KB, 500x400, 1398525666.oriole_beach.png)

File: 1602671038024-1.png (33.57 KB, 540x690, 1520567771.oriole_nosweat.png)

File: 1602671038024-2.png (346.61 KB, 900x952, 1524690055.oriole_candy_sn….png)

File: 1602671038024-3.png (89.52 KB, 540x810, 1525990000.oriole_nonstop5….png)

File: 1602671038024-4.png (135.53 KB, 540x543, 1537574573.oriole_buttfuck.png)

b1a179ca No.3591708

File: 1602672939996.png (252.26 KB, 1000x498, StickInTheMud.png)

6c44b92d No.3591725

File: 1602676130103.jpg (143.74 KB, 905x1280, 1573958934.viejillox_nivk.jpg)

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