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File: 1713120877261.png (4.02 MB, 2048x2048, 21865181aff35e81afdd0974e0….png)

cf678d33 No.3737607[Reply]

that feeling when you're just chilling, and some random gay guys just calls you while masturbating.

cf678d33 No.3737608

File: 1713120972278.jpg (66.16 KB, 850x1231, 4589ecce9baa1a6a97a0967a5e….jpg)

-_- and that other feeling when they say you sound more gay than they do.

cf678d33 No.3737609

File: 1713121335391.jpg (81.02 KB, 850x680, 29b970e2107aaadd655b4e6b6f….jpg)

I mean, I sound a little flamboyant, but I blame it on the fact that I have an accent from nowhere due to moving around so much, and talking a slight falceto due to psychology classes.

Seriously, when you're the only guy in a class full of women for years, and "mansplaining" is a thing, you eventually adopt at least a little bit of a lisp to downplay your masculinity, if for nothing else.

Especially when you're a 6'2 slab of mustachio'd testosterone.

File: 1713039444964.jpg (176.19 KB, 850x1518, 352ad41dde193436a4119b6091….jpg)

fb5cad82 No.3737530[Reply]

Just a reminder, snakes are now called draconcopodes, to be politically correct. If you misname them as something offensive like "sneks" or "nope_ropes", you are a biggot.
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65806871 No.3737543

better to be a biggot than a niggot

fb5cad82 No.3737544

File: 1713055895692.jpg (178.82 KB, 850x776, 00c79a3a86b346915b174a9097….jpg)

the fuck is a niggot?

662f2ad0 No.3737546


Its a cinder block painted with gold spray paint.

fb5cad82 No.3737568

I have a big ass safe, which is like 0.0005 full of paper work.

I'm feeling a huge urge to fill the rest of the racks with these "niggots"

fb5cad82 No.3737569

File: 1713099713307.jpg (216.52 KB, 850x947, 3fccd16c0aaa38bb5e173f5165….jpg)

Its kinda like in one of my favorite series, ring of man. Its weirdly focused on the dragon POV, and not humans, despite the name.

The dragons in book 6 finally raid the Red Queen's castle, human and basically the queen of humanity, and oops, no gold.

Then she's like "I own everything, people, housing, all the governments, did you really think I'd just have a bunch of gold in my basement?"

gold painted bricks would be fun to just fill up the space.

f527dd58 No.3737584

a nig + a faggot

b3d2182e No.3737604

File: 1713119514616.jpg (297.95 KB, 2000x1027, 20d0211f6135167237772af03c….jpg)

That's like saying you can't say human, you have to say biped. Draconopode is an equivalent descriptor to biped or quadruped.

File: 1712776164386.png (100.27 KB, 1200x1080, The Gallivanting Mime.png)

cfe5c193 No.3737293[Reply]


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7399cb90 No.3737431

File: 1712889167603.png (73 KB, 498x225, katz-courage-the-cowardly-….png)

I'm going to rub my nips with Vaseline while watching horror movies to put to to sleep

8eac9e04 No.3737432


7399cb90 No.3737439

subjective, 120k per year is poor to some people.

Still I'm all nip lubed up and i have a big ass bed, and a big ass dog that probably managed to steal my spot in, to flop down onto.

a9df367f No.3737533

File: 1713044649143.png (392.77 KB, 578x600, burning bridges.png)

Burning Bridges (Re-Recorded In Stereo)

4af470e8 No.3737593

File: 1713115014652.jpg (68.33 KB, 720x1280, IMAGE 2024-04-14 12:16:34.jpg)

7399cb90 No.3737596

every time I see a needle, my veins literally constrict and crawl up inside me. I'm notoriously the worst person to take blood from at my VA clinic. I don't pass out but i will be all o_o the entire time, with veins fortified with steel.

I would be the worst IV drug user.

Funny story though, my mom found a mysterious syringe full of mysterious yellow fluid in my house. She was like WTF *name* ALCOHOL ISNT ENOUGH?.

it was an ink pen, that I ironically got from a rehab clinic.

7399cb90 No.3737598

File: 1713117066635.jpg (35.57 KB, 637x358, download.jpg)

Alcohol is enough, I don't even like it in particular. I just really dislike sobriety. Its gross and feels like cold old man doctor hands on my brin.

File: 1688763671769.jpg (80.89 KB, 534x800, all alone gatsby.jpg)

801d8091 No.3707699[Reply]

Alone on a Friday night? How pathetic.
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a2de9299 No.3725335

I don't know you. I've never spoken to you. I have never interacted with you. And yet, every single post I see from you on this site makes me want to beat you to death with a couple D batteries in a sock.

a1bb95ab No.3733062

File: 1708715364555.gif (28.03 KB, 506x768, Bill Fitts_1996__SHOTSTAR.GIF)

a6eae1d3 No.3733807


Kindly form an orderly line

6867a8eb No.3733845

File: 1709451306639.jpg (805.78 KB, 800x1075, Dore-munchausen-illustrati….jpg)

It's just our resident who always has personally experienced everything ever happened to anybody. Getting irritated of him is waste of energy and time.

70ce777b No.3737489

File: 1712972212578.jpg (165.56 KB, 800x483, 37d874a3e75046d3b4299fbb4d….jpg)

Steam's just doing what Steam does. I hope he never stops.

3646329f No.3737494

File: 1712975181074.jpg (17.02 KB, 474x315, th-688182508.jpg)

38b13aad No.3737517

you're not that guy but im pretty sure he has combat experience or something

File: 1712872493596.jpg (181.15 KB, 850x1202, a1748addb21772cad4dd5c8d29….jpg)

214854c3 No.3737393[Reply]

Set up a dedicated Palworld server, its limited on users, but its running off of my server now, and has almost 0 lag. So far, my server is pretty OP.
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214854c3 No.3737473

File: 1712959410330.jpg (27.78 KB, 202x388, 61je8fzeuuL (1).jpg)

I have ancient glacial water directly shipped in to run the cooling unit on my gpu.

But no, pal mans only.

214854c3 No.3737474

if you recognize that joke, you win 50 old man points.

214854c3 No.3737475

File: 1712959754704.jpg (448.93 KB, 955x1016, 1687995153.bigdad_baffy_12.jpg)

or old women points.

The system does not judge.

69837699 No.3737479

File: 1712962117167.jpg (289.27 KB, 938x1371, IMG_20171229_164833.jpg)


Imagine what retirement homes are going to be like when millennials start packing them. Remembering obscure internet memes while the zoomers change their diapers.

Just kidding, millennials will never retire.

214854c3 No.3737481

File: 1712962685197.jpg (340.66 KB, 1280x1436, tumblr_053b89b27ee362aa6f6….jpg)

The rental rates will be 1337, and the welcoming packages will come with generic viagra and various animal ears…. to wear to the communal orgies. Where we will all be that guy who watches.

ONLY WATCHERS. No participants.

fc28dc32 No.3737497

File: 1712979310021.png (53.92 KB, 500x632, 5c684a3f3448c236326de636b1….png)

Palworld is difficult to control with a controller; use a Keyboard and mouse instead!

214854c3 No.3737499

my biggest complaint is that my controller has drift, so I need to use my mouse when im moving between quick stops.

File: 1688812741321.jpg (118.13 KB, 800x640, 664874107d4a05ea84532f5657….jpg)

41bc8712 No.3707762[Reply]

Post all your darted furries here.
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d3ad1cf9 No.3714389

File: 1693629259149.jpg (71.33 KB, 720x828, 271d423a1d78fb292c941c85e8….jpg)

Now THAT'S a dart.

cf01e7c9 No.3716954

File: 1695526725189.jpg (267.73 KB, 1172x2048, 223823a4eb2dd4b0fb347c22bf….jpg)

1e67025c No.3722424

File: 1700679105805.jpg (558 KB, 1643x1632, 5a18caff5f4a1a3be93e7b6e5a….jpg)

14bb9b6b No.3735876

File: 1711606687148.png (43.39 KB, 840x840, Maddie the rapist.png)

37074aed No.3737469

37074aed No.3737470

7e0e880e No.3737471

File: 1712955460345.jpg (77.79 KB, 513x626, darted.jpg)

Maybe hard to see but otter girl got darted.

File: 1697866220626.jpg (308.63 KB, 1216x1566, James M Hardiman anus exam….jpg)

c48cd974 No.3719428[Reply]

Which furry artist draws the best anus? You are encouraged to post examples of your choice. :)
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d41fc0bf No.3719528

File: 1698014148544-0.png (2.9 MB, 1539x1800, 1697600989.novaduskpaw_jam….png)

6a642cb0 No.3719552

File: 1698083052327-0.png (1.93 MB, 1920x1080, 01456ab1770331d5522d6c0354….png)

File: 1698083052327-1.png (2.29 MB, 2048x1350, 2d3534bcfe8225b38c362e8853….png)

File: 1698083052327-2.png (3.31 MB, 3500x2100, 385e1c4c6361a849b76001eed5….png)

A few of my favorites. Adelaherz and Rajii do superb buttholes fairly consistently.

4d3ba3d9 No.3719768

File: 1698273107773.jpg (151.8 KB, 1200x1600, 4737465_roo310_04.jpg)

Roo310 draws a decent anus.

8b804ce4 No.3719825

File: 1698321591616.gif (6.71 MB, 800x450, 1680900181.sazemek_nutting….gif)

521e7345 No.3719828

File: 1698332110582.webm (1.01 MB, 720x720, horse anusing.webm)

And then there is this…

1dd24024 No.3737188

File: 1712649204339-0.jpg (295.91 KB, 1275x1650, 95b3a1c1a85c862a43a77d0ac0….jpg)

File: 1712649204339-1.jpg (974.38 KB, 2544x3291, e75dc4b3d8db4d6bcd62f192c1….jpg)

James M Hardiman.

c2c2d36b No.3737448

File: 1712892901307.png (436.89 KB, 1091x1200, 1486201800093.monkeyspirit….png)

File: 1712855337943.png (376.97 KB, 623x902, c50caa7dbeb10f8fecc8bf225c….png)

4bc38cd7 No.3737371[Reply]

We need to have a shaved thread, because for some reason I'm in to that now.

4bc38cd7 No.3737372

File: 1712855386084-0.png (373.98 KB, 775x800, b13fa5f68f9467b50f3b23bd83….png)

File: 1712855386085-1.png (563.67 KB, 1565x1188, 1920b396a8283573042e64a97d….png)

443dd350 No.3737373

File: 1712859437876.jpg (430.91 KB, 1482x2392, 0c65a07e61e0e2f06ee6183b61….jpg)

a54790c5 No.3737406

inb4 DC Simpson

File: 1712853563704.png (710.72 KB, 929x568, fursuit.png)

2c7cd005 No.3737370[Reply]

Alright sorry, i'm down so fucking bad for this suit. Who's the bottom in this pic. it's in a compilation vid

File: 1695871554399.png (71.29 KB, 371x531, 44a157b3fd3e2b85c37588923d….png)

09fa6698 No.3717333[Reply]

Has anyone heard from Helelos lately? I'm very worried about him.
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adc63377 No.3736918

File: 1712434177061.png (2.98 MB, 1881x1959, 1712326272.monohors3_10000….png)

I mean sure, my underwear is infringing on the feminine side, my clothes are a bit too fancy for a truckstop walmart, and my accent doesn't fit any known location, and I take the phrase "kiss my ass" a little too literally, but yeah not trans.

adc63377 No.3736919

File: 1712434426348.png (5.36 MB, 1740x1792, 1672358958.oxfort2199_img_….png)

I will go as far as saying I could be considered non-binary.

Just because I really don't give a shit about gender roles, I just do what I want to do. I just happen to generally like more traditionally masculine things in general, but I don't let silly things like labels limit my life experience.

adc63377 No.3736920

In any case, in order to be trans, I'd need to be transitioning. And as everyone knows, I'm basically stuck at a fixed point in time. I don't take kindly to fancy things like "change."

a69299c5 No.3736921

File: 1712436121800.png (392.92 KB, 407x621, unknown-16.png)


adc63377 No.3736922

File: 1712436543588.jpg (529.38 KB, 962x1200, 103271807_p0_master1200.jpg)

Still not trans, but I did totally just orgasm from playing with my nipples.

adc63377 No.3736924

File: 1712437255274.png (2.34 MB, 1920x1080, 7a1e7ea26d1057aefd18a7f663….png)

I have a goat milker, I can only use it once every few days, but in the off time, these things are sensitive af.


7763948f No.3737346

It's sad to see this happening to him. I used to play games with him and we would laugh and have fun.

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