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File: 1581201686389.jpg (79.84 KB, 600x589, fcc9fee31256f7d36b8cde4ccc….jpg)

30c05ec6 No.3569054[Reply]

Why did Strider Orion up and vanish and take all his art with him?
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a67d5fbd No.3575935

heard that he works at Disney animation on the lion king cartoon

448bde1d No.3575958

Don't Disney contractors also have to give up any and all rights to any and all characters the draw while employed…wouldn't want to see Ashley suddenly become a Disney princes.

a67d5fbd No.3575959

File: 1589553894137.jpg (406.91 KB, 1300x731, the-lion-guard-unleash-the….jpg)

yes,even if your off duty, if you uses their computer or tools they own what you create.

I think he is working on the The Lion Guard

a67d5fbd No.3575970

File: 1589568795326.jpg (94.1 KB, 1000x750, 414_striderorion_chokeabit….jpg)

also these is rumor that he was being stalked, by this crazy fan that he refused to take a commission from, plus he got a real job animating what the point of staying in the fandom

c099fc4a No.3575986

Very overrated guy, though he did have a LOT of art.

What's that deep web fa archive again?

248d8f41 No.3575992

File: 1589595139487.jpg (695.51 KB, 1500x1500, 2a052dfe16d29469ab91436ea6….jpg)

he was not that bad, his art was good, the fandom is obsessed with him because by all accounts a nice guy that would complete his drawing. in a fandom of autism he was a nice dude that people like with some basic social skills,

82ce719e No.3576002

Wow. A shitty artist for a shitty show. They were made for each other.

File: 1577004547298.jpg (68.1 KB, 600x580, alone_on_a_friday_night.jpg)

1ba126f1 No.2445[Reply]

Alone on a Friday Night? God, You're Pathetic
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ea5b992d No.3574217

File: 1587177368028.jpg (98.45 KB, 1280x1134, de368b7b8f0dbed9b45d546d39….jpg)

f8bafd3e No.3574218

File: 1587179103781-0.png (226.43 KB, 1399x1815, d9b76c314b74b8d976eb28ef9b….png)

File: 1587179103781-1.jpg (452.6 KB, 775x1000, 1606213_mushmouth_slave_pe….jpg)

its fuck virus world

6c2ad601 No.3574289

File: 1587242241006.jpg (47.54 KB, 540x551, 93100527_118618869798681_6….jpg)

b4c395bc No.3574290

I'll grab your butt cheeks and pull out my willy, stir your asshole like a hot bowl of chili.

20f2b6ba No.3575980

File: 1589584695796.jpg (852 KB, 1781x1186, 2032923_Tush_judy_masturba….jpg)

983d96b1 No.3575998

File: 1589599380819-0.jpg (77.17 KB, 582x800, SBT-BunnyBoi.jpg)

File: 1589599380819-1.jpg (192.75 KB, 600x600, HorsieHump.jpg)

File: 1589599380819-2.jpg (293.49 KB, 700x534, DraconisCommish.jpg)

983d96b1 No.3576001

File: 1589609465297.jpg (1.31 MB, 1560x683, Peking-Duck-L.jpg)

for some reason I want Peking duck.

File: 1589502720073.png (884.09 KB, 776x900, 1586979058.vilani_vilani_t….png)

70840c65 No.3575927[Reply]

Why did Vilani take down all her cub porn?
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9a5dee4c No.3575930

File: 1589506358892-0.png (56.7 KB, 800x527, 87eefa0fb708805df5575b2c26….png)

File: 1589506358892-1.png (409.91 KB, 900x829, 7ffebd6b1690462c630eb8ef78….png)

File: 1589506358892-2.png (99.8 KB, 900x797, e3495f7893cee0a468f2f0f319….png)

No doubt she will set up a separate account for cub art, the way a lot of others do.

5a0683ec No.3575931

Maybe she heard the news about Mitch McConnel legalizing the FBI spying on Americans with no warrant or just cause including hacking your browser data and history.

She may be scared her private data may be exposed. It's not a rational fear but lots of people are saying they are afraid the FBI will stalk them.

70840c65 No.3575932


She lives in Ireland.

83076bd3 No.3575938


The UK is not a great place to have white skin and be into kiddie stuff. They have some very strict laws about stuff like this.

b71db358 No.3575949

I think it's more likely that she needs a source of income because of coronavirus stay at home orders, and she doesn't want to lose her Patreon account. See this post: >>3575563

She could always open an alt Inkbunny account just for cub art commissions as long as it's not linked in any way to her existing accounts.

8030275c No.3575950

File: 1589526577478.jpg (222.09 KB, 1475x1600, Ireland.jpg)

Ireland is NOT part of the U.K. (except for that northern bit).

0ae3887d No.3575955

Because the Great Purge "to protect the children" is coming.

File: 1586743017905.jpg (1.9 MB, 1920x2963, bryant-beach-bear-soldier.jpg)

abc07201 No.3573857[Reply]

TRUE STORY!! The Bear Who Fought Alongside Soldiers in World War 2.
During World War II a group of soldiers were traveling through the Iranian mountains, where they met a boy selling a small bear cub. The soldiers took the cub under their wing, and before long, the cub grew into a giant brown bear that became the mascot for the 22nd Artillery Supply Company. Wojtek would become a friend of the soldiers and help scare away enemies. Watch today's amazing video to meet Wojtek, the WW2 brown bear!

Post your AMAZING True animal stories here!!

76d70041 No.3573868

File: 1586760994182.jpg (32.21 KB, 620x330, EliRoth.jpg)

So the Bear Jew from Inglorious Basterds was based a true story?

4a091f18 No.3573872


Nah, it was just some mass-murdering Kike who had run out of Palestinian children

abc07201 No.3573960

File: 1586827712567.jpg (13.27 KB, 200x297, hpmug_standard-1d2a023e80f….jpg)

Insane TRUE story, Soldier Sentenced to Death Escapes, Becomes JUNGLE KING


This story is so epic it would be impossible to try and sum it up, you'll just have to watch! But a little preview would be, a soldier goes AWOL after an accidental shooting that killed his sergeant and sent him on the run, in his search for shelter he befriended a local tribe, falls in love with the daughter of their leader and became part of the tribe family, all the while being hunted by the military so he could answer for his crimes! It's such a crazy story you can't miss it!

abc07201 No.3573973

File: 1586845965101.jpg (690.57 KB, 1080x1080, 36706025585_b2099eb844_o.jpg)

Bear's Feet Thread?

e37055e6 No.3574014

File: 1586934623879-0.jpg (296.91 KB, 909x750, 8chan--1450980575057.thumb….jpg)

File: 1586934623879-1.jpg (229.39 KB, 618x587, vSLprgp.jpg)

File: 1586934623879-2.jpg (1.16 MB, 1800x1200, Sun-Bear-Wallpapers-9.jpg)

File: 1586934623879-3.jpg (325.99 KB, 1000x566, vlcsnap-2017-02-21-09h45m1….jpg)

File: 1586934623879-4.jpg (254.42 KB, 640x640, 15756803850_6b1bc9c457_o.jpg)

There are a lot of different species of bears, and they have a lot of variation in their feet.
Some species for instance, have soles as soft and silky-smooth as raccoon feet.
Others, like the polar bear, have completely furred soles!

abc07201 No.3575952

File: 1589537199081.jpg (41.2 KB, 320x500, 51lYEotkvzL.jpg)

Someone actually wrote a book about this bear, you can find it on Amazon, and even read pages from it for FREE (click link where it says 'Look Inside'.


File: 1589230014794-0.jpg (355.87 KB, 825x1275, selflesslove_jaynaylor01.jpg)

File: 1589230014794-1.jpg (361.58 KB, 825x1275, selflesslove_jaynaylor02.jpg)

File: 1589230014794-2.jpg (403.21 KB, 825x1275, selflesslove_jaynaylor03.jpg)

File: 1589230014794-3.jpg (422.63 KB, 825x1275, selflesslove_jaynaylor04.jpg)

File: 1589230014794-4.jpg (419.99 KB, 825x1275, selflesslove_jaynaylor05.jpg)

2b8ee13e No.3575791[Reply]

Found an old comic while cleaning up

2b8ee13e No.3575792

File: 1589230080032-0.jpg (427.89 KB, 825x1275, selflesslove_jaynaylor06.jpg)

File: 1589230080032-1.jpg (385.14 KB, 825x1275, selflesslove_jaynaylor07.jpg)

File: 1589230080032-2.jpg (396.81 KB, 825x1275, selflesslove_jaynaylor08.jpg)

File: 1589230080032-3.jpg (399.37 KB, 825x1275, selflesslove_jaynaylor09.jpg)

File: 1589230080032-4.jpg (385.75 KB, 825x1275, selflesslove_jaynaylor10.jpg)

2b8ee13e No.3575793

File: 1589230104660-0.jpg (398.5 KB, 825x1275, selflesslove_jaynaylor11.jpg)

File: 1589230104660-1.jpg (358.36 KB, 825x1275, selflesslove_jaynaylor12.jpg)

aecf9739 No.3575898

Oh, look at this old thi- WAIT thats not the original dialogue

bff08c8a No.3575913

Someone did this comic a big favor by removing the inane objectivism and replacing it with simpler dialog and/or removing the dialog entirely.

adacc4b7 No.3575916

File: 1589478334463.png (44.29 KB, 657x657, e07b20ffd67e495e5f6325dd39….png)

>ywn be lying in a bed of hay as an anthro horse's absurdly thick cumload struggles against gravity to stay inside your pussy

d81917a8 No.3575943

wow, that's… actually a million times better story.
I mean its starting from a pretty low bar, but this story waaay more fapable.

he should consider just making his porn comics a textless slideshow of pinups,

ac006967 No.3575976

I read the original text after than one. My fucking god do I want to kick that self righteous little cuck Pablo square in the throat.

>>NOW can you see? How I can't love a woman who [deserves] to be loved by me?

That pisses me off. Worse how it almost seems Jay's portraying himself and his mindset through this character. Did his high school crush run off with someone she liked, who wasn't him? Holy shit! Who the fuck hurt you?

File: 1589453341669.png (135.62 KB, 900x900, 938EF6F1-F5AA-4E52-8AB9-45….png)

50d00cf6 No.3575910[Reply]

What ever happened to this guy?

I know it’s been awhile since he’s posted about Adiago here and I haven’t seen any twitter drama with him in years. Did he completely drop off the face of the planet?

d242b99c No.3575911

I dont know but I miss their art.

868f7d2a No.3575912


f325078c No.3575915

holy shit keep chasing ghosts dood.

00af3ce1 No.3575918


same guy ? if some he has been off for a month

50d00cf6 No.3575919

File: 1589478884976.jpeg (23.71 KB, 480x360, 625C9516-505D-4F94-8964-9….jpeg)

Same. I always hoped he’d grow out of the tracing shit though.

Old lulz poster.

Damn he’s still on adiago’s ass? Jesus Christ. It’s been almost a decade.

aaa6306f No.3575921

File: 1589343217584.png (54.98 KB, 1036x465, flistdottexyt.png)

a2da269e No.3575869[Reply]

One of you sure sounds mad :)

56522428 No.3575871


Moar? Delicious tears

36f9e539 No.3575872



File: 1586659256134.jpg (350.02 KB, 1862x1048, IMG_0085-JEPA_R.jpg)

7c93fe88 No.3573752[Reply]

Oh good Lord. Is anyone surprised?

"Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness" star Joseph Maldonado-Passage, also known as "Joe Exotic," had kinky sex fetishes and once ordered employees to bury the bodies of two protesters at his former zoo, current owner Jeff Lowe claims in a new interview.

"We also found pictures of stuffed animals where the mouths and ends of the animals had holes cut out in them where they would use them as their own sex toy," Lowe claimed.

"Joe was embezzling money from the zoo in order to pay all of these men to come have sex with him, he was only making $150 a week at the time. He was using the zoo as his own personal piggy bank," Lowe alleged.

Furthermore, Lowe said he's heard claims from other employees that Maldonado-Passage engaged in bestiality around the zoo.

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447a8e27 No.3575687

File: 1589082544414.png (124.36 KB, 349x491, 1566166027570.png)

>that thicc male white lion


e8053eea No.3575700

File: 1589103212920.png (3 MB, 1402x1696, tigress.png)


Their story. Likely.

Mine. Lived it.

447a8e27 No.3575718

File: 1589132776520.jpg (7.05 KB, 250x243, pepeF.jpg)

Everybody who types like you is insufferable and unliked by their peers. It's like how turbo liberals type their ragebait shit opinions to try to make them seem less limp.

03e6e338 No.3575719


What contributed to the show's demise is that it was fucking boring as hell.

No one cared about Roseanne with fat lions instead of fat humans.

8c2fbbe0 No.3575770

File: 1589182208506.jpg (2.14 MB, 3888x2592, dog.jpg)

Thanks. I don't give two shits, I suppose. I don't know what side a liberal is, or left, or right. I make it a point not to give two MORE shits about politics.

If you're saying I sound like a political moron by the way I type, guess you've got me all figured out.

7c93fe88 No.3575812

File: 1589258294479.jpg (140.33 KB, 1280x720, RoadsideRomeo.jpg)

Anybody see this or even hear of it?

What the HELL is Roadside Romeo? (FAILED Foreign Disney Movie)

What is your opinion of it?

d379ba12 No.3575851

File: 1589318140195.png (193.25 KB, 235x387, Untitled.png)


The school teacher

File: 1580328728146.jpg (75.68 KB, 677x419, 1580321835946.jpg)

454ac98b No.3568260[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

No Corona virus thread?
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f019709f No.3575885


f019709f No.3575886

f019709f No.3575887

…and three

f019709f No.3575888


f019709f No.3575889

And gone.

b97f3056 No.3575897


Every time you do this, you prove me correct. The #1 thing Yandere are known for is yelling, "BAKA!!" and "I don't even like you!!" while constantly obsessing over someone.

You are comically, hilariously, the most pathetic, cuck of a Yandere I have ever seen.

Didn't you stalk 3B onto Warcraft at one point? Why don't you go bother him there instead of bothering us here?

6830ef0d No.3576024

Eat shit and die, 3B.

File: 1588180750422.jpg (65.76 KB, 434x507, 39575b5c43f78b4fd6db958e98….jpg)

067a1fbf No.3575080[Reply]

Delicious. E621


Best drama so far this week
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fe17c363 No.3575652

File: 1589050851122.jpg (112.92 KB, 1012x1278, beak130.DPulpGvVwAAACWj.jpg)


>…unlike a png? 🤔

I store diffs in PNG format because it's easy and what I prefer, though iirc you can also save directly to JPG from drmask (don't quote me on that). You can shrink or squash or degrade the colors, even introduce macroblocks into the diff image, and the result will still produce something close to what the artist intended (albeit with artifacts, depending on how strong the changes are). Again this helps for anyone wanting to build on what's already here to add their own clever ways to obfuscate or put the diff somewhere else.

>Surely you don't actually believe they're just going to sit there getting loopholed?

they'd have to get even more draconian than they already are, of course, which is kinda a bonus if you want people to move off the platform quicker. But in my mind, I like the idea that this technique applies to *all* platforms, and enforcement requires the same level of pervasive/invasive lateral moderation across social media to effectively censor anyone.

It's like an arms race, or a game of whack-a-mole. Any image could potentially be something they're ideologically opposed to, and it doesn't make sense from a business perspective to try and root out every single POTENTIAL violation, since the base images are 100% indistinguishable on a pure data level from a passable image.

a16c0887 No.3575655

They don't need to find every single violation, they only need to find out which creators are doing it before giving them the boot. Hopefully forcing their hand with your tool will hasten patreon's end.

P.S. Why don't you encrypt (AES) the diff image instead of obfuscating it?

cc4a674f No.3575698

File: 1589095684142.png (6.9 KB, 405x400, as if the comic will ever ….png)

>artists must use software to protect their content from pirates
>now artists must use software to protect their content from hosts
What a bizarre turn of events. I almost feel bad for them, but we all know they have an easy solution (don't paywall).

54815e59 No.3575738

The whole idea was already tried with the so-called "white net" P2P sharing programs.

They got shitcanned by the copyright mafia and nobody batted an eyelid. You over-imagine how much the public cares about their rights.

54815e59 No.3575740

> Any image could potentially be something they're ideologically opposed to
>the base images are 100% indistinguishable on a pure data level

It's easy to detect images that are made to work with this method due to their restricted palette that has to work with the method. You could train an AI to warn that the image might be something else.

But that's a moot point. If nobody knows the diff exists, then nobody sees the real image you want to distribute, which is just as good as censoring it anyways. The moment that people discover the diff does exist, they will spread the real image around and blow your cover.

fe17c363 No.3575802

File: 1589246910448.jpg (83.57 KB, 1064x1200, h_rin0u0.DAmEx5dXcAAXMZv.jpg)


Only the output is 21-bit color; the diff and source image use typical 32 bit color. The source image is 100% unchanged. But otherwise you seem to get the idea

e464eecf No.3575807

File: 1589253061769.jpg (225.03 KB, 1280x720, 1580661816569.jpg)


It's great, isn't it? Hopefully all (pay-to-view) art hosting sites ban furry porn so we can experience another renaissance where people draw what they like rather than spamming YCH shit. That or furniggers learn to code their own websites.

The irony of SJWs killing the stuff they love most (pedophilia, homosexuality, etc.) by trying to appear mainstream for Christian soccer moms is peak big brain tactics.

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