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File: 1692654309570.webm (1.52 MB, 640x632, 1652901664641.webm)

971641ea No.3712847[Reply]

A bank error lost all my money and I had to drag some out of my safe, and considering I live in a shit neighbhood and was now poor I decided to go with the old saying "when in Rome, buy a lottery ticket" won 800.

Got my money back today but spending a week poor fucking sucks. I don't know how you all do it. Not being able to just buy whatever and not worry about it sucks balls.
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f3c51f4a No.3712871

File: 1692664681365.jpg (93.75 KB, 800x1150, 7f3.jpg)


Death is boring. Death is the dirt you walk on every day.

I don't find the dirt to be fun at all. It gets in my house and I have sweep up all the death, and put it back outside.

At least one death is fun, the death of trees. The bones of them make a great shelter.

Why the obsession with death anons? We are drowning in it all the time, as it sits in our lungs, and coats our furniture. It falls off us in mass in the shower.

The death is everywhere, seen and unseen.

9a1c8ff4 No.3712885

File: 1692672370250.png (249.6 KB, 1176x662, Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 2….png)

971641ea No.3712901

File: 1692681383406.png (1.67 MB, 2779x2780, 067846d80b06064553f6769ca4….png)

I'm actually truly impressed by this "quantum led" tech, compared to my normal 8 year old tv downstairs, the old one downstairs is kinda shit compared to my qled in my bedroom, especially coupled with my nintendo switch.

I don't like to upgrade until they've more or less perfected it, but when they do ho boy do I have a time. Gotta love AI upgrading images.

ebbb8500 No.3712910

File: 1692683744502.jpg (51.01 KB, 480x720, p032qq8y.jpg)

Steam's pissed off Death so many times its stupid.

971641ea No.3712914

File: 1692684307615.jpg (22.62 KB, 428x399, 51gBmga009L._AC_.jpg)

I'm not invincible, but my shattered spine is healing up nicely. Plus I get some IMO badass battle gear looking brace to walk around in. I orchestrated my outfits to look militant when I wear it, I even waxed up my old black work boots.

Pic unrelated.

9a1c8ff4 No.3712927

File: 1692690090180.png (991.72 KB, 638x612, Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 0….png)

>I'm not invincible

Of course not. You aren't Pat Benatar.


c7130194 No.3712943

File: 1692710467352.jpg (228.3 KB, 1600x1700, grim-reaper-reading-newspa….jpg)

>I'm not dead yet



File: 1692055143433.jpg (234.71 KB, 1903x1230, Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 1….jpg)

3321e4f8 No.3711900[Reply]


Genderverse Furries is planning a picnic!
What: Catered lunch! Bake sale! Speed meeting! Outdoor games! Sketchbook swapping!

When: August 20, 2023, 11 AM to 5 PM

Where: Walter Baker Park, Terry Fox drive, south of Palladium drive, meeting at the picnic shelter near the parking lot.

The park is accessible by OC Transpo route 88 at stop 6382, five minutes from Terry Fox station.

Why: We're raising money for more community events!

How much: 5$ per person, not including food, or by donation.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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ddaf09bb No.3712527

File: 1692470821853.jpg (82.63 KB, 659x900, Mink676.jpg)

f0547c7a No.3712535

File: 1692474193256.png (1.14 MB, 1024x1024, 00091-3627499131.png)

a38226c0 No.3712551

File: 1692487443062.jpg (103.09 KB, 980x831, 2HPXCJ4IQRH3LD3TZYY3JJRMHI.jpg)

773733be No.3712626


Is the sick old fuck still in prison or has he been released or shanked by the other inmates yet?

a38226c0 No.3712651

File: 1692559103138.png (440.05 KB, 461x624, Screenshot 2023-08-20 at 1….png)



Mitch Beiro pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor under the age of 15[5], and was sentenced in February 19, 2013, to 10 years in prison at the Arizona State Prison Complex- Eyman, in Florence, AZ, with lifetime probation upon completion of his sentence.[6] He was released on August 2, 2022. "

6cf59cfd No.3712664

File: 1692565232664.jpg (197.67 KB, 1280x1596, Fiona_fox67656.jpg)


Why would you cheat on minerva mink bro? Look where it got you.

7e9f27d1 No.3712665


I call dibs on going to his basement a dark and stormy night

File: 1692409669506.jpg (43.01 KB, 960x640, 238.jpg)

0d350233 No.3712481[Reply]

"Lulz Archive
This archive has gone private.

Content is still being saved but is no longer accessible publicly. Truth is, i don't give a shit about that dumb ass imageboard. The only reason i created this archive was to save posts from a user that used to frequent the site. However they haven't posted for months now. and since their posts are no longer allowed on the site because of that abuse report to the hosting company, i see less of a reason to care about the site."


75c4ecd8 No.3712485

Don't fucking care.
Also it's hilarious that the only reason you were archiving the board was so you could jerk off to bfg's necrozoo porn.

6ffff20d No.3712490


44ec8f03 No.3712496

The ex-archivist did have contact info there so any CP would be deleted, if reported.

001ade5b No.3713068

Is this abt that one thread about not so alive foxes?

File: 1692331763633.png (5.34 MB, 3600x3200, cbe6aad1a8619430b2648355d1….png)

709fce13 No.3712396[Reply]

"Please, for the love of god, don't bother interacting with me if you use trans fetishizing slurs (or slurs in general). This includes, but is not limited to: dickgirl, futa, shemale, c-boy, tranny, trap, vagentlemen."

I saw this on an artist's page and I am worried about using incorrect terms while getting a transwoman version of my male fursona.

What is the term to use for a transwoman with boobs but no vagina?

In fact, what do transwomen call themselves when they have absolutely no desire to get bottom surgery because they accept their penis and testicles completely?

I just want to look feminine and have breasts. On e621 the tag is apparently "gynomorph" but I don't think many artists are familiar with that term.

I am worried about offending people unintentionally when commissioning.

5965dd43 No.3712398

File: 1692333141230-0.png (2.52 MB, 1776x1776, Ychan - h - favorite herm ….png)

File: 1692333141230-1.jpg (420.99 KB, 957x1280, Ychan - h - favorite herm ….jpg)

File: 1692333141230-2.jpg (233.03 KB, 1174x856, Ychan - h - sergals - 1276….jpg)

98cf661e No.3712399

> I am worried about offending people unintentionally when commissioning
Your post offends me. Get off the internet.

709fce13 No.3712404


Why are you so hostile? Are you transphobic?

709fce13 No.3712451

File: 1692384543674.jpg (548.85 KB, 1600x1448, 7cb0cb52aa932094f75221d22e….jpg)

Turning this into a shemale thread then, no vaginas!

869a543d No.3712453

File: 1692385515884.jpg (425.63 KB, 721x1100, 8bd4356a6ec027f9a04ce2252c….jpg)


709fce13 No.3712457

File: 1692388509635.png (1.86 MB, 1024x1638, e4a7a323655b97da27e0def58c….png)


Vaginas are gross.

File: 1692229304949.png (219.19 KB, 596x335, Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 1….png)

8631275c No.3712234[Reply]

Today's word for the day has been brought to you by the letter "T". T stands for the word "transvestite", which means a person who wears clothes designed for the opposite sex : a cross-dresser. An older term for crossdresser is transvestite. Crossdressers often dress only in certain situations. They do not usually identify as transgender—most identify as straight men.
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c69102ce No.3712385

File: 1692325058455.jpg (76.17 KB, 807x990, 6664564567.jpg)

Sadly it has to be done in person. So your blood can mark a page of my black book and seal your promise to belong to me for all eternity. Its really all just a technically though, what matters is your soul agrees to it willingly and god sees it, so it stays enforced.

If your already going to hell anyway, why not belong to me? I'm less cruel than a lot of people.

If Satan really likes you, and not many people noticed your death. He may return you to life to finish out things if something happen to cause you to die young, ha ha, ha.

a4d1d288 No.3712386

File: 1692325385744.png (1.33 MB, 826x1168, highway to heaven.png)

Sounds like the opposite to this.

e5750ef5 No.3712394

File: 1692328821350.gif (1.77 MB, 648x492, RR.gif)

Animals can consent!

d550c0a3 No.3712397

File: 1692332227481.jpg (244.29 KB, 1080x1080, FPQsjlJXEAsvsky.jpg)

Absolutely, but you should stop fucking them in the ass you weirdo. Get a female dog and do it like God intended.

05d6a053 No.3712400

File: 1692333398734-0.png (449.24 KB, 1024x600, Ychan - ot - real animals ….png)

File: 1692333398734-1.jpg (273.86 KB, 1920x1278, Ychan - ot - real animals ….jpg)

File: 1692333398734-2.png (3.21 MB, 1242x1219, Ychan - ot - real animals ….png)

File: 1692333398734-3.png (1 MB, 525x700, Ychan - ot - real animals ….png)

05d6a053 No.3712401

File: 1692333552398-0.jpg (99.33 KB, 987x700, Ychan - ot - real animals ….jpg)

File: 1692333552398-1.jpg (44.99 KB, 540x540, Ychan - ot - real animals ….jpg)

File: 1692333552398-2.jpg (128.79 KB, 1280x720, Ychan - ot - real animals ….jpg)

File: 1692333552398-3.jpg (45.42 KB, 640x448, Ychan - ot - real animals ….jpg)

File: 1692333552398-4.jpg (90.42 KB, 720x960, Ychan - ot - real animals ….jpg)

cf1fde2f No.3712403

File: 1692334087896.webm (301.8 KB, 480x360, Electrojac effect.webm)

File: 1692211358525.jpg (67.02 KB, 703x479, 00498843.jpg)

1b7e8edd No.3712195[Reply]

Does anyone have the full HQ catalogue of Beastpaint.com videos? There are some online on various porn sites but they are all low quality and some vids are missing.

913d95d9 No.3712199

Here's a few, idk id that's what you're looking for

1b7e8edd No.3712209


Link doesn't appear to be working.

1b7e8edd No.3712216


It's working now

1b7e8edd No.3712220


The video quality is ok but not the original quality the website offered. Also, there are lots of missing videos still.

If anyone has high quality rips from the website completed, please share, I would really appreciate it

32b8e50d No.3712229

File: 1692227631373-0.jpg (176.8 KB, 500x669, 500x_snowleopard1.jpg)

File: 1692227631373-1.jpg (133.43 KB, 500x653, 500x_snowleopard2.jpg)


I have a couple art body painting.

811cb6b6 No.3712231

that older then most of the fandom

b5164117 No.3712240

it would be annoying to find out that this is some sort of human conversion program that makes it so you dont jerk it to cat faces and instead its a person

File: 1692159905019.png (698.13 KB, 525x685, LOLCOW trading card Based ….png)

5895cbef No.3712123[Reply]

Are LOLCOW trading cards becoming a thing? Is there a CWC one yet? How about a Choob, Cyraxx, Steam, Cobalt or Aufy?

f794c21a No.3712131

File: 1692164699374-0.jpg (13 KB, 197x255, imagescwc.jpg)

File: 1692164699374-1.jpg (12.48 KB, 192x262, imagescyraxx.jpg)

File: 1692164699374-2.jpg (274.07 KB, 1170x2091, spoke-to-marty-mbm-charact….jpg)

88b39442 No.3712187

>assuming there are just lolcows and not herds

File: 1692187041580.jpg (293.06 KB, 1074x304, 34826553a8025954d88fbd6d31….jpg)

d9ba4b58 No.3712151[Reply]

Have 3D printer, want to 3D print some furry smut. What's a good place to get sexy 3D models good for printing?

d9ba4b58 No.3712170

File: 1692198341879-0.jpg (123.24 KB, 1280x466, 1565828717.mrmaddog_p10101….jpg)

File: 1692198341879-1.jpg (288.21 KB, 1280x627, 1604181787.mrmaddog_p10100….jpg)

File: 1692198341879-2.jpg (278.06 KB, 1280x692, 1634926212.mrmaddog_p10100….jpg)

File: 1692198341879-3.jpg (212.24 KB, 1280x523, 1657405994.mrmaddog_p10100….jpg)

File: 1692198341879-4.jpg (911.8 KB, 2349x1568, 3154929.jpg)


File: 1690126797507.jpg (4.99 MB, 3200x2800, 28fe808eece42766c7785c8d6b….jpg)

8d071788 No.3709786[Reply]

the thing we do for love
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532b3509 No.3710167

File: 1690493478466.jpg (170.4 KB, 1045x991, 5970f210e559b94c24eff999db….jpg)

532b3509 No.3710168

File: 1690494385192.png (25.96 KB, 1179x677, 1690465374706797.png)

1674bbdf No.3710261

File: 1690579461155-0.jpg (369.84 KB, 1788x1300, MTY5MDQ2NTE2M19BY29sbGVjdG….jpg)

File: 1690579461155-1.jpg (345.25 KB, 1788x1300, MTY4OTk5NzI3NF9BY29sbGVjdG….jpg)

File: 1690579461155-2.jpg (385.74 KB, 1788x1300, MTY4OTE5ODI0MV9BY29sbGVjdG….jpg)

1674bbdf No.3710262

File: 1690579499512-0.jpg (308.18 KB, 1788x1300, MTY5MDQ2NTA3N19BdnJpbG1hdG….jpg)

File: 1690579499512-1.jpg (493.73 KB, 1300x1788, MTY4OTg1MzU2NV9EaWFtb25kYW….jpg)

File: 1690579499512-2.jpg (339.76 KB, 1300x1788, MTY4OTg1MzQyN19EaWFtb25kc3….jpg)

File: 1690579499512-3.jpg (373.79 KB, 1788x1300, MTY4OTE5NzI4Nl9BY29sbGVjdG….jpg)

c3ca2125 No.3710352

File: 1690681661659.png (540.52 KB, 1000x1000, maddie_ear_fuck.png)

f75dcea2 No.3711737

File: 1691973094116-0.jpg (3 MB, 4352x3536, PyramidPoseBottomlessfin_u….jpg)

File: 1691973094116-1.jpg (2.83 MB, 4352x3536, PyramidPoseNudefxfin_u18ch….jpg)

File: 1691973094116-2.png (667.41 KB, 2097x1997, tumblr_p5t4guf4zu1rx91jbo3….png)

File: 1691973094116-3.png (673.9 KB, 1621x2429, tumblr_p5t4guf4zu1rx91jbo2….png)

File: 1691973094116-4.png (643.49 KB, 1505x2297, tumblr_p5t4guf4zu1rx91jbo1….png)

0ef52f03 No.3711802

File: 1692005121898.jpg (178.57 KB, 720x1080, Screenshot_20230731_131708….jpg)

Jasonafex blames Kabier for the miscarriage of their child and uses that as an excuse to sleep around with others.

File: 1691210362803-0.jpg (280.46 KB, 1024x512, Witches1.jpg)

File: 1691210362803-1.jpg (284.79 KB, 1024x512, Witches2.jpg)

File: 1691210362803-2.jpg (277.05 KB, 1024x512, Witches3.jpg)

a8926d82 No.3710950[Reply]

Scantily clad 'witches' caught munching on deer carcass in bizarre security cam footage.
A nurse and nature lover in Canada reportedly captured footage of what she said appeared to be "two witches holding a carcass-eating ritual" with a camera she set up near her home.
"I don’t know what the heck was up with that," Corinea Stanhope, 36, of Powell River, British Columbia, told Kennedy News. "It really freaked us out, it’s not something you see every day."
After coming across a deer carcass in a garden on her property, Stanhope said she set up the camera to surveil any animals that might take interest in the dead deer.
"Me and my grandpa put up a trail camera to see if we could see animals, and we got a bobcat [on camera], which was pretty cool," she said, adding that her 76-year-old grandfather, Bob, was horrified when he checked the footage and saw what appeared to be scantily clad women chomping down on the rotting, maggot-infested carcass at night.
"I came the next day, and grandpa said he'd got naked people on the camera, and I said, 'No, you didn't. Bullshit.' So, he showed me," she said.
Stanhope noted to the outlet that the apparent carcass-eaters emerged about 10 minutes after sunset, looking "disheveled" and like they were wearing wigs.
"You can't really tell from the photos, but the hoof was brought right up to their mouths as if they were smelling it," she said. "Well, I don't know if she was kissing it, smelling or eating it, but to touch a decaying carcass like that makes me feel sick – the amount of bacteria that must have been on there."
"Maybe they were paying their respects, but they were naked," she added.
Social media erupted after Stanhope posted the photos online, with some claiming it was a prank and others speculating there was a satanic or other paranormal element at work.
"That's basically a walking demon from hell," one user wrote. "If you hear screaming stay inside and get a gun you leave it alone."
Others theorized that the figures were "skinwalkers" or "wendigos," both of which are malevolent supernatural entities associated with Native American folklore.
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f36c2c20 No.3711471

its a mystery.

f36c2c20 No.3711472

File: 1691712566110.gif (1.11 MB, 500x340, RashOilyCanary-size_restri….gif)

Its a reference to Sherlock Holmes if you don't get the joke. The mystery is afoot….

d7867b55 No.3711566

File: 1691836283445.jpg (6.55 MB, 3840x2496, bear-main2.jpg)

There are a lot of different species of bears, and they do not all have the exact same style of feet. You can literally choose the ones you like best.

b5271805 No.3711578

They're all ugly

a8926d82 No.3711627

File: 1691897403034.jpg (801.66 KB, 3500x2330, one-year-old-female-giant-….jpg)

Is that so?

a8926d82 No.3711656

File: 1691937719260.jpg (368.31 KB, 2659x646, bear-main-feet.jpg)

If you enlarge the bear's feet you can see all kinds of interesting fine details.

a8926d82 No.3711765

File: 1691983757965-0.jpg (205.89 KB, 1280x1069, bear-main close1.jpg)

File: 1691983757965-1.jpg (241.17 KB, 1280x1046, bear-main close2.jpg)

I did some searching and found the original of that image.
It was taken in ultra high resolution,
which means it showed even more details of the feet than ever.
So here you go.
Yes, yes, I can smell them now.
There's nothing else like it.

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