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File: 1606604668162.png (4.18 MB, 1368x2124, 06bf2dc7544ad218a220ecaded….png)

8a0fb06b No.3595628[Reply]

i need workout motivation losing fat mostly
classy sexy only, no sluts or whores
post babes that make you want to improve yourself

ive cropped and rotated a bunch of pictures for a slideshow, need more
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File: 1607586716626-0.jpeg (644.58 KB, 1646x2160, f8a5fa7edfa4d7004119802f5….jpeg)

File: 1607586716626-1.jpg (213.82 KB, 744x963, lola-snek-final.jpg)

File: 1607586716626-2.jpg (192.61 KB, 821x1200, DnVHQgqW4AEU-YW.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1607586716626-3.jpg (218.3 KB, 1504x1476, Dezb4uVX4AcMwbu.jpg)

File: 1607586716626-4.jpg (223.13 KB, 785x1100, Water_Is_Life.jpg)

Second verse.

cfae7c50 No.3596979

File: 1607933362059.jpg (146.75 KB, 1100x1100, score.jpg)

bb15895c No.3597297

File: 1608180722114.jpg (622.38 KB, 4096x3277, EC6HCQTXkAUxmb8.jpg)

80912025 No.3605811

File: 1614310679845.jpg (58.73 KB, 608x810, 1256650069.omegawolfj_deat….jpg)

Can we have muscle buff female furs on shrimpy skinny male furs? Snu snu?

3d77283e No.3605845

File: 1614314464599.jpg (645.74 KB, 1538x1142, 1579644949.famishedandstar….jpg)

This was heading for the weasel thread, but since you asked.

3d77283e No.3605846

Stop randomly dropping my name and changing my deletion pw.

80912025 No.3605899

File: 1614329898327-0.jpg (121.25 KB, 970x850, Ychan - r - guys with big ….jpg)

File: 1614329898327-1.jpg (74.6 KB, 798x800, Ychan - r - guys with big ….jpg)

File: 1614329898327-2.jpg (55.01 KB, 700x525, Ychan - r - guys with big ….jpg)

File: 1595650099562.jpg (960.68 KB, 1369x1654, 3791092 - BNA__Brand_New_A….jpg)

71356af5 No.3583070[Reply]

Brand New Animal, furry anime.

Lots of anime violence, but will there be any sexy stuff?
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d2fdcd46 No.3597068

File: 1608015758617.jpg (530.04 KB, 1280x720, mute_group.jpg)

I've seen a few episodes of "Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts". Almost through with season 1. Kipo is sort of reminding me of BNA with Kipo doing the weird mostly unexplained body morphing stuff.

Does it get better or worse in Seasons 2 and 3?

4e96e677 No.3597080

File: 1608045317380.jpg (1.73 MB, 2676x2511, 45435cc68369deb6406db1112b….jpg)

It's a decent show for kids

I like Theotters

ee675bcb No.3597083


Those are some nice paws. Attached to a cutie, at that.

665cdbf0 No.3597966

File: 1608784114634.jpg (556.6 KB, 3000x2000, 3223579_TheAmazingGwen_mic….jpg)

603ae34d No.3598379

File: 1609380286143.jpg (97.68 KB, 650x892, Kerocat_bna_michiru.jpg)

4013aa48 No.3605731

File: 1614282061150.jpg (722.58 KB, 3024x4032, 3252003_DreamEclipseWolf_m….jpg)

878bdecf No.3605732

The anime was better than expected, but nothing was sexual, no. Pinga was pretty cute and hot.

File: 1614192343580.jpg (372.82 KB, 1279x1279, 12977279_619456941546530_1….jpg)

4ffe22c9 No.3605618[Reply]

Can't we all agree to just ban all of the Phillipines from the Internet? The entire country is just one big shitpost.

11dd3efe No.3605621

Can't we all agree to just ban all of the non-furries from lulz.net? This entire thread is just one big shitpost.

703052a7 No.3605623

I am a supporter of freedom of speech and I suggest that no one should be banned. I am not some kind of disgusting leftist.

00534a8f No.3605633

File: 1614210333185.jpg (59.55 KB, 1191x646, f3bffa_803273.jpg)

> Can't we all agree to just ban all of the non-furries from lulz.net?
Can't we all agree to just ban all of the furries from lulz.net?

0a9646ff No.3605635

Good on them honestly I would expect a philipino president to be named Durterte. And the next 50 to also be named Durterte.

e1b94b50 No.3605688


Can't we all agree to just ban everybody from lulz.net?

File: 1613283808176.jpg (171.17 KB, 681x383, trump-2.jpg)

a253ef78 No.3604047[Reply]

And acquitted again.
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b7961e26 No.3605583

>The Catholic Church considers St. Augustine of Hippo to be a Doctor of the Church.

On that point, the Catholic church appropriates everything and anything into the church to appeal to more people. They transformed old pagan gods into saints, and quietly look past as people in Middle America mix voodoo and Catholicism… as long as it gets you praying towards Rome, it's all good.

>Catholics don't call on homosexuals to "make more Catholics"

The point is that a homosexual can still have intercourse with the opposite sex, and make babies, in other words, more Catholics - as long as they don't "waste" their sexual needs with other men. Therefore they must remain chaste in the homosexual context. The idea is that the homosexual would be so frustrated with their celibacy (remember, masturbation is also a sin), that they would turn back to being straight.

899c208f No.3605584

>But why doesn't this behavior last?
Because of family. Family is the heart of conservatism. If teenage rebellion is temporary as you say, then a person simply reverts to the family-given ideas given to them before. It's not necessarily innate.
That said, I'm not 100% against you: perhaps some traits are innate and genetic. I just doubt it's as extensive as you claim.
>It has a limited effect, and it's irrelevant to the point
My apologies. I only meant it as an example.
What I really mean is that social change can happen, it just requires any method of subverting family.
Thus, even religion can be changed. In history, for example, we see that poor people in India accepted Islam and Christianity because they were poor, and not necessarily due to any personality factors. A religion with a weaker caste system is attractive to people at the bottom.
Similarly, when Christianity was spreading throughout Europe, replacing pagan religions, people who accepted Christianity first did it for socioeconomic reasons.
And when Islam was first spreading from the Arabian peninsula, and eventually up into the balkans, people converted just to have a better socioeconomic standing when non-muslims were discriminated against.
Perhaps some really liked the religion. But a lot of the time, people just pick what's convenient. And what's convenient is generally conformism.
Conformism at home to parents, conformism at school to teachers, it's all the same.
>All languages can express all ideas
No, some languages don't have the same color words as others, and those people genuinely understand color in a different way and do NOT express the same color ideas you and I can.
>exclusiveness or inclusiveness does not depend on language
I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't true. Why do you think some people push newspeak so hard?

2f9218b7 No.3605586

File: 1614160886770.jpg (15.88 KB, 475x342, outlaw josey wales.jpg)

White man ain't go'n keep the black man down either.
You in my thread boy. You got someth'n to say to me?

260f078d No.3605626

>No, some languages don't have the same color words as others, and those people genuinely understand color in a different way and do NOT express the same color ideas you and I can.

That's not what the research showed. The people see the same colors as any other people, but they group them differently in categories, which makes them slightly worse in pointing to differences between hues that don't cross these category borders - like we would have a difficulty telling apart "teal" and "cyan" because we're not used to making that distinction. However, put the two colors side by side and the difference is clear as day.

And at the end of the day, every language can refer to every color using the name of an object that bears the color. That's why we have the word "orange". Before oranges, it was called "saffron", etc.

260f078d No.3605628

> If teenage rebellion is temporary as you say, then a person simply reverts to the family-given ideas given to them before. It's not necessarily innate.

The point of the teenage rebellion is to find how things can be done differently, and the person sticks to the better methods they found. Every generation invents its own manner of speech, clothing, identity, food preferences… etc. and as they age they become conservative around those points. Yet when it comes to fundamental ideologies like religion, people abandon new ideas and return back to the old. Why? Certainly there's no lack of alternatives.

It's because of your fundamental preferences: you pick the religion that justifies the sort of selfish or self-less person you fundamentally are. Assholes settle back to Calvinism, or some version of nihilistic atheism, objectivism, etc. because it rationalizes their basic attitudes towards other people.

There were social experiments, like the far left Jewish Kibbutz communities that actually tried to change the behavior of children to become selfless by forms of extreme equality and communal education separated form their biological parents from a very young age, very much like you proposed, but what happened:

>for many of the original founders of the Kibbutz, the arrival of children was a sobering experience: "When we saw our first children in the playpen, hitting one another, or grabbing toys just for themselves, we were overcome with anxiety. What did it mean that even an education in communal life couldn't uproot these egotistical tendencies? The utopia of our initial social conception was slowly, slowly destroyed.

d175bae4 No.3605629

>The utopia of our initial social conception was slowly, slowly destroyed.

How, then, is the Socialist/Communist utopia that is attempting to be created going to fare?

260f078d No.3605630

>when Christianity was spreading throughout Europe, replacing pagan religions, people who accepted Christianity first did it for socioeconomic reasons.

Yeah, such as not getting your head chopped off - which has the curious effect of removing those who don't naturally share your ideas.

The pagans were originally converted on the point of a sword, because the crusades for converting them were more of an excuse for an invasion and robbery.

File: 1614042168984.jpeg (89.58 KB, 614x819, B0F9B19F-95A9-4F72-8164-3….jpeg)

89207c28 No.3605364[Reply]

A Spectre is Haunting Conservatism
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01fe1c09 No.3605587

File: 1614162444442.jpg (167.32 KB, 1000x1000, 5chiai8kute11.jpg)

That so?
Ya think conservatives are the ones who gotta worry about specters.

Keep shoving skeletons in y'alls closets well'll see how long that lasts.

01fe1c09 No.3605589

File: 1614165567424.jpg (166.14 KB, 720x720, 1614149329149.jpg)

4f6aef34 No.3605593


And the worlds most beloved, democratic and just man : The american President. needs the best armoured car in the world to protect him against his own population.

So grotesque and ridiculous it screams to the heavens.

3278d06c No.3605601

You don't need. They do. Coz they are elite and we are shit.

d944fd3f No.3605613

File: 1614187803405.jpg (60.82 KB, 620x500, 4z7ume.jpg)

Biden doesn't even go out to events with people, his YouTube page has locked down comments, and the only time anyone ever sees him is with scripted media coverage.

You'd think with "everyone hating Trump", he'd be the one hiding in bunker behind thousands of soldiers, never going out, but apparently it's this guy.

d025ccc7 No.3605627


Sex offenders can't enrich the country if they kick them out. All is according to plan.

File: 1582747696239.jpg (63.51 KB, 768x768, 19399980_10158931772115080….jpg)

d6839d74 No.3570277[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Post pics of women, not trans, people who were born in a female body, not modified by hormones or surgery. Also believe it or not the thread pic is a real woman!
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2c79178f No.3605516

File: 1614129561690-0.jpg (98.47 KB, 1000x804, Fossa_LaceShawlSquatSide.jpg)

File: 1614129561690-1.jpg (80.29 KB, 563x750, Fossa_Tee-003.jpg)

File: 1614129561690-2.jpg (79.37 KB, 750x563, Fossa_Tee-004.jpg)

File: 1614129561690-3.jpg (98 KB, 750x1000, Fossa_wallgypsysitsmile.jpg)

File: 1614129561690-4.jpg (84.67 KB, 750x1000, LacePantiesKnees.jpg)

2c79178f No.3605517

File: 1614129726105-0.jpg (80.82 KB, 411x500, NamasteClose.jpg)

File: 1614129726105-1.jpg (79.99 KB, 550x733, NamasteStand.jpg)

File: 1614129726105-2.jpg (63.98 KB, 315x852, NamasteWhut.jpg)

b46ed4ec No.3605563


f80a9cbb No.3605595


Dont give a shit. She is hot and not afraid to show it!

You GO girl! dont change a thing!

b4d37af7 No.3605600

File: 1614171489866.jpg (38.49 KB, 640x800, d080a4d09d1f344f62d9cc01a8….jpg)

Dude jus had a thing for nig tran. That's why all the text in bold uppercase because he's shouting for them like how excited men in stripper bar. Screaming, shouting and catcalling their favorite gal.

36a3351a No.3605606


Maybe its the next Covid-19…Covid-20 ?

Raging influenza "Jungle Fever" !!!!

Will we take our vaccines or just "ride it out" ???

549d5885 No.3605617

File: 1614191644087.jpg (62.92 KB, 720x960, Trevor-Aiden-DeVries.jpg)

File: 1614147700941-0.jpg (45.79 KB, 960x540, Gina Bennett.jpg)

File: 1614147700941-1.png (18.27 KB, 680x204, Screenshot_2021-02-24 Gina….png)

File: 1614147700941-2.jpg (200.22 KB, 1920x1080, Gino Bennett.jpg)

File: 1614147700941-3.jpg (49.12 KB, 600x600, Blazewing Firebird.jpg)

File: 1614147700941-4.jpg (62.37 KB, 576x576, Blazewing Firebird Make-up.jpg)

2052976a No.3605553[Reply]


Gina Bennett

Fair warning. I have been doing thinking this week.
Facebook seems to have an issue with me calling out conspiracy theorists, antimaskers and heterosexual cisgender white people. As such, I cannot adequately express myself. I have been considering going dormant here on Facebook and only utilizing this platform from my public profile page.

193cb1dd No.3605556

trannies are all fucking deranged

2f1fb864 No.3605560


fe3da99e No.3605570

File: 1614150770003.jpeg (102.98 KB, 500x557, 5411E021-0604-49EC-A2FE-7….jpeg)


Fucking please….not even decent enough cringe.

File: 1613993347718.jpg (53.67 KB, 670x446, 2486696-164367885.jpg)

44119d92 No.3605254[Reply]

The Italian ambassador to Kinshasa was shot dead on Monday in an attack that targeted a convoy of the World Food Program (WFP) during a visit near Goma in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, a diplomatic source told AFP.

I suggest that all white /lulz/ users repent urgently for the sins of the white race to Wakanda.
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44119d92 No.3605493

File: 1614111975679.jpg (87.48 KB, 1102x895, photo_2021-02-23_17-08-09.jpg)

Can we still remember what it was like in the Stone Age? Those people were long ago canceled for being racist sexist and supporting toxic meritocracy.
Now there's only woke LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP+ gu.. emm hum.. individuals who think quantum superiority has inescapable racist overtones.

c8d555d8 No.3605494

The relationship between the internet infrastructure and silicon valley is the same as a the relationship between a pig and a tapeworm.

Nothing good can be attributed to the grifters in the bay area. They live off the hard work of others like the fucking parasites they are. Nothing good has ever come out of the bay area.

2f7049f9 No.3605495

>Nothing good has ever come out of the bay area
Confirmed for not knowing tech or tech history. I'm not even talking about the bay today. In the late 70s, 80s, and early 90s, BSD Unix was made, and if you don't think that affects you, you know nothing of internet infrastructure.

8646f5b5 No.3605502

That shit would have been developed independent of the retardation endemic to the Bay area. Stop attributing good shit to a region which has produced nothing but terrible shit. The good shit came into existence in spite of the cavalcade of horrible that the bay area is responsible for. If it didn't happen there (due to the concentration of tech parents) it would have happened in another tech hub. It's not like the people who are responsible for the good shit were born in the bay area, never moved at any time in their life, and only created the good shit BECAUSE they were born and lived exclusively in the bay area.

With over 99% of the shit coming out of the bay area being detrimental to humanity you can't claim that the bay area is good for people, especially when the few good things coming from the bay area are made by people who aren't from the bay area and only went there for financial reasons.

f8a506d2 No.3605520

File: 1614130676531.jpg (27.01 KB, 634x226, Capture.JPG)

7ad472ea No.3605532

Yes unfortunately I tolerate alot of cali shit so I can theoretically get better prices on ebay.

1a4924b1 No.3605544

File: 1614143700095.jpg (115.18 KB, 600x430, smellydumbcommiescum.jpg)

Leftists hate the word supremacy not because of racist overtones, but because their ideology is all about lowering everything to the lowest common denominator, because they are weak.

Physically weak.

Mentally weak.

And they know they are weak.

File: 1614122000832.png (997.42 KB, 1901x966, Screenshot_2021-02-23 Face….png)

76b48626 No.3605500[Reply]


Learic Land
32m ·
Premade for sale!!

If pre bought the design can be changed or have things added!!
‼️ you can have extra parts(( arm sleeves etc)) added!! But it will add onto the price ‼️
You must be 18+ to purchase!
Payment plans are available with a down payment of $500
There is a $90 cancellation fee!
Half of the down payment is non refundable if prebought with changes ((only happens if purchase is canceled during the process of making the suit))

‼️the prebought auction ends on Wednesday!!‼️
If not bought on Wednesday by 12:00 pm
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

329af8cc No.3605503

Fursuits are for ugly retards and anyone dumb enough to want one deserves to be ripped off.

76b48626 No.3605504

File: 1614122469686.jpg (392.03 KB, 2218x1662, 3klsqi.jpg)

5654a007 No.3605511

File: 1614128052306.jpg (108.9 KB, 757x900, Sexy_Sitting_by_TitanaCrot….jpg)

sounds like you're jealous that you can't afford one.

1ea7f182 No.3605537

Better make your own. These day the maker is literally like any artist.

a0325018 No.3605539

The head is so disproportional

File: 1614059861910.jpg (43.34 KB, 415x590, DRBQL34LE5JE6CRXYPG2LWWUPE.jpg)

9a51b706 No.3605427[Reply]

Let's play a little game, lulz.

Post in this thread, and you'll get banned.
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83bc6efc No.3605474

This is beautiful. Now if only the compulsive liar that contributes nothing (steam) were to be banned…(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

74a20fae No.3605478

I dunno steam is pretty interesting and eccentric. He's like really smart. He's been part of the Lulznet community ever since I can remember. He helps keep things interesting around here.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

1f143c0f No.3605483

File: 1614108107785.jpg (81 KB, 860x520, jigsaw-ransomware-adds-ins….jpg)


ffb15c5f No.3605505

Am I banned?(You are now!)

a8c21f43 No.3605510

File: 1614127825222.jpg (51.94 KB, 600x396, wtsnackswannabefurfag.jpg)


36a4f4c0 No.3605522

File: 1614132130341.jpg (171.42 KB, 895x1200, IMG_20210222_162419_008.jpg)


9725095e No.3605526

File: 1614135273053.webm (3.72 MB, 640x480, Catch the Ice.webm)

(I need a timeout anyway)(Happy to oblige.)

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