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File: 1594763073904.jpg (536.9 KB, 1376x971, c07da27bbd14eb95f6bd5d2eb2….jpg)

43cd2878 No.3582194[Reply]

e never met a republican who wasnt an uncle the fukk is wrong with you people get out and meet a woman who can set you straight I'm sick of this pissy republican woman hating platform its fucking obnoxious and triggering to all women of color o you even know what kind of stress your putting the women of America from wtf is wrong with you people get an education
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1f38992b No.3588575

File: 1600154741170-0.png (497.57 KB, 1008x628, gummybearsyum.png)

File: 1600154741170-1.png (828.29 KB, 1008x628, largegummybear.png)


thicc gummy bears

6e6ae167 No.3588580


Hi, 3B.


Please stop creating garbage /pol/ threads.

67cb0c75 No.3588586

File: 1600165745668.png (459.89 KB, 490x740, Keep3BAlive.png)

e0885523 No.3588598


Considering how many open racists the Leftists boast that liberals actively court & encourage, I don't see how Conservatives would have much issue with the button on the right.

b6300a57 No.3588647


f847e2a4 No.3588653


b6300a57 No.3588658

> Why are you replying to other people in other threads in this thread?
LOL, fat nigger bitches are so easily bewildered.

File: 1594308385978.jpg (172.63 KB, 876x1280, 1d8fa6c4543d2c67dcbb18dff3….jpg)

2dbc080b No.3581741[Reply]


This nigger moved in next to me, he's almost never home but keeps his rap hop music blasting all day. Fucking niggers can ruin everything even when they aren't around in person. Nothing I can do about it either since "quiet time" is only 10pm to 6am, and he turns it off then.

The fucking bass is so strong it rattles the walls, even my gun ear muffs cant make it less quiet. It's not even a good quality woofer, it just sounds like a fat aunt jemima farting into a megaphone. Wtf is wrong with jungle trash?
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150e0e85 No.3581768

What about blasting death metal at them when they blast that nigger music?

e5a811d9 No.3581772

I didn't post that! I like nigger noise.

61c2824f No.3581790

Do you want to be just as big an asshole as your shitty cRap music neighbor?

aee394e8 No.3588551

File: 1600141186163.jpg (70.84 KB, 829x1200, C-nIr6YXsAAySM8.jpg)

are you trying to say that hyenas are niggers?

f1fbda7d No.3588554

good job replying to the necro spam

d0353cf5 No.3588650

> good job replying to the necro spam
Tell us more about your irrational fear of old threads. I enjoy hearing nutjobs like you trying to explain their lunatic phobias.

f1fbda7d No.3588652

>Tell us more about your irrational fear of old threads.
OP, here:

File: 1597155846641.jpg (13.41 KB, 240x240, 23157461_10155864620099357….jpg)

73ee6b8f No.3584517[Reply]

I'm moving back in with Romi come Sepetember 5th.

We'll be working together on some projects.

Wish me luck.
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7aaf58b5 No.3587646

Good to hear you got there safely. I really hope this will work out for you.

12887db4 No.3588305

It's been a week. How are you and Romi getting along?

e988466e No.3588353

We're getting along okay. We watched the Dukes of Hazzard movie & the Mad Max movie series. The room mates aren't so bad either. Them and Romi get along alright.

I hooked back up with the church down the road from the house I start work this week. I got my own room. So far so good.

caf602bf No.3588422

That's good to hear. Perhaps I misjudged the situation earlier.

e988466e No.3588424

I was posting as a general memo.
Not to be talked out of it.

I know we came into some conflicts but she's still a friend & I gotta do what I can. Romi's been in the Furry Fandom from the it's genesis & she's got a lot of life experience.

8f7e2ee6 No.3588645

File: 1600219183329.jpg (60.4 KB, 680x849, 02c94cc5bd31f03f105aefa155….jpg)

>We watched the Dukes of Hazzard movie

Doesn't compare to the television series. Nobody could play the character of Boss Hogg as good as Sorrell Booke did!

5f46a4b5 No.3588646

that's great,no one cares about you two losers or even knows who the fuck you are. assholes.

File: 1599239811530.jpg (166.94 KB, 1280x720, 1599239294120.jpg)

9cead04b No.3587365[Reply]

At this very moment spiders are having sex in your walls. You are not having sex at all. Spiders are sexier than you.

Until you're asleep.
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b21db077 No.3588594

File: 1600177993064.png (262.13 KB, 1200x675, PersonalBUGRemover.png)

Fuck yo Gay Ass Bees and Shit.

a6880aa4 No.3588596


Out of all things on this board to be offended by, you chose this?

Get a life, loser.

b21db077 No.3588603

Wow, so immensely butthurt by that, I bet you are gonna go ride the trolley all the way to LulTown. Maybe even pretend to be Retarded, maybe they will respect you for standing up to an INTERNET troll. You told me, score one for sheboonCentral.

ae056b99 No.3588613


Every thread you post in, you type like you're a brain damaged schizophrenic. I can't take anything you say seriously. I almost feel sorry for you.

Take your pills.

b21db077 No.3588635

File: 1600215330903.jpg (446.33 KB, 1011x1060, 1531000766096.jpg)

I don't even think about you, at all ever.

f0b9886e No.3588636


>I don't think about you

>Anonymous poster

I don't care. I'm just stating observations other people have noticed about you, too. You're a ResidentEX knockoff namefag.

f308f820 No.3588644

At least I don't drink my own piss.

File: 1594441795360.jpg (223.43 KB, 960x960, archae_spyro_anatomy.jpg)

30eb09ee No.3581866[Reply]

Are there any videogame characters you especially like?

I first saw Spyro in the original Insomniac game, back in 1998.

I can't help but like the little guy.
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30eb09ee No.3581908

In the newest "Spyro: Reignited" game, you can change Spyro's colt, including to black.

You can even give him cool sunglasses!

As for your grandparents, they are full of it.

30eb09ee No.3581909


Oops, not colt, color.

89ff9d4d No.3581910

Like in a husbandy and/or want to fuck to death way?

Baine Bloodhoof - WoW
Mr. Smite - WoW
Bonnie the Bunny - FNAF
Kass -BoTW
Pit Lord - DOTA 2
Roadhog - Overwatch

3931f1f7 No.3581913

File: 1594481667983.jpg (40.84 KB, 474x592, OIP.yEKmsTqLasgi5YbQmNGoKg….jpg)

So many different ones, couldn't tell ya, better to just pick a favorite color and stick to it, imo. People tend to imprint alot at certain points in games, I wouldn't mind seeing the research on what exact points those are, I would imagine a few players are always holding out for those special characters. Obviously picking out a game you think you know what you are in for, then half way through you find out it takes a sudden roadstop off in dinko-land where all the weirdies are. If you ever played RPGS you would know exactly what I am talking about.

Honestly what the hell is this character here, a blow up doll?

864d0316 No.3581987

You have a good taste.

76dcdf6b No.3588584

File: 1600161878872-0.jpg (206.85 KB, 1600x900, a870bac9884ba4aa0773118d4d….jpg)

File: 1600161878872-1.jpeg (67.21 KB, 807x641, Tempo-Star-Fox-Inertia-Ch….jpeg)

c13b625b No.3588587

File: 1600169762555.jpg (169.72 KB, 635x704, 84b002c881de8c68939472faad….jpg)

You have horrible taste in games

File: 1594237476013.jpg (135.85 KB, 1129x1500, 66f33180d9bed0f07424921f11….jpg)

f7ebf3df No.3581655[Reply]

Why are niggers getting so uppity now days? I cant even go in a waffle house for breakfast without seeing some stinking black ass family with their niggletts screaming the whole time. Fucking niggers ruin everything.
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55172333 No.3581702

File: 1594272127137.jpg (146.88 KB, 1179x1200, 1472697875.hadalmartian_up….jpg)

Yeah, but do niggers shit on your car?

8389ca96 No.3581706


Quite simply, I don't believe you.

Hell, you can even post pictures, but all I know, it could easily be your own shit.

49c3355e No.3581769

Why do niggers say nigger or nigga in cRap music? You can't spell rap without cRap.

1da18fea No.3581786

File: 1594345298286.jpg (129.57 KB, 600x253, you-probably-didnt-know-bu….jpg)

d27a4e88 No.3581788

File: 1594345830222.jpg (44.75 KB, 640x360, rabbitstartsracewarzootopi….jpg)

b9ba0bfb No.3588553

I wonder who necro'd this thread

49344512 No.3588583

Must have been a nigger. Niggers are known for necroing threads.

File: 1593451606424.png (90.02 KB, 514x634, Screenshot_2020-06-29 Sean….png)

845dacee No.3580605[Reply]

Sean Piche
June 27 at 9:35 AM ·

$360 for a toilet repair I was not prepared for, but one has to poop, so…
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36fabe27 No.3580686

File: 1593500975210.jpg (53.42 KB, 480x748, i wrecked your toilet.jpg)

49630be9 No.3582300

File: 1594839114159.jpg (108.77 KB, 1200x677, taftsbathtub.jpg)

I need someone to call the medics, I'm stuck in the tub… Maybe I can get a tub like President Taft, then I can fill it up with semen and have a party!

b395d706 No.3588568


4b96fb63 No.3588572

Fuck your white bitch shit Only one kind of lives matter and they're black

b395d706 No.3588573

1003b109 No.3588581

File: 1600159447898.jpg (25.66 KB, 250x366, 250px-Deadniggerstorage.jpg)

The entire planet would be better off without them.

60647847 No.3588606

File: 1600184647047.jpg (42.44 KB, 500x500, sup.jpg)

Black Lies Matter
Pants Up Don't Loot

File: 1600115524463.gif (455.58 KB, 245x190, the first step at q-anon i….gif)

aaa0b234 No.3588483[Reply]

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24f88289 No.3588525

I've been through alot of dumb ass shit I would be inclined to believe that our western GOD is real and that HITLER is Jesus Incarnate and GILGAMESH was the first book ever written and that ALI-BABA was a magic genie that flew around fucking little girls in the desert and was infact Gengis Khan's half brother of another prostitute that was fucked by Allah-Mohammad's first incarnation where BUDDAH presided over the making of to prevent LOKI and other western God's from defiling the sanctity of the east so that Vigo could come to life and Create a UTOPIAN GOD BABY made from Neverland to defeat Walt Disney and Tim BURTON once and for all.

1594de7c No.3588539

File: 1600137862917.jpg (88.76 KB, 540x720, robin.jpg)

14f2df5f No.3588542


I honestly think this is some kind of word spewing bot, not a real person.

aaa0b234 No.3588545

imagine gpt-3, but trained solely on /furi/ posts

24f88289 No.3588579

Fuck off you poser ass no conspiracy having Star Wars Mydol popping fag.

8ed6838b No.3588588

File: 1600171222252.gif (21.46 KB, 259x194, samurai jack scotsman rant….gif)

8ed6838b No.3588589

these posts are 10x funnier when you read it in a scottish accent with proud bagpipes blasting in the background

File: 1595004473197.jpg (430.37 KB, 886x1280, 1590863896.hun_437_chunie_….jpg)

903ff877 No.3582445[Reply]

My gucking god I hate men. Everyone loves the crack head reading tea leaves but I spin out ONCE on a stuffed lasagna to figure out what soda I should buy at a gas station and the FUCKING MALE ASSHAT MANAGER comes over and tells mo leave. I was given divine knowledge that I had to buy a Mean Bean Minster, and that fuckwad denied me. I trie to get in using my handgun and then the fucking police showed up. I eventually executed the dog, but it was caught on camera.

FUCK MEN THIS IS THEIR FAULT. If they couldn't stop fucking each other maybe this wouldnt have happened.
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fc7b72fe No.3582455

File: 1595007405476.png (136.54 KB, 1097x1280, 1571373686.yuniwolfsky_scy….png)


058d9b53 No.3582470

File: 1595013509830.jpg (107.72 KB, 1080x1042, 20200713_023407.jpg)


Gee Bill, how come your mom lets you fuck two genders?

d4542bce No.3582478


Little Billy's mom used to be Little Billy's dad and now Little Billy is a confused cumslut that's on it's way to having a multitude of STDs before it blows it's head off at age 27.

56da6490 No.3582518

It's adorably when you appear like you imagine your opinion matters.

ff92e7a2 No.3582525

File: 1595079701293.png (85.51 KB, 187x200, Gee bill how come your mom….png)


I lol'd

b108b067 No.3582526


because two cloacas

f1d1493b No.3588570

that's how they trick you in2 rapeing them

only WAP im interested in is that cumdump tiger

File: 1594594311368.png (760.43 KB, 837x1110, fea6a3f4a4785b0ba6b9f722df….png)

7e1ae9ff No.3582014[Reply]

N Carolina police swarmed by peaceful protesters armed with molotov cocktails and guns, after a drug and child trafficking bust. Suspects released and child prostitutes let go with their pimps.

TRUMP 2020. More drugs, pedos, and coreuption!

0eb5dc40 No.3582292

Beezus Christ is a pedophile.

a7b6aafc No.3582298

File: 1594838590448.jpg (1.19 MB, 2448x3264, гомбат.jpg)

>police swarmed by peaceful protesters armed with molotov cocktails
>child prostitutes
I've seen it somewhere.

a945b69f No.3588569

why won't president roosevelt stop this madness?

6e025701 No.3588637

File: 1600217101026.jpeg (202.39 KB, 1176x2048, Eh5Gf5GXYAAdnCc.jpeg)


Speak loudly and pull out your big dick.

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