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5f5c9c3c No.3580580[Reply]

I don't think anyone can make movies like his any longer.
Just so much great work from him.

4c9ea472 No.3580590


shine on you crazy jew diamond

11811adc No.3580596


I am still most impressed he and only he could make Marcel Marceau break character in full "Mime" outfit and shout "NO" in silent movie. also the only spoken word in the entire film.

Happy Birthday you , you fun old Kike !

wish more Jews where just like you instead of being a vicious load of murdering, torturing & land grabbing bastards!

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b301cc7c No.3574484[Reply]

A new year, a new machine =D
I hope to improve render quality and speed with this new GPU-Setup. Cloth-Sim is now GPU supported, too.

AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 3500 AM4 BOX
2x GiBy11GB D6 RTX 2080 Ti Turbo
SSD 500GB 2.3/3.4G 970 EVO PCIe M.2 SAM
D432GB 3200-16 Ripjaws V K2 GSK
NZXT H710 Window White wh/bk ATX

CineBench R21 (9004CB) - Redshift Benchmark (3m31s)

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25cadf8e No.3579181

File: 1592396348097-0.jpg (36.92 KB, 728x546, WpQc1kP.jpg)

File: 1592396348097-1.jpg (23.09 KB, 728x546, DHJfNLu.jpg)

File: 1592396348097-2.jpg (22.58 KB, 728x546, DdAMVDZ.jpg)

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25cadf8e No.3579182

File: 1592396550459.jpg (51.43 KB, 728x546, gha56y5.jpg)

0fc22b30 No.3579186

Anything wired really. With short connections you dont get much benifit from fiber. Copper and gold connectors are pretty equal. The only benifit from gold is that it doesnt corrode, but the wire behind the connector is still copper either way. Even then, if the socket you are plugging into isnt gold, then you aren't getting any benifit either way, most TVs, motherboards, and monitors have copper contacts regardless.

Now some wires are better than others, some brands have better shielding, an or better union's between the wire and the connector, but busting a nut over Monster cables vs any other name brand isnt really worth the 0.001 frame rate difference

0fc22b30 No.3579187

I'll also point out that for online gaming, obviously fiber is better, but if you have cable, no matter how high quality your personal cables are, your real bottle neck will be your router/modem, and the quality and placement of your coax. Every splitter, and adapter drops your decibels by 2. The local lines outside can be antiquated, and god forbid your coax runs along your house's electrical cables. You also have to deal with neighbors using in line signal boosters, which can fuck you over… and your distance from your provider.

So really shit dont matter on your end, except some control over home network LAN capability.

0fc22b30 No.3579189

A long time ago I had a friend who's dad wires his own house, he ran all the power and coax through the same PVC conduit. They always complained that their tv was fuzzy and internet was slow. Turned out his coax was the cheap kind, and was conducting electromagnetic interference from the power lines. I told them that if they wanted to run things like that they'd need at least quad shielding, instead they put in a booster behind each tv and computer. Obviously, if you boost a garbled signal you just get a stronger and more garbled signal. The cable company disconnected them because they were pumping their garbage signal to everyone else in the neighborhood.

0fc22b30 No.3579190

That's another thing, if you are too close to your ISP hub and have too strong a signal, your device will cut off the upper levels of your incoming analog signal to protect itself. So you are effectively cutting a portion of the bandwidth you are paying for proportionately. I live across the street from my hub, so I actually installed a splitter in line just to cause that decibel drop I mentioned despite not really splitting into two lines. The loss in signal strength actually increased my speed.

With wireless networks the positioning of the antennae is also important. Antennae work best when they are aligned the same. So if you have them pointed straight up, you will get better signal on the same floor with identically aligned devices, while other floors will suffer. So if you have a multi story home, youd be best off getting a router that has four antennae, two up vertically, and two at a 45 degree angle, with the antennae from computers on other floors angled with their broad side pointed as close to the source router as possible, or using a high quality dual band or better repeater on each floor.

83f903f1 No.3580595

File: 1584209112013.jpg (484.32 KB, 1280x1671, 57fd3b27ef6a665fd89b87ae0c….jpg)

426989ee No.3571532[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Happy Pi Day! Post some math memes, math puzzles, pi, pie, porn, cute animal videos, whatever.
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0ac9a5c7 No.3576489

File: 1590163467960.jpg (770.04 KB, 1600x1200, Mandel_zoom_07_satellite.jpg)

Math is a drug for methmatitians

96001460 No.3576521

File: 1590194041321.png (421.93 KB, 500x355, PlasmaEngine.png)

Humoring the idea of traversing a space-time continuum, such as the bootes void, I think that a long range wormhole is not feasible without the construction of multiple gates, this would require obviously alot of resources, and drones to do such with since we would also have to program them to function blindly in an unmonitorable enviroment. At best.

There would be the chance it would require not only that operation but also a feeding rail to do so, where resources are just dumped per location within the void. Not feasible. But having lock points within the field on a targeting system can in theory generate a path through it, the path however may be broke or in fluctuation. You would have to counteract the need of redirecting routes.

In space, velocity is a real problem because it happens on very many levels to an object relative to its trajectory, it is not a single direction when particles are operating in a quantum motion. You would require a quantum rangefinder plus a targeting system for your waypoint, which sounds easy enough. If you had it. Basically a quantum Comptroller.

Then you would have to also be able to manage your traversal under critical mass through super massive speeds which would turn you into a black hole. You would need some sort of free-energy machine to also stabilize your propulsion as the rest is being used for "onboard rangefinding" and waypoint targeting system which cannot fail. If any go out your velocity would go all over the place and you would basically departiculize your transport into nothing or be lost or unable to move. You would need all three on all the time due to unmonitorable hyperspace, plus you would be a miniature black hole at the same time.

So it would be possible except it would also be broken with many detours and very turbulent especially if you lose your velocity tracking. You would be stranded in it. The only way to do this is through a proposed spiral propulsion using some sort of toroidal coil. Which they have already, because only a spiral can feed energy seamlessly into itself without disrupting itself linearly. Course its just all conjecture.

96001460 No.3576545

File: 1590247751283.jpg (307.97 KB, 1920x1200, pMOfSU.jpg)

The problem is how to sustain the powerdraw. In a continuum, power is disrupted by the travelling, we have to ensure that a generator can adapt to hyperspace, such as a dark matter generator or a higgs-hadron collider. Either would generate a quantum pulse of energy (either by the allowance of dark matter or the breaking down of matter into dark matter) Ideally, a quantum compatible source of energy will carry over in hyperspace instead of having power loss through unprocessable travel.

Warp-travel is movement that is based on a curve in space time to simulate kinetic inertia, the curve is made through sustain quantum energy, but is "routed" all over the place during quantum tunnelling, it cannot be adequately traced. When it is directed, a "wormhole" can then shift in space-time, then act as a flexible sieve through an open plane in outer space, though it is dangerous to pass through other objects for instance if the tunnel were cut short you would "phase" into obstacles like a particle meatball or just get smacked, not sure which. While warp gates can do this, having a warp drive to shut off by input or engine braking like a switch is important. (which is like what tesla coils would do I guess.) Though your ship would need a pilot or a program or an ai to do that correctly, anyway.

The warp curve is like simulating a ball rolling down a hill, that accelerates very fast depending on the power used, but dark matter must sustain itself through any fallout of the curve.
Touch Up to Newtonian Physics:
1.Objects at rest remain at a rest (indicative of inertia, so while in the space of the warp field it will act upon the inertia of any object)
2 The orientation of the warp field might help with the push, depending on how or when it is used in leiu of its course. The orientation might be more important than usual. (Angular diffusion that would have to be adjusted for like a paper airplane is designed for forward flight)
3.Required sustained energy or power draw hopefully from a quantum engine source.
4.Warp drive makes a flexible sieve through a plane where reorientation of quantum travel might be neccessary (or normalization or dewarping) through power mitigation. (Basically imagine refolding yourself once you are a crumpled piece of paper)

I really dont have anything else to add, I just didn't want to leaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

166f1037 No.3576699

File: 1590448250695.gif (1.03 MB, 290x290, 1531457396222.gif)

In maethmatics the property of math is usually defined as interchangeable but the translation of that result may or may not be the same value as the actual value is being represented. This is one of the first philosophical problems that comes in math. So to quantum mechanics being physically approximated of the original math; this develops into further complications where congruents are required to the original values of the integer.

When all due singularity(or balance of any displacement), these approximations come together to form an otherwise expressed sum of the original parts. This forms a group of the entire state of physics, which is important in mechanics to know due to simulteneity. The group is usually based on meta, congruents, and other variants. Or basically a "slieghted" control panel to the system, shows both quantum and non quantum sides as a virtual simultaneity of the group, and rounds the edges of entire 'state' by approximating alot of it "together" in a represented matrice or formula. This helps with sorting invalid and valid results (or some Euclidean context).

Because of approximation the less accurate it is and because of stuff like probability and casualty it is very "exclusive" to the original expression. However the intent is to summarize any loophole or oversight it may have, and therefore give a better description of the math. Though the simplicity always is boiled down to whether or not 2+2 apples = 4 apples or some only 1 apple exists at a time fallacy. It is still important in rocket science especially when the notation of a half life is prefered, but impossible to correlate except with quotients or some lineation of quotients.

In actual particle physics, usually any proofing involves a previously rendered state and then charting it on a "curve" or some math jargon to dissect it all for an "increment" within or of the state. Such as ex.:(if center mass is shifted by x-amount then state of LineAb changes to some proximity angle or coordinate or stressed or invalid function or temporarily gains casualty.) Basically this helps to seal the deal between quantum and non-quantum states especially for Smart stuff like Morse Theory or Golden Ratios Or Point Curves. So glad for summer.

96001460 No.3576758

File: 1590545515079.gif (45.49 KB, 410x445, main-qimg-34162459e282e6df….gif)

So in an isolated system such as described, you would have a state of integers described, barring any modulated, baselining, or gentrifying of the state it can be compared to another state. This comparison is simplified down into an balance where any definition can is indistinguisable so that you could have, 2x=1x+1 suddenly make sense or something completely inane. Like quantum function(where the function has two sides or determinates and has to satisfy it to chart anything, which is what all of this is geared to do). And curves literally be silly straws.

The theory would suggest anynway, that an isolated product is term. Terms are reverse engineered too based on their work(so writing it out is important but you know, fat chance). When two are availiable they can be compared in approximation, these simplify too and are useful for imaginary half lifes and imaginary particles like nuetrinos. In math there is a chain blocking or something where terms occur (usually they just farm the second terms from the first but a related equation helps so much to have independent comparisons). If the approximations can be considered true, when no other answer is availiable it suggests an isolated instance. I don't know I think its useful in predicting thermal dynamics with particle diffraction or something. But its really stupid and no one cares and something like "flipping the diode is involve" which is code for jerking around.

add1c1ed No.3580556

File: 1593398904176.png (2.07 MB, 1450x2160, 1592625618.merrunz__fin389….png)

add1c1ed No.3580557

File: 1593399155987.png (2.32 MB, 1500x1060, 1591013090.missaka_natsu_n….png)

>ID: add1c1ed
I'm addicted to furry porn.

File: 1593380005538.png (37.45 KB, 300x349, 300px-Microsoft_Windows_NT….png)

7a396fb5 No.3580529[Reply]

Anyone celebrating 'murican independence?

Fire off any guns or explosives? Jerk your dick raw to Sonic porn? Grill out? Eat some pussy and ass?
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cfaef5c6 No.3580533

>4th of July
>Anyone celebrating 'murican independence?

No. But on 4th of November I will.

7a396fb5 No.3580535

File: 1593382131249.jpg (166.89 KB, 639x426, MIT-Earth-Dish_0.jpg)


˙ǝɹoɯʎuɐ ɥʇɐǝp ɹɐǝɟ ʇou op I

eaf1b9aa No.3580539

Not really, fireworks scare my dog, who's basically the only company I enjoy. I am going on a camping trip from the 5th to the 7th though. Everyone will be back to work, be holidayed out and I the reservation dossier on the park site is basically empty.

A whole park to chill at with my dog, fish, take pictures and geocache, all to my self.

7a396fb5 No.3580541


People have already been setting off big explosives. It sucks for animals, and also some veterans or just PTSD sufferers in general.

I always found it ironic that 4th of July is dreaded by a lot of soldiers. Yeah, earplugs exist, but people aren't waiting until the 4th to set them off.

eaf1b9aa No.3580543

I'm a veteran myself. I dont go full Vietnam when a car back fires or a firework goes off, but I have that hyper vigilance thing going on. A whole lot of people gathering, getting drunk, and randomly shooting guns and trying their best to blow up clouds is a bit much for me.

I figure I dont need to set aside time for a remembrance holiday just because it's on the calendar. I just usually celebrate them a day or two later if the real one isnt convenient. I'll have a much better time celebrating the 4th on the 5th 6th and 7th anyway.

7a396fb5 No.3580544


Plus you don't want to be on the roads July 4th. Lot of drunk drivers. The cops are out in full force around the 4th but they won't catch everyone.

eaf1b9aa No.3580546

Hadn't really considered it, but good point.

File: 1591036560418.png (3.84 MB, 1958x1966, SARS-CoV-2_without_backgro….png)

d2b4db78 No.3577402[Reply]

looks like the protestors aren't social distancing. We well see if they get that coronavirus.
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f63763d1 No.3580176

File: 1593137703480.png (11.26 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

834f3347 No.3580187

File: 1593146181837.jpg (655.55 KB, 1200x800, 1580772648.glopossum_wyatt….jpg)

I'm hijacking this hijack to make this a high jackoff thread.

834f3347 No.3580213


b50bba8b No.3580519

File: 1593372798992.jpg (27.89 KB, 474x711, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

b50bba8b No.3580520

File: 1593372983043.png (1.08 MB, 1117x1017, 3c8804a3b64bd7c27b9c32c94e….png)

b50bba8b No.3580524

File: 1593374858340.png (14.57 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


sleep well…

27ac29c0 No.3580536

File: 1593382171638.png (742.19 KB, 725x462, Screenshot_2020-06-28 fata….png)

I'll chisel your gravestone, sleep well!

File: 1593118260475.jpg (462.66 KB, 900x1200, 2887620_TitusW_caelum_-_co….jpg)

80dea288 No.3580150[Reply]

A common misconception is that slavery is basically a racist European invention, but history shows the opposite.

The slavery existed in virtually every corner of the world before the coming of European explorers. The Aztecs had slaves before the coming of the Spanish, and slavery was common throughout North America long before Jamestown. Slavery was common throughout Africa, India, China, Polynesia, the Middle East, and most of Europe.

The European enlightenment in the 1700s started the modern campaign to end slavery. The US and the British Empire banned slave trade in the early 1800s. Slavery was banned most of the British Empire in 1833, and by that time slavery was banned in the northern half of the US.

By the end early twentieth century, modern western ideas of equality and justice combined with the spread of the industrial revolution had ended slavery throughout most of the world. The areas where slavery existed were those farthest from western influence. Slavery existed in the Ottoman Empire until it was replaced by modern Turkey after World War I. Ethiopia finally banned slavery in 1942. Saudi Arabia officially ended slavery in 1962, and Mauritania officially ended slavery in 2007.

Is there any reason to believe that slavery would have ended without the influence of western Europeans?

Was the abolition of slavery an example of Western cultural imperialism?
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5ccd0f6d No.3580390


The more developed a country the less we see slavery with advances in tech of that is the case… We can still see it in developing worlds.

0ec8675a No.3580394

Yes it would definitely give people a chance.

9c7d5957 No.3580474

>It was just something fun for them.

So people risk their lives and fortunes, traveling half the planet, confronting piracy, disease, starvation, poverty….for fun?!?

For some notion of racial hierarchy?
By all the Elder Gods you are stupid.

66e8a854 No.3580476

ffef2e21 No.3580477

File: 1593327932991.jpg (344.12 KB, 810x1215, ddqyzcb-57583888-795e-490e….jpg)

This is a very talented artist that does almost-porn, but not actual porn?

0f8cd266 No.3580484

File: 1593329518078.jpg (1.19 MB, 850x1100, 1561582104.titusw_all_i_ha….jpg)

ffef2e21 No.3580485

File: 1593329733918-0.jpg (2.1 MB, 4000x4000, FOX_AND_PAW.jpg)

File: 1593329733918-1.jpg (2.93 MB, 4000x4000, PAWS.jpg)

File: 1593329733918-2.jpg (1.58 MB, 3000x4000, THE_SHEATH_CLEANER.jpg)

This artist is really good too, and this one does porn.

File: 1592200808267.png (550.37 KB, 588x574, screen-shot-2020-02-15-at-….png)

809d3c04 No.3578921[Reply]

I found about a lolcow called bralalala who used to try to sue many music boards and such.


Anyone know of any other lesser known lolcows?
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809d3c04 No.3579015


50f4b7f4 No.3579045

OP is a moron

809d3c04 No.3579055

Bruh, I was born asperger's.

809d3c04 No.3580437


I think this person if a Brazilian

809d3c04 No.3580443

I report you. Huehuehue

809d3c04 No.3580444

Gib Moni pls. Give buff pls. Br?

a5d9f50d No.3580508

File: 1593357569756.gif (102.32 KB, 300x220, vuvuzela.gif)

File: 1593287423454.jpg (102.75 KB, 677x368, 46jcda[1].jpg)

4782757f No.3580423[Reply]

I thought so from the very first time.

78b4145e No.3580430

Is this some kind of reverse abnormal psychology?

ae91845f No.3580431

> Western world is unaccostumed to wearing masks
> Stockpiles are small, fitting the "just-in-time" global production chains
> Wuflu hits
> Western leaders panic because there aren't enough masks
> Countries that aren't hit early on don't make mask-wearing mandatory, and don't advocate for masks, because it would cripple the supply for hospitals and care workers
> Their medical experts have to stand on public television and say shit like "at the present moment we are evaluating the studies to show how important face masks are"
> Meanwhile the ENTIRE FUCKING REGION OF ASIA is handling the Wuflu much better because they are all wearing masks

4 months later and now people are being told to wear masks, who are they to believe? What are they to believe?

Also, for the US and Brazil, they have semi-retarded "strongmen" as leaders who are grown men who don't need no experts telling them what to do. So there is that.

f0430a32 No.3580440

File: 1593298887393.jpg (648.08 KB, 1440x2086, 1593199856749.jpg)

Reverse-reverse abnormal psychology.

Remember, the Kung Flu affects minorities communities the worse.

So by pretending it hits conservatives, you in affect make people believe that while blacks get hit harder.

e15c3330 No.3580470

Problem with that theory is successfully encouraging unsafe behavior does not kill vast majority of the target group but will make situation far worse to everyone.

File: 1593223852501.jpg (158.76 KB, 1088x1280, c370ede20031d1f545db32d551….jpg)

a27e7d3c No.3580357[Reply]

White man castrated in the CHAZ. He apparently tried to run away from his on site home, and go to the police

31e02b1e No.3580366

File: 1593226512026.png (669.11 KB, 1916x2000, I CANT BREATHE.png)

paw patrol is just propaganda to turn kids into homosexual, fascist bootlickers

change my mind

393b6a2b No.3580424

We should destroy the CHAZ.

cb2e0a18 No.3580427

Someone should play this over loudspeakers as a prank in the CHAZ.


File: 1593188380796.jpg (17.79 KB, 213x370, Teryx336.jpg)

7d9cfe1d No.3580261[Reply]

Just how big of a total jerk is Donald Trump?
A congressman got beaten up, and I hope the guys who beat him up are caught soon.
But Trump?
He said this in Green Bay, yesterday.
During the unrest, State Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) was attacked and beaten. During the town hall, President Trump suggested he believed Carpenter was there to cheer it on. Carpenter has since responded and said the president is lying.
"And the person they beat up [Sen. Carpenter] was a democrat who happened to be gay. And he was probably out there rooting them on or something. Because democrats think it’s wonderful they’re destroying their country. It’s a very sick thing going on.”
2 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

428a72e8 No.3580266

File: 1593189624790.png (17.35 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


I wonder how old lonebluewulf THEOP is doing? This place was full of life during 7 years ago…

7d9cfe1d No.3580269

0d79cf42 No.3580273

How is "And he was probably out there rooting them on or something." a lie? Trump says "probably" and he might be wrong, that senator might have been present to deescalate the protest or something. But being wrong in an assumption is not a lie.

7d9cfe1d No.3580289


Trump is nothing BUT a fucking liar.
He even lies about his weight, for crying out loud.

Now, he's lied AGAIN, this time about a fake "Black Lives Matter leader."

The guy is just a loudmouthed nigger.


64cdaabb No.3580398

Not that I am with Trump or am I interested at all what will happen to that developing country, but fuck OP you sound like a whiny fucking faggot.

7d9cfe1d No.3580402


60 year old hetero male, white.
So once again, an assumption was made.

The US has had a "Cult Of Ignorance" for decades, and still does.
Just look at what happens when late-night comedians send someone to a Trump rally, it only takes them a comple minutes to find real assholes, Jesus freaks and wannabe Nazis.

428a72e8 No.3580403

File: 1593261843587.png (915.91 KB, 1096x764, secthotz.png)

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