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File: 1643772855053.jpg (137.37 KB, 850x1063, f4118fd1f6f56dc7d258a51293….jpg)

01dd289e No.3644620[Reply]

Well, I got notified about 5 hours ago that I FINALLY have my rehab date date and this should be actually legit, starting Friday after a 36 hour medically assisted dry out period. Probably going to disappear for a while, but I intend to bring back the Friday Night Lulz stream come friday the 11th. I still have my stupidly expensive and totally unnecessary laptop, so as long as I have a signal I'll at least get it running again.

Any services you prefer if you're interested? My biggest complaints way back when was from just what services I used to stream, I just liked tinychat because you didn't have to register or anything to use it.
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31396eeb No.3644726

File: 1643867539552.jpeg (282.65 KB, 1065x943, FKoua3VWQAM698j.jpeg)

When I went to rehab, they didn't allow computers or any electronics outside an alarm clock or AM/FM radio. No music players, cell phones, anything. Its very likely this is the case at the facility you're in.

Sorry Steam, not only are you going to be detoxing from alcohol, but from the Internet as well.

See you in a month. o7

9f338ddd No.3645860

They allow electronics, I'm there now posting from my laptop. Unfortunately the internet is stupidly slow, I've been using a VPN to be able to visit all but the most vanilla of sites. So not going to be doing that streaming thing. Even if I wanted to burn phone data to do it, I've got 1 bar if im lucky.

I'm glad I got in, even though it took forever, the blood tests showed that I was dangerously low in everything but liver enzymes. So many IV's… So many pills…

d5770697 No.3645889

Don't forget never trust big pharma. Or therapists.

dcc84fa3 No.3645891

The worst part about the rehabs I've been to has been all the 12 Step circlejerking. i still understand why they're treating a century old religious screed as though it's actually sound science and a valid medical treatment. It's like they're trying to cure cancer with leeches and bloodletting.

d5770697 No.3645900

Thats why I said its all a sham in the end its not anyone but you helping yourself all they do is get paid to sit and talk anyone can do this and you dont need a PHD or diploma to do it. Why the phrase armchair physcology is even a phrase. Everything involved is about personal willpower nothing more. If you can go to rehab then you can obviously save yourself going to others for help is just a way to say please talk with me and help me find my own solutions.

5cdac774 No.3653743

File: 1649723813517.jpg (148.71 KB, 1500x1500, ca30493e639dc12ebe7f8aee1a….jpg)

Has anyone heard from Steam recently? Been wondering how our residents alcoholic raccoon has been doing since he went quiet

98c68a93 No.3653744

I'm sure I aaw him post recently and is just not on here as often might be that they finnally made a concious life choice and cutting 90% of this place out of it was part of that.

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File: 1621625422451-1.png (441.66 KB, 950x1083, 10f2845e2e.png)

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1ae9650d No.3615267[Reply]

Dump your pony stuff here. Adult art or clean!
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df1c7f8c No.3627596

File: 1633106994964-0.png (394.87 KB, 1000x1000, 2336355.png)

File: 1633106994964-1.png (4.42 MB, 3840x2160, b04e57d5c2286e5f9cd4bb8e88….png)

File: 1633106994964-2.png (1.82 MB, 5000x3334, 2712798.png)

df1c7f8c No.3627598

File: 1633107677682-0.png (69.48 KB, 642x799, 23446.png)

File: 1633107677682-1.png (434.12 KB, 1280x985, 297833.png)

File: 1633107677682-2.png (141.25 KB, 651x800, 1088394.png)

File: 1633107677682-3.png (69.09 KB, 474x600, 1836488.png)

df1c7f8c No.3627628

File: 1633111541539-0.png (6.44 MB, 2921x4000, 3af9682b0b6aa29dda45b42871….png)

File: 1633111541539-1.png (868.49 KB, 848x1200, a56e8e3e44ee674c44dfb6d700….png)

df1c7f8c No.3627632

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File: 1633112294612-1.jpg (1.33 MB, 4096x4096, 477cfce22f07bd3c3569e3d60f….jpg)

43b40e74 No.3640317

File: 1641164297206.jpg (276.12 KB, 1029x1280, 1597878025.frist_uit_tease….jpg)

43b40e74 No.3640318

File: 1641166109111.png (1.93 MB, 1056x1739, 1606683812.frist_stripcell….png)

Great, is there one without a text?

cded841d No.3653552

File: 1649576985577-0.jpg (137.87 KB, 1011x1367, 2841140.jpg)

File: 1648327661880.jpg (109.75 KB, 1280x720, IMG_20220320_140449_797.jpg)

8066429b No.3651974[Reply]

All women in the furry fandom are dogfuckers, prove me not
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101e6985 No.3652016

File: 1648381810083.jpg (768.58 KB, 3450x2451, 1638733986290.jpg)

i thought the whole point was that unlike fucking another furry you won't get aids from fucking your dog

of course that rule goes out the window if some sick fuck is whoring his dog out to all their furry buddies

3c431bc8 No.3652017


what do you think goes on at furcon room parties with the guy that brought his "service" dog

101e6985 No.3652021

File: 1648386476127.jpg (110.64 KB, 600x776, 4c5469414d70d6ffaea362c19b….jpg)

well yeah obviously if you go to furcons you're as good as dead already

71274340 No.3652043

You get dog aids, and then canine to human dog aids transmission winds up killing humanity.

Stop fucking your dogs.

101e6985 No.3652045

File: 1648393076314.webm (2.82 MB, 360x640, 24483a0271ddd4eb071c33f05….webm)

if i did that i'd have nothing left to live for

1f7b50bd No.3652059

Most furfags will cancel you for even mentioning zoophilia, so probably nothing spicy unfortunately.
t. zoo

ba43113a No.3653530

File: 1649538945814.jpg (222.8 KB, 1447x2048, FPq6EvqX0AUSX0D_u18chan.jpg)

Artist is @Mikae_NSFW on Twitter, mikaemikae on FurAffinity


File: 1625353465723.jpg (575.37 KB, 1300x1408, mr-shin_11f89d72b0bc56babf….jpg)

2dadce9a No.3618972[Reply]

Official IRC: irc.furnet.org #lulz
Web client:

Unofficial Discord:

Unofficial Telegram:

2dadce9a No.3621883

File: 1628147883429.jpeg (121.86 KB, 1416x1046, E5AqPUPVEAEgIgq.jpeg)


Download the Tor browser and use this link through it. Enter in any artist after the "/fa/" in the link.

Don't use a web portal unless you like horrible load times.

af07137c No.3625185

File: 1630911547350.jpg (1.3 MB, 4096x2925, ErmXuwtW4AANfrP.jpg)

a07be48e No.3653471

New Discord link, lol.

File: 1623990552502.jpg (1.02 MB, 2592x1944, EwOFlEfW8AA6yoZ.jpg)

2bb62329 No.3617663[Reply]

I love it.
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307bda20 No.3637823

File: 1639547114820.jpg (519.02 KB, 2313x2433, ALESSIO626_wolfie_practici….jpg)

I suppose that's right, but you never see jackknifed scooters blocking all the traffic lanes. :)

3e749b95 No.3638056

File: 1639751731782.jpg (114.3 KB, 768x1024, DreamAndNightmare_scooter_….jpg)

8045060d No.3638066

File: 1639767959088.jpg (83.91 KB, 318x470, 972504.jpg)

b84665d0 No.3638557

File: 1640074714522.jpg (104.42 KB, 920x1190, 1997094_flipbunny_flip_-_s….jpg)

0e591a28 No.3649964

File: 1646626345218.jpg (83.1 KB, 591x762, Dante83_scooterboi.jpg)

d1cfd268 No.3653319

File: 1649396162679.jpg (309.4 KB, 1653x1100, gngfkv3rodm3h5sm.jpg)

5a91c58c No.3653338


Watch out for Retarded Biden and Big Momma !!

Tuut tuuut….One trailer loaded with Bullshit rolling into town!

File: 1649282493928.jpg (205.89 KB, 797x601, fiero-boat.jpg)

681e4cb3 No.3653207[Reply]

vroom vroom

7732a36a No.3653229

File: 1649294696201.jpg (171.46 KB, 1161x558, general lee.jpg)

Yee Haw!

f70aba75 No.3653303

File: 1647919188495.jpg (242.61 KB, 2047x1739, 1647696617378.jpg)

9dad5745 No.3651446[Reply]

what do you do a Furcons ? and how to plan for them
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adc019a7 No.3651533


I use a service dog's badge to attend cons I'm banned from.

Walk around in furiend's murrsuits to avoid detection.

Volunteer to be registration to avoid the line and get badge #69, VIP, leave after 30 mins after greeting all your haters and intentionally mispronouncing their fursonas with a megaphone.

Wear a shirt that says "Who Gave Mix a ride?" during all my shifts.

7dd27421 No.3651692

File: 1648133285893.jpg (3.38 MB, 2995x3728, d9c9d4a058c2.jpg)

56b01282 No.3651799

File: 1648211304952.jpg (46.89 KB, 850x688, 1647673484602.jpg)

5da1845e No.3651815

Ill go to cons and be like Gandalf and when I go on breaks ill bust out my churchwardens pipe and smoke up.

40bbc1ee No.3651980

File: 1648331746102.jpg (99.04 KB, 1080x1080, 052c6561d94d7813bce76529a9….jpg)

40bbc1ee No.3651981

File: 1648333661161.png (4.63 MB, 2320x1889, 4370619 - Chikn Chikn_Nugg….png)

cute porm

d360869b No.3653275

File: 1649341238609.jpg (117.08 KB, 920x785, pizza topping.jpg)

> what do you do a Furcons ?

File: 1649171512003.jpg (231.65 KB, 1440x2560, 123951_4.jpg)

6db5d5b2 No.3653058[Reply]


its pretty bad the con has to ask you to stop shitting on the floors and walls. stay classy furry.
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b1eeed68 No.3653097

*gross hyena fag*

b1eeed68 No.3653098

cute hyena booth

b1eeed68 No.3653099

*kisses the cute yeen*

b1eeed68 No.3653101

*smooches the hyena boi*

b1eeed68 No.3653105


8e827ad2 No.3653108

File: 1649207214835.png (550.42 KB, 1261x716, 420.png)

Obligatory Internet Historian video

Let's not even act like we're surprised that people are vandalizing the place and shitting in diapers.

840dccb5 No.3653232

File: 1649295771647.jpg (96.45 KB, 960x720, conker vs the great mighty….jpg)

I nominate this as the new Motor City Fur Con theme song.


File: 1648491384612-0.png (556.3 KB, 935x792, 2022-03-24 16_48_17-Wolfbi….png)

File: 1648491384612-1.png (250.04 KB, 1903x1481, Screenshot 2022-03-28 at 1….png)

e279e457 No.3652141[Reply]

Furnal Equinox cancels their next year's guest of honor because they do not wish to deal with pedos or babyfurs.

Regarding Our 2023 Guest of Honour

by avalanche | Mar 28, 2022 | Announcement | 0 comments

To our community,

Finding our way to #Furnal2022 was no easy task. We have only made it this far with the cooperation of our diverse and supportive community.

After discussions this past week, Wolfbird and Furnal Equinox staff have mutually agreed not to proceed with the planned Guest of Honour arrangement for 2023.

Our arrangement was originally made in early 2020, and neither party was fully informed of the other’s position at that time.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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9ce6c677 No.3653083

Pedophile = sexually attracted to children

How is someone masturbating to drawn child pornography not a pedophile?

d99b2e10 No.3653089

File: 1649201592219.jpg (58.56 KB, 800x574, 1605159249434.jpg)


Following this line of logic you clearly want to fuck an animal.

9ce6c677 No.3653091

I'm not into ferals.

0d344e37 No.3653103


Way to try to dodge that. By your logic: if cub makes one a pedo, then furry in general makes one an animal fucker.

Or is that too broad of a brush stroke for you?

9ce6c677 No.3653107

Wanting to fuck humans doesn't mean someone also wants to fuck a deformed mongoloid retard. It's the anthro part of anthropomorphic that makes the difference. Cubfags are attracted to the underage aspect of cubs. They're just children with fur.

3f83c45d No.3653215

>B-but I'm not a dogfucker you pedophile

1b80b7d8 No.3653226

File: 1649292902874-0.jpeg (296.6 KB, 960x720, 0D597B3D-9167-4B6C-BE8D-B….jpeg)

File: 1649292902874-1.png (4.68 MB, 1920x1080, A2EA318B-B7BE-4332-977F-48….png)

Go fuck a chicken if you like but don’t compare children to chickens! Cartoon animals are not children so stop complaining or comparing!

How difficult is it to not involve children in porno??!!

File: 1644808180242.jpg (171.75 KB, 850x1077, 0b75717.jpg)

2c9df134 No.3646899[Reply]

Was really terrible.

I just do NOT like (c)rap "music."

4c019ada No.3647036

File: 1644879580796.png (447.92 KB, 700x602, weird al art.png)

I wished they'd get Weird Al to play the halftime show. Fans have been lobbying for it for a while.

4ae2feb1 No.3653111

File: 1649210507893.jpg (196.6 KB, 500x750, 057-44-1AA5953.jpg)

cb6e1565 No.3653115

Why do apes all have such small dicks? Are lemurs the most well endowed primates?

4ae2feb1 No.3653116

File: 1649211995580-0.jpg (163.33 KB, 835x672, EbsedZIXYAABxAnnn.jpg)

File: 1649211995580-1.jpg (121.37 KB, 800x1200, chimp_bonobo_penis_erectio….jpg)


3e70c695 No.3653133

Just a N|gger with a different kind of dick.

3ea7f2eb No.3653197

I'd get fucked by an ape,, would be cool.

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