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File: 1634928829146.jpg (144.33 KB, 850x1202, 788f4390583a5dc636ec4be6fe….jpg)

f71de3c3 No.3630360[Reply]

Hoping for some cute donks' - female pref would be great. Mules are cool too. It feels like there aren't too many in the fandom
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a0204db8 No.3630371

File: 1634933919126-0.png (461.57 KB, 530x720, dbg2go4-488cb393-110d-4491….png)

File: 1634933919126-1.png (991.28 KB, 2420x3000, de57oqj-e4af8728-93fb-42bb….png)

a0204db8 No.3630372

File: 1634934192314.jpg (857.14 KB, 1200x1930, db9o7hz-5a86bee9-e00c-4db1….jpg)

Cows are the biggest MILFS in the milk and cheese industry!

beb9dd7c No.3630377

File: 1634935865590.jpg (404.81 KB, 700x1024, 1426790115.don-ko_brandi4t….jpg)

But cows aren't equine

a0204db8 No.3630439

File: 1634947926222-0.jpg (108.67 KB, 1339x1681, a56f878f23a5d0acc632d39471….jpg)

File: 1634947926222-1.jpg (991.21 KB, 2280x2481, c9cc7168ee4270321472cc1064….jpg)

File: 1634947926222-2.png (1.06 MB, 724x1346, 76953ede659c6ebec4deca5eb4….png)

File: 1634947926222-3.jpg (1.05 MB, 720x1280, 5a0b54856dc827453712c0133c….jpg)

673ee05a No.3630449

File: 1634955145056-0.jpg (223.97 KB, 790x935, 1262147530.brushfire_brush….jpg)

File: 1634955145056-1.png (1.44 MB, 1013x874, 1297157837.brushfire_sprin….png)

File: 1634955145056-2.png (540.68 KB, 776x698, 1304454146.brushfire_leopa….png)

File: 1634955145056-3.png (810.15 KB, 788x1004, 1305165538.brushfire_sidew….png)

File: 1634955145056-4.jpg (214.89 KB, 839x1062, s_1267606379564_Ychan_-_s_….jpg)

608aef5c No.3630474

File: 1635009459539.png (498.54 KB, 1280x1792, 472c533ec67a6fc0826abd2588….png)

beb9dd7c No.3630477

File: 1635010444524.png (4.75 MB, 3208x4632, f83cf21cb7ae73b5761d245576….png)

>Loona the HellHaw


File: 1639330147473.png (1.26 MB, 1278x791, Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 1….png)

fa9ccabf No.3637187[Reply]

46192af0 No.3637328


b88f450b No.3637455

This is just some furry's vlog. I didn't watch past about a minute.

File: 1638907676101.jpg (28.98 KB, 640x432, fb0.jpg)

c8b64970 No.3636228[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

i deleted that dead animal thread because we got an abuse report from the host about it.
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61364df6 No.3636836

File: 1639185847661.jpg (333.65 KB, 940x500, The-Perfect-Female-Body.jpg)

Ha! I remember him getting butthurt when I compared him to the kind of tranny who tries to turn themselves into a sexist bimbo charicature with surgery

1a17c88a No.3636837

There's also many things that can go wrong with cosmetic surgery and if you've ever watched the show Botched, sometimes it's better to just stick with the look you were born with, and that's my opinion on things. It's a cruel world out there and people will make fun of you whether it's right or wrong, that's just a fact of how things are. So sometimes you have to consider all this before trying to modify your body.

1a17c88a No.3636839

File: 1639186262973.jpg (76.8 KB, 560x390, Fishbone-Im-Gonna-Git-You-….jpg)

When people go outdoors looking too eccentric, well this movie scene is kind of what you can expect to receive if you do it in certain neighborhoods.


1146051c No.3636842

File: 1639186622367.jpeg (38.63 KB, 576x261, 5c87d4d5b5d00.jpeg)

>well he declared himself trans in at least one of these few 3 pages of trash, so yeah he's full on trans now not gay

He said it while also giving a retarded hot take about how government workers should be allowed to deny services as they please
>Like a trans gender person my damn self.

He's retarded, but that's to be expected from someone who goes that deep into their autistic fetishes, It's par for the course with trannies.

1a17c88a No.3636845

If you remember Stalking Cat who went full tilt with body modification to turns himself as much into a human-tiger person as body modification would allow. I'm sure that it somewhat made him happy for the short term, but ultimately being seen by most of everyday society as a "Freak Show" it may well have led to the depression that made him take his life. I don't see what would have been wrong with just putting on make up and prosthetics to look like a tiger person at times like stage actors do, because then if you get tired of the look you can remove the make-up and prosthetics and go back to your regular self.

1146051c No.3636847

File: 1639187497469-0.png (1.01 MB, 2048x2048, 1611273034172.png)

File: 1639187497469-1.jpg (63.12 KB, 618x412, rachel-dolezal-split-2.jpg)

Stalking Cat was also a tranny. Could anyone name any legitimate difference between wanting to be trans-species or trans-racial and being transgender?

As for Aufy, It's literally just a fetish for him.
>Is it for me? probably not .. Well … Maybe… that depends….
>If theirs a way to transition that would increase my horny rather than decrease my horny ..
>Ya know I just might consider it.
>I'm not a woman… Dressing like a woman and role playing as one doesn't make me a woman any more than role playing as robot makes me a robot.
>If there was a way to transition that would boost my horny I would do it.

1a17c88a No.3636848

I just saw another thread rant made by him/her. Anyway I can see what you mean Steam. They seem a little bit unhinged.

File: 1634569447011.jpg (47.28 KB, 680x340, 9nyTmg47.jpg)

6e0b88f9 No.3629869[Reply]

Used to be the "You need Jay-zus!" grifters would put on these "Hell Houses," showing terrible things non-talibornagains do, that led straight to "Hell."
(These were supposed to be an "answer" to scare houses near Halloween)

Now a group is trying to push their version of Halloween, they call it "Jesusween."

Fuck them and their imaginary "saviour."
They can't even spell or pronounce his fucking name right.
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3e497225 No.3636993

A marriage is not at all like a "driver's Licence"

b32165c1 No.3637017

there is no difference, and a law is a law. When you work for the government you agree to become a cog in the system, if the system changes, you either quit, or accept it, when the cog stops turning the whole system shuts down. Thats just the way it is.

If you join the military during a time of peace, you can't just be like oops I guess a war started, I'm just going to stay home.

f8dea6a5 No.3637036


You are giving government employees WAAAAY too much credit here.

5681f3a0 No.3637059

File: 1639265684201.jpg (87.45 KB, 1280x720, sus.jpg)

Stink feet sus!

9eafbfe5 No.3637064

File: 1639267605911.png (77.98 KB, 170x545, 170px-Cardiff_Giant.png)

The Petrified Man will rule all Galaxies

becb3912 No.3637158

> When you work for the government you agree to become a cog in the system

Absolutely. If you own a bakery you get to choose who you accept to serve ; if you work for the town hall, you do it or you quit and try to change laws with your vote.

215da31b No.3637171

> If you own a bakery you get to choose who you accept to serve
Not anymore. Unless you're at the very top you're "just a cog" even if you're self employed, and even for the top of the scheme it's arguable. I think it's unfortunate that american culture is so fixated on the ideal of individualism that is not realizable outside of sustenance homesteading, and even then you'll have to pay property tax protection money to the government.

File: 1599869138890.jpg (777.59 KB, 2592x1540, 503291_Sonicfangirl123_img….jpg)

d70f28e5 No.3588155[Reply]

Alone on a Friday night?

Maybe I could be your girlfriend tonight.
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52b14205 No.3617725

File: 1624055015366.jpg (9.19 KB, 200x200, me keeping busy in the yar….jpg)

Just finding ways to entertain myself.

70ef9814 No.3622751

File: 1628906420391.jpg (53.2 KB, 400x400, sagefreehaven.jpg)

6529ad95 No.3622752

File: 1628906815188.png (97.7 KB, 320x599, Freemo2.png)

6529ad95 No.3622753

File: 1628906892218.jpg (21.04 KB, 455x309, Snow Miser.jpg)

Here's some frost for your heat!

4e0c5b67 No.3622825

File: 1628967143558-0.jpg (601.53 KB, 806x1024, freehaven_secret.jpg)

File: 1628967143558-1.jpg (229.16 KB, 1066x892, motivation_fix'd.jpg)

ed489c35 No.3630286

File: 1634887727573.jpg (130.96 KB, 960x1196, 46818.jpg)

b7b4ba94 No.3630311

File: 1630346641901.jpg (2.76 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20210830_135042.jpg)

86f101b6 No.3624520[Reply]

Is there any porn of this character?
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0ce4555d No.3631751

no wonder they are going extinct, just look at that pathetic little stumpy nub

3ab68646 No.3631781

It ain't even properly hard - see how it keeps slipping back into the sheath. The animal is drugged.

0be0f1a5 No.3631809

File: 1636155066482.jpeg (10.43 KB, 201x251, cheeimages (7).jpeg)

Penis size has very little, if anything, to do with sexual desire. Most birds have no penis at all, yet there are Billions of them.
Cheetahs are such a beautiful species that I can easily see how someone could be sexually attracted to one, regardless of penis or vagina size.
That being said; Anal. French Kissing. Docking. (His penis inside yours) etc. Be creative. He can enjoy it also.

52a65b66 No.3631944

File: 1636290987176.png (950.96 KB, 905x1280, 1635141289.furronika_dadbe….png)

74cf76c9 No.3631951


That is the best link this entire year !!

As a huge furronika fan , I know how to spend the remainder of this rainy Sunday. Thanks!

52a65b66 No.3631961

File: 1636316863939.jpg (175.92 KB, 850x825, sample_0a09bd2d30ee9698fe3….jpg)

779bab94 No.3631962

File: 1636317892869.png (144.82 KB, 997x292, afa.png)

Her head looks so incongruous with the rest of her body

Cheetahs are the superior big cats anyways. Lions can't even purr…

File: 1636222601907.jpg (162.37 KB, 1357x667, mattdamon.jpg)

bd70650b No.3631877[Reply]

Personal taste outside, does anyone else in the modern age - or any age - have a filmography that's overall as impressive as Matt Damon's?

Almost all critical AND commercial successes, in a wide variety of genres and settings. Even if he's not one of the most distinctive actors, he's done frigging EVERYTHING and it's almost always a hit.

bb5e045a No.3631886

File: 1636230276043.png (377.06 KB, 700x526, goodbye-communists.png)

I think you're thinking of Mark Wahlberg

11a13c81 No.3631930

b4035e33 No.3631933

File: 1636282081433.jpg (128.91 KB, 667x908, Feature Films With Steven ….jpg)

I checked 30 names and I couldn't find anyone *more* impressive, but I think Steven Seagal may consistently be the *least* impressive:


86f719d6 No.3631939


Matt Damon who?

38b8f250 No.3631956


Communist ? More like a vile Republican poluter!

look at that carbon-footprint! BASTARD !

He should have thrown himself for the wild dogs and gotten eaten instead.

File: 1634507887181.webm (373.89 KB, 480x880, muttbang.webm)

bf287465 No.3629797[Reply]

Hot dogs?
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422f8571 No.3629984

Hopefully Chinese Communist Party would fall and Taiwan would take over. *deep breath* say goodbye to cheap products.

a7379ed2 No.3629985

One's shitty, histoircally for the exact same reasons masturbating is shitty, jews hated any sex act that didn't make babies. They wanted everyone to have as many babies as possible, and anyone who didn't want to have reproductive sex had to live without it until they broke down and accepted the jew rules. In modern times it's because retards think animals are actually substitute children and that equates it with pedophilia, which is even more retarded. At least the jew stuff has a practical purpose rather than being antinatalist in a whole new and fucked up way. Morally it's about the same as any non-injuring act you do to animals if not far better for them than the obvious torture that is subjective a dog to the groomers.

The other is shitty because it displays a low level of empathy which, as the rest of asia demonstrates, absolutely extends to fucking humans being over.

a7379ed2 No.3629987

>this grammar
Ssssheeesh I need to drink less before posting

083000e7 No.3630100

File: 1634736217569.png (36.21 KB, 900x869, 1297077338.ricket_hhq_893.png)

I'd be happy enough if they could learn how to kill their animals properly before eating them.

It's not really about the dog meat, it's more about the cruelty in general. I bet they do the same thing to goats and chickens and whatnot.

Maybe. But this is lulz.net

6b58712b No.3630162

File: 1634778930015.webm (1.13 MB, 480x480, chinaboilingdogalive.webm)


>flood detected

Fix your shit choOb you fucking imbecile.

adf82c7e No.3630246

File: 1634867903975.png (1.16 MB, 1025x745, foie gras.png)

3d7ff898 No.3630308

File: 1634900150732.jpg (72.04 KB, 1600x900, qYjiCcuNkCrBrjh-1600x900-n….jpg)

File: 1633460139733.jpg (213.09 KB, 841x1200, FApkI_ZVIAIf02t[1].jpg)

18fca069 No.3628194[Reply]

>tfw the creators of Boku no Hero along with other popular animes have gone together to endorse some kind of NFT ponzi scheme for teenagers


45adf886 No.3628195

All NFTs are a scam

e7031b04 No.3628233

18fca069 No.3628501

Apparently the creators of the anime have nothing to do with this, though they claim to have "professional anime artists" working for them. That actually makes it worse in a way, but at least the anime industry isn't stooping that low YET. Kinda hilarious that they got David Pakman to endorse it though…. read the comments!


74917e9f No.3628505

File: 1633630290343.jpg (75.76 KB, 600x600, unnamed.jpg)

I'm surprised I haven't seen people shitting on Lindsay Lohan for shilling a furry NFT here.
Anyone dumb enough to buy an NFT deserves to be ripped off, but the way they rape the environment while they do it is the real problem. This shit will end up as worthless as Princess Diana Beanie Babies or commemorative Dale Earnhardt memorabilia.

4a74afdc No.3628518

>No ears
Fuck outta here lol

File: 1630541930060.jpg (38.75 KB, 430x492, concern.jpg)

0cc78b07 No.3624822[Reply]

Riddle me this, /furi/! Why does it seem like so many furries are coming out openly as being some variety of babyfur compared to years ago?

No seriously, far too many furries in my overall area have to the point there's entire 'scenes' in some places and it is starting to concern me.
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91b53fab No.3629718

You had it right until you brought it back to thinking with your dick you coomer.

Religion is retarded bullshit but so is being so fucking obsessed with cumming

9b79307d No.3629719

File: 1634449623466.png (1.03 MB, 1280x921, hioshiru - 1d93a74da3d53e4….png)

I don't know what that word means. Kids started using it around 2016 or something. I won't open this thread again so you can't tell me.

91b53fab No.3629720

You know exactly what it means and you know you're lying about not watching this thread

09734f34 No.3629739

File: 1634463137422.jpeg (5.51 KB, 211x239, Eric_Coomer.jpeg)

Coomer is the piece of shit CEO behind Dominion Voting Machines and who had the machines rigged to produce millions of fraudulent votes and to flip votes from Trump to Biden, and who lied under oath in court about it, and who is now under several indictments.. He is not a happy camper now and to be called a COOMER is one of the worst insults anyone can bestow on you, it means you are the worst piece of shit that a person can be.

93286ad1 No.3629929

File: 1634598909739.gif (281.89 KB, 720x361, Lulzinanutshell.gif)

It means we've reached playground level insults, which isn't new for lulz or surprising, really.

93286ad1 No.3629930

File: 1634599288198.jpg (234.17 KB, 580x674, failed arcane knowledge.jpg)

>>The rest are being used even worse than us and are undergoing rude awakenings.
On one hand, this has been historically the case. Most Jews who had a bad end in WW2 didn't do any subversive stuff.

But of the people who did subversive stuff were disproportionately Jews, and this is still the case today. Near every damn time you see some checkmark peddling anti-white bullshit or some commie antifa trash, if you dig deeper you'll find out who's really doing it.

I have a few suspicions about the Nazi-obsessed morons on our board as well. My Coincidence sense is tingling.

Also Jews do disproportionately vote left wing. ~80% vote Democrat in US I think. Maybe it's just elitist upper class being out of touch with reality. But maybe they just can't help themselves being fucking socialists.

>>Monotheism is a tool shed of weaponized ignorance and anthropocentricity. Jews, christians of most denominations (practically all), non-militant muslims, even dumbass freemasons all play a part in keeping your sexuality cucked and demonized and deep down ARE ALL THE SAME TRASH from the same roots of corruption and rewritten histories

This, all of this.

I assume you thought that guy was me, dipshit.

93286ad1 No.3629931

File: 1634599744807.jpg (43.59 KB, 500x307, McCain how does this thing….jpg)

>>But of the people who did subversive stuff were disproportionately Jews, and this is still the case today.
Okay, I bungled up this sentence in editing, but you know what I mean.

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