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Gonna need a bigger tougher gag ring design to withstand croc or gator bites.
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Holy shit. Yeah, I can't find a whole lot of a reptilian/feral dragon with a clocoa and no boobs.

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Somebody just posted one!

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Post some!
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File: 1663570256226.gif (66.49 KB, 925x1389, Lucy bottomless.gif)

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Any information which can be used to help build a case for law enforcement would be extremely helpful. If needed contact me directly via email: [email protected] or on Telegram: @connorgoodwolf
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1af644f8 No.3667426

May we hear the girl's opinion as well?

1d396ae1 No.3667514

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Of course it is, David. Are you still dressing up like a cop or did you finally stop doing that?

5d8bfbd5 No.3667538

File: 1664172427658.jpg (128.35 KB, 1152x864, aff8018e95284cc7f82e397.jpg)

Tell us much more about how Connor Goodwolf knows how big your dick is!

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File: 1664193023305.jpg (36.04 KB, 500x625, 52fe3f209d1ca2f0591f569323….jpg)

look, i'm all for trolling ik with animal porn but this crosses the line of abuse imo
it's bad enough having to go to the ER because you lost a corn cob up your own ass, i don't think your vet is going to buy it when you claim the dog slipped and fell onto it

5fe48fbf No.3667567

File: 1664209307730.jpg (167.12 KB, 1600x1200, bb43968b84242ee45bebd26.jpg)

Be quiet Steam. You're just traumatized because you ruptured your rectum in a gay bar playing a drunken game of anal fisting and had to have emergency surgery for life threatening peritonitis.

1d396ae1 No.3667589

File: 1664247246711.gif (890.11 KB, 512x384, tumblr_nr04facf8J1rw3f68o1….gif)

His name isn't Connor, it's David Ross. He's an autistic manlet from Ohio who used to cosplay as a cop for funsies.

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File: 1664248749634.jpg (178.91 KB, 1200x1500, _methode_sundaytimes_prod_….jpg)

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File: 1576718829620-3.png (13.48 KB, 703x600, cheekibreeki.png)

File: 1576718829620-4.png (16.23 KB, 703x600, Katia headless.png)

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found some old meme files of her.
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>Why is this keeps happening
U wot m8?

ac3a4fd7 No.3664952

File: 1661100672476.png (413.79 KB, 1064x600, Untitled.png)

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File: 1661127864656.jpg (37.39 KB, 1350x760, 13576.jpg)

then i noticed she had a bulge

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File: 1661248584777.png (31.02 KB, 300x250, AnYfhDF6wZ-14.png)

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File: 1663302290085-0.png (2.17 MB, 1650x2356, TAnaSketch_u18chan.png)

File: 1663302290085-1.png (2.13 MB, 1650x2356, TanaSketch2_u18chan.png)

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The whole video wreked my sides to the core.

a770b130 No.3667583

File: 1664236923351.jpg (351.44 KB, 1138x1477, 4188262_JustTaylor_tentacl….jpg)

Not a Khajiit! Get that skanky Caitian out of here!

File: 1646490867483.png (633.2 KB, 1830x2095, 1b8c9844f376_1554237043.od….png)

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how o you get some where in life
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File: 1664159477649-2.jpg (854.72 KB, 2255x3467, AnkhaGoth3_u18chan.jpg)

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File: 1664159592993-2.jpg (770.01 KB, 2255x3467, Gothabelle2a_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1664159592993-3.jpg (755.65 KB, 2255x3467, Gothabelle2_u18chan.jpg)

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File: 1664162878781-1.jpg (1.51 MB, 6760x3752, FraniverseAllFemalesBeachE….jpg)

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File: 1664173687810-1.jpg (672.37 KB, 1859x2160, 1663994807.knightmoonlight….jpg)

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File: 1664230745635-1.png (158.61 KB, 666x800, yP6XBEI_u18chan.png)

File: 1604310954656.jpg (51.56 KB, 785x400, athoughton2030.jpg)

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Years are passing quick, technologies and political and economic stability will create new problems and solutions any poor country with inflated currency might have a revolutionary war. it will happen somewhere South America and suddenly a new "bogyman" is need to fear porn the United States Media Regardless if any politician wins It might affect your area. I do not know what crisis will there be by that year but I do know half of the country will be homeless and/or unemployed. Will this lulz site ever survive in 10 more years?
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68108940 No.3662130

Yup I can see a little change only 8 years left…

68108940 No.3663861

File: 1659261116508-0.png (1.11 MB, 1213x703, QErwsrk.png)


A team of Scientists from Japan have successfully proven that by pumping oxygen and oxygenated liquid through animals’ buttholes into their intestines, the researchers found that they could survive without breathing through their lungs.

“It's so impressive because we never thought of breathing from the gut, but it’s possible,” Takanori Takebe, an author of the study and a doctor at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University

The reason is normally when a patient needs oxygen, doctors opt for mechanical ventilation, in which a machine pushes air into the lungs through the windpipe. They can also use another technique called extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, when blood is pumped out of the body and reoxygenated with a machine.

But this procedure carries the risk of bleeding and blood clots. And as many emergency rooms saw during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not always possible to get your hands on a ventilator.

With this in mind, Takebe thought, why not try the backdoor?

They added oxygen to perfluorodecalin, a chemical that can dissolve large amounts of oxygen. In the past, the substance has been used to treat infants with severe respiratory distress and as artificial blood to improve tissue oxygenation. After shooting the liquid up the mice’s rectums, the scientists found oxygen levels were further improved. The same was true when they tested pigs and rats.

“In a 50-kilogram pig, when we provide this size of liquid oxygen to the butt, they can survive 30 minutes even when experiencing lethal respiratory failure conditions,” Takebe said.

68108940 No.3663862

File: 1659261144329-0.png (304.43 KB, 641x640, eWWo5Rh.png)

Caleb Kelly, a gastroenterology fellow at Yale University who’s not affiliated with the study, described the scientists’ newfound method as “promising.”

“The pandemic has highlighted the need to expand options for ventilation and oxygenation in critical illness, and this niche will persist even as the pandemic subsides,” he wrote in a commentary accompanying the 2021 study.

Takebe plans to start human clinical trials as early as this year to prove its real-life efficacy.

As always I provide the sauce:




bd8e9c09 No.3663874


And this is the difference between a scientist and a furry

The Furry spends a lifetime ramming his hole with giant dildos and achieves not more than butt-cancer and incontinence. .

The scientist spends 10 minutes to finds a novel new way to safe lives and people through the same hole.

68108940 No.3665059

File: 1661338671497.jpg (108.37 KB, 600x400, Belgian_blues600x400.jpg)

Plants and animals going thought a gene modification to adapt to climate change and extreme weather? Wheat is in high demand soon we have to locate a land with fertile soil and stable climate.

68108940 No.3666008

2030 would target on markets and car production even predict traffic buildup and car repair shops and gas spending. This decade people are focusing on spending less on gas. and car and sky Drones delivery would be an early startup, If gas prices reach $120, 8 years left for the coming crisis.
probably be in age of 40-50, does it matter?

68108940 No.3666381

File: 1663124521143.png (2.01 MB, 1500x1950, she_wants_to_order_by_boas….png)

"Youtube is dying! save it as a webm."

experts calculate youtube with its authoritarianism on maximum overdrive will only last 5 years, and from 2023 only last 4 years.

I suspect the opposite; it'll last hundreds of thousands of years until some event wipes out humanity… Then bots going unchecked in the servers will slowly delete or restrict things into oblivion: The trending front pages of youtube will go blank thanks to age restrictions or deletions under false positives / false negatives.
The front page will become blank, and lifeless, as everything else slowly gets snuffed out, even if an alien race manages to terraform earth back into being hospitable they would still have to learn an dead language to view content and gain administrative access, by then there would probably be no youtube videos at all, and empty playlists, making it so making an account with such privileges will be a hundred times harder.

Even if the bots that censor and delete things start targeting and wiping out each other, the damnation of youtube may just repeat itself: different species of staff, eventually leading to the same mindset, leading to yet another damnation.

File: 1664047551149-0.jpg (94.59 KB, 850x1162, dcf6b4fe46fe9fc949b2bb2f5a….jpg)

File: 1664047551149-1.jpg (123.27 KB, 955x1351, 1633929031066.jpg)

File: 1664047551149-2.jpg (1.32 MB, 1170x1654, f05ac8398d12868f7e5e884cf5….jpg)

131a171b No.3667376[Reply]

dickgirl appretation thread
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5427b706 No.3667548

File: 1664185802307.jpg (4.03 MB, 4608x2591, pollyhadadolly-engaging-do….jpg)

So in other words you'd bring out your plush toys and have a tea party with Steam?

131a171b No.3667557

File: 1664193399326.jpg (195.72 KB, 850x1275, f1b4172af57c9300f6c533cce7….jpg)

I'd be ok with Aufy hosting a tea party, assuming he actually knows his tea, and doesn't to just whip out his fluffy fetish toys.

131a171b No.3667558

File: 1664193469573.png (413.84 KB, 1600x900, be1acad39846afb5307bbd7bdc….png)

not like I don't have my own…

e589342f No.3667565

What even are those things?

131a171b No.3667569

File: 1664211571296.jpg (65.58 KB, 850x549, e934df923a168bdc46c68b2a43….jpg)

its from deltarune, there called werewires or werewerewires when they don't have the wire that they wear.

131a171b No.3667570

File: 1664211826342.jpg (217.73 KB, 850x1764, f0fb3fb045a31a33be2fe1a326….jpg)

its a joke on wireless coms, the werewires are hooked up, the werewearwires (think werewolves) have their faces looking like the wifi signal.

131a171b No.3667571

File: 1664211877177-0.jpg (278.54 KB, 850x1714, 07ca435d1cb5031a12335b2e59….jpg)

File: 1664211877177-1.png (404.23 KB, 1600x900, 80c2cf90a5f8d425789e2950bb….png)

File: 1623006431757.png (1.56 MB, 1500x1350, 1616669431.rysonanthrodog_….png)

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Why are girls so amazing?
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59f20657 No.3667073

File: 1663805995552-0.jpg (852.28 KB, 1200x800, 1661465511.tailsrulz_loona….jpg)

File: 1663805995552-1.jpg (582.07 KB, 2251x3200, 1662772989584.jpg)

File: 1663805995552-2.jpg (1.77 MB, 2370x3895, loona_by_crazytwi_df9lbyi_….jpg)

59f20657 No.3667078

File: 1663806625219-0.jpg (1.59 MB, 2500x3700, loona_by_crazytwi_dfa9yha_….jpg)

File: 1663806625219-1.jpg (353.9 KB, 633x950, she_FA_version_1_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1663806625219-2.jpg (344.35 KB, 633x950, she_FA_version_2_u18chan.jpg)

dd1721e1 No.3667086

File: 1663808237535.jpg (22.15 KB, 270x480, odin.jpg)

59f20657 No.3667087

File: 1663808389175-0.jpg (965.29 KB, 1329x1032, f_1663800784328_BjCake.jpg)

File: 1663808389175-1.jpg (4.32 MB, 2800x1640, f_1663800688215_BirthdayAl….jpg)

File: 1663808389175-2.jpg (2.55 MB, 2105x1517, f_1663800639378_bj_trouble….jpg)

300c0576 No.3667215

Doesn't this faggot have syphilis or monpeypox or some other gay slut disease like AIDS?

51164ee8 No.3667540

File: 1664173983315.jpg (297.09 KB, 3300x2550, Krystal 's paws and pink b….jpg)

>Why are girls so amazing?
Pink bits.

dd1721e1 No.3667549

File: 1664186552085.png (945.98 KB, 1278x830, Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 0….png)

File: 1651908247775.jpg (241.03 KB, 1008x1280, 1501610632.browniecomicwri….jpg)

6b1400e0 No.3656018[Reply]

This keeps happening to me no matter what I do. I'd be amazed if this thread actually posts.

>>3656017 yes it does. I'd eat that soup, Wu-flu be damned.
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6b1400e0 No.3664147

File: 1659580199390.png (676.44 KB, 1366x768, 1659498046.forth_banzai-ji….png)

>Obsessive maniac
Quit projecting, faggot.

7be80aa8 No.3665825

File: 1662491338497.jpg (178.14 KB, 1200x1015, 3885253_Zaush_bat-puss-web.jpg)

8cf857f7 No.3665869

File: 1662548941468-0.jpg (159.03 KB, 765x991, 1442534287.aerys_aerys_com….jpg)

File: 1662548941468-1.jpg (897.74 KB, 1500x1833, ca91c0d423ca5e8f988d593c4c….jpg)

03ba762e No.3667475

File: 1664117595955.jpg (73.94 KB, 1049x1500, 1711112_Peony_wing-it_01_h….jpg)

> BAT!

204d1853 No.3667489

File: 1664123570681.jpg (294.92 KB, 1049x1500, 17595955.jpg)

9e69daf8 No.3667490

9ced16c9 No.3667545

File: 1664178067463.jpg (168.59 KB, 748x782, it's just my style.jpg)

File: 1659398670112.jpg (1.25 MB, 2040x2776, first_christmas_tree.jpg)

196120a0 No.3663957[Reply]

Just saw the first Christmas tree of the year, you know what that means…

Christmas Thread, don't let the Jews delete it this time.
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c3eb3835 No.3667001

File: 1663792181325.jpg (175.71 KB, 676x1280, 35f81094b428dd32708b0622fc….jpg)

fae72784 No.3667006

File: 1663792380893.png (473.87 KB, 735x625, Screenshot 2022-09-21 at 1….png)

8bca68a0 No.3667018

file name almost makes me like cub for once

5751b25f No.3667107

File: 1663818810493.jpg (951.31 KB, 2100x3000, 3881251_Cubstic7_com_cubst….jpg)

9a024aa3 No.3667119

File: 1663826518772.jpeg (7.1 KB, 300x168, images (12).jpeg)

Or ya know just keep them away from kids?
Instead of, ya know, having them read kids stories and bringing them to Gay bars?

Loli/cub really is not my thing but I kinda feel like we shouldn't be executing people for having a boner for the wrong thing.

c624a44b No.3667156

File: 1663854777461.jpg (268.6 KB, 879x1200, bulletsoup 41a041482bbcfc2….jpg)

9af2a162 No.3667543

File: 1664174489201.jpg (885.92 KB, 3760x3180, Christmas cubs.jpg)

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