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File: 1610153877273.jpg (19.26 KB, 426x240, x240.jpg)

fb7d89c5 No.3599335[Reply]

He's banned from Twitter lol
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fb7d89c5 No.3599575

File: 1610326008975.jpg (7.9 KB, 225x225, index.jpg)

We warned you not to turn into literal nazis bro.
You all could have been cool and let it go before it got this far, but no. Gotta own the sjws. Gotta teach the libs a lesson. Can't ever admit that you were wrong. Better to be dead than to just let it go.

You did this.

fa0bc09a No.3599576

Just because I want to develop a positronic sub nuclear quantum based cold fusion rifle doesn't make me a nazi.

f01be740 No.3599595

File: 1610356886334.jpg (28.35 KB, 600x468, 0c4.jpg)

Doesn't take much though for you to classify some one as a "literal Nazi" though.

Like as the definition broadens the number of Nazis goes up. Funny how that works.

be7c5d4f No.3599597

File: 1610357747839.gif (8.01 KB, 100x100, hawkcon.gif)

Everyone that uses the Internet is a Nazi, apparently.

354e4dc8 No.3599638

File: 1610387336942.webm (4.05 MB, 1920x1080, exile.webm)

You saw someone post a swastika on the internet once and decided everyone on earth should be censored for it, like that kid who drank potassium and now we can't have more than 99mg per pill.

Real nazis are a retarded minority, the IRA doesn't run the world and politicians use your outrage to crucify people who won't go with their agendas. No one likes real american white nationalists, not even european white nationalists, and David Duke looks like a product of intelligence agencies.

This has been a giant fuckover of all our rights. Joe Biden is one of the original authors of the patriot act that all the leftists think they were against. I would vote for a super intelligent liberal candidate over Trump any day but the choices you give me are crime syndicate 1 vs crime syndicate 2. Who Sanders?

5e7c1573 No.3599666

You retarded failures just tried to storm Congress and murder your political opponents. Nobody buys your howling about how you "aren't real fascists."

be7c5d4f No.3599703

Satan, we have to stop meeting like this.

File: 1610393632294.png (249.79 KB, 677x1158, parlowned.png)

b5770355 No.3599651[Reply]


"This group of Internet Warriors then used that account, to create a handful of other ADMINISTRATION accounts, and then created a script that ended up creating MILLIONS of fake administration accounts."


362ddf72 No.3599654

File: 1610394244510.jpg (93.11 KB, 1080x1043, the_veil.jpg)

Remember the fur sites who asked you to upload your driver's license

Even some republicans were warning against that. Stop falling for honeypots

031a3fb3 No.3599659

This. How retarded do you have to be to use any sort of social media tied to your real identity?

Might as well just dox yourself in every post.

eb274a3d No.3599663

File: 1610397785870.png (518.42 KB, 598x612, Screenshot_2021-01-11 Jim ….png)

To be fair, the world is getting worse for some people.

eb274a3d No.3599692

File: 1610408947408.jpg (105.63 KB, 800x1280, Erb7r0mU0AECQbf.jpg)

f818792c No.3599698

That is like an obvious fix tho… >.> you have to have individualized admin account and be a regular user.

File: 1610398102481.jpg (129.45 KB, 959x530, 3078bc10-501b-11eb-be6f-c1….jpg)

ef5285f2 No.3599664[Reply]


It's just crazy how fast AI is developing. Now this can make surprisingly artistic and creative images based on just selecting text instructions. It had to be trained extensively for each of the available choices, but imagine the potential! I can see this being used to produce masses of custom furry artwork, as well as possibly even realistic porn….

4f06dbaf No.3599670

I don't get it. How to use it?

File: 1605812805109.jpg (153.61 KB, 680x510, Super-Spy-Ryan[1].jpg)

10f167f4 No.3594786[Reply]

10f167f4 No.3599606

34 ain't what it used to be.

4ab534fb No.3599660

maga chuds drove away all the artists from this site

File: 1590583756285.png (258.91 KB, 500x523, vomitsquid.png)

83f35afb No.3576783[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Daily reminder that cub porn is CP and you should feel bad for enjoying something which is basically simulated child abuse.

Pic not related
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d09cb6c0 No.3596390

Paraphore, probably.
A bit too much for me.

372db0f7 No.3596898

File: 1607865977093.jpg (223.63 KB, 1300x1500, 3369524_Hyper1on_cutie.jpg)

ae82485e No.3597496

File: 1608342383696.jpeg (148.38 KB, 1280x1047, a17bb128fa4e2913.jpeg)

1634369c No.3598255

File: 1609199159043.jpg (481.36 KB, 2500x1875, 3344394_Saryu_talespin.jpg)

372db0f7 No.3599368

File: 1610169467717.jpg (234.94 KB, 994x573, Penance edit.jpg)

bcc95622 No.3599552

File: 1610300835163.jpg (539.76 KB, 3000x1932, 0b80323f5988db6b35dc84905a.jpg)

1634369c No.3599569

File: 1610320122424.jpg (290.23 KB, 2000x2200, 3399681_AAS_79_ester_eggs_….jpg)

File: 1575517038691.jpg (171.87 KB, 884x1280, 1444266459.danger-doberman….jpg)

9510618b No.1593[Reply]

I love the smell of a warm musky butthole. The scent of a soft smelly ballsack. And the alluring aroma of a manly pair of armpits.

Does anyone else get off to the natural smells the body produces?
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7a5caa7c No.3589551

File: 1600874096527.gif (333.71 KB, 1100x1070, toon_1533080232299.jubb_do….gif)

7a5caa7c No.3589552

File: 1600874430400.webm (91.33 KB, 480x360, unfunfunf.webm)

c750069b No.3589790

93c98fd9 No.3589808

I disagree.

580f4e3e No.3590067

File: 1601349791475.jpg (183.58 KB, 1280x1039, 1493839947.lorettaadelaida….jpg)

f8a0a82e No.3594456

File: 1605422064677.jpg (154.15 KB, 1280x764, 1453459926.hericks_16-01-2….jpg)

0507fe83 No.3599565

File: 1610319187016.jpg (103.92 KB, 960x1280, butt sniffing.jpg)

File: 1608313958878.png (4.41 KB, 288x175, download.png)

7ebe4480 No.3597445[Reply]

Hey /furi/, can someone please post the current onion for the FA Archive?

Bonus for any interesting onion sites you post in here.
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71fbc415 No.3598693

File: 1609753389356.jpg (253.06 KB, 957x1200, Son I Am Disappoint 2020.jpg)

194f0fb2 No.3598694

File: 1609753748216.webm (3.94 MB, 720x852, Is_it_Art.webm)

>So if a customer gets caught distributing the artwork the artist, and maybe even the entire platform, can ban them.

Go ahead, try that. See what happens.
You'll drive yourself out of business in the first 3 months. The moment you let someone pay money for your art it isn't yours anymore. That's what you are selling. If you don't like it - stop posting your art online.

71fbc415 No.3598695

File: 1609763187050.jpg (10.09 KB, 225x225, vws.jpg)

dc05a13a No.3598703

File: 1609775479463.jpg (120.62 KB, 1194x849, 4ca4e04d4d9f573bb74cb8cbbc….jpg)

You lie poorly.

a57bde58 No.3598720

Jesus Christ! Imagine someone using twitter as an archive or gallery service. Disgusting.

1bc787ad No.3599423

Does the FA archive have a TOR V3 URL yet? Apparently they're depreciating the current URLs before the end of the year.
(it should be a massive URL like The Permanent Booru, rather than a small one like the current archive link.)

69f9b45f No.3599550

It does not have a V3 address that I know of. I think many onion sites will be caught by surprise soon when Tor drops support for the insecure V2 addresses.

Interestingly, the Tor V3 name system seems to be under DOS attack right now. The old V2 names, which have been known for years to be insecure, continue to work fine.

If this is not a coincidence, then it suggests that the attacker must be a nation-state.

File: 1610286675822.jpg (1.22 MB, 3510x4961, a0a5eb2ad30d4c5489d88a0367….jpg)

be62e53d No.3599528[Reply]

Pietro club

d8d9f17a No.3599529

His art didn't improve much in 15 years. Still looks horribly traced.

File: 1609597253559.jpg (67.28 KB, 832x657, photo_2020-12-31_10-10-41.jpg)

801bd6e9 No.3598521[Reply]

Every day I keep reading news about oppression, representation, equity, xphobic, bla bla bla lefties stuff.
And furries should be very progressive coz almost all of them are latent gays, zoos, loliconers, ect. They don't look like typical conservative with a bible.
But for some reason they are not. If you look at e621.net or furaffinity you'll see that people pay their money for a very traditional stuff. Everyone are pretty there. Gay pics doesn't look like those ugly fags from news at all. Females are feminine and fuckable, males are not shy about their "toxic" masculinity. Humans are white yea. White. Almost every character are male or female. There are traps yes but rarely.
In short nobody wants to pay money to jerk off on ugly blackasian transfeminist. So mb media is lying to us? What if nobody actually cares about all this shit?
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43178234 No.3599266


Cool way to go! But now Doggy has to find a new Master.
Poor Poor little doggy!

43178234 No.3599267


No waste…The dude has a "World War Z" book on his table……Zombie books…..Right.

e19fb5d0 No.3599358


Can I have his pickup truck? His kid can keep the Harley.

7a4abb55 No.3599359

File: 1610165844330.jpg (30.2 KB, 600x600, pwease no steppy.jpg)


Another was a 'Don't Tread On Me' flag waving lady who got trampled to death.

22ff29e0 No.3599441

Balltazing confirmed a hoax

5836c725 No.3599459



Dear Mrs. Irony…You cruel cruel bitch!

2f1af377 No.3599463

I refuse to accept this on the grounds that it's funnier if he tased himself in the balls.

File: 1610211838150.jpeg (344.14 KB, 828x1570, 257774BC-8EA6-4686-8514-D….jpeg)

188ca206 No.3599424[Reply]

Nick Fuentes and Baked Alaska have been banned from DLive, effectively ending their ability to stream and forcing them to seek new employment… Which might be challenging, because they're both wanted for their involvement with the attack on congress.

I'd give more of a shit if they weren't nazis who treated human rights as a joke, lol. Where's your day of the rope now, nazis? Maybe you should have thought twice before joining up with the pro-Hitler side, huh? :)


8dc8f12b No.3599426

Doesn't Nick like gay catboys?

188ca206 No.3599428

He sure does lol! Maybe he can start a new career as one now that he's unemployable.

8dc8f12b No.3599432

He hasn't been banned from onlyfans yet

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