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What are some hobbies you enjoy, lulz? I love listening to, and making, music. I'm slowly learning about vehicle maintenance, so far I can reasonably follow conversation between gearheads. I'm not a programmer, though I do enjoy messing around in Linux (currently using Mint again, now that it's Debian based). When the weather is nice, I'll go throw around the disk golf course. I am very bad at it, but its nice for fresh air and walking. Camping is nice too, but my equipment needs an inventory before use this season.

Do you watch movies, shows, anime? We can talk about those too.
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File: 1674343338922.jpg (180.36 KB, 1280x655, 1630077593.dragoknight26_v….jpg)

>Is there any particular race style or league that you like?
My main interest is off-roading. None of us among friends have fast cars. I have a cookie cutter Honda, not really interested in modding it. It is quick, but not fast. As far as motorcycles go, we like beat up Japanese bikes. If you're curious about motorcycles, you have to understand one thing: Before you set out, you have to be okay with dying, cause there is a chance that a teenager or Karen is texting and turns you into a streak of gore on the road. That's what current year riding is like.
>What are 2-3 vehicles you'd like to try/own?
It's funny that you posted that gen of Dodge Challenger, because that is my dream car. I would love to take it to the straight track and floor it. Just absolute fuck-you horsepower and a sexy sound to boot.
Classic car would be my second. Some kind of wagon from before they were neutered and became boring. Or an old Triumph like my dear ol' dad had back in the day.
Third? I'd like to test drive an old Chevette or Gremlin, really any old econobox. We're talking double digits horsepower, something just so obnoxiously slow. It would be fun just for laughs.

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File: 1674525168661.jpg (144.46 KB, 1920x1080, jeremy_ethier_fix_sit.jpg)

What's your routine? Any plans you follow? I follow parts of this guy's routine for undoing the damage of sitting:

I just need to work on consistency because I do this like every 2-3 days instead of every day. Over the last year I've also been learning to squat like a Slav, although not because of the meme shit (OK partially because of it ahaha) but because I learned that like half the world can squat while flat-footed but we just don't like the look of it over here in the west; we like people to get up off the floor. I don't see it as an eastern thing but really just unlocking my body's natural full range of motion.

I learned relatively recently that you're not supposed to use one limb to pull another into a stretch (like using your left arm to bend back your right wrist) because that won't help develop the muscle that opposes the one you're stretching. And if you're gonna use one limb to assist another, it shouldn't be anything greater than a sort of guiding pressure. Is that correct? It makes sense to me, and seems to explain a why people who stretch and do yoga just look so deliciously lean.

Do you have any long-term experience exercising you core? I hear it can take YEARS for real results.

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File: 1674525240579-0.jpg (750.63 KB, 1995x1080, offroad_challenger_01.jpg)

File: 1674525240579-1.jpg (715.79 KB, 1783x1080, offroad_challenger_02.jpg)

File: 1674525240579-2.jpg (457.6 KB, 1200x800, offroad_challenger_03.jpg)

Cool! I chose that photo because the Challenger is probably my dream car, or at least one of them. What do you like about that generation in particular? I thought it might be the AWD, but it looks like that's still around, although only on some of the lowest trim levels. Full disclosure: I've never had the opportunity to drive one, in fact I've never even driven a front-engine-RWD vehicle, but the Challenger is the quintessential muscle car "look" and I love it for that. Its front fascia and wide, flat hood are iconic and I hope they never change them. I think the halo headlights recessed into the grill, like eyes peering out from beneath a hood (literally!) look fucking awesome.

I always thought it would be unconventionally cool to put a lift kit, offset rims, and some all-terrain tires on one and show up to conquer Hell's Gate in Moab, Utah in a damn Challenger (assuming AWD). I wonder if anybody has already done that? Somebody's at least thrown together concepts for an offroad version.

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File: 1674702965359.jpeg (274.59 KB, 1805x2048, FnR6CIqXgAAwTrJ.jpeg)

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File: 1674703050558.jpg (143.13 KB, 675x1200, Fmck_QMXkAItCxe.jpg)


I'll answer this later. :)

0f776c93 No.3688129

Being oblivious to kids and not caring about kids at all ever. Pretty much as fun as it gets for me.

2320d763 No.3688141

>What are some hobbies you enjoy, lulz?

You lost me at "enjoy".

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File: 1577655689855-3.jpg (30.28 KB, 600x405, B0ggmvjIIAE3QwP.jpg)

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File: 1663659577620-0.png (2.71 MB, 1650x3000, 4160692_BlueBender_jegerma….png)

File: 1663659577620-1.png (2.68 MB, 1650x3000, 4160687_BlueBender_jegerma….png)

deer thread then!

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File: 1667171811969-1.jpg (64.81 KB, 513x732, f9506457d7f0e1bae10ba10a89….jpg)

File: 1667171811969-2.jpg (118.79 KB, 625x963, Sonny.jpg)

Cocoa Puffs… Yum!

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File: 1669238490584.jpg (178.98 KB, 700x494, The_Ring_2002.jpg)

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Farmer Finds Hidden Freshwater Spring 💦

1c9e711d No.3677794

File: 1669311133670.jpg (166.92 KB, 800x566, 800px-The_Ring_VHS.jpg)

We apparently have a lot of "artisan springs" in this area. I've never found one, they're usually some church secret. Still, I've never heard of a single "secret" well that wasn't linked to diabolical forms of cancer.

If a super sweet well is for some reason abandoned, chances are its for a reason.

Its like, I moved into this shady motel a long time ago, and found a bunch of VHS tapes and a player in the upstairs attic/crawl space. I just dumped them all in the trash. I've seen that horror movie and I'm already in the middle of the woods. No thank you.

a482b3b7 No.3680952

File: 1670460867369.jpg (169.84 KB, 603x1500, d8f80217263e1be2c73f0e63f1….jpg)

Cat: hey, I was wondering could you examine my prostate my doctors charging me 1,000$ and I can't afforded it.
Me: I am not license to do that Just have your girl friend do it.
Cat: I don't care, but your fingers are round and smooth, I want them inside me!
Me: Let me get this straight, you don't want to pay 1K to your doctor, don't want your GF touching your butthole, and want my fingers inside you?
Cat: Yes, now shut up and find some gloves.
Me: Fine, but what are you going to spend all that money on?
Cat: A sex toy.
Me: well, at least you won't bother me anymore.

a482b3b7 No.3688121

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File: 1674741161419-1.jpg (169.84 KB, 603x1500, d8f80217263e1be2c73f0e63f1….jpg)

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File: 1674708214298.jpg (93.61 KB, 1280x720, Dog_fucking_anime.jpg)

ac3d239b No.3688092[Reply]

Is lulz going to be watching this anime?

Seems right up your alley.

ac3d239b No.3688094

File: 1674708527924.png (1.5 MB, 1920x1080, C5.png)

All I hear is people calling it an anime about a girl and her dog. And it needing censoring, and she does fan service with the dog or whatever.

And that the dog used to be a human that got turned into a dog.

I don't know much else about it than that.

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File: 1603323131899-1.png (1001.49 KB, 1200x1277, 5433dba305f0f85e5d26618c5d….png)

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a606195e No.3592378[Reply]

Long neck tall horse thread!
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File: 1662592888850.jpg (198.93 KB, 1143x1280, 1656948077.s00t_sirhgraff2.jpg)

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File: 1662592941156.jpg (566.55 KB, 1300x2100, FINSgXuXwAQm6Ji.jpg)

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File: 1669200257541-2.jpg (816.04 KB, 3160x3064, 38839c86886f94bf1ce59d87b0….jpg)

File: 1669200257541-3.jpg (205.68 KB, 933x1280, 7bfdb4221be475b5f270f2e09c….jpg)

File: 1669200257541-4.jpg (895.15 KB, 2301x3000, 12f3215a5c6ef2eeb4315f3149….jpg)

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File: 1669200303477-1.jpg (158.72 KB, 1273x1800, 8ef7f855f0666659fb2119b4cb….jpg)

File: 1669200303477-2.jpg (191.99 KB, 1488x1300, 3a0a6d9b9007533b5171388c54….jpg)

File: 1669200303477-3.jpg (1.17 MB, 3160x3064, e887abb2ef0c647181ba40e133….jpg)

File: 1669200303477-4.jpg (203.88 KB, 1000x2000, fe1b1e5b4e358326d72cd7e132….jpg)

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File: 1669200355164-1.jpg (1 MB, 4050x2700, 1609808499.bakuhaku_three-….jpg)

File: 1669200355164-2.jpg (212.29 KB, 1500x1344, 1636786401469.jpg)

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File: 1670806121285.png (621.33 KB, 1212x2200, 1670443449.lordmagicpants_….png)

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File: 1674696410520-0.png (1.84 MB, 1920x1500, 1674623070.barndog_giraffe.png)

File: 1674696410520-1.png (521.67 KB, 959x1331, 1674613461.ecmajor_giraffe….png)

File: 1674629540664.jpeg (222.37 KB, 944x649, furry wedding.jpeg)

3e287ce1 No.3687978[Reply]

Do furry relationships last? From what I've observed within the fandom couples that get hitched don't last very long and most of those that do either become open relationships or they stay married because they can't afford a divorce and end up just sleeping with anyone but their furry spouse. Why is this? Do furry relationships follow the same patterns as non-furry relationships or do they only get worse after the engagement?
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2023b13f No.3688012


One of my friends at a Christian homeless shelter had almost completely divorced (a bit more paperwork to do), then the staff convinced her to give her husband another chance. Her husband beat her within an inch of her life.

You know nothing.

d4dab905 No.3688013

File: 1674666314598.jpg (86.54 KB, 600x742, 69564__suggestive_artist-c….jpg)


You gave one example. I gave one example. Earlier I said both system have evils.

You know a girl that tried to make it work and almost died? Green ranger knew a girl that didn't and killed himself.

The system where it can end for any reason. And one person makes out. Is causing guys more and more to give up on marriage.

I totally gave up on it myself. Because there is no security for the man in a post no-fault divorce world.

d4dab905 No.3688014

File: 1674667454811.jpeg (175.43 KB, 811x1003, 666666.jpeg)

I could marry a girl. Work myself into a hospital bed. And she leave me because she just ain't feeling "The butterflies" anymore.

She could leave me because my best friend gets ripped and starts flirting with her.

I think having security in marriage is the most important thing of all. Above all else. Even if your partner is a piece of shit.

And I don't just mean for me. I'd like my partner having the same sense of security that if they gained some weight, or did a life choice I disagree with I'd stick with them. Like I find hunters to be repulsive. Completely, totally repulsive. But I'd still stick with them if they became a hunter.

My guy friend his father ditched his mother on the hospital bed when she got cancer, And he wouldn't pay. So this easy leave cuts both ways.

If anyone can leave a marriage for any reason, at the drop of a hat. Thats not being married. Thats called dating and cohabitation.

2023b13f No.3688015

File: 1674669369557.jpg (9.38 KB, 250x250, Screen_Shot_2015-03-26_at_….jpg)

Agree to disagree, I guess

Relevant music:
That Handsome Devil – Party Mom and the Invisible Dad

The Mountain Goats – No Children

You all should watch Moral Orel. Seasons 1-2 are alright, but eventually in Season 3 is when shit starts getting into a trainwreck. Also, I found The Mountain Goats because of this show.

0c8b5532 No.3688016

File: 1674669394410.png (631.31 KB, 1365x768, Hisoka_smiling_to_Machi.png)

When I said mirnerva mink was ok in that post last night, I didn't expect you to start talking about marriage. Something went horribly off rail mentally here.

d4dab905 No.3688018

File: 1674671287301.jpg (218.56 KB, 1035x1280, 554553344.jpg)

Once all my gen, my brother's gen, the boomers, etc are gone. Who's gonna be promoting marriage?

When I was a kid, who promoted marriage? Disney, with the happily ever after.

Now they promote woke, right?

And if no one is promoting it. And guys know its a bad deal. And you don't need to marry to sleep with a woman. And if if you sleep with the woman you've married she can still cry rape.

And the lawyers tell women to lie in a divorce and say domestic violence and stuff so she gets more money and EZer child custody.

But that completely tanks your reputation and even an allegation of domestic abuse can get you canceled from your job.

Where if your not married to the girl, she might have no reason to claim domestic abuse because she's not entitled to your stuff. So being unmarried might even be safer.

Marriage is in a terrible place. And has a terrible future without changes.

0c8b5532 No.3688020

File: 1674672746261.jpg (186.88 KB, 1107x1280, 1639606269.cattont_wakingu….jpg)

domestic abuse is a double edged sword. True if you abuse your wife, you're a fuck stain. Then if you get abused by your wife youre also a fuckstain. Women get away with everything. At least in American society.

Just look at the stats for women who commit this stuff. Its not misogyny, its just facts.

File: 1649987310222.jpg (53.75 KB, 1018x651, itstime.jpg)

6b2602f6 No.3653978[Reply]

right now
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9d54207c No.3687948

File: 1674611823467.png (21.04 KB, 2006x1596, HOND.png)

I dont know how to draw hands and i need all the help

9d54207c No.3687952

File: 1674613059109.png (58.1 KB, 1512x795, image_2023-01-25_041611652.png)

gimme a sec

52b726be No.3687953

File: 1674613093557.png (78.96 KB, 2006x1596, medibangtest.png)

52b726be No.3687956

File: 1674613357140.png (72.64 KB, 1512x795, im still an amature like y….png)

52b726be No.3687957

File: 1674613437036-0.png (20.18 KB, 1349x1050, 1670636700695.png)

File: 1674613437036-1.png (22.67 KB, 1349x1050, 1670637422361.png)

File: 1674613437036-2.png (34.85 KB, 1349x1050, 1670637894519.png)

52b726be No.3687959

File: 1674613832614.png (24.39 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

52b726be No.3687961

File: 1674614529442.jpg (448.36 KB, 768x478, orthomosaic-and-digital-su….jpg)


Here's everything for drone geography. if you have friends mainly drone geographer it's your best start.
send a youtube video with drone footage of the mountain as a bonus full experience.

File: 1674272594884.jpg (208.6 KB, 1710x871, waaaaaahhhhh AI genterated….jpg)

fbe1f46b No.3687420[Reply]

Don't Furries sound so hypocritical when they complain about things like AI generated artwork? Almost all artwork borrows from something previously seen such as poses, characters, the likeness of people, places or animals. Furries just don't like that they've now got computer generated competition.
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c12c658a No.3687947

Interesting, but I can't find the link to the actual furry porn generator in the article to watch it doing it's thing, do you happen to have it?

f633e7e7 No.3687949

>Heads up, I deleted the images and reposted them in the other AI thread
So… you bastards delete posts/threads outside /pol/ as SPAM and ban the author (deleting all his other unrelated posts on the board) when mentioning/warning about the deathshot and nwo, and posts mentioning (Christian) God as any kind of positive alternative to satanic/jewish abominations.
You allow multiple known gov/ngo propaganda spammers.
You allow multiple pro-satan posts and threads.
You allow pedo-cubshit everywhere.
You allow and foster an environment where blatant pro-commie/woke-talk ("comrade", "them/they", antifa-BS, etc.) becomes common and without concern for reprisal.

And you lovingly merge/repost soulless nwo/jew/wef/un abominations so not to lose them while keeping the board "nice and neat".

Well then. May the karma of your crimes consume of you whatever little is remaining.

f781b64f No.3687955

…are you talking to me? I'm not a mod. I deleted and reposted my own posts at my own discretion.

f633e7e7 No.3687963

Ah, sorry. I was the mad Chihuahua this time, and bit the bystander.

ba7f77f3 No.3687964

File: 1674616216717.jpg (94.99 KB, 720x960, 1674595495829361.jpg)

Sir, this is a furry porn board.

05d140fe No.3687977

ya i guess they should make a disclaimer for it or something

13a34d9f No.3688165

oooor the market gets flooded by AI artists who charge you $600 for something that was computer generated, ripping you off. Just my thoughts on the matter.

AI art is like tracing, IMO; it's useful to learn how to art.

File: 1665032172023.jpg (1.81 MB, 2564x3167, FZu8xWAaIAAIZF1_u18chan.jpg)

e21ba127 No.3668869[Reply]

Meh post some!
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e21ba127 No.3686750

File: 1673817889709-0.jpg (711.81 KB, 900x1280, E54CC24E-7223-4794-AF2B-1B….jpg)

File: 1673817889709-1.jpg (215.99 KB, 1902x1070, EnPtl_lXYAIZ2Cg.jpg)

File: 1673817889709-2.jpg (540.84 KB, 2160x4096, EnPtm2vW4AIAnfg.jpg)

File: 1673817889709-3.png (1.53 MB, 1256x1600, f0b1b5a1ef08cae79fac944bde….png)

e21ba127 No.3686751

File: 1673817964078-0.jpg (850.78 KB, 4440x2498, Renamonchristmastheme0eeee….jpg)

File: 1673817964078-1.jpg (1.19 MB, 4440x2498, Renamonchristmastheme07_u1….jpg)

File: 1673817964078-2.jpg (1.17 MB, 4440x2498, Renamonchristmastheme08_u1….jpg)

e21ba127 No.3686753

File: 1673820447424-0.jpg (179.59 KB, 1685x2048, 12ad75867d27ddef74d9fff5c2….jpg)

File: 1673820447424-1.jpg (595.82 KB, 1440x1920, 59e3e6d1bf44469b53ba4cb116….jpg)

File: 1673820447424-2.png (2.78 MB, 2880x4217, 9283c532f3bdf37ffe56d32921….png)

File: 1673820447424-3.png (200.33 KB, 947x557, 100223.png)

File: 1673820447424-4.png (841.46 KB, 897x1269, 102063.png)

e21ba127 No.3686754

File: 1673820520398-0.png (1.28 MB, 1250x1500, 429059d2b03c4ea9294c8d1bb3….png)

File: 1673820520398-1.png (1.04 MB, 1280x1190, 857468ae5a9aca064748e63a01….png)

File: 1673820520398-2.jpg (83.2 KB, 1200x1200, 18863046d90b79517030850fd8….jpg)

File: 1673820520398-3.jpg (247.25 KB, 1061x1500, 1625071284396.jpg)

File: 1673820520398-4.png (1.67 MB, 950x1423, a3c33e4060bcf4c97dee2b9f35….png)

e21ba127 No.3686755

File: 1673820560944-0.jpg (779.5 KB, 905x1280, b82f43161bdd2fd9331e52bf3b….jpg)

File: 1673820560944-1.jpg (54.76 KB, 933x960, cc2de05e7531910f5c7bda7593….jpg)

File: 1673820560944-2.jpg (912.57 KB, 3174x2189, D9oOoxjXUAAs8Z8_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1673820560944-3.jpg (436.26 KB, 1920x1440, db50307eed435757c323b8e59e….jpg)

File: 1673820560944-4.jpg (125.25 KB, 1140x1520, il_1140xN.2855242454_kloi_….jpg)

e21ba127 No.3686756

File: 1673820678747-0.png (334.64 KB, 815x907, Rena1_0_u18chan.png)

File: 1673820678747-1.png (155.67 KB, 581x891, Rena1_u18chan.png)

File: 1673820678747-2.jpg (1.21 MB, 2480x3508, renamon2_hq_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1673820678747-3.jpg (1.21 MB, 2480x3508, renamon2_wet_hq_u18chan.jpg)

f39ad111 No.3687705

File: 1674473452296.png (136.96 KB, 1280x1600, ych-nft-stonetoss-comic.png)

File: 1673971458486.png (263.32 KB, 780x438, Velma.png)

e75aa19e No.3686869[Reply]

Was the show just a troll?

Is it all about pissing everyone off, for attention?

Was it written by a 4chan troll?

Does it bug you scooby-doo isn't in it?
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b0dc17aa No.3687256

The Dark Truth About Velma's Mindy Kaling


5d3d7a9b No.3687267

Would cuddle with.

4f3ae486 No.3687272

File: 1674219401489.png (854.38 KB, 1271x787, x21.png)


Thats kinda creepy, kinda gross, and kind of sad. But more surprisingly, why is she dumb enough to be telling this story?

Now more people know to avoid her.

4f3ae486 No.3687273

File: 1674220680937.png (883.66 KB, 1400x700, 8m.png)


Maybe its my imagination but I can almost feel like he's internally pissed off when he says "And you got away with it."

And thinking "Your a moron" when he says "And now your talking about it on a tv show". in reguards to her blackmailing her workers to not tell what she did.

83e82556 No.3687288

File: 1674228620968.webm (3.76 MB, 320x180, gay-velma.webm)

>Velma was never black, nor was she a lesbian or ever gave any indication of being such.

The new Velma isn't black, she's Indian.
Also, original Velma was absolutely a lesbian. The new Velma's appearance is actually based off of original Velma's first canon girlfriend from the original lore.

83e82556 No.3687289

Yes, that is exactly the kind of trope they were making fun of in the episode.

You would know that if you had actually watched it.

I guess you are just jumping on the band-wagon to hate it without ever forming your own opinion or seeing it for yourself like the sheep you are.

a9f642e0 No.3687656

File: 1674436159691.png (551.36 KB, 1218x820, Screenshot 2023-01-22 at 2….png)

File: 1597776161045.jpg (5.49 KB, 267x189, frenchtoast.jpg)

ce19d348 No.3585209[Reply]

French Toast!

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b0cef6ae No.3679889


One Big Mac meal is 1,100 calories or 4600 kJ. The functional power limit for a fit male is about 200 Watts for eight hours sustained output.

Divide 4,600,000 Joules by 200 Watts (J/s) and you get 23,000 seconds or 6.3 hours. You have to ride a better part of the day to burn off the burger.

4dae834c No.3679894

File: 1669930678409.jpg (50.29 KB, 750x824, 1758e786c443f52d5ab00e4799….jpg)


I lost tons of weight when I bicycled every day.

Its not just the calories you burn doing the exercise. Its also the muscle you build that burn more calories just by existing.

b3a5a99e No.3679906

File: 1669932036777.jpg (196.1 KB, 989x1280, 1651292433.coypowers_foxy_….jpg)


I prefer "fortune cookies" if you know what I mean

6e375842 No.3680087

Probably because you didn't spend those hours cycling to stuff your face instead.

Muscles weigh more than adipose tissue. You don't actually lose weight by building muscle.

6e375842 No.3680088

Also: brown fat actively burns energy for heat.

Brown fat develops by exposure to cold, not exercise. Simply being outside makes this happen.

1bc67e71 No.3680098

File: 1670015899054.jpg (71.6 KB, 611x900, twitter-MrScroup-136213297….jpg)


When I was biking I was eating way more calories because I could. Like 1 whole pie each week. And lots of carbs like cereal, peanut butter.

Now I don't even get cereal, peanut butter, pies, rarely any bread.

Meat's always good though. Even though its also high cal, it keeps you full longer where simple carbs spike blood sugar and can lead to all day grazing.

ed60e236 No.3687639

File: 1674418234826.jpg (243.92 KB, 674x900, 1236635_karavan_150806_cey….jpg)

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