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File: 1607392272589.png (151.14 KB, 629x2083, m7VQ9iC.png)

56c5e5ea No.3596434[Reply]

I found the craziest fucking person on IB. Well worth the read.
This dude is HELLA upset that people are drawing porn that he doesn't like. And that you MUST respect Tails' cock.

fd5fc5d0 No.3596437

File: 1607395603072.jpg (15.2 KB, 460x351, j7pvweimv2851.jpg)

38aa3e3f No.3596465

File: 1607434663337.png (42.81 KB, 1680x1080, flash_743809_largest_crop.png)


File: 1599867617494.jpg (257.36 KB, 1920x1080, 06ee375e623649a3676199f978….jpg)

192b3159 No.3588151[Reply]

How much money do you spend on cigarette brands?

An adult non smoker buys cigarettes as a collectors items and stocks them in climate storage control 1 year later 20 boxes could be worth more due to rising healthcare cost your lungs could also thank you. Are there any non-smokers here?
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e71c284d No.3594245

File: 1605154164824.jpg (97.86 KB, 741x750, mexican-pall-mall-cigarett….jpg)

These delicious death sticks are my favorite. They might require a trip to Mexico to restock but they're worth it and far cheaper than paying US cig taxes. Good thing I live in a border city.

Also fuck Obama's flavored cigarette ban

d174b171 No.3594277

File: 1605224728183.jpg (97.5 KB, 600x656, drugs_.jpg)

Y'all who smoke don't know what you're doing. Tobacco doesn't even get you high.

I'm 30 and never smoked a single (tobacco) cigarette in my life. I do 420 blaze it every few months or so.

f8f74526 No.3594296


Why do huffers always go for the gold colored paint?

4a6a169e No.3594297

File: 1605237029330.jpg (132.75 KB, 750x908, wild-corn-dogs.jpg)

It's 2020 and smoking tobacco is the only socially acceptable passive-aggressive way to slowly but surely off yourself.

c96866e7 No.3594302

Allegedly the metallic paint colors require more solvent, or so I've heard. Then again you'd have to be retarded to use inhalants in the first place.

c3e41208 No.3594373

Metallic paint requires a bit more solvent, but not much. Theres more of a difference between a gloss and a flat than there is between a gloss and a metallic.

Water and acrylic paint wont really give you a "real" paint high either, you need the industrial stuff that requires a 250-320 bake for that.

I'm not a paint sniffer, I just worked as a quality control guy at a paint factory for a few years. Most of the stuff at walmart and lowes type places are relatively benign and wont get you "high" anyways. Its just that the amonia used to get the ph high enough to adhere well to metal in combination with the alcohol thats usually used as the modern primary solvent in combination with the aerosol from the can.

Most of the old school chems that made paint huffing famous have been phased out of use in favor of safer alternatives. It would technically be safer and just as effective getting high from inflating a balloon or condom with keyboard cleaner and huffing that.

Its a stupid and uncomfortable high anyways. I've been through a couple of substance abuse programs, and not once have I ever ran into anyone whos ever even mentioned huffing.

e9ce4335 No.3596449

File: 1607402756102.png (202.25 KB, 790x563, stupid.png)

Smoking is stupid.

File: 1592271936069.png (194.83 KB, 610x353, EZ0U4baXkAEC8ZH.png)

c90c2cc8 No.3579054[Reply][Last 50 Posts]


Cancel culture is cancer. Just stumbled across this video and decided to make a thread about it.
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acfc4063 No.3589419

>no u

fuckin' got 'em

4fcc9b84 No.3589430

More like if you're murdering and raping your way across the globe you have no right to complain when you are murdered and raped back, and we're talking actual murder, rape, and slavery. Not this "Oh I'm literally being raped and enslaved by capitalism, therefore we're justified in murdering the rich and burning down cities" commie shit.

The Crusades didn't even go far enough. They should have finished the job.

73746b70 No.3589435

File: 1600798961831.jpg (99.62 KB, 1024x768, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)


The crusades genocided White Europeans also and weakened the kingdoms so that the ottomans could sweep in and take most of Eastern Europe and the moors took Spain. It took 700 years to get them out again.

The one bright spot is that the church was also weakened by the failure of the crusades and began the decline of its influence, leading to the reformation.

81786e36 No.3589468

>More like if you're murdering and raping your way across the globe you have no right to complain when you are murdered and raped back…

Remember you said that so when black people start murdering cops every day you can feel good about the left finally agreeing with you.

4fcc9b84 No.3589490

Blacks are already murdering cops at a disproportionately high rate. Cops would have to kill more niggers to catch up to the disparity.

011b2da7 No.3596442

File: 1607397999556.jpg (3.26 MB, 1569x2001, Freedom_of_Speech_5_6_meta.jpg)

lol Who stealthbumped this thread? Have some art I guess.

09459589 No.3597269

File: 1608161071723.png (1.49 MB, 1200x1134, Screenshot_2020-12-16 Juli….png)


File: 1607208814127.jpg (74.2 KB, 600x400, 2nwsvu.jpg)

d6c60000 No.3596296[Reply]

What year would you go to when you miss your stuff friends or whatever you desire back? Take a camera and take a copy of your stuff from the past of a lost picture or item but don't remove it's original spot to mess it up.

d6c60000 No.3596297

File: 1607208973695.jpg (223.58 KB, 1199x778, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

Go back in time and take pictures of your pets that died and leave the timeline to the present; what's the problem though?

d6c60000 No.3596298

2001 don't tell anyone! just take a selfie fast and get out of there casually. Just dont let your dead friends or relative see you are they will say you look familiar… and why are you older? don't talk to them! Just shut up and run!

bcb31a4f No.3596305

File: 1607215507187.png (83.85 KB, 520x390, external-content.duckduckg….png)

01de76f1 No.3596314

My life has always been shit and alcohol is my only friend

Can I tell my past self to pick up drinking my as early as possible?

8fe6a1a1 No.3596435

I miss the days of MSN and when the internet was simpler

File: 1606021712284.jpg (331.57 KB, 1200x900, 553596425_2110627471.jpg)

2c632c2a No.3595000[Reply]

Do you want to save the Arecibo radio telescope? Then sign the emergency petition:

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5aef629a No.3596406

There's also that thing about how only the sturdiest structures of the past survived until the present day so we can be misguided into thinking that all of their constructions were equally sturdy.

36c79036 No.3596409

File: 1607378651734.jpg (33.43 KB, 460x288, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)


Do you think anything built today will survive 2000 years? Anything at all?


5aef629a No.3596415

Oh I totally agree with you. I often wonder what'll become of the plywood-drywall-and-aluminum-siding houses of the suburbs, 50 years from now, 100 years from now, 200 years from now? In what year will the house I'm living in right now get torn down? Will my town's 19th century stone-brick church be the only building still standing 500 years from now? Will private houses still be a thing in 500 yrs or will everyone live in cyberpunk highrise apartments?
>inb4 civilisation wont last that long

0c7c2731 No.3596424

File: 1607386775516.jpg (490 KB, 1600x900, 22bridge-videoSixteenByNin….jpg)

That sounds like a great rule. Imagine the woke woman engineering firm needing to stand under their wonder work…

4d64bdf3 No.3596425

Fall 2014 - Spaghetti Bridge Final Testing

Spagetti bridge could last more than that trashy bridge.

4d64bdf3 No.3596426

Understanding and Analysing Trusses

that bridge had no trusses that's why it fell!

4d64bdf3 No.3596430

File: 1607390304517.gif (67.43 KB, 533x340, 625869119.gif)

The engineer contractors who are allowed to build never tested it in practice using spagetti bridges. This proves the education system in the united states is rubbish.

File: 1605834628721-0.jpg (545.04 KB, 3840x1410, Spongebob Squidward Comic ….jpg)

File: 1605834628721-1.jpg (573.85 KB, 3840x1158, Spongebob Squidward Comic ….jpg)

File: 1605834628721-2.jpg (527.03 KB, 3840x1032, Spongebob Squidward Comic ….jpg)

File: 1605834628721-3.jpg (507.65 KB, 3840x1329, Spongebob Squidward Comic ….jpg)

File: 1605834628721-4.jpg (583.78 KB, 3840x1410, Spongebob Squidward Comic ….jpg)

0515c9ef No.3594811[Reply]

Who else loves this sexy sponge?
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20e247a5 No.3594835

File: 1605851841346.gif (573.53 KB, 500x250, external-content.duckduckg….gif)

e57326d0 No.3594944

9158b811 No.3594947

Spongebob makes me hard!!!!!

e11fe55c No.3595095

File: 1606108597265-0.jpg (78.03 KB, 640x640, 5nnS_FdtyiGa4swrQ5BNDLdLtt….jpg)

File: 1606108597265-1.jpg (174.95 KB, 1188x1280, 3732782 - Patrick_Star Spo….jpg)

File: 1606108597265-2.jpg (89.38 KB, 640x787, g5-gjaKL3_WBGLai7yGoXXfhys….jpg)

File: 1606108597265-3.png (301.99 KB, 562x477, HWFkp7njuySo54i-95lc0HcrmK….png)

File: 1606108597265-4.png (499.63 KB, 920x767, LCI1pJMZUFM2pD7uR9zpyBs3vt….png)

Have some more

e11fe55c No.3595096

File: 1606108627536-0.jpg (76.51 KB, 640x480, oB5hFd17Y-yXliaCxcT0LqQn8q….jpg)

File: 1606108627536-1.jpeg (129.61 KB, 1017x1280, riUVSU3.jpeg)

File: 1606108627536-2.png (1.67 MB, 1800x1780, Star SpongeBob SquarePants….png)

File: 1606108627536-3.png (263.75 KB, 640x639, wxpgTGNlilZ6VdZelmz2w4g9X_….png)

fbfe30ae No.3596423

0515c9ef No.3596427

File: 1607389766483.jpg (55.51 KB, 853x727, 26c987b5de2196cec9d71ca6e6….jpg)

That was amazing

File: 1573996025855.jpg (262.56 KB, 1118x860, Unicorn sploot.jpg)

35b0e7cb No.1310[Reply]

Requesting pics of Unicorns being raped.

M/F M/M or just tentacles…
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fd6a1ba7 No.3591147

File: 1602186372449.jpg (240.58 KB, 1280x1103, 1601975182.blattarieva_pho….jpg)

989696a5 No.3596334

File: 1607247491766.png (1.52 MB, 1584x950, 08dcbc8084d744bafb697c0fa0….png)

cd759796 No.3596346

>>Wait until her back is turned then shoot her in the rump with a tranquilizer dart?

Works for me.

0bdabcef No.3596348

Horses are fucking disgusting and unicorns are just faggoty horses

cd759796 No.3596364


Thank you for your valuable input. Now please crawl back wherever you crawled out from.

dd9f06a8 No.3596368


A horse's anus.

6e0f1135 No.3596379

File: 1607333694042-0.png (714.25 KB, 864x720, zephyrusknight_flaming_com….png)

File: 1607333694042-1.jpg (276.2 KB, 960x1280, duskthebatpack_platinum_de….jpg)

File: 1607333694042-2.jpg (753.41 KB, 1142x829, dragontalon_1313012116.sou….jpg)

Some unicorn tentacle stuffs

File: 1606330651306.jpg (35.06 KB, 376x159, Filtering_the_Society.jpg)

756f0d5f No.3595381[Reply]

Any of you know what this is?

4660b039 No.3595385

a6f8edba No.3595410

Unfortunately none of the result helps or even related.

44076997 No.3596333

File: 1607247334616.gif (8.05 KB, 291x90, iHarv1.gif)

13694efc No.3598718

What the heck is this?

13694efc No.3599005

File: 1609987895408.jpeg (9.4 KB, 275x183, images (4).jpeg)

Sauce plz?

File: 1579289181975.png (3.68 KB, 288x152, 822.png)

e1467aee No.3567577[Reply]

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476d7a3b No.3589779

File: 1601073759806.jpg (80.2 KB, 1200x1146, dog_wife.jpg)

No, not alone! My wife and I were planning a romantic evening together, but then she started scratching. So I sprayed her for fleas instead.

4b3d96ce No.3589787

File: 1601079309835.jpg (1.22 MB, 920x1300, 7haoj1giad631.jpg)

I'm here. So where's the fucking chat?

5041a516 No.3589789

File: 1601079811642.jpg (58.21 KB, 475x638, 6c5df052cef9bfe15ed5e6fa35….jpg)

My doggo bro keeps me company every day, every minuite, every second. Day, night, awake, sleeping.

o_o I want privacy when I poop on Friday, but the universe has denied me the privilege of being alone on a Friday night.

e42932d0 No.3590652

File: 1601849865973.png (179.09 KB, 311x277, Screenshot_2020-10-05 1601….png)

«the fuck is this dumb fucking dog thinks he's doing»

ce3c396e No.3594911

File: 1605924433100.jpg (69.81 KB, 720x480, typical TikTok user.jpg)

9bf53d6b No.3594945

File: 1605943370384.jpg (195.04 KB, 662x860, 1605318642161.jpg)

remember to thank your dog for his tireless diligence, keeping watch while you're the most vulnerable and always ready to pull you out of the bowl should you ever fall in and start drowning

4e80f6e7 No.3596235

File: 1607159007439-0.jpg (9.54 KB, 267x189, vh1.jpg)

File: 1607159007439-1.jpg (8.37 KB, 259x194, vh2.jpg)

File: 1607159007439-2.jpg (48.82 KB, 1280x720, vh3.jpg)

call the virgin hotline

File: 1604027599209-0.png (925.88 KB, 1080x1745, Babs.png)

File: 1604027599209-1.png (239.29 KB, 800x800, Fifi.png)

File: 1604027599209-2.png (277.74 KB, 725x744, Feef.png)

File: 1604027599209-3.jpg (1.77 MB, 2550x3507, Lola.jpg)

File: 1604027599209-4.png (660.06 KB, 750x750, Minerva.png)

4adc83b6 No.3593050[Reply]

Looks like Tiny Toon Adventures is getting a reboot as well as Animaniacs.


Post Warner Brothers porn to celebrate
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41875cf2 No.3594877

File: 1605909801419-0.png (3.51 MB, 1950x1400, 6bce72ee0c1d6e640a76c23fa6….png)

File: 1605909801419-1.png (1.42 MB, 1200x1000, 9eec99a76ec9f8e3ac86cc4c77….png)

File: 1605909801419-2.png (487.07 KB, 1700x1400, 9fcbc7d3b183d17bf5ee81d04f….png)

File: 1605909801419-3.png (246.88 KB, 800x800, 45dbff1fb93144a8e2cda84851….png)

Speaking of reboots, the new Tom & Jerry film looks pretty bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kP9TfCWaQT4

At least it's not going to be as bad as Disney's remakes. Those are fucking horrible and any parent who has their children watch the CGI Lion King before seeing the original is unfit to be a parent and should have their kids taken away for their own protection.

b324bcfe No.3595093

File: 1606107188323.jpg (100.13 KB, 900x721, Tom and Jerry.jpg)

I'd watch the new Tom and Jerry.

41875cf2 No.3595362

File: 1606313851575.jpg (349.67 KB, 3588x2904, SirocLola.jpg)

3226b358 No.3596211

File: 1607123677224.jpg (80.32 KB, 1024x683, dd485eba6a712194728c408294….jpg)

>No Slappy in the Animaniacs reboot

What a shame

2200b1fc No.3596212

File: 1607127511459.jpg (12.44 KB, 480x360, chicken boo.jpg)

Watch em drop all the supporting cast except Elmyra.

3299f733 No.3596213

File: 1607128472258.png (111.64 KB, 382x404, Ed4Scdywq4.png)

Well, at least one interesting thing came out of that trailer.

3226b358 No.3596214

File: 1607128624877.png (39.48 KB, 1035x1066, 422cdeffe5879c950db29d781e….png)

Hopefully the Tiny Toons reboot isn't as trimmed down.

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