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File: 1639426307151.jpg (177.92 KB, 1280x559, 1639357478.emosnowmew_03b3….jpg)

ad4c4e9a No.3637575[Reply]

I want to see lots of spots.

File: 1639426228837.jpg (196.87 KB, 1280x720, 1638590272.boodog97_4c3983….jpg)

91969df1 No.3637574[Reply]

Let's see those striped guys and gals.

93f657e5 No.3637841

This thread is the phantom thread bumper at work. When he has driven a thread that he dislikes to the back of the board then he creates just enough new threads to kill off the one he doesn't like.

Also see

File: 1636675335922.png (23.14 KB, 520x453, windows-31-minesweeper.png)

e4326cdd No.3632493[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Any further /pol/ threads will be deleted.
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4f46cf9d No.3633389

Fyi I'm the kinda person that when I drink gets insanely good at things like beating top gamers at their own game while doing the hardest difficulty and achieving S ranks across the whole board.

8dcab980 No.3633390

File: 1637227354308.jpg (162.95 KB, 1024x576, d7bbbba79b6a97e26dd83b7d07….jpg)

no my brain is burnt out, i can only deal with a guy who admitted and denied having sex with their dog, cat, brother, niece, nephew, and a random fish all at once.

8dcab980 No.3633391

good lord man, if i was drunkenly all the time, I'd be arrested. I'm on paper the best of citizens, the fuck are you on?

4f46cf9d No.3633392

You are drunk and have nothing to offer besides silly bad behaviour. When I drink I think clearly if I make a mistake I have the capacity to correct that mistake and immediately acknowledge that I have said something silly. If you could even ask my friends they would have some cool stories to tell but for now I have just one final thing to say to you….


4f46cf9d No.3633393

I heard you like fishdicks

81720f2b No.3633394

File: 1637228991233.jpg (221.48 KB, 828x1095, obscenity.jpg)

> This is at least the 3rd thread derailed
Turnabout is fair play. Don't forget that not long ago /pol/ invaders from outside the furry community were deliberately trashing on topic, furry threads with their /pol/ shit.

Im certain some of those assholes didn't even know that this IS a furry board.

4f46cf9d No.3633395

Any excuse to censor those that some don't like. Even these days not even lulz can escape that fact. And it used to be more lax on the attempts to usually from rogue mods choosing to act out of character so they can wield a banhammer on those they don't want to see. More and more days pass by and today lulz has become a kind of hugbox for certain users.

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File: 1576827978601-1.png (214.84 KB, 1920x1017, Snapshot_002.png)

File: 1576827978601-2.png (184.08 KB, 1920x1017, Snapshot_003.png)

File: 1576827978601-3.png (179.56 KB, 1920x1017, Snapshot_004.png)

File: 1576827978601-4.png (372.96 KB, 1920x1017, Snapshot_005.png)

8b76ea97 No.2226[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I saw here 2 years ago and was lucky to take photos of her.
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89774261 No.3636109

File: 1638830169949.jpg (7.01 KB, 296x167, download.jpg)

460d8522 No.3636411

File: 1638999646385.webm (593.8 KB, 1280x720, 1468445939719458821_yJj1k….webm)

What program did they used?

79b27e3d No.3636419

>I saw here 2 years ago and was lucky to take photos of her.

That is a Kinzart Kreatures squirrel avatar for Second Life.

879030ee No.3636459

File: 1639020481669.png (248.55 KB, 384x384, 28407.png)

Ooh skwirl. There's nothing more kinky than shoving a squirrel down your pants. Yes, I'm that fucked up. >.>

45a683ab No.3636542

File: 1639046112100.jpg (219.51 KB, 1199x680, zoophile-alert.jpg)

I hope it bites your nuts off.

460d8522 No.3637467

File: 1639389521829-0.jpg (220.35 KB, 478x702, squirrel_girl_arrested__02….jpg)

File: 1639389521829-1.png (724.33 KB, 984x661, 1469885843.starcomet_snaps….png)

File: 1639389521829-2.jpg (38.63 KB, 512x512, squirrel_mod_001.jpg)

File: 1639389521829-3.jpg (39.37 KB, 512x512, squirrel_mod_002.jpg)

ca941c6d No.3637521

File: 1639415373958.png (3.47 MB, 2118x1441, 676d01d8fbddaa188541de5dbc….png)

If you're gonna guest over at someone else's board, and stage all your posts, it tends to look like contrived entrapment, especially if the zoos you hate already out themselves. This is a den of impostors already. Just saying

File: 1635803075731.png (3.16 MB, 1932x1188, 1635623848639.png)

c17bca58 No.3631530[Reply]

What does it means to be a furry?
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989d9020 No.3636956

File: 1639233596894.jpg (152.75 KB, 1024x805, DemonWithAGlassHand_AB.jpg)

As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end.

413ea777 No.3636959

>prosthetic hand replacements
You mean "paw replacements"

c2b608ad No.3637215

File: 1639340862564.png (303.18 KB, 550x864, Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 1….png)

>it was 100% intentional

Not according to this report on the tragic event.


df97351e No.3637280

The amount of dry ice needed to cleanly kill both hands cleanly at the wrist is not a method of treatment.

You'll find more articles about using dry ice for intentional amputation than for arthritis treatment.

89122554 No.3637335

File: 1639368719099-0.png (1.28 MB, 1278x810, Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 2….png)

File: 1639368719099-1.png (1.81 MB, 1278x813, Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 2….png)

File: 1639368719099-2.png (1.98 MB, 1278x813, Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 2….png)

dcb08e7e No.3637338

[4k, 50fps, colorized] (1907) The disturbing story of the dancing pig. Le Cochon Danseur.

b5cb8444 No.3637520

File: 1639415363121.png (57.8 KB, 640x320, 8s481.png)

You tell me

File: 1632705727760.png (2.72 MB, 2400x3500, c83c9dc0797081b2591933d0ba….png)

fbb359b2 No.3627125[Reply]

the worst part of being into pregnant porn now days is having to specify "female pregnancy" just to avoid seeing all the dicks and guy asses squirting out babies.
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7d2948d9 No.3637236

File: 1639352374193.jpg (48.1 KB, 1125x838, FEfl_gNUcAAWkCf7.JPG)

Because mpreg is
- a fetish
- tranny shit like what the fuck

d299c728 No.3637458

>>3637223 Cutters? Sorry, as a man, we've all had that emo girlfriend. "MY PAIN IS YOUR PAIN TOO!"

a1fc360e No.3637510

Those mammary glands exist for a purpose. Search colostrum and you can understand why. Felt sorry for the infant because of their butchered food source.

fe5bbf0f No.3637513

This kid is going to have such a terrible life.

Probably going to get molested constantly since the majority of trannies are also pedophiles.

Trannies should not be allowed to have children for the sake of the children. Just look at these two and tell me they're not going to be horrible parents.


642edf32 No.3637517


ec8e1f6a No.3637522

I remember reading an account of some kid who was the youngest son in a family with 9 older sisters and he was forced to wear old hand-me-down dresses because the family was too poor to justify buying boy's clothing for their one boy.

The kid ended up being some famous psycho killer.

I wouldn't be surprised if this kid turns into some kind of psycho killer due to gender confusion and mental abuse.

fe5bbf0f No.3637524

Another issue with the children of trannies is all the unnatural hormones effecting their development in the womb as well as being raised by people who are completely insane. There's also no way they aren't going to be prime targets for bullying from kids who don't buy into the tranny bullshit.

File: 1639330890762.png (1.82 MB, 1278x810, Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 1….png)

561e7521 No.3637190[Reply]

According to the person in this video, MFF banned a furry from attending their con because they weren't vaccinated. The furry still stayed to ghost the con because the hotel didn't ban them from staying there. Does anyone know the full story on this?

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ebeb7c8e No.3637255

I know that, but it's as clear as daylight that there's a diseased penis in that suit. Also, the talking penis said that the "other/unperson who shall not be named but shunned and destroyed" (because of deciding to not be injected with gene therapy graphene oxide poison before attending a social event), is a "HE".

The use of gender neutral language out of concern or even "fear" of repercussions of "getting it wrong" is one of the many things pushed by globalists to try and confuse and weaken the Western population.
Your post is even a mild example of that, because it implies that one cannot be entirely sure of that furry's "gender".

Also, the point about trans people (most of whom are either mentally ill or for whatever reason going through a temporary phase of confusion) "claiming" such use of language - this type of language was "advertised/preached" to them over decades (but especially hard in the recent years) so they'd begin to adopt it and start undermining everyday society with their deranged practices and reasoning. It's a case of temporary or permanent mental weakness/illness being supported, boosted and weaponised against the everyday population.

561e7521 No.3637256

File: 1639356395015.jpg (8.84 KB, 259x194, cousin-it.jpg)

Okay well from now on just refer to those Fursuiters as "Cousin It".

e819a0e9 No.3637259

If you know it's a singular person, you say 'he or she'. If it's an unknown quantity of people, then you can say 'they.'

Trans people are either male or female as well. There are only two genders.

08d5c714 No.3637261

File: 1639357252655.jpg (113.76 KB, 640x480, not-sure-if-man-or-woman-i….jpg)

0cfdb405 No.3637330

>a single word can destroy world order
You're just as much a fragile snowflake as those that crumble at the thought of being misgendered.

>you say 'he or she'
Along with 'latinx', I will never use that linguistic kludge. The use of singular 'they' is perfectly cromulent.
>Trans people are either male or female as well.
If you ignore all the edge cases, sure, there is just the male and female sex.
>There are only two genders.
Only if you consider gender to mean the exact same thing as biological sex.
tl;dr if you assume you're right and ignore reality, you're correct

3ffd9851 No.3637523

It yearns for human recoginition. But it has strayed too far.

e819a0e9 No.3637528

Cromulent though they is, sex and gender essentially are the same thing for 99.9% of people, where if you have a y chromosome you are a man. In the case of gender, then you can say it is a spectrum, that nobody has every masculine or feminine trait, but what you do is you take the average of that. Add +1 for a masculine trait, add -1 for a feminine trait. Weight them if you want. >0 means male. <0 means female.

There are only two genders.

File: 1624556479472.jpg (195.03 KB, 1600x1200, s-l1600[1].jpg)

41650cd2 No.3618254[Reply]

John McAfee was a sexual predator and it was right to kill him, just like with Jeffrey Epstein and Michael Jackon. Not Jimmy Savile though, he was innocent.

Also, matte finished cars are impractical as hell and will all look crap after 3 years. And Andrew Yang is a ableist right-wing asshole.

a66d2f88 No.3618255

Not sure about the others, but Epstein isn't dead.
Look it up.

File: 1617479504139.jpg (4.86 MB, 3508x2472, link_and_sora_for_user70_b….jpg)

70996be8 No.3610602[Reply]

Any idea how to find #34 of weight gained anime boys? I just find "clean" fan art like this, i know there is some full-on yaoi but i don't want to look through 100s of pages of "normal" crap for every single character in hopes of finding some….

Also, just post good male weight gain pics here.

70996be8 No.3610603

File: 1617479560342.jpg (3.11 MB, 2933x2463, for_ggg_2_by_prisonsuit_ra….jpg)

70996be8 No.3610604

File: 1617479588487.jpg (2.7 MB, 3500x2448, for_tubbyboyg_by_prisonsui….jpg)

I'd love a full rear view of this one…. mmmm

70996be8 No.3610605

File: 1617479611426.jpg (3.97 MB, 3508x2472, straining_zippers_by_priso….jpg)

65e80c81 No.3625624

Kill yourself

Fatties are fucking repugnant

File: 1624044506419.jpg (652.51 KB, 2186x1074, disasters.jpg)

7208f938 No.3617693[Reply]

ITT: Disasters in the making.

d7c81136 No.3617755

OK, pedo.

8fa1c942 No.3617760

BPD in 2186x1074 pixels

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