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File: 1629937988885.png (859.07 KB, 1920x1090, vlcsnap-2021-08-26-02h27m0….png)

8c064b1b No.3624003[Reply]

I wanna see all the stuff where Shmajiro (or other characters) naughty bits seen.

403f4bfc No.3624036

File: 1629964881216.jpg (102.98 KB, 720x984, 2542059_Mimirin94_untitled….jpg)

I wanna see his little sister's pussy.

8c064b1b No.3624059

File: 1629984231132.png (1.05 MB, 1920x1090, vlcsnap-2021-08-26-15h22m4….png)

116a4950 No.3625120

File: 1630834015162.png (740.35 KB, 1920x944, shimajiro.png)

Here, have this!
It could be better but it's the best I can do.

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File: 1626205203329-0.jpg (95.69 KB, 694x530, parallels323[1].jpg)

File: 1626205203329-1.jpg (108.57 KB, 694x530, parallels312[1].jpg)

806db7fb No.3619842[Reply]

Did anyone else think the alternate, more agressive and hi-tech bridge design seen in the TNG episode "Parallels" was frigging dope? I bet it was one of the designs considered to be used when the show began production, but they went with the warmer, earthier look instead.

Aside from obviously being cheaper made, I think it would have just as iconic had they went with it, and more suitable for the subject of the show.

Also, Beastars is overrated, cliche grimdark and ponderous anime just catering to the "based" and anti-woke crowd with nothing original. Brand New Animal is objectively better in every way, but you all probably think its JUST 4 GURLZ.
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d10d7cd4 No.3620658

One theory about autism is the "noisy brain" theory that posits the autistic mind is too sensitive to signals, so it cannot process any ambiguity. It just gets lost in the noise. Only clear repetitive patterns can be perceived, learned and repeated.

So in trying to understand other people, the autistic person reduces them into crude stereotypes and rigid "rules of thumb". They're also liable to interpret speech very literally, argue over meaning of words, and get misunderstood by using words in ways which other people don't understand because they assume other people are using the same definitions and contexts.

806db7fb No.3620730

File: 1627066756855.jpg (304.47 KB, 1438x1080, conundrum[1].jpg)

Did anyone else feel that Kieran MacDuff was genuinely a good addition to the bridge crew, for the short time he was in it? There was actually a believable chemistry with him added to the crew, his personality and quick-to-action attitude complemented the others and fit right in to the point where a first time viewer could believe he had been there all along.

He showed remarkable restraint in attacking the enemy, leaving decisions to others whenever he could and he even selflessly offered himself up for some dangerous medical experimentation.

Of course his actual reason for being there and doing what he did was sinister, but my point is the character, whatever his purpose was, actually seemed more decent and believable than it needed to be.

Also it could be see as a clever allusion to author self-insert fanfiction, which was already a minor thing at the time, pre-Internet.

be34a3bc No.3620734

> he even selflessly offered himself up for some dangerous medical experimentation.
MacDuff had to volunteer for the experiment. If it had been tried on anyone from Enterprise, the subject's memory would have been restored. Then the Satarran plot would have been foiled.

cd4d0fd2 No.3620759

Somebody on 8ch /fur/ told me TNG was institutionalized garbage, I refuted them, turns out they were correct. Go watch Firefly

655e9bea No.3625542

File: 1631245960771-0.jpg (437.18 KB, 1791x1944, 628215_TellyLittle_6a.jpg)

File: 1631245960771-1.jpg (257.89 KB, 1600x1739, cub_porn_bridge_of_Enterpr….jpg)

That is bullshit. Star Trek doesn't have squat to do with pedophilia.

9bbd0248 No.3625546

yup thats correct

9bbd0248 No.3625562

go back to 8gag with ur shitty opinions on trek

File: 1573846553090.jpg (945.68 KB, 1280x1280, 1572326847443.jpg)

485fac61 No.1274[Reply]

I wish we had this board instead
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64b04c56 No.3618389

File: 1624733892894.jpg (44.51 KB, 520x347, childrens_play_equipment.jpg)

No. Just no.

63d69922 No.3618398


The new gender reveal party sensation!

f7464d50 No.3618408

Mixed race kids be like….

7e86624d No.3625348

File: 1631066002505.jpg (75.91 KB, 520x347, Why oh God why.jpg)

ea96269f No.3625374

File: 1631099916492-0.png (634.16 KB, 636x478, Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 0….png)

File: 1631099916493-1.png (762.65 KB, 636x478, Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 0….png)

File: 1631099916493-2.png (717.03 KB, 636x478, Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 0….png)

File: 1631099916493-3.png (744.03 KB, 636x425, Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 0….png)

File: 1631099916493-4.png (693.05 KB, 636x475, Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 0….png)

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File: 1631099980364-0.png (767.39 KB, 636x478, Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 0….png)

File: 1631099980365-1.png (852.22 KB, 636x478, Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 0….png)

File: 1631099980365-2.png (708.62 KB, 636x478, Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 0….png)

File: 1631099980365-3.png (792.33 KB, 636x445, Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 0….png)

File: 1631099980365-4.png (721.47 KB, 636x425, Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 0….png)

baee89e9 No.3625557

File: 1631266258216.jpg (96.33 KB, 960x503, dyhs3n6bx9m71.jpg)


worse desighn

File: 1606659236636-0.jpg (100.29 KB, 913x1200, DyY4Ry-WwAIDWpa.jpg)

File: 1606659236636-1.jpg (2.99 MB, 4550x2600, HelgaWinterPinup_u18chan.jpg)

a6bca015 No.3595715[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Post cozy shit.
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88cea507 No.3625534


Holy shit these are good. My 3d prints all look like ass. Is there more at the source somewhere? Also, that stripper one is hot.

a5511465 No.3625535

File: 1631242777328.jpg (3.78 MB, 6000x4000, IMG_2290_u18chan.jpg)

a5511465 No.3625536

File: 1631243473193.png (2.42 MB, 1334x2000, f_1595191328578_1534480159….png)

a5511465 No.3625537

File: 1631243566169-0.png (570.73 KB, 700x700, resize-gobqueentankdress-1….png)

File: 1631243566169-1.png (1006.87 KB, 1280x1280, Dordeshcentaur_u18chan.png)

File: 1631243566169-2.png (239.95 KB, 839x793, Megagardevoirrender_u18cha….png)

File: 1631243566169-3.png (216.98 KB, 933x903, MegaGarde_u18chan.png)

a5511465 No.3625538

File: 1631243828905-0.png (194.64 KB, 1005x829, AldeaSTL_u18chan.png)

File: 1631243828905-1.png (136.53 KB, 866x811, Aldea_u18chan.png)

a5511465 No.3625540

File: 1631244106860-0.jpg (128.6 KB, 1200x1700, Dot_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1631244106860-1.jpg (912.57 KB, 3174x2189, D9oOoxjXUAAs8Z8_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1631244106860-2.jpg (130.15 KB, 1140x1520, il_1140xN.2855242454_kloi_….jpg)

88cea507 No.3625543

JFC, you weren't kidding. Thanks for the link. The density of posts I cared about was somewhere between 1-2%, and it was still worth my time.

File: 1576718829620-0.png (17.98 KB, 703x600, 1516848192768.png)

File: 1576718829620-1.gif (36.97 KB, 703x600, 1517061298330.gif)

File: 1576718829620-2.png (19.5 KB, 703x600, 1517136767108.png)

File: 1576718829620-3.png (13.48 KB, 703x600, cheekibreeki.png)

File: 1576718829620-4.png (16.23 KB, 703x600, Katia headless.png)

fa276fe0 No.2038[Reply]

found some old meme files of her.
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ae7159f3 No.3608737

File: 1615860331423.jpg (841.82 KB, 2703x4276, svyttonlnx7z7y34i6fvjshxko….jpg)

ed4a4c46 No.3609131

File: 1616231761858.jpg (190.15 KB, 1291x1289, bafybeidzsaur4noq5jwbt5372….jpg)

8c93e749 No.3612556

File: 1619383450390.jpg (203.42 KB, 1258x1013, 32e47fcffe0884ea13a986fb9d….jpg)

4f74e061 No.3614831

File: 1621259761059.jpg (102.28 KB, 639x1080, 70653682.jpg)

6eb697a7 No.3617169

File: 1623587353333.png (11.05 KB, 537x777, d8535d5b0fafa98614359deca2….png)

Preggo Katia best Katia

099f9377 No.3618471

File: 1624831862960.png (60.52 KB, 1115x1250, 2a0390eefc6fd486bdc307.png)

7ba23479 No.3625517

File: 1631225859877.jpg (325.57 KB, 1167x2436, bafybeiamdlmdyfno7pirkdlw2….jpg)

File: 1628883371493.jpg (212.18 KB, 2560x1436, kofq0n4voor61[1].jpg)

c4863431 No.3622726[Reply]

So what does everyone here think of NFTs, and what is their real value? I guess most artists just see it as a way to make money, jumping on it while this fad lasts, but why would anyone even buy them, do the buyers actually think they will increase in value or is there some other reason you would pay for one?

I'm thinking of making NFTs out of some of my old commissioned artwork, mostly in-progress and never-completed stuff that nobody else has seen, but i'm not sure what the rules are. Could i get sued for making an NFT out of their drawings without their permission, and would anyone here be interested in buying them, for about how much?

Also, Andrew Cuomo being a sexual predator doesn't "prove" anything about liberals. Real liberals hated him all the time, like Biden and the Clintons he's a centrist who has more in common with Republicans than real Democrats who aren't in it for money. If anything, it just proves that career politicans with no ideology are disgusting predators, both in their politics and their private life.
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c4863431 No.3622829

File: 1628968627909.png (1.26 MB, 2869x926, 1617404000.friar_nftb[1].png)

Oh god, the "NFT Art" chatrooms on Clubhouse are hilarious! All egomanical Kayla-Na type bitches peddling messy, ultra-special snowflake "adoptables" mostly made out of the same drawing with a few changes, with a few obsessive fans who sound like they're OD'ing on happy pills, going "ooooo that's so cool! i got the one with yellow background" for hours on.

Really, can't believe some fans are even stupider than they used to be. They didn't even know what "anthropomorphic" meant, even though most of her pictures were anthro animals….

806007ec No.3622839

File: 1628978093391.jpg (21.71 KB, 620x349, Beetleborgs.jpg)

ffd1d032 No.3622869

I think it's funny that a lot of people thought Jay Leno played as Flabber.

c088f681 No.3625498

File: 1631211786642.jpg (303.3 KB, 1600x960, E63vmxbVgAEjIvr.jpg)

85001b46 No.3625500

I think NFT can be a convenient way to transfer ownership or some art and removes disputes as to who own it or not ; you got the token, you're the owner, full stop. Think adoptables, but on a per-picture basis instead of a whole character.

If it creates an art market for the little guys that's great. Not everybody can go to auctions at Christies or have his doodles sold there.

2d845327 No.3625505

File: 1631218746806.png (87.08 KB, 598x458, Screenshot 2021-09-09 at 1….png)

NTFs like traditional "Fine art" is just a way for rich people to launder money and avoid paying taxes.


6bcd1826 No.3625510

>you got the token, you're the owner, full stop.

That in itself doesn't mean you own anything except the token.

The NFT works basically by making a hash of a particular file, and then using a blockchain to prove that you own the token associated to that data. This doesn't give you any legal rights, such as copyright to a piece of art. It also doesn't stop the actual owner of the copyright from making more NFTs of the same piece and selling them to other people.

File: 1629979661953-0.jpg (125.19 KB, 468x540, article-1086928-004348BD00….jpg)

File: 1629979661953-1.jpg (628.32 KB, 550x310, human-kangaroo-scale.jpg)

File: 1629979661953-2.png (166.08 KB, 250x424, Keira_mother.png)

File: 1629979661953-3.png (120.55 KB, 250x283, Keira_parents_2.png)

8f38009a No.3624050[Reply]


On to something Kangaroos have bodies that are anthro while horses have bigger butts shape as a human's butt what is evolution getting us here? post some Kangaroos.
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74b1e112 No.3625200

File: 1630923121958-0.jpg (142.85 KB, 1080x820, 9aa0c992c1be23707aed2d0e73….jpg)

File: 1630923121958-1.jpg (68.66 KB, 640x800, rnwphz7t1hm11.jpg)

File: 1630923121958-2.jpg (91.38 KB, 535x800, 800wm.jpg)

File: 1630923121958-3.jpg (280.23 KB, 976x549, b47de300-1264-11ea-afef-e3….jpg)

Female Kangaroos have 3 vaginas… also we need these birbs to eat these ticks off of the roos.

f13fb16e No.3625290

File: 1630992636609.png (1013.23 KB, 1272x1319, 5edef74f6a256eeaf4895f4f9a….png)

>Kangaroos have a two-pronged penis.

That's not true at all. Other marsupials might have bifurcated dicks but not kangaroos or wallabies.

b9b6dd08 No.3625306


Macropods are the only extant marsupial without bifurcation. Some have it very near the end, like opossums, while others are more hemipenis-like, like sugargliders.

74b1e112 No.3625341

File: 1631055659939-0.png (1.05 MB, 882x1280, 1571591445.trueglint360_sh….png)

File: 1631055659939-1.png (1.79 MB, 904x1280, 1579273862.trueglint360_sh….png)

File: 1631055659939-2.gif (1.91 MB, 990x651, 1583687597.trueglint360_sh….gif)

File: 1631055659939-3.png (921.48 KB, 829x1280, 1583687732.trueglint360_sh….png)

File: 1631055659939-4.png (2.07 MB, 1040x1280, 1593929477.trueglint360_sh….png)

74b1e112 No.3625342

File: 1631055758914-0.png (1.64 MB, 1027x638, 1599162117.trueglint360_sh….png)

File: 1631055758914-1.png (656.07 KB, 850x1133, 1599166160.trueglint360_sh….png)

File: 1631055758914-2.png (547.07 KB, 862x1150, 1604384179.trueglint360_sh….png)

File: 1631055758914-3.png (793.66 KB, 939x1280, 1607692692.trueglint360_sh….png)

File: 1631055758914-4.png (1.29 MB, 900x1200, 1613142065.trueglint360_sh….png)

74b1e112 No.3625343

File: 1631055855372-0.png (1.8 MB, 1280x968, 1613506451.trueglint360_sh….png)

74b1e112 No.3625504

File: 1631216389290.png (503.04 KB, 868x574, lizet-teasey-audrey.png)

File: 1626650987959.png (1.75 MB, 1424x895, 2021-06-19-192001_1424x895….png)

14bb8a3b No.3620370[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Math Thread
Talk about Math and shit like that
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2f584c22 No.3624460

this is obviously taking form of a different expression, in which the converging factor is at play. The converging of a delta to a mean or average while leaving open-probability of other measures, the delta works like zero in which it is very dodgy. Though knowing there is a mean-delta to every main, might be the first step in exposing the trick. The trick is in the arcs, even the arcs can be paired to form semi-helix or a short crest or bow. These are important in unmasking the delta as an actor, where it substitutes its form with others. The same with a zero being defined in quantum physics. This is a major step in probability I think is being overlooked here. Where you can "zero in" on the delta using its known forms, you can leap to the conclusion of its average form and the delta-mean it converges to. This changes the functions of course. This changes everything you would use in the work by applying a "lense". Like an "extra-utensial"

3e15f12b No.3624462

File: 1630307952970.png (94.85 KB, 1920x1080, average_arc_length_of_modu….png)

As an explanatory aid, I made a Desmos thing to play around with. Enjoy.


878c034d No.3624463

understanding delta forms is the equivilent of finding dimestore silver when it comes to quantum charting. it has everything to do with predicting zero-sum space-time events correctly using multiple graph sets including quantum and vector graphs, this is important in overlaying those onto an original graph creating a quasi-graph which promptly identifies trends, if you have them charted to show the right trends where, you can quickly predict patterns used by simple mollfiers or peak delta arrangement, in order to pin point zero-limits i.e. quantum origins in which your portals will logically correalate, its simpler than it sounds.

64f16995 No.3625285

File: 1630989506130.png (74.07 KB, 1155x1024, equilateral_triangle.png)

While we're on the topic, here's a neat probability problem. If you divide a line segment into three smaller segments by cutting it at two points randomly spaced along it, what is the probability that the three smaller segments can form a triangle? You don't need calculus for this, but that's how I solved it. There is, however, a more elegant geometric solution using an equilateral triangle theorem.

345fd9a1 No.3625311


Stating the blatantly obvious for the blatantly oblivious.

This is a Furry board. its about drawing , mostly erotic, with and/or about creatures that does not exist.

However, do not despair :


Is more up your ally. thanks.

2f584c22 No.3625330

Depends if you count rhomboids as triangles, or hyper triangles, but that is going down a path i feel is being more of philosophy and not real geometry. But I would guess its 100%.

If there is a line cut with a rhomboid in it and you don't count them as a hypertriangle THEN its depending on the shake up of them benig there or not. I don't know actually. but probably 1 in 6 chance or something there would be a not be a smaller triangle if you count points, and instead a rhombous for each section. This question probably has some cardboard explanation I didn't get the link for.

878c034d No.3625464

File: 1631165501836.gif (5.24 MB, 800x432, a438ce65-b962-4ac6-aaf7-2d….gif)

>when you accidentally shoot spaghetti into a black hole you get more nuetrinotial table.

File: 1629139806377.png (593.4 KB, 597x481, 1341372176.pierrezaius_gra….png)

c440e253 No.3622990[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

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02b432f3 No.3625530

>his administration during his vice presidency
you realize this statement is retarded, right?

she's not going to sleep with you

08700890 No.3625564


How about you think for a fucking second…
They weren't "curing the virus"(what ever the fuck that's supposed to mean)
They were combining different strains of the virus to see if they could get it to cross the species barrier from bats to humans. That's exactly what a gain of function experiment is. They successfully created a corona virus with the correct spike protein to infect humans.
Huh, isn't that funny? Covid-19 is a corona virus with a spike protein that can infect human cells. Anything adding up for you after you think about that for a fucking second?
And yes, of course the virus came first, viruses are one of the oldest "living" things known. But nothing quite like Covid-19 had come along until humans started fucking around with corona viruses in a lab, just to see how deadly and dangerous they could become.

08700890 No.3625566


Explain to me why you think this statement is retarded?
Give me one good example of a federal government decision made under any President/Vice President administration in our history that isn't directly associated with the administration that's in power during that time.

7792475c No.3625589

File: 1631285332981.png (54.89 KB, 706x447, Screenshot 2021-09-10 at 1….png)


Dumbass, Covid19 is the covid mutation discovered in 2019 but covid was spreading in humans decades before that.


7792475c No.3625591

>Explain to me why you think this statement is retarded?

The vice president has no actual power to pass or veto laws. They are a ceremonial figure head and diplomatic figure with little control over anything.

He called you a retard because you clearly have no idea how the government works.

Vice presidents are little more than spares in case something happens to the real president.

08700890 No.3625663


Nah…I have a very firm grasp on how the government works, thanks for your evaluation though.
What's clear to me is that your reading comprehension skills are severely lacking.
I never commented on what powers a vice president has, or doesn't have, merely the administration that is in power and those that are directly associated with it.
And please don't start down the road about how guilty by association isn't a thing, because in government and politics it's a very real thing. I personally think it's abhorrent, but all political parties use it as ammunition.
And on the topic of your Covid-19 response…again poor reading comprehension.
Yes, corona viruses that can infect humans have been around long before 2019. But in this specific scenario, there were gain of function experiments being done to a corona virus that had the potential to be more deadly and transmissible if it ever gained the function to infect human hosts. At the time, it couldn't infect human hosts. The gain of function experiment combined the traits of that corona virus, with a corona virus that could infect human hosts.
Does your level of comprehension allow you to understand what I've been trying to communicate by bringing it down to this grade school level?

2b8660b8 No.3625731

Why are you posting in an unbumpable thread? Are you retarded?

If you want anyone to see your post you should create a new /pol/ thread and post your idiotic drivel there.

File: 1611358814905.png (910.44 KB, 619x835, RoxiRoad.png)

bbe217ab No.3601114[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I'm here looking for Poly. Has anyone seen him?
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bb8c5e54 No.3624804

File: 1630527818310.jpg (66.09 KB, 373x424, 62cbaebedb981612e5d6d8af40….jpg)

Amphetamines cause rage.


I noticed this when I was trolling people from Kiwifarms who where addy addicts; rage is common factor among users.

Makes them easy to spread chaos for me.

b135b660 No.3625011

File: 1630714510351.png (61.58 KB, 250x141, Screen_Shot_2017-03-22_at_….png)

I'll deal with this on my own. My problems are my own.
Men bottle up our emotions because we know that our problems our are own problems and we ain't no right making them other peoples problems. Them other people got enough going on as it is.
I reached out to a couple of people on Twitter.
But immediately regretted it. They didn't say nothing back ugly or mean, they didn't say anything back at all.
We gotta be there for others but we can't expect other people to be there for us and we can't be upset when they're not.
They got thier own things they're working on and they don't need love sick puppy dogs unloading a bunch of emotional baggage on'em.

We got pull our own weight in this world. We ain't entitled to shit Jack. If you can't do your Job you loose it. If you're stranded in the deep waters and ya can't swim? You better figure it out or ya gonna drown.

I'll be fine alright. Yeah … I got a few things on my mind. Yeah … I fell for some body… But that ain't their fault. They ain't responcible for your emotions.

Common Poly get it together.

2d5b7b43 No.3625014

just had to put my husband to be in a cop car for smoking meth on the subway

2d5b7b43 No.3625016

Here. Telegam @madaymayday

71987d86 No.3625018

File: 1630731309835.png (332.91 KB, 720x405, old fashioned telegram mac….png)

f0194d65 No.3625063


If you had married him on the spot, it would have been a cheap honeymoon.

Can cops marry people, like a captain at sea =

5e7dcf05 No.3625436

Well we had the wifi turned on a few days ago. So that's a plus.

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