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I like how you animated the knot going inside her at 8:08, there's a weight and force to get that knot inside with a slight tug after knotting it in, and the way he tries to pull it out has a reasonable force to pull out the knot, those little bits of information is what makes this sexy and believable and also that last part at 12:18 where he slipped and unable to pull out with a grunting noise was phenomenal atleast he struggled and tried to pullout last second before Pumping her full and also i like how you make the balls twitched every time he ejaculated and again i can't tell you enough of the little bits of information you've put into making this because it's really good! <3, and finally the two knot pull IS PERFECT you just can't Detach that easily after mating because the knot has enlarged inside after ejaculation (nice touch IRL dog mating 101), and that Scream thoo was Hilarious >XD (there's probably too much reverb on that scream) , and the LAST pullout is REALLY HOT AND GOOD, and with enough force they are finally free, gushing out all those baby batter, in Conclusion it's a 12 out of 10 for me it just hit all the kinks i like in this animation, I hope you continue this Small Details you've into making 3D animations my dude, Have a good one :wave:

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Hi , unfortunately I have decided not to allow downloads because there are cases of content misappropriation , then demo versions are made publicly available on porn sites with links to the fake partonite sites. You can believe it or not, but people are so brazen that they can steal someone else's work erase or replace creator's water mark with their own and start patreon page and make a really solid income from it, having nothing to do with creating this content. I myself have not been a victim of such conduct (as far is i know but i'm not sure) but I know a few creators who have been treated in this way. You can always save links. I have nothing against honest users if there was a situation in which the links would be changed, you can always contact me, after verifying that you were my patrons at the time of publication of a given video, you will always get access to it but unfortunately we are starting to have a plague of pests on patronite.

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steals a character concept for their somehow copyrighted model ok

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So… I don't follow anyone anymore. Thanks to patreon the biggest shitty idea to completely divide the entire community into. Pay whoring or people who have limitless incomes to splurge on furry stuff.

Is this artist someone who actually eventually shares their content freely ( minus 4k or whatever "special snow flake" nonsense )

I remember some artist simply wanted to make money but didn't backhand the entire fandom and fans who are either poor, merely want to see and don't share save. ( I didn't see many do this )

I doubt I'll see this animation. I'm not going to waste money ever on patreon.

Just curious. I switched from drawing, 3D modeling furries to hentai and anime stuff.

I make enough money for a hobby without using paysites, patreon or begging. And I don't get mad at people who will never pay anyway but follow my stuff.

I suppose it's too much to ask for furries. Seems to have stayed this way.

And I assume this is some wolf character from some youtube thing? I don't use youtube. I think I've seen this character but I'm not sure.

Thanks if any info. And if not, thanks anyway.

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We do not know who owns these but we will find them.

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Anyone know if there's an easy way to convert a blender model to a VRC model? some guide or video would be appriciated if possible.

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File: 1704666396112-0.png (259.92 KB, 1655x918, already exporter her to fb….png)

File: 1704666396112-1.png (463.59 KB, 1488x889, better fbx.png)

File: 1704666396112-2.png (289.81 KB, 1361x885, better fbx2.png)

File: 1704666396112-3.png (19.78 KB, 1194x208, blender not responding.png)

as soon as I export fbx that has 100 MB (105,078,544 bytes) into blender it uses soo much memory it stops responding.

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File: 1704685755030-1.gif (548.48 KB, 428x317, roxydog11.gif)

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File: 1704685889886-0.gif (3.94 MB, 433x315, roxydog20.gif.gif)

File: 1704685889886-1.gif (3.4 MB, 433x315, roxydog21.gif)

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File: 1704739433755.png (966.07 KB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2016-06-15-22-3….png)

I'm brewin up my boner!!

5a119dd1 No.3728615

are any of these actually worth it? post a list or something

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Anyone one have Xaz3D's model of the female Daffy Duck by chance?

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