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File: 1594874703327.png (176.68 KB, 853x472, furrys.png)

812d29b0 No.3582338[Reply]

Are a dog or cat person?

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75ec6dba No.3587502

File: 1599325506791.jpg (56.73 KB, 1024x1024, animalcatpunchingOP.jpg)


>glorious extravert

As seen on Twitter and Facebook.

e5467dfa No.3587520

File: 1599337172084.jpg (35.9 KB, 418x598, awoo.jpg)

Dogs are good.
Foxes are even better.

Cats are fucking trash, trash pets, trash owners.

82103281 No.3587538

File: 1599350163244.jpg (57.98 KB, 600x857, ren08.jpg)

1cbbf4c0 No.3587563

File: 1599382111027.png (848.52 KB, 623x683, delete_this.png)

Hyenas are not "catdogs". You're thinking of foxes.

Wait, what are we even talking about? I thought this thread was about pets. Hyenas are cool and all, but I sure as shit don't have the money to keep one as a pet. Yet.

96afe3bb No.3587575

I want to fuck a hyena

1aa951e1 No.3587576

File: 1599397807976.png (121.33 KB, 677x751, 6a1d534063ed904467f3400891….png)

c27520c4 No.3587579

Not going to lie, I want to the hyena. Hes so supportive in the last season, with the whole death metal match off.

File: 1598318493735.jpg (322.4 KB, 1115x1280, 0f443052688d35040ba9eaf1a3….jpg)

355f9ec2 No.3585833[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Republican National Convention
anyone watching ?

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1dd4a359 No.3587399

File: 1599257453271.gif (1.88 MB, 390x220, fursuit surprise.gif)

>>stolen from "those people"
I've spent years on pixiv and made several good friends there asshole

1dd4a359 No.3587400

and that was around 2008, before there was an English version of the sit

86b6076a No.3587401

Yes, but there's less of a difference between a white and black brain than a white and chimpanzee brain. Environment and learned behavior plays a much stronger role in human behavioral differences than genetics.

919b4f6a No.3587422

File: 1599294306486.jpg (113.07 KB, 700x875, 009.jpg)

e823d4ea No.3587425

>chimp screams that top volume to establish dominance
>nigger pumps the bass at max volume to establish dominance

e823d4ea No.3587426

>chimp throws shit to establish dominance

>nigger throws shit to establish dominance

4b70c301 No.3587512

>but there's less of a difference between a white and black brain than a white and chimpanzee brain

Small differences matter when they're in the head. Some brains build space rockets, some brains hang their pants low and sell drugs at the street corner.

Consider, there's not much of a difference between a brain with a mental illness, and a normal brain. Just some few genes gone wrong and you become an idiot or a lunatic. Brains are the least likely to change through evolution because even small changes make them go completely wrong - so evolution has made brains that resist change in their fundamental workings. That's why you can take a monkey out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the monkey.

File: 1591335033089.jpg (138.36 KB, 1024x654, 12120593.jpg)

d53f705b No.3578011[Reply]

Anyone have access to Timbywuff's video collection? this chonk has like 300 vids he's hiding on telegram apparently. Can't find a torrent of it anywhere. This guy is a massive furfag but also has a huge ass, Be the patron saint!
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ef922e54 No.3583135

Videos of WHAT?

307826e2 No.3583136

Of his huge ass, apparently.

af8d216a No.3583192


Most can settle with extreme close-ups of Trumps neck-chin folds : Looks like an ass, talks likes an ass, acts like an ass.

There you go.

901b89c8 No.3583656

You sound dumb.

9a52a070 No.3587480

so, any updates on this?

21ed2b79 No.3587482

who cares? you can find plenty of ugly fatties everywhere

9a52a070 No.3587487

>who cares? you can find plenty of ugly fatties everywhere
send nudes

File: 1595458804018.png (530.47 KB, 1704x1080, 60e157e26984f8b1bf513101fd….png)

c76fe5f1 No.3582874[Reply]

KIll all men *lamo as a joke* literally slit the throats of all white men. Fuck the police *as a joke*

fdd3a621 No.3582880

File: 1595460128292.png (1.89 MB, 3300x2550, 2704383_Malachyte_april_cu….png)

god I wish that were me

039c44ab No.3587486

File: 1599319775967.jpg (2.15 MB, 4110x2613, 3232052_Atrolux_tiktok6.jpg)

underage anal sex is pretty hot *in minecraft*

File: 1573619504204.png (7.04 KB, 845x503, nuked.png)

6c6b355e No.1249[Reply]

Halp!!! lulz.net is nuked!!!
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65337f53 No.3773

File: 1578535572383-0.png (17.8 KB, 800x600, reverse vore fetish test.png)

File: 1578535572383-1.png (16.23 KB, 800x600, president for lulz.png)

File: 1578535572383-2.png (17.95 KB, 800x600, president for lulz2.png)

File: 1578535572383-3.png (14.56 KB, 800x600, president for lulz3.png)

1d5bfbd9 No.3567086

File: 1578877747822-0.jpg (14.54 KB, 300x180, fake-zebra-egypt.jpg)

File: 1578877747822-1.jpg (70.08 KB, 690x388, fake-zebra-ukraine.jpg)

863b5158 No.3573335

File: 1586136191950.jpg (223.68 KB, 920x656, could be fake.jpg)

1d5bfbd9 No.3579120

Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda

74972c1a No.3583850

Hell no! Sharktopus Vs Piranhaconda or GTFO.

5eee4327 No.3587483

>There are no moderators and Choob seems to have abandoned it.

that would certainly explain why it's filled with /pol/ spam

bd09c72c No.3587485

fking gross sucking boogers out of a furry's nose :)

File: 1576635729914.jpeg (123.51 KB, 1280x660, 46EE3C23-D230-4B35-A779-A….jpeg)

0b13e5b6 No.1944[Reply]

So did that Forya porn thread ever give any Forya porn?
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4c841326 No.3570624

File: 1583055022786-0.png (870.51 KB, 1518x980, https_images-ext-2.discord….png)

File: 1583055022786-1.jpg (649.32 KB, 893x1155, ERb0MF1X0AEHS0K_u18chan.jpg)

4c841326 No.3571238

File: 1583905764769.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, unknown_33_u18chan.png)

Does anyone have the Whore Tails made by Kabalmystic?
The damn Crowbar software keeps screwing up the UV after decompiling.

Try to use the RED_EYES blender PlugIn if you want to edit some models
Help you to load the MDL files directly with less of the the Crowbar issues.

fe3c49b2 No.3574045


b99363e9 No.3579226

File: 1592432265775.jpg (766.03 KB, 2039x1520, 2375894.jpg)

7acf9b88 No.3579280

1f769348 No.3583521

fuck you lulz I just wante d some forya porn :(

d6561c18 No.3587484

File: 1599319420147.png (2.76 KB, 186x143, 1218868170.forya_lulznews.png)

our investigative reporting has revealed this: no

File: 1591670455082.jpg (334.72 KB, 800x533, Growly7347.jpg)

a2c096f8 No.3578364[Reply]

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2ab0bdf5 No.3578429

File: 1591741573391.jpg (660.27 KB, 1821x2633, Josh&ChrisLuvSelfie.jpg)


Null started the farms because of his love interest and obsession with Chris Chan.

a2c096f8 No.3578469

Cool story, bro

87b8762e No.3578474

File: 1591820715681.jpg (55.14 KB, 720x813, really_want_a-fursuit.jpg)

a36f6615 No.3578576

File: 1591926154754.png (65.18 KB, 1892x307, Screenshot_2020-06-11 almi….png)

ec71a538 No.3583226

that is one shitty fursuit

7fa22268 No.3583229


I wouldnt even call it a fursuit at this point. Its just an amalgamation of filth and lack of self respect. I feel sorry for whoever made it.

7426a70f No.3587479

to be fair, that's not even his current fucksuit. it's 2 generations old

File: 1592511357617.png (585.83 KB, 624x595, fee1bdc0618935fdab24fda239….png)

7009ae05 No.3579302[Reply]

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ce230586 No.3582871

File: 1595457998601.png (1.05 MB, 1100x710, e2a8e5a824100b5d14e49c0143….png)

f429996b No.3582876

File: 1595459251817.jpg (1.19 MB, 2048x1444, Ychan - f - monsters alien….jpg)

f429996b No.3582877

File: 1595459335296.png (971.55 KB, 1000x1239, b1cc1f1afe994b2981e1033df0….png)

f429996b No.3582879

File: 1595459394224.jpg (2.23 MB, 1905x2042, cynassNORMRES_u18chan.jpg)

f429996b No.3582938

File: 1595492206903.png (5.88 MB, 3826x5000, Rift_Apart_Lombax_Clean_Ju….png)

f429996b No.3582939

File: 1595492436153.png (6.05 MB, 3826x5000, Rift_Apart_Lombax_July_202….png)

1e74dade No.3587476

salsa, por favor

File: 1577482074689.webm (4.49 MB, 324x180, AlqaedaWolf.webm)

2d40f4bd No.2892[Reply]

Furry webm thread.
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5ebfd081 No.3574574

File: 1587582875568.webm (2.87 MB, 1280x694, 1586328935297.webm)

c844b0d8 No.3576411

File: 1590070068118.png (447.78 KB, 822x1200, fb9a30109f8c87e3c4e3405935….png)

sources ?

5ebfd081 No.3576415


Its from a random thread from /trash. All what I know is that she is called "Jiffy" and the show has a traditional cartoon and a 3d movie (someshit with an xmass elf)

a190b082 No.3576435


Santa's Magic Crystal aka The Magic Crystal, aka Maaginen kristalli.

5ae505d2 No.3581451


5ebfd081 No.3581465


I Dl'd it only because it has a dub in my forsaken lang.
Omg its terrible.
Only watching because of Jiffy.

c60993c5 No.3587468

File: 1599317395588.webm (5.45 MB, 1280x720, Sd585ik858kiQlMR.webm)

File: 1580714816803-0.jpg (1.15 MB, 1020x1320, 9a6a.jpg)

File: 1580714816803-1.jpg (169.19 KB, 744x963, 18cb.jpg)

File: 1580714816803-2.jpg (609.9 KB, 765x990, 88caa9.jpg)

File: 1580714816803-3.jpg (406.63 KB, 1357x2048, 610cd.jpg)

File: 1580714816803-4.jpg (99.31 KB, 744x963, 917.jpg)

81eae8c9 No.3568584[Reply]

What was it that made Rick Griffen go full-on hardcore furry porn? His work used to be modest, maybe slightly spicy, certainly not vulgar and with everything hanging out and being used. What happened?
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da5822f7 No.3568941

File: 1581112133965.jpg (113.63 KB, 480x750, RikWeird.jpg)

The best board for endless politics.
Cubfurs, roo fuckers and shit eaters.

6ef2e989 No.3568948

It's ok, most of us actually prefer our wild animal partners ALIVE.
Just unconscious.

7d92ffec No.3568960

That really isn't any better.

bbdfe4c6 No.3576221

More like Dick Stiffen.

0d1790f4 No.3581340


c5076bfc No.3581631

Someone on 7chan /fur/ called out RG and Karishad.

No idea what they did. It is a mystery

aecfd9d8 No.3587467

brewin' up a boner

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