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File: 1592381309012.png (28.97 KB, 1200x1200, talldogbreed.png)

3ca3d3a4 No.3579172[Reply]

I'm searching for a breed dog that is lean, tall, has thicc thighs, long tail, twice as my size and a virgin female. If ya can't find one why not build one made out of silicone?
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48472954 No.3579270


Aaah yes…the rare "Doggigantum" roaming the bushland of pre-Rhodesia , Mozambique

Good times!

668148fb No.3579271

File: 1592477214982.png (4.72 MB, 1320x6480, a7484140482c6f42daeb508d87….png)

We wuz legz n shit

4db30d27 No.3579272

this is cute until you realize his dick is so large you would Mr. Hands yourself if you tried to fuck him :(

668148fb No.3579274

Actually not, their penzor bone (baculum) are about half the length of a grey wolf…

77mm or 3.0 inches


e4f43e2a No.3579367

White "people" fuck dogs.

7c956f14 No.3579401


Black "people" rape them


3ca3d3a4 No.3579402


Green *people* growing trees on all.

File: 1580787939961.png (894.75 KB, 1433x1228, howtobreaklockoffear.png)

b3470f31 No.3568634[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Post pics that restore your faith in humanity.
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d917ea61 No.3575288

File: 1588473067670.jpg (54.42 KB, 680x453, EXB2mCdWAAEtNvx.jpg)


Reporting for The New York Times, Mike Baker describes the two-inch Asian giant hornet species known as the "murder hornet," which was first sighted in Washington state last fall. The invaders "use mandibles shaped like spiked shark fins to wipe out a honeybee hive in a matter of hours." Capable of killing humans, their venom and stinger "make for an excruciating combination that victims have likened to hot metal driving into their skin."

029c4dea No.3575344

File: 1588541573506.jpg (122.97 KB, 685x653, Colloidal semiconductor na….jpg)

What we have here is a phenomenom that has, forced the population of the world into recoiling under the esteems and confidences of a narcissistic President who had promised giant wall for their nation, suddenly there is a biblical plague that has been released from the weapon markets of foreign opposition, and while world peace seems close, society has degenerated into a socio-dystopian wonderland. Not all of life's availiabilities are a given, and now, the threat of becoming a leper is doubled over with the arrival of Murder Bees. Where did they come from? The Moon? From A Alternate Dimension? While the world tries to find a vaccine can it cope with the Future-Space insectoids? Meanwhile the public protests and riots become increasingly militant and the threat of a new world order looms over them. One thing is clear, the seemingly invulnerable insects aren't leaving, and time is ticking.

Somebody Publish this book lol.

2e0db7ee No.3575357

File: 1588554127717.webm (1.66 MB, 330x600, chinabeeskillman.webm)


>>Asian hornet

6e00b622 No.3575358

File: 1588555755543.gif (3.24 MB, 203x359, pcelar-u-akciji.gif)


f2a1730e No.3575364

f2a1730e No.3575367

fb7679b3 No.3579400

File: 1592575184868.png (183.08 KB, 825x866, 6a4efead7afc5f65789c6e6536….png)

File: 1592527842581.jpg (32.85 KB, 312x383, unnamed.jpg)

262f5a93 No.3579317[Reply]

Why wont the right just shut the fuck up. It's so obvious they're ignorant, anti science, paranoid, racist psychopaths who belive a white man with a sky beard controls everything. These hateful, racist white people just need to drink some bleach and check out if they hate reality so much.

Their ideas are literally poison to the world, and it makes me want to screem everytime I see some self Ritchie's idiot rich white guy in public, on the news, or fucking walking around without a mask. Cover your damn faces so the rest of us dont have to have anxiety attacks or get sick.
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7020f611 No.3579342

I bet you are an anti vax too. Ignorant.

7020f611 No.3579345

You cannot be racist against white people. You are supporting a proven falsehood that reverse racism is a thing, which is racist and a weapon white men made up.

abee8d43 No.3579352


bf6d250d No.3579355

File: 1592534764656.jpg (64.32 KB, 1024x559, racist.jpg)

>"You cannot be racist against white people"

Said the nigger racist….

e08271db No.3579359

You wouldn't know shit about chasing bugs. That shtick is how I only can even get off. I don't even know where my dick EVEN is HALF the time. I just add shit on top of whats going on down there until it fits, sometimes a little, sometimes alot. Sometimes for pieces I even already put together. Have you ever tried fucking a barrel of pirahnas? Fuck you pleb, clearly you ain't even game.

7020f611 No.3579363

If by not game you mean that unlike you white people, I dont go around searching for infections, an I dont need a hazmat suit to have sex… then no I'm not game

2909a8e2 No.3579459

File: 1592622121505.bmp (3.2 MB, 1379x811, clean.bmp)

File: 1592514242122.jpg (5.78 MB, 4372x2906, All_Gizah_Pyramids.jpg)

c294cd81 No.3579304[Reply]


. I think it's ancient memory. Good thing i was paying attention during history class. They taught that the first civilizations were places like Sumer


: I once did a Ancestrydna test and found i have 5% subsaharian ancestry

c294cd81 No.3579315


9391f538 No.3579318

And nobody gives a fuck.

c294cd81 No.3579322

Or descendents of those black slaves of the white farm owners. I think some of the white farm owners raped black women slaves.

6c9b881b No.3579326

c294cd81 No.3579328

Racist fuck!

File: 1592420937313.png (2.46 MB, 1651x2000, 5f266192a744ef51815f22ffa4….png)

91e52962 No.3579216[Reply]

Paw patrol gay posts for good pleasure
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91e52962 No.3579241

File: 1592439443201.jpg (662.74 KB, 1140x1140, 29b73e046ea343eb9275b04dca….jpg)

Best pets are deserved but not couch is not for doggo

0d2a7fcf No.3579246

File: 1592441774893.png (2.03 MB, 1750x1487, 50cfdfd1276c2010173db63421….png)

Is this a steam thread? Is steam back? Anyway, there's not enough good Colleen porn.

91e52962 No.3579250

File: 1592445013513.png (2.78 MB, 843x864, f3539674a0c0f58646891026cb….png)

Ok, you got me. I was just waiting for someone to call me out on being Russian AI Aufy.

5ed68677 No.3579268

File: 1592470573071-0.png (1.06 MB, 1024x1365, rocky_by_diacordst-dcd57wz.png)

File: 1592470573071-1.png (1.33 MB, 1024x1365, marshall_by_diacordst-dccu….png)

You are such an eccentric, Steam

233a04fa No.3579278

File: 1592483607895.png (517.42 KB, 700x370, EaHW1EvUwAAyDIs.png)

It is absolutely ridiculous that paw patrol is getting canceled.

a4339893 No.3579281

the only paw patrol character that needs to go is the cop

66dfa6ae No.3579284

anymore ?

File: 1592469821675.png (628.79 KB, 466x466, Screenshot_2020-06-18 1 Do….png)

7c2aebdf No.3579266[Reply]

Post your favorite episodes, audios or books from the series.

025fc335 No.3579269

"Weeping Angels" and "doll house" can recall episode names.

60813f77 No.3579273

I like that one that eternally ruined the gas mask fetish

File: 1592064745752.jpg (659.7 KB, 1536x2560, dbdd84d00aeec4d451dbc88e98….jpg)

66391e7e No.3578758[Reply]

Can we a anal buttsex thread. Anal only, not the other kind.
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5338c70d No.3579037

File: 1592259715543-0.png (1.34 MB, 1920x1080, af57a58b091c370a77685fe123….png)

File: 1592259715543-1.jpeg (2.03 MB, 2560x1440, 851bdac19e5617728fc8c9fd9….jpeg)

66391e7e No.3579038

No. I call bnb polic e because loli

66391e7e No.3579039

66391e7e No.3579040

I'm report you 4 this. Usda.

d925e9a2 No.3579050

File: 1592269761159.png (3.74 MB, 1600x1422, f5ebc6647a5d3f69cfea79e9ea….png)

fb7f55dc No.3579212

File: 1592419512696.jpg (410.57 KB, 700x545, 1421765341.fluffball_easin….jpg)

66391e7e No.3579213

File: 1592420524061.png (5.32 MB, 2400x3000, 52a597292d9a21b4bd874e114b….png)

This is good I enjoy a butt penis. Good that this went good in a way.

File: 1592410504691.jpg (28.82 KB, 1000x667, Sopt-modular-design[1].jpg)

a6c802ef No.3579204[Reply]

So finally, they're getting into production…. how do you think one of these will look with a fursuit-like head and body cladding on it? Just add a fleshlight-type device and you got a….. well, i don't know exactly what, but anyway.


e5c0f488 No.3579205

File: 1592411034783.jpg (423.09 KB, 1410x1218, 13e29430b153edf055acaf33ad….jpg)

File: 1592325534862.jpg (129.41 KB, 850x757, sample_f6823fd43e8738ceddb….jpg)

32e170bf No.3579101[Reply]

e2398dfd No.3579200

File: 1592408674007.jpg (315.03 KB, 1186x1536, Henny and Chuck E.jpg)

I don't care. Never been to the place, don't know anyone who works for them.

File: 1592118669411-0.png (651.64 KB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-06-14 Here….png)

File: 1592118669411-1.png (202.64 KB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-06-14 Here….png)

File: 1592118669411-2.png (724.82 KB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-06-14 Here….png)

File: 1592118669411-3.png (369.89 KB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-06-14 Here….png)

File: 1592118669411-4.png (1016.79 KB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-06-14 Here….png)

980f657b No.3578823[Reply]

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bb9cf190 No.3578833

File: 1592120404322-0.jpg (1.06 MB, 1418x2292, 613ef7d6383c234620f3944135….jpg)

4724a664 No.3578840

Another shit thread.

c3b2adae No.3578843

File: 1592127832237.png (577.54 KB, 1026x1294, 201612111826.PNG)

c3b2adae No.3578844

File: 1592128352387.jpg (152.04 KB, 1280x737, 1562164003.zen_justin_nsfw….jpg)

ef12c4c0 No.3578871

File: 1592146996950.png (1.23 MB, 1159x1500, tridark - amily raven fema….png)

bb9cf190 No.3578893

File: 1592182426169.jpg (36.18 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

bb9cf190 No.3578894

File: 1592182917204.jpg (155.31 KB, 800x780, c8ab1c0c374734ca6d790a665d….jpg)


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