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1833edda No.3717442

Brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin tone. Calls itself a white man.

Nashville TN resident John Mallamas, known usually as "Jin Saotome" but also by "Sergalicious" on Lulz for several years, until the 2 were outed as being used by the same person.

He had his 15 minutes in the 90s in that garbage Toyfare magazine showing off repainted toys. He got his name from the C(r)apcom character playing it in MvC tournaments. He is married to a woman 20 years older than him who has family money, so he's never had employment(and may have a felony record anyway). He wore stolen valor medals in his wedding photos(pussies like him never serve or even care about the USA). From fucking FLORIDA, naturally.

He spent the Obama years screaming "MUSLIM" but not getting anyone to sympathize with him. At some point during a toy convention(probably Botcon) he paid a teenage cosplayer known as "Sinno" to fuck him, trading off one of his mediocre custom toys. He likes to deny it claiming anything from "it was someone else" to "they deepfaked me" and "how could I? She lived in the UK" as if airplanes do not exist. He's awfully defensive about it yet was proud to do it. And he supported shitstorm Gamergate, like all good little Christian white supremacists. Yep, die-hard godboy.

In 2012 he saw one of the furry fandom's most hated anti-pedos on 4chan /toy/ & flipped his shit. Jin already had a mentally ill beef as did all of the faggots from Lulz who lack morals. he used a custom toy the person posted as an excuse to chimp the fuck out, spending 3 years straight posting daily hate about the maker. But it eventually got back here to Lulz, where they noted(jn a larger version of this selfie) that he has many spraypaint cans with the caps removed, indicating substance abuse. It was also noticed that Sergalicious & Jin had the same typing style, same beliefs, same pissy hatred of the same person & they were connected.

Jin latched onto Trump, naturally. Racist pedophiles do.

He was also connected to being related to Sonic fandom pedophile supersonic250, as they both have similar views & hate the same anti-pedo who told them to go fuck themselves. Being a small-dicked chomo who e-stalks anyone who makes them butthurt & rages about it for 10 years straight seems to run in the Mallamas family.

1833edda No.3717443

Despite his /pol/ shittard mentally ill views he has a disturbing love of Hasbro, the most woke SJW toy company of all time. This despite Hasbro teams having an internal memo of "ignore this asshole". He also still latches onto Capcom who also has woke views. Pity Capcom never sent a C&D over the stolen name, but they're incompetent over there. However his deranged jeezus shit is why the character never shows up anymore. They don't want the association.

His love of Hasbro & their garbage quality bootleg-tier overpriced toys also means he loathes 3rd party Transformers. He says dumb shit like "you can be arrested for owning them" & has even threatened to kill people who make them. He once tried to shoplift I MEAN "confiscate" a lot of 3rd party toys at a toy convention sales booth, pretending to be law enforcement(he also tells people on facebook he's a police officer because he's disconnected from the truth). He only stopped when a real security guard showed up & nearly arrested him for theft, but couldn't as he hadn't walked "far enough away" from the table.

This despite Hasbro never having a single original idea in their whole existence. IP theft? Jerry Only is the Misfits, not Hasbro's feminazi wannabe.

He's still around, bitching like a stupid bitch because "wwah anti-pedo custom guy won't love me" and accusing literally ANYTHING HE SEES ONLINE that he remotely disagrees with as being posted by that person. The "it's all one person out to get me" defense to avoid admitting that most everyone he's run into online hates him. Even the fucktard neo-Nazis of Gamergate wouldn't associate with him & they had bags of shit like TheQuartering & AlphaOmegaSin to their name.

1833edda No.3717444

File: 1695939151516.jpg (482.97 KB, 1141x1801, 00jin2.jpg)

But in Jin's eyes you have to convert to religious cult sky man bullshit, be part of the Drumpf MAGA cult & agree 100% with everything he says to be cool in his eyes. He demands anyone he talks with be that way & gets mad then they won't go along. He's also prone to telling weird made up shit & throwing baseless accusations, even when proven wrong, but being part of the "Zoe blew 5 guys" mentality means you don't care about facts. he especially went insane on claiming custom anti-pedo guy murdered his cats which he kept screaming even after being shown pictures of the cats very much alive.

The only reason he hasn't hit CWC-tier online notice is he's just smart enough to pull punches to not get media attention, but he is clearly in need of some sort of autism medication.

Or a bullet to the skull. It's not like he'll ever be sane, useful or contribute. No one will miss his sorry ass.

Though a pedo like him is probably still doing it. It's only a matter of time until he's another "not a drag queen" media report of some Republican getting arrested for child molestation(bet double digits at least on the number of kids) & cp possession. They never stop, never learn, never feel bad. In his eyes he's always justified & never admits mistakes.

Your god will never be real, Jin. Go fuck yourself.

65834391 No.3717446

isn't this the guy that still trolls pol posting pedo shit

bbfcebc4 No.3717452

So what's wrong with being white?6

a28a9aed No.3717463

>>So what's wrong with being white?

Except jealousy by other races,
and guilt-ridden whites who might as well be Nyggers for helping them.
And morons like 3B who is posting his usual bullshit above who wonders what it would be like to have a 75 IQ (he about does anyway) and a big black floppy dick that can't really get hard because it is too big and there isn't enough blood in their body to make it hard without blacking out.
Go watch a black porno movie if you don't believe me. Those big cocks some have that hang down to their knees, well, that's about all they do. I guess they can still rub them against a pussy or something like that though.

a28a9aed No.3717465

Here's a newsflash for you, Gavin.
God and religion will still be doing very well in the year 2200.
You, however, will not be.
Prove me wrong.

4449be32 No.3717475


Who is Gavin?

b81e0b2e No.3717481

File: 1695980867912.gif (3.18 KB, 100x100, damn.gif)

a28a9aed No.3717483

>>Who is Gavin?

It's meant as an insult,
as in Gavin Newsome.
To some people it's the
worst thing you could possibly call them,
and they get very angry.
It's even worse than
calling someone 3B.

062a3ff4 No.3717807

Beez Zabinski is a pedophile.

91f50938 No.3717809

I heard Rouge divorced you and left with your kids.

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