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File: drab%20gonad.jpg - (8.29 KB, 660x371) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
8488 No.3442867

Rubber rubber treasures, see
Make a dog, so foolish be.
Put the haha in my mouth.
But for reals, it goes down South.




Google search I'm Feeling Lucky button.

File: toimetajadjpg-68044179.jpg - (61.18 KB, 740x410) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
62645 No.3442671
>woman turns down genuinely nice guy because "nice guys just pretend to be to get into my pants", or some other lame made-up excuse, often uses the phrase "you're a nice guy but..." when dumping someone who cares about them
>woman instead hooks up with open jerk who only wants to bend her over for a fucking
>woman marries jerk, he turns abusive, she's unwilling to leave him or file charges

Conclusion- women not only want assholes, they deserve the beatings they get for not hooking up with the decent guy in the first place

Maybe you should date the nice guys instead of being stuck-up cunts about it, unless you are genuinely nothing but a dumb slut that wants to be beaten.

>the "pretending to be nice" argument

And how many of you bitches pretend to love some guy only because he has lots of money and you want him to buy you shit? You do that and you are little more than a prostitute.

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sorry no one will fuck you. actually no im not lol


Of course, then there's the asshole who pressured his girlfriend into being in an open relationship (assuming he'd be getting all the action), and it backfired hilariously - http://jezebel.com/dudes-demand-for-an-open-relationship-backfires-spectac-1578409074

Yes, it's Jezebel, but the author includes the full post from Reddit (which has since been deleted - https://www.reddit.com/r/relationships/comments/25bjob/i_27m_am_not_happy_with_the_open_part_of_my_open/) at the end of the commentary - just look for the grayscale boxes.



>average anti-social, pansy-ass basement dwellers who can't even tie their own shoes.
>they're projecting their own deep-seated motives out of jealousy
>likely virgins
>only in it for the pussy

If they were that desperate they wouldn't be in their situation, no?


Wow OP, you make me realize why I don't fit the vibe anymore for general image board talk. You sound like a whiny child. Grow the fuck up. A few bad apples does not spoil the entire bunch.

Its amazing, the shit you really see, once you grow older. I never hated women like you do OP, when I was in my 'emo' teenage phase, I just didn't bother playing the game because I thought relationships were a waste of time. I had my own shit to do. However, I met a girl, things clicked, and well...a decade later and married with no kids, here I am.

File: snapshot20090124193233.jpg - (56.45 KB, 768x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


It's not ironic at all, is it steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



it definitely is.

File: P_20170401_011619.jpg - (1023.81 KB, 2448x3264) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That's nice ladies....
But I have tits and an ass of my own thank you.

File: latest.png - (148.08 KB, 408x333) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
151636 No.3439525

....and with that he will never close this can of worms he was tricked into opening.

Poor jontron. :/

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>because you see absolutely zero flaws with a political power wing that would stand up Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders

I said nothing of the sort, your name is fitting in that regard. I haven't seen that much made up bullshit and mud slinging since Jack Thompson was last relevant.


>>3441170 >>3441171
weren't you supposed to die of cancer



Any business who has ever done this, and believe me, it happens allll the fucking time. HR departments for the last 10 years have been mandating hiring practices of if a black person is even remotely qualified to completely ignore all other candidates and hire the black person, even if there is a white guy who has way better experience/credentials.



Again, we're sick of your politics, not people. Also? We're better armed than you as the rednecks and "Bitter gun clingers" so good luck with that.



It seems he's evolved into the cancer that was supposed to claim him.


This kind of reminds me of when Anthony Cumia, of Opie and Anthony fame, ranted some shit on Twitter back in 2014 - there was "little" public backlash from it. However, SiriusXM booted him for his comments quickly because they didn't want to tarnish their company image. Why? The shitstirring was mainly caused by big press as they picked up on the story early and blew it up, to where the company had to respond. And they responded by kicking Ant out the door. He is still banned from the building today.

It has been three years now, and I am sure most of the public, and the press, have forgotten about it by now and don't even care what he said. Old news. What pisses me off is the "hand on trigger" like reaction companies have when someone within their ranks say something, even something so "small", and they immediately fire out...well, a firing. The person barley gets a chance to defend themselves, the company wants the issue (and person) out the door as fast as possible. Never once thinking what one guy says is NOT a refection of how their company is. Sheeh, are people that stupid to associate the actions of one person to an entire brand? I feel this fast reaction is greatly aided by the social technology of our time - Twitter, Facebook, things spread at a rapid pace. But, they also fizzle out just as fast, and vultures of all sorts are quickly ready to pounce on the next victim.

It sucks what happened to JonTron. He may "understand" their choice, but I am sure a part of him inside just wants to rip the walls to shreds and curse out how a company could drop him over some dumbass shit he said...stuff that will be forgotten in a few months time. He should have known better than to ever say what he said, however, I feel for him losing his gig. It was probably a once in a lifetime thing that he will never get another shot at doing. It will probably eat at him for a long, long time.


Anthony's situation is completely different and that's not really why Anthony was fired. He's a radio host for a edgy show that competes with (((Howard Stern))). Controversy is expected. But he and Opie were growing apart, and I suspect the company didn't like Anthony's politics. The jews that control the media don't want anybody to be pro-white on the airways.

File: naziniggers.jpg - (30.97 KB, 580x378) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
31710 No.3442866

Many years ago I saw a bunch of pictures touting the phrase "sex with satan" which I assumed was the name of the website the pictures were frombut I never looked into it back then, but anyway, they depicted a bunch of chicks in nun costumes - well, the hoods anyway - getting banged by a dude in a devil costume. It had a huge black robe and horns and it might've had some kind of a mask as well as a huge robber cock but that's about all I remember. I think all of them were staged against a red drape.

Has anyone else seen them?


and die

File: imaginarymary.jpg - (78.30 KB, 968x726) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
80183 No.3442425

Imaginary Mary - This aired yesterday. Anyone see it? Is it any good? Is there rule34 of Mary yet?

File: sucks.jpg - (28.58 KB, 400x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I guess it sucks?


What the hell is it about?



About some autistic depressed cunt who creates an imaginary friend in her childhood and suddenly that imaginary friend reappears when she's older and wants to date some guy with kids.


It's Drop Dead Fred but with a furry?


Reminder they deserted this place, literally the last remaining glimmer of good shit /furi/ had to offer, gone.

Also reminder that Dan did 34 of the character first, in an old thread here that has since 404'd.

File: 1487321448.zaush_patreon-ad.jpg - (109.97 KB, 1200x591) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
112610 No.3434343

Zaush is making patreon his "new base of operations". He wants to quit his software development day job and become a full time furry artist :


Hi everyone!

After much deliberation and discussion, I've decided to open a patreon!


I wanted to let everyone know this will be my new base of operations, and use this post to address some questions about what this means for my followers on FA and other sites. To summarize, I'm not planning to hide my content behind a paywall or change anything about how I share that content. What I will be doing is providing my work to patrons a few weeks earlier, giving access to the HD version, and also sharing more of the work in progress and sketchy doodles that I typically post to twitter. If you'd like to know the incentives involved, please do visit the page.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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477 now. Damn.


I wonder how many of his patrons know he forces women to have sex with him by threats of violence if they don't spread em?

>but she drove to his house

So if you drive to my house, that's automatic consent for me to do whatever I want to you? That tired old excuse never held up, fuck off with it.


If I had to pick between a stable, well-paying job (with all the benefits such employment carries) and pandering to cheap-ass furries, I'd go with the stable, well-paid job.

Why are furries so fucking retarded that they would rather let their entire lives revolve around a goddamn fetish community than keep a stable job? With a stable job, even if you get fired, you still have some experience to show and it will be easier to find a job elsewhere. I doubt you'll be able to pull the same thing off if you do nothing but draw furry porn at home.

And don't get me started on shit like retirement benefits. Do these people think they don't need rhat shit? That they will be able to see, let alone draw normally when they reach 60 or 70 years? If they even reach that age, knowing an average furry's diet consists mostly of fizzy drinks and artificially flavored snacks or greasy pizza.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against people who make a living out of their hobbies; but outside of furries, people who do that tend to plan ahead and have themselves covered. Furries who quit a day job on a whim to draw furry porn mostly lack that kind of foresight or planning capabilities.



>Why are furries so fucking retarded that they would rather let their entire lives revolve around a goddamn fetish community than keep a stable job? With a stable job, even if you get fired, you still have some experience to show and it will be easier to find a job elsewhere. I doubt you'll be able to pull the same thing off if you do nothing but draw furry porn at home.

It's called filing taxes and keeping paperwork showing that you have been self-employed as a freelancer. Considering you should legally file taxes if you make $800 in a year, and PayPal will report your income to the IRS with a 1099-k form if you make $20,000 in a year, there's no excuse to not file taxes and not have that paperwork.



>paying taxes

And I guess I should have clarified my point further: relying on Patreon as source of funds is very risky, as customers come and go; somedays you may be hitting the motherlode, sometimes the amount you earn may be just decent, and sometimes you may suddenly lose a big number of patrons, and money as a result. Furries are a very fickle (and greedy) bunch, who will often lose interest or decide that your stuff isn't worth paying anymore.

People like Zaush can afford the kind of "I can make money off of Patreon just fine" mindset because they spent years as high profile furry artist long before Patreon came by. Part of it is confidence, part of it is ego. Had he held onto his job -and- devote some free time to Patreon on the side, I wouldn't have a problem with this kind of thing. This way I do because Zaush's stunt strikes me as "I did not think this through".


If an artist doesn't pay taxes, but PayPal reports the income to the IRS, then they will get audited and face back taxes or jailtime. Some artists are stupid about it or don't make enough to break PayPal's limit. On the other side, Patreon also reports income made through their site to the IRS. And their limit is $600 in a year. Then they send you and the IRS a W-4 form.


As >>3442612 notes, it makes sense for most artists (especially those on a low income) to pay their taxes. Apart from keeping you on the right side of the law, you get retirement income in most welfare systems. These tend to be designed so that people who earn the least over their lives get a relatively good deal - hopefully enough to maintain a minimal standard of living - while those who earn a lot get soaked to pay for the rest. [After all, they can afford it.]

For the USA, the thing to look at is the "primary insurance amount formula": https://www.ssa.gov/oact/cola/piaformula.html - scroll to the bottom; the gist is if you earnt $885/month over the course of your working life, you get 90% [$796.50/month] in retirement. That's about one $30 commission a day, not counting deductions for supplies and equipment. If you earnt more, you get more, but the proportion returned gets less generous.

And it's not just artists who benefit from that treatment - any full-time-fur can. Back in 2014, Inkbunny ended up with a paper profit due to the way donations count as income, but long-term leases have to be deducted over time. I filed my taxes, paid my $$$$, and earned my last four quarters of Social Security. If I don't earn another penny, they'll average the 10 years of earnings over 35 years, so I should look like a semi-starving artist and get ~$900/month.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: antifafurs-nffo-tifa.png - (169.24 KB, 800x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
173301 No.3442441

anyone who hates on aufy is a nazi. you should be ashamed of yourselfs

File: aoEBoVx_700b.jpg - (48.15 KB, 426x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Auf-what? Stop speaking German you NAZI

File: spidey17.jpg - (48.57 KB, 525x163) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

💭 I hope no one punches my face........

File: fuckyouman.jpg - (67.38 KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Feeding Aufism attention



So... Just like your brain years ago?


aufy's white trash. quite literally.


yeah... but like...you're still a crossdressing fag...yknow?

File: b2881df24a7e1539cffc96616933b1d8.png - (148.99 KB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
152566 No.3442623

This place still sucks.



For fuck sake, Nezumi used to be one of my favorite artists. So this is why she's been MIA?

Sad to see she devolved into the Enty/pander porn garbage. Probably why everything for the past 1.5 1.5 years has been horrible, I should have expected it.



nipnops gotta make yennieshekels

ty OP


They were female?


File: 1394123839.paperclip_fidgetnightlo.png - (333.39 KB, 1006x952) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
341394 No.3441581

smol thred

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File: 1491420617.kurogin_17-04-06.png - (309.54 KB, 750x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

kind person, please confer the source of these


File: 78d686e2338bb455330475b5a0ac8a83e553c97e.jpg - (62.04 KB, 700x875) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This thread appears to exist and not be on the board at the same time.

Schrödinger thread?

File: ba3ff65964a6067e6e62a7162cfc7981dd7dfd4e.jpg - (801.76 KB, 1024x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Looks like the thread dropped to where it would normally be if it autosaged.

No clue where >>3443051 and >>3443052 are from

>>3442596 is from a drawthread, I forget where.
The artist is probably Venereal-Knight but the tumblr is dead.

File: add58714486fa543bb17b9d4c16f44748ac5af99.jpg - (68.89 KB, 627x528) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Off to do stuff.
Might kick this thread into gear again later come sunday.


for a week or so, LULZ was not a cesspit.

gr8 thread

File: tumblr_o7mzyifRTc1ussxdeo1_1280.png - (295.03 KB, 926x1156) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Expect more in about a week. Gonna be a ghost for a while handling irl stuffs.
No flood today sorry :(


Need more...

File: burning_house.jpg - (128.51 KB, 665x443) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
131597 No.3442394

So is the Luvbites fiasco dead already?

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