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File: LULZ%20PLEASE.png - (0.89 KB, 216x42) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
909 No.3327493

i've failed five successive posts because what the FUCK does this say
i tried tajitton, tajytton, tajityon, tajitlon, tajition
can't you get one of those Captchas where you just have to click on the button, /lulz/?

captcha: expozz

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File: 1285383547324.png - (129.91 KB, 997x657) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: picheing.gif - (7.62 KB, 192x38) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

If you are willing to use a tripcode, try to bug cho0b (or some mod?) to add your trip to white list.

File: gay.JPG - (8.51 KB, 82x38) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: tumblr_mc7e9alKla1rr1l2ao1_500.png - (48.77 KB, 500x286) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

wat dat, bra, what it do, it hold boobs

File: tumblr_mf06l7NOj81qcatpqo1_400.jpg - (29.61 KB, 351x338) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 4425792%2b_ad86c5d8a200246871fe08b5d750ce03.jpg - (57.91 KB, 500x467) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

guess im not sleeping tonight

File: captcha_lulz-ab8d19650.png - (927.10 KB, 600x4460) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

File: white%20fursuit%20.dawsonpbear_nikon_parade_127_fa_size.jpg - (636.41 KB, 1000x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
651681 No.3327648

Tell me furi what Bear Balls do you preFUR. White or Brown furred Bear Balls?

File: pangoro%20dfdsfasdfdfdsasdf.png - (355.22 KB, 812x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is one very specific question. I would rather have a pair of brown bear balls on my face, but why do you care?

File: polar%20bear%27s%20cafe.jpg - (685.48 KB, 1400x1050) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Speaking of bears, did anyone here watch polar bear cafe? Isn't it the cutest thing in the world? :3

File: afcb5d46f783531359f76acb3f9adfcd.png - (3530.00 KB, 2000x2160) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




>This is one very specific question. I would rather have a pair of brown bear balls on my face, but why do you care?

Because first off, Bear furs are a bit more rare. Secondly I agree not only would I prefer a set of Brown Bear Balls in my face but, I would want them in my mouth.

Third I care because it's always nice to know of others that have the same feelings about bears as I do.

Even though you probably hate me, your statement automatically drew me closer to you. Knowing you quite possibly share the same passion.

BTW nice Bear pic.



No I didn't but do you have a link Mr. Bear?

File: datchairdoh.jpg - (321.85 KB, 634x689) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
329575 No.3326804

Summon the devil, you get demons. Obligatory "adventurecru trustfunders trashing shit and then crying" thread.

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File: CaSuxviUAAIlFjA.png - (70.75 KB, 588x397) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Adventure crew getting angry about pronouns.

File: WWJ%20whatever.jpg - (55.29 KB, 298x346) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What a retard.

"My pronouns are zhi/hyr/xzyself PLEASE RESPECT THEM otherwise you're being inconsiderate of trans people!"
Naw man, the problem is people like you enabling this shit and pretty much everything that isn't a standard pronoun to be taken seriously, that's why they are a fucking joke and people poke fun at it. But I guess SJWs being deficient at logic are unaware of their own idiocy.


File: shmful_despray.png - (476.65 KB, 1298x819) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm not sure if it's entirely cultural, maybe genes also have a bit of an effect, but I think we'd definitely notice an abundance of highly educated and high-achieving black people and a lot of Asians acting like niggers and being a pain in everyone's ass if there was such a sudden culture switch.

However, that will never happen. Trying to rid black people of black culture is like trying to cure cancer. It just won't go away. Especially not when the state and mainstream culture is enabling them in various ways. What's even worse, white people are adopting it too. ALL European "hood" type youths everywhere nowadays are basically nigger-lite.


In a decade, Kihu will reluctantly accept an ordinary life. He will be utterly forgotten, unimportant and 100% mundane in appearance and behavior, and look back on these years with embarrassment and shame. Kihu's existence will be starkly mediocre, as he spent all these years partying instead of attempting to cognitively accept the "unfairness" of the real world and learning how to deal with it, even take advantage of it. He might even have to deal with a pronoun he doesn't like. :)

So it was with every defiant youth generation of the past. Just substitute in beads, or spiked hair, or cargo pants. Just substitute in LSD, or coke, or ecstacy. Watch them make broad, important-sounding proclamations about change and anarchy. Watch them try and fail. Watch their members get caught up in addiction, scandal and burnout. Watch them screech and flail as the real world proves immovable and indifferent to their bullshit. The ones who don't OD always grow up to become exactly what they despise, and their sense of disappointment is the finest schadenfreude. One need only sit back and wait patiently.

The wave is cresting and beginning to break with the millenials. It's a joy to watch. :)


Oh, and since I know you adventurecru kiddies are still lurking the thread, let me ask you: will this always be your reaction? What about when the bill is $5,000, or $10,000? What about when there are arrests, or someone takes a ride to the ER? What about when you're called on to appear in court? Will your defense still be the same flimsy routine? Will you still bawl like infants all over social media?

Don't shoot the messengers. We're trying to help you. ;)


The whole point of having a party floor party is to show other people a good time. You're actually required to throw an open door party on at least one of the nights. The party floor is considered part of the con space but the occupants are still responsible for damages.

I don't hate adventurecru, I know some of the "members" on a somewhat personal level. I'm all about skinny twinks with blue hair and piercings too, that shit is pretty damn hot imo. But they really exemplify all the worst aspects of group dynamics, where you have a group that enables irresponsible and annoying behavior that people would be reluctant or embarrassed to do on their own.


i never been to any con nor met adventurecru but from what im reading adventurecru is a group of pretentious richkids pretending to be edgelords who think they are above any other furry who's leader got banned from a con many years ago for doing who knows what and thinks to this day is the radest thing any furry dared to do.
And then you have Kihu who thinks he is tough shit for his traced artwork and his hipsterish trending which charges mad amount of money for traced bodies but whines the moment he gets a spoon of his own medicine, and also now has a beef with anyone who makes fun of pronouns.

File: 2016-01-22%2018_02_48-%5b%ed%85%94%eb%a0%88%eb%aa%ac%ec%8a%a4%ed%84%b0%20TELEMONSTER%5d%20OST%20_%20%ec%9d%b8%ed%94%bc%eb%8b%88%ed%8a%b8%20-%20%27%eb%aa%ac%ec%8a%a4%ed%84%b0%20%ed%83%80%ec%9e%84%27%20MV%2c%20Infinite%20-%20%27Monster%20Time%27%20MV%20-%20You.png - (593.49 KB, 767x333) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
607731 No.3322604

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ManZPk6CSIs (・ω・)

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So is this a movie, a tv show, or just a music video?

File: 37c91d650e6333b53e9b320decd73d5d.png - (2100.54 KB, 2100x2700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And then this happened.

File: 1453926643.kuroodod_telemonster_doodle_eerie_fa.png - (643.93 KB, 1280x1222) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

bump, because it needs a bump
also, it needs more of this blue guy

lol, nice

File: 1454018996.jerseydevil_telemonster_001.png - (838.41 KB, 735x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

tehe :3

File: 1404882_doublePopsicle_telemonsters.png - (1148.83 KB, 1900x2400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 1453987677.blackbear_eerie_telebuns.png - (305.17 KB, 752x902) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 1453986549.iron-0xide_telemonster_butt-v2.jpg - (250.61 KB, 1300x1300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

File: 4fde663286f66dab9e7bcffb9024bae0.png - (780.86 KB, 829x1289) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
799598 No.3296281

im looking for some drawings some guy posted of an artists that was suposdly arrested for draging lolicon, the drawings wore of sonic the hedghoc, i remember they wore about amy rouge and cream the rabit, can ehy one help with the images pleas, sorry for my bad grammer pleas dont hate a guy for trying ( image is from the same artist)

10 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.


Another example of a weak man who let some cunt fuck up his life.


If he never met her, he would not be in jail right now.
She did sound like a huge cunt.





Both updated recently.


reuploaded. that old URL should work.


"OMG, is that a whole marijuana you're lighting up? You fucking junkie! You're the most despicable person I've ever known. I'm going to tell everyone that you do drugs! I hope you OD like the filth you are!!".

(sulks) "Well, since everyone's gonna think I'm a junkie now, might as well go for something I can actually OD on..." (tries meth)

I simply cannot fathom the mental process that followed this logic in his case.


I can, but it seems like a pretty childish reaction. lel . When I was a little kid, my brother used to randomly tell my parents that I was hurting him, and then I'd get in trouble for that and lying when I truthfully said I didn't. So I eventually just started hurting him, and then lying about it; since I was getting belted for it anyway.

That said, the two situations really don't align, but I figure that was his mindset.

File: bill.gif - (525.12 KB, 500x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
537718 No.3327665

At first, Bill was disgusted by the thought that had quickly flitted through his meager brain. He easily pushed it out to make way for the barren loneliness, self-loathing, obsession with Lenore, and general emptiness that were his mind's usual stock and trade. Nevertheless, the thought returned, rarely at first, but soon with increasing frequency. It was hard for him to remember time anymore, beyond whether it was morning, noon, or night. Now what he knew was a sick and disgusting thought crawled through and overpowered his feeble psyche for all three.

26 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

He then walked to the foot of the bed, and roughly and awkwardly pulled Hank, who was still hog-tied, up and laid him on top of Peggy, so that the top of Hank's head was near Peggy's chin and Hanks knees were at the bottom the bed between Peggy's spread ankles. The piece of Peggy's scalp fell off his head in the process. When he bent to pick it up and put it back in place he saw the enormous puddle of blood that had been soaking into the Hills' bedroom carpet. He spread Hank's knees to get a better look at the destroyed genitals. Indeed, Hank no longer had a narrow urethra. Instead, there was a gaping, bloody hole, with tattered pieces of flesh all around it. This gave Bill's feeble and diseased mind a sick idea.


He climbed onto the foot of the bed between Hanks spread knees, between Peggy's spread ankles, wiggling his fat, and pale, filthy, gory, stinking body into position. He could feel the warm wetness of Hank's new hole on the end of his penis, but he was flaccid. It had been a busy night. Bill closed his eyes, leaned his head back, reached began his legs, and began to rub his fungal, dirty penis with his hand, lubricating it with Hank's blood. He thought of Lenore, of the piglet, of Peggy and of Hank. After a few moments, his penis began to stiffen for the third time of the evening. As it did, he slid it into the gaping wound where Hank's manhood used to reside.


Hank began to stir and awaken as Bill's thrusts hit their stride. Hank began to whimper. Bill cried out in ecstasy, "Billdozer, Billdozer, Billdozer!" repeating his high school football nickname repeatedly. This chant slowly dissolved into feral grunts and growls as the last pretenses of humanity left Bill, and he became an animal overwhelmed by rage and lust. He climaxed hard into Hank's ruined pelvis. Bill withdrew himself and stepped back. He walked to the dresser and found a pair of socks. Hank was coughing and dry heaving. He had vomited on Peggy at some point. Bill stuffed the wadded socks into Hank's mouth wrapped the duct tape around Hanks head several times to secure them there. Bill had heard of something called a "thousand mile stare" in the Army, but had never understood what it meant until he looked into Hank's eyes as he gagged him.


Bill walked out of the bedroom and down the hallway, returning to the piglet's room. He took the bundled body in his massive flabby arms, and carried it to his parent's bedroom, where he laid, it face to face, with its father. Hank began to shake violently, as if having a seizure, at this, and passed out. Next Bill went to the garage and got two of the four tanks of propane Hank kept there. That man sure does love propane, Bill thought, smiling his nostalgic smile and shaking his head. He also took the full can of gasoline Hank kept by the lawnmower. He carried the gas can and propane tanks to the Hill's bedroom, he opened the valves on the tanks, and walked out of room, pouring gas from the can on the floor and shutting the door behind him. He then continued to pour the trail of gas on the carpet into the living room, where he set the can down by the couch.


He then went to the kitchen, and found a box of matches. In the refrigerator, he found a six-pack of Alamo beer in cans. He held the box of matches and the single empty ring of the six-pack in one hand. He walked to the telephone and with his free hand lifted it, dialed 9-1-1, and dropped it to the floor. Bill walked into the living room and sat on the couch, putting his feet up and sinking his fungus-infested heels in to the stinking feces he had left on the coffee table. It stank so badly, he could barely smell the gasoline soaking the carpet beside him, and he could not smell the propane yet at all. He opened the first beer and took a long drink. Then he belched loudly, and said to himself "Yup, I'm the king of the hill now."

File: hank_hahahahahahahahahahl.png - (1044.37 KB, 847x1199) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

D̛̍̎o͋̓̆̃̔̉n̷'̒̿̂̀t̊̄͌̊̏̌͆͜ ̅f̿́ǎ̿̊̎̒͋͗į͋l̢̇͒̈́̈́̍̽̒ ̌̾̄̓̽t̄̎̈̔͂̀̕o̷̅ ̨̆͋s͂͋҉e͑̋̎͞e̅́̆̈́̿̉͊ ̂́͆̏̓̌̿N̍̀͒y̑̂̑͌̍́̑͡a͂͂͂̿͡r͒l̀̿̉͋a̿̃͘t̑̄͌̃҉h̉͌͒̊̐̅͌o͒͗͋̄̌̚tȅ͑͑̇̓̚p̡̽̓̆̓̍͋͑ ͂̓͝ĭ̅̆̽̿͋f͋͋̌̆̐͋͑͢ ̒̓̐̽h͂e̸͂̽̏͋̆̀ ͊͌̚c̅̌̍̊o̡m͋e̵̋̾s̃ ̈́͂̈t̶́̅̚o̐̄̍͑̂̓ ̆̈́̾͞P͑͆̈̚̚҉r̐̈́͗̾͋̆ờv̴̋̐͌͑̋́i̵̔d̄́̈͗̀̽͗en̡̈̈́̒̅ċ̒͗͘e̅̒̑̄̅̚͠.̿̓͆̂͆͊ ̋̍̀̽̃H̋҉e̔̏͂̆̊ ̸͒̂͋̈̿î̸̆͋̑̋͆̊s̽͌̊̾̓̽ ͗h̀oŕ̇̔̌͑ŗ̾͊͑̂̑̐ǐ͊b̷̽̏̄l͆͌̎e̅̓͏ ̃̇̏̊̈́̿̒—̓͊̐ ̒͑̏͑̿h͒͂̅̍̑̄̔͜o̶͆̏̓̊́̐̓r̾̾̇̈̂̃̽r͊̐̾̅̅̚i̧̐̑̌͆̃̏̎b͌̓̽͒͂͑͆l͊͆̐̽ȇ͡ ̀̽̂͑̌̋͘b̾͢e̵̎̍̾̇̚y̷̐o̵̎̉n̓̐͢d͆͑҉ ̄̏̓an̨ŷ̸ẗ́̅́̈́͑͆̕h̆̓̃́î̄́̏͋n͆͌̿̄̔g̏̍͑̌̏͋͋ y̍͗͌̇̇̉̀ö́̂͑u̓̋̏͂̚ ̑̚c̆̔͒͊͗͊̒a̛͆̏̃͊͑̓n͗̒̓͌͋͒̎͟ ̌͂̒̔̃i̷̅ḿa̾̆̀g̉́͊͌͑̚ḯ̾n̶̔̍̿̃ĕ̍̐͊̃͂ ̂͑͜—̏́̔̃ ͞bű͊́̒͗͋t͗͆̾̎͠ ̛̐̾͑ẃ̨̈́͂̎̓ỏ̓͌͠n̅͒̌̋d̛e͂̌͜r͗̀̎͌̿̈͠ḟ̛͆̆̈́u̶̒̒̊̐̚l͂̓̋͊͒͌.̃̏̅̂̓͊͋̀ ̋̽H̛̊̈̇͒̿e͗̅ ̈́̌̈͋̌h̃̌a͒̎͂̾̊̅́̚u̍͂̅͡n͂̄͂͂̉̃̓t́͒̕ś̡͊̌̒̚ ̈́̐̾̏̚o͌̐̒̍̒̅n͟ẽ͊̋̎͑ ̓͋̽̋҉fõ̓̈͝r͑̍̀̃͘ ̊͆͂̆̿̾h̄̄̓̈́̌̕ǭ̔̑̈ü̊̾r̎͌̚s̶ a̴͌̅̆͒̒f̽͜t̉͊ę͆̎̏̉̅̃̅r̆̒́̑̔̚w̑̏̄̓̾̓a͋͋̃̈̍̂r̊̆͑͆̿̐̈d͒̍̓̎̒͑̀.̔̀͂̚ ̀̑̊͑̀̓̚҉Ỉ̒̐ ͗̾͂̈́̋̈̕a͗͂̇̒̾m̧̐̓͒̂̿͌ s͂̏͢t̛͋͂̎̏̇̎̑i͆̆̅l̽̉̀̾͗l͑̋ ̋͗̓̈̈͒sh̎̄ư̾͗́̒͒͂d͒̀̂͂d͑̐e̿͆̄̇́̄͟ȑì͋̈́̅̓̽̕n̆̈́̐̾̕g̉̓̂̔͑͋̓҉ ̓̄͗́̅͊̃a̓̇̄́t ̃̿̅̈͑͑̿͢w̛̅̈́̿͑̌̑̃ḣ̵̿a̡̓̿̽́̓͆̚t̀ ̸̈́̿h͋̓̒͋̚e s̑̐̈́ho̶w̓̔͊͌̀ê̽̄́̈͑̀d̿̊.̀͋̿̓̊

File: bill.png - (226.05 KB, 500x366) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>inarticulate ejaculation

Pretty good copypasta.

File: putaleashonit.jpg - (72.33 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
74063 No.3327495



Sorry OP, all I could take is about 4 seconds of this video. The stupidity and awkwardness was internally embarrassing.

Acting like this I can see why they are all single furries.


They're.... just stepping back and forth, and moving their arms around??? Is there supposed to be more to this or something?


It's a (clumsy) spoof of Beyonce's All the Single Ladies video

Personally I find it amusing and cute, but I'm a furfag who likes wearing a collar in private and would rather have a leash put on me than a ring. :3

Why so serious?


So it's a stupid song with a stupid video being redone by stupid people with no sense of rhythm?

Remind me why people like this shit again?



Because sometimes it's okay to remove the stick from your ass and enjoy something silly and harmless?



>implying that just because something is silly, makes it funny or amusing.

This is something you would expect a bunch of 13 year old girls to do.

It's not harmless, it makes fursuiters all look like a bunch of retarded dorks.

At the very least they didn't have to pick a musical selection of shitty Mexican girly teeny bop talentless crap.

This shit is brony food.


Choreography is worse than from kids dancing

File: tmp_15835-1402415_firefly8083_sketches_vixen_31592421682.png - (548.61 KB, 920x920) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
561775 No.3327501

So apparently there's some huge beef between r3drunner and Kepora over on Inkbunny...

Kinda want to know what's going on. I remember a year or two ago Kepora and some other fags raided one of r3d's streams, to which r3d banned them, and in return they started trolling his submissions. Anyone know anything more than that?

7 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.


Kepora again. I completely agree; not even SL itself or something that happened ON SL, but just the fact that I play it.



I like your shit. I just added you to what's-it's.

File: tmp_20178-1404973_Malachyte_cm_-_schnookums_idol_cub_2_sml301281652.png - (621.10 KB, 1273x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Thanks for shining a bit of light on the whole thing.



You're both very welcome! Also, are you Malachyte? That image was posted just shortly before your first posy.


Two pedos crying, who cares



Apparently you do, seeing as you commented.



No, but almost certain she lurks here.

File: CaDvYIWUAAE7gXS.jpg - (48.19 KB, 600x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
49343 No.3326875

Can you imagine how many farts are ripped while in suit?

10 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
File: 1454156963.verquilion_full_frontal_dusty.png.jpg - (129.64 KB, 1005x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I actually saw a post, on 8chan's /furry/, where someone related how he went to a furry convention and there he met up with a friend who owned a fursuit and they repaired to a restaurant where his fursuiting friend had a hearty repast of sushi and beer; foods which he knew would result in great fumaroles of gas evacuating from his alimentary tract.

Retiring later to the narrators hotel room, the friend donned fursuit then proceeded to sit on the narrators face and fart on him repeatedly. The narrator said that it smelt like sulphur and eggs.

Such are the curious things that people get up to at furry conventions.

File: 1452550564.cheekles_manure_smell%20%281%29.jpg - (905.69 KB, 1477x1050) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: have_you_ever_farted_in_suit.png - (143.13 KB, 688x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


See, now my dick is interested in this thread.

File: honk.png - (123.06 KB, 810x1007) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3327478 ah, the fabled Suit Toot

File: 1417566736.tilidia_fartydemon.jpg - (309.96 KB, 992x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 4d7c46ec78204694491338972c5d61a5.jpg - (547.39 KB, 1280x746) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

File: 1439661784061.jpg - (450.02 KB, 750x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
460821 No.3327523

I have something for you, /furi/.

Since there have been a few problems in the past with the FA onion archive and specifically the file listings, I bothered to download the html files referencing the data for about 245,000 backed up user accounts.

Now you can have on your computer at home a filename reference toward almost every single artwork ever uploaded to FurAffinity. Your old artworks. My old artworks. Everybody's old artworks. It's all listed in there. Also, since the FA archive does not have a search function, you can use your favorite search program (Notepad++, Effective File Search etc.) to look through the data. MD5 hash of the archive in the filename so that people won't try to tamper with it. Enjoy :3


File: %ed%95%b4%eb%a3%a1_10392550_commission_1_42709647_20140405_05.jpg - (214.28 KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I should probably post the archive links too, since from the last thread I saw there are still people who haven't heard about it, it seems.

http://5sm2vp55n6cxly6z.onion.link/ (alternative link)
http://vj5pbopejlhcbz4n.onion/ (Tor browser only)
http://5sm2vp55n6cxly6z.onion/ (Tor browser only, alternative link)

Since the main page can sometimes lock up your browser, being huge, I recommend staying on the /fa/username/ pages. Example: http://vj5pbopejlhcbz4n.onion.link/fa/ovopack/

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