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File: predator_femme.jpg - (137.71 KB, 648x835) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
141017 No.3494565

Stumbled across this today - https://f95zone.com/threads/teraurge-v1-11-meandraco.8935/

TL;DP - you customize your character a bit (basic stats and gender), then get teleported to a monster-filled world. Looks to be a work in progress, but better quality than some games I've come across. Enjoy!

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File: AC_Commission11c_u18chan.jpg - (608.61 KB, 3507x2502) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 0p650-cat-pin-up-girls-1.jpg - (33.14 KB, 600x397) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>6 million

speaking of made-up figures



The Troll(ololol) Horde
Species Traits: Rapid Breeders (-10% Growth Time), Nomadic (+50% Migration Time, -25% Resettlement Cost), Adaptive (+10% Habitability), Repugnant (-5% Other Species Happiness), Deviants (-15% Governing Ethics Attraction)

Ethos: Fanatic Xenophile (+50% Trust Growth, -50% Diplomatic Influence Cost), Spiritualist (-10 Unrest, +15% Governing Ethics Attraction)
Government: Oligarchic, Exalted Priesthood (+25% Governing Ethics Attraction), Police State (-20 Unrest)

Explanation: This is the best race we could come up with to mess with other people in multiplayer. That is the only excuse for the Trolls’ existence. They breed like crazy, can live almost anywhere, love to move to new planets, and are an absolute pain to deal with considering they’re upsetting to other races and likely to change their minds and form factions with various demands. In your own empire, they are rarely a problem as the Priesthood and their Holy Enforcers keep them in line. But when they migrate to your Egalitarian Xenophile friend’s empire, one of two things is going to happen: The trolls will wreck their political stability, or you will prove that they are a racist by forcing them to reform their government and pass policies that allow them to expel these terribly annoying aliens. Either way, you win.

File: thanks_for_your_fave__carbon_life_form____by_dollborg-dc3ehxs.png - (387.51 KB, 894x894) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Thick... not just thick, EXTRA THICC!



you can pick between

1) man


2) woman

if it has a futa option, I never found it or bothered, but who gives a shit it's a porn game. stop REEEEing like an autist.

File: 838c4ce5ffe7388e153834044d71877a.jpg - (187.48 KB, 1083x1878) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

File: chrome_2018-08-13_17-47-13.png - (50.72 KB, 220x212) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
51939 No.3519411



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This is probably the most fair and balanced documentary about the fandom I've seen so far.

File: Keensera_IDW.jpg - (32.64 KB, 454x476) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3519618 There's someone in the tech field I know that's gotten rather frustrated that fewer people are writing technical manuals for their products and instead are just posting 'video manuals'. 15-20 minutes watching a video to get info you could have gotten in less than 3 with a properly written and indexed manual.


i seen that. back then furry was about plushies,yiff,art and such. now it's about scene kids,sjw trash,making as much money as you can,being popular,fursuits and such. the fandom killed the goose that lay the golden egg.



>Merlino advertized in gay lifestyle mags to grow the attendance of his new con

People keep saying that, but nobody ever provides any evidence of it. I've only seen a specific magazine mentioned once, and it turns out it had nothing to do with Merlino (or even CF, really): http://dogpatch.press/2015/08/31/rumor-ad-for-confurence/

(Yeah, Dogpatch Press is cancer, but the scans don't lie)


isn't furry a geek subculture? i saw furry mentioned one time in a geek hieracy chart. i wonder when furry finally will stop being excluded & ignored by other geeks. furries are geeks too


you all.


>>3520064 wat

File: Voltron-Legendary-Defender-Season-7-Netflix-Robot.jpg - (32.20 KB, 738x369) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
32971 No.3519155

So, as season 7 of Voltron: Legendary Defender finally aired, it seems to have sent yaoi shippers on Twitter and Tumblr into a berserker frenzy. Why exactly?

Ever since the show began airing, it has drawn a massive shipper base from Legend of Korra fandom (as most of people working on LoK, including the animation studio, are working on VLD) which was hoping that showrunners will fulfill their fetish-fueled fantasies and make a gay pair official on the show. Most prominent factions being Klancers (who were hoping for pairing between Keith and Lance) and Sheithers (Shiro+Keith shippers), but as time went on they became increasingly hostile and toxic, even going to the point of threatening to release some sensitive production material if one of the gay pairings isn't made official.

Come season 7, Lance is paired with princess Allura, while Keith ends up with a former member of an all-female villain squad, while Shiro is revealed to have had a boyfriend who died in battle. Now the shippers are calling for boycott of the show and to that I say; cry some more. I shall enjoy in my giant robot battles and character development while sipping on some shipper tears.

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>The thing about consensus is that while people feign outrage at the prospect of someone challenging it (and yes, they're almost always bullshitting

What you're seeing there is the counterpart of the third-wing liberals - the offended conservative. Because the liberals are challenging the social consensus and polarizing the society, they find it possible to cry crocodile tears and make a power grab by playing the opposition.

After all, it takes two to tango.

File: d36.jpg - (131.10 KB, 600x461) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

To make a long point short: if there weren't the sort of liberals who go "put us in power, we'll right the wrongs!", there wouldn't be the sort of conservatives who go "Look at those fifth column scum! Put us in power!". They feed on each other.

And that's how you get picture related. Only, this particular meme pins the blame of yet a third group to justify their own existence...


Not quite 100 years yet.

But you basically have "conservatives" vs. "progressives" doing their march of tyranny by rabble-rousing popular support against each other and splitting the society into two disagreeing camps, and then you have a small group of wannabe goose-steppers who try to pin the fault on yet another made-up/misidentified enemy who's supposed to be working behind the scenes.


Why are retards like you whining about "centrists" these days? It's like you don't have enough things to complain about, so you came up with another group to hate.

File: overton-window-two-separate-populations.jpg - (11.68 KB, 290x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>The mating call of the centrist coward.

It's tragic to watch you fall deeper and deeper into lunacy.

You don't need to be at the center to recognize a blatant self-serving power grab. The center is a fallacy because the power grabbers deliberately move it around by selecting extreme positions.



>"Why can't you leave good enough alone?"

The actual argument is: "Why can't you leave it to the people to decide?"

The social consensus moves around with the social realities - all real progress in society happens when people find that they no longer need to do something, or they find they need to do something else. When you deliberately try to change it, you automatically create your own opposition to the change, and that creates polarization, conflict, civil unrest and violence.

But the left has always seen itself as the enlightened leadership whose task is to drag the rest of the people kicking and screaming into a "better future", even if it meant misery and war.



>"Why can't you leave it to the people to decide?"

because the democratic means by which ordinary people used to decide have been successively obliterated since the 1970s, leaving decision making power in the hands of the lizards, the rich and the already powerful.

File: pr9Fs6r.jpg - (20.18 KB, 235x193) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
20661 No.3517691

How to weed out conservative trash who are watching you on an art site

Upload gay art

Feelings will be hurt and they will leave, because lesbians are okay but gay men are somehow destroying society and upset them greatly.

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File: cuba_vs_chile_gdp_-_Google_Search_-_2018-08-04_16.52.46.png - (6.52 KB, 623x209) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The legacy of commies thrown out of helicopters vs the legacy of "social justice".
☐ Not REKT
☑ Wake me up when REKTember ends


File: 0b14a9c2561a2458b62d5d19fbde3522c8bbb0c5.png - (148.15 KB, 451x280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Stalin was a little too conciliatory.


Conservatives on art sites.
I laughed so hard my eyes watered.

File: pinochet_5.jpg - (57.71 KB, 736x736) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Achievements of Pinochet:

He physically removed a ton of fucking commies.

That counts as a success in my book.


literal child


Don't forgot the prosperity he brought.


"Whats wrong with communists?"
"They killed people they deemed bad, for their ideology!"
"And what do you do?"
"We kill people! But they were actual bad people!"
"And you killed more people."
"For the greater good."

If this is "capitalism, freedom and liberty", I don't want anything to do with it.

File: pen.jpg - (4.43 KB, 450x112) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
4534 No.3519961

Fuck this shit right here. Life sucks anyway, I'd rather have a year of junk food than 40 of this garbage.

Shit's a hassle, I think it gives me side effects- hard to tell, the docs want me on so much shit I don't know what makes my joints hurt- ever since they switched me to the 6mm pen needles I get bruises, 4mm were just fine, but nope they ignore my complaints and say I need 6mm. A diabetic diet sucks too.

Politics anymore are a good sign things are probably going to fall to shit soon anyway, amirite? I don't see the point in giving up indulgence or hedonism. Even if we somehow avoid that I don't see a future aside from perhaps homelessness. I have so much shit wrong with me and still can't get on SSI while people fake mental bullshit and get it, and even if I do get it that $700 a month isn't near enough to survive on. You can't even rent an apartment on that. Other income is drying up too fast, be nice if I could easily make $10K or so quick but that's not happening.

Every time I look at my possessions I wanna throw all of it out. It's a money sink and once I buy something I no longer want it. It's probably shit the bank will throw out anyway someday. I'm tired of poor quality control, paint flaws, having to fix shit, dusting this shit, just... toss it on ebay or toss it in a fire, it's garbage to me.

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File: wilford%20brimley.jpg - (48.21 KB, 986x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Welcome to the club.

File: fat%20albert%20train.jpg - (93.41 KB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The Beetus isn't a death sentence but it can be if you let it go untreated. Roughly half the people I know well have it .. I'm borderline and need to keep an eye on diet and see a doctor regularly to monitor A1C and stuff.

I'm convinced there's a fundamental flaw in the US diet that has caused this 'epidemic' which really hasn't been thoroughly determined. There's a lot of conflicting claims out there though.


If you're not on the keto diet, insulin is only going to make you fatter...


Actually some people "mysteriously" become not diabetic when they change their diet.
So like someone else said it's maybe some toxic food, tho hard to tell what exactly causes which problems.
Sugary foods are connected but some people eat nothing but that shit and never get it, some people eat mostly diet foods/drinks and still get it.

Some independent research groups (not paid off by companies) found links between preservatives and digestive cancers, and others found links behind pesticides and GMO's to digestive irritation and food intolerances.

But practically millions of food additives now, so good luck.


They could cure it but there's no money in that.

File: rt2enter.jpg - (50.16 KB, 575x318) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
51365 No.3519905

Has anyone ever won one of these 'raffle' tweets or is it just a cheap ploy to get an artist more followers?

File: article-911.jpg - (47.59 KB, 700x466) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
48731 No.3518647

I'm tired of furry sites banning certain fetishes. I hope these sites that ban fetish art gets hacked.

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>>3519703 ikr. vore,torture,snuff,and such is allowed. yet cub is banned from fa. double standard much

File: roxikat%20tojyo.jpg - (70.20 KB, 484x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I totally agree with you Aufy!

I personally think cub art or lolicon or shotacon prevents sex crimes. Just look at Japan. There, loli/shota is common place and they have a low crime rate.

As long as it's all just pretend/drawings and isn't affecting real people, it shouldn't be a problem.

File: political%20compass%20meaning.jpg - (61.68 KB, 463x424) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3519857 Don't confuse 'low crime rate' with 'everyone is super repressed and this shit never gets reported because it's quietly accepted even by victims'

>>3519825 The difference is that in a lot of games this comes down to 'just cause'. Most* violet video games have characters attacking you so you're 'justified' in attacking back.

But when it comes to things like cub, snuff, torture and rape the victim is often innocent and helpless and violent action against them more sadistic than justified.

  • Some violent video games have you attacking 'innocents' .. those are the ones that get the most flack and controversy.

Vore is the most popular search term on FA and violence isn't exactly a taboo subject in western media. Good luck with your slow moving crusade. Eventually you'll be asking 'why don't they ban furry art from the internet, it's just beastiality.'
Wake up guys.



> Eventually you'll be asking 'why don't they ban furry art from the internet, it's just beastiality.'

mite b fun


>>3519875 That actually wasn't me.


furry is free insofar as if you're actually creative and interesting, you'll be so widely ignored that you can do whatever the hell you want without anyone ever noticing you. of course, that means it's only fun if you're good at having fun alone... otherwise it's a pay to play clique collection squatting the one possible location for an anthropomorphics fandom. moralism and political whining aen't some outside forces invading furry, they're just another stage of stupid furry interpersonal drama, because furry is 95% human ego, 4.9999% weird dicks and only trace amounts of anthropomorphics used as a framing device.

File: dem%20translated.PNG - (4.92 KB, 186x339) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
5039 No.3519751

I never thought I'd mess myself up but I just did...
My curiosity about the fandom size had led me look it up on wikipedia and it just knock me over due to my findings (courtesy of my experience for finding resource from college).
Technically most everyone else would just look on one side of the web and probably think they can find more at wikifur, but no... not me... Realizing that how wikipedia consist more article in different language (the fandom is 22), I just had to see them, but not just by opening them in their own language...no... but rather by using the google translate site... a new tab of google translate for every each one of them. As a result... a finding about fandom from different region of the world... even so some of the article are a stub, but some are quite interesting especially the subject of mentioning the fandom in their local area...but...I didn't stop there...no...
My strong curiosity got the better of me...it literally does...
For each language, I copied the article title word in their own language and then, using the search engine I look it up...from sites to picture to youtube video, every one last of it... The results...something that I'm unable to say or even express myself...it's something that you had to look for it yourself to understand...

For some, this might be silly but when you think about it, what are other fandom that are bigger than this... manga, anime, marvel, dc, dr.who, star wars, star trek...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

I'd say western, english-speaking furry as we understand it isn't a fandom that can be easily spread around the world because 90% of the modern fandom is about buying or selling stuff. When everyone prices their commissions and patreons in USD, you're absolutely fucked if you're in one of the majority of countries in the world that have a shit exchange rate against the USD.

You might get fans of the same content and concepts, but the economics - and so the communities - are all going to be different. A bit like Kemono v. Furry. It's sort of the same thing, but not at the same time.


It is true that some of the fandom foundation were based on commission art and still are today including merch. But when talking about buy/sell I doubt it won't be much of a problems considering the smaller community on other country still has their own artist and they could make commission based on their currency instead of the USD (unless they use a third party like patreeon just like you mention). Speaking about merch, I heard there's a group/company that seems to be collecting it from con around the world and they resell it in a box called "furry mystery box".
As for the region/culture difference, true that different place had different call and even style for the community, furry, kemono, funny animals etc etc... but it is still basically has the same concept to me, an anthropomorphic animals. So technically all of the community does interested in the same general based thing.

Social gathering pretty much the reason why all fandom can grow big (not just the furries), doesn't had to be a con. Sometimes a simple gathering on a local place consisting a small group of people with a same interest can lead to a big gathering eventually. People even with different ideology sometimes can get along even with just a same small interest. True that when there a social gathering especially a big ones there will likely be a drama whether minor or not. And even it is become serious the community itself seems to be able to handle it down, nothing like a small hint of spice in an apple pie just to keep it interesting.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: IMG_20171204_152954.jpg - (882.11 KB, 2769x1979) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
903282 No.3519719

Fursuit general thread, also who is the coolest fursuit maker right now?

File: 7ffJXTL.png - (2095.56 KB, 1188x851) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: 1433595355.maootter_dsc_0032.jpg - (768.57 KB, 554x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: thug_sideways_pistol_aim.jpg - (17.48 KB, 450x319) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
17904 No.3517659

No i don't mean Black people,but why do people in the ghetto/projects/section 8 housing listen to rap as opposed to metal or rock music?

30 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

The dozens of people shot in Chicago this week would probably not agree.


Funny, I thought these shooting of the month controversies started to go away once bodycams became part of the uniform and everyone on Youtube could then see who was in the wrong.


Unless those body cams are livestreamed for thousands to watch, they can magically be "lost" behind the blue wall if need be.

I'll believe the police are clean when they toss literal murderer Darren Wilson in a prison cell instead of going all "he dindu nuffin" when his name is mentioned.

If Jack Webb were alive he'd be practically anti-authority now thanks to how the police behave.


Also if the police want respect, they can 100% return stolen property once they recover it. Right now they don't legally have to, they can keep your shit and sell ti at a police auction if they feel like it.

Same deal with your PC if they take it suspecting you committed a crime with it, yet you are cleared. They don't have to give it back, or even make sure it's intact if they do. And if you refuse to give over passwords they'll convict you on obstruction charges anyway.

Now to wait for the day when corporations get their way and the police are used to enforce copyrights. Enjoy being beaten, tased and sent to a 10-year sentence because you downloaded one song recorded by a singer who died 50 years ago, or a 30-year old NES ROM file. It's coming.


Or the cops should stop being assholes instead.



But they won't, and you know they won't, so.....do what >>3519292 said. It's actually not a bad suggestion.

>changing the law will help

Not when the people who enforce it are dirty

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