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Rarely has a political party been more desperately in need of a leader who can calm the waters, unify the feuding factions and charm the money men and women. Instead, Republicans have fallen in line behind a guy who has zero loyalty to the party, who cares only how it can serve him and who would rather strip it for parts than invest a nickel in its general well-being.

This deep into the Trump era, no one can say they weren’t warned.

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File: 1711915112941.jpeg (37.23 KB, 524x499, 9agq68xm2prc1.jpeg)

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File: 1711916732233.png (623.68 KB, 800x600, 612d6c3680ca8c1a94658fef7b….png)


cho0b is trans

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File: 1711917221496.jpg (200.05 KB, 1200x1200, file-20181218-27764-136332….jpg)

>I don't physically attack people
>immediately threatens violence

e8b18205 No.3736428

File: 1711917721882.jpg (70.46 KB, 639x467, 1324428432309.jpg)


Good luck without a car, faggot. By the way, you've made the same threat multiple times and have done absolutely nothing with it. You fucking coward.

ac7d793b No.3736430

File: 1711918019758.jpg (72.19 KB, 817x609, 903b1eda50a3e7be7ad067d50d….jpg)


This is why nobody likes you. So far up your own delusional ass that you want to murder anyone that doesn't go along with your schizo narrative.

33a7d0b5 No.3736432

File: 1711918207464.png (387.32 KB, 691x1018, 72322.png)


I'm trans too

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File: 1711918522194.jpeg (148.71 KB, 640x537, Ev3Xt2DXYAE6n0L.jpeg)


Whatever you say, white trash princess.

33a7d0b5 No.3736435

File: 1711918603790.jpg (91.22 KB, 850x1112, 653343.jpg)


Have you seen Benjy? he's such a hot Jew. His brain is pretty stupid, but who cares when you suck cocks, not brains.

e8b18205 No.3736436

File: 1711918642524.jpg (37.3 KB, 650x243, facesofmeth.jpg)


We need to see a progression of you from 2007 to now. Would make a great addition to faces of meth.

33a7d0b5 No.3736437

File: 1711918920849.jpg (80.38 KB, 850x1175, 75343.jpg)


Now your reminding of my brother. I barely knew him. But I think he died of meth. One of the last things he got in legal trouble with was using it by the court papers I saw.

34d5e72d No.3736438

its a little more than a political party, but heyooo let's keep things small government.

33a7d0b5 No.3736441

File: 1711919229109.jpg (322.46 KB, 823x1021, 5654344.jpg)


I don't real know, my drug dealer father raised me to be straight edge.

Everyone around me did drugs and drank, but I didn't.

Dad had his family involved in the drug business.

33a7d0b5 No.3736443

File: 1711919507201.jpg (555.21 KB, 1186x1666, 8000.jpg)


You already have, child. What would you ask of me and Satan?

33a7d0b5 No.3736446

File: 1711920026562.png (606.48 KB, 1312x598, 674532.png)


How would I know, or know if what you say is true or not.

And why would I care?

33a7d0b5 No.3736449

File: 1711920465163.png (259.53 KB, 1000x1200, 88653.png)


I don't control what other people do, they aren't my responsibility. Unless I have to shoot them.

33a7d0b5 No.3736451

File: 1711920582870.jpg (78.99 KB, 764x1009, Trans564.jpg)


Because I said I was lol, thats all it takes.

33a7d0b5 No.3736452

File: 1711920867846.jpg (85.85 KB, 852x936, 5544544.jpg)

And now I'm male again, and now I'm trans, and now I'm male again, etc

33a7d0b5 No.3736453

File: 1711922049381.jpg (77.69 KB, 850x1009, 775233.jpg)

You can call me a woman as you kiss my man lips and tongue my male tongue and handle my man dick.

And I don't care, man, woman, a rose by any other name is still a rose. And a rose without its thorns, is still a rose.

No matter how girly I got, I'm still a man. Even if I'm hormone'd up to bitch brain.

Even as a kid when all I tried to be around was women. And I was raised by women. There were still differences. Like guys are just more competitive.

Even if god or Satan or whatever transformed me down to the dna level to XX. If I still have my guy memories I'll be different than other women. Because I know the male perspective.

And if all my memories are gone, my dna someone elses, am I even still me?

c5a9e1fb No.3736456

Cool cool cool

f3eff3d4 No.3736457

File: 1711926741692.png (9.15 KB, 255x240, 1701908379276.png)

>Why shouldn't I murder cops if they expect me to follow the law?
>Why I shouldn't I rape women if they refuse to have sex with me?
>Why shouldn't I be a bully to the people who I feel are being able to me?

Conservatism in a nutshell.

ac7d793b No.3736458

File: 1711930175665.jpg (10.52 KB, 378x325, tumblr_m804bgW3w41rawb5do1….jpg)


I could play you clips of Biden sniffing little kids and you would still think it's just a funny meme bro. Its actually a self own.

9506d7ba No.3736459

Will you kill yourself when Biden wins again in November?

9506d7ba No.3736460

File: 1711930325419.jpeg (98.79 KB, 655x767, z59wcmyt8hrc1.jpeg)

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File: 1711930396160.jpeg (79.82 KB, 960x768, cx5vyiyluirc1.jpeg)

ac7d793b No.3736462


Compelling rebuttal. No wonder people think you're a bot.

9506d7ba No.3736464

File: 1711931269348.jpeg (65.33 KB, 718x438, zysa5fxk6mrc1.jpeg)

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File: 1711931710027-0.png (420.24 KB, 850x567, 45455.png)

File: 1711931710027-1.jpg (686.63 KB, 1407x3000, 454545.jpg)

File: 1711931710027-2.png (1.04 MB, 1015x571, 6556776.png)

File: 1711931710027-3.png (1.02 MB, 1200x799, 5665334434.png)


That artist practice drawing the grinch?

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File: 1711932632420.jpeg (61.87 KB, 907x767, lu9ykno5mjrc1.jpeg)

Also known as April Fool's day

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File: 1711936005392.jpeg (64.75 KB, 768x768, uhx6dqvsjerc1.jpeg)

33a7d0b5 No.3736472

File: 1711937737408.jpg (163.99 KB, 800x1132, 56534333.jpg)

Speaking of trans day, how many guys you think tell other guys to go trans. So theres more women to go around.

Every dick you take out of the pool, isn't filling up a needy pussy.

214d1f22 No.3736473

File: 1711938225005.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1434, d880a5.jpg)

Do you like my Big Otter Nuts?

33a7d0b5 No.3736474

File: 1711939139088.png (6.7 MB, 3300x3859, 6564343.png)



Why would a guy like another guy's big, musky balls?

9506d7ba No.3736475

File: 1711939791380.png (433.77 KB, 588x636, a6x09qiguprc1.png)

🏳️‍⚧️Happy trans day 🏳️‍⚧️

60f0e0c9 No.3736477

President Millard Fillmore is a pedo! All Whigs are pedos. The Whig party is the pedo party!

Vote Franklin Pierce for president.

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9506d7ba No.3736485

File: 1711944775684.jpeg (37.14 KB, 486x463, m5uk2gar3rrc1.jpeg)

856bf286 No.3736495


33a7d0b5 No.3736497

File: 1711952014983.jpg (135.02 KB, 1040x1068, 65.jpg)

Its April Fools, the day when you can't read news or anything. Because its all jokes.

d7b6ce92 No.3736499


4ffaea05 No.3736500

You can't use the code because you're not a contributor. You need to pay cho0b money to unlock all the board features.

f0895a6a No.3736505

Three single quotes in front, '⁣⁣'⁣⁣⁣⁣'⁣⁣b⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣o⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣l⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣d⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣t⁣⁣e⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣x⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣t⁣⁣⁣'⁣⁣''⁣⁣ , and three single quotes at the end equals bold text

a9d84a4f No.3736508

Too many, nigger

a9d84a4f No.3736510

The ability to say n­­­­­­­i­­­­­g­­­­­g­­­­­e­­­r­­­­­­­ is only for premium members.

33a7d0b5 No.3736512

File: 1711956885680.png (63 KB, 550x950, Fiona_4.png)


Tranny? What makes you think I'm artificial

e8b18205 No.3736513

File: 1711957181976.gif (2.31 MB, 390x277, laughter.gif)


Premium benefits nig­ger.

33a7d0b5 No.3736517

File: 1711958182398.jpg (80.04 KB, 768x512, fiona56765.jpg)


My mom weren't a jew

214d1f22 No.3736518

File: 1711962991164.jpg (108.23 KB, 500x810, 42l9y1.jpg)

214d1f22 No.3736519

File: 1711963098927.jpg (138.33 KB, 600x412, mememe_a3ccfbb64fcc4c2809b….jpg)

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File: 1711963215477.jpeg (138.4 KB, 940x1024, 8E69B341-84C3-48F5-A67E-D….jpeg)

795ef2d8 No.3736525

File: 1711975396619.webm (2.87 MB, 272x480, black bakery shopper.webm)

>Freeing the slaves

This is not the win you think it is

795ef2d8 No.3736526

File: 1711976025728.jpg (190.56 KB, 480x480, CNN_The_Best_Name_In_Fake_….jpg)

>Its April Fools, the day when you can't read news or anything. Because its all jokes

I read the news every day, and I cant separate real news from satire anymore. It all looks the same.

692f70c7 No.3736531


And then there is actual fake news, unlike the imaginary bullshit from Trump and his cronies.

The latest being this nincompoops who are spinning all kinds of stupid conspiracy tales about the bridge accident in Baltimore.

From white supremacists all the way down to Faux "news."

6d35ac77 No.3736532

It's funny how Republicans want credit for freeing the slaves while also demanding we leave alone all the monuments to the Confederacy because that is their heritage.

9506d7ba No.3736533

It's because of the political switch during the slavery era, but Republicans don't want to explain that because it makes them look like they wanted slavery, which they do.

127022ea No.3736540

File: 1711994546549.jpg (325.99 KB, 1025x792, c849325677f928ab182521db72….jpg)

He's right, don't fall into that trap. They used slavery to deflect from what it was actually about, federal supremacy unconstitutionally stomping all over states rights. There were northern states that still had slavery after the end of the civil war and southern states that abolished it before then.

Also, reminder that jews ran the slave trade, jews owned all the slave ships, and owned the most slaves, that slavery is a jewish thing.

92135da2 No.3736541

File: 1711995311312.jpg (37.92 KB, 399x651, fiona542.jpg)


WE beat a guy, wait you don't know who the guy we beat was?

Well he was a great guy, so we are even greater for beating him

35ff6463 No.3736542

>The confederacy was only defending state's rights!

The right to keep slavery was the only right in question.

1b6fd5a4 No.3736544

Correct. Troglodyte whites say states rights. States rights to do what you racist nazi asshole?

044e777b No.3736545

We're gonna put the great guy we beat in a great book full of other great guys from history. I call it a history book! We're gonna make history education great again! You won't believe how much smarter American kids will be when I'm through!

1b6fd5a4 No.3736547

No I get it. The more retarded the white the more chance they vote right

1b6fd5a4 No.3736549

Who gave you a ride?

92135da2 No.3736553

File: 1712000202501.png (7.24 MB, 3072x3072, April_first.png)

Remember this April first that every day is the bestest day ever.

And the light of god flows into everywhere it is welcomed. Warming you through and through. Easing your physical burdens and giving you greater connection with everyone.

For we are of one being, children of god. An expression of his glory.

c9d44dc2 No.3736554


WTF. You too ? Is it something in this board's water ? Why TF is everyone turning into a christian.

92135da2 No.3736556

File: 1712000631360.jpg (339.2 KB, 1280x1760, April5.jpg)


Christian? No. God is everything. For God is a personal connection with the almighty. A living breathing, connection that changes. That responds and reacts.

God is the air, the water, the space between everything. We as well are god, inseparable. But we may block off the connection with negativity, with fear, with pain.

Like one may fear to run at full speed, if one has fallen and gotten hurt.

92135da2 No.3736561

File: 1712002269832.jpg (261.58 KB, 1280x1280, April__first.jpg)

Religion is an attempt to dumb down god for the masses. To give him shape, human characteristics

For God in his entirety is too great to grasp. One can go insane trying to do it.

Its like trying to stand next to Jupiter and gasp its scale. Or the sun.

Religion gives people rules and goals. Structure, when there really may not be one. For it may be that no matter what you do, it is a benefit to god.

And like children, people want to know how they can please their parents. and if your parent says "I'm happy no matter what you do", confusion, and the infinite things open to you, can paralyze one self.

92135da2 No.3736567

File: 1712004398452.jpg (1.9 MB, 4096x4096, AprilFirst.jpg)

It may be that god was the dreamer who fell asleep. And in sleep created worlds and people he fell in love with.

And if he awakes, we disappear. Yet, we were never real to begin with.

We are like god is this regard. we dream and create little selves and worlds. And upon waking up, they disappear. Some even say that consciousness itself for us is an illusion.

ffc1b673 No.3736573

File: 1712006472478.png (740.13 KB, 721x843, furrymodannaandchild.png)

c463ab2f No.3736581

Wouldn't sleeping imply a finite God? A God that can exist in one particular state as opposed to another. This and not that.

How do you feel about the idea of divine simplicity? Does your God have parts/qualities/attributes?

92135da2 No.3736583

File: 1712009061797.png (980.96 KB, 1024x576, explosion.png)


Well Dolphins can have one of their brain sides sleep at a time. But they don't keep that side sleeping forever.

It may be that all time and space happens at the same time. But that may only apply to inside god's mind. Not outside of it.

Like when you sleep the world you are in, follows your rules. But the world outside of you doesn't.

92135da2 No.3736585

File: 1712009444643.jpg (246.56 KB, 1280x1280, First_day_april.jpg)

> Does your God have parts/qualities/attributes

no, they are everything. They may have a form, like we can create an imagined form in our imagination. But its more like a concept you create. Like I imagine them as this, but it doesn't mean they are that.

The one thing they do have is positivity. But when you are the energy and everything that fills others. You can hardly seem anything but positive.

92135da2 No.3736586

File: 1712010273160.jpg (93.86 KB, 640x905, More_April_first.jpg)

In Wicca they have the saying "As above, so below"

And if we are a creation of god, we may have similar abilities

Like the big dream, the above, is god's dream of us, we the npcs of his dream.

The small dream, the below, is our dream and whats in it.

When you have tulpas and give them attention and speak to them. It can make them high from the attention, they can feel so strong and happy. And a similar thing may happen when people open up to god and receive his attention and words.

As above, so below is like the idea that everything is connected. Like if a supernova can exist, a tiny fire cracker is possible

4e8ff0ca No.3736587

Insane rambling

4e8ff0ca No.3736588

File: 1712013718473.webm (3.18 MB, 886x438, rapidsave.com_k0reto30wur….webm)


92135da2 No.3736594

File: 1712017057060.jpg (58.73 KB, 1024x576, 543.jpg)


But its fun to say insane things Daaad!

Everyone else says crazy things like Equality, dei, women as strong as men, guys can turn into women, nuclear war is acceptable risk, etc

I feel left out if I don't get to ride crazy train too! Dadddddddyyyy please!

92135da2 No.3736595

File: 1712019264955-0.png (83.66 KB, 576x666, exodus1.png)

File: 1712019264955-1.png (48.81 KB, 688x620, Gensis3.png)

This April First we must remember The wise words of the Prophet.

Who the west seeks to destroy. And turn into a martyr.

4e8ff0ca No.3736596


4e8ff0ca No.3736597

File: 1712019635696.jpeg (45.93 KB, 704x767, u9d6jzxwfwrc1 (1).jpeg)

568f31cd No.3736599

Christianity is a dying, archaic, cult. No one, not even the people who claim to embrace it, actually do. They are just a whiny little group of adult children angry at the world because we won't take their game of pretend seriously.

Look at the news today, Christians on conservative media are OUTRAGED that protestors dared show up at New York's largest catholic/Jewish/Christian churches to demand a stop to genocide in Gaza.

We all remember how pro-genocide Jesus was, right?

I think it was in Matthew 5, verse 39, "If a man strikes you, turn the other cheek, then kill everyone who looks like him on the face of the earth." - Republican Bible.

ffc1b673 No.3736600

>pro-genocide Jesus

Umm, under the concept of the Trinity, then yes, Jesus is pro-genocide.


ffc1b673 No.3736601

File: 1712022523128-0.jpg (53.61 KB, 710x416, biden.JPG)

File: 1712022523128-1.jpg (65.91 KB, 634x514, reply animal hyena laugh.jpg)

Dementia is a hell of a drug.

92135da2 No.3736602

File: 1712022708404-0.jpg (17.09 KB, 236x363, 5643.jpg)


Its cuz the Jews fucked with the evangelists. And made them believe Israel needs to be purged of all non-jews for the rapture to happen.

568f31cd No.3736604

He didn't do that. Trans visibility day was first proposed under Bush Jr. in 2009 and was first officially celebrated in 2010. You just never knew about it because Fox News never told you to be angry about it.

e4f86687 No.3736605

>Look at the news today
Well there's your problem right there. Turn off the retard box.

>I think it was in Matthew 5, verse 39

Yeah bro, I can prooftext too.
Matthew 10:34
"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword."

92135da2 No.3736607

File: 1712028813345.png (1.73 MB, 1000x997, 8867676.png)

It will be midnight soon Lord Satan, and I can jump back into your waiting arms, my love.

2992e73f No.3736609

When i lived in Manhattan a kid who went to film school at my film school fell on the Subway tracks (in between the rails) and a construction worker saved his life by jumping on him and keeping his head down as the train went over them. Trump gave the construction worker 10k for saving the kid’s life. It made national news. Of course, this was before he ran for president so the media actually praised him. If Trump did that now, the media would just bury that story and not even give it any attention because it makes him look good.

Do a search on this if you don't believe me.

On second thought, No way media would bury it today. They would spin it to say Trump pushed the kid.

Biden would have jumped on the kid and sniffed him.

36d3d32b No.3736629

That was some of the dumbest shit Lulz ever did, posting a fake April Fool's announcement that no more porn of any kind would be allowed here and anyone posting it would be reported to various Law Enforcement agencies.

It triggered a massive dD0s attack the past few days by the hacker group SEC-sec, who took it seriously and who see such things as an infringement of basic human rights.

Gee that was fun, wasn't it.

ac7d793b No.3736630

File: 1712207675938.jpeg (63.21 KB, 940x887, E3eFB3WXoAEZz4O.jpeg)


The site got shut off because the autopay was attached to an account with insufficient funds. The bill got paid, and the site went back online.

ac7d793b No.3736631

File: 1712207759703.png (31.11 KB, 885x930, E0_HOPQVUAQZw7K.png)


… I kinda like that tripcode. Eh.

6123ea85 No.3736633

Wrong. See this thread for the truth: >>3736632

20b2aa44 No.3736639

File: 1712210384649.jpg (55.78 KB, 482x498, 4544.jpg)

I figured it was server full again, like last time.

1450f71f No.3736657

File: 1712234098557.jpg (4.23 KB, 305x165, images.jpg)

I'm addicted to porn

Have no goals or ambitions anymore (I already did all of them), or hobbies since I mastered all of them to the point that they're boring

I don't know if I'd be considered unemployed, since I run a single man business. So technically I have no employer.

I can be seen as mean, but I'm just blunt.

And I'm an alcoholic (drug addiction), who doesn't like to be in public in general.

Well no BINGO for me. plenty of red flags though.

1aa573fd No.3736662

addicted to porn, bored with no goals, no employer, antisocial, have to point out the difference between mental/physical addictions of alcohol
why are you here, what are is your purpose, these questions don't have a good answer for you…just what are you doing with yourself day in and day out…fuck these useless reasonings.

just go code something worth a damn and die i say.

1450f71f No.3736665

File: 1712235152436.jpg (5.25 KB, 297x170, images (1).jpg)

I already did that and made a huge splash in the DoS attacks 4chan did back when I was in high school.

I've caused enough damage with my coding, and I don't think I could do so legally in any way to surpass what I did in the past with today's laws.

1aa573fd No.3736668

what splash? i didnt notice anything 4chan was a kiddiescript shitfest of course it was going to get hacked with all its lack of security and vulnerability left and right.
The latest heart attack was something like…oh my 7zip file has a compression issue that points to a backdoor directory and has emphasis on using a ssh command and therefore anyone can just openssh my ass because data compression wasn't uniform. It's all the same shit just like how people were downloading backdoored ubuntu's off community sourcelists.
Its not even a compression bypass (like it should be…)—like it really should be….like it -would be if people knew how to code

and i gotta say, this little debacle of splashing aint shit, the guy was literally "ethically hacking his way to the fix"..meaning they installed it to prove ethical hacking works…and everyone now thinks ethical hacking is ethical. how…..like (((them))).

the next virus, the next thing…ooooooo. its gonna be quantum, you better learn that shit my digit

1450f71f No.3736671

File: 1712235660445.jpg (93.07 KB, 700x700, a1723836734_5.jpg)

I coded the pre-curser of the Low Orbit Ion Cannon in my sophomore year, called the SMD, Suck My Dick.

I didn't patent the idea and it was stolen by some company, but I was 14, I wasn't thinking about patents, I was just causing trouble and being a rebel. It was no more malicious or planned than taking a screen shot of a desktop, putting it as the background, and chuckling as people tried to press the image of "start."

I wish I had the rage and motivation that I used to have.

1aa573fd No.3736672

let me tell you, the world is falling behind…we have virtual machines doing shit you think is quantum, but it just aint.

we need virtual machines with memes.
not memes like what you and i may know, but filtered over the virtual machine itself, like its bleeding its own code once its loaded, and you have to work your way into it, not like you used to install a distro on things now, now, everything is absolutely fucked -quantumly preventing you from coding—-and eating all those precious code-bytes for itself. virtual machines are more evil than we know. and im just gonna say, its gonna come down to a meme. one of these days, one of these memes, is going to end us all.

1450f71f No.3736674

I use to make all sorts of stupid shit in high school.

Like I'd put a program on the typing class computers that randomly put letters as you were typing. Or suddenly stop or randomly move your curser around for a split second as you were trying to click.

I didn't even get to go to my graduation ceremony, because I was in "in school suspenstion" indefinately for a viral attack on the school that I was later found to have nothing to do with.

They mailed me my robes and certificate, and an apology for my scholarship for information technology being given to the runner up due to circumstances, but it still makes me salty.

I even missed my prom date, because the school lost their internet a few hours earlier and couldn't get the music they had on the servers, and I got blamed for it. So I was sent home. Turns out it was just because the internet was based on satelite, and it was raining.

1aa573fd No.3736676

this pol shit thread is always stupid
its like its full of niggraniggramonotosis

no but, you need a quantum codestring to be assured, anymore, that hacking even is what you are trying to do.
not your average haha i backdoored a bitch and took her wishlist
but being able to remote view people's shit inside virtual machines…that's where this is going, they don't need your permission anymore to do it.
you get found simply by whether or not your meme is worth it to them. your secret mojo if you will, its all for that hacker-blood inside you. the machines want your genes, want to know how to give you the gift, hacking with the league of hackers themselves. It's just a fact, and its glorified out the ass but its true, problem is you are just a nametag to them, it doesn't matter because deep down you don't have the implants or the chips. Well we aren't in that phase..today anyway, give it a couple of years it will be everywhere then. This is the "grace period". Only now, while you have any power left.

So who really cares, I am just saying that's how I am seeing this shit go down. But someone might be the guy for it. I'm not I am not lucky enough. I am not in front of the line as it were. I might know some shit but I don't have it on a hotkey either.

Right now, The best I can even do is replace my shit with a literal random screen clicker and hope it works out into something other than the shit meme i have right now. You see how the system is flawed, but sometimes they only need the flawed for their meme breeding program or whatever.

1450f71f No.3736677

File: 1712236755954.jpg (6.22 KB, 300x168, images (2).jpg)

the typing class computer thing was because I couldn't leave, but I did the entire year's worth of available courses in 2 days.

I was incredibly bored

1450f71f No.3736678

File: 1712237006026.png (629.56 KB, 1140x570, an entire year.png)

like 90% of my freshmen year was during the "no child left behind" era, where your grade was determined by what you scored on the final on the first day, and the improvement you did on the last day, and class participation.

When you just ace all the finals on the first day… it was torture of boredom.

1450f71f No.3736679

I was a C student because I did not participate, but I had perfect quiz and test scores.

I pretty much just spent every class other than French and Spanish doodling.

1aa573fd No.3736681

you are looking back on times you may also simply be blacking on the the real thought at hand here. That is what you and so many others fail at. Those times are dark times. They offer glints of hindsight, what you need to see is what foresight you might have with that. Look dood, its just that machines are already more powerful than people. This is your last stand against (((them))) and i just feel sorry for ya but I know we depend on one system or another, I have mine. Just saying. It's going to need to stand on its own either way. Whoever is in charge of it. Machines or Mankind.

All this crypto shit.. NONE OF IT MATTERS, the millions of dollars people say its worth is the same as a million grains of the very same fleck of sand. Throughout eternity, it's worthless. The economy is fake, there is -no substance-. Only what you have to base your ideas on. That is the sort of thing these machines want too, not to be floating bits of NOTHING. This will become more apparent with AGI and bullshit DEEP LEARNING. I can spend all year writing on this as its happening. It's whether or not anyone actually knows.

1450f71f No.3736682

also I never showed my work on my math homework. All the answers were correct, but it was sooooo tedious to do 150 problems a day and wright everything out when the answer was just there. So I got points for doing the paper, but it was ever only 25%

1aa573fd No.3736683

the deepest single truth exists in this sea of nothing, if you ever find it, if someone cracks it, we might all die before that happens, the window is closing though, don't be confused about that.

1aa573fd No.3736685

all thats some shit ok but for real are you gonna talk about yourself all day n shit
the world's a timebomb my dood

1aa573fd No.3736686

and that shit is complicated af for some people to understand but they should get on my level even if its shit

1450f71f No.3736689

File: 1712240811314.gif (136.35 KB, 598x640, anime-sip.gif)

I'm pretty much done for now

1aa573fd No.3736690

hmm today represents a significant day in science and on the month by month year by year play it has some significance, they are unleashing the portal device at cern again…this time, it will happen, i already have made preparations, there will be someone that steps through it, there are people brazen enough to throw themselves into it, its only a matter of time before the shadows are unleashed. i know this probably doesn't make sense for alot of people, but there is just enough evidence of an unfeasible transportal communication as being the driving factor in everything now. there will be oversights, but it all likely begins today. the day they open the portals.

1aa573fd No.3736691

the meme creatures are coming. that's all i am saying.

1450f71f No.3736692

File: 1712241291916.gif (277.64 KB, 450x295, 4310402-tumblr_lq3pze9mxx1….gif)

although for the math thing, we had to do all the problems, not just the odds and evens.

Its just so clear to me what the answer is that it pissed me off having to go through all the steps.

Mind you I had the highest scores in the school for the Ohio Graduation Test, and the highest record scores for the Air Force Career Advancement Test in my squadran history, and I barely studied.

The hardest part in the Air Force was forcing myself to fill in the answers with my left hand, since my good hand was shattered by my fucking idiot supervisor.

Gotta love having a cyborg hand mostly made out of platinum though.

20b2aa44 No.3736693

File: 1712241343896.jpg (180.08 KB, 1024x1024, boy.jpg)

Man while Lulz was down I looked over at LGBT and was sad to see its near entirely trans, and so little gay.

They are wiping out so many future happy and successful gay men. To make money off turning them into women.

1aa573fd No.3736694

i just realized what a lonely attention whore does

1450f71f No.3736695

File: 1712241524071.jpg (58.7 KB, 736x736, 4b7622a096dd2a2aee201c81a4….jpg)

everyone wants to be a cute transexual gay boi, untill they hit their 30's and they turn into trolls.

No one ever looks that far ahead.

cc453bae No.3736697


Exactly, when they hit that age, they're just pathetic old queers that people are taken aback when they encounter them in public. They think they're accepted when in truth, people hold their laughter and contempt for them when their backs are turned.

1450f71f No.3736698

File: 1712241856566.png (530.07 KB, 704x512, bfafde660130dc0e23b379f998….png)

then its just saggy man tits, beards, and all those estrogen induced fat hips and thighs turn to folds.

Just a femoi with a beard. Hopefully at that point you at least trained them to make you food.

1aa573fd No.3736699

the chance to have that is worth alot to first time break ins though

20b2aa44 No.3736700

File: 1712242098456.png (492.93 KB, 950x1280, 674443.png)


I did what any strong alpha male does. I wrote poetry and emotional short stories about abuse.

While lamenting that not enough guys crave cock. Since no one wanted to talk about how sexy men are.

I saw theres a ASMR thread now and it reminds me of all the hot femboy ASMR videos when guys talk lovingly to me, before they take me to heaven.

Also I exercised a lot because I like being a sexy piece of meat thats a visual treat for another guy. Like a big cow carcass hanging from a hook. Or a big piece of beef jerky.

1aa573fd No.3736701

that's about a dead dood who died
is it sexy to listen to dead people asmr you kno
its like casting ai demon spells to feel good about being alive

20b2aa44 No.3736702

File: 1712242289610.png (1.08 MB, 1100x1200, gay4454.png)

I mean you know what its like, getting roughed up, is a bit of excitement.

Like holy S****! am I going to surv… Ahhh

But everyone just went

"You is gay"

But I'm like Toootally not sweetheart.

1aa573fd No.3736703

you should tell them you are 15 and show them pictures of incredibly cute chibi shotas instead of pokemon whats that difference

20b2aa44 No.3736704

File: 1712242529639.jpg (102.66 KB, 850x1089, guyz.jpg)


Man I ain't looking to sleep with children or people that want to sleep with children.

1aa573fd No.3736705

heeyy its ok if your 15 but i share that sentiment, its so weird how immature it is asking for acceptence from fellow homopaths

20b2aa44 No.3736706

File: 1712242952064.png (97.31 KB, 498x481, 656543.png)


I'm not gay, I just think women have nothing to offer men. And they are gross and germ filled.

Like they sleep with thousands of people and thats gross.

Like you know to the core of your being that women are not the answer. They are useless. Exist just for babies and nothing else. But the kiss of a cute guy is fireworks.

But I ain't gay.

1aa573fd No.3736707

fellow satanist homo fuckers

1aa573fd No.3736710

im a transbright

1aa573fd No.3736711

my genders are constanant vowels and not pronouns

20b2aa44 No.3736712

File: 1712243282691.jpg (36.97 KB, 420x692, guy44.jpg)

Its just annoying that society has all these expectations that keep you from being happy. Like why can't they just have more people rub swords?

Back and forth, cocks against one another. As mesmerizing as watching a hand saw slowly saw through wood.

Nothing feels as good as a guy's hand though a large part of your body. When its like electricity across your skin.

20b2aa44 No.3736716

File: 1712243574085.jpg (111.06 KB, 1255x1335, 763343.jpg)

Its perfectly normal, for you whole day to turn from mundane, to exceptional because a cute guy comes up behind you and gives you a deep and long hug.

Even more exciting if you feel his bulge through it. That lets you know his passions include the two of you together.

Its so nice to be wanted, like having a daddy. But its oh so confusing, like oh you like me? Is this love? No, its magic.

But I ain't gay

1aa573fd No.3736717

how do you say
in red

4bf227bb No.3736718

File: 1712243661762.jpg (103.52 KB, 776x650, 2a0821d37c749ef3527118a3f3….jpg)

> I just think women have nothing to offer men. And they are gross and germ filled.
LOL cooties.

20b2aa44 No.3736719

File: 1712243849273.jpg (26.46 KB, 474x474, OP.jpg)

Jokes aside

I do miss being an artist. making so many guys hard. Like orgies dedicated to me. Like I'm a sex god.

I'll never get to corrupt people now, into a life of sin, loving men.

I'm completely straight.

a114e1b1 No.3736721

Cool story bro

20b2aa44 No.3736723

File: 1712244389592.jpg (237.18 KB, 1800x2100, males.jpg)


I know right, but no I've got to come up with my next one.

But all I can think of atm was my boyfriend asking me the other day to help with his morning wood. And I said no, I was up all night and sleepy.

But I didn't say "I got a headache", I ain't no woman.

20b2aa44 No.3736725

File: 1712245474350.jpg (350.34 KB, 2488x2500, guys343.jpg)

You guys ever have fun saying the most gay stuff possible, while you keep saying your not gay?

It can be fun.

1450f71f No.3736728

File: 1712246397877.jpg (86.26 KB, 850x815, effbdb47e9d004dc9a8a7e5c5e….jpg)

Me and DK are now gay boyfriends <3. We just mic-kissed~ uwu

1450f71f No.3736730

File: 1712246770668.jpg (59.89 KB, 800x485, a0d5fe115220859214ca343bc9….jpg)

I'm also Swift's gay boyfriend, but every time he hits on me my anxiety kicks in and I get sick.

When DK flirts with me, its like a power play and it doesn't affect me at all.

4e8ff0ca No.3736732

File: 1712248150054.png (190.3 KB, 772x767, 70a1a1ldjhsc1.png)

1450f71f No.3736734

you are, and DK wants to be my boyfriend, but he'd a bitch.

Its love triangle I don't facilitate <3 don't worry about it.

1450f71f No.3736735

File: 1712249195387.jpg (110.09 KB, 850x1275, 7bd25a5f9901a423db6f5a1409….jpg)

Plus DK doesn't have my number, thats all yours~


1450f71f No.3736736

we really need to co op pal world sometime

20b2aa44 No.3736738

File: 1712249245236.jpg (213.51 KB, 1280x1820, 6343.jpg)

Delusion is a hell of a drug

20b2aa44 No.3736741

File: 1712251860693.png (394.01 KB, 983x721, Animated_gay_sex_video.png)

When you see a guy with hair like this that just screams "Damaged and with daddy issues"

Hottest thing ever.

100% not gay

1450f71f No.3736742

File: 1712251867925.png (975.37 KB, 1307x1417, s1njbfuw0s451.png)


Thats supposed to be my boyfriend number

1450f71f No.3736743

File: 1712252320290.jpg (661.41 KB, 897x1200, 116222515_p0_master1200.jpg)

we're breaking up, I don't like to share.

4e8ff0ca No.3736745

Ok also donate to shitler to help him pay his rape fees

1450f71f No.3736747

I could give you my paypal and for a contribution, I could give a solid 2% to the fund.

It would not be tax deductible.

20b2aa44 No.3736749

File: 1712261139606.jpg (54.79 KB, 850x723, 6565443.jpg)

Give it to the internet to take two characters that would kill each other. And one does kill the other.

And make them happy gay lovers.

19ff3f31 No.3736753

Speaking of that, it turns out the company who posted Trump's Bond for over 100 million dollars didn't have the money in liquid assets to actually pay the bond. So unless they can somehow convince the court they have more liquid capital then it appears, Trump will have to find a new company with more cash on hand to back his claim so he can appeal the charges.

4e8ff0ca No.3736763

4e8ff0ca No.3736764

File: 1712280125554.jpeg (38.66 KB, 599x766, pnyxfd0tzgsc1.jpeg)

692f70c7 No.3736766


I can't believe there are still people so fucking stupid as to believe statements like this are true.

It's painfully obvious these were MAGA inbreds and losers, not Antifa or BLM.

But this is today's right-wing, Marjorie Taylor Greene, that slut claims today that Speaker of the House Johnson is a "democrat."

1aa573fd No.3736767

read in plankton's voice

e8b18205 No.3736785

File: 1712304227324.jpg (684.47 KB, 607x1000, Regan 1980 Campaign.jpg)


Keep lying to yourself.

1cd0605e No.3736786

Cutting federal income taxes, cutting the U.S. government spending budget, cutting programs, scaling down the government work force, maintaining low interest rates, and keeping a watchful inflation hedge on the monetary supply was Ronald Reagan's formula for a successful economic turnaround.

1450f71f No.3736789

File: 1712307811592.png (532.11 KB, 960x720, 1_KXl8hN5zAPusQtk7-whXLg.png)

Does anyone else have an overwhelming urge to fug the op baseball player?

692f70c7 No.3736813



eb3c8033 No.3736814

File: 1712328946350-0.png (500.72 KB, 828x913, 1712318223366018.png)

File: 1712328946350-1.jpg (196.77 KB, 1242x1537, 1712325101711133.jpg)

File: 1712328946350-2.jpg (125.55 KB, 671x671, 1712315818464968.jpg)

cc453bae No.3736816


After reading your post and rereading the libtard's post, it made me chuckle. Yeah, I can't wait for the dim-o-rats to literally howl at the sky when Trump is inaugurated in nine months. :) Their screams will fuel me like none other can.

692f70c7 No.3736817


Oh wow, deja vu…I remember hearing this back in 2020.

Gee…what happened then?

4e8ff0ca No.3736818

Hopefully they will kill themselves when Biden wins again in November.

692f70c7 No.3736819


I have a hunch they will repeat the Jan 6 riot, only this time they will bring their guns and end up dead after trying to shoot it out with the Army or National Guard.

1aa573fd No.3736821

what are you like 50 lol, why does this shit matter

1aa573fd No.3736822

just gtfo the computer you retard

55618902 No.3736825

File: 1712338588471.png (1.57 MB, 1371x1200, 914d0a5860bc37b007a8779ab4….png)

Stop! Stop! Make it invisible again, I beg you! my eyes!

4e8ff0ca No.3736838

Ah yes magas culture war against the 0.1% of the population, trans people.

4e8ff0ca No.3736839

File: 1712353023099.png (233.73 KB, 757x570, nfrjfr7u6nsc1.png)

4e8ff0ca No.3736840

File: 1712353049729.png (234.73 KB, 1024x685, ul70b56edosc1.png)

4e8ff0ca No.3736843

1 genocide supersize it

58a23629 No.3736852

File: 1712360648255.webm (6.05 MB, 720x720, starving_children_of_Gaza.webm)

I laughed, and now my soul hurts.

55618902 No.3736853

File: 1712361103621.jpg (259.14 KB, 1280x1098, cce26145bcca626536a283fa4c….jpg)

I'm sorry, but I just don't think we should restructure society for the 0.003% of people.

I'd say trannies seem to be even more overrepresented in positions of power and catered to per capita than jews, but it's jews behind trannies too lol.

692f70c7 No.3736854


I had to look up this "Plankton" character you mention, I detest that show Spongebob Squarepants and won't watch it.

Looked up at Youtube what this "PLankton" sounds like, meh.

753a1cfd No.3736855

File: 1712363054958.png (337.89 KB, 718x877, 765.png)

This needs to stop. Fuck the republicucks.


adfaef34 No.3736856

What did you think they meant by "Make America great again"? LOL!

753a1cfd No.3736857

File: 1712364395563.png (114.79 KB, 1503x967, 6655334.png)


"Worth the notation is a quick point that E621.net is effectively property of Bad Dragon,"

Really? Bad dragon owns it?

753a1cfd No.3736858

File: 1712365718206.png (25.16 KB, 756x181, 9988655.png)

I been wondering why they hadn't done this yet. Price the average person out of the internet.

The WEF commands it, For Israel,let us bomb babies!

55618902 No.3736869

File: 1712381256129.jpg (840.16 KB, 2560x1717, e1b6759ec2b2109b0c8d87423c….jpg)

Is e621 based in Arizona? If not, you tell the government to fuck right off. If so, you get the fuck out of Arizona. Same as Texas. I'd say there may be a concern should every state adopt this shit and there be no safe haven for internet freedom, but there's literally no way that happens.

ac7d793b No.3736871

Can't BD just move the servers outside state jurisdiction? Does server location mean nothing when they are based in Arizona?

And how do they expect to continue running the BD store while in Arizona, without the government raping them with their own silicone horse cocks?

34d5e72d No.3736873

i don't want to eat my children to survive wah wah

1450f71f No.3736883

File: 1712398713953.png (1.78 MB, 752x1004, animal.png)

Even so, federal law overrides state law, and a good lawyer could bypass the whole thing.

Its like the time I got arrested for having too many lights on my truck, because I had LED head lights, which are composed of several hundred "filaments", and the limit in ohio is like 16 or something like that. Since the severity of the crime is based on the deviance from the law, I was being tried for the aprox equivilent of murdering an entire school buss of under privileged children.

Basically the cops here just hate me with a firey passion, but my lawyer fucks them every time.

1450f71f No.3736887

File: 1712399483118.png (368.31 KB, 800x792, raccoon.png)

there is also a difference between judicial and legislative law, they can be really confusing when opposing each other. Not even I really understands which trumps which.

The apex of the knowledge my lawer bestowed upon me, is if you have audio-visual cameras with off site storing, police avoid the shit out of you. Totally true, before my system cops were over here all the time, now, I haven't seen a single one since.

1450f71f No.3736888

File: 1712399710913.png (373.97 KB, 758x1002, steam_and_the_police.png)

Then again, I did opt in for this crime prevention program. So my cams automatically detect things like amber alert or warrent license plates, facial recognition for wanted criminals ect.

They might just not come around because my house is basically a giant police watch tower by proxy. I don't really care, as long as they don't keep thinking the creepy guy in the old house is behind every crime they come across.

1450f71f No.3736891

File: 1712400704062.png (367.64 KB, 754x998, animal (2).png)

they also find things like lost dogs.

I live on the bad side of town, its not like chicago bad, no one gets shot or muged, its just break ins and drug deals. Still since I turned into a sentry tower, crime has dropped significantly in my area. Plus no one would ever dare to try and break into this house. With the cameras, the Cain, my reputation amongst the now parent generation of literally throwing people off of bridges and going on bloody rampages in high school, with the military plates. Its just not going to happen, there are way easier targets across town.

My town still has more methodone clinics than restaurants, but whatever. I'm an alcoholic, I have no room to judge other addicts.

546b42dd No.3736905

File: 1712419258637.jpeg (355.28 KB, 1340x1624, dxklill7ptsc1.jpeg)

546b42dd No.3736906

I don't think we should restructure society so racist whites can be comfortable.

55618902 No.3736908

File: 1712422096442.png (1.13 MB, 1280x959, e50e88aa60eeac64e17f98947d….png)

Federal law only overrides state law when the constitution is being invoked. By the constitution itself, anything not mentioned in the constitution is none of the federal government's goddamn business.

>Hey so you know how Justin Trudeau is actually Fidel Castro's son? Well, get this. Well, what if he was also the father to Trump's kid?

Accuse your enemies of that for which you yourself are guilty.

4e8ff0ca No.3736909

Lol Trump is a cuck and you play defense

Simp behavior

4e8ff0ca No.3736910

File: 1712422676911.jpg (45 KB, 266x282, Screenshot_20240406_095729….jpg)

55618902 No.3736914

File: 1712430984884.jpg (158.58 KB, 961x1280, 3b4125ce9298afdb14927c515d….jpg)

You really live in an alternate reality lol. You can't just make up wild shit and taunt people with it as if it's real. That doesn't work lol. It doesn't annoy or anger them. They just think you're a retard, retard.

1450f71f No.3736916

File: 1712433153497.png (3.45 MB, 1480x1424, 9c0b2082e98033fa614928c00d….png)

still on a federal level, not having a law, is the same as it being legal.

Like a judge in bumfuck Mississippi can decide that having blond hair is illegal, and that would be judicially legal (or illegal depending on how you look at it), but it won't stand federally.

91e5572c No.3736928

Bunny fuck

91e5572c No.3736929

File: 1712443740919.jpeg (45.23 KB, 508x766, dza8jzhm9vsc1.jpeg)

55618902 No.3736945

File: 1712446346648.png (4.16 MB, 1850x2800, 04aad16624649c40f4a0f42428….png)

Is it confirmed that he's single? I feel like the only way you brand your forehead like that is if you're already safely in a relationship lol.

335e996c No.3736951

Jeez, and I thought Aufy's tattoo was cringe.

4ffaea05 No.3736952

File: 1712448521899.png (397.64 KB, 768x513, Maxipillo.png)

>I'm sorry, but I just don't think we should restructure society for <trans people>.

Which part of society do you think we are "restructuring" to accommodate trans people? Conservatives act like trans people are some new trend that didn't exist before 2020. They have always been here.

The only thing that has changed is people's awareness of you conservatives being assholes to them. You are catching hell for being assholes for the first time. That's the only "restructuring" I see happening. You aren't getting away with your hateful bullshit as much as you used to and it makes you so mad!

1450f71f No.3736954

File: 1712452209804.png (2.58 MB, 1500x1000, 1707368051.whisperfoot_lov….png)

pretty much, its not like society changed much.

Really the only time I have to deal with trans stuff is when I deal with my family.

For some reason, liking to kiss guys equates to full on Aufy freak show to most people. When you have a binary view of sexuality, you're apparently either a straight man or a woman.

or a lesbian, but those apparently only exist on porn sites.

1450f71f No.3736955

Also, I hate lesbians. They spout hatful nonsense all day, but if you say one wrong phrase to them, they smash your car's windows, shit in your shower, and call the police on you.

True story.

1450f71f No.3736956

half of my traffic collisions, and 90% of my getting fired from jobs have been due to the same lesbian bitch. Mind you they weren't moving violations, it was shit like me filling up my gas tank and getting rammed.

Somehow it always comes up a 50/50 thing, except the last one, in 2018, which is still pending investigation.

1450f71f No.3736957

File: 1712453226281.png (341.38 KB, 2048x1536, not_safe.png)

I even lost my dish network job because I showed up at her trailer to do an install, saw her, and was like o_o, nope calling my manager to take this one, going home.

Then I got fired because apparently I made "rape eyes" at her. It was more fear eyes than anything.

1450f71f No.3736959

File: 1712453446014.jpg (117.03 KB, 850x723, 6a4a58a6522c1733a84ecb1157….jpg)

Seriously, for not even remembering her name (mental block), never being on a date, and never being in a relationship.

She has caused me more physical scars, money, time, effort, and pain than anyone I've ever met.

1450f71f No.3736960

I got fired from a pizza joint after she stabbed me in the gut. Despite the manager saying that it was unprovoked, the charges against her were dropped, because apparently she was protecting herself from a potential sexual assault.

The only thing I did was turn off her stupid K-Pop music.

8c5d31f6 No.3736961

File: 1712457413210.png (3.7 MB, 2475x3225, 655.png)

The upcoming eclipse will be a perfect time for a false flag.

4e8ff0ca No.3736963

692f70c7 No.3736964


If you really believe that, you're even dumber than you look.

44add1b4 No.3736971

File: 1712468904977-0.jpg (475.48 KB, 1280x1039, 856868.jpg)

File: 1712468904977-1.jpg (616.81 KB, 1280x1233, 979579797.jpg)

I'd like to remind the few remaining Biden supporters that in 2020 Trump got more votes than when he won. He got more votes than any sitting president in history. But somehow Joe Biden campaigning from his basement was able to get even more votes. That's all… See you at the polls. There's nothing short of Biden declaring Martial Law that will keep Trump from winning this time. It's going to be a Colossal victory for America and the World.

I still can not believe that Brandon received more votes than Obama, it defies all logic.
Or any President in history. It defies all logic because it didn’t happen.

Is the Troll going to kill itself when Trump wins again for the third time?

4e8ff0ca No.3736978

Yes child
Biden won

Trump lost

4e8ff0ca No.3736979

File: 1712493448902.jpeg (53.9 KB, 635x767, diahmuxq8ysc1.jpeg)

5a536872 No.3736980


Wow, exactly double what Biden raised. I'm sure this is an accurate figure, it's not like Trump is a thin-skinned liar who likes to inflate monetary values for his own gain, otherwise I'm sure there'd be several court cases about it.

4e8ff0ca No.3736985

Lol will you kill yourself when Biden wins again in November?

4e8ff0ca No.3736986

File: 1712499525727.jpeg (72.31 KB, 500x579, fxuba1mkowsc1.jpeg)

4e8ff0ca No.3736987

File: 1712499605508.jpeg (38.23 KB, 524x499, irpbj6h30wsc1.jpeg)

1450f71f No.3736990

File: 1712501093664.jpg (453.37 KB, 1212x1231, stab_wound.jpg)

also stab wound. God I hate lesbians.

1450f71f No.3736991

also any time I get a major scar, the entire area around it just turns to shit and start attacking itself.

Nothing I can do about it, its just a consequence of getting stabbed by a midget lezbo. Really don't understand how women seem to be able to get out of any legal situation with me, no matter how much evidence, witnesses, or the severity of the crime tends to be.

41477450 No.3736993

File: 1712506003843.webm (2.07 MB, 480x480, species.webm)

41477450 No.3736994

File: 1712506075526.webm (2.07 MB, 640x800, nigger sucker punch white.webm)

>Unarmed Pavement Apes

41477450 No.3736995

41477450 No.3736996

File: 1712506341066.webm (2.81 MB, 216x400, cartelskinning.webm)


41477450 No.3736997

File: 1712506472002.jpg (32.59 KB, 534x401, fbi.jpg)


41477450 No.3736998

File: 1712506547015.jpg (47.32 KB, 691x628, black white crime by race.jpg)

>The Truth

This one is one of your liberal fears, not conservative.

41477450 No.3736999

File: 1712506667312.png (444.91 KB, 862x956, trans child grooming.png)

>LGBT mkdisa?idisnjfiniednsf++++

41477450 No.3737000

File: 1712506753156.png (750.74 KB, 1404x1012, socialism in action.png)


41477450 No.3737001

>Gay Weddings

"The US Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a baker in Colorado who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple."

Individual Rights is a thing still….

Suck it up!

41477450 No.3737002

File: 1712506983515.jpg (385.11 KB, 1950x1950, gun rights.jpg)

>Take their guns

The Constitution is a thing still….

Suck it up!

41477450 No.3737003

File: 1712507274300.png (152.06 KB, 1050x550, clinton-foundation-donatio….png)

>Hillary Clinton

Treason is a thing still….

Suck it up!

7a8d6b0f No.3737004

Lol an AR does nothing against real military weapons

41477450 No.3737005

File: 1712507380756.jpg (130.5 KB, 941x1024, reply left fake terror del….jpg)

I have no idea what 'Lady parts' and 'Solar Eclipses' have to do with conservative or the Right.

7a8d6b0f No.3737006

You Don't listen to infowars

7a8d6b0f No.3737007

File: 1712507425604.jpeg (68.47 KB, 707x767, nuu3a55qz1tc1.jpeg)

1450f71f No.3737008

File: 1712507526875.png (317.45 KB, 600x338, a73e36_c2b5655d0849439fbe1….png)

It really depends on the guy holding the weapons. A gun is just a gun unless its handled by a professional.

1450f71f No.3737009

I mean I'm ok, but even as a military certified marksman, I'm an Air Force marksman, I'm nothing compared to a Marine.

Just like a normal civilian is nothing next to me.

1450f71f No.3737010

Also, I said normal. In b4 some ass hunter comes in balls ablaze.

1450f71f No.3737011

File: 1712508145437.jpg (33.24 KB, 500x363, czwc265xaaaa.jpg)

or god forbid ovaries ablaze. I don't have time for lawsuits.

55618902 No.3737015

File: 1712520124798.gif (1.32 MB, 800x800, dcc888ef6e141f52399e9fe4d7….gif)

I agree. Alex Jones is a Zionist. Zero sympathy for Zionists.

4e8ff0ca No.3737017

Lol eat your own

4e8ff0ca No.3737018

File: 1712522568700.jpeg (76.04 KB, 746x665, j5r640utp3tc1.jpeg)

55618902 No.3737056

File: 1712530918396.png (983.31 KB, 1500x2000, b06a88a741987bad0e70fa49ba….png)

Zionists and semites aren't my own, they are the primary cause of all my problems.

7d329496 No.3737060

File: 1712533851916.jpg (13.09 KB, 445x297, 2704-2177460.jpg)

>blocks your path

7d329496 No.3737061

"Sherman Thought It an Insult to Whites to Consider Blacks Their Equals

Sherman's attitude toward black people was basically one of contempt. He was quite comfortable with publicly referring to them by the nigger, even though he was well aware that then, as now, the term was highly offensive."

4e8ff0ca No.3737062

Cool still killed southern slave whites

9238aa43 No.3737064

File: 1712538052845.png (685.25 KB, 1284x1615, 34f0b31594a3dd3d.png)

>southern slave whites
…who were all democrats

4ffaea05 No.3737066

File: 1712539303046.jpg (168.85 KB, 1286x2000, bafkreighl3lxckf3tk5iv6b6w….jpg)

>Lesbians will throw a tantrum for no good reason…

Right now conservatives are getting super-mad about a 1990's animated children's TV show called Mummies Alive where one of the mummies pretended to be a boy her whole life so that she could drive chariots. Women weren't allowed to drive things.

It was a minor plot point in the very first episode that was mentioned for all of a minute before it was never spoken of again and conservatives are flipping their wigs over it.

It's not lesbians who are overly sensitive, it's Boomers. All of you Boomers act like you're the biggest victims in history after spending your whole life with every advantage in the world. Fuck you, fuck all you yapping, whiny, adult-children and your self-important tantrums!

You fucked up the world, now live in the mess you made.

4ffaea05 No.3737068

File: 1712539662800.jpg (647.14 KB, 4096x2731, GKMcy1RXsAAB5jB.jpg)

Nice chart, did you make it in MsPaint?
You didn't link to a legit source so I'm going to assume it's from the Bureau of Shit We Made Up, like most of your "facts"

4ffaea05 No.3737069

File: 1712540056591.jpg (151.12 KB, 1286x2000, bafkreifuushk73m5fonsy44fh….jpg)

Conservatives desperately search for anything to complain about. White men looking for an excuse to act like they are the real victims of injustice is the primary driving goal of all conservatives.

Look at Steam, all he does here is complain about how unfair his life is as if we give a shit. We all know everything that has happened to him is his own damn fault but he spends all day trying to convince as that it was a magical lesbian using her gay powers to ruin his life or the government fucking him over, or his parents, or his former room mates, or his doctors, or just "illegals", but it is never his fault.

It can NEVER be his fault. The party of personal responsibility spends 90% of the time blaming everyone else for their fuck ups.

4ffaea05 No.3737072

Did that hit a little too close to home for you? Truth hurt?

4bf227bb No.3737074

File: 1712545154569.png (419.17 KB, 1668x1668, 2686404_QuaintLad_breaking….png)

>You didn't link to a legit source
The source is right there in the post you replied to. You always ignore legitimate sources when they threaten your commie/pinko/fag delusions.

4e8ff0ca No.3737077

Right wing fake news no thanks

4e8ff0ca No.3737078

4e8ff0ca No.3737079

File: 1712547363981.jpeg (46.97 KB, 1024x699, wlptyt6j53tc1.jpeg)


2a7ab1ce No.3737080

File: 1712547902788.jpg (58.33 KB, 850x795, 55655.jpg)


repent what, I haven't fucked over anyone. I'm not the one starting wars and genociding people

c99c2a79 No.3737081

There is literally an earthquake every time there is an eclipse. Earthquakes happen every day, conservatives just don't notice them unless someone tells them to be afraid.

4bf227bb No.3737084

File: 1712550988263.png (1.58 MB, 1440x1440, b7bf6c9c7573c400.png)

>Right wing fake news no thanks
So the The Bureau of Justice Statistics, which is an official website of the United States government, is "right wing fake news" when it demolishes your libtard delusions.

I knew libtards were fucked in the head but this shows how deluded they really are.

7e7b196b No.3737086

File: 1712553322836.jpg (65.26 KB, 440x599, tim.jpg)

4e8ff0ca No.3737090

Whites do be terrorists true
Violent maga

4e8ff0ca No.3737091

File: 1712574157908.jpeg (60.15 KB, 619x606, pasziqbkk7tc1.jpeg)

c058c2a7 No.3737092

We are what you made us.
Proud of yourself?

c058c2a7 No.3737093

Be sure you get a pair,
then you can't post your lunatic shit here anymore.

I was really hoping Lulz would be down permanently the other day, just to prevent nutcases like you from posting here anymore.

4ffaea05 No.3737095

You claim it's from the official website, well give us a link to that source. If you want us to take you seriously then do the work, post the link. Find proof that your chart is real and accurate. It should be really simple for you, right?

4ffaea05 No.3737098

File: 1712578321694.jpg (48.25 KB, 512x403, GKna9rIXYAAQ4Na.jpg)

In other news, Trump posted a video of one of his fans saying that it's a good thing Trump is like Hitler, that his crimes, that his complete lack of morality, and that his being a failed conservative doesn't really matter.

According to his supporter, the only thing that matters is that Trump is willing to go to war with the "Woke" people in America.
Trump will lead a "counter revolution" against America and "destroy the deep state" (AKA: Functioning government)

Trump is saying very loudly and very clearly, he and his supporters are enemies of America. We should treat them as such.


c058c2a7 No.3737100


c058c2a7 No.3737101

You are everything that's wrong with America.
You are the enemies of America.
This November, when Trump wins,
you will be treated as ENEMY COMBATANTS.
You, Antifa, BLM.
Make no mistake.
After all, it's what you wanted.

4ffaea05 No.3737104

File: 1712579603431.jpg (108.37 KB, 905x901, GKmFVZIWwAAMEuU.jpg)

Notice how Trump's lawyers never say he didn't do his crimes?
Notice how Trump never denies his love of Putin, Hitler, and Kim Jong Un?
Notice how his supporters never deny their thirst for violence?
They are telling America who they are.
We should believe them and act accordingly.

9238aa43 No.3737112

File: 1712583699126.png (1.33 MB, 3200x3200, as6ar5.png)

It's not my job to Google stuff for brain damaged commies. The source is very plainly shown in the post. If you can't go to it on your own then you lack the mental capacity to post worthwhile opinions here.

1aa573fd No.3737113

notice how none of trump supporters are vegan

17cbfcb1 No.3737115

>Antifa, BLM
Your boogeymen haven't been relevant since Trump left office.

4e8ff0ca No.3737117

I pray to brown real middle east Jesus the folks here on this image board who want Trump to be president kill themselves when Biden wins again in November.

c058c2a7 No.3737119

You don't belong in America.
If you hate it here so much, why don't you go back to whatever shithole country you or your ancestors came from?
Funny how none of you ever answer that.

4e8ff0ca No.3737120

You never answer "will you kill yourself when Biden wins again in November?"

4e8ff0ca No.3737121

Mass shooting or kill yourself? Which way maga man?

5b391d50 No.3737123

File: 1712600366675.png (481.66 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20240408-113331.png)

The baby took 9 months to develop so he actually did the deed at age 12.
At just 13 years old, daddy is 4 ft. 4:inches tall.

4e8ff0ca No.3737124

What Republicans want

4e8ff0ca No.3737125

File: 1712600800816.jpeg (33.78 KB, 750x500, 2csmdh7cs8tc1.jpeg)

35ff6463 No.3737129

File: 1712601335816.jpg (51.61 KB, 643x1000, bafkreifejjgm57glpdgzixux3….jpg)

Actually, it is your job.
You posted the image, you need to post the source to back it up. It's not OUR job to prove your point, that is YOUR job.

Your argument, your responsibility. Like most conservatives you are a lazy, empty headed, white buffoon who thinks we should obey him without question. Sorry, Snowflake, that isn't how the real world works.

1450f71f No.3737130

File: 1712601483728.jpg (129.31 KB, 850x884, b4ee0d5e1d89d0d90ed2db305a….jpg)

and its your job to not be a cunt.

Apparently we can't all be professionals.

4e8ff0ca No.3737131

Science ya real
Christ is not
Biden won

4e8ff0ca No.3737132

File: 1712601874475.jpeg (59.81 KB, 1024x668, 4yoa01ovc9tc1.jpeg)

4e8ff0ca No.3737134

File: 1712603853205.jpeg (21.35 KB, 443x332, 838qn8pmn9tc1.jpeg)

c9efb00d No.3737138

File: 1712607726139.jpeg (62.71 KB, 1021x1126, GKp4-O1XcAAmg0W.jpeg)

2735b206 No.3737140

File: 1712611363865.jpg (120.65 KB, 578x841, Better_days.jpg)


Why would they be? They aren't paid to ruin biden's presidency. Why would the left pay people to mess the left up?

b04074c3 No.3737141

Prove it. I'd throw a molotov at Trump's head if Soros or whoever paid me enough.

2735b206 No.3737144

File: 1712614172292-0.png (94.15 KB, 1827x374, 5644332.png)

File: 1712614172292-1.png (174.53 KB, 1834x692, 777655.png)

File: 1712614172292-2.png (106.04 KB, 1858x466, 77765433.png)

Still waiting to see what the AZ gov does.

8c44e04c No.3737146

Idiot furry Trumpers voting for their own demise

1aa573fd No.3737149

>im going to contradict people by saying the most dumbest shit instead of agreeing that i should kms

4e8ff0ca No.3737151

Will you kill yourself when Biden wins again in November or just cry about it some more?

4e8ff0ca No.3737152

File: 1712619922160.jpeg (102 KB, 831x767, ucymn486satc1.jpeg)

55618902 No.3737153

File: 1712621207482.jpg (821.63 KB, 1280x792, f5eae8a1cdebb806c45e5ceb83….jpg)

Obscenity and things that offend are the primary beneficiaries of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is by its very purpose there to defend reprehensible speech and ideas. No one needs to protect the speech that is unobjectionable.

d7b6ce92 No.3737154

Lies. The source is there in the image.

Reminder, almost everything 3B posts is a lie.

b4a3c30c No.3737160

File: 1712622933283.jpg (40.13 KB, 640x610, black dumb.jpg)

The source was provided. The image stands until YOU find a valid counter point.

THAT is how the scientific method works, science-denier.

Like most liberals you are a lazy, empty headed, melanin buffoon.

Pic very much related

4e8ff0ca No.3737164


4e8ff0ca No.3737165

File: 1712631286871.png (137.66 KB, 1018x767, rjw4fms5qbtc1.png)

c058c2a7 No.3737166

Are you going to kill yourself when Trump wins in a landslide this November?
YOU created MAGA, think about it.
The NEW RIGHT doesn't back down.

4e8ff0ca No.3737171

Lol so you are gonna cry hard,

I'm ready for the tears of the impotent right

2735b206 No.3737174

File: 1712640708945-0.png (138.9 KB, 1836x612, 655332.png)

File: 1712640708945-1.png (189.36 KB, 1345x807, 65653433.png)

4bf227bb No.3737186

File: 1712648003292.jpg (239.15 KB, 1024x1024, idiot niggers.jpg)

LOL idiot niggers

35ff6463 No.3737190

File: 1712650590642.jpg (110.32 KB, 691x628, 1712506547015.jpg)

>The source was provided. The image stands until YOU find a valid counter point.

Okay, by your logic I guess this image must be accurate, right? This graph is unquestionable by your logic. It MUST be true, right?! It directly contradicts your image but they are both just as legitimate by your logic because there is no source for either image!

So if you want to prove your point is true, I guess you better provide a link! Otherwise my chart is just as valid as yours is! That's your standard, right?

7f3d2301 No.3737192

File: 1712651537135.jpg (54.89 KB, 400x407, Lazy niggers LOL.jpg)

> Otherwise my chart is just as valid as yours is! That's your standard, right?
Lies. Your fake chart is contradicted by the data at the source provided.

Reminder, almost everything 3B posts is a lie.

35ff6463 No.3737193

>Your fake chart is contradicted by the data at the source provided.

That's the point, you fucking moron.
If you want us to take your image seriously link to the source for it.
Until you do, my chart is just as valid as yours.

35ff6463 No.3737194

File: 1712653080025.jpg (1.63 MB, 1538x1300, GHG_nEJWwAAPeu8.jpg)

Meanwhile, Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin completely abandoned the residents of his state by vetoing new bills to create a legal pot market and raise the minimum wage, which were widely approved by voters.

Fuck what you, the voters want, big pharma wants you hooked on pills, not finding pain relief in a plant you can grow in your back yard!

Fuck you people working for less than 8 dollars an hour and trying to make ends meet as the rent goes up every year! Your corporate overlords don't want your salary cutting into their profit margins!

The Republicans will always be there to use big government to protect the interests of the powerful from you.

b1654cae No.3737195

Yet more lies. The source is clearly shown in the image that you are pathetically failing to discredit.

715b1015 No.3737198

Awesome copy and pasting! You sure are good with virtual scissors and glue.

See folks, yet more proof that everything the left posts is a LIE, and that if they accuse the right of doing something wrong, it's because they are doing it themselves far worse. It's to divert attention from themselves.

So just a reminder, simply REVERSE everything a leftist posts, and you will have the TRUTH.

4e8ff0ca No.3737201


4e8ff0ca No.3737202

File: 1712667207971.jpeg (78.5 KB, 723x766, su5f5b5ofctc1.jpeg)

715b1015 No.3737203

File: 1712669597632.jpg (823.09 KB, 2048x1152, Donald-Trump-Wall.jpg)


It's not like kids don't see those covers on news stands.


e12c4691 No.3737204

File: 1712669675475.webm (2.86 MB, 224x400, negrosusingladdertogetshi….webm)


Indeed, idiot niggers

ef1946cd No.3737205


>Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Crime Victimization Survey, 2018 (Table 14)

Really? Of all his indiscretions, you go after him for holding a softcore porn mag? On this site? Granted, waving it in front of kids is folly.

e12c4691 No.3737206

File: 1712669925518.jpg (144.53 KB, 1024x1000, trans child grooming.jpg)

>This is SO much better than a Playboy magazine that no one can see

966e93fd No.3737215

File: 1712679263167.jpg (1.13 MB, 1200x955, 39ab5e014e202d46c50d9da283….jpg)

Even without climbing it, there are so much better ways to hold and leverage that ladder lol.

4e8ff0ca No.3737217


4e8ff0ca No.3737218

File: 1712682859752.jpeg (111.76 KB, 804x767, 45af2sbc0htc1.jpeg)

9948c963 No.3737221

File: 1712688267299.jpg (394.33 KB, 1080x540, 0aia03li7i601.jpg)

Make sippy cups great again!

dbe58162 No.3737225


Next up : The Presidential Diaper.

There are leaks and then there are "leaks"

4e8ff0ca No.3737226

File: 1712696900522.jpeg (59.54 KB, 591x767, a58d6cn8nhtc1.jpeg)

0de82f45 No.3737240

File: 1712712186782.jpg (339.69 KB, 1672x1717, Screenshot_20240409_182146….jpg)

35ff6463 No.3737242

File: 1712717355464.png (124.25 KB, 445x765, Screenshot Criminal Victim….png)

Holy fucking shit, IT CAN LEARN!!!
Congratulations, you successfully sited a source by linking https://bjs.ojp.gov/content/pub/pdf/cv18.pdf

You failed to do that in your original post and we had to do all this nonsense because you were so fucking lazy you couldn't provide that basic link.

Keep up the good work! Keep barely clearing the lowest possible bar of making an argument. We know you can do it! We believe in you! You have to be smarter than you sound.

PS: Table 14 of that file you linked to shows the number and % of victims of violent crime by race but in no way indicates what race the perpetrators were.

Your source proves your chart is 100% bullshit made up by angry racists.

ef1946cd No.3737244

Bro, I didn't even post that chart. But the source is clearly listed under the title. I just typed it into duckduckgo, and that was the first result.

ef1946cd No.3737245

File: 1712718723580.png (166.97 KB, 1366x768, percent_of_violent_inciden….png)

Also, that's the wrong chart. This is the one referenced.

35ff6463 No.3737247

Well, then you just helped the ignorant, racist, shitbag get away with being a lazy asshole, didn't you?

He needs to learn to site his sources if he wants to take him seriously. Stop enabling him.

ef1946cd No.3737249

table not chart, need sleep

35ff6463 No.3737251

So black on white crime made up 15.3% of incidents while white on black crime made up 10.6%.

So, again, his graph is 100% bullshit. It's a 5% difference, not a 30X difference like his meme claims.

If I was a racist MAGAt I would be more worried about the white on white crime rate of 62.1%

986c820a No.3737253

You shouldn't have spelled out the source for 3B. We could have tormented him longer about his total inability to Google a plainly visible source. :)
This is 3B. We already know from long experience that he is incapable of understanding math:
He is an idiot and it will be impossible to explain "per capita" or any other concepts used in graphs to him.

0de82f45 No.3737256

Lol insane raving lunatic

1aa573fd No.3737259

spurds on porper

48ffdd21 No.3737260

Lol insane raving lunatic

48ffdd21 No.3737261

spurds on porper

48ffdd21 No.3737262

File: 1712750168064.jpg (1018.81 KB, 1536x1536, ce50ebb2011345f4222b3ee908….jpg)

48ffdd21 No.3737263

File: 1712750192813.jpg (494.28 KB, 1024x1010, 07ROOSE1-jumbo.jpg)

4e463ad2 No.3737265

File: 1712755499553.jpg (19.06 KB, 474x316, th-3777654598.jpg)


>Demographic characteristics

>Black, Hispanic, Asian, Normal
>These things are not race

4e463ad2 No.3737266

File: 1712755937199.jpg (64.25 KB, 734x384, 374bd7bd585839a650f1702d5a….jpg)

4e463ad2 No.3737267

File: 1712756108434.jpg (96.18 KB, 1080x1140, 1709996973355033.jpg)


There is a saying - You can spend enormous amounts of time and effort on education, but niggers will still be unable to learn.

61ef0c4f No.3737273


61ef0c4f No.3737274

File: 1712764564244.png (168.32 KB, 601x502, esaj3l3rtmtc1.png)

4e8ff0ca No.3737276

File: 1712766082728.jpeg (98.75 KB, 1024x683, q31tvz8v1ntc1.jpeg)

48ffdd21 No.3737277

File: 1712766253424.jpg (1.6 MB, 2560x1440, 52ccd324f36975967f2403f1b3….jpg)

All these are GOOD things.
You're a Godless Communist if you think otherwise.
Are you admitting that's what you are?

48ffdd21 No.3737278

4e8ff0ca No.3737280

File: 1712766589240.jpeg (250.68 KB, 1780x1780, okh92rq88rsc1.jpeg)

4e8ff0ca No.3737281

File: 1712766680019.png (114.78 KB, 440x590, the-nazi-dildo-juggler-v0-….png)

4ffaea05 No.3737301

That's a stupid argument. Handing out money changes someone's life. It gives them power to improve their situation.

Handing them a diploma that isn't associated with actual learning changes nothing.

Now, if you actually gave 'all black people free college, you would see them dominate the job market because they are just as smart or smarter than most white people and they don't take the opportunity to get a real education for granted like spoiled white kids do.

a23c5e15 No.3737302

Based facts

4ffaea05 No.3737304

>All these are GOOD things.
You think aiding Russia is a good thing?
You want to help the primary enemy of America?

ef1946cd No.3737306

This is the last time I explain this goddamn bar chart, so pay attention. First off, necessary information is absent. They don't tell you the populations of each race for 2018, but you can work back to figure out the values used. According to my calculations, they're using something like 198250172, 58769614, and 42552476 for the 2018 populations of whites, hispanics, and blacks respectively. These numbers are off, but the takeaway is the same. More or less.

To illustrate my point, you don't even need to know the total populations. Table 14 is revealing on its own. The total number of white victims of black violence is 3581360 * 0.153 = 547948, and the total number of black victims of white violence is 563940 * 0.106 = 59778. This means that in cases of black-white violent incidents, blacks are over nine times more likely of being the offender.

Anyway, to get the black-on-white rate for instance in the bar chart all you do is 3581360 * 0.153 * 100000 / (black population).

4ffaea05 No.3737307

Your meme makes no sense.
1) It's the right-wing that runs around praising Hitler, not the left.
2) The great replacement theory is a racist conspiracy theory about brown people breeding whiteness out of existence. It has nothing to do with gays, gays don't breed.

But I do like the fact that your conservative meme shows the gay guy having a massive dick because every conservative is mad their dick is so small.

4ffaea05 No.3737308

File: 1712790399841.jpg (162.7 KB, 1286x2000, bafkreiag6vgf4os7w7l5lxz7s….jpg)

Blah blah blah blah you're a racist cunt who makes shit up, we get it.
You don't have to keep proving you're a bigoted liar to us, we already know.

4b97d93c No.3737310

File: 1712791405221.gif (860.35 KB, 540x289, bailed.gif)

>Blah blah blah

And 3B bails again.


4b97d93c No.3737311

File: 1712791573627.jpg (31.33 KB, 393x382, aroundblacksneverrelax.jpg)

This is correct.

Never forget.

If you have to sit next to a black or white person, the black person, on average, is nine times more likely to murder you and 25 times more likely to violently assault you.

This choice may save your life. Unironically.

4ffaea05 No.3737313

File: 1712791958030-0.png (83.51 KB, 550x360, Attacks-on-whites.png)

File: 1712791958030-1.png (81.01 KB, 507x360, Attacks-on-Blacks.png)

So you think 15.3% is nine times greater than 10.6%?
Are you sure you know how math works?

4e8ff0ca No.3737315

Racists got the same ok ms paint boomer tier kkk clip art

4e8ff0ca No.3737316

Lol they mad

53690313 No.3737317

File: 1712792634944.jpeg (86.57 KB, 758x767, wf8wja0pvotc1.jpeg)

ef1946cd No.3737319

547948 is about 9.17 times 59778.

4b97d93c No.3737321

File: 1712796243753.png (287.09 KB, 717x471, 1709806983948134.png)

Are you TRYING to get people murdered?

4ffaea05 No.3737324

File: 1712798929572.jpg (179.9 KB, 1286x2000, bafkreigxqcdqzgduvxxsgxowh….jpg)

Okay, moron, let me put this too you in as simple a terms as possible so maybe you'll understand why you are being a dumb-ass.

More white people are involved in crime because they make up the majority of the population.

Just like white people do most of the crime against white people, because there are more white people a larger raw number of them are going to be a victim and/or a criminal.

If you spray a full auto into a crowd of a 100 people and 71 of those people are white, the bullets aren't being racist because they hit more white people.
There are just more white people to be hit.

4b97d93c No.3737334

File: 1712800888131.jpg (40.07 KB, 640x790, d6df9f71ea3a2730f246886415….jpg)

>I have no idea what statistics are
>I will call someone else a moron to cover it up
>bix nood mutha fucka

4e8ff0ca No.3737340


4e8ff0ca No.3737341

File: 1712809012465.png (97.94 KB, 628x436, py1tsg29eptc1.png)

a6fbce96 No.3737344

a6fbce96 No.3737345

I think Mike Johnson might be an even worse Biden dick sucker/boot licker than his predecessor…. another Republican RINO traitor who needs to go.

a6fbce96 No.3737347

The losers in the world… nobody IN PERSON will listen to, or givea shit about… post comments and use the WEB as a platform to talk shit. Giv shit opinions. Support shit views. Share shit ideas….. etc etc.
3B is a perfect example of this.

4e8ff0ca No.3737355

Lol, total paranoid delusion

4e8ff0ca No.3737356

File: 1712838773952.jpeg (74.17 KB, 801x767, bkzvrr045rtc1.jpeg)

34d5e72d No.3737359

Wtg April 2024 Lulz low point where the site is actually not lulzy at all and straight up boring. Might as well put that in your list of achievements as your site has been straight up in a death roll for the last year. And yeah, its so boring even i am considering looking at something that actually is amuzing and not this shite. What prompted this? Oh I dunno, the content is just bland and overly not my thing anymore. And before you say that's my problem, look at how much I also don't care and you are just in denial about straight up facts. I think you should know what I am talking bout, but it seems no one does, so I am just pointing it out. It's fuckin dead as a fart in here.

ef1946cd No.3737362

Forget about whites and consider Asians for a moment. Asians are, what, like half the population of blacks. According to Table 14 in >>3737245, Asians account for less than 0.1 percent of violent offenses against blacks. And the note on that percent says, "Interpret with caution. Estimate is based on 10 or fewer sample cases, or coefficient of variation is greater than 50%." But blacks account for 50113 violent offenses against Asians. That's more than Asian-on-Asian violence, which you would expect to be greater if the races are equally violent and people naturally interact more with those of their own race.

d533b476 No.3737365

File: 1712847980352.jpg (223.1 KB, 800x821, stutuyfyifhk.jpg)

1aa573fd No.3737368

Asian crime lies in the generally more mean spirited shit they do that they cant get away with. The only public shit is them acting like chain-gangsters and killing off their leaders for dumb reasons like freedom and poverty relief.

1aa573fd No.3737369

basically like water and food poisoning and petty shit crimes. asian spite is terrible. I will never actually trust an asian to not do something worse involving actual bio-weaponry and parasitic type shit like serving poisoned fugu or some rancid lake polluted fish full of worms.

4e8ff0ca No.3737374

Typical racist retard white with no degree

4e8ff0ca No.3737375

File: 1712859993008.png (185.79 KB, 845x767, a7e5oufgwutc1.png)

4e8ff0ca No.3737376

File: 1712860082771.jpeg (181.21 KB, 1024x722, icrijptwpvtc1.jpeg)

cc270188 No.3737379

[The Butcher of Brentwood]
LOL dead niggеr.

4e8ff0ca No.3737380


4e8ff0ca No.3737381

File: 1712861873481.jpeg (38.31 KB, 668x767, 968zdgtumutc1.jpeg)

9f08cbc5 No.3737383

File: 1712863668600.webm (2.48 MB, 640x352, black walkable city.webm)

9f08cbc5 No.3737384

File: 1712863751489.jpg (53.3 KB, 994x209, stupid.JPG)

If you wanted to know why college is so expensive….

4e8ff0ca No.3737387

Hurr durr

4e8ff0ca No.3737388

File: 1712867520835.png (104.66 KB, 490x472, fy9sepuz9utc1.png)

1aa573fd No.3737391

idk maybe :-)

1cd0605e No.3737392

File: 1712870651594.jpg (108.63 KB, 1500x1479, 71WQUlNKU3L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

That's old, we have this now!

4144dd35 No.3737398


4144dd35 No.3737399

File: 1712876754158.jpeg (109.72 KB, 576x768, yqf5wo08zvtc1.jpeg)

842f351e No.3737400

File: 1712877186232.jpg (195.81 KB, 1280x1260, 1712064263393721.jpg)

6ba003a4 No.3737402


6ba003a4 No.3737403

File: 1712878404980.jpeg (58.6 KB, 768x768, hmqzzyjjiutc1.jpeg)

6ba003a4 No.3737404

File: 1712878517807.jpeg (79.26 KB, 880x719, bk7rsna0xutc1.jpeg)

c01142ea No.3737421

File: 1712885739988.jpg (194.12 KB, 1024x768, TIUYTIFYIKlt.jpg)


c01142ea No.3737422

966e93fd No.3737424

Is this a leftist meme?

4e8ff0ca No.3737433

4e8ff0ca No.3737434

File: 1712889420760.jpeg (48.71 KB, 518x499, 94pgjsa8wxtc1.jpeg)

4e8ff0ca No.3737438

File: 1712889619220.jpeg (73.94 KB, 768x768, xusaxxm1yxtc1.jpeg)

692f70c7 No.3737443


It's a power grab. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Dem broads needs ta be in da kitchen, barefoot and pregnant!"

22b54dfe No.3737450

Evil blood drinking leftist communist duplicitous America hating white male humiliating new world order Jews: "We need to stop giving money and weapons to Israel, no more innocent blood shed in our name, no more American blood and treasure for Israel"

Based tradcon alpha anti-woke commie hating lib triggering MAGApede judaeo-christian nationalist zionist Jews: "American alpha males must stand ready to help Bibi invade Iran. Also we blew up Bethlehem, fuck you, we're building a Walmart parking lot on the spot where Jesus was born"

1aa573fd No.3737451

there is that we shit versus harry potter having ass shit

4e8ff0ca No.3737453


4e8ff0ca No.3737454

File: 1712926941589.jpeg (47.58 KB, 732x712, 39muqfomjztc1.jpeg)

4e8ff0ca No.3737463

lol incels are so white, fat, stinky and pathetic

4e8ff0ca No.3737464

File: 1712939442105.png (100.91 KB, 500x668, 97axpd5uo1uc1.png)

2b897ff0 No.3737472


4ffaea05 No.3737484

Mike Johnson wants the government not to shut down and Americans to suffer under an economic death spiral so he's a RINO?

That really says a lot about how traitorous the "real Republicans" are and how much they want Americans to suffer.

4ffaea05 No.3737485

>Oh I dunno, the content is just bland and overly not my thing anymore.

Don't like it? Feel free to build a better board! Build a board which doesn't allow MAGA nut jobs, doesn't allow Nazis, doesn't allow racists, and doesn't allow homophobes.

If the three conservatives on this board were banned the rest of us could go back to our normal lives but we can't have any kind of thread on any subject that they won't shit up with their racism and bigotry.

That's why the board is a ghost of what it used to be, cho0b isn't willing to ban these people who do nothing but post insane, conspiracy theory rants and post the same bullshit, racist memes that have already been debunked a million times.

If you want a thriving culture in any format, step 1 is removing the crazy people who want to shit on everything. That's why we have cops in the real world.

4ffaea05 No.3737486

File: 1712969407720.jpg (267.73 KB, 2000x1415, bafkreia53fqzyc2xuo6pqdbfh….jpg)

Did they ever build the Trump presidential library? If not they could build it in the prison and put his name over the door. You know how he likes seeing that!

c84ceb4b No.3737490

File: 1712972849053.jpg (162.83 KB, 1280x743, eab0bf2f-7071-4cda-a6d6-62….jpg)

>Oh I dunno, the content is just bland and overly not my thing anymore.

Don't like it? Feel free to build a better board! Build a board which doesn't allow LIBERAL nut jobs, doesn't allow Commies, doesn't allow race traitors, and doesn't allow mentally ill Trannies.

If the three Leftists on this board were banned the rest of us could go back to our normal lives but we can't have any kind of thread on any subject that they won't shit up with their reverse-racism and bigotry.

That's why the board is a ghost of what it used to be, cho0b isn't willing to ban these people who do nothing but post insane, conspiracy theory rants and post the same bullshit, debunked memes that have already been debunked a million times. 3B is a perfect example of this behavior.

If you want a thriving culture in any format, step 1 is removing the crazy people who want to shit on everything. That's why we have cops in the real world. Uh, until they are defunded, right?

d57f4f9d No.3737493

File: 1712974851223.jpg (27.44 KB, 474x516, th-1780070244.jpg)

You obviously are not contributing anything.

Feel free to fuck off anytime. No one will stop you. No one will miss you.

fe1c5ce2 No.3737500

Will you kill yourself when Biden wins again in November?

fe1c5ce2 No.3737501

File: 1712984618335.jpeg (63.3 KB, 696x477, w4mque3qz4uc1.jpeg)

c84ceb4b No.3737506

Will you ever shut up with your mental retardness?

1450f71f No.3737509

File: 1713010291792.jpg (150.4 KB, 1440x1440, 634a58b729967fb470d49f92a0….jpg)

I can't wait until Trump is president again, I'm going to cum so hard. Liberal tears are basically my Spanish fly.

1aa573fd No.3737512

shit thread is shit

1450f71f No.3737514

its contained for a reason, this thread is like Lulz's septic tank.

1aa573fd No.3737515

so its basically the equivalent of a nuckealor refuse pit of autism…mmk

4d8d59ff No.3737519

File: 1713019395766.png (1.03 MB, 732x848, finding daddy.png)

4e8ff0ca No.3737520

Will you kill yourself when Biden wins again in November?

4e8ff0ca No.3737521

File: 1713024701879.jpeg (112.86 KB, 1024x720, 5newr91wp7uc1.jpeg)

1cd0605e No.3737522

File: 1713025453484.jpg (48 KB, 750x466, EfyrhNEWAAM442a.jpg)

e5a1c849 No.3737523

File: 1713026818982.png (360.07 KB, 512x512, 1712863559145234.png)

0e82dce0 No.3737524

File: 1713031660329.jpg (96.85 KB, 600x778, aoc_gives_trump_lip_servic….jpg)

23217003 No.3737527


23217003 No.3737528

File: 1713038088933.png (171.25 KB, 657x767, 0vv5jdoh3auc1.png)

10073f80 No.3737532

File: 1713044192161.png (289.55 KB, 523x379, Savage3.png)

78ba4fb1 No.3737535

File: 1713047034987.jpg (37.29 KB, 771x155, Capture.JPG)

At a conference in mid-July, Barack Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan, remarked that executive branch officials have an “obligation … to refuse to carry out” outrageous or anti-democratic orders from President Donald Trump. The comment quickly caught the attention of Rush Limbaugh, who saw nothing short of a threat to the republic. “He practically called for a coup!” the radio host bellowed on the air a few days later, warning of a plot orchestrated by “embeds in the deep state at the Pentagon, State Department, various intelligence agencies.”

The left plotted against the Republic back in 2016.

23217003 No.3737536


23217003 No.3737537

File: 1713049563896.webm (415.14 KB, 474x854, rapidsave.com_mike_johnso….webm)

1aa573fd No.3737542

im just not convinced

5799ee0c No.3737545

File: 1713058413693-0.png (261.87 KB, 859x1004, black crowbar burglar.png)

File: 1713058413693-1.png (95.99 KB, 500x394, reply bender laugh harder.png)

>Dont shoot people that would do you harm
>Defending yourself is immoral

4e8ff0ca No.3737547


4e8ff0ca No.3737548

File: 1713061837840.png (133.54 KB, 437x766, w2owft5hccuc1.png)

0981e553 No.3737549

0981e553 No.3737550

File: 1713066502880.png (9.81 KB, 224x225, images.png)




6de0384e No.3737552

Trump would have already sent American troops to Iran to defend Bibi's honor and everyone knows it

0981e553 No.3737555

File: 1713084927267.jpg (192.03 KB, 800x677, 76767546856.jpg)

0981e553 No.3737556

File: 1713085097620.jpg (463.29 KB, 1280x924, 757575474574.jpg)

4e8ff0ca No.3737560


4e8ff0ca No.3737561

File: 1713097797474.jpeg (50.39 KB, 746x568, 04mrcfan7duc1.jpeg)

Idiot whites

4e8ff0ca No.3737566

File: 1713098607363.jpeg (82.27 KB, 727x767, xy23bb3vkduc1.jpeg)

d533b476 No.3737571

File: 1713099835435.jpg (116.76 KB, 480x472, a18506c73b2ee608cb53532b9d….jpg)

Idiot Blacks

d533b476 No.3737572

d533b476 No.3737573

File: 1713100093542.jpg (121.76 KB, 480x480, imaglyyuyes111.jpg)

d533b476 No.3737576

File: 1713100912095.jpg (406.45 KB, 829x1036, s-l1200.jpg)

More PROOF the left can't meme.
Trump is so far over their IQ they can't even figure out what his hidden meanings are.

It's not rocket science.

Everything Trump said in that speech is something he MEANT to say.
If there are any college-educated Lefties here that actually have an IQ above 80, see if you can figure the rest of them out. Not a single one is a 'glitch' or a mental disfunction.

Here's a hint: one of them is a mis-spelling by the meme maker who apparently is phonetically challenged.

1450f71f No.3737578

I heard absolutely nothing that I could disagree with in that video.

64288171 No.3737582

File: 1713103145215.jpg (78.75 KB, 1080x1184, reply stupid.jpg)

Christianity is majority negro and spics. You cant call negros and spics idiots because that is their natural state.

4e8ff0ca No.3737589


4e8ff0ca No.3737590

File: 1713105849384.jpg (196.37 KB, 2000x1953, bafkreibigolckwxjc3iiisqrz….jpg)

4e8ff0ca No.3737591

File: 1713106021621.jpeg (38.75 KB, 831x767, bn49ne3cleuc1.jpeg)

4e8ff0ca No.3737592

File: 1713106196729.jpeg (41.17 KB, 524x499, 4h76tmhssauc1.jpeg)

2b897ff0 No.3737594

xylo·​phon·​ic. : relating to or sounding like a xylophone.

2b897ff0 No.3737595

>>3737365 Finally, OJ can rest knowing his wife's killer is dead.

1b5b8e94 No.3737612

File: 1713128254577.png (861.01 KB, 819x620, science.png)

The left truly cant meme

8148061a No.3737614


8148061a No.3737615

Whites are racist dumb and poor

966e93fd No.3737619

File: 1713130454378.jpg (1.21 MB, 2480x1666, 07d44a0ae59dc907802df0093a….jpg)

Behead those who put @s on their memes.

154e88e8 No.3737624

File: 1713139515980.jpg (36.4 KB, 620x380, Niggers-Arrested-Bingo-sho….jpg)

Niggers are criminal thugs by their inferior genetic makeup. Early genetic testing could allow us to segregate genetically predisposed niggers in concentration camps before they act out their inevitable violent crimes.

8587406f No.3737631

Lol whites are racist, dumb and poor

8587406f No.3737632

File: 1713143967285.jpeg (44.98 KB, 768x768, 7b3tko9v0juc1.jpeg)

91ca9b28 No.3737634

File: 1713152660975.jpg (422.89 KB, 900x1205, africa vs australia black ….jpg)

>racist dumb and poor

Only a dumb, poor, racist would say such a thing.

91ca9b28 No.3737635

File: 1713152715744.jpg (1.48 MB, 1242x1792, el salvador locks up crimi….jpg)

1cd0605e No.3737637

File: 1713155531485.jpg (61.15 KB, 1000x376, 1000_F_202198423_lxm6UolCf….jpg)

After Iran attacked Israel on the news I feel a sleep.

Had a nightmare that is surreal that I was playing or working on the old computer as I got on to daily sites it froze and a pop up appears it was a poorly animated bolt cutter with arms as TV news outtlets are stating news of Iran and China flooding this malware.
people around neighborhood screaming that their phone is not working communications are cut off and compromized.

Had to woke up suddenly terrified and check anything on online this could be a warning sign.

c99c2a79 No.3737644

Let's talk about what would happen if Trump had his way and America went to war with Iran…

1) Israel would pull most of its troops out of Gaza then bomb the ever living shit out of it until they were absolutely certain that everyone who could be a terrorist or grow up to be a terrorist was dead.

2) They would start air strikes against Iran and any time a jet returned without using a bomb that bomb would be dropped on Gaza as a "secondary package". All military prefer the planes come back with empty wings.

3) America would be brought into a decades long war between the factions in the middle east which would be nothing but a massive waste of our tax dollars. Israel would take all the captured land and resources and we would get nothing.

You think prices are high now? Wait till we are 5 years in another forever-conflict.

c99c2a79 No.3737645

File: 1713167227490.png (27.21 KB, 816x291, kleptocracy definition.png)

Kleptocracy is a real word, you ignorant hick.

b0e7f5c2 No.3737664

Lol hicks are poor white imbeciles

b0e7f5c2 No.3737665

File: 1713196770588.jpeg (92.8 KB, 896x1353, xolxf4184nuc1.jpeg)

692f70c7 No.3737667

Did CBS ever fuck up last night.
While broadcasting the Billy Joel concert, during the song "Piano Man" they cut the feed and went to local news.

966e93fd No.3737668

File: 1713203362853.jpg (177.76 KB, 1280x933, 4f1ecb2aca5f5cb0574e7540f3….jpg)

Trump doesn't want war with Iran. He wants to blowhard until they back down. That's what he did his entire presidency and it worked.

1cd0605e No.3737673

File: 1713210647537.png (1.67 MB, 1024x1024, image0-1.png)

ac07c0f4 No.3737690

Who doesn't wish to have a false-flagging Democrat neighbor.

1cd0605e No.3737691

File: 1713226638391.png (129.88 KB, 679x1716, tali obligitory.png)

ab166897 No.3737694

File: 1713234673958-0.jpg (962.38 KB, 1170x1636, tax.jpg)

File: 1713234673958-1.png (198.91 KB, 534x545, taxes.png)

I am just finishing up my taxes.

All you leftists, liberals and communists need to post your social security numbers. I am allowed to claim dependents on my taxes.

75131885 No.3737696


75131885 No.3737697

File: 1713236539092.jpeg (70.04 KB, 768x768, t17us6l6rouc1.jpeg)

966e93fd No.3737698

File: 1713241256462.jpg (182.86 KB, 1280x1030, 8d6e6a9160c375a4bafbbf3586….jpg)

The kikes are so desperate to take unflattering shots of Trump in motion and post them out of context. It's pathetic.

Oh, also fun fact I learned about the origin of the word Kike:

The word kike was born on Ellis Island when there were Jewish migrants who were also illiterate (or could not use Latin alphabet letters). When asked to sign the entry-forms with the customary "X", the Jewish immigrants would refuse, because they associated an X with the cross of Christianity. Instead, they drew a circle as the signature on the entry-forms. The Yiddish word for "circle" is kikel (pronounced KY - kel), and for "little circle", kikeleh. Before long the immigration inspectors were calling anyone who signed with an "O" instead of an "X" a kikel or kikeleh or kikee or, finally and succinctly, kike.

The origin of the word comes explicitly from their rejection of Christ.

16f52643 No.3737716

File: 1713259323428-0.png (147.38 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20240416-051313.png)

File: 1713259323428-1.png (103.46 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20240416-051437.png)

Just more PROOF the left can't meme.
Intentionally deceptive idiot leftist meme maker took a split second frame from the video where Trump blinked and then wasted his time making this.
You can do this with ANY person on video.
I would bet any amount of money the leftie thought this would fool somebody.

My God, lefties are so mother fucking stupid.
No real-world experience.
College educated idiots.

9a902ea0 No.3737726

Trump fell asleep at his own trial. It was all over the news yesterday.

>Even as a judge was hearing arguments on last-minute issues in a criminal case that centers on salacious allegations and threatens to upend his bid for the presidency, Mr. Trump appeared to nod off a few times, his mouth going slack and his head drooping onto his chest.
>The former president’s lead lawyer, Todd Blanche, passed him notes for several minutes before Mr. Trump appeared to jolt awake and notice them.

60f0e0c9 No.3737728

File: 1713273079015.jpg (25.97 KB, 405x499, typical nigger 002.jpg)

All over the FAKE news. Which reminds me, niggers are ugly.

e0617393 No.3737731

Fake news: inconvenient facts that expose Trump for the clown he always was.

4e8ff0ca No.3737733

Lol whites are racist and poor

4e8ff0ca No.3737734

File: 1713276919907.jpeg (104.89 KB, 617x766, 03t52wlw7quc1.jpeg)

4e8ff0ca No.3737735

File: 1713276970103.jpeg (61.07 KB, 730x767, 4gxsciii6ouc1.jpeg)

692f70c7 No.3737742

I was in a court, during a jury picking, years ago.
It was for a pretty much cut-and-dried burglary, I mean, the cops busted the guy inside a closed store.
I was so bored I fell asleep, the judge dismissed me.
Lawyers were just "Yada yada yada…" ad nauseated.

c99c2a79 No.3737744

I think it would be a little bit different if you were the one on trial and facing prison time instead of the guy being picked for jury duty.

4e8ff0ca No.3737745

File: 1713284725472.png (309.49 KB, 870x646, ajcgohrkotuc1.png)

4e8ff0ca No.3737746

File: 1713285603406.png (153.21 KB, 782x492, zamttqduhuuc1.png)

c99c2a79 No.3737747

File: 1713285650765.jpg (72.54 KB, 680x510, GKZk6tGXcAArQuW.jpg)

In fun Trump news, America's favorite clown is still unable to pay the bond that allows him to take his appeal. After the court reduced the charge from 400 million to 100 million, Trump still can't get the money together. First they submitted a bond from Knight insurance that was signed in the wrong place so it wasn't valid and they forgot to include a financial disclosure which was required in every bond in every case.

Now Trump submitted a new bond with no signature from the company at all. The signature page that he did include was from a different bond, from a different company, in a different court case.

Knight insurance did submit the financials though, and it looks like the bond agreement was based on the value of a Schwab stock account. The agreement required that the stock account maintain enough value to cover the cost of the bond should Knight insurance need to pay out.

However, it would seem that the stock portfolio of Donald Trump has collapsed and now night insurance won't post the bond.

It's really strange how hard it is for a "billionaire", stable genius, business expert to get together enough money to afford his court case, isn't it?

ef1946cd No.3737748

File: 1713287035962.jpg (5.6 MB, 5868x3912, TTS2W46FEZPSBJLIOU44HQPDFQ.jpg)

>Give me ONE reason why any civilian needs access to something like this.
Those are dangerous. Just look at the body count racked up by the IDF for carrying those things around. Or maybe it was for wearing vests that read "PRESS".

4e8ff0ca No.3737749


4e8ff0ca No.3737750

File: 1713287407978.jpeg (397.33 KB, 1080x1407, pt4l67j6muuc1.jpeg)

806b0658 No.3737751

File: 1713288224735.jpg (101.61 KB, 584x468, useful-idiot_orig-30530325….jpg)



God you leftists are so gullible.

806b0658 No.3737752

File: 1713288305177.png (171.72 KB, 1135x319, Untitled.png)

Here is a lulz shitposter from 2014 who ironicallly has proven to be correct with his prediction about the minimum wage.

Leftists on suicide watch.

4e3266fc No.3737753

But it's actually right-wingers who are desperately trying to control healthcare. At least when it comes to women's bodies.

23217003 No.3737760

They forgor women still vote

ee9ae802 No.3737762

File: 1713292838234.png (765.05 KB, 1314x950, fee.png)


New twitter accounts have to pay to post or wait 3 months?

c99c2a79 No.3737765

If you think inflation is caused by people on minimum wage getting slightly more money, you are an idiot.

c99c2a79 No.3737766

I'm sure they'll be trying to take away that right soon as well.

ee9ae802 No.3737769

File: 1713301183505.jpg (223.88 KB, 929x1280, 95.jpg)


Good. maybe the laws can finally stop being retardly anti-male.

0af0c23a No.3737770

You deserve worse actually.

1450f71f No.3737771

File: 1713302128620.gif (7.63 MB, 640x478, anonimus-dance.gif)

lol, never going to happen.

23217003 No.3737772

File: 1713302401213.jpeg (118.56 KB, 1242x992, yv5hizfuuuuc1.jpeg)

23217003 No.3737774

File: 1713302520563.jpeg (96.34 KB, 872x1323, 5ij9hmkpjvuc1.jpeg)

1450f71f No.3737775

File: 1713302540365.jpg (32.1 KB, 640x362, dc73c9f833aa93fefeee4a81ad….jpg)

I'm just happy I only have to pay 80 dollars a month for doggo insurance, vs like 1200 for hooman insurance.

FYI, if you don't insure your dogs, you are a bad person.

966e93fd No.3737777

File: 1713303192387.png (563.82 KB, 1000x900, 076090d4d96f419549fe041234….png)

Kind of true. Inflation is caused by money printing. Inflation is caused by fiat currency. Inflation is caused by kikes.

Reminder that there was no inflation under the gold standard or the establishment of the federal reserve.

966e93fd No.3737778

File: 1713303328481.png (1.04 MB, 929x1280, cf523c8f2a46ffb1452b83198b….png)

Reminder that the medical tyranny of the scamdemic is what destroyed the foundation of Roe v Wade.

1450f71f No.3737780

I doubt that. Kikes have money, the ones to lose the most from inflation is people with money.

ee9ae802 No.3737781

File: 1713303893507.gif (82.83 KB, 498x430, 53.gif)


I deserve all the cute guy kisses. Its not a real kiss, if I can't taste the last thing you ate, or sucked.

1450f71f No.3737782

I blame the corporations.

1450f71f No.3737784

corps don't have money, they have assets.

1450f71f No.3737785

File: 1713304253772.jpg (7.62 KB, 240x210, images (2).jpg)

I'll give you a cute guy kiss~

and the last thing I ate was your ass~

ee9ae802 No.3737786

File: 1713304407864.png (702.88 KB, 1080x818, Super_straight4.png)

1450f71f No.3737787

File: 1713304481441.gif (5.53 MB, 2000x1125, 1620164833.gobanire_meow1.gif)

well and teriaki raman noodles, but lets hope it covers the taste of your butthole.

ee9ae802 No.3737788

File: 1713304886671.jpg (37.83 KB, 500x500, 65643.jpg)

If you wanted to eat shit, forget boyfriends go to a porta-potty.

1450f71f No.3737789

File: 1713304903323.jpg (525.26 KB, 3000x3000, wallhaven-n62y36.jpg)

not like I wouldn't eat DK's butt out all day… and proceed with kisses.

1450f71f No.3737790

not into scat, but with a bit of manual manipulation, you'll just be shooting slime for days~

1450f71f No.3737791

I mean, I wont injest it,, but I will spread it out out all over your butt cheeks with my face.

1450f71f No.3737792

File: 1713305749324.png (927.14 KB, 1238x658, vegeta-mustache.png)

then just smell your malehood on my mustacheio for a few hours.

1450f71f No.3737793

File: 1713305861111.jpg (92.95 KB, 850x841, 3d628be0c10d2f8e7f4b013aed….jpg)

and yes, i did mean to make it gross, it was intentional.

cc39365a No.3737794

Steam eats da poo poo.

ee9ae802 No.3737795

File: 1713306066858.png (424.46 KB, 420x498, Asexual_flag.png)

I discovered something new about myself. I've become Asexual

1450f71f No.3737796

File: 1713306319301.png (345.48 KB, 643x482, mission_accomplished.png)

4e8ff0ca No.3737800


4e8ff0ca No.3737801

File: 1713310939078.jpeg (71.59 KB, 680x680, ai5atqauovuc1.jpeg)

1cd0605e No.3737805

File: 1713312950536.jpg (188.57 KB, 1200x1200, the-bees-11.jpg)

6f2ba369 No.3737815

File: 1713319486632.png (165.63 KB, 1135x319, Untitled.png)

>I doubt that.

Actually, it does. When money is injected into the financial stream, the initial recipient gets the full benefit of the money as it has not been felt as inflation.

It gets felt as inflation by those that get the money at a point when the velocity increases. Think of it as a dam bursting. It takes time for water to travel down stream.

>the ones to lose the most from inflation is people with money.

I;ll give you one guess which class gets first dibs on created money….

4e8ff0ca No.3737825


4e8ff0ca No.3737826

File: 1713324978009.jpeg (107.16 KB, 793x767, 8zb2p8k0swuc1.jpeg)

966e93fd No.3737827

File: 1713331358304-0.webm (3.44 MB, 360x636, 269c8b589bb067ff4067d073f….webm)

File: 1713331358304-1.jpg (218.86 KB, 1280x768, 5d143a6d17958d3f4abe24ffe6….jpg)

Every dollar printed devalues every dollar that came before it.

If you can just print more money, your money is a jewish scam.

966e93fd No.3737828

File: 1713331565032-0.jpg (132.57 KB, 736x960, c2445fda29728f1549c2693296….jpg)

File: 1713331565032-1.jpg (224.24 KB, 1280x1122, 9ddad258acc15a4e39d1ff166d….jpg)

Every worker you import devalues the work of every existing worker.

Immigration keeps wages down.

c99c2a79 No.3737829

Americans won't work the crap jobs migrants will. They aren't in the same workforce. More immigrants only increase the competition for jobs with other migrants, not with Americans.

966e93fd No.3737830

File: 1713334663443.png (3.12 MB, 2880x2160, 0741f0784655e52087c9eb9275….png)

If you were offered a bank managers salary to clean toilets, you bet your ass you'd do it. They will work those 'jobs nobody wants' when they have the financial incentive to do so, when the wages are higher. If not for immigrants, employers would be forced to either pay more of develop robots to fill the roles.

You fucking retards bitch about the minimum wage as if you aren't the reason wages are so low.

c99c2a79 No.3737831

File: 1713336523016.jpg (49.53 KB, 604x546, GLNQit6XoAAhgJj.jpg)

>If you were offered a bank managers salary to clean toilets…

You seem to think the options are pay a migrant practically nothing or pay an American a lot but you know what option the corporation would actually take?

They would close the bathrooms. They would lock the doors so no one could use them rather than pay someone a living wage to clean them.

966e93fd No.3737832

File: 1713337549308.jpg (454.11 KB, 1280x914, d33ee844734f15b3056d40bd4f….jpg)

Irrelevant and also conjecture.

The argument is that mass immigration reduces wages.

With fewer prospective employees, employers will have to compete with eachother to attract the ones available. They aren't going to do that by shutting down their bathrooms.

This is another way in which mass migration destroys labour standards.

Your policies are to blame for poor labour conditions. Your policies are why employers can treat you like shit and just replace you with Pablo or Sanjeet if you dare talk back.

4e8ff0ca No.3737839

Lol maga has no brain

4e8ff0ca No.3737840

File: 1713358731119.jpeg (49.77 KB, 1024x702, 48rxa632gxuc1.jpeg)

1450f71f No.3737841

Just to point this out, I have more money than most of you combined, and I have 0 taxable income.

There are multiple loop holes you can juggle through to avoid paying taxes. It sounds dirty, but if they're there, you'd be stupid not to use them.

Trump likely does it far more effectively than I do.

1450f71f No.3737842

my dad never listened to his dad, and I never listened to my dad, but I did listen to my dad's dad, and he taught me a lot about how to fuck the system.

My dad has this weird concept of honor, and imo, "honor" is just the government's way of controlling simps.

1450f71f No.3737843

He was also a total asshole. He didn't give me or my dad anything in his inheritance. Instead he left several million dollars to my pill addicted psycho aunt.

She proceeded to use said inheritance to buy several cars on lease, and a house. She then realized she couldn't repair said house, lost the house, did a bunch of expensive pills, sold the cars, did more pills and died of overdose.

8333bf0e No.3737844

Liberals are stupid, that is WHY.
Just like some think Satan is the one to worship because all kinds of sin and perversions are 'OK' with him.
The fools are too stupid to realize Satan wants you to do those things because he knows one or more of them will destroy you.
He hates all God's creations, especially HUMANS.

4e8ff0ca No.3737845

Lol so you're basic as fuck

4e8ff0ca No.3737846

Stfu christfag

4e8ff0ca No.3737847

File: 1713359981463.png (205.53 KB, 644x470, gvpy3rzslyuc1.png)

8333bf0e No.3737848

You just PROVED how stupid you are with that comment,
and you don't even realize it.
You're BEYOND stupid then.
You go around licking black goat's assholes all day long do you?

1450f71f No.3737850

Its actually kind of funny, christians are always "bible this, bible that" but never actually read the bible. I've read it in full, and it is way more fucked up than any cult material or satan stuff.

Then again, the church has always been based on the hope that no one actually reads that book, and just listens to the preachers' opinions.

1450f71f No.3737851

I was raised as a christian, and my other grandpa was a short wave radio preacher / mountain hermit. So the ideology is kinda locked in my head whether I want it there or not.

But at least I realize its all bullshit. Like 99% of the most popular christian traditions were stolen from "pagans" and just rebranded.

4e8ff0ca No.3737852

File: 1713362282527.png (104.56 KB, 659x502, hx9fkaymr0vc1.png)

4e8ff0ca No.3737853

File: 1713362372448.png (110.27 KB, 503x540, buh9utghn0vc1.png)

1450f71f No.3737854

uh… the confederates were democrats…

1450f71f No.3737855

the "union" was called that because it was representing a REPUBLIC, a union of collective towns and cities.

Its not a hard concept.

1450f71f No.3737856

confederate = everyone controlled by a centralized government. Its not like those names were picked out of the blue… lol.

In retrospect, the union won the battle, but the confederates won the war.

c99c2a79 No.3737859

File: 1713366813713.jpg (94.53 KB, 850x1100, sample-1f65df3562c7b61a8ce….jpg)

The judge actually said that Trump probably could go to the graduation, depending on how well the process of the trial was going.

Trump took this to me he would not be able to attend his son's graduation because he knows his lawyers entire plan is to drag everything out as long as possible to avoid conviction.

Trump is the one stopping Trump from going to his son's graduation, not the judge.

fb4b06a9 No.3737862

fb4b06a9 No.3737863

File: 1713368636832.jpeg (99.57 KB, 522x767, tunqstwc81vc1.jpeg)

7b1853d0 No.3737865

File: 1713368720092-0.png (277.18 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20240417-112740.png)

File: 1713368720092-1.png (126.92 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20240417-112806.png)

fb4b06a9 No.3737866


fb4b06a9 No.3737867

File: 1713368938023.jpeg (99.43 KB, 1024x767, f1ktzih4k1vc1.jpeg)

3f6ee317 No.3737868

The problem with conservatives is that they have a victim mentality and refuse to take responsibility for their actions. They're just inherently worse than normal people due to well-documented brain abnormalities.

49bb5a97 No.3737869

Sucks when the opposition is using your own playbook back at you, doesn't it?

The left with had such a good run with "waa waa systemic oppression!". Now you get to look in the mirror.

4e8ff0ca No.3737870

Nope. You're in a cult worshipping a criminal rapist.

4e8ff0ca No.3737871

File: 1713370432967.jpeg (77.01 KB, 715x500, gabz31ucf1vc1.jpeg)

49bb5a97 No.3737872

You support Israel so a bunch of arabs wouldn't upset the balance of power in Middle East and cause an oil crisis, which would reflect as a global economic crisis.


4e8ff0ca No.3737874

File: 1713371188209.jpeg (60.41 KB, 976x549, bwqlnk9o42vc1.jpeg)

4e8ff0ca No.3737875

File: 1713371229154.jpeg (76.15 KB, 803x767, c4c7kwheu1vc1.jpeg)

1aa573fd No.3737876

File: 1713372351640.gif (925.45 KB, 320x180, qjKii8.gif)

you are too immersed to see how the government actively impedes the livelihood and stability of others in order to keep those like you dependent on. also there is no "side" except those in control and those who have none. aka you have none. you are basically a sheep, regardless of your feelings about other sheep. plus you are a cuck.

3f6ee317 No.3737877

Proving my point that you're just a whiner pretending to have problems because you're not a very impressive person, thanks.

Stop blaming other people for your own failures and learn to become a normal well-adjusted member of society and your mental health problems will go away.

4e8ff0ca No.3737878


4e8ff0ca No.3737879

File: 1713373904106.jpeg (54.64 KB, 689x569, oe1ugb4lz0vc1.jpeg)

7b1853d0 No.3737880

7b1853d0 No.3737881

Yeah, we will, leftie loser.
Now take this stupid shit you've been posting and go back to your echo chamber on Reddit.
Every single thing you post is just MORE PROOF that the left can't meme.

7b1853d0 No.3737882

A small, small percentage might be that way.
However, you do realized you just described nearly THE ENTIRE BLACK RACE, don't you?

3f6ee317 No.3737883

Stop blaming "the left" for your choice to become an unloveable loser posting about how people "can't meme" all the way up into your 40's.

3f6ee317 No.3737884

Black people did not force you to become a jobless freak with no friends, you chose to do that. Take responsibility for your own life.

f6fb4a6e No.3737886

File: 1713375797578.jpg (36.71 KB, 800x500, how_old_men_have_sex.jpg)


That hair, he's gone super sayian.

1450f71f No.3737887

inner city black people give other black people a bad name.

I dated a black girl in high school, her dad was a paralegal, and her mom was a nurse. I actually had a very healthy relationship with her, her family was super friendly and close knit, and generally way less sociopathic than my own family.

Unfortunately they moved, cause my town is a total white out and insane.

1450f71f No.3737888

my mom throwing a brick through their window might have played apart in their moving…

3f6ee317 No.3737891

Nobody cares about your attention whoring.

1450f71f No.3737892

File: 1713376863777.jpg (7.77 KB, 225x225, images (5).jpg)

Its actually pretty funny, my parents constantly stepped on me and my brothers toes whenever we tried to date girls, freaked out when we made friends because they thought we were being gay…

Now were both in our mid 30's no kids, both of us are possibly gay?, and no friends on either side. Plus side we both have a bunch of money and are both extremely educated, but alas, no grand kids for my parents.

They wanted genetically superior grand babies, and instead they got nothing, good day sir. Its laughable.

1450f71f No.3737893

File: 1713376972391.jpg (284.38 KB, 1280x769, vox_hazbin_hotel_by_magikm….jpg)

If no one cared about my attention whoring, I wouldn't do it.

Obviously they do, otherwise I would have lost interest a decade ago.

4e8ff0ca No.3737894

I think you are just fine

4e8ff0ca No.3737895

MAGA big butthurt mad

4e8ff0ca No.3737896

File: 1713377119647.jpeg (66.23 KB, 621x766, jekc1gz8m2vc1.jpeg)

3f6ee317 No.3737901

Nobody is impressed by you posting divorced dad shit all day. Go bald somewhere else.

1450f71f No.3737904

File: 1713382404521.jpeg (706.36 KB, 2000x2200, m027xt9or7gc1 (1).jpeg)

for one, I never married, let alone got divorced. For two, my hairline is immaculate.

1450f71f No.3737906

My facial hair is shit though. You win big, you lose big. Not that I'm complaining.

It just means I have to shave less.

1450f71f No.3737907

I mean I can grow a badass mustache and goatee, but the cheeks though… lets just say I'd be the second one to die in a zombie film, after the black dude.

1450f71f No.3737908

actually, if I played the bad guy, i might get into the second season at least.

3f6ee317 No.3737909

Nobody cares and nobody read any of your shit

1450f71f No.3737910

you obviously did, you responded after all.

4e8ff0ca No.3737912

File: 1713388139570.jpeg (44.67 KB, 1024x723, d8cmpcynpwuc1.jpeg)

3f6ee317 No.3737913

Steam post; didn't read

1450f71f No.3737914

again, you read and responded.

4e8ff0ca No.3737917

4e8ff0ca No.3737918

File: 1713391755257.jpeg (144.18 KB, 1242x828, 5suixej6e3vc1.jpeg)

4e8ff0ca No.3737920

File: 1713392787996.jpeg (244.96 KB, 1284x1411, cq7aqeyvpvuc1.jpeg)

7637f6b4 No.3737921

What's wrong with taking a nap? Get em in where ya can.

1739b643 No.3737922

Note to self: do not get in the car if this retard is driving.

4e8ff0ca No.3737925

Don't drive. Vote

7c011494 No.3737926

File: 1713405814217.jpg (41.78 KB, 512x512, quote miltonfreeman protec….jpg)

Finally, someone get it.

21d0d773 No.3737928

Just don't ride with >>3737921 to your polling place. He'll fall asleep at the wheel and kill you in a crash.

4e8ff0ca No.3737929

So sleepy

4e8ff0ca No.3737930

File: 1713414889770.jpeg (74.9 KB, 1024x586, 033s5h0ud5vc1.jpeg)

If he croaks in court, they might not notice until they break for lunch.

7b1853d0 No.3737931

Already debunked, Trump never fell asleep in court, this is the same kind of leftist meme bullshit lies that you kept pushing when you claimed Trump smelled bad, until you saw it wasn't getting any reaction and suddenly stopped posting them.

Trump is going to win and there is NOTHING you can do about it.

But do continue, it makes his approval rating go up.

7b1853d0 No.3737932

File: 1713428678907.jpg (47.81 KB, 527x474, 5ti17o.jpg)

7b1853d0 No.3737933

File: 1713428859142.jpg (71.83 KB, 544x1000, 71ClIZr1RlL._AC_UY1000_DpW….jpg)

1aa573fd No.3737937

your point is stupid and boring what was it again for the 100x time of me not giving a shit? dumbass

c99c2a79 No.3737952

File: 1713461957227.jpg (90.81 KB, 850x478, sample-f105ba8c180a243cffc….jpg)

No one cares. Seriously, no one cares.

c99c2a79 No.3737953

File: 1713462046077.jpg (135.84 KB, 850x478, sample-86b19bd47986069365e….jpg)

That's a picture of people praying, you moron.

4e8ff0ca No.3737954

Because maga isn't Christianity, it's the worship of the anti christ

4e8ff0ca No.3737955

File: 1713462803779.jpeg (85.3 KB, 941x738, prqcuese39vc1.jpeg)

ef1946cd No.3737956

File: 1713467675447.jpg (2.16 MB, 2553x1440, ChrisJerrey-HR20220115-_MG….jpg)


No one mentioned this? The Supreme Court left in place a decision that holds organizers liable for crimes committed by both protesters and counterprotesters at their events. Simultaneously shitting on both free speech and personal accountability.

966e93fd No.3737958

File: 1713471628530.jpg (668.29 KB, 2900x2152, 2f4e490c341680f7dd27117fa8….jpg)

Honestly, going to sleep in the middle of their kangaroo court would be pretty based.

4e8ff0ca No.3737959

That's because you're a cult member. You will keep voting R happily till whoops no more furry porn for you

4e8ff0ca No.3737960

File: 1713472236870.png (133.7 KB, 502x746, u9wucxbic8vc1.png)

966e93fd No.3737961

File: 1713473288670.jpg (386.26 KB, 1067x1600, 7169374ee8335684ea2483f932….jpg)

No? Are you trying to act like a retard for reactions?

1fe14519 No.3737963

Manchild response. Conservatives have underdeveloped brains and act like spoiled kids for their entire lives.

8cf19e74 No.3737964

Wow, what a brave and controversial stance. Truly I have never heard something so worthy of being communicated in all my days.

Why would anyone want to interact with you when they can get your exact opinions but funnier by watching any of the myriad of late night shows? You've made yourself obsolete as a human by being so boring.

Give me something interesting. Something I can work with. Anything at all to let me know you're a human and not a bot.

I know for a fact I could tell you things you've NEVER heard before. I doubt you could do the same for me.

c99c2a79 No.3737966

File: 1713478977025.jpg (361.57 KB, 700x486, patriot_front_gettyimages-….jpg)

I'm okay with this. Real protests shouldn't be paid for by rich people trying to make a point.

Real protests should be the citizens taking to the street in their local town, not being bussed in from halfway across America as part of an online hate group.

c99c2a79 No.3737967

>I know for a fact I could tell you things you've NEVER heard before.
Do it, fagot. I dare you.

ef1946cd No.3737968

The ruling doesn't concern who pays for protests but who organizes them. Anyone can organize a protest, rich or poor. Now anyone who does so is liable for crimes committed by any participant. That means Proud Boys or whoever can show up to a lefty protest, assault a cop, and if no one can identify the perpetrators, the lefty organizer gets charged. Sound fair?

ef1946cd No.3737969

Well, not charged but sued.

5ac8bc7c No.3737970

File: 1713481171465.png (1.61 MB, 1290x941, 40k.png)


Wokeism comes for warhammer 40k again

4e8ff0ca No.3737973


4e8ff0ca No.3737974

File: 1713482552372.jpg (260.87 KB, 2000x1471, bafkreigy56i5eckhj53qhcff6….jpg)

5ac8bc7c No.3737975

File: 1713483305765.png (939.02 KB, 1280x1080, 564322.png)


This artists sucks, they gave every person the same face.

faef9f53 No.3737981

File: 1713502568039.png (1.67 MB, 1024x1024, 1f69ca0ca02788ccca6d77d7e0….png)

d741b291 No.3737988

File: 1713530370063.jpg (273.31 KB, 1686x929, 2776630_Helsy_ace_attorney….jpg)

4e8ff0ca No.3737992

File: 1713535410885.png (62.76 KB, 493x583, wxb5ps86dfvc1.png)

6b5e0b3e No.3737993


Then its probably an AI image.

6b5e0b3e No.3737994

Trump never said that. Your own image proves it. You are an imbecile.

692f70c7 No.3737999


It was Jesse Watters, since Tucker Carlson was fired, now he's the biggest asshole at Faux "news."

As to Trump?
We already know what a total asshole he is.

4db43870 No.3738000

File: 1713539798090.jpg (215.82 KB, 1032x490, Commie_SJW_Scum.jpg)

Steam, you're the last remaining genuine poster on here besides myself - Nigrman's still here but… why is he even bothering? Besides maybe the occasional exception, rest are just earthly-israhelli bots and cowardly humanoid scum that's getting paid to post nwo lies and poison on here. You're helping keep this synagogue-of-satan viper's nest alive, by feeding it.

jewB is a backstabbing satan-worshipping traitor, only cowards, pedos, traitors and kabbalistic trash run this honeypot board. DK's a cowardly bitch who talks about how satanism is "freedom", and when he gives away too many details about his talmudic/kabbalistic/satanist connections and brainwashing, then his handler/boss shows up to complain and DK immediately tucks tail, complies and deletes his incriminating posts. This entire cesspit is an owned/controlled outlet for the satanic new world order's poison.
Did you notice how quickly the old polshit thread was unpinned and all kinds of anti-Christian poison was spread in the new thread, after I had posted scripture and pointed out DK's slavery?
(In your Steam Thread #8775634 (Stove Edition) you even said you're "attracted" to him.)

Everyone who's involved in this place are slaves, and their crimes and actions on here are being recorded to be used against them in the future. I wonder if jeWb (and co.) was always a backstabber, or he just got a special visit from the feds who told him they wouldn't prosecute him for his indictable crimes if he became their treasonous bitch.

You couldn't have chosen a worse place and people to involve yourself with. You can start your healing by slowly replacing all the known poisons in your life with good and honest things - they're hard to come by and even know of, but they still exist.

What can I do to help you stop hurting yourself? I'm not much of an example and just a dog, but still better off than you are.

ec917233 No.3738002

Shut up business jew

ec917233 No.3738003

File: 1713541838642.jpeg (48.73 KB, 771x767, am4mcov14bvc1.jpeg)

4db43870 No.3738004

File: 1713543141837.jpg (650.63 KB, 3840x2160, Bolty.jpg)

Thanks for bumping my post off the first page again with your regurgitated trash, dummy. :3

This place is deader than a died suddenly vax-victim - at least many of them weren't already dead on the inside.

Well, time for doggy bed.

4e8ff0ca No.3738005

Take your vaccine ya ignorant hick

4e8ff0ca No.3738006

File: 1713544521849.png (233.21 KB, 575x719, ojgt49kuegvc1.png)

c99c2a79 No.3738007

File: 1713545274717.jpg (107.6 KB, 850x478, sample-bda849925415437eba2….jpg)

In fun Trump news, Trump went on social media and posted a new page of on his truck media site explaining to retail investors (AKA: You morons) who bought stock in DJT that they need to contact their brokers and tell them not to sell shares which can be used to short the stock.

Why is Trump so concerned about the stock being shorted? If the stock stays over $17 for 20 consecutive days he, and all the Insiders at his company are rewarded with hundreds of thousands of more shares!

Of course, this means that the shares of stock you suckers bought will devalue even more as the number of total shares explodes.

Trump and all those Insiders will then dump the stock for whatever value they can get out of it and leave you holding the bag.

So remember to contact your broker and tell them not to make you any money that way Trump can get more later.

4e8ff0ca No.3738008

4e8ff0ca No.3738009

File: 1713547455323.png (241.85 KB, 1024x757, zaatsp6cvgvc1.png)

4e8ff0ca No.3738010

File: 1713547492815.jpeg (101.33 KB, 834x767, sol505qppgvc1.jpeg)

966e93fd No.3738037

File: 1713560689860.png (2.97 MB, 3000x3000, 3fd0de67c709a46998176560e9….png)

Literally who gives a fuck.

1cd0605e No.3738039

File: 1713566622785-0.png (320.43 KB, 858x809, 8a6f33b51ffc855df02a2a2c52….png)

File: 1713566622785-1.png (660 KB, 1964x1226, 4278b53eef6d81ecab561dcefa….png)

static hair?

c99c2a79 No.3738041

Part of the deal Trump made when they created DJT stock was that if it stays above $17 in value for more than 20 consecutive days the stock will split, he will get thousands more shares and so will all the people who put together the deal.

This means everyone else's shares will be worth less.

Think of it like inflation - If the Fed was to suddenly print up 50% of the total cash money in the American banks and split it between 5 rich people. All money becomes worth less per-dollar, but those rich people don't care because they have most of it.

In the same way, Trump wants his stock to split because even though each share will be worth less, he will still have 70% of the total stock he can dump for more money leaving the rubes who buy it holding the worthless paper while he makes off with even more money.

c99c2a79 No.3738043

File: 1713570736616.jpg (130.27 KB, 941x1369, GLZLvlKa0AAGcVw.jpg)

In case you don't know what shorting a stock means, it's basically people borrowing DJT stock from brokers, selling it, pocketing the money, then buying the stock again at a much lower price to return it to the person they borrowed it from. This is a way for everyone involved to make money but it created an endless cycle of selling and buying for less which drives the stock value down even faster.

Short selling creates a destructive loop which tanks the stock value so that a few people who are manipulating the market can run off with money while screwing over other investors.


c99c2a79 No.3738044

File: 1713571422796.jpg (263.45 KB, 2000x1315, bafkreih7ssnkv75d7if2shvzd….jpg)

Trump wants the stock to stay above $17 for long enough that he can get more shares to dump. If it happens, if the stock splits, I'll tell you what happens next.

Trump will be given special permission from the company board of directors to sell his stock before the standard 6 month hold is up, he'll dump all his stock over night and so will his rich friends, then you suckers will buy it all up at $20 or $30 and the next morning the price will drop to less than $2 a share.

It will transfer your money into Trump's pocket and I will guarantee that you will end up blaming Joe Biden because your retirement money vanished over night.

4e8ff0ca No.3738060

That's all idiot whites do, complain about things that they did to themselves.

4e8ff0ca No.3738061

File: 1713588339487.png (136.48 KB, 818x755, otety1016hvc1.png)

b126388f No.3738066

That's all idiot blacks do, complain about things that they did to themselves.


b126388f No.3738067

File: 1713603893340.png (800.52 KB, 536x960, 04893a4f39d10c20dd6afaaa57….png)

My pajamas have a hole in them,
What should I do?
Can you help me fix this?

1e419eb6 No.3738079

File: 1713615437506.jpg (138.14 KB, 690x700, nigger victims.jpg)

> That's all idiot blacks do, complain about things that they did to themselves.
True. Niggers create their own problems.

1450f71f No.3738081

Sometimes you have to inflict things upon yourself that you know is wrong, but its your only choice at the time.

Not saying that nigs do it more often, but sometimes you have to make sacrafices to make ends meet.

1450f71f No.3738083

File: 1713616316769.png (788.7 KB, 800x800, 3005103558ffec8e4e0876f5c7….png)

I'm wealthy, but it wasn't always that way. I did several really weird things to acquire my wealth, and secure it.

1450f71f No.3738085

File: 1713616503828.png (3.39 MB, 2062x1530, 10054de319a3a07bf842e89cea….png)

well east coast wealthy, I'm poor as shit over on the west coast where minimum was is like 45 an hour.

801161ba No.3738088

His knot's as thick as his waist. lol

1aa573fd No.3738089

when u squirt out a jew-cope and then rush off to your little hidey hole…mmmgue~

4e8ff0ca No.3738091


4e8ff0ca No.3738092

File: 1713624954278.png (150.12 KB, 768x768, 3wvoqb3jqmvc1.png)

7ec1ffbc No.3738093

File: 1713627988021.png (38.55 KB, 300x100, pol.png)

4e8ff0ca No.3738094

Lol @ kkk maga whites when Biden wins again in November

4e8ff0ca No.3738095

File: 1713628758662.jpeg (43.49 KB, 575x766, ctva6mfj9nvc1.jpeg)

c32d6b68 No.3738096

It blows my mind that n­i­g­g­e­r­s make up only 12% of the population yet commit 50% of murders.

c32d6b68 No.3738097

Really puts into perspective the riots and looting and shouting about defunding the police. Sorta exposes n­i­g­g­e­r­s as psychos who feel entitled to use violence to get whatever they want.

1cd0605e No.3738100

File: 1713638452113.jpg (114.13 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

The Brilliant Design of Swiss Banknotes

1cd0605e No.3738101

File: 1713639648768.png (265.23 KB, 619x386, Stoner-619-386.png)

i've solved the riddle, the reason rich people deposit all their money to switzerland is not because of the value but because they want all those cool bills.

23217003 No.3738107


23217003 No.3738108

File: 1713651194721.jpeg (147.29 KB, 828x1399, gq3mmy2iqnvc1.jpeg)

a30c1134 No.3738113

File: 1713659779069.png (148.55 KB, 377x337, 1711574502288655.png)

The left truly cant meme.

Meanwhile in the left socialist utopia…

The left is implementing euthenasia. Its is currenly allowed in CA, OR, and WA states.

Socialist Canada is labeling suicide a legitimate medial procedure.

There were other groups that advocated for eugenics programs. I cant think of the name at the moment….

1cd0605e No.3738114

File: 1713661024663-0.jpg (257.7 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 1713661024663-1.jpg (759.47 KB, 1600x1122, Zyklon-B-canister-lethal-g….jpg)

Switzerland's Strict Society | Unique Investigation

>The left is implementing euthenasia.

History does not repeat itself but it ryhmes

c99c2a79 No.3738115

It seems untrue because it is untrue.

c99c2a79 No.3738117

File: 1713661714741.jpg (85.83 KB, 850x1123, sample-38295acfa492e06077a….jpg)

Stewart found somebody willing to buy the property for more and sold it to them.

Trump lied about how big the property was and how much it was worth.

The LYING was the crime. Stewart didn't lie.

a30c1134 No.3738118

File: 1713663110277.jpg (47.02 KB, 612x256, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.JPG)

In the socialist utopia of California is now feeling the effects of 20 an hour to do nothing useful.

1450f71f No.3738122

File: 1713667195619.jpg (11.36 KB, 260x194, images.jpg)

This is an easy thing to fix, 50 dollar ph minimum wages.

1450f71f No.3738126

File: 1713667731172.jpg (361.18 KB, 1920x2167, dennis-mejillones-14.jpg)

Also keep on the downlow the whole automization thing. The peons need to feel like they *snirk* are working towards *snirk* something like a retirement. Or some silly notion like a "family"

Don't make me laugh any harder.

a142c087 No.3738127

File: 1713667769645.png (1.03 MB, 1024x1024, a5a88f7a3dbdf05aaa7c68e358….png)

Love your imagination.

1450f71f No.3738128

File: 1713668079954.png (81.69 KB, 386x259, Brock_Lets_Go_Pikachu_Eeve….png)

You act as if im joking. Its going to happen.

1450f71f No.3738130

File: 1713668639661.jpg (667.16 KB, 1632x2160, 576acbd70481098163c285dc7d….jpg)

what people don't seem to understand is that the corps who do these things are largely irrelevant to the businesses themselves.

Your local mcdonalds is owned by a private owner, not the corp itself, so when these thing happen its just a fucketercluck for the employees and the owner.

The corperation has no ramifcations.

1450f71f No.3738132

besides, people will keep buying bigmacs for 50 dollars, because its the norm. Despite them only costing about 15 cents to make.

c99c2a79 No.3738133

File: 1713668894184.jpg (284.79 KB, 2000x1714, bafkreibcvkp5afyigy2ulic7r….jpg)

>People are working fewer hours and still being able to pay their rent!

Working as intended.

1450f71f No.3738134

as long as they're smart and don't do stupid shit…

but being people they will do stupid shit. I am not excluded, I do stupid shit all the time.

1450f71f No.3738135

They don't charge 20 dollars for a pack of cigarettes for your health. Its because fuck you, you're going to pay it.

I don't personally smoke, but I know plenty of people who do.

1450f71f No.3738136

File: 1713669764151.jpg (64.52 KB, 850x1067, a56f878f23a5d0acc632d39471….jpg)

and because we are in shit thread, I'll also point out that despite republicans being asshats, democrats do more damage by far. Its called killing with kindness.

29d349b7 No.3738138

c99c2a79 No.3738140

File: 1713670633713.png (7.87 MB, 3456x3304, HomeDepotPTO.png)

>Democrats only help you so they can stay in power…

Yes, moron, that is exactly what is supposed to happen. They aren't "killing us with kindness" they are doing their job.

Republicans on the other hand are kicking Mike Johnson out because he DARED to pass a bill. Republicans don't want a functional government because if the government doesn't work, the rich people can get away with anything.

4e8ff0ca No.3738141

File: 1713671568860.jpeg (59.84 KB, 614x767, 1p6802ujjkvc1.jpeg)

Happy 420

c99c2a79 No.3738142

File: 1713671704690.jpg (139.29 KB, 1286x2000, Its-a-good-day.jpg)

On Monday, April 22, Donald Trump will be dragged into court again for trying to do fraud but this one is an amazingly stupid case of it.

In the New York case he needed to post a 150 million dollar bond in order to stay the seizing of his assets to pay off the 500 million dollars in fines and penalties only one, small problem… he doesn't have it and no one will loan it to him.

He submitted a bond from a shady company that specializes in sub-prime auto-loans. They don't normally do bonds, they normally give loans to people who they know can't afford them, then create a mountain of debt, foreclose on the asset (usually a car or boat) and resell it with a new loan to a new sucker.

The first time Trump submitted the bond they did the paperwork wrong so it wasn't legitimate and the state gave him 10 days to get it fixed. No big deal, right?

The second time he submitted the bond instead of including a signature page with the signature in the wrong place, he included the signature page of a DIFFERENT COMPANY with the signature of someone who doesn't even work for the company issuing the bond.

So once again, it wasn't valid. This prompted and investigation and turns out the Knight Capital company doesn't even have enough liquidity to cover the bond.

They don't have the money. Monday Trump goes before judge Engoron and if he can't prove he can come up with the money on Monday, the state of New York is taking everything they can of Trump's to pay off his 500 Million in debt.

1aa573fd No.3738144

the state wanted him to get suckered and he wasnt and now they cant even clean their streets enough for there to be any legitimate proceeding to even take place admist all the trashed streets…good one

4e8ff0ca No.3738145

They gonna take his sheeeeeeit

1450f71f No.3738150

File: 1713674053074.jpg (209.01 KB, 828x900, 1694280919.spunky_commissi….jpg)

Nothing will happen, nothing ever happens. If I can turn a septuple felony into a 200 dollar "illegal vehicular backing" fine, Trump can get out of anything. My lawyer is clever as an old fox, but he doesn't get paid nearly enough to actually give a shit about me.

Trump on the other hand, can make it very worth the lawyer's time.

1450f71f No.3738151

There was no backing involved, but at that point I was like "meh, fuck it"

1450f71f No.3738152

Really the whole story is so convoluted, not even I want to tell it.

a142c087 No.3738155

Nobody cares, 3B.

a142c087 No.3738156

You do realize niiggers world-wide kill each other more than that every single day, don't you?
And what is this thing you have about wanting whites dead? Niiggers would have been as extinct as the Neanderthals if whites hadn't saved them.
Not to mention the trillions of dollars WHITES have poured into Africa since then trying to save them AGAIN.
WORST thing whites have ever done
Any black tragedies are a comedy to me now, they've earned it thoroughly.
The picture you posted is nothing but Russian Propaganda anyway. Do you think someone here reads Russian? Are you a Russian?

4e8ff0ca No.3738157

Lol the whites are raging

4e8ff0ca No.3738158

File: 1713690664475.jpeg (39.51 KB, 629x571, we435oaq7qvc1.jpeg)

c99c2a79 No.3738160

File: 1713705208433.png (846.53 KB, 805x570, Found-at-the-scene.png)

Trump conspiracy nut sets himself on fire outside of Trump's trial, dies in the hospital over night.



c99c2a79 No.3738161

File: 1713705488200.jpg (314.98 KB, 2000x1535, bafkreic6wzmw6cqhvvouf5jqz….jpg)

If black people make up only a small part of the population of most nations, if they kill each other at this prodigious rate you imagine, why are there still black people in most nations?

Shouldn't they have all murdered each other long ago? Shouldn't Africa be one big pile of corpses?

d533b476 No.3738163

Because they breed like RATS.
You should know that.

4db43870 No.3738164

File: 1713709073148.jpg (388.86 KB, 1920x1080, Bolts_Powers_Arent_Real.jpg)

>I do stupid shit all the time.
Such as involving yourself in this viper's nest, instead of freeing yourself. This place is FAKE! It's run by backstabbing traitors. Virtually no one visits anymore, yet it still runs because of people like you coming here.

Did you read my previous posts above? You know it's real, and yet you even use your shekelpal to donate monies to jeWb the traitor, and deanon yourself.
What hold do these creeps have on you?

Do you want to know the ultimate goal of the nwo beast system? It's to distract (move, destroy, kill) people away from scripture (KJV in this case for English-speaking people) with their "man-made" bullshit stories and dramas, and to prevent people from receiving the Holy Spirit, and to corrupt the hearts and brainwash the minds of anyone else in order to create a mass of vicious ungodly slaves (many of which may otherwise have been saved).

Have you noticed how suddenly "influencers" all seem to be "finding Jesus"? They're openly casting a net around anyone who's realising that this is a Biblical thing we're experiencing, and keeping them away from the real Jesus and directing them towards the antichrist fake jesus.
This entire viper's nest image board is an outlet of poison and division, to foster hatred in peoples' hearts, preventing them from finding the real Jesus. DK almost "blew the operation" when he started blabbing about it before getting reeled in by his many "masters".

If you want me to give you links to sermons, and stay in touch with you over email etc. then let me know. At this point, a bath in acid would be better than staying here. Please, just leave and replace this viper's nest in your life with something Godlier.

4e8ff0ca No.3738165

Lol business jew with more stuff to not read

4e8ff0ca No.3738166

File: 1713710508190.jpeg (306.04 KB, 1920x1920, 5x3i0bbratvc1.jpeg)

4db43870 No.3738167

File: 1713713516616.jpg (275.63 KB, 1200x1700, HangInThere.jpg)

Right on cue, the local nwo npc bumps my post off the front page again. You so funny.

Imagine if you will, finding real satisfaction and true peace inside your very core, without having to use the inferior method of finding peace and satisfaction by shoving 8 cue balls up your ass and going for a jog.

You'll find true peace and contentment when you have the Holy Spirit working inside of you, when you finally return to your Holy Father Jesus Christ, and turn away from satan and all his evils.

It's no joke; much of the rest of me is still a wreck the further outside the inner core one looks, but for the first time since decades or perhaps forever I no longer need to look to outside influences, distractions or whatever to find and experience true peace, calm and love.

I feel sorry for the Buddhists and others like them, they can do incredible things with their bodies working from the outside in and even inside out, but they can never reach and heal their very insides, because only the Creator (of our hearts) can do that.

4e8ff0ca No.3738168


4e8ff0ca No.3738169

File: 1713713731616.png (592.41 KB, 1388x1685, Sgqjbg2.png)

4db43870 No.3738170

…So are you a bot, npc or just some commie?

4e8ff0ca No.3738176

Are you going to kill yourself when Biden wins again in November or just do a local mass shooting?

4e8ff0ca No.3738177

File: 1713716099367.jpeg (71.28 KB, 805x767, a329d0pmjuvc1.jpeg)

d4a33210 No.3738181

File: 1713716987195.jpg (144.46 KB, 869x1024, reply rich pees on poor.jpg)

>Fuck veterans
>Fuck homeless
>Fuck workers
>Lets help kids of the rich


4db43870 No.3738182

A bot, then. Likely an israhelli one, jeWb loves those.

Well, sleep tight, don't let the demons/satan's-children (who will be hewn down and cast into the fire) bite.

4e8ff0ca No.3738186

Kill yourself

4e8ff0ca No.3738187

File: 1713717743206.jpeg (172.54 KB, 947x736, e8nm6ea1guvc1.jpeg)

4db43870 No.3738190

Go divide by zero… see what I did there? Haah-haah-hahh.
Anyway… truly past doggie bed tiem nao. :3

ae7f08b9 No.3738200

97750f4c No.3738206

Lol indeed

ede32b0f No.3738207

97750f4c No.3738208

File: 1713732185762.jpeg (87.85 KB, 980x767, n2nvm2koytvc1.jpeg)

96781dfa No.3738209

Fake news.

92cc1c56 No.3738214

Y'know, I would advise you to take your meds, but I don't really want you to feel better.

4e8ff0ca No.3738216

File: 1713737088366.jpeg (61.52 KB, 529x715, cjq2vdew5vvc1.jpeg)

1aa573fd No.3738217

it means you're a cuck x 9000

4e8ff0ca No.3738221

File: 1713739681946.jpeg (58.2 KB, 536x767, j7rz32mfyvvc1.jpeg)

4e8ff0ca No.3738222

File: 1713739718894.jpeg (36.85 KB, 589x424, xaqcxbzilwvc1.jpeg)

96781dfa No.3738223

Fake news that only a democrat is retarded enough to believe.

4e8ff0ca No.3738224

Very based incel

4e8ff0ca No.3738225

File: 1713740752113.png (89.2 KB, 389x767, tww0xq3hqwvc1.png)

4e8ff0ca No.3738226

File: 1713740906344.jpeg (56.31 KB, 608x767, int441mxuuvc1.jpeg)

966e93fd No.3738232

File: 1713753187038.png (1.67 MB, 1234x1038, 9fca53853d8e37d768361772ba….png)

As if the people who would say that have any belief in God lol

4db43870 No.3738234

File: 1713756222758.jpg (102.37 KB, 1051x849, unrelated-moment.jpg)

>Y'know, I would advise you to take your meds,
"Take your meds" is what the jidf-types vomit to damage or destroy reasonable discussion.
>but I don't really want you to feel better.
First of all, I feel better than I have in decades now that I've finally let (the true KJV New Testament) Jesus Christ into my heart. He was very patient with me, it took a lot of knocking at the door.

Secondly, deathshild's "meds" have a terrible history of destroying lives, and are being used today more than ever before, to actively destroy lives as well. The way they work is by faking feelings of "better" and dampening the mind/body/soul's natural response to bad stimuli (such as everything that the synagogue-of-satan does, and its effects), while damaging and even destroying parts of the brain and body (and soul?) necessary for healthy living. Are you dependent on such "meds" yourself, or have you had to "reach out" to them for help in the past? I feel sorry for you. It's all an evil illusion, and the bad feelings you've had in the past should not have been ignored or medicated out of you, because those feelings are a normal part of growing in this dangerous world, which is (allowed to be) controlled by satan. Instead of becoming stronger, and maybe growing into someone (a man) who would be capable of defending himself and others against this world's evils, you became dependent on sorcery poison, and became weaker as a result.

Thirdly, you don't want me to feel better? I want others to feel better though, but in a way that's in line with God's will. Maybe deep down inside, you meant that you don't want me to fall victim to the synagogue-of-satan's poisons like you did. That would actually be nice of you.
This place is full of their poison and one of their owned outlets, so why's an oldfag like you still so attached to it?

692f70c7 No.3738235


You morons with your fairy tales about deities or children of deities just can't deal with reality.

Stories about deities or semi-deities can make for great storytelling, just look how much money the "Thor" movies have made.

But EVERY time, and this is EVERY time I ask for actual evidence of supernatural beings? Lies, excuses or "Just take our word for it."

34d5e72d No.3738239

Thor is just a story dood

4db43870 No.3738241

File: 1713766501442.jpg (55.26 KB, 540x548, readyfortheantichrist.jpg)

>But EVERY time, and this is EVERY time I ask for actual evidence of supernatural beings…
You wouldn't believe it anyway. You don't even care enough to check for yourself; you'd rather watch dripping deer penises for hours than actually read the Word of God, to find answers to questions you're too afraid to even want to ask.
There are example after example of people like this in the New Testament, despite actually witnessing Jesus' miracles firsthand and still not believing Him, (or actually believing Him) and trying to "tempt" Him into showing them even more "evidence".

You sound ripe for the antichrist's plucking, because he'll be the one to show "great signs and wonders" which the lazy or brainwashed/destroyed/hurting "masses" will end up believing. It's a devilish cycle - create the problem, people suffer and react, then offer the "solution".

When Jesus was crucified by the likes of you, they were mocking Him and telling Him to come down from the cross so that they could believe. If you don't get your shit together and at least make a residue of an effort, then nothing but the antichrist himself will convince you (of the antichrist being Jesus). satan has the biggest envy-boner of the entire universe.

The synagogue-of-satan is now rolling out its force of "influencers" who are now talking about "finding" their own (antichrist) jesus, and trying to influence their "followers" to follow that wicked and twisted jesus. There are many fake jesuses!

4db43870 No.3738242

You won't know the real Jesus, unless you're actually brave enough to find out about Him - His sheep hear His voice. Nothing that I or anyone else can do, including Jesus Himself, will convince you and teach you of the real Jesus, unless you're open to finding out about Him in the first place, which I strongly suspect you're not (but maybe I'm just emotional right now).
Nevertheless, it sounds like you'd rather be deceived by satan and the antichrist.

The Lord delights in being honest and keeping His promises, while satan is the father of lies. We are free to choose who we'll side with and follow, because that's the Lord's will. A man can only serve 1 master, and it's either satan and his many poisonous works/counterfeits and "children" or it's Jesus Christ.

If you want truth and evidence, find a quiet spot and moment and start by reading the New Testament (Matthew) from the authorised King James Bible. If you have trouble understanding it, you can even ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand it. The KJV Bible makes sense, but it has layers of understanding that'll get revealed to you, once you're ready.

1cd0605e No.3738243

As the African proverb goes, “A child that is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth".

1ea925c2 No.3738244

File: 1713781329001.png (3 MB, 2207x3781, gay67653.png)


Blah, blah, blah

Hail Satan

692f70c7 No.3738246


So is "the Bible."
In fact, archaeologists have shown many examples of how full of it the Bible is.

692f70c7 No.3738247


Ok, show me.

Obviously, you can't.

So take your fairy tales and put them in the stories they are.

Your own "son of God" in the book of Matthew "predicted" his return before everyone in a room was dead.
Guess what! It's been 2,000 fucking years, and this "son of God" hasn't come back.

George Carlin was 100% right.

259a4f4e No.3738251

>As the African proverb goes, “A child that is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth".

There is another proverb, "It takes a village to raise an idiot."

259a4f4e No.3738252

File: 1713791604713.jpg (86.71 KB, 626x785, 1677597345767064.jpg)

>you'd rather watch dripping deer penises for hours than actually do anything else in life


Degeneracy is more diverse

4e8ff0ca No.3738253

yes KKK whites have no teeth, fuck their relatives and like to gay bash.

Typically white

259a4f4e No.3738255

File: 1713791944601.jpg (24.5 KB, 474x355, th-3357423226.jpg)

I see evidence of Thor all the time. He is out there protecting the world from Frost Giants.

Do you see lightning? Yes.

Do you see any Frost Giants? No.

Checkmate atheist.

4e8ff0ca No.3738257

Christfag logic

4e8ff0ca No.3738258

File: 1713792509144.jpeg (42.07 KB, 449x766, 2ogwcrdeh0wc1.jpeg)

5db10d6b No.3738259

File: 1713793340067.jpg (7.04 KB, 275x183, itttttes.jpg)

AtheistFag DumbAssery.
Your stupid monkey brain can't even comprehend sarcasm.
Go back to Africa.
You stink.

5db10d6b No.3738260

File: 1713793547493.jpg (91.84 KB, 1280x720, mYYYYYult.jpg)

4e8ff0ca No.3738261


4e8ff0ca No.3738262

Whites mad, whistling through their missing teeth

cdc76c1f No.3738264

File: 1713793712171.jpg (65.76 KB, 434x507, 39575b5c43f78b4fd6db958e98….jpg)

4e8ff0ca No.3738265

Yes your crudly drawn racism comic isn't ignorant and toothless like you, nooooooo

4e8ff0ca No.3738266

File: 1713793789366.jpeg (68.45 KB, 1024x577, 3wqlqx9kz0wc1.jpeg)

cdc76c1f No.3738267

File: 1713793846933.png (177.19 KB, 430x322, spongebob nigger.png)

Racist nigger post by racist nigger.

1450f71f No.3738268

File: 1713793915444.jpg (286.79 KB, 1000x1244, black-jesus-scafa2.jpg)

I'm going to jump in and give a happy medium to this whole christfag thing.

Some people, find solace in the "fairy tails" of the bible, and ignore the obvious discrepancies. It brings them peace, and keeps their minds stable. Thats great for them. Unfortunately they tend to want to spread that to other people, but unless you were raised on the principles, or were severely mentally injured and indoctrinated, it's the religious version of sex pestering.

Actually, half way through this thought process, I decided it was a losing argument. There really is no happy medium.

Have some black jesus.

cdc76c1f No.3738269

Fake news that only a nigger would believe.

4e8ff0ca No.3738270

Lol kkk whites are retarded yes

4e8ff0ca No.3738271

File: 1713793961296.jpeg (33.34 KB, 570x438, qxgitia1uxvc1.jpeg)

259a4f4e No.3738272

File: 1713793985939.jpg (98.37 KB, 1080x1184, reply stupid.jpg)

4e8ff0ca No.3738273

File: 1713794076521.jpeg (85.03 KB, 991x767, rsykcfwxcwvc1.jpeg)

259a4f4e No.3738274

File: 1713794092848.jpg (129.45 KB, 1024x1024, 1713771898242040.jpg)

Reminder: Every other race on this planet eats only the scraps that fall off the White table.

Say thank you that you can eat at all!

cdc76c1f No.3738275

File: 1713794117449.jpg (109.86 KB, 576x576, e65328cbc14dc55ad0eb58bfe3….jpg)

I thought Jesus was a sand nigger.

4e8ff0ca No.3738276

Wow white fantasies are mentally retarded! Look at that bad ai art - terrible lol

4e8ff0ca No.3738277

File: 1713794179006.jpeg (62.8 KB, 700x450, jedytrwsasvc1.jpeg)

1450f71f No.3738278

well, technically things have blured over time. The middle east gradualy became blacker just because of the climate.

The lighter skinned people migrated north, 2000+ years changes things.

4e8ff0ca No.3738279

File: 1713794612945.jpeg (83.58 KB, 1024x576, izitl9iqcovc1.jpeg)

5db10d6b No.3738280

File: 1713794816379.png (2.07 MB, 1024x1536, ce36e9245bfb531f5a3f409681….png)

Go back to Africa.

You don't belong here.

We do not want you here.

Go be with your own kind.

cdc76c1f No.3738281

File: 1713794944166.jpg (88.79 KB, 700x875, 0090.jpg)

1450f71f No.3738282

I would totally let that monkey sit on my face.

4e8ff0ca No.3738283

Whites mad? That's rad! 🤘

4e8ff0ca No.3738284

File: 1713795000956.png (121.65 KB, 642x478, b4ygcwdls0wc1.png)

4e8ff0ca No.3738285

1450f71f No.3738286

File: 1713795150103.jpg (445.76 KB, 3000x2253, jean-luc-picard-patrick-st….jpg)

can't argue with numbers, but i would like to know the source.

After all as gandolf once said "you are a lizard harry"

5db10d6b No.3738287

File: 1713795172084.png (1.98 MB, 1024x1536, 29f3cb3fbbd981306d58eaec46….png)

Nope. You're simply entertainment, Rastus.

Dance monkey, dance.

4e8ff0ca No.3738288

Lemme rim that donut

5db10d6b No.3738289

File: 1713795317695.png (1.9 MB, 1024x1536, 5d509a9ee24ee494a8491efc57….png)

Dance to our tune, Chimpo.

As you always have, and always will.

692f70c7 No.3738290


The worst part are those who demand our laws be based on a religious book.

I wouldn't want US laws based on the Koran, the Bible, or the Torah.


Religion is a control mechanism, and a way for the lazy and greedy to con people out of their money.

5db10d6b No.3738291

File: 1713795422977.png (1.36 MB, 1024x1024, 5a8f25befdd3bb31a9e6696d47….png)


Here's the Gorilla your dreams.

cdc76c1f No.3738292

File: 1713795426267.jpg (30.13 KB, 461x403, 985e934bac01b4133ccea52f92….jpg)

lol niggers

4e8ff0ca No.3738293

Ai art is ugly but lemme suck that

4e8ff0ca No.3738294

File: 1713795714554.jpeg (79.96 KB, 808x767, wju8nv3lvvvc1.jpeg)

d533b476 No.3738296

Society will collapse soon enough, and when it does we can start correcting things. First we correct the people who let all the criminals in. Then we correct the people who let the criminals go free while persecuting anyone who complains. Then we correct all the criminals.

It'll be a lot of hard work, but it'll be fun and rewarding.

4e8ff0ca No.3738300

White fantasies are mentally retarded

4e8ff0ca No.3738301

File: 1713801446862.png (27.4 KB, 724x337, xnwq0ypgt0wc1.png)

4e8ff0ca No.3738304

File: 1713803704146.jpeg (40.33 KB, 680x383, e98jmb65f1wc1.jpeg)

966e93fd No.3738305

File: 1713808001010.png (2.12 MB, 1280x967, e9f56e3fc7b6468684a991ca3b….png)

God, please.

0fed14c8 No.3738307

File: 1713811418333.jpg (38.03 KB, 480x480, fde.jpg)

You're no different than the nig­gers and sand nig­gers calling for the end of Western civilization.

966e93fd No.3738308

File: 1713812200078.png (2.21 MB, 1754x1754, fb77023615f141e003b76337d7….png)

We built civilization. They came in and destroyed it. We want our civilization back and they want access to ours. There is absolutely zero equivalency.

c99c2a79 No.3738316

File: 1713815797582.jpg (71.19 KB, 800x525, Joseph_Coomans_-_Roman_ban….jpg)

It's funny how white racists take credit for building civilization all the way back to Rome.
You know Rome, that place for gayness was the norm, heterosexuality was seen as a necessity in order to breed, but true love could only exist between two men.

Rome, the place were being a trans woman was seen as the height of spiritual excellence.

Rome, the cradle of Western Civilization which exists on the Eastern side of the world and was populated almost exclusively by Middle Eastern people with nary a blonde, blue-eyed, white boy to be seen.

1cd0605e No.3738317

File: 1713815810849-0.jpg (465.99 KB, 2560x1280, satellite-scaled-panorama.jpg)

File: 1713815810849-1.jpg (78.49 KB, 676x384, 210423-satcom.jpg)

File: 1713815810849-2.png (336.9 KB, 1000x1000, d8z6hw0fmzn81.png)

Science Must Fall?

Without satellite communications we wont be having non of these.
- wojak, life of an engineer.

c99c2a79 No.3738318

Let me tell you how your fantasy will actually play out.

Day one: You decide to target a group of American citizens, you go on a shooting spree, you are declared to terrorist.
Day two: You are hunted by the law and all your friends and family turn you in if you ask them for help.
Day three: you kill yourself rather than face the consequences of your actions.

1cd0605e No.3738319

File: 1713816527084-0.png (2.26 KB, 33x33, Diplomacy_isvassal.png)

So what does Jehovah's Witnesses, Kim Jong Un's North Korea's Juche ideology, Black intellectuals, Islam, feminism have in common?

2c1b3f5f No.3738320


They believe they are right ?

So ? you can find that anywhere from Jews to Nazi´s. From commies to GOP

2c025563 No.3738322

File: 1713825370736.jpg (12.66 KB, 480x360, typical nigger 024.jpg)

> You know Rome, that place for gayness was the norm, heterosexuality was seen as a necessity in order to breed, but true love could only exist between two men.
You are a clueless idiot. You have confused Rome with one of the Greek city states.

Niggers are ugly.

6faea2ab No.3738324

File: 1713830298098.jpg (16.69 KB, 400x178, black computer are racist.jpg)

Well, lets just have a look at black fantasies, shall we?

6faea2ab No.3738325

File: 1713830524064.jpg (65.91 KB, 634x514, reply animal hyena laugh.jpg)

16ff1e35 No.3738326

16ff1e35 No.3738327

File: 1713832720284.jpeg (43.47 KB, 750x481, clgoc4mru2wc1.jpeg)

16ff1e35 No.3738328

File: 1713832985064.jpeg (76.02 KB, 957x634, ufszhfw4b4wc1.jpeg)

6faea2ab No.3738329

File: 1713833268919.webm (1.51 MB, 360x640, nigger target store riote….webm)

A convenience store chain is being sued for discrimination for not hiring those with criminal records. They claim it limits job opportunities for negroes, beaners and injuns.

9553a642 No.3738331

File: 1713837294893.png (780.73 KB, 1320x952, 8cx.png)


Always living in a twilightzone when young turks make sense

9553a642 No.3738332

File: 1713838462283.png (651.32 KB, 1310x960, 6422.png)

9553a642 No.3738333

File: 1713838644812.png (393.06 KB, 572x578, 77543.png)

6f8f22f5 No.3738334

File: 1713842021887.jpeg (98.3 KB, 1024x721, h151xczrnzvc1.jpeg)

4e8ff0ca No.3738335

File: 1713845633853.jpeg (506.5 KB, 1158x1220, b5bi6uq224wc1.jpeg)

099c3627 No.3738337

And nobody believes you, because according to that picture's EXIF data (which you don't even know what that is), it was taken last year.

"Pathetic whites etc. etc." (fill in the blank)
Careful, your jealousy is showing.

Are you going to kill yourself when Trump wins in a landslide in November?

966e93fd No.3738339

File: 1713857814388.png (706.2 KB, 880x1204, 2e5a1ef664b10717021779f83e….png)

You're just mad he's not in drag.

4e8ff0ca No.3738341

Lol no brain white reply

4e8ff0ca No.3738342

File: 1713869335169.jpeg (34.89 KB, 707x767, oh3kz4b206wc1.jpeg)

154dc156 No.3738343

File: 1713873080223.jpg (54.06 KB, 720x443, black white who goes to pr….JPG)

>A viable solution to black incarceration

154dc156 No.3738344

File: 1713873358504.gif (370.84 KB, 220x165, reply homer laugh.gif)

>Addicting more people to welfare is improving society

de45e7d3 No.3738347

File: 1713876933641.jpg (16.14 KB, 425x432, A13usaonutL._CLa 2140,2000….jpg)

He paints his face like a clown. Same thing.

It's pretty braindead to miscolor a stripe blue on the American flag. Mixing up which stripes should be red or white I can see, but this is the failed president who both famously hugged the flag and threatened to jail anyone for a year for burning it. You'd think he'd at least know what the US flag looks like.

c1af40f9 No.3738350

File: 1713881418938.jpg (51.14 KB, 570x752, 1677597583177936.jpg)

''>be Texas rancher
>patrolling my land
>see group of illegals running south
>chased by border patrol
>illegals see me
>one shoots at me
>shoot back
>hit one
>get arrested and charged with murder''

This is change for the better according to the left.

c1af40f9 No.3738351

Ask me how I know you are in a cult

4e8ff0ca No.3738353

Cult 45?

4e8ff0ca No.3738354

File: 1713882030816.png (119.81 KB, 644x571, osdk4eauh7wc1.png)

f204a3ab No.3738355

Because I don't worship Trump?

c99c2a79 No.3738372

No it's true, three whole people showed up.
Trump is super mad that none of his followers are willing to show up and pick a fight with the cops for him.

c99c2a79 No.3738373

If someone crossing the border had enough money to buy a gun they could have just bought a plane ticket. Your entire story is a work of paranoid fiction. And it's also stupid just like you.

34d5e72d No.3738379

yeah he is a martyr for all the other rich people who arent being questioned over their business practices, they hate him but they love him

34d5e72d No.3738380

File: 1713906273020.png (6.43 MB, 4798x2230, 6.png)

jeez israel. save some wartime primetime crime commiting for the rest of us

4e8ff0ca No.3738383

File: 1713907237732.jpeg (74.59 KB, 657x608, 5sv382wlg9wc1.jpeg)

4e8ff0ca No.3738384

File: 1713907742762.jpeg (75.36 KB, 940x767, jcbiju6eb8wc1.jpeg)

8997d8ab No.3738385

File: 1713907910931-0.jpg (50.22 KB, 980x780, 1713852395630705.jpg)

File: 1713907910931-1.png (72.91 KB, 540x898, 1713892797915777.png)

8997d8ab No.3738386

File: 1713908001580-0.png (773.85 KB, 1024x682, 1712773825792725.png)

>Leftist indoctrination camps are anti-jewish

4e8ff0ca No.3738387

Lol Nazis mad

4e8ff0ca No.3738388

File: 1713908267522.png (181.71 KB, 824x767, iq0h8mf478wc1.png)

f204a3ab No.3738391

Anti-genocide is not the same as antisemitism. This may come as a shock, but the people who are protesting on behalf of the Palestinian people are not bigoted against Jews. In fact, many of those protesters are Jewish.

966e93fd No.3738404

File: 1713915029344-0.jpg (447.41 KB, 1094x1233, c7c4eeba91fc14ca102e207779….jpg)

File: 1713915029344-1.jpg (209.31 KB, 3120x1375, 8a466792f759715c57953c14d5….jpg)

Being antigenocide is antijewish in the same way that opposing warmongers, comminists, and globalists is antijewish.

Surprise, it's the Jews behind these things, and if you notice, you're antijewish.

c8c997b8 No.3738407

File: 1713917010521.png (1.25 MB, 1342x962, genz.png)


GenZ is anti-woke? I sure never saw that in video games

c8c997b8 No.3738411

File: 1713918072085.png (497.59 KB, 596x622, Gender_season.png)


Oh no, oh no.

Now theres gender season. Where your gender changes by seasons?

bcbe5bd1 No.3738414

File: 1713920878374.gif (252.65 KB, 400x167, 574064af-a3bf-4305-92ac-87….gif)

4e8ff0ca No.3738415


4e8ff0ca No.3738416

File: 1713921975434.jpeg (75.85 KB, 1024x518, im9otcuwh9wc1.jpeg)

We can’t tell jokes about Donald Trump anymore. Republicans don’t think those are funny. And Democrats don’t think those are jokes.

c990e792 No.3738417

4e8ff0ca No.3738418

File: 1713923420583.jpeg (54.82 KB, 622x767, 5cafwry1jawc1.jpeg)

4e8ff0ca No.3738419

File: 1713931259843.jpeg (199.31 KB, 1311x1030, 6rvck7u39awc1.jpeg)

619e75ff No.3738420

File: 1713931528071.jpg (24.89 KB, 476x266, reply pink panther templat….JPG)

I sure miss 8chan. The leftists there were articulate and logical. Now all we have for leftists are these retarded crayon eaters.

619e75ff No.3738421

File: 1713931634633.png (391.34 KB, 815x501, 1713834865155816.png)

These two retards are primarily responsible for destroying the West.

619e75ff No.3738422

File: 1713933329599.jpg (46.11 KB, 851x315, 1713913220838299.jpg)

The miracle of socialism

4e8ff0ca No.3738423


4e8ff0ca No.3738424

File: 1713933525464.jpeg (65.81 KB, 580x748, g02461g2obwc1.jpeg)

c8c997b8 No.3738430

File: 1713936290617.png (582.99 KB, 1328x931, fascist111_america4.png)


Ame1rica is a fuc1ked co1untry.

V1ote to ban Tik1tok over "Privacy" FUCKI1NG LIARS, its for the Israel lobby.

Then PASS This bu1llshit, thats anti-p1rivacy

1 1s because flood control

1cd0605e No.3738439

File: 1713952560040.jpg (42.95 KB, 828x839, yp1o1sg70ca21.jpg)

c99c2a79 No.3738440

File: 1713955977303.jpg (78.65 KB, 819x1024, a123b79979e65e01fb20fd182d….jpg)

People over 40 telling us what people under 20 really think… Yeah, right.

Suck a dick cis boy!

c99c2a79 No.3738441

File: 1713956094899.png (859.37 KB, 808x1000, 1698052463212-0.png)

Your Republican party is the one who forced the TikTok ban. If you don't like it, vote Democrat.

bcbe5bd1 No.3738442

File: 1713961477095.png (473.19 KB, 411x578, Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 0….png)



A lot of recent threads try to address why Catholic men have trouble dating. A lot of it focus on how being devout isn’t enough, or variations on that theme. I think there’s truth to that.

That doesn’t explain why some Catholic women almost prefer non-Catholics.

I’m starting to think the problem is with how our Catholic piety works. Especially how neurotic and rules-based a lot of it gets.

Latin-Catholicism tends to be very docile, obedient, and legally oriented. A lot of “it’s the rules, obey the Church” type stuff.

Maybe I’m completely off base, but I kind of think that type of piety is toxic and unattractive to most people, Catholic or not.

Any outsiders looking in I’ve ever known kind of being this up with Catholicism. I don’t think this is a problem with Catholicism itself. But Catholics in particular tend to be neurotic.

I appreciate feedback and downvotes."

1cd0605e No.3738443

File: 1713962132256.jpg (130.61 KB, 1050x590, shinkansen_bullet_train_AP.jpg)

How long until NIMBYs sue it into the ground, stall the project indefinitely until it becomes abandoned and a multi billion dollar overrun that drives several train/transit construction companies out of business with nothing to show for it?

Biden backs Japanese bullet trains in U.S.

a5b47c43 No.3738444

File: 1713963996025.jpg (121.46 KB, 911x703, 1712110427848632.jpg)



I remember when we had a president that supported American interests. That was from 2016-2020.

4e8ff0ca No.3738448


4e8ff0ca No.3738449

File: 1713965908196.jpeg (62.14 KB, 1024x484, srwwu19uqewc1.jpeg)

Trump has a lackey whose sole job is to print out "good news from the internet" to keep Trump from losing his shit in court. That's not a joke, but it IS very funny.

He’s a loser candidate downing his days sleeping and farting through a criminal trial

a5b47c43 No.3738455

Ask me how I know you are in a cult.

9ff072a4 No.3738457

Ask yourself will you kill yourself when Biden wins again in November?

9ff072a4 No.3738458

File: 1713975985484.png (60.63 KB, 493x456, lbn1o48zuewc1.png)

9ff072a4 No.3738459

File: 1713976232199.jpeg (58.39 KB, 900x600, v9c39pnkvfwc1.jpeg)

bcbe5bd1 No.3738465

File: 1713990555406.png (999.3 KB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 1….png)

fa22072b No.3738466

File: 1713991249529.png (994.49 KB, 1308x949, x634.png)


Everything for the Zionist Jews, even if orthadox jews are harmed.

Hail nazi fascist america.

Good on nazi america passing a law to sell tik tok to the zionist jews so the news can be sanitized. How dare americans know Israel is a genocidal extremist country.

fa22072b No.3738468

File: 1713991771893.png (545.54 KB, 1343x955, forever_war.png)


YAY! A forever war and more mass graves

4e8ff0ca No.3738483


1cd0605e No.3738484

What would happen if North Atlantic Treaty Organization lose all influence and laws from Russia?

If NATO were to lose all influence and laws from Russia, it would significantly impact the organization's ability to address security challenges in the region. The lack of collaboration and cooperation between NATO and Russia could lead to increased tensions, potential military conflicts, and destabilization in the region. Without Russian involvement, NATO may also face difficulties in effectively addressing security threats such as terrorism, cyber attacks, and nuclear proliferation.

Additionally, the absence of Russian influence in NATO could potentially weaken the organization's strategic position and limit its ability to respond to emerging security threats. The loss of Russian cooperation may also impact NATO's ability to effectively manage issues related to arms control, peacekeeping, and crisis management.

Overall, the exclusion of Russia from NATO could have significant consequences for security and stability in the region, potentially leading to increased insecurity and uncertainty in the Euro-Atlantic area.

bcbe5bd1 No.3738490

File: 1714003235973.png (817.98 KB, 1218x797, Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 1….png)

f58b8407 No.3738494

File: 1714006541676.jpg (38.42 KB, 637x224, pizza.JPG)

Bidens America

f58b8407 No.3738495

File: 1714006637991.jpg (185.55 KB, 1162x768, 1713988962789720.jpg)

Protest 10 million illegals streaming across the southern border and the Biden Regime does nothing.

Protest against jews and you get a military response

29d349b7 No.3738496

4e8ff0ca No.3738498

Lol Republicans crying about things they refuse to fix because orange farting criminal rapist Jesus isn't president? Yes.

4e8ff0ca No.3738499

File: 1714010199761.jpeg (79.32 KB, 791x767, dp0f9o8khgwc1.jpeg)

2c0547a0 No.3738501

Ask me how I know you are in a cult

4e8ff0ca No.3738502

Ask yourself if you will kill yourself when Biden wins again in November or just do another mass shooting?

4e8ff0ca No.3738503

File: 1714011902049.png (243.52 KB, 768x768, lfzkpfxp8iwc1.png)

4e8ff0ca No.3738504

File: 1714012029935.jpeg (76.53 KB, 1024x682, onjzvvs9ffwc1.jpeg)

ae7f08b9 No.3738505

1cd0605e No.3738509

d4715041 No.3738513

Show us where Trump has been convicted of rape in a court of law, or cease your endless retarded prattling

Anyone can accuse someone else of ANYTHING (especially democrats).

I accuse you of being a child molester, does that make it true?

In your case I think maybe yes

Are you going to kill yourself when Trump is found not guilty of all charges and wins the election for a third time in November, or just burn some cities down?

c99c2a79 No.3738514

File: 1714024858121.png (30.2 KB, 420x294, MjAxMi0xNzJlY2RjZjk5YTg0Ym….png)

>Everything is a conspiracy! EVERYTHING!!!

c99c2a79 No.3738515

bcbe5bd1 No.3738517

File: 1714030202220.png (1.29 MB, 1218x685, Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 0….png)

d4715041 No.3738519

Fake news, creepo.
He never met that woman
He didn't even know who she was.
You just proved my point about how anyone can accuse anyone of anything

What are you going to do about the bones of hundreds of dead children in your basement?


0c6c6205 No.3738522

File: 1714050672559.jpg (74.66 KB, 670x900, sylv65.jpg)


It ain't just woke people upset. Anyone with half a brain cell is also upset because it means anything else can be censored and shut down to protect the zionist jews and the war machine.

If you think the woke won't find a new platform you are a retard. They did after tumblr fell.

Woke people don't just "Disappear", but now all the anti-Israel Truth can be censored.

0c6c6205 No.3738524

File: 1714051827936.jpg (184.42 KB, 850x1024, lop8.jpg)

Like Fucking REALLY

The WOKE government, the same government behind black rock's ESG. The Same government behind DEI hiring. The Same government behind Marxism in the class room.

And it had a TON of woke democrats making the ban happen. And woke as fuck Biden didn't veto it.


The same fucking government behind stuff like sweet baby inc thats trying to make video games MORE Woke.

I'm sorry if someone thinks this is a Showing the WOKE the door and not a censor the news and protect corruption thing.


dbe66dac No.3738525

File: 1714052494025.jpg (23.23 KB, 720x661, reply stop posting.jpg)

>Jurors rejected Carroll’s claim that she was raped

From the very article you cited.

Leftists are so adorable when they pretend to use facts.

dbe66dac No.3738526

>Woke people don't just "Disappear", but now all the pedophiles can be censored.


4e8ff0ca No.3738529

4e8ff0ca No.3738530

File: 1714054133500.jpeg (64.67 KB, 1024x559, dn0m5c09njwc1.jpeg)

4e8ff0ca No.3738531

File: 1714054206559.jpeg (98.23 KB, 1024x682, fg3ma4lscmwc1.jpeg)

ef1946cd No.3738532

Is it really a conspiracy theory to assume Aipac (our strongest lobbying ally) lobbied Congress to pull TikTok? And this was the prime motivating factor for its ban?

0c6c6205 No.3738534

File: 1714055011429.jpg (4.38 KB, 225x225, ADL.jpg)


What do you mean? Why would Israel say they don't have a left or right issue, they have a tik tok issue.

And then banning Tik tok gets fast tracked.

Its crazy talk to think another government, Home of the ADL that tries to censor the world, would use its american lobby that pays both dems and republicans….

To the point the republican primaries were who could suck off Israel the hardest..

Had anything at all with Tik tok getting banned at lightening speed.

Of course its conspiracy theory you silly United statian. Our Greatest Ally only care whats good for america, Like genocide.

4e8ff0ca No.3738535

Lol Nazis butt hurt

4e8ff0ca No.3738536

File: 1714056602284.jpeg (105.06 KB, 1024x611, opx3wc60omwc1.jpeg)

ef1946cd No.3738539

File: 1714057911779.webm (3.62 MB, 720x836, shut_it_down.webm)

0c6c6205 No.3738540

File: 1714058924237.png (146.03 KB, 1500x1000, 895.png)


No see, we want to watch the Nazi. See after the nazi were trained and lost in germany. They fled to different countries. Eventually the nazi created Israel. Where they erected a new concentration camp.

And started doing genocide again. And started policing free speech. And again are trying to start a world war.

The Nazi's and the lesson's of the nazi's never disappeared, they just changed races.

bcbe5bd1 No.3738541

File: 1714059048559.png (990.14 KB, 1218x803, Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 1….png)

4e8ff0ca No.3738544

Soros is a Nazi tactic.

He donated like 15 million? Meanwhile the Koch bros are donating hundreds of millions if not billions? How stupid are maga whites?

4e8ff0ca No.3738545

File: 1714061736503.jpeg (82.55 KB, 769x767, 7zrr9azxjmwc1.jpeg)

692f70c7 No.3738547


You didn't know?

Far-right kooks like the Koch brothers, the DeVos uneducated corrupt inbreds and the corrupt Trump klan are immune from "da rulz" that most of us still follow.
They can just buy themselves out of trouble if they get caught.

But anyone to the left of Faux "news" who gets caught in a scandal even if the scandal is entirely imaginary, is automatically EEEEE-VIL!

0c6c6205 No.3738548

File: 1714063042679.png (1.57 MB, 1330x955, welfare.png)


How about we change New York to a more African sounding name?

4e8ff0ca No.3738549

How about you slice your wrists lengthwise?

4e8ff0ca No.3738550

File: 1714063344805.jpeg (159.58 KB, 960x768, k99jw5egzmwc1.jpeg)

0c6c6205 No.3738551

File: 1714063518511-0.png (269.28 KB, 1316x875, Climate_covid.png)

File: 1714063518511-1.png (457.19 KB, 1292x908, Fascism.png)

4e8ff0ca No.3738553

Yes you have mental disease

0c6c6205 No.3738554

File: 1714063688644-0.png (984.74 KB, 1155x676, lockdowns_good.png)


Lockdowns gud

0c6c6205 No.3738555

File: 1714064582347-0.png (815.74 KB, 1029x969, 8875.png)

File: 1714064582347-1.png (73.74 KB, 805x247, 001.png)

File: 1714064582347-2.png (104.04 KB, 816x282, 0000002.png)

File: 1714064582347-3.png (309.61 KB, 1083x647, 000003.png)

File: 1714064582347-4.png (906.2 KB, 1303x957, CBS_News.png)

Anyways, I don't give a fuck. I've been working to move to a new country for a while.

This Fascist country is going to hell.

If this thing happens what this is IMO, is nationalizing the energy system. AKA moving us a step closer to full Fascism or Communism.


4e8ff0ca No.3738557

Yup covid is real redneck jackasa
Biden won
You're an incel
Anything else?

4e8ff0ca No.3738558

File: 1714065137538.jpg (457.38 KB, 1811x1494, Screenshot_20240425_101151….jpg)

0c6c6205 No.3738559

File: 1714066018108.jpg (362.22 KB, 1350x2048, gay7753.jpg)


"Otro ciudadano estadounidense retrasado que deberíamos ignorar."

A saying I'm sure I'll be using for many years to come.

4e8ff0ca No.3738560


4e8ff0ca No.3738561

File: 1714066707457.jpg (989.71 KB, 1811x1816, Screenshot_20240425_103801….jpg)

7f4ae924 No.3738562

Ignore the genocide of Palestinians being carried out by Israel! PAY ATTENTION TO SHINY ORANGE MAN!!!

692f70c7 No.3738563


"Trump wuz appointed by Gawd! He can do nutting wrong!"

Inbred MAGAt.

69f4b5a8 No.3738564

So you admit your obsession with Trump is just to distract from the genocide?

69f4b5a8 No.3738565

File: 1714068890950.jpg (124.71 KB, 1024x683, GettyImages-1496127238.jpg)

Remember kids, if you don't cheer us on as we slaughter ALL the Palestinians, you hate Jews and Western civilization!

0c6c6205 No.3738566

File: 1714069378557-0.png (227.43 KB, 781x439, Claudia Sheinbaum.png)

File: 1714069378557-1.png (81.39 KB, 1349x958, mexico_hamas.png)

Btw the Jews might win presidency of Mexico this year.

I wonder if it has anything with Mexico not wanting to support the war against Palestine.

966e93fd No.3738567

File: 1714069807884.jpg (138.88 KB, 1500x1044, 6ae629d2e72a103920fcc7b2ea….jpg)

If only we could end the conflict with both sides being wiped out and not just the derkaderkas.

4e8ff0ca No.3738569

Have you looked into mental health services near you?

4e8ff0ca No.3738570

File: 1714070122677.png (76.83 KB, 512x424, taqsh88w6nwc1.png)

0c6c6205 No.3738572

File: 1714070766228.jpg (391.11 KB, 1280x2311, kin34432.jpg)


Your the one that post trump every day of your life.

692f70c7 No.3738573


Except there is no Palestinian "genocide" by Israel.
These claims are entirely by Hamas, who admit freely they want to kill all the Jews.
Apparently you do too, asshole.

But actually condemning Hamas and other Palestinian butchers?
"Oh, that's different!"

I'm not Jewish, BTW.
Mostly German with other countries mixed in.

You just HAVE to have your "Jew bad guys," lie the degenerate Nazis did (and still do,) rather than admit you're just as degenerate as they were and still are.

692f70c7 No.3738574


You see what inbreeding does to IQ's?

dde01900 No.3738578

Everyone condemned the Hamas terrorist attack, including myself. I even condemned BLM's heroic depiction of the Hamas terrorists. But collective punishment against an entire people because of the actions of a few is wrong. Israel has cut off Palestine's water supply, cut off their food supply, caught targeting children with drone strikes, etc. They are killing innocent women and children - starving them and bombing them to death. They are doing all this knowingly and intentionally. They have condemned the Palestinians as "Amalek" and "human animals". The evidence of genocide is overwhelming at this point.

0c6c6205 No.3738579

File: 1714072211802.png (1.2 MB, 878x1024, 675332.png)


I'm the furthest thing from inbred. All my siblings are from different moms.

And inbreeding never seemed to hurt the Jews or gypsies.

4e8ff0ca No.3738584


4e8ff0ca No.3738585

Never the whites fault

1450f71f No.3738588

File: 1714077257108.gif (155.06 KB, 245x150, cd33dd79a97c5c5ddeb80c01ad….gif)

This thread is getting so long its reminding me of this.

Or at least rending my mouse wheel.


4e8ff0ca No.3738589


1450f71f No.3738590

File: 1714077481894.jpg (106.23 KB, 950x456, Mondo_Butter.jpg)

4e8ff0ca No.3738591

File: 1714077541769.jpeg (60.98 KB, 750x728, add2t7byjmwc1.jpeg)

1450f71f No.3738596

File: 1714079496482.png (115.86 KB, 210x240, 0A3D26ED-E081-4449-BF63-C6….png)

I give the up, I went from an flvl, to a png to a gif.

d9fdc628 No.3738599

Still waiting on all the freeze peach absolutists to come out in opposition to the massive crackdown against protestors on college campuses. Can't wait to hear all the worthless fucking retards who post about "government oppression" to take a hard stand against police crackdowns on peaceful expression of ideas. Surely you pathetic little cunts weren't only in favor of speech for the right wing just like everyone always said you were.

18de57ee No.3738600

You are the lowest effort shitposter itt, and I can prove it. Ever heard of an "argument from authority"? Of course not. It's a logical fallacy; look it up. Anyway, you made the appeal to authority but never even presented the "expert opinion". Half-baked nonsense.

ef1946cd No.3738601

I vehemently oppose the crackdown against campus protestors. For whatever that's worth.

34d5e72d No.3738602

anti semitism is not a doctorate

34d5e72d No.3738603

They have chlildren….somehow its genocide. You're contradicting yourself.

966e93fd No.3738605

File: 1714083704274.png (2.06 MB, 2008x1525, 4993234330e9776ae4e3f80cf4….png)

I don't defend the rights of people who want to take mine away.

Muslims want me dead, so I want them dead. Kikes want me enslaved, so I want them dead too.

4e8ff0ca No.3738606

MAGA wants you dead.
You help them build your gallows.

4e8ff0ca No.3738607

File: 1714084224309.jpeg (59.34 KB, 534x766, bum780xt5owc1.jpeg)

69f4b5a8 No.3738608

Yes, targeting Palestinian children means it's genocide.

692f70c7 No.3738610



You mean all those pro-Hamas demonstrations are just imaginary?

And the "peaceful" Palestinians shot mortars at the humanitarian adi pier being constructed.


24425d24 No.3738611

File: 1714085174619.png (107.41 KB, 480x484, 1712923362022878.png)

So…..it all Republicans making the pedophile threads on this site?

Everyone is a Republican here?

692f70c7 No.3738612


They aren't being "targeted."
They are in areas that get bombed. Hamas will even shoot children and their parents fleeing areas known to be targeted.

24425d24 No.3738614

File: 1714085576895.png (753.03 KB, 930x919, black world iq vs race.png)