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Regardless of culture, race, sex, gender or creed; humanity survives on it.

The Story of (almost) All Numbers

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Could math predict climate change?
Math can be used to help understand the causes of climate change and to develop strategies to mitigate its effects. For example, mathematical models can be used to predict the effects of different emissions scenarios on the climate, and to identify the most effective ways to reduce emissions. Additionally, mathematical models can be used to analyze the economic costs and benefits of different climate change mitigation strategies.

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Could math recreate a time machine to solve humanity's needs?
Unfortunately, math alone cannot recreate a time machine to solve humanity's needs. Time travel is a complex concept that requires a combination of physics, mathematics, and engineering to understand and create. While math can be used to understand the laws of physics and the principles of engineering, it cannot be used to create a time machine.

f9c6debb No.3717710

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Could math solve human health care logistics needs?
Math can be used to solve many of the logistical needs of human health care. For example, mathematical models can be used to predict the demand for health care services, optimize the allocation of resources, and identify areas of potential cost savings. Additionally, mathematical models can be used to analyze the effectiveness of treatments and interventions, and to identify potential areas of improvement.

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>Regardless of culture, race, sex, gender or creed; humanity survives on it.

Math is racist. It's also transphobic

90f01357 No.3717727

Yeah, well, mathematics in and of itself has nothing to do with racism. Maybe we abstain from identity politics in the math thread?

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> Math is racist
N­­­­­i­­g­­­­­­­g­­­­­­e­­­r­­­­­s on average do not have the intelligence to perform advanced mathematics. Certainly there are outliers who may be able to, but they are the rare exception.
> It's also transphobic
Transsexuals are by definition insane, and because of that, those pathetic wretches are not able to think clearly enough to do math.

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Self-assembling material pops into 3D

Self-Healing Material

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> Self-Healing Material
Self sealing fuel tanks used in allied warplanes during WW2.

9d6e056f No.3717757

reverse mascetomy much

9f0b9328 No.3717793


Self-sealing fuel tanks of WW2 used a rubber like material sandwiched between an inner and out metal tank. When punctured, the fuel would cause the material to expand and plug the holes. This is not the same as a self-healing single element material.

fab996e2 No.3717871

File: 1696394957719.gif (350.47 KB, 500x333, 1577118417762-0.gif)

> self-healing single element material.
Self-healing single element crap is a dumb party trick that has saved absolutely no lives whatsoever. On the other hand, self sealing fuel tanks saved innumerable lives of allied and German aircrews during WW2. Japan's failure to make use of the technology resulted in the rapid loss of experienced pilots and hastened their defeat.

d71b90b5 No.3718368

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Visualizing data in RStudio. Just something I was playing around with recently. Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

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File: 1698108198591.png (4.01 KB, 315x160, relativistic_mass.png)

Let's say you have a particle collider, and you use it to collide protons near the speed of light (c). Consider the situation of two protons before collision. The velocities of the protons are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction (v and -v) in the laboratory reference frame. The relativistic mass of one of the protons is thrice its rest mass, in the laboratory reference frame. What is the relativistic mass of a given proton in the other proton's reference frame?

e2f4df3b No.3721562

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f410d12d No.3721589

1/p per p/s by c^2r relative to the axis or some shit idk

f9c6debb No.3721602

What is Special Relativity used for?

Special relativity is a theory in physics that describes the behavior of objects moving at speeds close to the speed of light. It is primarily used to understand the effects of relative motion, time dilation, length contraction, and the principle of the constancy of the speed of light.

Special relativity is essential for many practical applications and theoretical frameworks, including:

1. Particle accelerators: It helps in understanding the behavior of particles moving at high speeds in particle accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

2. GPS Navigation: Special relativity is necessary for the accuracy of GPS (Global Positioning System) devices. Due to the time dilation effects, clocks on GPS satellites must be adjusted to account for their relative motion to Earth.

3. Nuclear energy: Understanding special relativity is crucial for nuclear power plant operations, as it governs the behavior of particles in nuclear reactors, especially at high speeds.

4. Cosmology and astrophysics: Special relativity plays a critical role in understanding the behavior of objects moving at high speeds in the universe, such as the motion of stars and galaxies, black holes, and the expansion of the universe.

5. High-speed transportation: Special relativity helps in designing and understanding the behavior of high-speed transportation systems, such as trains, planes, and spacecraft. It plays a role in calculations related to time dilation, energy requirements, and relativistic effects.

6. Fundamental physics: Special relativity is an integral part of the overall framework of modern physics. It is essential for understanding and formulating theories like quantum field theory and incorporating relativity into quantum mechanics (quantum field theory being a central framework for understanding the behavior of fundamental particles).

Overall, special relativity is used extensively in a wide range of fields, including physics, engineering, astronomy, and technology, providing a solid foundation for understanding the behavior of objects in motion at high speeds.

f9c6debb No.3721733

How is humanity measured on the Kardashev scale?

The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring the level of technological advancement and energy consumption of a civilization. It was proposed by the Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev in 1964. The scale is based on the amount of energy that a civilization can harness and use.

There are three types on the Kardashev scale:

1. Type I Civilization: This civilization can harness and utilize all the energy available on its home planet. They have mastered the ability to harvest and use all the renewable energy sources on their planet, such as solar, wind, and geothermal power. They can control natural disasters and have a sustainable civilization.

2. Type II Civilization: This civilization can harness and utilize the energy of an entire star or multiple stars within its galaxy. They have advanced technologies that can capture the energy emitted by stars, such as building megastructures like Dyson spheres to capture a significant portion of a star's energy. They have an enormous amount of power at their disposal and can sustain advanced civilizations over long periods.

3. Type III Civilization: This civilization can harness and utilize the energy of an entire galaxy. They can extract the energy from multiple stars, star clusters, or even entire galaxies. Their energy consumption and technology are far beyond comprehension, as they have harnessed the power of cosmic phenomena like black holes, gamma-ray bursts, and dark matter.

It's essential to note that as of now, humanity is not classified on the Kardashev scale, as we have not yet reached a specific level of energy consumption or technological advancement. Some estimations suggest that we are somewhere between a Type 0 and Type I civilization, as we are still heavily reliant on non-renewable energy sources and have not fully harnessed the potential of renewable energy.

f9c6debb No.3721734

How would humanity's logistics steps to build a Type I Civilization?

Building a Type I civilization, according to the Kardashev Scale, would require humanity to harness and utilize energy on a global scale. Here are the logistics steps that humanity might consider to progress towards becoming a Type I civilization:

1. Transition to Sustainable and Renewable Energy: To reach Type I status, humanity needs to shift from fossil fuels to sustainable, renewable sources of energy. This would involve rapidly expanding solar, wind, hydro, and other renewable forms of energy generation, while gradually phasing out reliance on non-renewable sources.

2. Expand Energy Infrastructure: Creating a global energy grid that interconnects various regions and enables the efficient distribution of renewable energy across the planet is crucial. Infrastructure investment would be needed to develop and maintain this energy grid, ensuring reliable and affordable energy access for all.

3. Develop Advanced Energy Storage: To overcome the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources, significant advancements in energy storage technologies would be necessary. This could involve developing improved batteries, exploring new energy storage methods (such as hydrogen or compressed air storage), and optimizing grid management and demand-response systems.

4. Enhance Energy Efficiency: Maximizing energy efficiency in all sectors would be essential. This includes improving energy-efficient technologies, promoting sustainable practices in industries, transportation, and buildings, and educating the public about energy conservation measures.

f9c6debb No.3721735

5. Invest in Sustainable Transportation: Shifting towards sustainable transportation options would be fundamental. This could include transitioning to electric vehicles, expanding public transportation, building efficient and high-speed rail networks, and exploring alternative fuel technologies.

6. Promote Global Cooperation: Building a Type I civilization requires global collaboration and coordination. Governments, organizations, and individuals across the world must come together to pool resources, share knowledge, and work towards common sustainability goals.

7. Focus on Science, Research, and Education: Advancing scientific knowledge and technological innovation is critical. Investing in research and development across various fields, including renewable energy, advanced materials, biotechnology, and space exploration, would enable humanity to progress towards a Type I civilization. Educating the next generation in these fields will also be vital.

8. Address Global Challenges: Overcoming pressing global challenges like poverty, inequality, climate change, and resource depletion is crucial. These issues must be tackled collectively, through international agreements, policies, and initiatives, to ensure a sustainable and inclusive path towards Type I civilization.

These are just some of the logistics steps that humanity may consider in a quest to become a Type I civilization. This endeavor would require significant effort, coordination, and long-term commitment from all societies and nations.

60f597e0 No.3721747

i feel like im at a type 4 civilization where none of these rules apply to me at all. so.

f9c6debb No.3721796

File: 1699993392043-0.png (1.27 MB, 1585x857, weather map.png)

File: 1699993392043-1.png (1.29 MB, 1585x857, earthquake map.png)

d71b90b5 No.3721858

Puzzle: given three points randomly placed on a sphere, what is the probability that there is a hemisphere containing all three?

04029fb2 No.3721995

File: 1700190027779.jpg (161.48 KB, 850x1304, 5ccefff38d1607af36c85d6672….jpg)

If we assume the maximum distance apart for all three points, they will lie on a great circle, and thus on the perimeter of a hemisphere. If any of them are closer together than this, they will be within some arbitrary hemisphere, hence the probability is 1.

4cf8b748 No.3721996

Always thought this scale was kind of useless because all the stages in-between are ill-defined and subjective.

d71b90b5 No.3722110

File: 1700338149187.jpg (147.08 KB, 588x599, 561baf28-549d-4f13-a279-48….jpg)

Correct. No matter the placement of two points, you can always draw a great circle through those points. The two points are contained in both hemispheres defined by the great circle. It immediately follows that no matter the placement of the third point, it will be contained in at least one of the hemispheres along with the other two points.

d71b90b5 No.3722248

File: 1700522309807.jpg (94.51 KB, 1280x720, Lambert_W_function.jpg)

Math Monday? Learn how to solve this equation in terms of the Lambert W function (product logarithm).


I feel similarly about the Kardashev scale as I do about the Drake equation. Extrapolation from a single data point. Too much uncertainty to be of much use.

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