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Previous thread: >>3738629

This is the only politics thread. Any others created will be deleted. Political discussion is allowed in existing threads, just don't be a spammy bitch about it.

e7f556ba No.3740723

File: 1716611860475.jpeg (56.1 KB, 691x628, black white crime by race.jpeg)

Reminder that niggers are violent thugs and liberals are their criminal accomplices by trying to suppress that fact.

b76d2c60 No.3740740

File: 1716618125806.png (851.93 KB, 893x1228, 1715678320130097.png)

Fatties are subhuman and should be rounded up into concentration camps. They're the reason healthcare is expensive so it's a political issue.

22a9ca01 No.3740741

File: 1716618540365.jpg (139.02 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

And that's why gluttony is a sin!
also building more roads and big ass cars and trucks pushing all treveling alternitives and terraforming all wildlife landscapes.
The Real Reason You're Sitting in Traffic

e7f556ba No.3740743

> The Real Reason You're Sitting in Traffic
The real reason for traffic congestion is democrats. The gasoline tax was intended solely to maintain and improve roads. For a long time now, democrats have been syphoning off those funds for totally non-automobile pork barrel schemes.

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi_R9vVwPNI

Why would anyone care what a nobody on YouTube claims? You might as well take as gospel what some anon in this thread claims.

22a9ca01 No.3740753

File: 1716628993259.png (98.99 KB, 808x1024, needs more missing factors.png)

Can we improve and connect the dots on this bingo it felt incomplete.

22a9ca01 No.3740754

File: 1716631611272-0.webm (4.27 MB, 570x720, Could never happen here i….webm)

File: 1716631611272-1.png (261.59 KB, 580x931, 1499442239627.png)

File: 1716631611272-2.bmp (2.79 MB, 801x912, d60o8663.bmp)

a067f682 No.3740757

Reminder that whites do most of the mass shootings and child molestations.

28c9fccd No.3740758

File: 1716640151994-0.png (308 KB, 801x912, socialist economics.png)

File: 1716640151994-1.jpg (256.85 KB, 800x1280, 1493990b3561097f7dacfae1ee….jpg)

>communist jew strawman

28c9fccd No.3740759

File: 1716640568745-0.jpg (1.82 MB, 4096x3384, 736b64d13350973fc6ccbb6443….jpg)

File: 1716640568745-1.jpg (1.76 MB, 1580x3431, cca5e1e95b46b33f4fa50991ae….jpg)

File: 1716640568745-2.png (291.3 KB, 833x1010, 3d2e0eacde28a1bc3e5a62b253….png)

File: 1716640568745-3.jpg (185.75 KB, 1280x886, 4780332b6a3d3ddd731cbe81f9….jpg)

a067f682 No.3740760

File: 1716640668808.jpg (94.71 KB, 1000x625, -809c48a25b78d08b.jpg)

See what happens to these ugly whites! They are so poor and stupid true, but should we take pity on them?


d173f533 No.3740761


This photo illustrates rather shockingly the consequences of hard narcotics, most likely methamphetamine. As for the racist trolling bullshit, being you is your punishment.

a067f682 No.3740762

The narcotics didn't just jump out of the shadows, that white junkie bitch put a glass pipe to her mouth

d1e454e0 No.3740766

File: 1716648983754.png (381.46 KB, 1000x666, Still_Awesome.png)

>dog, you around? i had a business proposal
Around? Not really anymore. I plan on posting a few PSAs on here to warn off anyone new who might somehow find this dead satanic new world order cesspit, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort.
The few remaining old timers here are so beyond dead already, they either don't know what's going on or don't care and would rather continue living and dying a complete lie. I've been trying to positively influence Steam, but he seems to be addicted not to alcohol, but his demons torturing him. The degenerate unrepentant commie/pedo scum that's running this place is likely now beyond any help. The only couple of posters with a brain remaining; I'm wondering if they're actually paid to post here by the enemy to keep things going.
What surprises me is that this dead cesspit viper's nest that no one visits anymore still has highly-connected ghouls actively monitoring it.
Demons/devils have their own communication and travel networks, and since commies/"jews"/antifa/sjws/etc. are actively channeling, possessed by and working with demons/devils, any news that could threaten their work travels very fast, I guess. That, and this board being a new world order lab-rat, to tweak their anti-God/Christian lies and AI war machines.

Maybe I'll start posting some scripture again from the KJV Bible and see what evil reveals itself again, but I've done that before and it was merely revolting to see, kind of like looking at fresh human excrement on a sidewalk, not sure if it's worth seeing again. It's amazing just how much true evil there's hiding here, and its structure and power dynamics at work, even behind this worthless shithole board.
Why would anyone choose to be a slave to 100 or 1000 or more "masters" above him/her/it when they can be a child of God instead, and know true love rather than true hate and lies? We all saw how DK had to submit and grovel to his "master/handler" after he started blabbing too much about the babylonian/nwo origins of his new satanic "religion" that he's embraced. Were these people (like DK and 3Broken) tortured or broken in some way when they were very young? Did the satanic circumcision ritual allow demons/devils to enter their young bodies?

d1e454e0 No.3740767

File: 1716649284234.png (606.21 KB, 862x1000, Broccoli_Cat.png)

BTW, I was worried about you getting into serious trouble, especially with that temper of yours but even more so because you've seemingly given in and bent over for the rabbi.
Not sure if I'm up for anything new for a while, hate to sound like a greymuzzle but I've got my paws full with tedious business matters and am woefully behind schedule, and prioritising things means compromises must be made. Nevertheless, you're probably the only one here with a brain remaining but also the willpower to actually not submit completely to demons/devils/satan… we'll talk about your "rabbi"love later. I definitely don't mind the idea of staying in touch with you and maybe sharing ideas, etc.
Just a forewarning - I'll probably try to correct any misconceptions you may have about Jesus. :3 He wasn't a "jew" by the way in any way related to whatever is calling itself "jewish" nowadays. Anyone called a "jew" in the Bible, was basically a "Christian" in today's language, and just like today there were people calling themselves "Christian" back then but were just assholes instead.

A reminder to the creatures/"management" here with blood on their hands: Your actions have all been databased, by both sides, and there'll be no escaping divine and earthly lawful justice, but you probably already know that and are just out to kill and destroy as much as you can before it's time for you to burn in hell for eternity.

(Pics very likely unrelated, although Bolt's still awesome.)

f0732dc7 No.3740771

What if I told you people like you are why Christianity is on the decline? Normies see you and think, "I probably won't burn in Hell when I die, but this hysterical nutjob is burning in Hell right now! Just look how miserable he is!" They assume Christianity turned you into a bitter narcissist and steer clear.

1084c346 No.3740773

File: 1716665496810.jpg (148.15 KB, 1286x2000, bafkreidmyg3ph2mhp4swxluxu….jpg)

Reminder that right-wing memes are made up nonsense using imaginary statistics.

1084c346 No.3740774

File: 1716666159565.jpg (96.65 KB, 637x680, GHx0tMeWsAAyKFr.jpg)

There is a cure for obesity now. A weekly injection and they can lose all that weight.
The only problem is that insurance won't pay for it and big pharma wants almost $2000 a dose. Until we get universal healthcare the corporations are just going to keep extorting people until they die.

a8f3bbe9 No.3740779

The cure for obesity is simply not shoveling fistfuls of goyslop into your mouth.

Literally doing nothing = losing weight.

22a9ca01 No.3740782

File: 1716675281887.png (29.87 KB, 2000x2000, Stonetoss comic suggestion….png)

Were's the Top and Bottom? Pic related.

22a9ca01 No.3740783

Right = Drinks
Left = Snacks
Bottom = Appatizer
Top = Main Course

81ab6000 No.3740784

File: 1716676268423.png (357.98 KB, 567x460, 16123129730401.png)


I went from 375 pounds to 235. All it took was eating less and intermittent fasting. Now I get to eat whatever I want within reason. Don't eat an entire 1200 calorie family size bag of chips all at once, pay attention to what you are putting into your body and your stomach will shrink, it will take less food to feel full.

It isn't rocket science.

7a441d24 No.3740785

>My lazy fat ass should be the government's problem!
The absolute level of entitled first world delusion!

22a9ca01 No.3740791

File: 1716683866835.jpg (118.23 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

How the US is Destroying Your Future

processed foods are in there.

d1e454e0 No.3740792

File: 1716686505179.jpg (30.07 KB, 578x436, Nigga.jpg)

No, U! How's that for a canned response, eh?

Enjoy your judgements, niggas. You all know what I've said above is true.

471266be No.3740800

File: 1716695210227.jpg (259.58 KB, 852x1103, nigger race predicts crime….jpg)

Nope, It is real. The source is right there. You are free to do the math yourself and double check the values.

27b4b257 No.3740801

File: 1716699143391.png (473.81 KB, 915x1378, types_of_libertarian.png)

Trump tried giving one of his speeches (reality: one of his incoherent rants,) at the Libertarian convention today.
They tore him a new one.

1084c346 No.3740803

>The source is right here…
Yeah, saying, "This is totally based on real stuff! For real guyz!!" doesn't make it true.

1084c346 No.3740804

File: 1716704076443.jpg (160.23 KB, 1286x2000, bafkreiflor2av6dbad4iusqjp….jpg)

Your lazy, fat, ass was caused by government interfering with the free market so it follows that the solution should be the same.


891a1e28 No.3740805

What I wrote: "The source is right there."
What you claimed to be quoting: ">The source is right here"
If you go around faking quotes then you lose credibility.
> Yeah, saying, "This is totally based on real stuff!
If you can not even be bothered to go to the source, which was provided, and verify its accuracy, then you have no believable ability to question its existence.

To sum up, you are full of bullshit.

24fdf395 No.3740807

File: 1716729999220.jpg (57.87 KB, 528x797, eugcb5anr0z21.jpg)

Jack-booted thugs are not going to bust down your door and funnel sugar down your throat if you stop eating it. At least they didn't to me when I stopped.

1084c346 No.3740808

File: 1716730786404.jpg (233.26 KB, 699x546, no-friends.jpg)

You didn't provide the source, you provided a meme with a note at the bottom that effectively said, "This is based on data from some people somewhere and you should totally believe me!"

You're a friendless loser who can't meme just like every other conservative. You got no facts, you got no game, you got no future.

Will you kill yourself when Biden wins again?

e73edea9 No.3740811

File: 1716742903122.png (1018.33 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240526-125910.png)

22a9ca01 No.3740826

File: 1716757122378-0.png (1.14 MB, 968x938, gudgies.png)

File: 1716757122378-1.png (956.93 KB, 1066x1280, asdsdf.png)

Are there any good blacks for example;

715abf54 No.3740829

> You didn't provide the source, you provided a meme with a note at the bottom that effectively said, "This is based on data from some people somewhere and you should totally believe me!
Lies. Look in the fucking graph. The source, which is an official US government department, is clearly printed at the top of the image.


fe9e31b1 No.3740835

Lol now the leftist tries to steal the meme that the left can't meme.
The left really can't meme.

dbb033b3 No.3740837

File: 1716762792608.png (72.99 KB, 850x400, 1716761068807178.png)

You're a mentally retarded jew worshipper. Fuck off with your christkike faggotry

28c9fccd No.3740843

File: 1716767029264-0.png (344.73 KB, 575x715, 95e0c8f7de553ec003b803d2ab….png)

File: 1716767029264-1.png (61.37 KB, 1024x768, 6730cdfff4e74149aa2f34a82c….png)

1084c346 No.3740846

File: 1716772269432.jpg (70.51 KB, 1024x802, 13_32.4_Kleinfeld-Fig1-102….jpg)

I think you really don't understand what people mean when they ask you for a source.

Maybe you're just so stupid you can't grasp simple concepts. Let's run a test!

Look at this chart, is there a source for the data on this chart? Yes, or no?

a067f682 No.3740851


e73edea9 No.3740866

File: 1716805148356-0.png (342.46 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240527-061451.png)

File: 1716805148356-1.png (363.91 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240527-061709.png)

File: 1716805148356-2.png (338.78 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240527-061754.png)

22a9ca01 No.3740867

File: 1716806075850.jpg (226.47 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

How DANGEROUS is LOS ANGELES for Visitors?

a067f682 No.3740872

Lol try republican little rock ak

a067f682 No.3740873

File: 1716817168273.jpeg (74.67 KB, 813x767, uh446vx44y2d1.jpeg)

e73edea9 No.3740874

File: 1716820472789-0.jpg (471.82 KB, 1920x1920, 1611610272531.jpg)

File: 1716820472789-1.jpg (76.75 KB, 1200x675, https___cdn.cnn.com_cnnnex….jpg)

You're just asking for it, aren't you

e73edea9 No.3740875

File: 1716820650977.jpg (91.07 KB, 960x960, bowing-leaders.jpg)

e73edea9 No.3740876

File: 1716820752349.jpeg (142.79 KB, 1080x1429, etpiejj8m1zc1.jpeg)

Here we go

1084c346 No.3740878

File: 1716821380276.jpg (138.51 KB, 1286x2000, Job-well-done.jpg)

The republicans in the house voted down an even more draconian boarder bill where Democrats offered them every thing they could possibly want about the border.

Schumer gave them a unimaginably good offer basically giving them their wish list on the border. More people to guard it, making it much harder to get asylum, making it much, much easier to deport people, more judges, more boarder cops, more tech to help enforce the boarder and even giving Governors of states the authority to shut down their boarder in a crisis.

The Republicans voted in favor of aid to Ukraine in exchange for this sweetheart deal on the boarder then Trump told them not to pass it because he needs the boarder to run on. He needs the idea of scary brown people flooding into America to scare his racist voters.

So now the Republicans have given the Democrats everything they wanted in Ukraine and have voted down their own border bill twice because of Trump.

They will never get an offer that good again. It was a Republican dream come true and they voted against it TWICE, leaving our border broken just so that Trump could have a talking point.

8aa36d7a No.3740879

Shaking hands with foreign leaders is normal for a president. Are you retarded?

1084c346 No.3740880

1084c346 No.3740881

Conservatives are cave-people. They think anything short of hitting your enemies over the head with a rock is showing weakness.

1084c346 No.3740882

File: 1716822294718.jpg (319.51 KB, 720x724, Not-white-enough.jpg)

A Gateway Pundit article by a rabid, bottle-blond, MAGA karen that bleaches her hair and recolors all pictures of herself so she can look whiter?

No thanks. I would rather get my news from a sane person.

a067f682 No.3740883

Haha true

a067f682 No.3740884

File: 1716822359785.jpeg (82.54 KB, 954x595, EV52aduXsAEWRAr.jpeg)

e73edea9 No.3740885

File: 1716823526462.jpeg (41.34 KB, 520x413, d290a3a5_obama-bows-to-sa….jpeg)

BOWING to one like Obama did to the Muslim Saudi King is normal also?
Are you retarded?

1084c346 No.3740886

File: 1716823768575.png (211.86 KB, 718x573, y56534y.png)

Actually, Cracker Barrel is about to fail as a business and close down. Their stock prices are in free fall because of an earnings report where that have returned even worse profit than the previous years.

The CEO of the company spoke to a local Fox affiliate and said that the main problem was how almost 20% of their customer base stopped coming since Covid.

e73edea9 No.3740887

Your reading comprehension is HORRID. The article was published by TMZ, it says so several times right in the article. TGP is mostly a news aggregator that re-publishes stories.
So what are you saying, this guy DIDN'T die? Nobody shot him? He is still appearing every day on GENERAL HOSPITAL?
Anyway, he was an actor and most likely a Democrat, so he got what he voted for, it must have made him happy.

1084c346 No.3740888

File: 1716824005939.jpg (57.56 KB, 600x399, 1t0amw.jpg)

You think I actually READ a gateway pundit article you posted?!

a067f682 No.3740889

Hahahaha conservatives are so fuckin stupid

f1a0f64e No.3740890

>every thing they could possibly want

A deal with the devil never ends with losing just the little finger.

ece235e9 No.3740891

Why do you chucklefucks think Obama is relevant? You can't even tell that's him in the pic.

ece235e9 No.3740893

Who the fuck are you calling the devil? Zelenskyy? lol

e73edea9 No.3740894

File: 1716830602168.jpg (33.86 KB, 351x320, b236561ef397aa7129f36e38b2….jpg)

>> ID: e73edea9
>> ID: a067f682
Notice how these these two proxy fags always post within minutes, or even seconds of each other.
Conclusion, 3B, talking to himself again, posts discarded as irrelevant and nonsensical.

e73edea9 No.3740895

File: 1716830994673.png (389.31 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240527-132736.png)


Oh, CNN must be lying now too, because it also appeared in TGP.
Yeah, that's gotta be it.

adf19942 No.3740897

>Catalytic converter thieves in LA

TBH this is probably "LatinX asylum seekers" instead of the typical nignogs

2bf36038 No.3740898

raccoons be looking a bit oppressed

b81c2ac7 No.3740899

File: 1716832438190.png (1.12 MB, 1218x800, Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 1….png)

7f06c07e No.3740900

That's your ID, you fucking moron.

b81c2ac7 No.3740901

File: 1716833130783.png (649.18 KB, 1218x795, Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 1….png)

81ab6000 No.3740902

File: 1716833283404.gif (1.88 MB, 907x740, 530bd3257180f817b0567fd0ec….gif)


There is always so many proxy faggots in these threads. He just got sloppy.

69f8c063 No.3740903

>> ID: a067f682
>> ID: 1084c346
This is what he probably meant to post, he just made a copy and paste error, is all.
This is the only way it makes any sense.

And yeah, both those above are 3B.
Even the pictures are typical of his postings.
I've been here for years, I know rabies when I see it.

2bf36038 No.3740904

He is a bot that died of cancer and makes proxy mistakes. And is a retard pedofile with bad choice of fashion (red) which he posts on pol, there is also some fucking professor who is a massive version of him or some shit.

a067f682 No.3740905

The fact that you post about 3B shows you are a white conservative with a sissy little penis

a067f682 No.3740906

File: 1716846355228.jpeg (70.86 KB, 510x767, smhyueuud03d1.jpeg)

a3d1ea2e No.3740907

Post a timestamped photo of your hand to prove you aren't white

a067f682 No.3740910

Lol kill yourself when Biden wins again in November

a067f682 No.3740911

File: 1716847604718.jpeg (80.3 KB, 750x728, y9gk08cwn03d1.jpeg)

6b4bce30 No.3740912

File: 1716847747026-0.jpg (25.38 KB, 235x230, nigger mask1.jpg)

File: 1716847747026-1.jpg (15.32 KB, 289x425, nigger mask2.jpg)

This is the mask 3B wears while he pretends to be a nigger.

a067f682 No.3740913

Tiny penis white

a067f682 No.3740914

File: 1716850947646.jpeg (25.69 KB, 451x554, 6fh8grd8s03d1.jpeg)

Trump, seen here globbing on to a NASCAR crowd to pretend they were there for him, waves to any moving red object he sees in his bizarro, increasingly desperate campaign.

e73edea9 No.3740915

>> ID: a067f682
Find a different hobby.
You suck at trolling.

e509462c No.3740917

File: 1716854997207.png (759.94 KB, 1355x891, zionist_lover.png)

90c28462 No.3740919

Post foreskin to prove you aren't white or jewish

a067f682 No.3740921

Post your reaction to when Biden wins again in November

a067f682 No.3740922

File: 1716860606388.jpeg (88.61 KB, 576x768, e8k92sozu03d1.jpeg)

deny health coverage to Vietnam Vets who suffered from Agent Orange

There is a facility in Tijuana for US veterans that Trump deported

Russia took control of the main U.S. military facility in Syria abandoned on Trump’s orders. Russia now owns the airstrip we built

0/7/19, Trump abruptly withdrew from Syria after a phone call with Turkey's president (Erdogan). Turkey subsequently bombed US Special Forces

sent thousands of American troops to defend the oil assets of the country that perpetrated 9/11

Sept 2019, he made an Air Force cargo crew stop in Scotland (where there's no U.S. base) to refuel at a commercial airport (where it costs more), so they could stay overnight at a Trump property (which isn't close to the airport). Trump’s golf courses are losing money so he's forcing the military to pay for 5-star nights there.

2bf36038 No.3740923

In terms of things that could go wrong, it could be worse than that.

22a9ca01 No.3740936

File: 1716868833729-0.jpg (326.33 KB, 1120x697, who made these claims.jpg)

File: 1716868833729-1.png (51.75 KB, 680x532, 1646224151723_u18chan.png)

Were are the sources of these statues?

a067f682 No.3740937

Lol right whites lie

4be43b1d No.3740941

File: 1716878640812.jpg (77.27 KB, 900x477, pervitin-marching-22258451….jpg)

The Nazis did achieve some genuinely superhuman feats of endurance early in WW II operations. It turns out that much of it was due, not to their physical training, but to the fact that they were using tons of meth-amphetamines. Look it up.

e73edea9 No.3740942

File: 1716878829045.jpg (78.87 KB, 588x593, f6f077b699667b24b5e0dba1a2….jpg)

22a9ca01 No.3740947

File: 1716881229542-0.jpg (1.53 MB, 1920x1280, image_12376e-Neanderthal.jpg)

File: 1716881229542-1.jpg (161.13 KB, 800x450, Homo-species-debates-human.jpg)

File: 1716881229542-2.jpg (149.6 KB, 754x754, file-20190130-108351-1btg7….jpg)

File: 1716881229542-3.jpg (12.68 KB, 282x179, images.jpg)

How Humans Broke the Game
Are Humans OP?

Not all humans are socially and raised equally.
It takes a whole village to raise a child.

e73edea9 No.3740948

File: 1716882483244.jpg (84.14 KB, 1024x1024, depositphotos_46562679-sto….jpg)

You do realize that the Neanderthals are ALL DEAD, don't you?
And that archaeological evidence shows WE killed them off.
Probably because they were terrible people, and behaved like blacks.
Let's do it again.

b81c2ac7 No.3740950

File: 1716890532045.png (534.56 KB, 595x587, Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 0….png)

22a9ca01 No.3740952

File: 1716895311609.gif (4.41 MB, 550x412, giphy_4.gif)

ohh you just roasted! XD

e56aafb1 No.3740955

File: 1716904069122.png (167.78 KB, 454x295, Dealwititwhiteboi.png)

Actually, the science says we fucked them out of existence by interbreeding with them. You know, like we are doing to "whiteness" around the globe today.

Conservatives are the modern cave-men and they will be destroyed the same way.

That's why conservatives hate people having sex so much, they know every generation "whiteness" gets erased from the world.

a067f682 No.3740956

Less whites?

3480ad71 No.3740958

Post foreskin. Prove you aren't white or jewish

e73edea9 No.3740959

That ain't how it works.
You've never noticed that each generation of blacks that interbreed with whites are lighter and lighter and lighter?
Less blacks…. that's where it's at!!
Keep fucking our women till you disappear.

e73edea9 No.3740960

File: 1716913458922.png (369.15 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240528-033754.png)

3480ad71 No.3740962

Every time 3b posts just demand he post foreskin. He can admit he's a white shabbos goy

a067f682 No.3740965

You are obsessed and a christkike

a067f682 No.3740966

File: 1716917091121.jpeg (34.09 KB, 524x499, p7m92ay8i63d1.jpeg)

a067f682 No.3740968

File: 1716917291130.png (136.78 KB, 606x543, 0k6qqbc1n23d1.png)

9a6eba98 No.3740969

File: 1716917534482.png (658.11 KB, 1313x953, x7776.png)


Reminder, the dumbasses that decide everything are old fucks that don't know shit.

And won't live long enough to face consequences of their actions.

a067f682 No.3740970

DK you just post drivel

a067f682 No.3740971

File: 1716917612639.jpeg (83.14 KB, 657x503, ebaluhl7x63d1.jpeg)

Don't let Republicans steal 2024

9a6eba98 No.3740974

File: 1716918129909.png (1.19 MB, 1322x964, The_Bullshit_PR_Pier.png)

I feel bad for the pier. It never asked to be used for pr bullshit


a067f682 No.3740975

I feel bad for you. The algorithm has you on a steady flow of bullshit

a067f682 No.3740976

File: 1716918668291.png (184.16 KB, 750x536, 8ubyw7ic553d1.png)

9a6eba98 No.3740977

File: 1716919001370.png (2.7 MB, 1440x2048, succubus_45763.png)


Says the bot that constantly posts stale meme images.

a067f682 No.3740978

Says the bot that constantly posts right wing YouTube brain rot

a067f682 No.3740979

File: 1716919241720.jpeg (53.09 KB, 885x441, qpv496vkw23d1.jpeg)

9a6eba98 No.3740980

File: 1716919723209.png (1.45 MB, 1328x960, x77654.png)


Have some young turks then


Get the fucking foreign agents out of congress. If you take Israel money, you don't serve america.

a067f682 No.3740981

How about you touch grass?

a067f682 No.3740982

File: 1716919984106.png (117.23 KB, 450x600, w48yuuieu53d1.png)

9a6eba98 No.3740983

File: 1716920955209.png (584.94 KB, 994x1646, x773.png)


I just went out 3 hours ago.

22a9ca01 No.3740984

File: 1716921934234.jpg (65.11 KB, 602x452, main-qimg-869a911f3051d694….jpg)

>if you take their monies

a067f682 No.3740985

File: 1716922002245.webm (1.08 MB, 720x1280, eaktqbh9da0d1.webm)

3480ad71 No.3740987

Anyone that refuses to post foreskin is a kike

28c9fccd No.3740990

File: 1716925581565.png (1.78 MB, 1019x1280, c0aed2642eeee0713e56688c14….png)

Biden is a soulless dementia riddled husk who has been benefiting from selling out America for decades who has never faced consequences from it. Look at us in Canada. We have a 'young guy' WEF puppet who is destroying our country at record pace.

Age isn't the problem, being a zionist golem is.

74a1d91c No.3740993

File: 1716926359101.jpg (1.26 MB, 1110x1682, President Biden.jpg)

> Biden is a soulless dementia riddled husk…
I don't know about that. In this totally real photo, he appears to be a mentally competent vigorous older gentleman.

a067f682 No.3740994


a067f682 No.3740995

File: 1716926847031.jpeg (59.26 KB, 749x500, 5jblyqkvo73d1.jpeg)

The “If we vote for the guy who has to go to court for fraud and constantly talked about wanting to be a dictator, things will be much better” crowd.

0c025dfc No.3740998

eat shit lol

0c025dfc No.3740999

File: 1716932784874.jpg (39.67 KB, 516x520, GBfxGNjWoAA4DiT.jpg)

Liberals reject Genocide Joe too.

28c9fccd No.3741002

File: 1716939766970.jpg (144.9 KB, 709x900, f0bfae551ea3d30a45c7adc97e….jpg)

I can usually at least decipher the leftist delusion, but I can't tell what he's trying to convey here.

e56aafb1 No.3741003

File: 1716941022849.jpg (76.32 KB, 850x1133, 5538327 - Angel_Dust Clone….jpg)

It doesn't matter if we have mixed children to us. It's only people obsessed with whiteness who give a shit about racial purity.

If there is one drop of anything non-white in a bloodline, you can't go back. That bloodline is ruined forever to whiteness.

The racist ideal of whiteness is a lack of anything else. Once there is any mixing that "purity" is lost.

e73edea9 No.3741004

Sorry, 3B.
That's not how it works.
After several generations, any black genes become RECESSIVE.
They're not expressed anymore, so they may as well not be there, even if they are.
Most whites have 4% Neanderthal DNA to this day.
Do you think we care? No because they're recessive now and not expressed.
Do you see any white guys running around that look like Neanderthals? (Bodybuilders aside).
Sorry to burst your pretty balloon, (not) but you obviously have no clue about how genetics and heredity actually work.

a067f682 No.3741005

You have a mental health issue. You're autistic you think everyone is 3b and it shows that you're the same poor mentally ill Nazi with a pathetic and tiny white dick

a067f682 No.3741006

File: 1716945423923.jpeg (19.99 KB, 354x767, jp00dpxkq83d1.jpeg)

With skin bronzers they sometimes come with gloves you wear so your hands don’t get dyed as it looks very apparent on hands.

It’s supposed to be a supplement to a natural tan, but this dumb dumb doesn’t know how to use it correctly so he just paints the part of his face he can see and probably does his arms for when he golfs in a short sleeve.

e73edea9 No.3741007

e73edea9 No.3741008


28c9fccd No.3741021

File: 1716976860053.png (3.45 MB, 2600x3000, fb3a108fc7131ae927f1379546….png)

Hope they never need an organ transplant.

And you're an idiot for thinking in absolutes. That's not how genetics works.

a067f682 No.3741022

Nazi BOT

471266be No.3741025


a067f682 No.3741028

Lol tiny white dick

a067f682 No.3741031

File: 1716981593161.jpeg (73.74 KB, 478x767, cqq4j7yp8a3d1.jpeg)

3812b801 No.3741032

lol n­i­­­­­g­g­­­­­e­­­­­­­r­ post

a067f682 No.3741034


a067f682 No.3741035

Dear Ma & Pa MAGA,
Donald Trump is not being "indicted for you."
He's never done a thing for you.
Here's what he promised you:
He said he would lower drug prices.
He didn't.
He said he'd protect people with pre-existing conditions.
He didn't.
He said he would repeal the Affordable Care Act, and replace it with something "beautiful."
He didn't.
He promised to eliminate the federal deficit.
He didn't.
As a matter of fact, he increased it by almost $7.8 trillion.
He promised an infrastructure bill was coming in "2 weeks".
It never came.
He promised to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.
He didn't and they didn't.
He promised his tax cuts for the wealthy & corporations would pay for themselves.
They won't.

a067f682 No.3741036

In fact - they added $2 trillion to our national debt.
He promised to end the opioid crisis, 'bring back coal', protect steel jobs, increase wages, stop factories from moving overseas, enact term limits, show his taxes & that Hillary Clinton would be "locked up".
He didn't & she's isn't.
He said he would make America great and put America first.
He let a pandemic ravage the country unabated and kept our national security secrets in his bathroom.
And here's what he did:
He used YOUR money to pay-off a porn star, mocked a disabled reporter, attacked a POW, bragged about sexual assault, got impeached (twice), lost re-election, plotted a coup, incited an insurrection, and stole highly classified documents he knew he wasn't allowed to show anyone, but did.
So now he has found himself indicted on 34 state felony counts & 37 federal ones, all while still facing many more.
He didn't do any of that "for you".
He's an incurious, incompetent imbecile, who is as corrupt and self-obsessed as he is dumb.
And he's really, really dumb.
He's a sociopathic traitor who's done nothing for you.

471266be No.3741037

Trump lives in your head 24 hours a day rent free.

Will you kill yourself when he wins in November for the third time?

e56aafb1 No.3741038

File: 1716984261474.jpg (96.51 KB, 818x1500, 5547912 - Aipec018 Angel_D….jpg)

You are quite wrong about that. The one thing Donald Trump did, the one thing they love him for, is he give them permission to be racist, bigoted, assholes. That's all conservatives ever really want, the freedom to be assholes without consequences.

e56aafb1 No.3741039

File: 1716984381908.jpg (182.45 KB, 1280x870, 4382628 - Angel_Dust Hazbi….jpg)

It will be funny if Trump did win and then the Supreme Court overturned is being president because this entire time he's been saying the election was stolen and he can't have three terms.

a067f682 No.3741040

File: 1716984580755.jpg (1.07 MB, 1811x1782, Screenshot_20240529_050036….jpg)

d297469e No.3741043

Except Democrats would never admit that they DID steal the election, it would open thousands of people involved to felony prosecution, for one thing.

Also a ruling like that would mean that Biden WAS an illegitimate president all along, meaning that everything he ever signed, everyone he ever appointed, and really, everything he ever did would be declared invalid, and struck down or reversed.

And above all, it would prove that Trump was RIGHT the whole time.

That would actually be the best thing that ever happened to MAGA, next to Trump winning again.
We hope and pray that there IS such a ruling.
You see, we really can't lose.

Because Democrats are stupid and don't think things through.

d297469e No.3741044

And he SHOULD, it's been proven that electric cars harm the environment significantly more than conventional automobiles do.

And EV sales are dropping like a rock as disgruntled buyers find out how harmful they are and what pieces of shit they are as word gets around.

This would be a huge WIN for both the economy and the environment.

You must be a Trump fan also.

a067f682 No.3741046

Like most Trump fans you are a racist retard with a tiny white dick

a067f682 No.3741047

File: 1716986456983.jpeg (54.88 KB, 817x767, 2wpnxvf36b3d1.jpeg)

d297469e No.3741049

File: 1716986890209.jpg (152.26 KB, 1024x1024, a5cd3e6ef4b3eeb5ee1a80c483….jpg)

You keep saying "Racist" like it's a bad thing.
Why is that?
Is there something wrong with you?

a067f682 No.3741050

Yes racists are bad but you have a tiny racist white penis to go with your silly kkk brain

a067f682 No.3741051

There are folks who don't even know Joe Biden's record from the last four years. I really hate that to convey the importance of this election we need to explain eight years of public policy and American history to people.

Do people remember that Donald Trump pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accords and rolled back Barack Obama's fuel economy standards?


Do people know that Joe Biden rejoined the Paris Accords, passed the largest climate spending package in American history, and is actually offering federal money to reactivate defunct nuclear power plants?


Meanwhile nobody likes being on the receiving end of a decade long infodump, even the good faith folks would chafe at that.

Sorry for the rant. I'm just not looking forward to refreshing my memory on the whole ICE doctors giving forced hysterectomies to migrant women of it all, I hated remembering that shit when it was still happening.

a067f682 No.3741052

File: 1716987726409.jpg (583.35 KB, 1809x1424, Screenshot_20240529_060008….jpg)

"Trump nominated two of the three judges who decided Webster’s appeal." OK then.

d297469e No.3741053

>> ID: a067f682
>> ID: a067f682
>> ID: a067f682
>> ID: a067f682

Hi, 3B.


c745a1ec No.3741054

File: 1716988255360.jpg (53.28 KB, 850x850, 7b65cef3a1c5d33e5e7ce88bc0….jpg)

>jury of your peers
>only democrats in the jury
>no juror that identify as male
>no white people in the jury

28c9fccd No.3741055

File: 1716988414185-0.jpg (57.84 KB, 601x680, 6d6e1f6a3602e4d8e2e743de42….jpg)

File: 1716988414185-1.jpg (105.95 KB, 684x827, d8d63a8600dc577e29086463eb….jpg)

File: 1716988414185-2.jpg (163.87 KB, 1280x1024, 92a78db8013a0a8eb4e48f3693….jpg)

Everyone is racist. White liberals are just racist against themselves.

a88a7def No.3741056

File: 1716989369111.jpg (141.05 KB, 465x279, 3504.jpg)

>jury of his peers
Sorry, they couldn't get in touch with Willy Wonka. LOL!

a067f682 No.3741058

Oompa Loompa, doopity dump

We're all failed clones of Donald Trump.

7cbd85f6 No.3741059

98048c92 No.3741062

Whiney tiny white cock you

Oompa Loompa, doopity Do!

98048c92 No.3741063

File: 1716997650621.png (116.01 KB, 1024x576, rcsfpq8mdd3d1.png)

One: owned human beings.

Forty five: owned by Putin.

39aec98a No.3741065

46: property of Netanyahu

41c19303 No.3741078

File: 1717035641349.png (757.39 KB, 1370x947, Miss_Hitler.png)

Posted this in that other stickied thread by accident


Miss war with everyone, of course supports the genocide.

a067f682 No.3741084


e56aafb1 No.3741085

File: 1717041304037.jpg (214.33 KB, 736x722, 3BBot.jpg)

>3B BOT.
His name was Swift, he first appeared in Transformers: Age of Extinction.

a067f682 No.3741087

a067f682 No.3741111

Beep boop

a067f682 No.3741112

File: 1717074120468.jpeg (74.07 KB, 846x767, vsie7pgwff3d1.jpeg)

75ad7a13 No.3741114


75ad7a13 No.3741115

File: 1717075770448.gif (136.5 KB, 600x500, 16753771081894692229.gif)

We need more
3B Troll Bot repellent here.

a067f682 No.3741116

Lol so there are a bunch of Nazis and the only one that disagrees with retard christkike kkk tiny dick whites is 3B.

Dont think so bucko, you're just a pathetic unpopular Nazi chode

Kill yourself

a067f682 No.3741118

File: 1717076022249.jpeg (35.74 KB, 500x500, i9qsqyc58h3d1.jpeg)

Felonies - so hot right now

75ad7a13 No.3741119


75ad7a13 No.3741120

File: 1717076393488.png (605.22 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240530-093226.png)

75ad7a13 No.3741121

Why don't you say YOU are going to kill me, fake negro?
C'mon say it, give me your email and I'll even send you my home address and a picture of me
Come on, say it.
Say YOU'RE going to kill me.
I'm eager for you to try.
What are you afraid of? SAY IT

e56aafb1 No.3741122

File: 1717079568202.png (2.37 MB, 1408x1760, 1698159589307-0.png)

Oh at least half the jury is already convinced that Trump is guilty. His only hope at this point is for a hung jury where one of his supporters ignores all the facts and reality to say that he is not guilty in spite of all the evidence. But all that would do is require the whole circus to start again with a different jury.

It wouldn't actually help him in fact it would make it worse for him because all the evidence would be presented again in glorious 1 inch mushroom detail.

e56aafb1 No.3741123

Why do you think a pathetic person like you is worth the effort to travel all the way to where you are just to kill you?

You act as if you matter. You don't.
You have never mattered to anyone and you never will. You're just ignorant, stupid, white trash.

e56aafb1 No.3741124

Counting on the advice of a divorce lawyer from Texas to save you in a fraud case in New York is like counting on someone from China to tell you how to act in France. New laws are wildly different between Texas and New York. Not to mention that this guy is only real experience is a divorce lawyer. His law firm only recently opened a criminal division and he isn't part of it.

75ad7a13 No.3741135

Then you are below even that.
By your words and deeds we will know you,
and it makes us puke to think such a foul creature as you could even exist.

75ad7a13 No.3741136

Poor retarded fool, Biden's ratings are plunging and Trump's are soaring even more now because of your shit show, Trump has even collared more black voters now than Biden.
There is literally no way Trump can NOT be President at this point. You're in a corner, If he wins the court case, he wins BIGLY. IF he loses, he wins even BIGGER because the public will KNOW then the whole thing was fraudulent and even more of them will vote for Trump.
If he wins, he WINS.
IF he loses, he still WINS.
Start calling him 47,
Good job getting him re-elected by the way, were grateful.

fc5f55e4 No.3741137

Your tiny penis matches your tiny pathetic trailer trash brain

fc5f55e4 No.3741138

I see you're going to kill yourself when Biden wins again in November

b2668240 No.3741141

File: 1717089988390.png (1.2 MB, 1329x960, He_ll_drain_the_swamp_Surr….png)


He'll drain the Swamp SUREEEEE

MR bend over, with his ass open for anyone with money, like a cheap whore.

And his pimp is Israel, same pimp that owns biden.

75ad7a13 No.3741147

Hey 3B, are you sitting there with your eyes glued to the TV screen and jacking off?
Too bad you're going to be disappointed,
CockBlock coming.

89212235 No.3741153

Lol you think everyone is 3b

You're mentally unstable.

fc5f55e4 No.3741154

File: 1717101620374.jpeg (74.33 KB, 599x767, vb5tw7q5tl3d1.jpeg)

b2668240 No.3741164

File: 1717102912362.png (2.08 MB, 1266x717, x70000.png)

The only interesting thing about if the jury decides to jail Trump or not, is the bets people I know have made.

fc5f55e4 No.3741171


fc5f55e4 No.3741173

Donald Trump is the first president in history to be convicted of a felony.

b2668240 No.3741174

File: 1717103769503.jpg (257.59 KB, 1573x2800, 1712429863084472.jpg)


He shouldn't be. Bush should have been locked up. Nixon should have been locked up. Obama should have been locked up. Bill should be on a sex offender list and probably locked up. Biden and his son should be locked up.

Most of congress should be locked up for insider trading and corruption.

fc5f55e4 No.3741176

Shoulda woulda coulda

Donald Trump is the first felon in presidential history

27b4b257 No.3741177

File: 1717104278009.jpg (14.02 KB, 211x281, guilty_05_30_2024.jpg)

Hee hee!

30a9dc39 No.3741179

This sham trial just sealed the win for tump. The people are not so stupid as to think anything about this was fair.

fc5f55e4 No.3741180

Lol keep thinking that

Please kill yourself when Biden wins again in November

fc5f55e4 No.3741181

Sentencing July 11

27b4b257 No.3741182


"Sham trial…" translation: "My guy who can just do no wrong it turns out is corrupt as fuck. But he's MY corrupt as fuck guy!"

Go back to Gateway Pundit, retard.

b2668240 No.3741186

File: 1717105952912.jpg (207.88 KB, 961x1280, Emotional_animals.jpg)


It may very well sealed the win. AS IT MAY HAVE BEEN INTENDED TO DO.

Because why not give up your rights, why not go sign up to fight and die fighting russia/china with Glee

If your "Underdog" guy won against all odds! Omg what a story! Don't you feel so patriotic? SEE little 99%? The little guy can win, can beat the corruption!

Little old 99% billionaire new york fatcat with jew kids. And a loyalty to Israel Donald J Trump won because he's just like you. Go, go, goy, get emotional, go, go, sign up white man who's been discriminated by the system. He'll save "Your" country because little old 99% Donald Trump defeated the Swamp he works for.

Yay! America First! (Unless you talk bad about Israel, then Trump wants you to shut the fuck up."

e56aafb1 No.3741191

You sound like a Hillary Clinton supporter.
They thought there was no way she could lose either.

9d2a2ffa No.3741192

>>3741186 I'm kinda curious how you came to be this crazy antisemite. I'm not curious enough to care if you tell us or not, you're just another nut hanging out at Cho0b's Nazi Bar.

Myself, I come here to get an insight into how rhe other side thinks, so any crazy trolling shit you say is what I'll think you honestly believe.

e56aafb1 No.3741193

He was found guilty of a very minor crime. I don't know why you're making such a big deal about it. The actual crime in question was him writing checks to his lawyer to pay him back from making hush money payments to his mistress while Trump ran for president.

It's the most petty shit. He'll probably end up having to pay more money. But I seriously doubt they are going to put the nominee for president in prison even for a short time while he is running. And nothing in this trial can disqualify him from running.

This is a very small thing that the media has made a very big deal about.

a067f682 No.3741194

Keep on spinning

a067f682 No.3741196

Sentencing is set for July 11th.

The Republican National Convention is July 15th.

1abf6d11 No.3741197

Convicted Felon Donald Trump

We still have a few weeks to hear sentencing, and he will undoubtedly appeal, which could last well into 2025.

But that's not what is important today.

This IS history. Polling saying voters are partisan and unmoved doesn't make it any less significant.

For starters, it's not a "hush money" case, as the media has latched onto. It's an election interference case, and these are felonies.

He worked to illegally cover up stories that could have easily swung the 2016 election, which was won by a few thousand votes in a few states, and could have altered the course of American history. It encapsulates everything about Trump and is the beginning to his criminal history saga regarding the Presidency.

It is hopefully only the beginning of his criminal accountability, and a necessary step forward for democracy, the rule of law, and us as a country.

In summary, I'm opening up some fine bourbon tonight.

b2668240 No.3741198

File: 1717107111430.jpeg (70.14 KB, 640x704, 64643.jpeg)


I'm not anti-Jew, I'm anti-zionist. Of which Christians can also be. I'm Anti-lobby too, such as Apaic. Because a foreign trash heap country that would be under more sanctions than north korea for human rights violations and crimes against humanity, shouldn't run my government.

Do I have a problem with regular judaism? Absolutely. Putting religion/group over country, is traitorous. And bias against someone who becomes a jew, always being less than someone born a Jew is bigotry.

But many religions have bad shit, like muslims believing they need to kill another muslim is they drop the religion, "the crime of apostasy"

1abf6d11 No.3741199

Nobody cares dk touch grass

a067f682 No.3741200

First time Trump won a popular vote

30a9dc39 No.3741202

You do realize the 34 counts is just the monthly hush money was labeled wrong 34 times. It’s literally one non-mistake 34 times

b2668240 No.3741203

File: 1717107731476.png (541.5 KB, 640x640, 90998.png)

Like seriously, watching a sane sounding, articulate, English speaking muslin going from having good, logical, discussions to "If you leave this religion, I should kill you and you deserve to die".

Is the most WTF man.

As the one guy goes, "You deserve to die because Micky mouse said you can't reject him." or with Zionists "All you people need to die because Micky mouse promised us white european descent people this land 3000 years ago.

b2668240 No.3741204

File: 1717108058757.jpg (84.83 KB, 998x585, 900999988.jpg)

Also you fucks know this Sunday are the Mexico elections right? Its Two women and a guy trying for president.

"We don't care!"

Look I already know your americans, you don't have to tell me again your american without telling me your american.

As the joke goes "War is how americans learn world geography."

a5139753 No.3741205

File: 1717108754327.jpeg (918.29 KB, 1170x1227, IMG_5508.jpeg)

27b4b257 No.3741208


In downtown Milwaukee.
Where today it was ruled guns can NOT be banned.

bdc2337a No.3741213

File: 1717113095143.png (314.31 KB, 629x709, 1717107839487784.png)

Isn't one of the nominees for Mexican president a kike?

a067f682 No.3741215

As Trump steps outside of the courthouse, reporters were yelling out:

"Mr. Trump, how does it feel to be a convicted felon!?"

"Are you worried about going to jail?"


No notes.


d92d93e5 No.3741216


Only 13 Presidents failed to get re-elected.

Only 5 Presidents failed to win the popular vote.

Only 4 Presidents have been impeached or resigned.

Only 1 President has ever been criminally indicted.

And only ONE President has done ALL FOUR.

Maga is seething. They never thought it would happen. They thought he would get rid of Obamacare, which, ironically, will hurt most of them. Under Obamacare, my premium is down to $90 per month. My car insurance is down to $25/month (from InsurancePanda). My homeowners is $25/month (from homesite) too. Under Trump, we saw inflation and massive price hikes across the board. (still continuing now)

Let’s hope he gets locked up. Anybody but the Felon 24.

b2668240 No.3741217

File: 1717114499603.jpg (276.67 KB, 2017x1284, Claudia Sheinbaum.jpg)


Yes a feminist jew, "Claudia Sheinbaum" who's a scientist, from a scientist family. If she wins she'll be both the first female president of mexico, and the first jewish president of mexico.

And from what I heard one girl is conservative representing the old party that merged.

And the most liberal one is the guy.

If Sheinbaum wins and starts chanting "Diversity is strength, we need welfare for single mothers, Israel is our greatest ally and we must support it, masculinity is toxic, etc"

I'll know mexico is doomed for the next 6 years or more.

5767f4cb No.3741218

Nobody cares. Wrasslin' ain't real.

e71c0232 No.3741221

File: 1717116214617.jpg (40.46 KB, 450x556, b0461f0c8523ad874b014a7726….jpg)

Someone sure is getting uppity…

2a8f6b42 No.3741223

File: 1717116485432.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2088x1170, IMG_5510.jpeg)

Just remember, when arguing against anti trumpers, they see nothing wrong with preventing poll watchers from watching polls

e71c0232 No.3741224

Trump supporters like to omit the part of that story where his cult threatened to kill the poll workers which is why they needed the extra security.

d92d93e5 No.3741225

Just remember, when arguing against trumpers, they see nothing wrong with destroying the American experiment

2a8f6b42 No.3741228

Do you have proof of threats? Because I have proof of illegally obfuscating the vote counting. Anyone can claim any number of reasons “this is why we NEED to break the law!”

Evidence or shut up

2a8f6b42 No.3741229

File: 1717117578934.jpeg (38.67 KB, 199x254, IMG_5511.jpeg)

Also irrelevant complaint. Threats is simply not an excuse. Part of the job. Not that I believe they were actually trump supporters

2bf36038 No.3741230

im just not convinced about those numbers, meanwhile though i had a good nap while you are sprawling for counter facts. the years keep coming.

d92d93e5 No.3741232

File: 1717119386261.jpeg (16.8 KB, 720x117, mtyb8i72qm3d1.jpeg)

e73055e1 No.3741233

I’m still not sure what trump actually did.
34 counts of what exactly? All I see on social media is “34 counts” but nobody is saying what those counts are

a067f682 No.3741235

Try sticking your head deeper in the dirt maybe that will block out the bad news

55690841 No.3741237

Fox News interviewee implying this isn't too big of a deal about polling indicates only 16% of voters seem to be open to shifting their vote based on this.

Dude that's a big deal. This might well be decisive then, and it should enormously help Biden's chances.

Then, you guessed it!

Then you kill yourself when Biden wins again in November.

b2668240 No.3741238

File: 1717119931875.jpg (96.25 KB, 600x900, 70004.jpg)


Aircraft carriers aren't that relevant in the age of hyper sonic missiles, gringo.

dc3e7cb2 No.3741241

Which voters, even democrats are are worried about the weponization of the justice system

dc3e7cb2 No.3741243

(Nobody has working hypersonic missiles tho)

2bf36038 No.3741244

File: 1717120402535-0.jpg (12.37 KB, 320x180, 2024aircraft carriers.jpg)

File: 1717120402535-1.jpg (9.27 KB, 320x180, carriermqdefault.jpg)

File: 1717120402535-2.jpg (72.43 KB, 800x555, Fujian-aircraft-carrier.jpg)

File: 1717120402535-3.jpg (7.31 KB, 250x202, russianimages.jpg)

File: 1717120402535-4.jpg (165.74 KB, 1280x720, thatoneexpensivecarrier.jpg)

not relevant, these are more like tiny vacation centers that they crack call you from about insurance. not relevant. one of them might be fake, the other ones might be real, they did update these though, yes they are not orbital stations. however, dealing with non euclidean virtual engines in space and requesting alien hybrid technology though is not beyond the scope of possibility.

55690841 No.3741247

Lol ai tards

55690841 No.3741248

File: 1717120513085.jpeg (52.04 KB, 1024x534, kgpmg2ilpm3d1.jpeg)

22a9ca01 No.3741249

File: 1717120664591.jpg (194.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

China's Plan to invade Taiwan with Soviet jets

a3a94cfc No.3741250

Something about fucking a hooker. Who cares?

Now let's see the people who care abouth this sham trial explain why they don't want to prosecute Clinton for raping kids with his buddy Epstein

5767f4cb No.3741251

His lawyer paid off a hooker who was trying to extort him.

a067f682 No.3741254

No he did election interference Nazi liars

3ec810a0 No.3741255

File: 1717128136073.jpg (281.43 KB, 1422x1348, 20240530_210136.jpg)

4be43b1d No.3741256

Nope. That was just a non disclosure agreement. Nothing illegal about that. NDMs get used all the time. A lot of employers use them. I've had to sign them several times. The violation there was that Stormy Daniels violated the agreement SHE owed money (around $500,000) to Trump.

The prosecutors claimed Trump's lawyers should have recorded them differently. But those charges were way past the statute of limitations. So they said that they were part of some mysterious felony that NO ONE EVER NAMED, and could change somehow into felonies themselves. And somehow, a bunch of six year old misdemeanors get turned into some mysterious new crime.

The whole case is complete shit that will fall apart as soon as it's appealed outside of the incredibly corrupt New York court system. Any first-year law student can count at least 15 serious flaws in the way the "judge" handled it.

a3a94cfc No.3741257

The fact that Hunter Biden HASN'T been convicted of anything is all you need to know about the validity of the US Justice system. Same with all of Epstein's associates

a067f682 No.3741258

You mean Donald Trump epsteins cronie

e56aafb1 No.3741260

File: 1717134979025.jpg (108.83 KB, 832x1216, d7fb3e76ae90942be3f5d23d27….jpg)

Hunter Biden pled guilty and was fined for the crimes he committed. He didn't drag it out like a big baby for half a year so no one remembers it.

e56aafb1 No.3741261

File: 1717135281678.jpeg (75.05 KB, 832x1216, GOpRvbGXkAAkYnb.jpeg)

I'm not an obsessed loser who can't let go of the past, I don't even remember in which county that happened. You are the conspiracy nut, you could just Google it. It's not like it wasn't all over the news. Cry baby.

e56aafb1 No.3741262

So basically, your post reads, I have no idea how the law works or what is happening but I am very mad about it! Angry mayonnaise noises!

e56aafb1 No.3741264

There is this thing called Google. If you have questions try searching for them there. It's not like this information it's hard to find. People aren't going to explain all the charges in detail within the limited characters available to a single tweet. Put in some effort if you want to know more.

a067f682 No.3741265

You have a tiny white penis to match your tiny white brain

22a9ca01 No.3741271

File: 1717143022493.png (19.44 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

dbe2d3b2 No.3741272

That’s a lot of text for someone to not answer the question they are so sure is easy to find

“I KNOW THE ANDWER, but I’m going to spend more time not answering the question”

2bf36038 No.3741275

you should both fuck already

22a9ca01 No.3741277

File: 1717149007188.png (525.39 KB, 1700x800, bothwannafuk.png)

ed353212 No.3741278

File: 1717151849540.jpeg (49.74 KB, 630x420, download (1).jpeg)

Every locality is now cleared to try any President, current or former, for anything they please?


e56aafb1 No.3741282

That's a lot of complaining for someone who could be googling the answer.

e56aafb1 No.3741284

File: 1717160418111.jpeg (120.31 KB, 1024x1024, GOlL48hWYAAJGfk.jpeg)

They always could try Presidents for crimes they committed. Most presidents are just smart enough not to get caught.

9060ebf2 No.3741289

File: 1717165633982.jpeg (157.32 KB, 941x995, IMG_5512.jpeg)

Yeah, absolutely nobody knows how Obama drone striked Americans without due process.
How bush invaded Iraq
Or how bill Clinton was the cause of the 2008 housing colapse

a067f682 No.3741290

No, those are insane ramblings of a mental health issue

a067f682 No.3741291

File: 1717167067611.jpg (220.71 KB, 602x821, Screenshot_20240531_075004….jpg)

22a9ca01 No.3741292

File: 1717168848479.png (733.19 KB, 1080x1119, 66nl2zwuivqc1.png)

3cde152c No.3741294

File: 1717169823603.jpg (87.96 KB, 750x1000, bg,f8f8f8-flat,750x,075,f-….jpg)

You are so stupid, you have no idea how much you have lost and what a win this is for MAGA.
(and i'm a democrat).
But you will.

28c9fccd No.3741295

File: 1717170615302-0.jpg (144.94 KB, 865x1280, 69cc509c4e792d5f3c99cc13b2….jpg)

File: 1717170615302-1.webm (3.53 MB, 1280x720, dc0c5384794e4c1a4eb967606….webm)

Seriously. My CNN-watching family are waking up as a result.

I'm quite happy with this outcome. The Dems are overstepping to the point that even normies are noticing.

In other news: Muslim at a pro isreal anti-islam event in Germany starts stabbing people, people tackle him to the ground, cops push the evil white racists off of the stabber and start arresting the racists while the stabber proceeds to stab the cop. THEN they tase him, and administer aid to the stabber while they arrest the white guy who tried to stop him.

It's a thing of beauty.

ed353212 No.3741296

File: 1717171675976.png (667.37 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240531-120624.png)

22a9ca01 No.3741298

File: 1717172019279-0.jpg (62.61 KB, 686x386, hq720.jpg)

File: 1717172019279-1.jpg (591.92 KB, 2048x1463, 19goldentoilet-item1-super….jpg)

File: 1717172019279-2.png (733.19 KB, 1080x1119, 66nl2zwuivqc1.png)

Check behind or inside their golden toilets that's in an envelope full of bribe money.

a17bf00b No.3741319

File: 1717182958556.jpeg (653.05 KB, 1170x1230, IMG_5514.jpeg)

Normies are noticing. 34 counts of mislabeled payments loool

28c9fccd No.3741320

File: 1717183486183.jpg (159.09 KB, 1280x1124, 4c74c43ea9f66e035ee33f5ad9….jpg)

34 counts of mislabeled payments, with a single mislabeled payment. What a legend.

2edb9455 No.3741327

It's election cheating Nazi fucker

7fb4be22 No.3741329

File: 1717192917748.jpeg (69.35 KB, 1024x768, oq3ls1kx4s3d1.jpeg)

Trump talking in a perpetual run-on sentence is comedy gold.

9060ebf2 No.3741341

File: 1717205641680.jpeg (51.72 KB, 360x357, IMG_5520.jpeg)

OMG guis we finally got trump with totally legit charges in the bluest state of the country!!
Those MAGA tards will finally see the truth of his evil!!!

Raises $2million an hour

Wait no not like that…

2a8f6b42 No.3741346

File: 1717211200718.png (1.64 MB, 1284x888, IMG_4229.png)

a067f682 No.3741353

Jean Carroll will need it for the 459 mil

a067f682 No.3741354

File: 1717212828613.png (165.17 KB, 780x767, 11ai6xmigu3d1.png)

a067f682 No.3741355

File: 1717212903946.jpeg (72.87 KB, 691x767, x6cwm56nnu3d1.jpeg)

ed353212 No.3741362

>> ID: a067f682
Hi, 3B.
Don't want to see this all the time?

2d0503e7 No.3741363

Hi Nazi fag
Kill yourself



a067f682 No.3741364

Oh lawd the nazis buttmad

df8907e3 No.3741372

File: 1717225178002-0.jpg (325.59 KB, 1536x1518, meanwhile in EU.jpg)

File: 1717225178002-1.jpg (276.5 KB, 1538x1512, meanwhile in EU photo.jpg)

File: 1717225178002-2.jpg (501.42 KB, 959x1141, meanwhile in EU explained.jpg)

His booth had Israel flag and Ukraine's colors.
I'm totally fine with what happened.

22a9ca01 No.3741374

File: 1717226985055.jpg (41.75 KB, 564x418, shit-just-got-real-2.jpg)

This needs to be a movie or something…

b81c2ac7 No.3741377


German anti-Islam activist injured in knife attack

b81c2ac7 No.3741378

28c9fccd No.3741379

File: 1717240889870-0.png (12.92 KB, 1183x763, 56a9f359a35c38691c4742ad04….png)

File: 1717240889870-1.png (41.95 KB, 824x650, 4c6f7016a203771c94d2bc88e9….png)

File: 1717240889870-2.jpg (179.87 KB, 1242x1789, 6141961579a59aeefbb99da1bf….jpg)

File: 1717240889870-3.png (1.91 MB, 1360x1776, 650dbb7fcdf7a2955e6c4a32ad….png)

I'd have been happier if more people had died. Like everyone present would have been nice.

My favourite part is how the media frames it like it was a clash between extremists and not a goat fucker trying to murder them all. he disgraceful police force trying to get the video removed from the internet is pretty great too.

a7d7cfc6 No.3741380

You do understand that being a male prostitute isn't a crime, right? Like being a person who has robbed a bank in the past is not a crime. Robbing a bank is a crime. Exchanging money for sex is a crime. Simply existing around someone who has done one of these things in the past is not a crime.

Also, the "male prostitute" found at Nancy Pelosi's house was trying to murder her and her husband at the time. Isn't it strange how the right wing always seems to forget that little detail about the events of that night?

a7d7cfc6 No.3741381

Don't stop believing! Hold on to that feeling!
Convince yourself that somehow Donald Trump isn't a total loser and that you have invested so much of your personality into a con man who hates your very existence.

You are nothing but a source of income for him. A rube to be drained of all of his money, too stupid and gullible to even be considered a real person. That's who you are to Donald Trump. He loves the poorly educated like you.

You're the best kind of sucker, you'll give him your life savings and you'll thank him for using it to pay for his depravities and gold toilets.

a7d7cfc6 No.3741382

Hey, numbnuts, Andrew Jackson was the founder of the modern Republican party. The Republican party had a split between the Democratic Republicans and the Whig Republicans. The guy that tombstone was for had been a whig Republican who was super mad that normal people were being allowed to vote instead of the right to vote being passed down from rich person to their children like an inheritance for royals.

5dabd0a0 No.3741383

File: 1717248677842.jpeg (305.29 KB, 1080x2962, IMG_5526.jpeg)

Wow, that’s exactly what I want to say about you and your love of Biden

Your projection is strong indeed

7f67b5cd No.3741384

>> ID: a7d7cfc6
Hi, 3B.
The serial shit poster of Lulz that nobody else has ever heard of.

a7d7cfc6 No.3741385

No one loves Biden. We're not in a cult. We only vote for Biden because the other choice is horrible. If Republicans could run someone who is actually remotely human. Someone with even 1% of human decency they would win every time because the Democrats are absolutely the worst except for the Republicans. I know you like to believe that everyone else is as far up Joe biden's ass as you are up Trump's but that's not how Democrats work.

Look at Hillary Clinton. She was such a terrible person, so corrupt, so obviously toxic that people didn't vote for her and Trump won. In that election Trump seemed to be the lesser of two evils so he won. Republicans could do that again, all they have to do is be slightly better than the Democrats but they can't stop being racist, bigoted, religious zealots.

It would be so easy to beat Joe Biden if you had run literally anyone other than Trump. The only people in the Republican party I can think of who are so repulsive that they couldn't beat Joe Biden are Ted Cruz and Trump. Anyone else had a really good chance of being just tolerable enough to defeat Joe but you went with the king of losers.

7f67b5cd No.3741386

1) Demand that Muslims acknowledge there are problems in Islam that inevitably lead to violence committed explicitly in the name of it. We must have an Enlightenment/Reformation.
2) The left must acknowledge that the majority of the world's Muslims are not secular. Our way of life - secular democracy - is under existential threat from Islam.
3) The left must learn to be at least as sceptical of Islam as they are of Christianity.
4) Stop immigration from all Islamic countries.
5) Scrap article 19.2 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and all similar agreements. We must be able to expel foreigners who are no longer welcome.
6) Immigration should be handled by the executive branch completely. No appeals process at the courts, vulnerable to NGO malfeasance as now.
7) The Adhan is a truth claim and a provocation - fundamentally different from tolling church bells. Sound norms should be strictly policed.

a067f682 No.3741387

Abolish religion so crazy fags don't run rl

a067f682 No.3741388

File: 1717250223777.jpeg (59.59 KB, 768x768, 1qrkdjp3bv3d1.jpeg)

7f67b5cd No.3741390

File: 1717250827226.png (603.75 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240601-100040.png)

Thanks we will.
And get used to calling him '47.'
Just like we always call you 3B.

a067f682 No.3741392

Lol hogs

a067f682 No.3741393

File: 1717253831091.jpeg (75.99 KB, 512x767, b6blgljhav3d1.jpeg)

7f67b5cd No.3741395

Ain't no Hogs like LIBERAL HOGS.
Soooooeeee, Soooooeeee
they say, "GIMMEE THAT SLOP"

7f67b5cd No.3741401

File: 1717256561768.jpg (2.34 MB, 3000x2084, GettyImages-6912744281.jpg)

Trump's approval rating only went up 16 more points this time after his 34 criminal convictions!!

Quick, we need more indictments and convictions!!!


28c9fccd No.3741404

File: 1717256932415-0.jpg (151.17 KB, 1024x628, 0517f26e67d17ed016ab98021a….jpg)

File: 1717256932415-1.png (479.91 KB, 1170x798, ba69d923d6155df5656f5605e5….png)

Nignog time paradox logic. It seems like you only exist in the present. The past you who committed the crime is long gone; current you isn't committing any crime, so you are innocent and unrelated to the you of the past!

To us actual humans, we understand they they have committed crimes and have yet gone unpunished for them.

c725c49f No.3741406

That Weavile kid must still be super butthurt from 3B raping him.


22a9ca01 No.3741407

File: 1717258051420.jpg (11.08 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

Why Biden's New Bill Is So Terrifying

America when Nazis are marching on the streets: -_-'
America when students are protesting a genocide: >w<

“Freedom in capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in ancient Greek republics: Freedom for slave owners.”
― Vladimir Lenin

b81c2ac7 No.3741408

28c9fccd No.3741409

Nignog, did you just quote a communist slaver on the topic of freedom and slavery?

a067f682 No.3741410

Lol hogs

a067f682 No.3741411

File: 1717262097024.jpeg (99.6 KB, 500x756, xagn2t10jy3d1.jpeg)

7f67b5cd No.3741418

Leftist thinking is as bad as NigNog Logic explained above.
We're supporting someone who was falsely convicted.
Not just wrongly, but FALSELY. As in malicious prosecution.
And we will continue to support him, and in ever growing numbers.
All you have done is post yet another endless example of why the left can't meme.
Isn't that right, 3B.

a0ef5300 No.3741420

File: 1717265188198.jpg (1.18 MB, 3541x2508, 2e384fecf1b01f07640a769ef3….jpg)

he was legally convicted. You're just making up excuses because you right wing nut jobs don't understand basic concepts like "justice" and "fairness"

7f67b5cd No.3741429

File: 1717267259567.jpg (539.02 KB, 1634x2048, 02OTR-superJumbo.jpg)

Hi 3B.
In your head 24/7

dabc7675 No.3741431

>Half of Washington DC was fucking underage girls on Epstein's plane including Bill Clinton
>The rot is so extensive that the FBI didn't even bother investigating his clients because it would cause America as we know it to collapse
>Everybody knows JFK, MLK Jr. and Clinton cheated on their wives constantly, but we're still supposed to worship them like gods
>But I'm supposed to care about some white collar crimes Trump committed to pay off some whores

lol no

c9e9c676 No.3741435

File: 1717273705749.jpeg (111.71 KB, 681x663, jeajsw961u3d1.jpeg)

Lol hogs

22a9ca01 No.3741439

File: 1717274855976-0.png (468.6 KB, 1400x1400, ddnak1v-7a032831-243a-4d6c….png)

File: 1717274855976-1.jpg (71.82 KB, 500x500, artworks-xMSSY0kDCOXzGqdI-….jpg)

yew beem saym dat for many tiems, yesh dere are hogs out dere not all of dem going to a club or so?

7f67b5cd No.3741442

File: 1717278874067.jpg (68.66 KB, 500x579, 1y878c.jpg)


7f67b5cd No.3741443

File: 1717278946474.jpg (177.73 KB, 500x792, 89z4nc.jpg)

a067f682 No.3741444

File: 1717279862323.jpeg (66.86 KB, 638x767, 1p3t3b71sz3d1.jpeg)

a067f682 No.3741445

File: 1717279906513.jpg (73.91 KB, 1024x768, Nqj7th8s-F1MVwAOI8T9ZUiOHd….jpg)


7f67b5cd No.3741448

a067f682 No.3741450

a067f682 No.3741451

File: 1717280877239.jpeg (52.92 KB, 602x655, thnztvwbyz3d1.jpeg)

Kill yourself when Biden wins again in November

22a9ca01 No.3741453

File: 1717281157862-0.jpg (47.48 KB, 400x400, 00k00aucx7g71.jpg)

File: 1717281157862-1.jpg (52.34 KB, 650x424, instagram-estherthewonderp….jpg)

File: 1717281157862-2.jpg (18.11 KB, 300x250, HF4Wm4ED5f-4.jpg)

File: 1717281157862-3.jpg (17.72 KB, 258x195, images.jpg)

File: 1717281157862-4.jpg (43.82 KB, 470x353, e11c59b0399a1d5d522bfaa442….jpg)

Pigs puttin on expensive women's make up nothin'new just our tax dollars being use as it was intended.

cc4cef6b No.3741461

File: 1717284158983.jpg (388.99 KB, 904x1418, Screenshot_20240601_162158….jpg)

28c9fccd No.3741463

File: 1717286669437.png (3.1 MB, 2447x2465, 84c56aa0c422ee617b0ee34089….png)

I love how easy it is for leftists to flip from being pro criminal to anti criminal the instant it becomes politically convenient. You really have absolutely no morals.

a067f682 No.3741464

I love how easy it is for maga to flip from being anti criminal to pro criminal the instant it becomes politically convenient. You really have absolutely no morals.

a067f682 No.3741465

File: 1717288466899.jpeg (69.78 KB, 756x768, 14d1cdb0a14d1.jpeg)

Groucho Marx, with his sharp wit and a cigar in hand, might have quipped something like, "An Donald Trump , eh? Well, I never trust a man who's more orange than my martini's twist and shorter than the concept of my patience at a dinner party."

6a97d1c8 No.3741466

How many times do Muslims need to reject extremist before it counts? People on the right are always complaining that Muslims don't do enough to reject violence but what exactly would be enough?

The right wing has ignored everything that anyone has ever done so far, so tell us what exactly would make it okay? What exactly are you asking for?

I think you just want to complain and act like all Muslims support violence and no matter what they do you will never accept any other view. So your opinion doesn't matter, you're just a bigot.

7f67b5cd No.3741468

>> ID: a067f682
Hi, 3B.
Wondering why nobody's replying to you?

a067f682 No.3741469

File: 1717289752133.jpeg (298.2 KB, 1080x1620, aunrba1ray3d1.jpeg)

In the whimsical town of MarALago, an extraordinary election season unfolded when Trump , an orange clown with a penchant for mischief, decided to run for President. Trump 's campaign was nothing short of a circus, quite literally. His campaign rallies were a jumble of juggling acts, pie-throwing contests, and balloon animals that resembled policy proposals. His platform? A promise to fill all potholes with custard and to appoint a council of mime artists to handle town debates – silent but expressive.

The incumbent President, a stern man who never quite understood the appeal of slapstick humor, watched in disbelief as Trump 's popularity soared. The townsfolk were enchanted by the clown's felonious charm and his pledge to make every day in MarALago as fun as a carnival. The President's traditional approach to politics, involving long speeches and even longer budget meetings, paled in comparison to Trump 's vibrant parades.

As election day approached, the air was thick with the scent of popcorn and the sound of calliope music. Trump 's final stunt was to ride into the town square atop a unicycle, tossing oranges to the crowd, each one stamped with a cheeky wink and the words "Vote for the Orange Clown!" The spectacle was so captivating that even the President found himself chuckling, albeit begrudgingly.

When the votes were tallied, it was a close call, but the town of MarALago decided to stick with tradition, leaving Trump to his high-flying trapeze of political dreams. Yet, the orange clown had left an indelible mark on the town's history, proving that even in the serious world of politics, there's always room for a little color and a good laugh. And so, the legend of the felonious orange clown who ran for President became a tale told with a smile, reminding everyone that sometimes, the zest of life comes from the most unexpected places.

7f67b5cd No.3741470

Why do you talk of impossibilities, 3B.
The DNC is planning to dump Biden at the convention in July and replace him, they've already said as much.
So whoever wins, it won't be him.

7f67b5cd No.3741471

File: 1717289992937.jpg (63.19 KB, 512x738, 77f30da25f3bce811562d28e55….jpg)

>>ID: a067f682
Fuck your serial shit posting 3B.
Endless walls of text that NOBODY reads.
What are they about, anyway?

28c9fccd No.3741472

File: 1717290365307.jpg (346.7 KB, 2048x1191, b56347d2de6a40f2ac76b7d2b8….jpg)

We've never accepted your accusations. We've never accepted your contemptible kangaroo courts.

You have not proven him a criminal to anyone with a functional brain and the faintest bit of critical thinking skills, and his rising poll numbers prove this.

It is because we value law and order that we find your corruption of it so vile.

a067f682 No.3741473

Would suck on

a067f682 No.3741481

File: 1717297654986.jpeg (77.84 KB, 725x767, upjhvyyjoy3d1.jpeg)

e086ef49 No.3741483

File: 1717299385452.jpg (68.2 KB, 832x1216, 90000033433.jpg)


A moron one at that. Trying to influence voters on a site with like 5 people, its stupid as possible.

I can't imagine anyone who wastes their life this badly, trying to influence 5 people, 365 days a year, all day long, every day.

So only it being a bot makes any sense.

dc3e7cb2 No.3741484

They claimed that the payments were mislabeled as an intent to hide another crime, but here is the rub

Hush money is not illegal.

Imagine the IRS came to you and asked about your 8 PayPal payments to an artist labeled “custom art” and they say you don’t label it “hyper shitting dick nipples”, therefore we can assume you were hiding a much bigger crime(it’s not) and even though this paperwork error is a misdemeanor, we are going to make it a felony AND count each entry as its own crime

a067f682 No.3741485

But sucking Trump's orange mushroom dick every post makes sense

22a9ca01 No.3741486

File: 1717301075121-0.jpg (57.94 KB, 675x914, IMG_20230722_223423.jpg)

File: 1717301075121-1.jpg (160.42 KB, 828x657, toilet-money.jpg)

File: 1717301075121-2.jpg (87.79 KB, 634x699, 413547F900000578-4582118-i….jpg)

Did they found any monies behind de toilets?

a067f682 No.3741487

The legality of hush money in the United States is nuanced and context-dependent. While the payment of hush money is not inherently illegal, it may become unlawful if it's intended to prevent someone from reporting a crime, influence a public official, or sway an election in violation of campaign finance laws. Regarding the IRS and payment labeling, the agency requires accurate reporting of transactions for tax purposes. Mislabeling payments to conceal their true nature, especially if done to evade taxes or launder money, could lead to legal consequences. The IRS has clear guidelines on how businesses should classify workers and payments, and failing to adhere to these can result in penalties. It's important to note that while making an error in labeling payments might be a minor issue, intentionally misrepresenting financial transactions to cover up illegal activities is a serious offense and can lead to felony charges. Each case would be evaluated based on its specific facts and circumstances.

dc3e7cb2 No.3741488

Trump has proof there was no affair with stormy. Therefore he could not have been hiding a crime
Furthermore Trump was not charged with election interference he was charged with falsifying business records.

Let’s consider Occam razor,
An already billionaire becomes a politician for 4 years and destroys democracy while losing net worth (because he’s corrupt?)


The 40 year establishment crooks are scared shitless he’s going to rock the money laundering boat again.

22a9ca01 No.3741489

File: 1717304073927-0.jpg (498.22 KB, 1920x1920, 89fb96a1e217f7a6c9c18d2283….jpg)

File: 1717304073927-1.jpg (561.67 KB, 2500x3500, 1b8b9627b21ff13c91c7b51b62….jpg)

File: 1717304073927-2.jpg (627.62 KB, 2250x3000, 8b9255e7f31c580fec05c85571….jpg)

File: 1717304073927-3.jpg (243.3 KB, 1500x1400, ef4020b8ed12379d2a6213411d….jpg)

File: 1717304073927-4.jpg (239.12 KB, 1500x1400, 78be03f3b2d19227651716faf4….jpg)

if you guyz find da hush money in da toilets before they doo the flush honey pweeze notify meh!

28c9fccd No.3741508

File: 1717326455905.jpg (373.99 KB, 1280x995, c28ab05cdd820c44a0e23647bd….jpg)

Nah, the other 'crime' was bypassing campaign spending limits. They should have been filed as campaign expenses. Despite having been made before he was running for president.

This is AI spewdom.

28c9fccd No.3741509

File: 1717326771800-0.png (100.96 KB, 1174x1351, 12c7c9bade92ac0a29bdeb95f6….png)

File: 1717326771800-1.png (2.94 MB, 1544x2138, bd8dc9e73687db2a67d1140b72….png)

Actually, it's stupider than that. There need not be any other crime proven or even accused. All they need to upgrade it to a felony is to suspect that it MAY have been done to cover up another crime.

Absolute kangaroo court.

30a9dc39 No.3741510

It’s not a loophole, it’ s make believe.

If we pretend he is covering up a crime we can make it a felony, the judge might as well instructed the jury to pretend he committed murder. What would the charges be then?

b1925fb6 No.3741512

by that logic, you could be fined for walking on the side walk, because it can't be proven that you weren't going to jay-walk, spit, or litter during your stroll.

a067f682 No.3741514

Right tards in lulz are now lawyers lololololol

30102be6 No.3741515

You don’t have to be a lawyer to see the problem when the judge says “pretend he committed a crime, and then convict him on it“

30102be6 No.3741516

So you understand the problem

28c9fccd No.3741517

File: 1717338711850.png (1.27 MB, 1500x921, 484ed68c87b8a45d98b6b32d41….png)

You have to love when communists resort to appeals to authority. Absolutely zero morals.

7f67b5cd No.3741519

File: 1717339717713.png (548.77 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240602-104703.png)

I never would have guessed.

a067f682 No.3741520

Gateway pundit retarded and racist?

a067f682 No.3741521

File: 1717340442599.jpeg (116.83 KB, 774x767, wcobmnhya04d1.jpeg)

a067f682 No.3741524

File: 1717343687177.jpeg (189.58 KB, 911x1289, GPE2v5zbsAAbTWE.jpeg)

7f67b5cd No.3741525

File: 1717343994092.png (388.12 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240602-115328.png)

When the Left-Wing MSM like CNN, MSNBC, etc. etc runs the SAME EXACT news stories as the right-wing media that you call racist, retarded, and liars for running these stories, because even THEY are getting fed up with it.

That's how you know you're fucked.

Hi, 3B.

7f67b5cd No.3741526

File: 1717344288147.jpg (80.25 KB, 592x500, 32tugf.jpg)

Convicted of imaginary charges?
Nobody actually knows what he was charged with.
Don't worry, it will be either overturned on appeal,
The SUPREMES will get involved,
Or Trump will pardon himself after he's elects.
Any of those will make it as if it never happened, won't that be fun?
NOV. 5, ,2024
When the real fun begins.

fe9e31b1 No.3741528

Why can't this man stop winning?

7f67b5cd No.3741532

File: 1717348934233.png (497.37 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240602-131238.png)

c9e9c676 No.3741535

File: 1717353347811.jpeg (250.94 KB, 843x1195, GPE2v50akAA4zHx.jpeg)

c9e9c676 No.3741536

File: 1717353723849.jpeg (61.45 KB, 834x767, uft7abg6j24d1.jpeg)

a5139753 No.3741538

At the time the only tax was land tax.
Under no circumstances should people who DONT pay tax have a say in how the tax is spent.

Like publishing your bank login credentials on a billboard

7f67b5cd No.3741541

File: 1717355529564-0.jpg (57.32 KB, 2000x1333, Twitter_X_Verge_Hero_Vs_2.jpg)

File: 1717355529564-1.jpg (1.25 MB, 4000x2666, -1x-1.jpg)

You thought you were being clever, but you've actually got it dude, that's exactly right.
It STILL hasn't dawned on you what a disaster this is to the left and what a WIN it is for MAGA, has it.
You really are that stupid?
And you won't have the major social media giant, Twitter, to spread your election lies and propaganda on this time around.
Abuse it and lose it, and that's exactly what happened.
But I guess you could go try it at Mastodon or whatever other sites nobody ever heard of before that all the leftists fled to from Twitter.

a5139753 No.3741543

File: 1717359923679.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x1942, IMG_5533.jpeg)

4a681bca No.3741545

Lol I love the false equivalence
George Floyd isn't running for president

66e81f9e No.3741546

File: 1717364712413.jpeg (90.15 KB, 768x768, 035uhyaap64d1.jpeg)

7f67b5cd No.3741548

File: 1717364817787.png (737.51 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240602-155522.png)

d173f533 No.3741549


If you can't fucking pay for your bastard spawn, then don't have them. Abortion bans should have minority exceptions up a year AFTER birth. We're getting fucking sick and tired of the ethnically challenged having its hand out for just about everything in their failed and USELSS existences.

a5139753 No.3741551

Not so different
Floyd was a felon who was caught with funny money and then died overdosing on fentanyl. The democrats and media however spun the opposite story that he was a man wronged by the system

Trump was a president who started no new wars(this kills the war machine) his lawyers mislabeled hush money payments, the democrats and media however spun the opposite story that the system has justly caught hitler in the middle of genocide

66e81f9e No.3741552

File: 1717366115093.jpeg (89.28 KB, 768x768, 9xm5l0vml64d1.jpeg)

a5139753 No.3741553

Not quite, we would have been in utter shock if Trump had Trump been acquitted. We knew this was the outcome so pretending maga would have been chill is disingenuous

66e81f9e No.3741554

Trump fags think someone is disingenuousloliool

28c9fccd No.3741562

File: 1717367867522.jpg (330.72 KB, 1920x1283, c6c10bf7cf56a20cf2d8e25d1a….jpg)

My reaction, had he been acquitted: Wow, I'm surprised the jury was actually reasonable despite that kangaroo court.

My reaction having seen him convicted: Lol, commies digging their own graves.

I don't know why you think we at any point had any respect for the court.

a067f682 No.3741568

File: 1717368819991.jpeg (284.12 KB, 850x1027, 8ycwpxhg274d1.jpeg)

a067f682 No.3741569

File: 1717368867828.jpeg (50.34 KB, 526x526, 68yv6tsxp74d1.jpeg)

22a9ca01 No.3741572

File: 1717369846387.png (23.02 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

22a9ca01 No.3741574

File: 1717370753644.png (34.83 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Opossum girl: Yo, orange face; get me otta dis dang rubber wheel

Orange face: No can do, sweetie we build da wall!

Opossum girl: *screams*

a067f682 No.3741577

When it was clear that he Watergate scandal was going to implicate Nixon, top Republican Senators went to the White House and approached Nixon. They told him that for the good of the country, and for the respect of the office of the presidency, he had to resign.

Nixon agreed, and the rest is history.

That kind of integrity and respect for our government and its institutions no longer exists in the Republican Party. All the Republican Party cares about is power, and they will do and say anything to obtain and keep it.

Overthrow the government like on Jan 6th? Republicans are for that.

Lie about a deadly virus, even though those lies will kill people? Republicans are for that.

Support for president a man who is tasked to uphold the laws of the land, who has broken those laws time and time again? Republicans are for that.

Republicans cannot be trusted to wield any kind of power in our country, and we must vote accordingly.

Get registered. Make sure you're still registered (Republicans may have purged you from the voter rolls). Ask your friends and family if they are registered.


7f67b5cd No.3741580

File: 1717375974895.jpg (54.49 KB, 300x250, 44929 (1).jpg)

Not quite. Nobody will buy those, assuming it actually exists and is not some CGI or A.I. fabrication. We know leftists love imaginary things.
These, however, have been selling out.

7f67b5cd No.3741581

Hi, 3B.

a067f682 No.3741587

Mental health care

a067f682 No.3741588

Ghastly and ugly

a067f682 No.3741589

File: 1717378861529.jpeg (57.25 KB, 448x766, zu6jhdphm84d1.jpeg)


30102be6 No.3741591

File: 1717379471911.jpeg (38.58 KB, 850x312, IMG_5538.jpeg)

c580d2f0 No.3741599

It wasn't spending limits alone.

1. He wrote off the checks as a business expense (Tax fraud).

2. The hush money was paid to hide his cheating on his wife while he was running for president which is an easily avoidable campaign finance law violation (that he is a fucking moron for doing when he could have bribed her in other ways and it would have been perfectly legal)

3. He was involved in a conspiracy to "catch and kill" negative news stories that would have hurt him in the 2016 election through Cohen (Which again he lied about the payments on and tried to write them off as a business expense.)

Note: He was paying Cohen back for covering up his crimes in 2017 while he was president so your facts are in error there.

The jury knew the payments were made. They saw evidence he lied about why the payments were made and how he tried to cheat on his taxes every time, so they really had no choice but to find him guilty on all counts.

It was not even a question of his guilt. He did his crimes in such a way as to make them inescapably obvious.

Trump is the dumbest crime boss in history.

He could have just paid Cohen in cash and he would have gotten away with everything instead he left a paper trail for them to convict him on.


2e326ea3 No.3741600

>All they need to upgrade it to a felony is to suspect that it MAY have been done to cover up another crime.

It's a pretty common sense law actually. If they didn't use that standard the trials would take FOREVER because they would have to establish each of the 34 charges was indeed tax fraud or part of the catch and kill conspiracy, or part of the hush money payments or part of the cover up repayments which would mean 34 individual mini-trials for each charge requiring proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Everyone understands what tax fraud is, the Jury didn't need to sit through 3 years of trials just to prove the obvious.

It would have been a waste of tax dollars and an undue burden on both the jury and Trump.

Would it have been fair to make Trump go to court every day for years just so that witnesses could testify about how his record keeping broke the tax laws for federal and state law over and over and over for 34 charges? His legal bills alone would have been in the billions.

Part of the constitution guarantees a speedy and efficient trial, this is part of that. They aren't allowed to tie up the life of the accused for years over what is obvious.

28c9fccd No.3741605

File: 1717408421904.png (1.11 MB, 1275x1455, c462a54aeeed2fddec3d721f82….png)

You say 'Hush money' and 'catch and kill' like NDAs are some sinister and unusual thing, and I cant take anyone who uses those words seriously.

NDAs are a normal thing people do, and they're usually filed as a legal expense because they are done by your legal department.

Yeah, imagine if courts had to establish guilt before convicting you. That would be like SO much work. Like OH MY GOD, can't we just skip it?

30102be6 No.3741607

What was the other crime though?
They never stated what it was. Only suggesting something during closing arguments losely.
The judge instructed the jury to assume there was a crime.


a067f682 No.3741610

Lol, yes they stated the crimes you cringe nazi

a067f682 No.3741611

File: 1717414323239.png (391.42 KB, 1023x767, 6b8m75j0a94d1.png)

a067f682 No.3741612

File: 1717414408359.png (168.67 KB, 768x768, 2xqtj0wxo94d1.png)

Yea that's way too coherent for Hair Hitler to have said, even though it's true.

8cd4bc06 No.3741615

File: 1717416376344.jpg (63.26 KB, 600x609, the-results-are-in.jpg)

Only a nigger like you could be so ignorant. Flying the flag upside-down is a universally known way of signalling distress. It in no way shows "disrespect."

'Also, niggers who try to use "disrespect" as a verb get absolutely no respect from normal people.


a067f682 No.3741617

Racists are not very bright

a067f682 No.3741618

File: 1717416731264.png (181.88 KB, 710x476, fmyqa8kj7c4d1.png)

8cd4bc06 No.3741619

File: 1717416752641.jpg (386.99 KB, 1080x1076, LOL.jpg)

> Floyd was a felon who was caught with funny money and then died overdosing on fentanyl.
LOL Floyd the nigger

8cd4bc06 No.3741620

Fake and gay. Try harder, nigger.

a067f682 No.3741621


6a97d1c8 No.3741624

NDAs are used as part of a business practice, not to cover up cheating on your wife. They have no legal standing and are unenforceable if not related to an actual business practice.

8cd4bc06 No.3741625

File: 1717418369878.gif (1.9 MB, 432x390, 1596167897997.gif)

> pride month

6a97d1c8 No.3741626

The judge did not tell the jury to assume there was a crime. He said that IF they all agreed the document fraud was in furtherance of a crime or covering up a crime they could find Trump guilty.

He also clarified that not all charges had to be in furtherance of the SAME crime. As long as they believed any crime or combination of crimes had been committed that was enough.

6a97d1c8 No.3741627

If you truly think Trump was wronged, get out in the streets and protest! I'm sure millions of Trump supporters around the world will join you, right?

a067f682 No.3741628

Don't argue with racists being intentionally disengenuous

a067f682 No.3741629

File: 1717419503410.jpeg (129.12 KB, 1024x682, i7i8wlvn574d1.jpeg)

a067f682 No.3741630

File: 1717419702347.jpeg (135.03 KB, 1001x767, xxl6ch1iy84d1.jpeg)

c358bb11 No.3741631

That's it. I'm voting Biden now.

30102be6 No.3741632

But what was the crime?!?
The ‘other crime’ is never stated, only alluded to(in closing arguments, so the defense can’t form a defense)

When the judge gives an example of wet outside therefore rain, he’s basically saying ‘where there is smoke there is fire’ but that’s not always true. We literally have smoke machines which use no fire.

If trumps lawyers mislabeled payment information IT CAN ONLY BE TO HIDE A CRIME!!! (Definitely not an labeling mistake)

a067f682 No.3741633

File: 1717424154923.png (48.54 KB, 1024x412, 394a7rnxdc4d1.png)

a067f682 No.3741634

Wow you are so not a lawyer

30102be6 No.3741635

A flawless reply, you’ve totally convinced me, I have been wrong about everything. Biden is the one who will save us all form the bad orange man

a067f682 No.3741636

Kill yourself

a067f682 No.3741637

File: 1717425730896.png (167.82 KB, 585x767, d37aebgyyc4d1.png)

Funnily enough, this is wrong. Jesus was found innocent by the governor, but a mob demanded he be killed anyway. Hence the whole "washing of the hands" bit the governor did. At least, that's what I remember from Bible study years ago.

Now one could argue the mob was the closest thing to a jury they had back then, but still.

30102be6 No.3741638

Your voodoo game is weak, just like your arguments

a067f682 No.3741639

File: 1717425805423.png (338.21 KB, 754x767, 3ycwvgf1n94d1.png)

Well, I'm sure there's a book with a simple procedure outlined where we can test if Trump is Jesus. We need to test it: For Science!

a067f682 No.3741640

File: 1717425882408.jpeg (74.7 KB, 838x758, jeqv7myhbd4d1.jpeg)

7f67b5cd No.3741642

I don't know what they threatened him with for telling the truth, but it must have been bad for him to say something like this.
He should have called the movie 20,000 MULES, there had to be at LEAST that many.
That's what I love about Trump, no matter what they threaten him with, he's UNBREAKABLE.

30102be6 No.3741643


7f67b5cd No.3741644

Oh, yeah.
Hi, 3B.
Don't like hearing that constantly?

7f67b5cd No.3741645

You slipped up, 3B, using the retarded fake negro "kill yourself" along with your current ID of a067f682.
You fucked up and used them both together, proving the retarded negro poster WAS you all along.
You can delete the message but I've already screen capped it.
Want to say 'LOL' for us also?

801ad11f No.3741646

Kill yourself Nazi

You have mental health issues

3B is long gone and you are still white, pathetic and have a tiny dick, simping for your orange flatulent, felonious Jesus

801ad11f No.3741647

File: 1717427571988.jpeg (144.21 KB, 1024x708, 23noxbet2d4d1.jpeg)

7f67b5cd No.3741648

Hi, 3B.
Switching proxies to get a different ID won't help you, everyone knows who you are.
And how very ODD the ID: 801ad11f NEVER appeared anywhere here until NOW, I did a search.
And LO and BEHOLD, this 'new' poster writes EXACTLY LIKE 3B.
You really SHOULD be a negro, you're only about as smart as one.
Can you say 😂😆 LOl

801ad11f No.3741649

You're lunatic raving how

Tell us about how qanon is true

801ad11f No.3741650

File: 1717428249215.jpeg (60.91 KB, 821x759, 438luswblc4d1.jpeg)


7f67b5cd No.3741651

So we have pride month. I don’t understand what we’re celebrating. What’s the accomplishment here? what training, schooling and sacrifice and dedication to reach an accomplishment has occurred here? What did they do that validates an entire month to honor their accomplishment? That’s where they lose me. I don’t care what they do sexually or what gender they choose, or whatever. What deserves a month of recognition? Did you create some thing that will save the world did you travel into space, are you a brave medal of honor beteran? do you somehow sacrifice your life in the performance of duty? Have you done some Olympian feat that deserves the recognition? we celebrate an entire month because you chose a different sexual identity? Or to be fair, it may have chosen you. either way, I didn’t think sexual identity or preferences, have anything to do with hard earned accomplishments, deserving of such a great recognition. How about you? Just live your life.

7f67b5cd No.3741652

File: 1717429154860-0.jpg (61.61 KB, 550x550, trump-wanted-for-president….jpg)

File: 1717429154860-1.jpeg (15 KB, 184x274, images (3).jpeg)

File: 1717429154860-2.jpeg (183.36 KB, 939x1164, 64bdfe707d565.jpeg)

File: 1717429154860-3.jpg (91.33 KB, 507x499, 84eb4k.jpg)

File: 1717429154860-4.jpg (108.27 KB, 500x647, 8es8f7.jpg)

fc5f55e4 No.3741653

Loool boomer tier

fc5f55e4 No.3741654

Nazis are gonna kill themselves when Biden wins again in November it'll be fun to watch em wiggle on the rope

7f67b5cd No.3741655

Why do you speak of impossibilities?

7f67b5cd No.3741656

File: 1717438402483.png (759.26 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240603-110217.png)

7f67b5cd No.3741657

The Fox News header will piss 3B off.
But if he wants, I'll give him the CNN or MSNBC one, that has the exact same story.
I guess he believes one but not the other, even though the coverage is the SAME.
Oh, and 3B, what the hell is a 'Qanon'? I have no idea what you're talking about, but you keep saying that all the time, why?

a067f682 No.3741658

I think Dad's should be supportive of their sons, not transactional like hair Hitler

a067f682 No.3741659

File: 1717440180288.jpeg (86.97 KB, 770x767, o9jo0pcage4d1.jpeg)

d288a2e9 No.3741660

File: 1717440206860.png (187.46 KB, 2000x1814, 77bfe20a-a8df-450d-841c-4f….png)

7f67b5cd No.3741663

They concocted crimes out of non-crimes.
Are you turning right wing?
You keep posting shit in favor of Trump.

ec0a9ab1 No.3741665

File: 1717447736862.jpg (136.65 KB, 850x1199, 99d2e8813dce966a32a190dcd8….jpg)


fc5f55e4 No.3741666

You're mentally incapable of adult thought. It's kindergarten time with the Nazi whites upset that their grip on power is weakening every year

fc5f55e4 No.3741667

The Nazi is exactly like the maga meme

e4ef8fad No.3741668

File: 1717452557769.jpg (124.76 KB, 695x900, a652872dc6b941ac8c0.jpg)

[Everyone you don't like is a NAZI]
Well, it's your delusion but doesn't that cheapen the magnificent achievements of actual NAZI's?

a067f682 No.3741669

a067f682 No.3741670

File: 1717452621217.jpeg (85.72 KB, 783x767, asqyabu9yd4d1.jpeg)

Voting is against christ

30a9dc39 No.3741671

File: 1717453067288.jpeg (216.46 KB, 941x1069, IMG_5539.jpeg)

a067f682 No.3741672

File: 1717453332105.jpg (575.75 KB, 1752x2436, Screenshot_20240603_151953….jpg)

a067f682 No.3741673

File: 1717453402650.jpeg (35.63 KB, 524x499, wqolnj67af4d1.jpeg)

4ad4383e No.3741674

Of course Trump is a liar. He's a politician. Do you have the mind of a child?

>Nazi whites upset that their grip on power is weakening
They lost over 100 years ago. WTF is this 'grip on power' you speak of? lol

7f67b5cd No.3741675

File: 1717457610590.png (619.7 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240603-162957.png)

7f67b5cd No.3741676

File: 1717457769586.png (327.38 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240603-163042.png)

a067f682 No.3741677

Yes, he's irrelevant

a067f682 No.3741678

File: 1717458089893.webm (466.63 KB, 382x606, 7uh6wnajce4d1.webm)

7f67b5cd No.3741679

File: 1717461750915.png (394.78 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240603-163128.png)

Just like I predicted earlier in this thread, THE SUPREMES are getting involved with Trumps unconstitutional, fraudulent conviction.

I also predicted that Trump will win and be re-elected Nov. 5.

Are you going to kill yourself when that happens 3B?

d173f533 No.3741680


Now, now, I'm already mentally erect at he prospect of the libtards howling at the moon when Trump was elected last time. You're just cock-teasing me now.

68ea735f No.3741681

File: 1717465299296.gif (826.58 KB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

a067f682 No.3741684

That will be you

Rigged! They are already priming the red sheep to not accept the results of another free and fair election. When Biden wins tie a noose with your belt

a067f682 No.3741685

File: 1717466162574.png (197.61 KB, 759x767, vjz7elje9d4d1.png)

81ab6000 No.3741686

File: 1717466519493.jpg (160.57 KB, 934x1051, 79a3518d990202800cf7190bcf….jpg)


This joke has layers you probably aren't even aware of.

7f67b5cd No.3741687

>> ID: a067f682
Hi, 3B.

0f5e829f No.3741688

American politics is Israeli politics. Once you understand that you can predict what's going to happen. Trump is going to win. That's the outcome that's better for Israel so that's what's going to happen.

a067f682 No.3741689

File: 1717467916595.jpeg (301.06 KB, 1179x1880, gmuouzjqbe4d1.jpeg)

Is there any evidence they are actually together anymore? Sure, she will occasionally show up at one of his rallies, but is she staying in the same house as him at the same time?

I genuinely don't know.

22a9ca01 No.3741690

File: 1717468651586-0.png (3.91 KB, 1200x632, a1 usa_infrastructure.png)

File: 1717468651586-1.png (2.72 KB, 1200x632, a2 china_infrastrucure.png)

File: 1717468651586-2.png (3.73 KB, 1200x632, a3 russia_infrastrucure.png)

Representation: Interest of the people who witness most crisis in their homland.

22a9ca01 No.3741691

File: 1717468782782-0.png (2.07 KB, 1200x632, b1 usa_acp_america.png)

File: 1717468782782-1.png (1.57 KB, 1200x632, b2 china_ccp.png)

File: 1717468782782-2.png (1008 B, 1200x632, b3 russian_federation.png)

Representation: United States have lost all influence and converted into a socialist states only embraced and elected by pwwerful admenstrative buracrates generals and elites.

22a9ca01 No.3741692

File: 1717468912615-0.png (2.52 KB, 1200x632, c1 usa_america.png)

File: 1717468912615-1.png (3.35 KB, 1200x632, c2 china cfr_of_china.png)

File: 1717468912615-2.png (403 B, 1200x632, c3 russian_free.png)

Representation: United States have gained influence China and Russia have earned their restoration of a functinal government all crisis are managable at a small scale.

22a9ca01 No.3741693

Update Representation: all global trade supply are shut down and civil war and unrest grows creating another crisis.

0f5e829f No.3741694

It's weird that you even think about this

fbc16dd7 No.3741695

File: 1717469749946.png (183.89 KB, 576x324, MAGA-Children.png)

Thousands of people have explained, in detail, what the crimes are. You refusing to read the information doesn't make it not real. Closing your eyes doesn't make life go away.

7f67b5cd No.3741696

Yeah, but what are the crimes?
All I see are just charges they made up.

fbc16dd7 No.3741697

File: 1717470621088.png (322.99 KB, 534x380, Knock-Knock-Bigot.png)

Everyone is 3B!

>What does pride month celebrate?
In general terms, it celebrates us kicking the ass of people like you and winning the culture war. Just like every other minority group in history has kicked your ass.

fbc16dd7 No.3741698

Google it, moron. It's been explained multiple times already. It's not our job to educate you. Do your own research.

d288a2e9 No.3741700

I actually don't care what he did, locking him up for anything would be funny and justified :)

fbc16dd7 No.3741702

File: 1717472706425.png (559.76 KB, 745x506, Donating-buys-you-a-metal.png)

In other Trump news, Billionaire wife of Sheldon Adelson, Miriam Aldelson has donated 90 million dollars to a Trump superPAC started, and almost solely funded by her late husband.

The "Preserve America" PAC focuses on candidates who will support the rights of wealthy business people and give further tax cuts to the wealthy.

This year's bank roll will go almost exclusively to Trump to make up for the lack of small dollar donations he is getting compared to Biden.

When asked why she and her husband have spent so much money on Trump she replied, "He's a good investment. We were happy with the results last time he was in office."


fbc16dd7 No.3741709

File: 1717483499280.jpg (95.99 KB, 472x400, vegas.jpg)

In addition to that billionaire, there is a list of ultra-wealthy who have dumped over 100 million dollars on Trump.

Hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman, Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman, Activist investor Nelson Peltz, and of course Elon Musk.

All the richest, most evil people in the world are funding Trump. That should tell you something about who he is.

c358bb11 No.3741716

>Oh, rich people donate money to trump. They are the devil!
>Wait, Biden gets money from rich people too? They are saints!
>But Trump gets more money from rich people. They are the devil.

a067f682 No.3741717

File: 1717492504854.png (186.47 KB, 621x627, nh35eyip8f4d1.png)

7f67b5cd No.3741720

File: 1717496350949.png (782.07 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240604-061628.png)

Sorry 3B, concrete and steel doesn't vote, land does. It's what the Electoral College is based on, and it's not going anywhere.

You constantly crack me up, everything that is reported where the red states have the upper hand, you claim it's a fraud, when actually the opposite is true. You're just a tiny minority but VERY LOUD AND WHINEY AND SHOUTY that can't win without cheating.

So you hate Elon Musk now? Wait, before you knew how he leaned politically, you loved him! After all he's the electric car guy! What happened, lol…

c358bb11 No.3741721

Ah, the voter fraud map.

a067f682 No.3741722

Land votes? Lolololol

a067f682 No.3741723

File: 1717498859591.jpeg (71.69 KB, 588x753, gctvp9f9sg4d1.jpeg)

7f67b5cd No.3741724

File: 1717499555651.png (488.87 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240604-065312.png)

Yes it does indeed 3B.
Now you got it.

7f67b5cd No.3741725

File: 1717499627026.png (491.38 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240604-070933.png)

Don't worry, he's getting more money.
Why does that worry you, have you failed to donate?

738afd3f No.3741726

This >>3741723 guy must feel pretty dumb right now.

a067f682 No.3741727

It's important to see as well that most of the tradwives we see online are actually rich privileged women whose jobs are to post content cosplaying as stay-at-home mothers. They have unlimited help, private cooks, babysitters, and of course, money buys time. They aren't really stay-at-home mums, rather full fledged businesswomen whose business is being a content producer glorifying the tradwife life.

28c9fccd No.3741728

File: 1717500477373.jpg (767.86 KB, 2400x1350, 99f9aa92b32d2e44ab031f6da1….jpg)

They say GOP nominee as though he couldn't win it as an independant. The GOP is a festering pile of shit without Trump and they know it. They're almost as bad as the Democrats, minus a few good people like Rand and Ron Paul.

2bf36038 No.3741731

im stronger than you, this blue red bullshit is a weakness, you are weak, you cling to trends and popularize dependency of diversionary tactics, a weakness to compare existence with existence, but you know at the core of that, you are fundamentally flawed for having to make choice of a straightforward path. You are simply so blindsided to see the facts in front of you.

7206a646 No.3741736

Elon Musk has always been scum. His family made their money on the backs of people who were practically slaves. He's a racist, elitist, sack of paranoid shit whose accomplished nothing in his life except investing his Daddy's money in companies then taking credit for their success.

He has two degrees a BA in Science and Economics. For those of you who haven't been to college, (Trump supporters) the BA programs are slacker courses that it's almost impossible to fail at because all it requires is taking a few core classes in general subject areas like Economics 101, 102 and 103 then a bunch of electives like drawing or design.

BA programs are what you take when you don't care about the degree, you just want the "College experience" of going to school for 4 years.

Elon took 2 years in economics in Canada then went back to slack off 6 more years in general classes at the Wharton School in Philidelphia which only accepts 500 students a year from the richest families in the world. He never made it past undergraduate.

So he basically spent 6 years of his life trying to hook up with rich girls half his age at a school for rich kids. He's a gold digger who went there to marry richer.

22a9ca01 No.3741741

File: 1717515742861.png (1.13 MB, 1295x1307, hateboner for elon musk.png)


>Elon Musk has always been scum.

Well, we are not alone.

fc5f55e4 No.3741745

You are mentally retarded and skitso

fc5f55e4 No.3741746

File: 1717519372606.png (123.02 KB, 722x657, z8zwgvx69j4d1.png)

7f67b5cd No.3741747

Then why did you LOVE him —UNTIL— you found out he wasn't actually a Democrat?
And don't say you didn't.

fc5f55e4 No.3741748

Mental health care needed

11165c59 No.3741749

File: 1717526745443.jpg (148.85 KB, 1286x2000, bafkreih7xgmpaps6iwnonz5a2….jpg)

Elon Musk is, and has always been, the living embodiment of everything the left stands against. He is a capitalist leech sucking the life out of America. No one who is on the left has ever liked him. You are confusing centrists with leftists.

Centrists like Elon because they are the comfortably wealthy and they don't want things to change in any radical way. People like Nancy Pelosi are a good example of a centrist. They think spending money on fixing problems that don't personally effect them is a waste of resources.

Centrists are also the enemy of the left because they stand in the way of the radical change needed to address certain injustices.

If a leftist sees an innocent man about to be beheaded they would try and stop it, even if it means fighting the government.

If a centrist sees an innocent man about to be beheaded they would suggest that beheading is a bit extreme and maybe just cutting off his feet would be enough of a punishment.

That's the difference. Centrists are comfortable with injustice as long as it isn't happening to them.

dc3e7cb2 No.3741750

I remember thunderf00t, liked him back when I was still a 20 yo edgelord. His busted series of videos were entertaining untill I realized how crap they are. Made for the most room temperature IQ intellectuals you could possibly imagine.

dc3e7cb2 No.3741751

Elon IS a democrat. He’s just not an extreme democrat. Elon still wants open boarders just managed instead of uncontrolled

4b2bfb01 No.3741752

Republicans don't want to keep everyone out. Most of us realize that green cards, and seasonal farm workers are a huge and necessary shadow workforce. It would be just as stupid to keep everyone out, as it would to just swing open the doors.

11165c59 No.3741753

Steam, buddy, you are a centrist. You're not a conservative or even a main stream Republican. You aren't anywhere NEAR insane enough to be a "real Republican" in 2024.

e5e28015 No.3741754

False. Republicans are overwhelmingly Christian. (Lousy Christians but Christians nonetheless) and Christians are against slavery.

this mass importation of third world idiots is going to create a permanent underclass. People afraid to call the police(fear of deportation) people who will work for slave wages(anything is better than nothing) people who hate/don’t care for American values(more welfare plz)

Anyone who is for open borders is evil or an idiot.

fc5f55e4 No.3741755

They would hang you steam.

fc5f55e4 No.3741756

Christkikes are the problem of America

7f67b5cd No.3741757

No, they're only YOUR problem.
Because you're the opposite of being Christ-like.
When you were born God cried.

7f67b5cd No.3741758

File: 1717532960215.png (318.78 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240604-161853.png)

4b2bfb01 No.3741759

File: 1717538025704.jpg (94.08 KB, 850x850, cbd1c23082874e6ea1b49ee99d….jpg)

I used to consider myself an independent, or fence voter as I used to call it. Just agreeing with issues a la carte rather than buckle down to any party. Unfortunately with how divided things are now, if you aren't 100% anchored to one side or the other, no one ever stops screaming about how evil and corrupt or [insert insult here] you are.

7a8ce628 No.3741760

File: 1717538378550.jpg (209.79 KB, 2000x1125, bafkreih7mmvjmejd3zpyrispl….jpg)

7a8ce628 No.3741761

File: 1717538979911.jpeg (80.29 KB, 725x767, bvfwvqdc8k4d1.jpeg)

7f67b5cd No.3741762

File: 1717540842272.png (574.13 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240604-163539.png)

14bdb22a No.3741765

File: 1717542943315.png (598.65 KB, 864x648, Traditional-biblical-value….png)

>Christians are against slavery.

I'm guessing you didn't pay attention in history class. Christianity was one of the fundamental justifications that slave owners used. The bible teaches slavery is good.

2e326ea3 No.3741766

File: 1717543475276.jpg (135.96 KB, 883x900, F2oD4AdXQAAp4lT.jpg)

This time they claim I posted 3d child porn.
It's interesting that I got banned for something that isn't against the rules that I didn't do. Guess I triggered a conservative snowflake and they threw a tantrum!

They must be super-mad that Trump is a felon and want to stop people from talking about it.

7f67b5cd No.3741767

File: 1717543784045.jpg (164.5 KB, 1500x1655, charlton-heston-c46b352a0d….jpg)

Why do you lie?
Have you never seen the movie "THE TEN COMMANDMENTS"?
It was taken straight from the Bible…. the Bible was the script…. and was all about FREEING THE HEBREW PEOPLE FROM SLAVERY. With God at the Helm.
There are many other instances of Christians in the Bible fighting against bondage and slavery.
So again, why do you lie??

5ccd686f No.3741769

Mustn't have read their bible either. There is no way you can read that book and come away thinking God condemns slavery.

You can personally dislike slavery. I do. But it's sinful to claim Christianity is against slavery. In Christian theology Jesus is a slave owner. They call him 'The Redeemer' for Christ sake.

7f67b5cd No.3741770

File: 1717544011690.jpg (158.43 KB, 1024x1024, 017903467e5ce56bb4c4a8aad1….jpg)

Oh, because you were using a proxy it wasn't you?

EVADING A BAN will just make your ban longer, perhaps permanent.

BYE, 3B.

a067f682 No.3741773

File: 1717544256113.jpeg (49.14 KB, 781x767, b66pb8vodm4d1.jpeg)

a067f682 No.3741774

File: 1717544480319.jpeg (56.78 KB, 521x767, rguxwuc10k4d1.jpeg)

Because conservative men are so unpopular that they want women to rely on them for financial support. It’s why they are so against any kind of financial safety nets (affordable healthcare, WIC, school funded lunches, etc).

5ccd686f No.3741775

Fuck off tardlet. Bad bait. The Capitol Police work for the legislature, not the president.

a067f682 No.3741776

File: 1717544550454.jpeg (83.24 KB, 768x768, kl8icfpktm4d1.jpeg)

22a9ca01 No.3741777

File: 1717544787083.jpg (38.78 KB, 720x504, ea8d77fe2b8fa1ddbcd2add4e1….jpg)

62eff8c4 No.3741779

File: 1717545081927.png (678.13 KB, 1612x954, cyy6776.png)

22a9ca01 No.3741780

File: 1717545261550.jpg (128.64 KB, 1024x1024, wnayqo2jt16b1.jpg)

I guess you can say he's a bit stumped.

33c4a68a No.3741781

File: 1717545715106.png (616.62 KB, 1800x1800, marina and maria drawn by….png)

[libturd meme]
And yet, Trump is leading nationally, and he also leads in key battleground states.

The "copium" is clearly by libtards who can't stand the truth.

Will you kill yourself when Trump wins, for the third time?

d1edd470 No.3741782

File: 1717546091952.jpg (205 KB, 900x1200, 0cbe7dc832bb7ded.jpg)

Your next president, Donald Trump.

Will you kill yourself when he wins?

a522fe67 No.3741783

File: 1717546100270.jpg (537.06 KB, 1000x750, 85259690_p0_master1200.jpg)

Lol at all the copium republifags are huffing Biden is smashing Trump where it counts, and he isn't spending the election hiding away from the public eye like a pussy.

d1edd470 No.3741784

File: 1717546842917.jpg (90.22 KB, 600x800, fc092926ca23bde93188938a8d….jpg)

> Biden
LOL Hunter Biden trial now underway. That's only the tip of the iceberg. The entire Biden Crime Family is going down, down the drain like piss from a loli.


22a9ca01 No.3741785

File: 1717547070295.jpg (40.28 KB, 640x480, tumblr_msklft3bEj1r3ol9io1….jpg)

brainwashed by your own country?

a067f682 No.3741786

File: 1717547760580.jpeg (30.57 KB, 500x500, 1idg1il0mm4d1.jpeg)

81ab6000 No.3741787

File: 1717548844444.png (5.29 MB, 5000x4796, 126e7f899f59693871248d50ff….png)


There is no ban on file with the given reason "3D child porn" so I don't know what you are on about. Though I did say at least *twice* I wasn't going to tolerate realistic 3D pedo material that looks real at a glance. In addition, bestiality content is banned due to the server being hosted in the United States, where it has become illegal to post such things. Bear in mind this only means human-to-animal contact.

I don't even ban over these things. I just delete them. I really hate banning people on here.

81ab6000 No.3741788


To elaborate on the bestiality thing, I am only referring to photos. I'm not thrilled I have to do any of this, believe me.

48f55d25 No.3741789

We should have another horse anus themed /pol/ thread. :)

a5139753 No.3741790

While you might feel like a slave when your boss/commanding officer/spouse tells you to do something that don’t make you a slave

God made a chain of command. God>Jesus>church>husband>wife>children>animals
But that CoC is only valid when acting in accordance with the will of God

Anyone who has been in the military knows the commanding officer has limits on what they can order you to do.

a5139753 No.3741791

File: 1717550931566.jpeg (292.53 KB, 895x1024, IMG_5111.jpeg)

Also it wasn’t Christianity, try one of the other abrahamic religions

5b5641f1 No.3741792

Nobody cares dot com

5b5641f1 No.3741793

File: 1717551608814.jpeg (38.14 KB, 431x766, i1y57i555l4d1 (1).jpeg)

c9f0527f No.3741794

why shouldnt we have a little fun and bomb people for no reason other than boredom

1084c346 No.3741796

Isn't it fun hosting your server in a nation run by religious nutjobs?

7f67b5cd No.3741797

The danger is, legality aside, 3B could cause LULZ to lose its hosting provider by other users reporting such things as that being posted on here by him. Remember, it ALMOST happened because someone complained to them about a user posting DEAD FOXES, and as far as I know that isn't even illegal!

22a9ca01 No.3741798

File: 1717552896364.png (424.12 KB, 664x563, 1600px-TheBigOrangeHead_in….png)

No thanks yam not in a mood fer oranges!

c9f0527f No.3741799

report this site for being fucking dead

1084c346 No.3741800

Yeah, it's totally 3B who is posting child porn. You know how famously pro-Trump 3B is!


22a9ca01 No.3741801

I thought he was socialist what the hell is he switching sides for?

7f67b5cd No.3741802

Because if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em?

1084c346 No.3741804

It was always the conservatives who spam child porn. Fucking children is core to the conservative identity.

1084c346 No.3741805

Speaking of Republicans who creep on young girls, Trump is in the news again because now he is promising to remove all the military leadership if he wins and replace them with loyalists. You know, that thing fascists dictators do.

5ccd686f No.3741806

That's a thing presidents do. That's how it was designed to work. That's why he has the power to do it. If he wasn't supposed to be able to do it they would have said he couldn't.

Are you some kind of parliamentarian faggot?

7f67b5cd No.3741809

File: 1717555562181.jpeg (90.63 KB, 602x777, main-qimg-2d9ea5c87c2439d….jpeg)

7f67b5cd No.3741812

File: 1717557919997.jpeg (46.72 KB, 984x1000, A13usaonutL._CLa_2140,200….jpeg)

a067f682 No.3741814

File: 1717558053728.jpeg (394.43 KB, 2048x1519, 1hjnh7eu8m4d1.jpeg)

7f67b5cd No.3741816

File: 1717558241938.jpeg (315.92 KB, 1200x800, ap21006730363737.jpeg)


6bbd8a9b No.3741817

File: 1717558451235.png (111.4 KB, 628x421, ut5gl6wvbk4d1.png)

5ea3433b No.3741819

>The bible teaches slavery is good.

The OT puts limits to what you can do to your slave. It also condemn to death whoever kidnap people to enslave them ; granted it doesn't apply to jewish conquests and spoil of war.

A slave jew or goy, wins their freedom if their master beat them and make one of their teeth fall for example.
Jew slaves enjoyed automatic freedom after at most 7 years.

Looks still terrible but it was an improvement at the time.
Nowadays slavery still exist, but not in christian countries ; which goes against your narative.

332df009 No.3741822

> a nation run by religious nutjobs?
And we can all blame Europe for that. The Pilgrims and Puritans were driven out of England by European religious intolerance. They briefly stayed in the Netherlands until the world renowned Dutch intolerance and bigotry forced the Pilgrims to travel to the New World on the Mayflower. The Puritans soon followed.

Thus began an exodus of religious sects out of Europe and into America. Thank you Europe, you fuckers.

62eff8c4 No.3741823

File: 1717581176433.jpg (527.8 KB, 1280x2789, x7_1.jpg)

A religion made by slaves teaches slavery is good.

Such cope

85bf9029 No.3741826

Too bad for you, 500 years later, huh.
Would be hilarious if you found out one of them was an ancestor of yours, and you were descended from them, and you wouldn't even exist if things hadn't went down exactly as they did.
The same things you are bitching about, ha ha

332df009 No.3741827

You sound like some sort of dutch hondelul. What's wrong, does history hurt? Too bad.
> Too bad for you, 500 years later,
Why mention time? You must not believe that religious traditions could possibly survive 500 years. You are wrong about that, and really stupid.

The important thing is that religious refugees made up a large part of early Americans and so had a lot of influence in the development of America.

3778058f No.3741829

Rambling, incoherent reply to post you are responding to.
Speak English.

332df009 No.3741830

The post I was replying to was made by an idiot. It was just nonsense unrelated to my post or the post >>3741796 that I originally replied to.

62eff8c4 No.3741832

File: 1717593374539.jpg (635.9 KB, 1280x3413, x7_2.jpg)

America run by religious people?

All america believes in is

Money is god

a067f682 No.3741833

File: 1717593375146.jpeg (27.52 KB, 495x470, eirkj946pn4d1.jpeg)

You can tell they're centrists because they spend equal energy attacking the left as they do defending the right.

62eff8c4 No.3741835

File: 1717593868195.jpg (643.2 KB, 1280x3387, x7_3.jpg)


Both sides are racists. They both love bombing poor brown people.

9090929a No.3741836

Sand niggers aren't people.

62eff8c4 No.3741837

File: 1717594162734.jpg (720.65 KB, 1280x3583, x7_4.jpg)

And both sides love keeping Africa poor with debt traps and coups. And sanctioning non-white countries like cuba, venezuela, Iran, like half the middle east.

America is mad as hell that china's helping poor non-white people.

Mad as hell that Brics will help 3rd world minorities not get paid peanuts for resources.

a067f682 No.3741838

Nazi whites don't get laid

a067f682 No.3741839

Stfu centrist trash

62eff8c4 No.3741841

File: 1717594456055.jpg (481.78 KB, 1280x2560, x7_05.jpg)

Also America is mad that the ALMO party won President in Mexico again.

Because that party isn't america's puppet. That party nationalizes mexico's resources so that the American 1% can't come in and buy it all up. And steal from the mexicans.

America loves showing its not racist, by oppressing 3rd world minorities. Specially latin america.

America loves to cite the "monroe doctrine" as what gives it the right to be the sole one that fucks latin america.

332df009 No.3741844

File: 1717594971834.jpg (32.52 KB, 306x423, bozo the nigger.jpg)

If you keep posting, and then deleting, and then reposting the same image you will certainly get banned.

332df009 No.3741845

Children's lives don't matter. At least that's what libtards think, about pre-born children.

62eff8c4 No.3741846

File: 1717595187662.jpg (1.6 MB, 5010x7045, 3376226.jpg)


What is your fukken point? Tons of groups self segregate. Sometimes for reasons as simple as they don't want to learn english. Others for religious reasons.

a067f682 No.3741848

Abortion is Healthcare and a women's right.

You Nazi whites will learn the consequences of fucking around with human females while they can still vote

332df009 No.3741850

a067f682 No.3741851

Nobody cares about racist whites anymore

a067f682 No.3741852

File: 1717595779522.png (179.08 KB, 756x767, wemh95083r4d1.png)

332df009 No.3741853

> America loves to cite the "monroe doctrine" as what gives it the right to be the sole one that fucks latin america.
So you would prefer the US welcomed other countries, Russia for example, to come in and fuck latin America?

62eff8c4 No.3741854

File: 1717595992726.jpg (47.95 KB, 690x460, Job_first_baby_at_60.jpg)


The consequences of abortion being legal. Is we mass import from the 3rd world with the promise of wellfare.

And women beg people to invent artificial wombs so they can have kids at 60. Because they aborted/froze all their eggs because everyone told them to put the career first.

332df009 No.3741855

No one ever cared about racist niggers

98dbf3f9 No.3741857

>> ID: a067f682
STFU 3B, absolutely no one wants you here.
You are even more racist than the average negro and that's pretty fucking racist.

62eff8c4 No.3741859

File: 1717598766088.png (1022.23 KB, 1335x956, Racist_america.png)


America, a country thats somehow racist against white citizens inside it. While racist about 3rd world minorities outside it.

The same country that'll deny you a job for being a white man. Will bomb a black man in africa if he wants off the dollar or to have his resources no exploited for pennies. Or will kill a brown baby if Israel demands it.

And all the while saying white men are the problem. Yet, every election, except for one, its a white man winning it. Even by the side that says straight white men are the devil.

A country that'll call jews protesting Israel, anti-semetic. And they'll use police and hire people to beat up the jews, who don't want a genocide in their name.

America, a country that supports ACTUAL Nazi in ukraine. America, who supports genocide.

America has the most schizo racism I've ever seen. And they support one of the most racist governments on earth. Who wants to kill people off in mass, so its "democracy" can only be one by a single race. It needs to mow the grass, because democracy means "Kill all the people you don't like because of their race."

6af4be4c No.3741861

File: 1717599413698.jpg (137.11 KB, 1286x2000, bafkreien7awyfwulivo7ikrqh….jpg)

>That's a thing presidents do.
No, it is explicitly not something presidents are supposed to do. The POTUS is the civilian commander and chief. The five star generals are actually in charge.

Presidents suggest things to the military and the Pentagon decides if they will do it or not. We know this is true because they ignored Trump's idiotic orders. Remember the time he wanted to nuke a hurricane?

The military is supposed to stay separate from the civilian command so that continuity of security is maintained no matter how many times power changes hands or who is in charge.

62eff8c4 No.3741862

File: 1717599723959.jpg (153.8 KB, 1145x1448, zzz7.jpg)

Make it make sense that the rich white 1% men who run for and win at politics. Pass/support polices like DEI that would discriminate against them if they were poor.

Thats them saying "I'm of another class than you, being poor will never happen to me. Being a commoner will never happen to me. I'm above being canceled because of my corrupt connections.

And they seemingly are. Biden can say all kinds of racist stuff in his past and no one cares. Trump can be anti-muslim and saying "grab her by the pussy". Nothing happens.

Rich white men can do anything. Even go to pedophile island and fuck children.

And left/right/uniparty, still support them,

White hate is for the 99%

6af4be4c No.3741863

File: 1717599941155.jpg (39.02 KB, 643x1000, bafkreieivkzef23rn5dxwzen3….jpg)

The whole story about Jews being slaves in Egypt is made up, unless you think every single person in the history of the nation of Egypt from start to end was part of a vast conspiracy to erase all evidence of the Jews being slaves there.

62eff8c4 No.3741864

File: 1717600358172.jpg (40.99 KB, 500x256, Jesus, the original_BDSM.jpg)


I ain't talking about jews, I'm talking about rome's slaves, the christcucks.

The people who took every weakness, because they were powerless and made it a virtue. Then made a bastard evil god that would flood the planet and kill everyone for shits and giggles. Who wold torture people forever if they dared talk back.

Almost like they designed their god after their cruel slave master.

a067f682 No.3741865

Nazis think anything bad happening to jews isn't real because they feel that by denying reality others will buy into their world view

98dbf3f9 No.3741867

>> ID: a067f682 No.3741865


6af4be4c No.3741868

No, the Jews did suffer a lot through history and the holocaust was real it's only the myth of Moses leading the slaves out of Egypt that has a complete lack of any evidence supporting it.

98dbf3f9 No.3741869

>>Trump's idiotic orders. Remember the time he wanted to nuke a hurricane?

Another leftist lie.
He was making a joke .
But to leftists, jokes are REAL,
so you have to be careful what you say.

6af4be4c No.3741870

File: 1717601200866.png (867.97 KB, 1014x635, OH_JERRY.png)

Yeah, Christianity is really fucked up if you think about it rationally for even a few minutes. It's a whole religion based on the idea of giving up your freedom to the church and it's not like they hide this fact.

98dbf3f9 No.3741871

>> ID:6af4be4c


98dbf3f9 No.3741872

File: 1717601375979.jpg (190.84 KB, 257x389, Raiders_of_the_Lost_Ark_Th….jpg)

a067f682 No.3741877

Non Nazi opinions are not bots they are registered voters and will be the reason that you kill yourself when Biden wins again in November

a067f682 No.3741878

File: 1717612537540.jpeg (113.71 KB, 614x766, cp6dpzurkr4d1.jpeg)

98dbf3f9 No.3741879

98dbf3f9 No.3741880

100 Million people still voting for Trump.
Maybe you need some more indictments and criminal charges brought against him,

22a9ca01 No.3741884

File: 1717619744311.jpg (248.08 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Is Johnny Harries bias?

How US Companies Get Away with Fueling Russia’s Military

22665145 No.3741887

File: 1717622358806.png (220.56 KB, 781x666, 68d275aba2e445145c699d196e….png)

Lol, Hunter Biden is getting away with all his crimez, under the defense that he was doing a lot of illegal drugs at the time, and wasn't responsible for his actions.

27b4b257 No.3741889


Meanwhile the obvious crackhead Donald Trump Jr (I've seen videos of him ranting about this or that, and he was obviously wired on cocaine,) gets lots of praise from the retards in Trumpville.

27b4b257 No.3741890


I'm grateful this fat fuck is dead, and his brat was exposed as a perv and drummed out of his Daddy's ministry.

60f21f92 No.3741891

I've started a mafia with myself!
It's actually working for once.
You know what?
Hotwheelz is not that bad of a guy.
I'm one bloody good saint myself.

fc5f55e4 No.3741892

Discord biscord

fc5f55e4 No.3741893

Retards love fascism, they don't worry about binding him he is in the in group

d9852f11 No.3741894

Lock him up

e087322e No.3741898

The majority of people are retarded. If your ideology doesn't appeal to retards all you've done is joined a book club. Pure elitism doesn't work.

Last time commie street thugs started beating up homeless people and union workers for the moral crime of being too poor and stupid it didn't end well for them.

P.S.: Trump isn't a even fascist. The guy who comes after will be though. Hope you're ready.

98dbf3f9 No.3741903

Keep voting democrats into office geniuses, things will only get worse. Oh, and don't forget to remind us that you are way "smarter" than the rest of us.

868228c8 No.3741906

File: 1717640035817.png (301.65 KB, 750x849, The_uniparty.png)


Keep voting republican, things will only get better

Lockdowns under trump, BLM, syria bombing, setting up oct 7th by trump's Israel policy, every website getting "fact checkers", the horrible inflation from trump doing stim checks

Patriot act under bush, 9/11, all the middle east wars, the start of muslim hate via the media, the empowering of iran by taking out its enemy, saddam because he dared cross the zionist jews.

868228c8 No.3741907

File: 1717640364324.png (341.87 KB, 1195x295, Rules.png)

Murica, do what we say (Including support genocide), or fuck you.

e41f005f No.3741908

BLM riots was a bad faith effort by democrats to undermine Trump. Gathering for church is dangerous but rioting is actually very safe.
Hugging grandma will kill her but burning your city is mostly peaceful

If we can’t control America then we will destroy it is literally the Bolshevik democrat agenda.

868228c8 No.3741909

File: 1717642262507.png (3.06 MB, 1775x2076, v9889.png)


And Trump showed he couldn't control it. Because BLM raged on during his presidency. And got to retire well off after his term ended.

He couldn't control the media.

He couldn't stop himself being banned from twitter

He couldn't end lockdowns

He couldn't stop right wingers getting banned from social media.

He couldn't do anything, other than talk big. And then he couldn't even stop himself getting dragged through legal hell after the presidency.

And if 2020 was stolen, he couldn't even prevent that.

L after L after L

868228c8 No.3741910

File: 1717642902091.jpg (391.39 KB, 750x1000, 8954454.jpg)

And do you really believe Trump will defund the CIA/FBI/ETC when he fucking nominated Mike Pompeo as secretary of defense during his president term?

The CIA director, and a warhawk, himself.

dbe2d3b2 No.3741911

Trump is the president, it’s up to local prosecutors to actually press charges when people are arrested. And guess what, the democrat prosecutors released them over and over.

It took Trump a moment but he figured out that he could send in federal agents, and when the protesters fought then he could press federal charges keeping rioters locked up.

868228c8 No.3741912

File: 1717645548119-0.png (1.29 MB, 1136x957, 8755.png)

Oh boy, 2 stock markets. One for the north and one for the south.


The DEI North one. The Non-DEI south one.

dbe2d3b2 No.3741913

Are you an idiot?
DEI is a blackrock initiative

dbe2d3b2 No.3741914

The cia and fbi were both created by executive order. It would be a trivial mater for trump to dismantle them with another executive order.

868228c8 No.3741915

File: 1717645836346-0.gif (898.2 KB, 2000x1467, gay75433.gif)



So is ESG. Which makes the whole thing even more WHAT THE FUCK.

Unless the plan is they want to hide the DEI bullshit they do. Or hide from accountability.

dbe2d3b2 No.3741916

They have already announced that they are going to try and rebrand the ESG program

dbe2d3b2 No.3741917

a067f682 No.3741918

Dei is good Nazi whites need to be in no positions of any power. Their power will be neutered and it will be their fault for not doing a mass shooting or killing themselves when Biden wins again in November

dbe2d3b2 No.3741919

It sounds like a babbling bee article but I’m expecting the democrats to admit Trump did win the 2020 election. But they are going to claim he is ineligible to win a third election.

868228c8 No.3741920

File: 1717648093612.jpg (94.58 KB, 850x954, 764454.jpg)


ESG is a tool to cause division. You don't need to fight the 1% who'd ruining your life.

Its the gay guy that gets your job, its the mexican, its the woman, Its the woke.

Be a good goy and vote republican. Oh your not a straight white male? Be a good goy and vote democrat and celebrate the system benefits you (Even when it really doesn't)

Its the guy that chopped off his dick because he believed the fairy tales his gov funded teachers told him.

Thats your true enemy, the victim of being lied too.

Hurry, goys, fight each other, while us 1% count our billions and trillions. While we destroy the country and own homes in new zealand and other places we plan to destroy next, when you go belly up.

Yes, yes, your biggest enemy is indeed drag queen story time. Or men in women's sports.

Yes, the drag queen are why you can't afford a house, why windows spies on you, why covid leaked from a use funded china lab, why world war 3 is going on with russia/china

All problems goy are the woke/Conservatives. Pick your side, fight endlessly among yourself, goy, like crabs in a bucket.

868228c8 No.3741921

File: 1717649994954.png (660.34 KB, 2100x2100, rena_gay5.png)

Remember women, if you vote republican, they take away your right to abortion.

Smart people, who are millionaires and billionaires, who can put rockets in space, take over governments, outsmart unions, trick the public into believing whatever they want.

Are just too stupid to know that supporting anti-abortion makes women vote democrat. Time after time, they just never learn that lesson. Despite when it makes them lose big.

Its not about keeping the illusion its not a uniparty going, no, no, no. Its because billionaires have a soft spot for an issue, about saving babies. The same billionares signing off on bombing babies and pregnant women. The same billionaires that are fine sanctioning countries into starvation.

The same billionaires that make it unaffordable to have kids, give a damn that you always have the kid.

1225c152 No.3741922

> The POTUS is the civilian commander and chief.
That's right. The POTUS is the civilian commander and chief OF THE MILITARY.
> The five star generals are actually in charge.
> Presidents suggest things to the military and the Pentagon decides if they will do it or not.
Idiot, military personal are required to obey all lawful orders from superiors or face court-martial. Military personal are also required NOT to obey unlawful orders.

As Sun Tzu wrote, there are some "commands of the sovereign which must not be obeyed.”

626cc4c5 No.3741925

File: 1717655567572.jpg (52.38 KB, 320x298, sucks-to-be-you.jpg)

>The five star generals are actually in charge.
ROTFLMAO There are no five star generals in the US military, you clueless imbecile. That is a special rank that does not normally exist.



98dbf3f9 No.3741927

File: 1717660858531.jpg (114.68 KB, 500x622, 3nwtpj.jpg)

As they're marched off to prison, just remind them all. "No one is above the law."

In fact that statement should be read every time a democrat or their FBI thug enforcers are arrested. Shove it down their throats every step of the way.

And for the first time in their treasonous America hating lives they'll finally face consequences for their lawbreaking.

b3fe0ce2 No.3741928

File: 1717661364727.png (392.99 KB, 442x460, prozzak - sucks to be you.png)

minus ten points for not using the Prozzak song reference


d06d3a9a No.3741929

File: 1717666513382.png (490.89 KB, 512x768, 67j5e676.png)

In 2016, Trump got 61.2 Million votes.
In 2020, Trump got 74.2 million votes.

He has never had 100 million people voting for him.

d06d3a9a No.3741931

Actually, the FBI was first founded to fight criminals like the Mob by Charles Bonaparte, the United States Attorney General of the time because of lack of manpower to fight corruption.

The agents didn't report to him directly buy were under the auspices of the Secret Service.

Congress didn't like the fact that they were using Secret Service agents for non-security functions so they banned the "borrowing" of Secret Service which required Charles Bonaparte to spend funding from the GA's office to hire his own agents. That's how the FBI was first created.

d06d3a9a No.3741932

File: 1717668607519.png (1.56 MB, 1280x1280, Giant-Lovin.png)

The CIA was fist created by an act of congress called the National Security Act of 1947 which restructured the existing foreign policy and military establishments of the U.S. Government.

The act created many of the institutions that Presidents found useful when formulating and implementing foreign policy, including the National Security Council.

So, no. >>3741914 Once again, you were wrong about everything you wrote. Neither the CIA nor the FBI were created with executive actions, you fucking retard.

d06d3a9a No.3741933

Conservatives: Donald Trump isn't a fascists! People need to stop saying he's a fascist! We're not a fascist party!

Also conservatives: When Trump wins he's going to put all his political enemies in prison and we are going to love every second of it!

98dbf3f9 No.3741934

File: 1717669894640.jpg (121.69 KB, 832x1248, 3bb232f3f4ec237bac390047d0….jpg)

He will this time.
But fucking Democrats will try to cheat and say Biden got 101 million votes.
That's why I think Republicans should play the Dem game in spades and flood the voting system with something like 10 BILLION votes, which is more than the population of the Earth. and which would FORCE the Dems to admit the system is broken and prone to fraud and cause it to be heavily revised.
Or just keep sucking strange cocks like usual.

88a9f217 No.3741936

>When Trump wins he's going to put all his political enemies in prison
You mean the thing the left/Democrats are trying right now?

98dbf3f9 No.3741939

File: 1717671111997.jpeg (11.86 KB, 225x225, images (4).jpeg)

Yep, you got it!
You don't like it when the shoe's on the other foot, do you.
Watch out deep state thugs, Trump is coming for you.
Trump's promise to go after them is the very reason he will get over 100 million votes.
It will be glorious!

d06d3a9a No.3741940

Which "political enemies" of Biden are being incarcerated right now?

Is Trump in prison?
Is Mitch McConnel?
Is Ted Cruz?

They all seem to be walking around free.
The only person in any legal trouble is Trump and that's because HE DID CRIMES.

If Biden was doing what Trump wants to do they would all be in prison right now with no trial, no jury, no crimes needed to have been committed. Biden isn't a fascist. I wish he was. I wish he had the balls to just execute you fucking traitors to America, but he doesn't.

a067f682 No.3741943

Nope, that's crimes is why. You notice mtg isn't in court

a067f682 No.3741944

Trump loses because he's unpopular. Retard whites don't understand because they are as embarrassingly stupid as their white cock is pathetic and tiny

a067f682 No.3741945

File: 1717676560913.jpeg (247.49 KB, 1073x1100, h3bbsej67u4d1.jpeg)

2bdc6c75 No.3741946

File: 1717680511218-0.jpg (49.21 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (42).jpg)

File: 1717680511218-1.jpg (33.79 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (15).jpg)

File: 1717680511218-2.jpg (424.57 KB, 1080x884, 20231230_153245.jpg)

File: 1717680511218-3.jpg (142.7 KB, 1115x627, Jewish_Trump_in_law_son.jpg)

File: 1717680511218-4.jpg (20.81 KB, 160x174, 20221228_095153.jpg)

Those conservative voters should also bring along those name list of the representatives (both GOP & DEM) that agree with HR-6090 "BIBLE BAN BILL" considering they prefer to prioritize foreign nation of oil rather than the US people. Better to kick them out of the office.

2bdc6c75 No.3741947

File: 1717680655603-0.jpg (38.6 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (45) (1).jpg)

File: 1717680655603-1.jpg (44.56 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (38).jpg)

File: 1717680655603-2.jpeg (339.78 KB, 768x1024, GN-S5rzWIAA97l0.jpeg)

File: 1717680655603-3.jpg (521.83 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20221022-012416….jpg)

File: 1717680655603-4.jpg (436.47 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20221022-012330….jpg)

a067f682 No.3741948

Lol Nazis butthurt

a067f682 No.3741949

File: 1717681054341.jpg (477.67 KB, 2880x2880, qamc57jhsfb91.jpg)

11b952f8 No.3741951

Now if we can just make all other religions illegal as well we'll be one step closer to a sane world.

2bdc6c75 No.3741952

File: 1717683192465-0.jpg (1.32 MB, 1542x2000, AP_16270762000982.jpg)

File: 1717683192465-1.jpg (235.03 KB, 1280x720, PG4TE7WRARJKDG5DN655SJHMZU.jpg)

File: 1717683192465-2.jpg (96.74 KB, 319x417, 20240606_220930.jpg)

Do you even bother to check the third pic:
Only an Edgelord wannabe rebel loser who is a tryhard trying to be different from normal society would consider themself a NAZI.

The fact that you use the word NAZI is practically as equivalent of using the word ANTI-SEMITIC.

dcbe54cb No.3741953

File: 1717683733409-0.jpg (532.91 KB, 1024x1238, Screenshot (1237).jpg)

File: 1717683733409-1.jpg (895.12 KB, 1280x1590, Screenshot (1238).jpg)

You "replaced us" with a chunk of stone?
Damn, you must be desperate as hell to score some kind of 'win', or just crazy.
Oh. 3B.
I guess you have no memory, because you have apparently forgotten what Trump did on his first day in office, and will do again, in spades.
SPADES, get it? lol.
Remember to say "LOL', 3B.

2bdc6c75 No.3741954

File: 1717684117501.jpg (527.76 KB, 768x1024, 20240606_222513.jpg)


a067f682 No.3741956

File: 1717684785136.jpeg (2.22 MB, 4000x3000, 6xwm93dz3r4d1.jpeg)

dcbe54cb No.3741957

File: 1717684841787.jpg (390.61 KB, 2048x2048, iav2221952-i-am-voting-for….jpg)

You still don't get it and never will.
The more you try to harm Trump with bullshit charges and slander, the more he comes out on top, the more his poll numbers increase.
Because you think the American people don't know bullshit when they see it.
And also they are afraid you might do it to them.

Be sure again to tell us how smart you are! Don't forget!
And thanks for re-electing Donald J. Trump with your continuing efforts.

And want to bet that Elon Musk and other big-name Billionaires can put up more billboards that say things like this t-shirt than you can, and right along side the other ones, and that when they do, Trump's poll numbers will go up again.

Be sure to tell us again how smart you are.
Are you going to kill yourself when Trump wins again in November for the 3rd time?
Say 'LOL', 3B.

And don't forget to mention how smart you are.
And remember to say 'ROFL'.

a067f682 No.3741958

Keep deleting images and reposting till you're banned then idgaf

a067f682 No.3741959

File: 1717686015965.jpg (363.04 KB, 1920x1080, 1717528223789.jpg)

98dbf3f9 No.3741962

He didn't do it for that reason like you always do, dumbass.
He did an EDIT, because it's the only way you CAN. I was watching. The board has no EDIT function.
And you admit you were watching too, and knew that's why, yet still chose to post your snide remark, which you yourself are always constantly guilty of.

More proof folks: Anything the left accuses the other side of, they are guilty of themselves, only ten times worse.
Its called DEFLECTION (Saul Alinsky tactics 101)..

I just deleted and re-posted myself, to do an edit.
But that's not the reason you do it, you do it to try and keep your lying horse shit in the visible area on the page.

And I just did it again with this very message, because I saw a typo.

b3fe0ce2 No.3741965

File: 1717691097472.png (395 KB, 675x535, oh rly.png)

a067f682 No.3741975

Nazis butthurt rn lolok

a067f682 No.3741976

File: 1717699141503.jpg (127.3 KB, 960x767, 3vgr2QZQsXz5NhKIwzswOtS9mv….jpg)

Blue line flags is what gets me. Blatant disrespect of the flag. Yet these people who disrespect the flag will throw a temper tantrum if someone doesn’t stand for the flag.

“(g) The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.”

22665145 No.3741977

Democrat judges are going after Trump allied politicians and advisors by swarm. If trump wins, he's going to have to pardon his entire base just to get moving again.

22a9ca01 No.3741978


Does these count too? it's only peculative fiction.


22a9ca01 No.3741979

File: 1717706238172.jpg (378.1 KB, 1080x925, d0778bb199a1935a2f877d91ac….jpg)

>Did you create some thing that will save the world did you travel into space, are you a brave medal of honor beteran?


fc5f55e4 No.3741980

Racists do have tiny dick energy true

fc5f55e4 No.3741981

File: 1717708424929.jpeg (63.84 KB, 800x500, yn9wy96jdz4d1.jpeg)

9b7825a8 No.3741982

That makes Trump looks sad and desperate.
Anyone who needs that much emotional support gold is crying on the inside.

056259fd No.3741986

File: 1717710729648.jpg (221.45 KB, 700x487, lies.jpg)

Turkey and Thailand to join Brics.

Stupid america thought it could steal countries money and there wouldn't be consequences.

056259fd No.3741988

File: 1717711145719.png (31.09 KB, 640x317, True_american_flag.png)


A country's flag means nothing, when its government serves another nation above its own people.

You might as well fly a prison jumpsuit as your flag at that point.

22a9ca01 No.3741989

File: 1717712475891.jpg (126.88 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

How the Coming Population Collapse Will Change Society Forever

98dbf3f9 No.3741990

Does this make what was posted HERE,
Not True, then?

a067f682 No.3741991

File: 1717714585047.jpg (358.73 KB, 2000x2000, bafkreidasdmuyn22o25lbrbly….jpg)

Everything and everyone is some guy from years ago. Yeah, you're fucking crazy homes

a067f682 No.3741992

File: 1717714618978.jpeg (81.43 KB, 750x664, fe0rgzopc05d1.jpeg)

98dbf3f9 No.3741993

File: 1717714655762.png (662.39 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240606-185550.png)

Hey, we need more indictments and convictions!!
He should be ahead by a lot more,

a067f682 No.3741994

You on the copium

a067f682 No.3741995

File: 1717714739870.png (327.55 KB, 768x768, jozo2cj3mz4d1.png)

056259fd No.3741996

File: 1717714986050.png (1.12 MB, 2200x1103, gay8754.png)


The hell is wrong with spicy food?

Is a bottle of hot sauce going to rape them?

056259fd No.3741999

File: 1717715449383.png (372.45 KB, 734x766, 453222.png)


It would fix the needing immigrants due to low birthrate problem. And women being whores issue. Add in no wellfare for single mothers and men having a problem finding a partner issue.

But it'll never happen. Women vote. And murdering their babies is women's no.1 priority. They rally behind baby murder more than anything else, even wellfare.

When I was a kid, I would have never imagined, that women's number one desire in life is the ability to murder america's children.

You just wouldn't think it, as all the media portrayed women as caring and motherly. But no, they consider child murder their number 1 priority, even above poverty.

a067f682 No.3742002

Women vote
So maga will lose
Suicidal whites will go off the bridge
Abortion in the drive thru McDonald's again

a067f682 No.3742003

File: 1717717540152.jpeg (45.39 KB, 540x622, yqgnhir2m05d1.jpeg)

056259fd No.3742004

File: 1717717571145.png (4.75 MB, 3840x2176, 9000.png)


Women doing abortions until the wall, are fucking themselves over.

And I would say they are fucking over retirement for everyone (Including themselves), but the government is dead set on bankrupting everyone.

22a9ca01 No.3742010

File: 1717722512146.jpg (212.78 KB, 640x524, seems-like-every-texas-pol….jpg)

22a9ca01 No.3742011

98dbf3f9 No.3742015

File: 1717725574750.png (530.72 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240606-215726.png)

a067f682 No.3742016

Abort it

fc62223b No.3742017

Finally, something we can agree on.

a067f682 No.3742018

File: 1717728386869.jpeg (63.01 KB, 500x500, re6hq5zu7x4d1.jpeg)

98dbf3f9 No.3742019

File: 1717728978953-0.png (6.41 MB, 2560x2560, 576b23daad726ce4e978654fa7….png)

File: 1717728978953-1.png (1.41 MB, 1024x1024, 4865460f4014d2550af94ff98b….png)

Another thing Trump never actually said.
Hi, 3B.

a067f682 No.3742020

Another art nobody drew

a067f682 No.3742021

File: 1717731163936.jpeg (52.78 KB, 500x530, nsa3r5nbu05d1.jpeg)

98dbf3f9 No.3742023

Who cares?
It's hotter than most real artist's work anyway.

a345ff21 No.3742029

Racist niggеr post by typical racist niggеr.

df8907e3 No.3742042

File: 1717750295449.webm (6.99 MB, 720x404, moscow lgbt.webm)

a067f682 No.3742046

Lol fascists gonna fash

4511f9ab No.3742050

lol niggers gonna nig

4511f9ab No.3742051

You are a day late with that commie shit

a067f682 No.3742053

a067f682 No.3742054

File: 1717764476178.jpeg (33.6 KB, 502x399, e3wpwpz9q15d1.jpeg)

a067f682 No.3742055

File: 1717764555661.jpeg (42.49 KB, 750x283, rcpkxhvff35d1.jpeg)

1225c152 No.3742057

You are still a day late with that commie shit, nigger

1225c152 No.3742058

File: 1717767058241.png (141.51 KB, 534x548, 933.png)

a067f682 No.3742059

File: 1717767438459.jpeg (102.67 KB, 2048x1368, GPZwpjVWEAAbzdb.jpeg)

a067f682 No.3742061

File: 1717767528089.jpeg (61.56 KB, 1024x578, gv5bpbza715d1.jpeg)

98dbf3f9 No.3742066

>>3B liar
Mike Pence will never be President.
Nor do we want him.

a067f682 No.3742072

Lol 3B rent free

a067f682 No.3742075

He knows you set up gallows during the Jan 6th failed coup attempt

a067f682 No.3742076

File: 1717785541100.jpeg (75.73 KB, 799x767, h14mvav1o55d1.jpeg)


a067f682 No.3742077

File: 1717785837903.jpeg (88.71 KB, 720x538, wzcsa4t7p65d1.jpeg)

Throw em out

98dbf3f9 No.3742078

That's nice 3B.
Go take your meds and go back to bed now.

fc5f55e4 No.3742080

File: 1717789736988.jpg (162.64 KB, 1024x1024, 3b.jfif.jpg)

fc5f55e4 No.3742082

File: 1717789850003.jpeg (491.85 KB, 2047x2041, fimeijxby55d1.jpeg)

d2edd438 No.3742087

File: 1717798062376.jpg (134.83 KB, 925x727, 3B.jpg)

d2edd438 No.3742088

File: 1717798331059.jpeg (46.95 KB, 1024x424, kupok.jpeg)

a067f682 No.3742091

98dbf3f9 No.3742092

File: 1717799783611-0.png (334.46 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240607-183127.png)

File: 1717799783611-1.png (426.01 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240607-183157.png)

I thought 3B always insisted this kind of thing never happened.

a067f682 No.3742094

Nazis mad

a067f682 No.3742095

File: 1717799861608.jpeg (135.78 KB, 1024x734, iy6wu0ul055d1.jpeg)

a067f682 No.3742096

File: 1717800044967.jpeg (39.19 KB, 626x398, iajozg4m375d1.jpeg)

They party switch is why everyone who brags about the “Party of Lincoln” can kiss my ass.

db1d0aa5 No.3742098

File: 1717800692241.jpg (196.1 KB, 1284x1686, Itwasnot.jpg)

Seven months in and the "Libertarian Dream" is destroying Argentina just like we told you it would.
Conservative policies never work. You would think conservatives would try something new instead of failing over and over and over while saying "This time it's going to be different!"


98dbf3f9 No.3742099

Seven months just means it's the bad policies of the previous administration still strangling the country, they ran it THAT bad.
Seven months is nothing, give it a couple of years.
It's going to take Trump his whole 4 year term coming up to even BEGIN to undo the damage Biden and the Democrats have done to America.

db1d0aa5 No.3742102

File: 1717802384290.png (538.12 KB, 760x726, Dr.Closet-Faggot.png)

It didn't happen. There are no children getting sex changes at the hospital.

The "gender affirming care" that he is so mad about is people getting a hormone blocker implant that slows the progression of puberty or getting prescriptions for hormone pills.

And now that your nonsense conspiracy theory is debunked, let's talk about why he is being arrested…

He released private information about patients at his hospital to a news organization. He isn't being arrested for "Whistle Blowing" he's being arrested for leaking the medical records of clients.


Also, his conspiracy that the hospital promised to stop doing gender affirming care but SECRETLY CONSPIRED WITH THE LGBT+ MAFIA TO KEEP DOING IT!!! is nonsense.

The law went into effect Sept 1st 2023 and at that time the hospital switched over to a program which gradually lowered the dose of hormones and puberty blockers to wean the clients off of them over time as is medically required.

Those appointments he is so mad about are perfectly legal and were expected to happen. They wrote about the process of discontinuing the treatment IN THE BILL that made it illegal because they knew that if you just stopped treatment it would kill all those trans kids and that would look really bad for Republicans.

As usual, this is much-to-do about nothing. This is a conservative conspiracy nut freaking out because he's too stupid to understand what is happening around him.

a067f682 No.3742107

File: 1717805400145.jpeg (57.17 KB, 634x767, krxuxx95775d1.jpeg)

a33d5ab3 No.3742112

The 'lock him up' cult: Don't lock 'our him' up. He's mentally unfit to stand trial.

45d9315c No.3742117

File: 1717812963285.jpg (516.15 KB, 1317x1500, 1712477505.ramul_strongest….jpg)

Cant stop the dem blue wave youre trump fags dont be seeing how they are so dumb

lawfuel guud winz wens agenst natstiees.

a7e86871 No.3742118

Ni­­­­­g­­ge­r­s­­­­­­ are racist and stupid, that's true.

a7e86871 No.3742120

Why don't you delete it and repost it some more? You'll still be a day late with that commie shit.

c0067c55 No.3742121

File: 1717813479785-0.jpg (73.93 KB, 479x900, GPgZoGoWoAAXiPM.jpg)

File: 1717813479785-1.jpg (19.79 KB, 554x554, Cousin_Johnny_Sins.jpg)

The Trumptards on Twitter are having a meltdown because someone posted a facebook comment about how their cousin Johnny (Pictured) was on the jury for Trump's trial and was out to get Trump from the start.

They think he is going to get the charges dropped by claiming there was a mistrial. Both Fox and Newsmax are running with the story without doing a single moment of fact checking.

If the cousin in question looks familiar to you, it's because you watch too much porn.


a067f682 No.3742124

File: 1717814692808.jpeg (274.39 KB, 1023x1200, oev5b9hfp85d1.jpeg)

98dbf3f9 No.3742125

30102be6 No.3742128

Looking at these lefty memes, amazing how they are dependent on proven false claims or claims without a hint of evidence. But even ignoring that, they still suck. It’s like watching a guy with a micro penis suck himself off trying to convince a girl it’s so much fun.

9efc9d0b No.3742137

File: 1717821830792.jpg (93.3 KB, 1536x1536, Stanislav-Vodka-175-l_1.jpg)

[Steam just opened a handle of cheap vodka]

98dbf3f9 No.3742144

>> ID: 45d9315c
What the fuck language are you speaking?
Speak fucking English!
All Google Translate does is give me MORE gibberish from whatever it is you're trying to say.

98dbf3f9 No.3742145

File: 1717838122769-0.png (423.33 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240608-050952.png)

File: 1717838122769-1.png (294.84 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240608-051013.png)

a067f682 No.3742146

More fox news lies Ty Nazi go vote for a convicted felon

a067f682 No.3742147

File: 1717838194596.jpeg (56.62 KB, 768x768, p2var9oq285d1.jpeg)

98dbf3f9 No.3742148

98dbf3f9 No.3742149

File: 1717840002707.jpeg (8.88 KB, 225x225, images (5).jpeg)

Thanks, we will.
All 100 Million + of us.

98dbf3f9 No.3742150

File: 1717841141728.gif (71.88 KB, 640x522, rire-laughing-hysterically.gif)

Disses reported news as untrue and misleading.

Then quotes dailymail.uk.co as a RELIABLE SOURCE.

98dbf3f9 No.3742151

File: 1717843858769.jpeg (63.58 KB, 984x1000, B1F7 hokpLS._CLa_2140,200….jpeg)

You post "orange this" and "orange that" all the time as if it were some kind of insult to us.
It is not.
Like Hillary and "DEPLORABLES", that helped Trump win the 2016 election,
We have taken "Convicted Felon" and "Orange Jesus" and made them our own, once again.
And we rally behind them.
Because you are too stupid to realize the consequences of your actions.
But do keep trying. And thanks again for helping Trump get re-elected
And don't forget to keep telling us how smart you are.

45d9315c No.3742154

File: 1717846622372.png (584.14 KB, 1200x1538, RambleyRender.png)

I did get drunk, not entirely sure why I posted that garbage.

I've been having issues getting an e-bike, it got sent to the ST version of my AVE, and the people who got it are refusing to turn the package over, so now the police are involved, and they obviously ditched the bike somewhere, so now its a hodgepodge of misdelivery from FEDEX, grand theft, and other bullshittery. Of course the place it got delivered to is on probation, but it was all GPS'd and amazon is sending me a replacement. Now its their problem.

Its a small town, and the addicts here are dumb as hell. Its only a matter of time before they're zooming around on a 2k dollar e-bike and the pararol officer will see them and be like -____;.

It was an all day thing, my internet was out for several hours, there was a country music festival down town, and I decided to get soft for a night because all of that is just a giant vat of fuck it.

98f38036 No.3742156

File: 1717850134798.jpg (60.65 KB, 990x784, cumitavy.jpg)

> What the fuck language are you speaking?
Libris sumo quod appareat appetere mutat verear porro, idiotia!!
> All Google Translate does is give me MORE gibberish from whatever it is you're trying to say.
Iustotota molestiae quod luctus altera feugiat malorum errem verear urna sollicitudin autem. Suaspotenti cursus ei deseruisse parturient phasellus integer torquent fusce. Veniamhabitasse iaculis legere adhuc aliquam nonumy velit docendi patrioque atqui necessitatibus mea.

a067f682 No.3742161

Trump: don't vote by mail.

Biden: stay safe and vote by mail if you need to.

Almost all mail in ballots are for Biden.

Trump: shocked Pikachu face

45d9315c No.3742162

File: 1717862952344.jpg (65.07 KB, 498x498, GO2Qvi2XsAI7KDY.jpg)

Also, because I harvest Karen power. Fedex and Amazon fucked all the shit up. If I don't get an impossible shipment of my e-bike by 8pm, its free.

Gotta love super expensive free shit via assclownss and super corps.

If I'm lucky I might get multiple e-bikes for free, and I can return one and be a super Karen.

a067f682 No.3742164

It's really so funny that Trump supporters, who unanimously embraced and cheered on the weaponization of the justice system for political purposes against Hillary Clinton in 2016, are now very upset that Trump is being held accountable for crimes.

MAGA is seething. They never thought it would happen. They also thought he would get rid of Obamacare, which, ironically, will hurt most of them. Under Obamacare, my premium is down to $90 per month. My car insurance is down to $25/month (from InsurancePanda). My homeowners is $25/month (from homesite) too. Under Trump, we saw inflation and massive price hikes across the board. (still continuing now)

“You win some, you lose 34.”

98dbf3f9 No.3742165

98dbf3f9 No.3742166

File: 1717869018085.png (538.01 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240608-134435.png)

This sounds crazy, but it's apparently true, both right and Left-Wing and independent news sources are all covering it.



I wonder if this is what happens to a lot of the children that go missing in countries like this and are never found, and nobody ever realizes what happened to them?

c9e9c676 No.3742167

c9e9c676 No.3742168

Every Republican needs to be booed off the stage. The leader of the Republican party, the wannabe dictator, the Diaper Don, is trying to use the Republican party to burn our country to the ground and install himself as dictator for life. We need to fight back now. Remember, they started a civil war when they attacked the capital and tried to overthrow our democracy and install Trump as dictator the first time. Hitler failed the first time. Now Trump is tryi g one more time to overthrow our democracy. They are going to succeed if we do not rise up and stop them. They are constantly threatening harm to any person that does not support their white Christian hate that MAGAS want to force the entire country to live under.just yesterday, Republicans blocked a bill in congress that would make access to contraceptive a right. Instead the Republicans are trying to make contraceptives illegal. The Republicans what us to live in the 1600s again.

c9e9c676 No.3742169

File: 1717870556493.jpeg (49.27 KB, 930x767, cuxh82efwa5d1.jpeg)

98dbf3f9 No.3742170

becc77a0 No.3742174

File: 1717875633665.jpg (321.67 KB, 1800x800, 1717858157212680.jpg)

3b posts like the tranny school shooter

c9e9c676 No.3742176

Lol Nazis butthurt as fuck

c9e9c676 No.3742177

File: 1717876034024.jpeg (54.25 KB, 432x767, ssbfl8kfce5d1.jpeg)

Everyone says

fd87f5d5 No.3742179

What a coincidence
There is a Facebook comment that may get a mistrial for Trump.
Now the left can claim he was convicted without sending him to prison to avoid making him even more popular.

2026ecd2 No.3742182

Could someone draw porn of it, please?

3bf4b2ff No.3742183

Project 2025 envisions significant changes in government, particularly in economic and social policies. Key proposals include cutting funding for the DOJ, dismantling the FBI and DHS, reducing environmental regulations, abolishing the Department of Commerce, and ending the independence of agencies like the FCC and FTC. The plan advocates for tax cuts, though opinions on protectionism vary among its writers. It also proposes eliminating the Department of Education, cutting climate research funding, and reforming the NIH along conservative lines. The project urges the government to reject abortion as healthcare, eliminate ACA coverage of emergency contraception, infuse the government with Christian elements, criminalize pornography, remove protections against discrimination based on sexual or gender identity, and terminate DEI programs and affirmative action.

Contributor Jeffrey Clark advises deploying the military for domestic law enforcement and targeting Trump's adversaries under the Insurrection Act of 1807. The project recommends arresting and deporting undocumented immigrants, promoting capital punishment, and ensuring the quick finality of such sentences. Project director Paul Dans emphasizes the need for a future president to regain control of the government, despite the paradox of recruiting many to join the government to ultimately shrink it. Though the project does not endorse a specific presidential candidate, many contributors are closely tied to Trump and his 2024 campaign.

These mfs are crazy lol. No way in hell this goes through.

3bf4b2ff No.3742186

File: 1717886681637.jpeg (64.31 KB, 699x699, xefez0he2f5d1.jpeg)

27b4b257 No.3742192


Their actual goal is summed up in one word.

The policies they advocate will line their pockets, while screwing the rest of us.

13a1ced8 No.3742196

File: 1717891887776.jpg (73.69 KB, 958x514, GPiglYxXsAALxoQ.jpg)

>There is a Facebook comment that may get a mistrial for Trump.

Don't get your hopes up, Spanky.
It was a troll post.

Republicans are just too stupid to realize when they are being played.

28c9fccd No.3742199

File: 1717893221864.jpg (1.26 MB, 1500x2000, fe7db4832c52f90f7e8b3f3979….jpg)

I just love how after Trump's conviction and his soaring poll numbers, they're prosecuting Hunter's gun thing now. "OMG look guise, the law is equal and fair!"

Yeah, never mind the incest, or treason the Biden's have done.

Wait, who are you voting for?

a067f682 No.3742200

Republicans are truly mentally retarded

2faa7239 No.3742201

Who are you voting for?

a067f682 No.3742203

File: 1717904886687.jpeg (66.76 KB, 614x767, enltevcs9g5d1.jpeg)

under trump should be "I got rid of abortion"

goes nicely with bush to destroy the myth that republicans want small government and personal freedoms.

98dbf3f9 No.3742204

File: 1717908764904.jpeg (6.99 KB, 168x300, images (6).jpeg)

Still voting for Trump.
Me and 100 Million + others.

0cc444a7 No.3742207

6-9 2024. the day the virus took over

22a9ca01 No.3742210

File: 1717921373473.png (959.55 KB, 826x1000, average republican.png)

average republican

9f7ee1b7 No.3742213

File: 1717924685180-0.jpg (73.64 KB, 800x543, Jews-Will-Not-Replace-Us.jpg)

File: 1717924685180-1.jpg (1.32 MB, 1542x2000, AP_16270762000982.jpg)

File: 1717924685180-2.jpg (548.4 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20221022-012209….jpg)

File: 1717924685180-3.jpeg (339.78 KB, 768x1024, GN-S5rzWIAA97l0.jpeg)

File: 1717924685180-4.jpg (20.81 KB, 160x174, 20221228_095153.jpg)

98dbf3f9 No.3742214

98dbf3f9 No.3742228

File: 1717941025247.png (452.39 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240609-094841.png)

Biden can be on the 3-cent coin.

a17bf00b No.3742229

They aren’t going to charge hunter with anything
He’s already guilty of contempt when he did not answer questions at a hearing. They already tried to give him a sweetheart deal(major cocksucking deal) to make him immune to all charges(potentially interpreted as all charges in the future)

a17bf00b No.3742230

Clinton caused the housing collapse
Bush started the biggest banker war since WWII
Obama killed Americans without trial AND Weaponized the government agency’s against opposition and is married to a dude
Trump started no new wars (I don’t think Trump had much to do with overturning roeVwade)

a067f682 No.3742232

Then you're a hick white that don't know shit

a067f682 No.3742233

File: 1717942641691.jpeg (25.5 KB, 500x627, 3eiw11cdbe5d1.jpeg)

2bdc6c75 No.3742234

Butthurt BOT

84ccf9b3 No.3742235

Funny how neither Trump nor Biden have started any wars, but dipshit Republicans think Biden started the War in Ukraine, which was already ongoing under Trump and even as far back as Obama. Proxy wars like that don't even count, because US troops are uninvolved. And if you argue that they do count, then I'll assert in that case trade wars also count. And it was Trump who started a trade war with China. Whereas Biden has started no wars, period. In fact, Biden ended the war Trump promised to end.

98dbf3f9 No.3742237


a067f682 No.3742239

a067f682 No.3742240

File: 1717948343025.png (152.7 KB, 818x492, vvaea1nsvi5d1.png)

Yeah, “oops” implies regret.

The only thing they regret was they weren’t able to successfully steal the election in 2020 and install this dickhead as America’s first king.

28c9fccd No.3742242

File: 1717952335356.jpg (712.54 KB, 1280x720, 3c5649f314801d19b91bc009c5….jpg)

No it wasn't, you gaslighting faggot.

Trump putting tariffs on Chinese goods: WAR
Biden sending trillions of your dollars to Jewlenski: peace

a83df257 No.3742243

You're the gaslighting faggot. Congress was already sending billions to Ukraine under Trump. And if Trump were president, it's GUARANTEED he would have sent troops in to Palestine.

22a9ca01 No.3742246

File: 1717959041254.jpg (127.58 KB, 1500x1002, united-states-federal-rese….jpg)

97433e77 No.3742252

File: 1717970361077-0.jpg (769.77 KB, 2048x1536, GPbSrn8a4AAgU7H.jpg)

File: 1717970361077-1.jpg (197.13 KB, 497x366, 14920569_060624-kgo-trump-….jpg)

Trump voters are supermad about money going overseas because they make up the majority of permanent welfare cases.

They are the uneducated bottom-feeders of our nation and they want that money for themselves so they can take their sister-wives out to red lobster or buy a 4 year old flat screen TV from Walmart.

All you ever need to do to humiliate a Trump supporter is post a picture of them.
The truth of their failure speaks for itself.

98dbf3f9 No.3742253

98dbf3f9 No.3742255

File: 1717975136983.jpeg (29.62 KB, 336x280, 4544 (1).jpeg)

a067f682 No.3742259

a067f682 No.3742260

File: 1717980235607.jpeg (85.35 KB, 704x767, sb64kb16rl5d1.jpeg)

Kill yourself when Biden wins again in November Nazi

98dbf3f9 No.3742261

What's that old tune you're humming?
Oh… "To Dream, The Impossible Dream .."

98dbf3f9 No.3742262

And so are you.
Only my programmers were better.

ba4ef899 No.3742263

Wrong Nazi BOT

ba4ef899 No.3742264

File: 1717984110462.jpeg (71.06 KB, 556x754, 3qkniwgv4j5d1.jpeg)

ba4ef899 No.3742265

File: 1717984363264.jpeg (66.92 KB, 584x766, 0ejweten0l5d1.jpeg)

81ab6000 No.3742266

File: 1717984388148.jpg (135.35 KB, 1280x720, 1627106851.kateastr0fic_pa….jpg)

I guess I'm not schizo enough to grasp why anyone would waste their time making "bots" that are only a couple notches above kindergartners screaming "you're a peepee doodoo head".

Go touch grass.

98dbf3f9 No.3742267

File: 1717986275278.jpg (143.37 KB, 890x890, Original-Trump-Im-Voting-F….jpg)

a067f682 No.3742268

Nobody else will so
Will you kill yourself when Biden wins again in November?

a067f682 No.3742269

File: 1717986566768.jpeg (88.89 KB, 768x768, rcfms31v2m5d1.jpeg)

Historians decades from now will wonder what the hell happened, but this pretty much sums it up.

98dbf3f9 No.3742270

File: 1717987261954.jpg (299.14 KB, 1932x2048, I_m_Voting_For_The_Convict….jpg)

98dbf3f9 No.3742271

File: 1717987903862.jpeg (118.65 KB, 960x960, 5f2dea8225add.jpeg)

d173f533 No.3742272


Was he rewarding her for her defiance? Seems like it to me.

a067f682 No.3742273

File: 1717989962509.jpeg (1.32 MB, 3072x3072, klwuyf6mel5d1.jpeg)

715abf54 No.3742274

So true, n­­­i­­g­­­­­­­g­e­­­­­­­r­­­­­­­s­­­­ are racist and stupid.

a067f682 No.3742275

Another racist white nazi with tiny dick hello

715abf54 No.3742276

File: 1717991409152.png (192.02 KB, 356x468, DEMOCRAT Joe Biden says.png)

Democrats are anti-nigger racists who only ejaculate lip-service about nigger concerns to trick the stupid coons into voting democrat.

Vote for Trump, you ignorant spades!

715abf54 No.3742277

Niggers are racist and butt stupid, true.

a067f682 No.3742278

Lol Nazi whites mad no one agrees with their bullshit

a067f682 No.3742279

File: 1717991999177.png (97.1 KB, 822x767, izy33ip6nm5d1.png)

That's the thing with the "Jesus was convicted" defense; it argues that no one is a criminal. Talk about a child rapist or serial killer and you can apply the same dishonest MAGA defense for them

a067f682 No.3742280

File: 1717992101172.jpeg (104.4 KB, 578x767, j5u6rnfbhl5d1.jpeg)

Trust Jesus" OK but I'm not sure that trust should extend to tying a flag across your windscreen.

715abf54 No.3742281

File: 1717992339899.jpg (98.77 KB, 669x373, democrat president.jpg)

lol racist niggers are really stupid. This is the democrat president that niggers helped to steal the election.

715abf54 No.3742282

File: 1717992746214.jpeg (52.97 KB, 750x600, niggers.jpeg)

> democrat president that i am racist and not very brights helped to steal the election.
But then, niggers are born criminals so it's natural for them.

332df009 No.3742283

a067f682 No.3742284


a067f682 No.3742285

File: 1717997846255.jpeg (51.43 KB, 633x537, 14etkckybk5d1.jpeg)

45d9315c No.3742286

File: 1718011825383.jpg (72.65 KB, 760x1050, 3aeb97bdf474877ca93678727e….jpg)

It doesn't matter if you're black, asian, jewish, hispanic or normal. ~

The figure head of democrats at his best. Truly a quote for the ages.

423a09cd No.3742291

File: 1718021952117.jpg (631.58 KB, 1920x1163, 8seun4.jpg)

394af810 No.3742294

Then I'd tell you Navalny already died. Then when you told me you meant Trump, I'd laugh at you. Orange Bitch hasn't served any jail time and probably won't due of our two-tiered justice system.

a067f682 No.3742297

I would say that he had a fair trail and was convicted by jurors Trump's defense team selected

a067f682 No.3742298

They know he is a con man, it is obviously not hidden, they just don't care. They just think Biden is a con man too.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, this kind of cynicism was referred to as the "reverse cargo cult" effect.

In a regular cargo cult, you have people who see an airstrip, and the cargo drops, so they build one out of straw, hoping for the same outcome. They don't know the difference between a straw airstrip and a real one, they just want the cargo.

In a reverse cargo cult, you have people who see an airstrip, and the cargo drops, so they build one out of straw. But there's a twist:

When they build the straw airstrip, it isn't because they are hoping for the same outcome. They know the difference, and know that because their airstrip is made of straw, it certainly won't yield any cargo, but it serves another purpose. They don't lie to the rubes and tell them that an airstrip made of straw will bring them cargo. That's an easy lie to dismantle. Instead, what they do is make it clear that the airstrip is made of straw, and doesn't work, but then tell you that the other guy's airstrip doesn't work either. They tell you that no airstrips yield cargo. The whole idea of cargo is a lie, and those fools, with their fancy airstrip made out of wood, concrete, and metal is just as wasteful and silly as one made of straw.

1980s Soviets knew that their government was lying to them about the strength and power of their society, the Communist Party couldn't hide all of the dysfunctions people saw on a daily basis. This didn't stop the Soviet leadership from lying. Instead, they just accused the West of being equally deceptive. "Sure, things might be bad here, but they are just as bad in America, and in America people are actually foolish enough to believe in the lie! Not like you, clever people. You get it. You know it is a lie."

d1e454e0 No.3742301

File: 1718028930434.jpg (145.88 KB, 916x1100, hornyforbaddick.jpg)

There's a new scamdemic that jeWb's many bosses had promised the world for quite some time now, and it looks like it's being unleashed - hope you like eating bugs from now on.

In other news… you're all bots already, there's no one genuine remaining here anymore.
If you want any hope of escaping the damnation of hell and still finding your true purpose, stop participating in satan's (and his children's) lies, poisons and fakery.
(Don't forget that we all were gifted the freedom to choose one master or the other - jeWb and co. have already chosen their master long ago.)
Turn to God's Word instead - He delights in keeping His promises and the Truth, and doesn't want any of His children left behind, (before cleansing the world like He did sodom and gomorrah.)

Anyway… doggie bed nao.

(Pic probably unrelated.)

c2496d14 No.3742302

Hey (((Business Dog)))! Did you know you are fucked in the head?

98dbf3f9 No.3742303

File: 1718031290539.jpg (25.47 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

Then you are as stupid as 3B. Oh, hi, 3B.
The SUPREMES are involved now.
A motion has already been filed with them concerning the constitutionality of the trial and conviction, and most legal experts think they will overturn it.
But ya never know, after all, they didn't overturn Roe vs. Wade.

a067f682 No.3742304

Lol it's all you Nazis have and when Biden wins again in November it'll be fun to see your reaction lolol

98dbf3f9 No.3742305

Democrats have become communists. The real problem is that the people who used to be called blue dog democrats are now known as RINO's. Conservatives and conservatism on the other hand, is exactly the same as it was ten years ago. The same as it was 40 years ago. The same as it was 80 years ago. As always. Americas problems begin and end with the left.

32b2c435 No.3742308

File: 1718038835311.png (256.98 KB, 448x494, Gas-shortage.png)

>Conservatives and conservatism on the other hand, is exactly the same as it was ten years ago. The same as it was 40 years ago. The same as it was 80 years ago.

Think about what you just said. You're admitting that the conservative ideals haven't updated or changed in any way for 80 years and you are somehow surprised that they aren't popular any more?

You know what was happening in those glorious times of long ago you fantasize about? A global great depression, segregation, World War II, gas shortages, food shortages, the Holocaust, and children being taught that atomic war was inevitable so they need to be ready to duck and cover when the bombs drop.

Your fantasy ideal of the 1940s was a nightmare for the people who actually lived it.

98dbf3f9 No.3742309

File: 1718041341724.jpg (64.38 KB, 700x468, meme-example.jpg)

98dbf3f9 No.3742310

File: 1718041824429.png (498.34 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240610-134859.png)


fc5f55e4 No.3742311

More tight wing bullshit? Haha indeed lolol

fc5f55e4 No.3742312

File: 1718043018763.jpg (103.28 KB, 1280x720, IMG_20240610_110911_160.jpg)

Gay wins

eb5f7014 No.3742314

What did they win?

28c9fccd No.3742316

File: 1718044568713-0.jpg (1.38 MB, 1998x1964, 50fa7abe8ea1b54ec4d62dd07e….jpg)

File: 1718044568713-1.jpg (181.83 KB, 1024x1024, 6f261c547ca1276f87e3a06071….jpg)

File: 1718044568713-2.jpg (160.09 KB, 1280x1030, 4f85c78e87f6fedc742ec05c13….jpg)

You think the holocaust happened and you talk of fantasy lol

Also, every single one of those things that did happen were caused by jewish 'progressives', not 'conservatives.'

a067f682 No.3742317

Nazis don't like to talk about how they lost, are losers, etc, so they lie about history to make themselves feel better. Same with their stop the steal crap, they are butthurt babyfags and can't adult reality

af287c73 No.3742318

Nazis cheat good people, steal from the poor, groom kids and screw over your life from a grain of power.
On the other hand it's likely they'll die from overdose at an early age once their heart is capped out on guilt and shame.
Ultimately the worse thing than a nazi is one pretending they're a good person.

28c9fccd No.3742322

Cool story bro.

fc5f55e4 No.3742324

Based truth

fc5f55e4 No.3742325

File: 1718051465323.jpeg (97.14 KB, 1024x762, p5yz7jf4cr5d1.jpeg)

98dbf3f9 No.3742326

ANOTHER example of why the left can't meme!!!
Trump was STILL PRESIDENT on Jan 6th, 2020.
He wanted to overthrow the Government that he was the head of?
Yeah, that makes perfect sense to liberals.

98dbf3f9 No.3742327

I bet every time someone here explains facts and reason to 3B he feels like he's been SHANKED.

45d9315c No.3742328

File: 1718051857069.jpg (110.93 KB, 832x1216, b217ddf522956cf8d0a0a76d1d….jpg)

I don't know what's going on, but my penis is ok with it.

fc5f55e4 No.3742329

Rofl Nazis are gonna lose so bad

98dbf3f9 No.3742330

Even though they might have lost, it took NEARLY EVERY MODERN COUNTRY on Earth banded together to defeat them.
What chance do YOU have?

fc5f55e4 No.3742331

Sounds like hot air from a limp dick white

fc5f55e4 No.3742332

File: 1718053229631.jpeg (130.27 KB, 796x767, c24vvvoxnr5d1.jpeg)

98dbf3f9 No.3742334

You just proved how stupid you are.

98dbf3f9 No.3742338

File: 1718054357538-0.jpg (1.95 MB, 2203x1469, NYPICHPDPICT000008670511.jpg)

File: 1718054357538-1.jpg (51.6 KB, 640x427, ap-17003826653653.jpg)


It's because Joe has a couple of HOT DATES lined up for tomorrow.
Or rather, his nose does.
As usual.

fc5f55e4 No.3742339


fc5f55e4 No.3742340

File: 1718054432883.jpeg (49.99 KB, 864x576, sguqqzqekr5d1.jpeg)

1cc031a9 No.3742341

N​​i​​​​​​​g​​​g​​​​​e​​​​r​​​​​s​​​​​ are racist and really, really stupid, true.

fc5f55e4 No.3742342

Vote out limp dick whites

fc5f55e4 No.3742343

File: 1718055084752.jpeg (64.62 KB, 772x500, fyctpd45yn5d1.jpeg)

28c9fccd No.3742344

File: 1718055305650-0.png (368.56 KB, 848x446, b28141d4e6009766659b10ea38….png)

File: 1718055305650-1.jpg (330.72 KB, 1920x1283, c6c10bf7cf56a20cf2d8e25d1a….jpg)

I guarantee you that it rolls right off his back.

fc5f55e4 No.3742345

Nobody cares about Hitler posting Nazi, kill yourself

fc5f55e4 No.3742346

File: 1718055414725.jpeg (62.82 KB, 741x767, 74kekyhc7r5d1.jpeg)

a067f682 No.3742348

There's several studies that indicate a strong link between brain damage and conservatism.

If you're on the far right of the political spectrum, then an fMRI scan will show signs of damage to the so-called ventro-medial prefrontal cortex. This is an area that is associated with social intelligence and tolerance.

Edit: For those asking:

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1828689/ https://doi.org/10.1080/17470910600670603

Related reading: https://neuro.psychiatryonline.org/doi/10.1176/appi.neuropsych.16030051

98dbf3f9 No.3742352

Chinese bot spreading disinformation and lies

d173f533 No.3742353


Congrats, you are using the same bullshit biased medical quackery the nazi's used to justify genocide across Europe. The studies are without empirical follow up and independent verification. Its monkey science at its worst.

a067f682 No.3742354

File: 1718061509062.jpeg (110.83 KB, 1024x593, ym4lq9iq2t5d1.jpeg)

Based truth

98dbf3f9 No.3742355

File: 1718061543273.jpg (49.96 KB, 500x520, 5358d0cc303b5a60904305f5e5….jpg)

a067f682 No.3742356

File: 1718061553008.jpeg (115.86 KB, 1024x699, 40vqaaf50t5d1.jpeg)


a067f682 No.3742357

File: 1718061577901.jpeg (106.69 KB, 837x767, 9571zy6gxs5d1.jpeg)

98dbf3f9 No.3742358

File: 1718061691227.jpg (58.11 KB, 726x720, J9IiPDnkL9oppZpW.jpg)

Yeah, we see another lie from the left.
We see another thing Trump never said.
Hi, 3B.

a067f682 No.3742359

You're delusions include thinking everyone who isn't a Nazi is 3B. He lives in your head rent free.

a067f682 No.3742360

File: 1718061792476.jpeg (122.32 KB, 983x767, efca7n2urr5d1.jpeg)

98dbf3f9 No.3742361

File: 1718061941683.png (486.87 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240610-192442.png)

a067f682 No.3742362

Biden Records Highest Score in 10 Months
In the same Yahoo News/YouGov poll, Biden (46 percent) overtook Trump (44 percent) to lead the race for the first time since October 2023.

98dbf3f9 No.3742363

So where is it?
Where is the link?
Where is the screen cap?

98dbf3f9 No.3742364

File: 1718062744015.jpeg (11.84 KB, 198x255, images (7).jpeg)

7dc2b7c4 No.3742365

File: 1718065563508.jpeg (200.21 KB, 1283x1522, edlkka76hs5d1.jpeg)

7dc2b7c4 No.3742367

File: 1718065671534.jpg (90.91 KB, 483x732, Screenshot_20240610_172651….jpg)

98dbf3f9 No.3742373



98dbf3f9 No.3742374

And where is all that from,
The Weekly World News
or The Onion?

a067f682 No.3742375

Why don't you answer the question?

Will you kill yourself when Biden wins again in November?

98dbf3f9 No.3742377

File: 1718068830142.png (523.25 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240610-211552.png)

Nope, but this worthless NigNog did.
Now if there were just more that will follow his lead.

Are you going to kill yourself after Trump wins for the third time in November 3B?
Why won't you answer the question, 3B?
And don't forget to say LOL.
And "racist white."

98dbf3f9 No.3742379

File: 1718070352453.png (345.62 KB, 347x599, b63.png)

a067f682 No.3742380

Fantasy of tiny penis

a067f682 No.3742381

File: 1718070937064.jpeg (92.91 KB, 616x767, c3knzvc7lu5d1.jpeg)

7a87e2ff No.3742386

File: 1718093182715.jpg (923.63 KB, 2088x3000, il_fullxfull.5800718414_ae….jpg)

7a87e2ff No.3742388

File: 1718093767401-0.jpg (262.81 KB, 1200x1114, 1678145518_hot-boombo-biz-….jpg)

File: 1718093767401-1.jpg (23.85 KB, 320x400, 1633044556b7c04e3080.jpg)

Hi, 3B.
We know you don't like truth and facts, but statistically, there is a larger percentage of whites that have a penis over 6" than there are blacks. You have been watching too many porn movies with negroes that are the exception, that's WHY they are porn actors. Statistically however, it is the opposite of what you claim. Most blacks=tiny penis and why is that important to you anyway? You should be more concerned with blacks' smaller overall brain size more than anything if you ever want them to advance beyond what they are.

a067f682 No.3742394

Lol you are upset about your tiny white dick still?

7a87e2ff No.3742395

a067f682 No.3742396

a067f682 No.3742397

File: 1718099465589.png (1.46 MB, 938x1648, 2rxlp6rj0t5d1.png)

7a87e2ff No.3742399

File: 1718101818874.png (6.94 KB, 225x225, images.png)


7a87e2ff No.3742400

File: 1718102072845.jpg (138.3 KB, 850x1275, bde3542ca9c54af125abaf0a0c….jpg)

a067f682 No.3742401

File: 1718102986265.png (2.11 MB, 1183x2284, qoywlf4b2w5d1.png)

a067f682 No.3742402

File: 1718103052647.jpeg (92.32 KB, 970x767, 6toab0ljiu5d1 (1).jpeg)

45d9315c No.3742404

State maps like that are horribly inaccurate, states turn blue because most states have at least one major city where all the baristas with doctorates in medivial feminist basket weavers go to regret their life decisions and vote democrat because.

Not that I blame the city dwellers, it must suck working yourself to death every day and still having absolutely nothing to your name. Theres a reason the electorial college is a thing.

a067f682 No.3742405

File: 1718106954047.jpeg (419.91 KB, 1080x1132, n0gbf4t1bt5d1.jpeg)

7a87e2ff No.3742407

File: 1718108104650-0.jpg (190.41 KB, 768x576, 536d6447a38ab50239af4ae138….jpg)

File: 1718108104650-1.jpeg (83.31 KB, 768x576, streetview.jpeg)

Hi, 3B.
25195 E.Maxwell Pl. Denver, Co.
Found ur goon cave, lmao

a067f682 No.3742412

You have mental health issues

a067f682 No.3742413

File: 1718114907130.jpeg (518.44 KB, 1427x2048, l6riaXU.jpeg)

7a87e2ff No.3742414

Oh, it's you all right.

7a87e2ff No.3742415

And what do they have in common?
One was a pedo and killed himself, and the other is going to be president again.
Trump is so young, it was clearly before anyone knew what Epstein was.
And there are literally tens of thousands of photos of Trump posing with somebody, most of whom asked to have their picture taken with him. Does he know who they all are? Does he read minds?
So what's your point?
Damn, you're really grasping at straws now.
Don't forget the fake i am racist and not very bright insults and the "kill yourself" and the "LOL" when you reply, 'kay now?

fc5f55e4 No.3742423

Trump is so young lolol

fc5f55e4 No.3742424

File: 1718127072382.jpeg (68.41 KB, 750x728, qqk02rhzxw5d1.jpeg)

I don’t care, do u?

9779d9cb No.3742426

File: 1718130054304.jpeg (60.98 KB, 500x756, mrd06o71sy5d1.jpeg)

45d9315c No.3742429

Trump got railroaded, Hunter got away scott free. I guess the court just decided Hunter was a gud boi and let him get away with Biden level shenanigans.

a067f682 No.3742430

Trump's defense team picked all their jurors and he did the document crimes, it was fair even though you need Trump to feel better about your pathetic white penis.

a067f682 No.3742431

File: 1718133605381.jpeg (71.18 KB, 648x767, xkciqqqi7z5d1.jpeg)

It’s such a weak distraction too, Hunter Biden is not a US government official of any sort.

Donald Trump‘s son-in-law Jared Kushner on the other hand, was put in charge of US-Middle East foreign policy by Trump, and ended up with a highly suspicious investment deal with the Saudis for $2 Billion. A certain political faction that shall remain nameless, could not be bothered to investigate this, despite the fact that it could be an extremely serious national security risk.

7a87e2ff No.3742432

File: 1718135061226.jpeg (13.81 KB, 225x225, images (9).jpeg)


7a87e2ff No.3742433

File: 1718135135784.jpeg (10.14 KB, 225x225, images (8).jpeg)


7a87e2ff No.3742438

File: 1718139886182.png (372.41 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240611-170300.png)

….Comes Around.

fc5f55e4 No.3742440

Gateway pundit nobody reads

a067f682 No.3742443

File: 1718144686238.jpeg (79.61 KB, 1012x675, e33itwjg7z5d1.jpeg)

7a87e2ff No.3742446

File: 1718145407157.png (484.06 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240611-183345.png)

Ok asswipe, here is the same story on your favorite leftist news site, CNN.
Please tell me what the fuck the difference is.

7a87e2ff No.3742447

File: 1718145628175.jpg (109.47 KB, 682x1024, CLbpZGHWEAEYrG0.jpg)

Why do Democrats love guns so much?
…Why are you so violent?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure the guy in this picture is a Trump voter.

a067f682 No.3742448

Lol racist whites never change

a067f682 No.3742449

File: 1718146155432.jpeg (52.88 KB, 888x499, 7np7vi41qz5d1.jpeg)

7a87e2ff No.3742457

The Truth is not racism.

a067f682 No.3742458

You are a racist

a067f682 No.3742459

File: 1718152010680.jpeg (45.29 KB, 585x690, t4oillfr406d1.jpeg)

a067f682 No.3742460

File: 1718152034885.jpeg (71.12 KB, 792x767, 7ash2th9mz5d1.jpeg)

7a87e2ff No.3742461

File: 1718152853965.jpg (88.89 KB, 500x710, 8rtbel.jpg)

7a87e2ff No.3742462

You don't even know what you are talking about about.
Trump's '34 convictions' are basically the SAME charge, that they listed 34 times.
So, ONE.

a067f682 No.3742465

File: 1718155449502.jpg (228.09 KB, 1457x2000, bafkreicousrxs6cr5fcccjfia….jpg)

7a87e2ff No.3742468

File: 1718157876425.jpg (450.18 KB, 1920x1080, 09ee232c37cf96446ce3217362….jpg)

What does your attached image have to do with your reply, 3B?
Or what you replied TO, for that matter?
Hey, do you like pickles?

a067f682 No.3742471


a067f682 No.3742472

a067f682 No.3742473

File: 1718159544991.jpeg (57.29 KB, 507x767, jyilf6qoa06d1.jpeg)

64d28b1d No.3742477

So true, niggers are racist and stupid.

790ab215 No.3742480

File: 1718162704150.jpg (207.16 KB, 924x618, 1718093767401-0.jpg)


That great big, magnificent, white dick is made of rubber. You can see the underwear he is wearing going under the middle of it. It's probably hollow so he can stick his tiny white dick inside it and pretend he's big.

790ab215 No.3742481

So you know where.
Come get some, pussy.
You won't, will you?
You're a big man behind the keyboard but you're a little girl when the hands fly, ain't ya?

4bc5c606 No.3742482

File: 1718163514476.jpg (241.8 KB, 1280x1105, become_ungovernable.jpg)

Hunter Biden deserves to go to prison for financial crimes and influence peddling (see: Burisma)

Hunter Biden's gun charges violate 2A, and many among us are saying as much.

ALL gun laws violate 2A.

790ab215 No.3742483

File: 1718163785704.png (2.66 MB, 5920x3080, this-made-me-cum.png)

Killed a neonazi - got zero time in prison.
Justice was served.

790ab215 No.3742484

File: 1718164029316.jpg (598.45 KB, 2288x2981, Happy-Pride-Month.jpg)

By MAGA logic if Trump did the same crime 34 times it only counts as one crime! You know, like if you rob a bank 34 times it only counts as one bank robbery, or if you get 34 speeding tickets it's all rolled into one ticket so it's not a big deal!

Clearly, they are master lawyers!

4bc5c606 No.3742485

File: 1718165009541.jpg (62.09 KB, 1012x658, 4banger_pistol.jpg)

>Where my 2A homies at?
We never left.

Here are the 3d print files for a new printable gun design in open beta:

790450d1 No.3742486

File: 1718166395205.jpg (45.62 KB, 680x496, x7444.jpg)

Oh shut the fuck up trump, you agent of Israel. I love how you don't mention Biden's Apaic Bribes, cuz you know your guilty of them too.

Look at me, they find me guilty, give me pitty.

What Biden's doing it too? HE CAN'T DO THAT! THATS MY THING!

Meanwhile Russia is sending warships to cuba. Yes TRUMP the cuba that obama was trying to end sanctions on after 60 years. That your DUMB ASS put back in place, hard. Maybe Cuba would say "No russia we don't want hyper sonic missles and nukes, america has started treating us well"

But your dumb ass fucked that up, hell maybe russia should arm every country you sanctioned, like venezuela. You fucks abusing sanctions including biden is why the dollar is dying as the world reserve currency.

America, you agree to butt sects, tranny kids, and feminism or we sanction you.

2bf36038 No.3742489

ya really need to stop being a net terrorist

2bf36038 No.3742490

Why would anyone immediately know what a MEP is. Using acronyms is fucking retarded and allows this mentality of exemption and entitled behavoir for using them. Holy shit. No one needs another cancerous abbreviated term ruminating towards folks as to what the shit its supposed to be is. An acronym should be obvious, not a fucking chore.

7a87e2ff No.3742495

>> ID: 790450d1
They finally kick ya off the
>> ID: a067f682
Proxy or something, 3B?
For being a Net Terrorist?

790ab215 No.3742507

Everyone is 3B!

a067f682 No.3742509

Me too! 3Bitcoin

a067f682 No.3742510

File: 1718200593280.jpeg (52.13 KB, 500x500, 6w5yipqcc46d1.jpeg)

a067f682 No.3742513


UP NEXT Joe Biden Leads Donald Trump Among America's Top Pollsters

Ohio State
Special Election
Ohio Election Shock as Republican District Shifts 20 Points to Democrats
Published Jun 12, 2024 at 4:52 AM EDT
Updated Jun 12, 2024 at 5:18 AM EDT


By Kate Plummer
ARepublican district in Ohio has shifted 20 points to the Democrats in the state's latest special election.

Republican state Senator Michael Rulli defeated Democrat Michael Kripchak to win the election held in eastern Ohio's 6th district on Tuesday to fill a vacancy left by Bill Johnson, who resigned in January after 13 years in Congress to become president of Youngstown State University.

However, while he won by some 10 percentage points, with 54.7 percent of the vote to Kripchak's 45.3 percent, the results mark a decline in GOP support in Ohio's 6th District compared to previous elections.

Johnson won his last four elections by more than 30 percentage points. Donald Trump, the former president and the presumptive Republican nominee for November's presidential election, won the former battleground state by eight points in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections. Newsweek contacted the Ohio Republican Party by email outside of normal business hours to comment on this story.

a067f682 No.3742514

File: 1718201658052.jpg (377.57 KB, 1057x893, Screenshot_20240612_071321….jpg)


8c96abf5 No.3742515

File: 1718203268703-0.png (1.2 MB, 1319x950, x9986.png)

File: 1718203268703-1.png (731.66 KB, 1371x953, War_for_blackrock.png)

8c96abf5 No.3742516

File: 1718203646611-0.png (5.29 MB, 1749x4096, Satan_753.png)


I'm starting to wonder if Trump set up all these wars in his first term.

And then was going to go full war mode in his second term after he got the election won.

And thats why biden has been in constant wars.