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I know many of you furtards miss Aufy and secretly wish him to come back. He's still not open to returning but I can provide you with an update on his artwork and comic book status. Aufy still wants an apology from Dan and Steam before he'll even consider coming back to Lulz.

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Not apologizing, I treated him the same as I treat everyone else, a complete lack of humanity sprinkled with a scathing frost of general disrespect. Still this is lulz, and thats just normal. If you can't take the heat, got off the uh… electric sidewalk…

I am a little curious on whether he ever developed the fine nuanced skill of not immediately juggling old lady tits during a roommate interview. It might be hard to believe, but it is possible to meet someone and not immediately rape them.

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Also whats this about coming back? Did he forget the definition of b&? You don't just get a life ban and casually decide that it expired and stroll back in.

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