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File: 1717080637231.png (519.83 KB, 480x605, InsaneKangaroo.png)

654e684d No.3741125

Anybody have any info/dox/lulzy shit on InsaneKangaroo aka Connor Goodwolf?

654e684d No.3741126

File: 1717080737462.png (216.88 KB, 765x990, ik bein a moron.png)

Him getting yeeted by Uncle Kage.

How do you even piss off Uncle Kage?

6b5a228c No.3741127

File: 1717081209920-0.jpeg (181.1 KB, 803x778, Screenshot_30-5-2024_1056….jpeg)

File: 1717081209920-1.jpeg (204.13 KB, 801x990, Screenshot_30-5-2024_1057….jpeg)

File: 1717081209920-2.jpeg (260.95 KB, 804x1007, Screenshot_30-5-2024_1058….jpeg)

6b5a228c No.3741128

File: 1717081246027-0.jpeg (45.88 KB, 797x246, Screenshot_30-5-2024_1057….jpeg)

File: 1717081246027-1.jpeg (38.65 KB, 800x241, Screenshot_30-5-2024_1057….jpeg)

File: 1717081246027-2.jpeg (96.41 KB, 804x479, Screenshot_30-5-2024_1058….jpeg)

File: 1717081246027-3.jpeg (125.13 KB, 802x771, Screenshot_30-5-2024_1058….jpeg)

654e684d No.3741134

He's playing it off like he's a wholesome fur but he's got 100 alts shitting on furries he doesn't like. Anyone know anything about that?

bfb7a725 No.3741139

503f6250 No.3741144

File: 1717092829711.png (80.31 KB, 597x718, Connor Goodwolf meme.png)

He is an internet meme.

651290e3 No.3741146

he runs all the Ohio chats where furs are to scared to even speak, and since telegram is the ONLY venue to talk to anyone these days… furs end up leaving the fandom rather than trying to please this guy. I lived in some border town of Penn and the PA telegram chat ran by, you guessed it, Giza, won't accept you if you're in the Ohio chat and if you like pineapple on pizza [no joke, its the only entry question]. I was gunna go to the PA nye meetup but the zoofur I was living with fucked his dog so hard that she had some ballsack looking tumor and I literally spent every penny I had to fix that shit.

10e86a7d No.3741148

File: 1717093531335.jpg (906.23 KB, 1920x1080, cgi raxx.jpg)

>he runs all the Ohio chats where furs are to scared to even speak

Is he near Akron, Ohio? I can get Music Biz Marty to goad Cyraxx into joining his chats and events.

651290e3 No.3742720

contact some fat tranny libtard from Akron named JillDuck or AJ Kangaroo from Cleveland

akron had great pizza. Jill was nice till she went psycho. I met a cool girl there that aj was too much a dweeb to fall in love with. sad ending there

463aa75e No.3742722

Why would anyone care? Hes old news. Worse than that idiot wanna be DJ, or the red and black wolf guy who busted a few mil in inheritance on shitty gay furry art.

I'm sure all of them are super proud of themselves.

651290e3 No.3742725

weren't you dead?

go back

651290e3 No.3742727

hes not old news. fucking read my god damned shit. him and giza are fucking up the chats. you all are

654e684d No.3742732

File: 1718328629170.jpg (107.62 KB, 404x374, MAMA MIA.jpg)

You need to post proof. We can't just take it on your say so.

Steam, log into your Discord :v

05ec581d No.3742742

File: 1718330606075.png (30.05 KB, 760x238, uncle kage invited to slov….png)

463aa75e No.3742743

File: 1718330967203.jpg (13.44 KB, 211x239, images (4).jpg)

ok, what is my discord again? I kinda forgot existed… I was really concerned people from my college would find my filthy underbelly.

I'm game to come back and be a cult leader again.

654e684d No.3742768

File: 1718341130381.jpeg (112.29 KB, 540x540, 580da8db4331f.jpeg)


If you want filthy underbelly you should probably hop on Telegram. Nobody checks that shit.

651290e3 No.3742793

"post proof"

you're fucking retarded because you can't just join the fucking Ohio chat. instead you wanna go to fucking akron

c5df44fc No.3742803

File: 1718373067318.jpg (10.54 KB, 176x176, senor chinchilla.jpg)

>Akron, Ohio

Cyraxx Has A Huge Meltdown When Former Friend Tells All His Secrets


792e8dae No.3742820

Burden of proof falls on you. Nobody here cares enough to go join a telegram group. Dumbass

03e13b9c No.3742831

File: 1718377933629.png (271.89 KB, 800x782, bothered-unmoisturized-sad….png)

Telegram is shit, there should be no reason I need to post my face, a recording of me writing my user name on a paper, photograph my social security number, and register my finger prints, eyes and ear prints, and give my parents first middle and last names, with hyphens, just to have the possibility to join a group.

I'm surprised they don't want a sperm and blood sample.

03e13b9c No.3742834

File: 1718378458405.jpg (98.49 KB, 728x671, aURhsJpg.jpg)

oh the agreement also lets them look at your school records, your email accounts, and your social media history, thats not concerning at all.

654e684d No.3742842

File: 1718383124918.png (206.01 KB, 361x361, 1303255916980.png)

Dude. Chill. Jesus fuck.

Mix, look this is why you have no friends. It wasn't meant as a personal attack. But it's your claim.

You're probably right (this is IK we're talking about…) but listen, this is the internet and people - especially around here - lie for a million reasons, usually to get back at people, so we can't just take your word for it.

If you got some info, just post it and don't make such a big fuss over us "asking you for proof". I don't know why you didn't post it from the get go, would have saved everybody the spergout. Plus nobody has time to join some godforsaken chat from another state just to dredge up I don't know whatever.

And it's not me saying this, cause I think you usually produced imho when asked for proof, but people here don't really trust you cause you're, you know. You got life problems. And you can't stay away from drama. And you keep grudges. Which makes your motives questionable.

Also stop being an antagonistic asshole, it's entirely not necessary, you're making everyone hate you, we just want to understand what's going on. Jesus fuck.

654e684d No.3742844

File: 1718383355640.jpg (59.53 KB, 500x532, tumblr_mgjn8jzTDd1qdvatvo1….jpg)

Just get a burner card, Steam. If it expires, you can keep using the account as long as you got a portable client that still is logged in. I have 3 accounts by now.

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