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51a3ab7b No.3740957

>>3669504 use something that works without a retarded requirements/paywall

I'm not blasting away my 32-bit libraries that run everything to 'simply' use bloatware that forces you to buy a new craptop then pay discord fees

28d19993 No.3740991

File: 1716925972535.gif (356.61 KB, 500x426, tumblr_nq5k4ogcPS1rsdpaso1….gif)

Are gou able to "sideload" apps that aren't from the official site? There must be earlier versions of the app out there that could work.

28d19993 No.3740992

070d0106 No.3741000

File: 1716938672365.jpg (362.56 KB, 1080x1080, 16263992922109146424859371….jpg)


Save your efforts, cause that link is expired. Probably not posting it here ever again.

51a3ab7b No.3741268

no, it autoupdates.

2e43ff5b No.3741325

oh shit wow i just developed my own website and shit why do i have to like even care what other websites even are. That easy bud (actually its not easy if you really know how)–but lol you wouldn't help me code it when i asked so i guess you are shit out of luck.

85dd4975 No.3741326

No one cares. You are incompetent at technical matters. You can not even operate the cap key on a keyboard. Loser.

2e43ff5b No.3741328

super cool way to lose money for your bullshit

51a3ab7b No.3741330

this website makes money? why does it need to? off furling?

51a3ab7b No.3741331

"when I asked"

ask and receive.

open the fucking code.

give us access to a lull.net/* or a subdomain and we will fix this shit for the lazy anons that don't even have a name

51a3ab7b No.3741332


42430645 No.3741338

File: 1717197897626.png (48.18 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

You're gonna nuke the place; aren'tcha?

149f8e37 No.3741339

Only retards use apple products

2e43ff5b No.3741340

no because it will literally outclass your entire life and your shitty computer.

51a3ab7b No.3741342

File: 1717208333481.png (352.22 KB, 392x476, Screen Shot 2024-05-31 at ….png)

shitty 20yo code = I'm the issue, got it.

VCL has better code.

tell me on what the site runs on and I will … fuck it. brb. gunna hack this site and find out myself.

51a3ab7b No.3741343

I enjoy using Macromedia Flash as NewGrounds.com has a great community.

42430645 No.3741344

File: 1717209790999.jpg (2.53 MB, 3108x5040, which site is teh best.jpg)

Which site runs better?

51a3ab7b No.3741347

51a3ab7b No.3741349

51a3ab7b No.3741350

File: 1717212139149.png (28.02 KB, 322x71, Screen Shot 2024-05-31 at ….png)

51a3ab7b No.3741351

51a3ab7b No.3741358

File: 1717213767165.png (221.39 KB, 804x732, Screen Shot 2024-05-31 at ….png)

2e43ff5b No.3741370

that's why you cant be trusted with shit

1884bc0b No.3741373

File: 1717225350858.jpg (96.63 KB, 1217x574, 1350096369.rgibson_litterd….jpg)

>use something that works without a retarded requirements/paywall
Maybe something that not Apple?

ae13d90d No.3741391


The dim-o-rat view of abortion. The same philosophy as the cult of Ba'al.

51a3ab7b No.3741397

-hates apple
-doesnt suggest shit

51a3ab7b No.3741398

-builds site 20 years ago
-crap is too hard
-begs to be asked to be helped
-freaks out
-gets hacked to find answer
-trust issues

18586adb No.3741399

Good that furries still know that old (probably the oldest in the furry fandom) zoosexual who makes these scratches on the picrel. Me as zoosexual by myself respect his ideas.

51a3ab7b No.3741413

File: 1717262575871.png (40.19 KB, 872x188, Screen Shot 2024-06-01 at ….png)

>>3741340 because updating 2014 code to this decade is impossible for lazy fucks

Update the fucking code from
https://github.com/savetheinternet/Tinyboard (2014) php 5.3 to https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan (2022) php 8.1

51a3ab7b No.3741414

File: 1717262724420.png (107.51 KB, 832x680, Screen Shot 2024-06-01 at ….png)

51a3ab7b No.3741415


To upgrade from any version of Tinyboard or vichan:

Either run git pull to update your files, if you used git, or backup your inc/instance-config.php, replace all your files in place (don't remove boards etc.), then put inc/instance-config.php back and finally run install.php.

29698d06 No.3741416

File: 1717262977560.jpeg (185.65 KB, 1031x1391, E_EwXCuWEAI7nJo.jpeg)

cho0b has a Lynxchan dev instance running in a local test environment. Don't expect it to be installed anytime soon, look at how long it took for the dev board to be moved from testing to the main site.

I don't blame him for not installing it. This place has become infested with the worst kind of people (yourself included) and I wouldn't be in a hurry either if I was him.

51a3ab7b No.3741419

we just want to help

29698d06 No.3741421

File: 1717266147748.jpeg (317.53 KB, 1536x2048, FGa5-cMWQAEPBmd.jpeg)

This site is run on a $20/month hosting package. There will be no such thing as what you are envisioning even if you did code it, due to the limitations therein. I recommend you focus your efforts elsewhere. Not even being mean here, just stating facts.

18586adb No.3741422

you don't need to participate in updooter culture, use old php in docker (though its bloated too).

2e43ff5b No.3741452

updates are expensive and that will inevitably cause problems with that one word called ownership.

51a3ab7b No.3742036

fag can't even make a telegram, let alone an irc without becoming a jew

5608be09 No.3742039

there is an IRC, you retard, fuck off

e3ba6471 No.3742052

File: 1717764329303.jpeg (46.18 KB, 731x437, EsjyT2kUYAA2YpX.jpeg)

The IRC is dead but nonetheless the first thing mentioned in the sticky.

51a3ab7b No.3742081

with a link that refuses to be shared.

sorry I don't have a nuclear reactor to power dickcord

mind using something that actually works on computer systems that aren't $3,000 trashcans?

0e6f0bef No.3742085

Do you not have reading comprehension you fucking moron? The IRC is in the sticky. The IRC is not the same thing as the Discord.

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