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17d698c1 No.3719467

Halloween is around the corner.
ust thought you creeps would like to know. A new cereal monster was introduced this year.
Carmella Creeper. Franken Berry's cousin.
Which I guess is supposed to be a caramel apple flavor?
The characters fun.The cereal to me tasted like a toned down apple jacks. I didn't particularly care for it. You might though. I dunno.

Boo Berry has always been my favorite
Then Count Chocula
Then Fruit Brute.
Franken Berry I always thought was just okay.
Never had a chance to try yummy mummy.
But there ya go 2023 brings us a brand new cereal monster.
What a year.

17d698c1 No.3719474

Also I should mention the cereal is seriously skimpy on the marbits at least my box was.

I dunno I just sort of feel like if they release a new monster cereal they want it go off with bang. Make it really exciting and fun. When they skimp out on the marbits it just makes it less exciting for me. My box of count Chocula and Boo Berry had plenty of marbits not sure Carmella Creeper cereal seemed to have so few.

But if you're a fan of Monster Cereal you should still check it out.

1cfa24ec No.3719475

File: 1697933453142.jpg (225.47 KB, 850x1202, 128d8595c330f6cf9f300c35e4….jpg)

Not a fan of sweet things. The only cereal I like is rice crispies, chereos and raisin bran.

Also she looks like some CalArt nonsense.

1cfa24ec No.3719476

File: 1697933767257.jpg (7.82 KB, 480x360, cocowheats.jpg)

well also coco wheats, which can be considered a cereal.

Its surprisingly good for something that looks like it was dredged out of a sewer.

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