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f3fe85b0 No.3718010

Almost died again, this time of lethal injection. One hospital said I had a 2.2 potassium level, the other argued I had a 2.5.

They hooked both a saline unit and a potassium unit into my hand, but only the potassium actually worked.The nurse had no idea how to stop it other than hitting "mute."

If you wanted to see me jerking around, grunting in pain with a ciridakie bombing in my hand… well you missed you're chance.

All that power went to just bombing birds for 5 hours waiting on test results. Turns out I'm normal, other than a few weird shaped red blood cells.

351f7c00 No.3718012

Eh, shit happens. At least it wasn't as bad as one incident I read about. A patient was in for radiation therapy and the operator accidentally triggered a bug in the machine. The patient got a dose 1,000 times larger than normal. Scratch one patient.

9e3059f7 No.3718022

ea8215d2 No.3718025

you could have spoke up in fact if u are dyin you probably should have said something about it instead of watching a saline unit not work. never put your life on the line for interns

ab2e0a12 No.3718030

> This one?
Almost certainly yes. Strange, I thought the dead patient was female but the NY Times says he was male.

f3fe85b0 No.3718065

File: 1696643922112.jpg (35.69 KB, 402x383, tumblr_c074301a0c81e65ad6c….jpg)

I was kinda busy not watching the saline unit not work, cause I was busy grunting like an animal dying, convulsing, and having hypertension.

I did make a complaint though.

b53eb241 No.3718070

did u get a fruit cup

f3fe85b0 No.3718072

No, just ice chips. Fucking shit hospital.

f3fe85b0 No.3718073

although, now that I think about it, I might buy some mandarin orange fruit cups tomorrow. A nice scented bubble bath with some hard seltzer and a fruit cup sounds pretty kewl.

b53eb241 No.3718076


f3fe85b0 No.3718078

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f0889b07 No.3718098

File: 1696698359076.jpg (122.04 KB, 1323x1353, 4122733_tropomyosin_eh_he.jpg)

> I was busy grunting like an animal dying, convulsing, and having hypertension.
I came.

f3fe85b0 No.3718118

File: 1696714330438.jpg (32.94 KB, 300x450, Cheryl_Tunt_archer.jpg)

so did I.

5719a70a No.3718183

File: 1696796879869.jpg (1.44 MB, 4032x3024, 20231008_105427.jpg)

Discovered the first kidney stone in me last Friday morning. Passed it this morning. Was a bit of an ordeal but small potatoes compared to the slings and arrows endured by Steam on the daily. At least now I can work my magic without transmutation circles.

f3fe85b0 No.3718188

File: 1696798649178.jpg (220.12 KB, 908x1280, 1524250792.melthecannibal_….jpg)

pain is pain. I'm used to it and my tolerance is through the roof. I got a skinned knee as a kid and cried my face off, if the same thing happened today I'd just grunt.

My pain and givashit level just keeps moving.

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