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File: 1690334719600.png (838.51 KB, 768x1152, 1690310305122421.png)

15d6e618 No.3709982

>hey, come here! let's do things together, pleaseeee?
What things would you like to do with her?

b5218f63 No.3709984

Fist bump her cervix.

74fc8fd5 No.3709985

Wouldn't that kill her?

f3d77011 No.3710021

Play fetch with her.

60a46c90 No.3710023

seems like a trap

33595df8 No.3710037

File: 1690376251409.png (185.45 KB, 994x1080, bedtime_story.png)

Read her a bedtime story until she falls asleep. Then go into the next room and bang her mom.

33595df8 No.3710041

74fc8fd5 No.3710060

That sounds nice. You just don't know how her mom looks like.

b6590bf0 No.3710077



74fc8fd5 No.3710087

I'm pretty sure it's AI.

48b0d7e9 No.3710099

> What things would you like to do with her?
Brush her fur and give her her flea treatment.

0240bdeb No.3710101

Enroll her in preschool. Start a college fund for her. Teach her to cook and bake treats. Feed her a healthy and nutritious diet. Play pretend with her. Make time to interact with her. Enjoy being a dad.

f98246d3 No.3710105

most of them never make it to college

921edf9f No.3710123

File: 1690444538703-0.jpg (220.79 KB, 1000x647, Student-Debt_Final.jpg)

File: 1690444538703-1.png (32.26 KB, 820x471, student-loans-out-of-debt-….png)

File: 1690444538704-2.gif (41.33 KB, 1200x628, Student-Loan-Debt-It-Isnt-….gif)

File: 1690444538704-3.gif (2.56 MB, 498x373, homeless-squidward.gif)

Actually, most of today's gen do manage to get to college. It's either they drop off, or finish it but still unemployed because company keep putting high requirements. That and also how most of today's gen are practically awkward non-sociallized introvert. And now, they're bound by debt thanks to the student loan where they can't even afford a simple house.

fe8a38b9 No.3710138

How many pedophile threads does this site need?

74fc8fd5 No.3710150

I wish I could go to college.

f3d77011 No.3710169

Go back

74fc8fd5 No.3710330


b1cd1709 No.3710344

Move someplace remote, remove the TV, smartphones and tablets, buy her books. Save her from the Great Dumbing Down.

74fc8fd5 No.3710518

>TV, smartphones and tablets
Those help you to get yourself educated, not just books.

293b316c No.3710562

No they don't. They just teach you to have a short attention span and poor memory. Access to information does not necessarily imply assimilation of information, and electronic devices are particularly unsuited for e.g. reading long texts, making notes and cross-referencing pages quickly.

Intelligence cannot grow without knowledge to think about. Reading and writing yourself is more effective for retaining knowledge than googling it or watching a youtube video.

74fc8fd5 No.3710572

I do agree with books in some way. Books don't require a battery or anything. They are just paper. Sadly they take space and depending of the book, they are too big to be carried around. An electronic reader solves much of this. Some books can only be found in electronic format now.

670a30ca No.3710605

I would love having an e-ink reader. I have cognitive issues with absorbing reading material from a traditional computer screen. I still think paper books are better, but I'll be getting rid of a lot of my bookshelf due to moving. Hopefully I can get some rehomed.

74fc8fd5 No.3710640

Get a Kobo. I got one and it works great, but I've heard Kindles are pretty good too.

5f3c8bba No.3710658

E-Ink reader IS better for reading than tablet or computer screen but also only good for that one thing. By all means get one if you feel it helps you reading.

Same as other portable electronics it will not last as long as a shitty paper book. I've had two, last one was Kobo and it was ok. When it died I got a tablet next. Not as good for reading but versatile.

74fc8fd5 No.3710660

What tablet? A Samsung one or an Ipad?

eed2967f No.3710664

Samsung Galaxy tab A7. Its ok, but I do not like their uninstallable software in princible (I do not even have Samsung account so its just waste). When it dies I'll either find a clean one (with only Google bloatware) or get something not Android.

f570c313 No.3710666

>Those help you to get yourself educated, not just books.

Correction : those CAN help you to get yourself educated. Just like personnal computer COULD "be for my homework, mom !" when you convinced your parent to buy one in the 80's. In reality it was for games, 100% for games.

74fc8fd5 No.3710711

I see. I'm looking for a tablet myself so I can do things with it and also draw. I favor Apple but I've also heard nice things from Samsung too.

>those numbers
Yeah, but I'm older and I don't really play videogames anymore. I'd rather read or watch a movie.

0ecd02b2 No.3710721

> E-Ink reader IS better for reading than tablet or computer screen but also only good for that one thing. By all means get one if you feel it helps you reading.
I once saw a thing in a clearance sale. It was the size of a tablet but it opened like a book. On one half it was a normal Android tablet and screen, but the other half was a high quality e-reader screen.

I'm surprised that kind of thing isn't more common.

0240bdeb No.3710722


Just ordered one, thanks for the suggestion. I thought about getting a Kindle, but it seemed DRMish. I want to be able to use ePubs and PDFs I get from various places.

b5218f63 No.3710725

I completely hate e-ink. It might just be my age, but i really like the smell of old books.

5f33de05 No.3710732

File: 1691066486457.jpg (176.85 KB, 1200x1200, Happy_Abominations.jpg)

>What things would you like to do with her?
If she were real, rather than just an AI-assisted plagiarised soulless abomination, then I'd rush her to a good hospital to fix her broken ankles and have her brain scanned for injuries due to her not complaining about her crippling injury, then I'd have her checked for emotional trauma and some kind of trauma-induced dissociative disorder.

It's nice to see a couple of still-alive people (or animals) on this place-for-the-dead commie-shithole/spook's-honeypot board (although you'd be better off leaving). Been here long?

74fc8fd5 No.3711004

You're welcome, enjoy your reading.

You mean the smell of new books. Old books smell like old books. New books, in the other hand…

0240bdeb No.3711018


I have a Kobo Libra H2O on the way. From what I can tell from reviews, its exactly what I want. I'm excited about it.

b5218f63 No.3711020

she could just be double jointed. Its like when I broke my back and my mom was taking care of me, she got freaked out by some of the ways I rested my legs in my sleep.

Me sleeping is a horror show.

Not complaining though, the whole ridiculous flexibility I had going on is what kept me alive despite more fractures to the spine then the radiocologist cared to number, and my neck being shattered.

b5218f63 No.3711021

File: 1691312825434.jpg (1.86 MB, 2800x3048, 202308.jpg)

my joints are wack yo.

bed6130b No.3711022

Wtf is that mess?

b5218f63 No.3711023

File: 1691313609888.png (583.76 KB, 1800x750, EldrichFinal_1800px.png)

its fine, it flips right back to normal. Turning into an eldritch horror is kinda cool though.

I pretended to have a broken hand to get out of more than one test back in the day.

a75a86ac No.3711045

The most common trick you can do with your fingers. About one in four people can do that naturally.

b5218f63 No.3711054

File: 1691344436668.jpg (18.46 KB, 600x341, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae….jpg)

just because 1 in 4 can do it, i doubt 1 in 4 actually try it.

I dare someone else on the site to break all their fingers and take a pic.

b5218f63 No.3711057

File: 1691345465897.jpg (1.69 MB, 3296x2472, 20230806_140202[1].jpg)

b5218f63 No.3711058

File: 1691345625528.jpg (30.55 KB, 500x500, 2cb7abaa1fcf2ca7048fac740d….jpg)

the single most difficult gang sign to exist.

b5218f63 No.3711059

its a bear sucking another bear's dick.

b5218f63 No.3711061

dont try, youll just hurt yourself, my power level is maximum

b5218f63 No.3711062

also im a vampire.

b5218f63 No.3711064

File: 1691347194858.jpg (749.93 KB, 726x1026, Alucard.(Hellsing).full.36….jpg)


33595df8 No.3711065

I thought vampires don't show up in pics.

3c7551a9 No.3711079

File: 1691353943114.png (3.91 MB, 2233x2845, d119a2d4c95885e9002c5da4f4….png)

Vampires are lame.

Werewolves are far superior

a75a86ac No.3711083

File: 1691355248560.gif (3.99 MB, 368x455, pistolcrabfinger.gif)

Your gang sign has nothing on my pistol crab fingers.

b5218f63 No.3711114

File: 1691384761807.jpg (5.22 MB, 4032x3024, 20230807_010309[1].jpg)

I can do that, I just don't like to because it hurts.

b5218f63 No.3711115

they don't show up on silver. Modern imagery uses other stuff in their diodes. Usually sapphire, totally vampire enabled.

b5218f63 No.3711119

File: 1691386550704.jpg (227.88 KB, 1280x989, tumblr_e9304103481422ccf40….jpg)

but yeah werewolves are totally better than vampires.

b5218f63 No.3711120

File: 1691386691988.jpg (261.2 KB, 1200x1200, 98549117_p1_master1200.jpg)

can I be a werewolf vampire? Who is also a robot?

b5218f63 No.3711122

File: 1691387102006.png (129.54 KB, 500x500, Khoshekh.png)

Id also like multicolored eyes that were so different that humanity would go insane seeing them.

4ee0dedd No.3711144

File: 1691418765012.jpg (35.21 KB, 619x567, zigzag.jpg)

>I can do that, I just don't like to because it hurts.

Not that bit, the one before it, where I dislocate the knuckle and misalign the entire finger, then snap it back. It's just difficult to do one-handed because it doesn't want to stay there. Doesn't hurt at all.

57a1e2e1 No.3711145

File: 1691419041811.png (466.64 KB, 880x625, DR. CLAW.png)

b5218f63 No.3711156

File: 1691423813918.jpg (12.11 KB, 256x224, 9da44fa6b90ecfbe7f93aea828….jpg)

yeah, shattering my spine is enough, I'm not about to go putting my fingers in vices.

I shoved a nail through my dick on a dare, thats enough stupid badassery for me.

57a1e2e1 No.3711161

File: 1691425116503.png (582.25 KB, 1029x685, Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 1….png)

8e5ec33b No.3711300

Fix that hand bro

5545ec37 No.3711548

Do this

b5218f63 No.3711570

My hands are perfectly fine, other than the artificial joint in my right hand. They normally look perfectly normal, they can just bend in nightmarish ways.

57a1e2e1 No.3711571

File: 1691850602799.png (313.05 KB, 594x582, Umk3_Shang_Tsung_pose.png)

7e80e1a4 No.3713613

What game is this?

33fb47eb No.3713615

74fc8fd5 No.3733684

>only play fetch

97763e31 No.3733689

File: 1709330659972.jpg (580.87 KB, 1725x1294, 20240301_165804.jpg)

an example of my nightmare hands.

So many artificial joints…

97763e31 No.3733690

File: 1709331284449.jpg (593.54 KB, 1704x1278, 20240301_170953.jpg)

I've been ripped apart and put back together so many times at this point, none of my stuff works right. Its all just a big mess of no.

97763e31 No.3733696

also if you look closer (I took a bad photo), that isn't my hands coming in contact. I took the photo after all… thats me literally breaking my fingers.

I can flip the bird from any hand position, and make the best gang signs.

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