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f0021e39 No.3708547

So, it's common fact that this board is pretty much dead. Only about 20 people are posting, nobody new ever comes by and the most interesting threads get deleted anyway.

So what other boards or forums are there i should know about? Particularly any that aren't anti-zoo or anti-cub, like most are.

d3d9d9ed No.3708548

>any that aren't anti-zoo or anti-cub

You do realize why other people stopped coming here?

92b2d4cf No.3708550

Just go on 3ch with all the other pedos.

7ed8bb0a No.3708892

File: 1689501490248.jpeg (1.96 MB, 3024x4032, 3D1256AA-D6E2-41F4-AFC0-0….jpeg)

I miss the old internet, there used to be tons of high quality dog porn websites out there but now you have to deal with cesspits full of abuse if you want to get your rocks off

45b9374b No.3708896

File: 1689504695468.png (729.41 KB, 800x900, That's far enough.png)


>old internet

What was the golden year?

7ed8bb0a No.3708903

File: 1689507232545.jpg (61.92 KB, 1034x608, 1673253773183135.jpg)

I'd say the whole decade from 2000 to 2010 was great, but the latter half it started getting more negative attention with new countries introducing laws banning it every year and content creation took a nosedive after 2015.

f2ecb505 No.3708929

File: 1689513436569.png (395.38 KB, 500x667, 1489303380178.png)

f85f4b49 No.3708938

requesting more like this

2378f47e No.3708954

File: 1689525838474.png (1.6 MB, 1600x2560, 1689524665803787.png)

Speaking of fursuiters fucking animals, anyone know what this guy's fursona is or have the videos?

64319093 No.3708967

muh freedom in usa muh free country

nothing wrong he did and it's totally natural and legal

f2ecb505 No.3709006

File: 1689560080613.jpg (110.45 KB, 681x1024, 1621815399861m.jpg)

32e12179 No.3709010

>any that aren't anti-zoo or anti-cub

You have much larger problems than finding another image board/forum

2378f47e No.3709023

7ed8bb0a No.3709038

File: 1689574655620.jpg (252.42 KB, 1024x1280, 1679334769287076.jpg)

I will never understand why Sephius was allowed to go underground and escape persecution when he is one of the worst offenders, it makes me so mad

f85f4b49 No.3709042

File: 1689575473315.jpg (85.82 KB, 561x561, ab67706c0000bebbfe6299e20f….jpg)

good lawyers. I evaded a few things I was innocent of by putting my money down.

8b9633ab No.3709049

File: 1689578521346.png (1.07 MB, 1218x800, Screenshot 2023-07-17 at 0….png)

ff0cd990 No.3709051

The board used to be popular then it got flooded with right-wing trolls, neo-nazi and racists so everyone left.

People come to the furry community to find acceptance, not bigotry. cho0b doomed his own board by refusing to moderate the bigots.

It's the same thing that is happening to Twitter today.
Free speech shouldn't mean everyone gets to be an racist asshole. If it does everyone leaves because no one wants to be around that much negativity.

ff0cd990 No.3709052

File: 1689591139652.jpg (19.69 KB, 721x234, 27749a6c6787.jpg)

9c03d3d3 No.3709054

File: 1689593173875.jpg (123.99 KB, 588x744, 6630d7952fdb4cf388.jpg)

> The board used to be popular then it got flooded with right-wing trolls, neo-nazi and racists so everyone left.

f8aa548e No.3709056

Wow… leftist blaming literally everything on thier imaginary boogeyman.

78075f08 No.3709061


Adolph Hitler: Right idea, wrong people.

78075f08 No.3709075


No, communists, race mixers, unter-mensch. Jews are at the very least economically productive, useful, and for the most part, white. No, have no problems with Jews at all, except the Juden, the ones who's god is on the face of the 100-dollar bill.

ede6b64e No.3709079

File: 1689612612845.jpg (159.85 KB, 1200x630, quote orwell doublethink.jpg)

>Free speech shouldn't mean everyone gets to be an racist asshole


78075f08 No.3709080


The thing is everyone is racist in one degree or another, what's funny as fuck is the hypocrisy the left demonstrates when they're caught engaging in racist rhetoric and behavior under the guise of being anti-racist. You're not fooling anyone.

ff0cd990 No.3709082

>Everyone is racist to one degree or another…

Maybe? But here's the thing - most people don't act on those cave-man instincts. Most people have evolved past it. Only primitive, barbaric, throwbacks who have no place in a modern society act on those primitive instincts. Only the scum at the very bottom of the gene pool.

ff0cd990 No.3709085

File: 1689614865105.jpg (292.92 KB, 1300x949, bafybeie4h6mnmchvjszcjfofm….jpg)

You keep posting that but you have no idea what the term actually means.
Having consequences for inappropriate speech is not the same thing as a lack of free speech.
If this board started banning everyone who forwarded racist propaganda you would still have free speech.
You wouldn't be going to prison. The government wouldn't be locking you away or executing you.
You could go other places and be as racist and fascist as you want.
Your freedom doesn't include the freedom to ruin everyone else's fun by being a bigot.
It's because of people like you that we have to have a /pol containment thread.
If people stopped posting racist nonsense and being wanna-be-nazis the /pol thread would be all but empty.

78075f08 No.3709087


Fundamentally you have the ability to ignore and discard whatever speech you dislike, but under no circumstances whatsoever, do you have the right to silence others, regardless of how offensive it may be to you. You justify censorship and oppression by frankly, your own brand of fascism. " I don't like what you are saying so I will silence you," is exactly what the nazi's did in pre-war Germany. The original concentration camps weren't filled with jews, gays, and unter-mensch, they were filled with people that disagreed with Hitler.

ff0cd990 No.3709089

I fundamentally have the ability to ignore someone punching a baby in the face, that doesn't mean I will or I should.

Wrong is wrong.
Injustice is injustice.
Standing up for what is right and just is not something you should see as fascism unless you're the bad-guy.

ff0cd990 No.3709090

Your perspective that all speech is valid hinges in the idea that there is no objective reality. You see Nazis and non-Nazis as people having equally valid viewpoints. That's why you're confused.

There is right and wrong.
There is correct and incorrect.
There is just and what is unjust.
Reality does exist.

d893a49a No.3709099

>Jews are at the very least economically productive, useful

Kikes are the opposite of productive. They're subversive parasites. All their wealth is through corruption. Bankers, hedge funds, and slumlords don't create fucking anything of value. They also use their whore politicians to kill competition, steal from the taxpayer, and insulate them from the consequences of their greed.

Asians are far better than kikes but aren't corrupt and can't cry about the holocaust to get whatever they want. Kikes are vastly overrepresented in the institutions that make life worse for everyone but them. And they didn't get into those positions through merit.


cf09108d No.3709125

Actually it's quite the opposite.

If you engage with reality you don't need to fear speech because you can take anything you hear, judge it against reality, and then deal with it accordingly.

On the other hand if you're a moral relativist, existing only in the world of ideas, you have nothing to test new ideas against. You need to pre-privilege some ideas over others just to bootstrap the process of reasoning. Everything after that will be build on whatever arbitrary axioms you started with. It's the same reason atheists can't argue morality, they have no bedrock to dig down to.

Say you wanted to quest for truth on some particular subject and come across two libraries. One of them has every book every written. The other has 90% of all books ever written.
Which one do you go to?

9732aaf8 No.3709128

File: 1689638919888.png (37.62 KB, 904x203, quotebertrandrussell free ….png)

>Having consequences for inappropriate speech is not the same thing as a lack of free speech

That is EXACTLY what it means. It is not free speech if someone threatens you, assaults you, or penalizes you in any way. Such actions eliminate free speech by self-censorship.

You leftists are dumb, stupid fascist fuckers. Seriously.

How can a group be so ignorant of basic tenets of the country they reside in?

9732aaf8 No.3709129

File: 1689639151675-0.jpeg (112.3 KB, 816x1024, reply all movies are raci….jpeg)

File: 1689639151675-1.jpg (322.2 KB, 675x771, blackgrammercorrectionisra….jpg)

File: 1689639151675-2.jpg (170.28 KB, 1079x1221, black lower math requireme….jpg)

>most people don't act on those cave-man instincts

Lets see the kind of cave-man instincts the left engages in….

9156e9e5 No.3709132

File: 1689639700984-0.jpg (119.28 KB, 768x1024, 1689538813550968m.jpg)

File: 1689639700984-1.jpg (49.87 KB, 665x515, 1689539786490274.jpg)

File: 1689639700984-2.png (341.16 KB, 610x800, 1689539977863383.png)

45b9374b No.3709137

File: 1689641623128.gif (1.22 MB, 320x235, QojnR2.gif)

78075f08 No.3709140


Who are you to label who is a 'bad guy?' Every word you have spoken was previously spoken by the nazis. Whether you like it or not, your mindset, your intolerance of views you disagree with, your use of violence to silence others… youre a facist…. you're a baby-nazi on the road to becoming a full sized one. As Winston Churchill prophesized after the end of WW2, "The next generaction of fascists will call themselves anti-facsists." Understand what you have become and what you are about to become.

e4f4e424 No.3709141

File: 1689653237578.jpg (118.46 KB, 1780x549, prophecy.jpg)

>>"The next generaction of fascists will call themselves anti-facsists."


ff0cd990 No.3709148

File: 1689654813530.jpg (1.36 MB, 1723x2426, YouKidsGetAlongNow.jpg)

No, your "Right to free speech" is to prevent the government from silencing you. The mods can silence you all day long. They can silence any of us because Lulz isn't a branch of the government.

That's why Twitter did it.
That's why Facebook does it.
That's why Youtube does it.
Conservative ideas are bad ideas and no one wants to hear your insane drivel.
You are bad for business.
If cho0B really cared about this place he would ban all the neo-nazi scum like you and rebrand as a safe haven against hate speech.

That's how you make money. You set yourself up as somewhere that people can come to have a positive experience.
Why do you think Disney calls itself "The happiest place on Earth"? People want positivity. They will pay for it.

Your bullshit drives people away.
Look at Twitter now that Elon took over and let all the right-wing scum back on.
It's going under so fast his head is spinning.

You know what Facebook did in response to that?
They made a Twitter clone which bans people like you!
They know the people screeching about free speech are a tiny band of losers who are a liability, not an asset.
You are bad for business.
You are human trash.
No one wants you around and no one will miss you when you go.

ff0cd990 No.3709149

File: 1689655680051.jpg (39.78 KB, 511x291, 85db9f3c52a4.jpg)

Churchill never said that. It's a made up quote. He fucking loved the left. He was accused of having a gay lover when he was a teenager and later in life admitted he had fucked a guy to try it out.

He promoted gay officers in the military and he was friends with one of the most well known gay rights activists of the time.

Churchill pushed to decriminalize being gay saying it's not an issue worth perusing and a waste of tax dollars to imprison people over it. He suggested it be treated as a medical problem instead however the Tori party wouldn't change the law seeing it as too much of a hot-button issue.

Britain's law against consensual homosexual acts wouldn't be repealed until 1967.

ff0cd990 No.3709150

File: 1689656113140.jpg (1.31 MB, 2444x2384, bafybeih3tlliyont2vt3qum3g….jpg)

There is a funny story about Churchill that once while touring a military base he went for a walk in the green around the base with his security escorts and they came across two men "vigorously exercising" in the woods.

He was quoted in the memoirs of his security as saying "Chilly night, isn't it?! Makes you proud to be British!" then he walked on past them.

Can you imagine being those two men?
I bet they thought they were d-e-a-d-dead!

43fc819e No.3709155

No one mentioned the constitutionally protected to free speech, they mentioned the IDEAL of free speech. You faggot.

Yeah, they can ban whatever speech they want, but then it's not free speech is it?

ff0cd990 No.3709159

File: 1689661961122.jpg (450.69 KB, 909x1200, Suck-it-bitch.jpg)

The "ideal" of free speech is something losers like you whine about when your unpopular ideas catch flack. Your ideas are as repulsive as you are and we have no obligation to put up with them.

You don't the right to be an asshole without consequences.

3810a7f9 No.3709160

certified retard moment

I know a lonely cripple who might be interested in helping.

e4f4e424 No.3709168

File: 1689677792939.webm (7.81 MB, 1280x720, main.webm)

Churchill DID say that.
It's easy to just make up shit and lies like you do all day long, how about posting ACTUAL FACTS for some of the bullshit you claim? And I don't mean linking to some leftist commie web site where you read the lies in the first place.

I swear, Commies, Leftists, Democrats are so bad for the world they should be shot on sight. Their insane policies have never worked and it's been proven over and over they CANNOT work.

34877a9d No.3709171

File: 1689686715663.jpg (605.77 KB, 750x750, antifa.jpg)


The government is obligated to protect anyone engaging in speech, or anything else that is not illegal. Thats their fucking JOB!

You leftists are dumb, stupid fascist fuckers. Seriously. Particularly Comrade 3B.

Reminder: Weak men create hard times….

78075f08 No.3709175


You have no idea what you are talking about, again. During the wind up to WW2, the nazi's co-opted industry and the media to push their agenda. They wanted to make their rhetoric seem mainstream by forcing businesses to divest from Jewish communities and media to vilify them. You haven't been paying attention to the news either, since the courts have moved to try to block the Biden admin from meeting with and coordinating with the very companies you seem to think are censoring people of their own accord. You have been indoctrinated, you have no opinions that are genuinely your own. You march lock-step just like the SS at a parade with the dogma you have been spoon-fed and told you have to support or you'll be a 'fascist.' Its funny to watch you blabber on and only reinforce the assertion that you are doing the bidding of the latest iteration of fascism. The downside is you won't get the snazzy black uniform or the neatly starched and pressed brown shirts, but you are the same inside as they are.

78075f08 No.3709176


You have EVERY right to be an asshole without consequences in regards to speech. Unpopular speech is particularly protected by the First Amendment. You have no right not to be offended by others. Your measure as an adult is when you are insulted or offended, how you deal with it; like a whining liberal man-child and scream until they censor them or as an adult where you try to inform, educate, and counterpoint the very things that offend you. You're a drone, incapable of independent thought otherwise you would actually try to discuss matters rather than just thow labels around, demand censorship, and call people nazi's who don't agree with you.

910c4f56 No.3720389

It looks like the maniacal thread bumper is back at work. Now all we have to do is figure out which thread he is trying to push off the end of the board. That way we can insure it gets plenty of replys. 😈

Anyway, if it's him then he is premature. The board isn't full yet.

da895765 No.3720406


c98efcce No.3720557

File: 1698912311102.jpg (45.25 KB, 300x100, b_1182170959712_hollywood_….jpg)

780056ac No.3720561

File: 1698919396454-0.png (1.39 MB, 2304x880, rpmnhgpsdqr41.png)

File: 1698919396454-1.png (118.94 KB, 333x250, DW_S8E06.png)

b498d430 No.3720585

>everyone is racist to one degree or another…

Untrue by nature. Children don't start off racist. Racism is a learned behavior. It is a fear response taught from patents. That's why conservatives tend to be hyper-racist.

The brain of a conservative is incapable of judging the severity of danger properly. They are unreasonably afraid of everything. That's also why they tend to be overly stressed and have high blood pressure because they worry constantly about things that really shouldn't bother them at all.

They are willing to take a chance on the very real possibility of getting Covid and dying because they are more afraid of being micro-chipped or mind controlled by the vaccine. Their brains are incapable of determining what the true danger is.

This is also why most conservatives make horrible gamblers. They have zero risk assessment skills so if you ever need easy money, invite conservatives to play poker with you.

b498d430 No.3720588

>Free speech means I should be allowed to be a racist asshole to anyone I want.

So, if I follow you around screaming insults at you day and night, you have to take it because that's my freedom of speech, right? That's how you think the world works?

I can say anything I want, anywhere I want, any time I want, with no limits or else I don't have freedom of speech? That's really your idea of what that term means?

4ab04688 No.3720607

File: 1698943828692.jpg (64.8 KB, 500x254, Churchill-Headshot.jpg)

Churchill never said that, ya moron.

e4712a9e No.3741623

File: 1717418207636.jpg (45.17 KB, 1148x352, IMG_9185.JPG)

Just a reminder: bestiality content has been made illegal to post in the United States. In the best interest of the board, some posts in this thread have been removed. The government doesn't care about posting just animals with no humans, but with humans is against the law.

d517f4e2 No.3742313

Saving this golden thread before it's bumped off.

cbd960a0 No.3742336

File: 1718054203669-0.jpg (637.17 KB, 5175x3910, 0j8vgxyaway31-3635158509.jpg)

>bestiality content has been made illegal to post in the United States.
No it hasn't, fuck off

f179bf9a No.3742369

File: 1718066535546.png (324.02 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20240610-193938.png)


This is why.

f179bf9a No.3742372

File: 1718067214069.png (4.35 KB, 506x284, Ex7zbPPXAAArQwn.png)

Oh, and good luck arguing in court to a judge and jury that a dog getting a handjob doesn't constitute animal abuse.

Don't shoot the messenger.

7ed8bb0a No.3742383

File: 1718081140363.jpg (23.61 KB, 640x480, GMzLvaqW0AAvgqM.jpg)

there's an exemption in the law for animal husbandry practices, it's not illegal to collect semen for artificial insemination

01cc335f No.3742389

If you read that carefully, it says "…intended for interstate COMMERCE." Doesn't that just mean that it is illegal to sell it online, or operate a website that is selling access to it? It doesn't say anything at all about the free distribution of it between adults?

00dffb73 No.3742392

File: 1718095874507.jpeg (21.16 KB, 474x273, th (21).jpeg)

Kinda like German law on CP.
Making - illegal
Sell - illegal
Free distribution/share of already exist content - not illegal.

(But seriously, if you has Stockholm syndrome and trying to recreate that moment with such content, please seek help or counseling. The last thing you want to be end up addicted to such content and probably end up making it, but not as the victim.)

140689ef No.3742408

Have you really never heard of the concept of systemic racism? Children are absolutely born racist because they are born into systemic racism.

That's the insidious thing about racism, it requires nothing of the racism. No actions, no words, no thought. It's self fulfilling.

Have you heard the expression "it's not enough to not be racist, you have to be actively anti-racist". That's because of this. Racism is the default position everyone defaults to without constant practice.

3669259e No.3742409

File: 1718109661584.jpeg (124.87 KB, 792x1008, E-8KsIHXEAE22ee.jpeg)

>Interstate commerce is the general term for transacting or transportation of products, services, or money across state borders.
This does not necessarily mean it is paid content. Posting it here technically falls under that.

3f396ec8 No.3742434

> Doesn't that just mean that it is illegal to sell it online, or operate a website that is selling access to it?
Don't forget lulz' hosting provider. They are selling a service so the provider would have to remove lulz.net if bestiality content remained here.

cbd960a0 No.3742444

>(a) CREATION, SALE, OR POSSESSION.—Whoever knowingly creates, sells, or possesses a depiction of animal cruelty with the intention of placing that depiction in interstate or foreign commerce for commercial gain, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.
Read your own shit, dumbass.
Nobody here is filming it (were we to be so lucky), nor is anyone here distributing it for their own commercial gain, nor is cho0b nor the host knowingly hosting this site for that purpose.

Furthermore, read further than your fucking I'm Feeling Lucky Google search; that law was declared unconstitutional and was subsequently narrowed to only include crush videos:

Once again, fuck off.

cbd960a0 No.3742445

All jannies DO deserve to be shot.

f179bf9a No.3742450

File: 1718146502692.jpeg (118.47 KB, 1223x1492, EYtoCp2XYAEWNPb.jpeg)


God damn man, chill out. No need for that. I was wrong and won't be doing that again. Not something to shoot someone over. ffs

cbd960a0 No.3742453

File: 1718149258565.gif (1.22 MB, 400x215, 80bb5472-06aa-4d4b-8b18-f0….gif)

>I was wrong and won't be doing that again.
Oh I am counting on you being wrong again.

7af713e2 No.3742455

gonz just let it go

8650c519 No.3742464

>Oh I am counting on you being wrong again.
He admitted it was an honest mistake. Why would you count on him making more?

I think he did?

cbd960a0 No.3742470

3f396ec8 No.3742474

Why the fuck are we even talking about US public law 106-152?

That is an act that was signed into law way back in 2009 and narrowed by the Supreme Court in 2010.

There is nothing about that particular law that changes what is legal in 2024.

Is there supposed to be some other law that took effect in 2024?

d18ac542 No.3742476

Because gonz is a retard. You're just now noticing? He's always been like this.

c31fd375 No.3742479


cbd960a0 No.3742492

>and narrowed by the Supreme Court in 2010.
Which is why I mentioned it. What are you adding to the conversation?

You fuck off too, retard.

01597f73 No.3742493

> What are you adding to the conversation?
The possibility that there is a different law gonz was thinking of, imbecile.

c31fd375 No.3742496

File: 1718179216943.jpg (81.43 KB, 400x560, 1266.jpg)

cbd960a0 No.3742498

Why think so highly of him?

6295683c No.3742535

Found a new zoophile forum that seems promising:


d9d10ea1 No.3742569

[and gonz quietly slinks away from this thread in shame]

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