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ce2f6662 No.3708445

Rules; What will you say to your past self?

7b844a7d No.3708446

File: 1689198574428.jpg (104.08 KB, 1050x1350, MFW_Fight_scene.jpg)

"I wish you'd find a way to get us killed."

b2adf038 No.3708449

>second comic

Does the artist think suicide is a form of time travel?

c220ea9c No.3708530

I'd tell myself to stay off imageboards.

ce2f6662 No.3710737

File: 1691068980175.jpg (547.4 KB, 1800x3814, a-cool-guides-to-human-evo….jpg)

b186acde No.3710739

File: 1691069927191.jpg (45.48 KB, 679x544, ggfukyfufu.jpg)

Filthy "jewish" lies, all of it. Also - that "white negroes" future "thousands of years from now" is another zionist/khazarian-psycho lie; the Whiteys are already the true minorities and sadly an endangered species that likely won't see another 100 years unless it wakes up from its poison-induced sleep.

There are better image boards - ones that were so good and ballsy, their owners were "disappeared" or their boards were taken out in some illegal/criminal way… yet this place remains. Do you even lift? Not too late to start.

c30f83d7 No.3718326

File: 1696920139106.png (716.12 KB, 792x600, medium.png)


c30f83d7 No.3718327

File: 1696920325501-0.gif (2.51 MB, 498x269, gah-i-hate-the-future-sout….gif)

File: 1696920325501-1.jpg (136.32 KB, 700x1001, 1umru0befuf71.jpg)

A true time machine predicts accounts of all actions and events if you could master it's nature.

4c03cdad No.3718343

Tell myself to Stab the doctor who is to cut my dick or be forever traumatized and suffer ptsd. Also to tell my grandmother to stop being such an insufferable cunt and repair the damage she caused the entire family including myself or go on a murderous rampage which would only maybe land me jail till i turned 18. Its not much different than what happened only difference is that when i was 16 i had attempted murder but stopped halfway and settled for having dragged someone up a flight of stairs only to toss them out the second story window to the ground below and that i would also serve time in juvie at 12 rather than 16 till i turned 18 then i just kinda fucked off at that point.

c30f83d7 No.3718344

>Goes back in time moves the chair or step on a small insect.
>Go back to the present.
>Something changed…

e25fb4b4 No.3718384

I'd just simply tell myself to spend more time with my family, invest in gamestop, and a few other small startups.

d907edaa No.3718393

>>3718384 thats the point of mine as well minus the gamestop and other as i wasted 30 years of my life trying to fix my fams issues though mine could be assimple as forcing the situation like i did to save a couple kids from an abusive mom.

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