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File: 1688936314769.png (495.34 KB, 600x371, Baldurs_gate_3.png)

78674b18 No.3707980

So people everywhere are talking about the new baldurs gate having bear fucking.

Aren't you happy?

147c34da No.3707999

What's that RPG where character stats included things like anal circumference and rolling to see if rape is successful?


13f98533 No.3708024

File: 1688957286870.jpg (98.16 KB, 715x155, AnusShadeDM.jpg)

Nice trips.

Did it also have anus shades?

8a89abbc No.3722360

File: 1700620582738-0.jpg (674.23 KB, 1280x1280, bc26a5853f5771fa9e9d5aacae….jpg)

File: 1700620582738-1.jpg (545.21 KB, 1280x1280, 1466826073bb83c3fc69ea74da….jpg)

It used to be my favorite, but I have found the BRAVE browser to be vastly superior.
It has a host of features Firefox does not, and even lets you earn money for browsing that you would do anyway.
FireFox is STILL slow, and a memory hog!

d6f7a60b No.3722376

File: 1700633041501.png (1.23 MB, 850x1274, nipple_buffet.png)

being a memory hog is only a problem if you aren't like me and have 128gb of memory. Hog all you want, my computer is like an all you can eat RAM buffet at a strip club.

d6f7a60b No.3722377

File: 1700633327463.jpg (79.78 KB, 850x810, 57545e89a5e872725e2b133d73….jpg)

althrough there are times I run CCleaner and I'm like "wtf firefox, how did you get over 500k cookies?"

8a89abbc No.3723544

File: 1701426241662.jpg (458.54 KB, 1280x834, direct2.jpg)

The story of the strangest robbery ever, starting when a man walked into a bank with a bomb locked around his neck.
Once you start reading this, you won't be able to stop.
Incredible TRUE story, I remember reading about it with astonishment back in 2003 when it happened, and if you look up newspaper archives from that date you will see that IT REALLY HAPPENED.
Posting in this thread because I couldn't find one that was appropriate.


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