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File: 1688763671769.jpg (80.89 KB, 534x800, all alone gatsby.jpg)

801d8091 No.3707699

Alone on a Friday night? How pathetic.

4cb6f95a No.3707706

File: 1688766143297.jpg (82.74 KB, 850x1203, e146f72d632ce38a9620e27778….jpg)

Just trying to make a living. At least I have tomorrow off.

a889cd3d No.3707709


But i LIKE being alone !

Stop oppressing me you fascist!!

3e7d3cad No.3707716

File: 1688773009901.png (219.97 KB, 420x480, default_tumblr_njtf8zHMswG….png)

I also enjoy my isolation.

fc86f05f No.3707725

File: 1688775783601.jpg (93.71 KB, 742x510, 1275066670.kacey_red_red_w….jpg)

My wine keeps me company.

3e7d3cad No.3707730

vodka is a hateful friend.

4696914c No.3707739

File: 1688779466530.jpg (75.49 KB, 1280x1024, fc1896f3216517a52141887bed….jpg)

44142dcd No.3709689

File: 1689987680244.jpg (399.62 KB, 2000x2000, 921bf1fbf7d09a58de291eae12….jpg)

> Alone on a Friday night?
Well time for this then.

3e7d3cad No.3709693

File: 1689990971337.jpg (128.99 KB, 850x904, 0852fb3cc90de9984a616c3613….jpg)

I'm spending the night alone recharging, but I didn't spend the day alone.

My brother's ex, who used me to get to him, hijacked me while I was looking at washing machines and driers. My neck is still hurt, and I can't really drive much, so my mom took me to a home depot and then to the local mall where she ditched me in some grand plan to get me hooked up with her.

She got a few outfits, tried to drag me into victorea's secret, we ate, and managed to get me in the theater to watch insidious 5. The entire time I was like a pissed off snake in the mouth of a honey badger. I did not like what was happening, I did not like my situation, and I did not like any future that could come of it.

I'm like my brother's darker, more unstable, and more financially successful version of himself. I get why she might be attracted to me, but she had her chance years ago, and I want no part in my brother's psychotic second hand bitch.

fa7e234c No.3709701

File: 1690008650016.jpg (548.2 KB, 954x1280, 4a1346273b5b4bdc445810d6f5….jpg)

[drink wine for loneliness]
[masturbate for loneliness]

Hell, why not both?

3e7d3cad No.3709706

File: 1690012272896.png (8.93 KB, 225x225, Untitled.png)

my pastime is pretty much vodka and masturbating with a dip in all at the same time.

254cc0c6 No.3713501

File: 1692992722682.jpg (55.19 KB, 594x718, d8d99d96fa3bc1261f80ccd789….jpg)

> Well time for this then.

698461a5 No.3713507

File: 1692996395098.jpeg (352.9 KB, 1175x1071, F3SfBZ8XcAE_kuC.jpeg)

Nope :D

331acb52 No.3725309

File: 1702686793530.jpg (416.46 KB, 600x970, cafd890597343b45b5a8b12801….jpg)

a4ebb020 No.3725311

File: 1702687565710.gif (2.69 MB, 1600x1064, 6f04882bdcdd142796c042ad62….gif)


a2de9299 No.3725335

I don't know you. I've never spoken to you. I have never interacted with you. And yet, every single post I see from you on this site makes me want to beat you to death with a couple D batteries in a sock.

a1bb95ab No.3733062

File: 1708715364555.gif (28.03 KB, 506x768, Bill Fitts_1996__SHOTSTAR.GIF)

a6eae1d3 No.3733807


Kindly form an orderly line

6867a8eb No.3733845

File: 1709451306639.jpg (805.78 KB, 800x1075, Dore-munchausen-illustrati….jpg)

It's just our resident who always has personally experienced everything ever happened to anybody. Getting irritated of him is waste of energy and time.

70ce777b No.3737489

File: 1712972212578.jpg (165.56 KB, 800x483, 37d874a3e75046d3b4299fbb4d….jpg)

Steam's just doing what Steam does. I hope he never stops.

3646329f No.3737494

File: 1712975181074.jpg (17.02 KB, 474x315, th-688182508.jpg)

38b13aad No.3737517

you're not that guy but im pretty sure he has combat experience or something

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