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01db8524 No.3742189

I've never really been one for mareyjawuana.

Just ate about 120 dollars worth of edibles. I have 0 tolerance. I'm either going to pass out and get super mellow, or you all are about to get some really weird comments tonight. Eyup

e767270d No.3742191

File: 1717888785483.png (26.93 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Two drunk guys having alcoholic sex in the bed the smell of cum and fecal matter stained the whole sheet biting eachother's manly nipples shving your furry tail buttplugs and calling it a night.

01db8524 No.3742194

File: 1717890343775.jpg (316.56 KB, 743x735, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x10….jpg)

I'll have you know that I use oxy when I do my super plush Egyptian cotton bedding, and my machine is a pet plus maytag monster. Double rinse, cause my back hates me.

I do it once a week, my sex habits are immaculate

c96001c4 No.3742197

If you did the same with psychedelics, it'd probably cure your alcoholism. Overdoing it with cannabis just makes you sleepy. Sorta ruins the fun if you just pass out. But if sleep is the goal, find yourself a potent indica strain and go to town.

01db8524 No.3742218

File: 1717931269353.png (1.98 MB, 1280x720, Boomer_end_slide_03 (1).png)

The VA was testing out DCMA micro dosing for PTSD treatment… and Acid for a while.

THe project was dropped. Not because it didn't have outstanding results, but because its the VA and boomers, boomers everyVAre.

01db8524 No.3742219

File: 1717932160056.png (106.72 KB, 270x270, 3922657_full.png)

Also, while suddenly having a great appreciation for boss fight movies, I realized that Alexa is a bitch, and I would pay just about anything to have an overly hyped rambly raccoon version of alexa to just kinda neutralize my general air of negativity, by hype osmosis.

1fd89188 No.3742231

File: 1717942156624.jpg (416.24 KB, 1080x826, LOLnerd.jpg)

Are you tired yet of trying to destroy yourself?
I thought you had finally managed to do it after not posting on here for a while.
I wish I could have been happy for you, thinking you had finally left this evil place for good and found some higher purpose in life.
Have you at least stopped shoving bowling balls up your ass and going for a jog?

(Pic unrelated.)

b19724f6 No.3742241

Steam is already in Hell. The passing of his physical body would only be a biological formality at best.

1fd89188 No.3742299

File: 1718027437755.jpg (326.08 KB, 1821x1370, DuctedHeatingExpert.jpg)

I guess that depends on one's definition of hell.
The demons tormenting Steam certainly don't want him to realise there's still a chance of escaping the certainty of hell, unless God had specifically turned him over to a reprobate mind… shoving multiple bowling balls up one's own ass for sexual reasons certainly does bring one significantly closer to such a fate however.
Him consistently poisoning his body with several of satan and his children's (several of whom own/run/monitor this place) poisons certainly isn't helping either.
People (and animals) participating in "jew"/man-made bullshit (therefore corrupting themselves) instead of turning to Scripture is satan's (and this board's management's) ultimate goal in my opinion, so he isn't exactly doing too well there either.
Nevertheless he's not quite there just yet, and I don't want him to lose the fight because I think there's still a chance that he could free himself (with God's help).

So, Steam… have you at least stopped with the bowling balls yet?


(Pic likely unrelated.)

696eb3cd No.3742384

Be the Guy that Dies from Marijauana Edibles versus Shove a Blimp up your ass Challenge.

01db8524 No.3742419

I'm actually doing pretty alright. my liver enzymes are down, im working on my cardio, balanced my diet, I'm working on my house and doing general responsible things.

Unfortunately, just because I'm physically doing better, and all the numbers look nice on paper, does not change the fact that I'm still me.

01db8524 No.3742420

File: 1718120330251.png (1.39 MB, 1380x1600, 1695014704.slimefur_ychboo….png)

also they were those jingling tai chi balls, not bowling balls. Its not like I have some moral opposition to having a massive prison wallet, but seriously I could be the loosest fag in the world, but my literal bone structure would prevent me from putting bowling balls up there. Its just a physical impossibility.

01db8524 No.3742421

also, shockingly, I actually did enjoy the THC gummies. Just not the 120 dollar overdose version of it, turns out my stomach did not agree with the arrangement.

Just having 1-2 was nice. As much as I enjoy being massively drunk, apparently being massively high just does not float my boat.

Also I have no memory of doing this, but apparently I ate a shit ton of chocolate peanutbutter trail mix while blazed. Despite having drug fuel amnesia on the event, something, some small part of my glitched memory says that the trail mix was one of the best things I've done in years.

Another part of my amnestized brain is preventing me from looking at the calories, or the number of servings listed on the back of said bags.

e767270d No.3742451

File: 1718147933356.jpg (263.18 KB, 900x556, realltiny.jpg)

b1a259c7 No.3742497


01db8524 No.3742506

File: 1718195780805.jpg (96.51 KB, 1280x936, 1610897056.rokah_photo_jan….jpg)

I've died several times, it doesn't seem to stick.

01db8524 No.3742521

File: 1718214663627.png (1.23 MB, 641x1125, KSZ-Daizyuzin.png)

Really need to stop buying things when I'm drunk. The 19 containers of macaroni and cheese on my porch was an indicator of bad behavior, but apparently I also turned my E-bike into A megazord. A class 3 megazord powered half on high voltage electricity, and half on high calorie macaroni and cheese.

I don't even remember getting the parts or working on it, well in any case, at least I can take solice in knowing that even in a total blackout state, I'm still more effectively handy than 99% of the population.

1fd89188 No.3742570

File: 1718249456038.jpg (61.14 KB, 681x805, Dog-CAN-Enjoy-His-Taco.jpg)

>does not change the fact that I'm still me.
The Holy Ghost, if we let Him in, will be the one to change us.
Do you remember all that Tony (six-million-jews) Robbins stuff I used to do and advocated on here? It really does work to be honest, as long as you stick to his program. However, it never reached into my very insides, the very inner core of me. That's a reason why I've said before that no matter what we do to improve our lives, we're actually working from the outside in, even though it's still us doing the work. Even the greatest of buddhists and yoga masters are unable to experience the healing and peace that can actually be achieved, because they're still working/digging from the outside in (but also using the incorrect tools/entities to do it).

The Holy Ghost, when we allow Him to live inside of us, resurrects our own dead spirit and begins to heal us and change us from the inside out. There is no one and nothing else that can do this.

I was going to post some web pages of pastors talking about this, explaining it more eloquently than I am, but after looking at their use of non-KJV Bible verses and some of the other things they've said regarding the scamdemic, I've decided to just talk to you directly. The Internet is now so heavily censored, it's very difficult to find truly high quality sources of information, even for an oldfag such as myself.
There isn't a single source (besides 1) or pastor that I've ever found, who in my opinion is a "single/perfect" example and teacher to listen to. (However, I'll post some that are "passable" in my opinion, if you'd like.) This also is Biblical, we're all imperfect and we all make mistakes, and that includes me. That's why I'll be posting Scripture later, that backs up what I'm saying here - Scripture is the ultimate fact-checker and source.

1fd89188 No.3742572

File: 1718249587789.webm (1.94 MB, 341x256, Boweling.webm)

I have no reason to be dishonest about saying these things: The peace that I feel at the very inside/core of me, after allowing the Holy Ghost into my life, is something I had never felt before. When I was very young and innocent, the experience was very similar, but "the world" soon "took care" of that innocence and peace. Becoming a Christian and genuinely wanting to learn more about God's Word was the only thing that helped me find true peace again.
The further out from my very inner core, the messier everything gets, that's why I say that "the world" damages us from the outside in, but clearly the world is stronger at damaging our very inside, than we alone are strong enough at repairing that damage.

If you're not ready yet, there's always Tony (six-million-jews) Robbins, because he's pretty much the best (non-Christian) self-help guy I've ever come across. I think his "Ultimate Edge" program was the best, but his earlier "Get the Edge" program was created before he had married his "jew" witc… I mean wife, and I remember there being some interesting differences between both releases, but it may have just been improvements… I'll leave it up to you which version to torrent.

If you finally want to stop with the boweling balls, above are 2 options for you.

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