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Lol @nazi incels

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File: 1708697353441.webm (1.35 MB, 360x636, rapidsave.com_dementia_pa….webm)

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Sorry. I did not realize friendly fire was enabled.

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File: 1708699925901.jpg (42.38 KB, 720x598, nazi tranny compare.jpg)

Illinois Democrats are proposing a law that charges parents with child abuse if they dont give hormones to their children, consent to genital mutilation, or abortions.

It also gives legal cover to physicians who perform such services.

This is considered 'progress'.

Keep voting blue

a9415d1f No.3733047

File: 1708700142319.jpg (28.12 KB, 348x395, reply furry fox face disgu….jpg)

>I am complaining about laws passed by congress whom I voted for

Reddit is that way –→

8d1741ba No.3733048

Yes Hitler youth is evil

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File: 1708702108860.webm (6.87 MB, 1280x720, ssstwitter.com_1708700784….webm)

30adb177 No.3733052


There was no internet until I was 18+, I didn't die.

No children and teens on the net would be a great idea. First, this would remove cyber-bullying and let kids do sports, play IRL games or learn instead of wasting their best years looking at Tik-Tok and spreading rumors on whatever shit teen use as Facebook.

This won't happen in socialist America though ; a population that's dumb as bags of rocks is what the elite wants ; easier to control.

Billionnaires restrict their kid's internet consumption but you can bet they'll say that those bills is fascim.

cdd40fb8 No.3733053

File: 1708707913082.jpg (122.67 KB, 1080x815, trump_can't_win_without_th….jpg)

>a population that's dumb as bags of rocks is what the elite wants

d7e8f54d No.3733054

File: 1708707936263.jpg (70.87 KB, 960x960, Biden-mental-health.jpg)

Yes yes,
we all know about
Biden being LEGALLY declared
to be too mentally incompetent
to stand trial for his crimes.

5f096a68 No.3733057

Lol I love nazi rhetoric
Biden is a mastermind wait
He's incompetent wait
He's the deep state puppeteer wait


5f096a68 No.3733059

File: 1708710196305.jpeg (72.36 KB, 755x767, qdnz6sq6xbkc1.jpeg)

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File: 1708713806629-1.jpg (471.47 KB, 4096x4096, f75c4706c0720db0fa6886d326….jpg)

Nazis believed in at least some parental rights. Communist kikes believe in absolutely zero.

Nazis were and continue to be more libertarian than communist jews, and they remove the communist jews. Nazis are literally an immune response to the cancerous communist jew, and that's why I like them.

5f096a68 No.3733067

He was right about killing himself, maybe didn't need to shoot his dog first tho

5f096a68 No.3733068

File: 1708716578136.jpeg (63.07 KB, 622x767, c1xa4bm9wbkc1.jpeg)

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File: 1708721063208.jpg (154.54 KB, 828x852, 1706551413180376.jpg)

>Nazis believed in at least some parental rights

Hitler believed the family to be the foundation on which the nation was built. A family that had children got a subsidized house, even free under certain circumstances.

Fitness and health was a high priority as was Education and Morality. Degeneracy was punished.

It is clear why the left hates Nazis.

5f096a68 No.3733076

Is that why he killed his dog and his old lady before killing himself?

5f096a68 No.3733077

File: 1708721495874.jpeg (64.27 KB, 801x767, 8wnva6vuwckc1.jpeg)

c5ee9eea No.3733078

File: 1708721522572.jpg (111.92 KB, 622x770, 1708264758318000.jpg)


Nig'gers attempt to steal nig'ger fatigue.

Is there anything a nigger wont steal?

3acaec9d No.3733079

File: 1708722922033.jpg (34.3 KB, 750x600, niggers9.jpg)

5f096a68 No.3733082

Lol Nazi fatigue

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File: 1708724378840.jpeg (86.06 KB, 576x768, efc35a914dkc1.jpeg)

b8dc6370 No.3733084

I was in Japan a few years ago, and everybody in the subway was so nice and polite. One night, I was going back to my hotels, I saw a little kid riding subway all by himself. I was shocked by how safe the country was. Stuff like this makes me so angry, attack people for no reasons, road rage, mass shooting, just to name a few, so much violence going on in United States.

japan actually cares about education. americans care about who has the most money.

5f096a68 No.3733085

Japan does not allow anyone to carry guns.

b8dc6370 No.3733086

File: 1708727163567.gif (5.35 MB, 688x518, pokemon-gun-threat.gif)

b8dc6370 No.3733087

Except their own vetren soldiers…

b8dc6370 No.3733088

Veterans VETERANS goddammit!

b8dc6370 No.3733089

File: 1708727345773.png (286.75 KB, 1000x1000, vetren-30000-gel-100-g.png)

Too late!

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File: 1708727388544-0.jpg (545.38 KB, 4096x4096, 0331b8eb0e0bac1ed7aacc5007….jpg)

File: 1708727388544-1.jpg (576.17 KB, 4096x4096, 972d262d482298130fb1eb0626….jpg)

File: 1708727388544-2.jpg (455.18 KB, 4096x4096, 300a9c85638944045da8df659a….jpg)

File: 1708727388544-3.jpg (435.39 KB, 4096x4096, c0a522e3318fd1fd8a58dcab62….jpg)

File: 1708727388544-4.jpg (655.77 KB, 4096x4096, 8ed01b8f9bfbdeb83e7058cc46….jpg)

That could be us if not for the kikes flooding us with subhumans.

b8dc6370 No.3733091

File: 1708727579572.jpg (812.72 KB, 736x992, 1_4G9s5E5gFbPDHlHBNT9dRw.jpg)

5f096a68 No.3733092

Unfortunately we're flooded with racist white crackers

5f096a68 No.3733093

File: 1708727767938.jpeg (57.89 KB, 439x767, vg5bbmxyvekc1.jpeg)

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File: 1708729056741-0.png (561.92 KB, 640x427, 19f5a4b30f6b2f4b128b6e6cd7….png)

File: 1708729056741-1.jpg (164.51 KB, 880x1280, b204f145652d4e377a28d1db57….jpg)

And yet you nignogs only ever want to move to our evil racist dystopias. Fuck you're stupid.

5f096a68 No.3733096

Kill yourself whitey lolol

5f096a68 No.3733097

File: 1708729163607.jpeg (46.32 KB, 749x417, bbvx37t6tekc1.jpeg)

0bb63ba3 No.3733099

File: 1708731620691-0.png (402.78 KB, 1301x1384, watermark removed.png)

File: 1708731620691-1.png (404.52 KB, 1301x1384, how the fuck does the fly ….png)

artblock so bad today all I could do was fuck with a popufur's shit

2c69a9bd No.3733100

Good job.

5f096a68 No.3733101

Kill thyself

fb00e770 No.3733107

File: 1708738103760.png (45.55 KB, 1024x424, snapshot_archive.is_170873….png)

0bb63ba3 No.3733108

love you Urianger

f3657b07 No.3733109

File: 1708738961945.jpg (50.63 KB, 474x330, 1706632747420893.jpg)

Japan is filled with racists that refuse to embrace diversity.

Hence, it remains a high trust society. They do not have the psychopathic degererates that the presence of the left generates.

5f096a68 No.3733121

File: 1708751290949.jpeg (72.75 KB, 772x767, fq7oy1onjgkc1.jpeg)

5f096a68 No.3733122

No that's u

45262602 No.3733124

File: 1708753591649-0.jpeg (48.21 KB, 474x597, th (17) (2).jpeg)

File: 1708753591649-1.jpeg (34.65 KB, 474x614, th (18) (2).jpeg)

File: 1708753591649-2.jpg (136.84 KB, 962x709, 4EDEC69700000578-6030767-i….jpg)

File: 1708753591649-3.jpeg (39.52 KB, 398x480, th (19) (1).jpeg)

File: 1708753591649-4.jpeg (33.48 KB, 474x349, th (17) (3).jpeg)

U were saying…



Technically in religion, it wasn't about being same gender relationships, but rather about having kids. It's because they realize that Rome empire falls because the lack of soldiers (men's only) because of low birth rate. Rome back then wasn't really strict at banning same gender relationship. That's why most orphanage back then were manage by the religious institution.

5f096a68 No.3733125


5f096a68 No.3733126

File: 1708754245648.jpg (766.53 KB, 1811x1463, Screenshot_20240223_215353….jpg)

094f35e7 No.3733131

File: 1708766359146.png (318.15 KB, 529x354, c533.png)


Whats this? Are the lying dirty sons of bitches finally admitting it after 3-4 years.

094f35e7 No.3733132

File: 1708767745784.png (743.53 KB, 1354x841, 887544.png)

094f35e7 No.3733133

File: 1708769283022.png (367.39 KB, 1338x946, 8755.png)


Is this a reason why they wanted to cancel russel? Its hilarious seeing him tear into these people who told us get the jab by force, lose our jobs if we don't get it, call us grandma killing murders

The people who called Trump Racist for saying it came from china, when we were funding the china lab it came from.

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