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We’ve exclusively learned Ryan Reynolds is starring in the first live-action adaptation of Biker Mice from Mars.

The word from our sources makes sense considering reports about the long dormant property from earlier this year. In January, ComicBook.com reported that The Nacelle Company — the studio best known for Netflix series like The Toys That Made Us — had obtained the Biker Mice rights and were planning to make a big push.

That push includes a new toy line and a new animated series in development. In light of this, we can only assume that Ryan Reynolds’s Maximum Effort is working in conjunction with The Nacelle Company to add a live-action feature to the list.

c5d0f3fe No.3724025

How fucking gay is it going to be?

39cb0ad3 No.3724030

Probably not as gay as https://www.furaffinity.net/user/fabfelipe would like things to be.

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