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3aa78def No.3722888

File: 1701002380159.png (1.07 MB, 768x1024, x6655.png)


Again you care of things a christian would.

42fff98e No.3722890

File: 1701006444676.jpg (133.78 KB, 725x566, wtfuguys.jpg)

DK, you stated earlier about "shedding" your Christianity but if you had already been saved which I suspect was the case, then you still are to this day despite what you've said and done. The fact that you're so disgusted by this world is a good sign for you - the worst lizards/devils/zionists/creatures/"jews" are trying to "rebuild" this planet/Earthly-jerusalem into their own twisted version of "heaven on Earth", which they will then rule as god(s), and of course they'll fail miserably.
Those demented zionist "christfags" you're upset about are in for a bad surprise when they meet Jesus, as very few of them are likely to make the cut. Have you heard of the 153 fish and ever thought about the deeper meaning? It's quite incredible, and you likely won't find out about it by "Googling" for the answer. There aren't going to be many self-titled Christians getting to heaven, that's pretty clear.

I don't know for sure why you're so keen on trying to go through two deaths, you know very well that devils and even satan will flee when Jesus commands it with just a few relaxed and resolute words or even when you belong to Jesus and you demand it in Jesus' name - they are absolute liars and the worst of everything combined, and yet must scatter like cockroaches. What terrible company to keep. What's the payoff for valuing oneself so little enough to then mingle with trash?
Don't forget that people worse than you (or created freak dogs worse than myself) were forgiven and saved by Jesus - thanks to Him I'm still alive and more at peace than for a very long time.

Anyway… will have to go to my Doggy Bed soon.

f38a28ea No.3722891

> Wheres your god? Wheres your Jesus?

I don't know where he is now, but I know where he will be in 10 years, reigning from Jerusalem.

> He doesn't care, if he exists at all. Many people prayed for years. And got nothing.

> Corruption exists, because your all powerful god allows it.

Yes, and ? He allows it because nations and people disobey his commandments, however reasonable and common sense they are.
Nevermind the Moses rules. Just not stealing, not fucking everything, not lying and loving other people would make earth a paradise.

f38a28ea No.3722892

>There is no true bible, its been edited throughout history.

No ? fragments of parchments and books unearthed in various archeological digs show that it has not been edited.

3aa78def No.3722893

File: 1701008544190.png (998.38 KB, 1566x1181, gay7554.png)


You think it would be a paradise, but you'd be wrong.

42fff98e No.3722895

File: 1701009172871.jpg (604.84 KB, 2100x2575, Bible_For_Cats_-_By_Cats.jpg)

>I don't know where he is now, but I know where he will be in 10 years, reigning from Jerusalem.
ORLY? That sounds like (((scofield)))-talk. There's a big difference between earthly jerusalem and Heavenly Jerusalem that must always be made clear, due to the (((confusion))) surrounding the subject.
Jesus has never stopped reigning from Heavenly Jerusalem, and when we accept Jesus into our hearts, then we already live there and become mere pilgrims passing through on this dying planet.
Also - the "jesus" that will reign earthly jerusalem will be the antichrist! The real Jesus and His angels will smash earthly Jerusalem down to dust - it is described in the Bible as sodom and egypt (sexual depravity and tyrannical government etc., a real shithole, which it already is today but it'll get much worse). Jesus has zero interest in "ruling" earthly jerusalem, heh. Why rule a foreign "man"-made shithole when you're a king of the most glorious kingdom not made by human hands.

I'll probably put up some Bible verses that back all of this up if there's interest. Still should answer some of the religious questions from the previous polshit thread though as well.
The KJV Bible is the real version, and some earlier ones of that era come very close.

PS: Be careful not to have cynics/etc. "get under your skin." You're not helping DK or anyone like this.

95fc2055 No.3722896

File: 1701011991062.jpg (54.1 KB, 406x600, book.jpg)

>No, the Republicans refused to impeach him for the insurrection
>refusing to do their job doesn't change facts.
>Its the job of the State to persecute political opponents.

Look at this very carefully. This is what the left represents. Repression. Fascism. Dictatorship.

From 3Bs mouth to Gods ears…..

1e1b0f39 No.3722897

File: 1701012601909.jpg (263.73 KB, 800x628, 11khjkfgjfg.jpg)

PROVE these are lies or falsified, 3B. I DARE YOU.



For anyone trying to claim South Carolina would boo Trump…please enjoy 2 solid minutes of deafening cheers for our POTUS by tens of thousands in the stadiums there yesterday.

There is NO WAY Joe Biden would receive that reception in any stadium, at any event in America today or when he was running in 2020.
We all know who won.

0720d1d9 No.3722898

Football fans are retarded. Show me a room full of scientists and engineers cheering for Trump. You can't, because that shit will never happen.

95fc2055 No.3722899

File: 1701016323655.jpg (137.27 KB, 1476x830, mmm.jpg)

>Voters are retarded.
>I will put my 10,000 undated mail-in ballots against your 2000 voters any day.

5a0c6f14 No.3722901

No one said voters are retarded, you honking clown. The majority of voters chose Hilary and then Biden. Only difference is Biden also won in the electoral college.

5bfc83d7 No.3722903

File: 1701017755918-0.png (240.5 KB, 880x1539, 1700916312379.png)

File: 1701017755918-1.png (640.08 KB, 1069x896, 1700917880177.png)

File: 1701017755918-2.png (244.02 KB, 742x537, 1700918122082.png)

1e1b0f39 No.3722904

>>Show me a room full of scientists and engineers cheering for Trump. You can't, because that shit will never happen.

More deception and deceit from you.
You are right, BECAUSE scientists and engineers are as a group 95% LEFTIST.
Why didn't you mention THAT?
You can add college professors and trannies to that group also.

734bc8d1 No.3722906

absolutely gushing
i don't know if thats a good thing

158950a0 No.3722908

So the voters AND the framers were retarded? Who isn't retarded in your world? Just you?

You hate democracy. Just admit it. Life is more fun when you stop pretending.

61dc1df2 No.3722909

Who do you think are the most intelligent members of society?

61dc1df2 No.3722910

>You hate democracy. Just admit it.
Goddamn you're stupid. If we lived in a pure democracy, Trump never would have been president. But we live in a Republic. Read a book, you mouthbreathing mongoloid.

95fc2055 No.3722911

File: 1701027228047.jpg (894.19 KB, 1357x1354, klan.jpg)

>No one said voters are retarded
>Football fans are retarded

>Football fans never vote

The unironic logic of a leftist, everyone.

Goddamn you're stupid, you mouthbreathing mongoloid. You are a nigger arent you.

9fac3ae8 No.3722913

If we had a pure democracy, civil rights laws would fail since most Americans in the 60s didn't want civil rights.

245b229a No.3722914

Shut the fuck up kkk grand wizard of retards

245b229a No.3722915

File: 1701030384073.jpg (59.1 KB, 785x767, m25y5y33np2c1.jpg)

245b229a No.3722916

File: 1701030428328.jpeg (49.59 KB, 700x449, 3kujskzzlo2c1.jpeg)

3df443e9 No.3722919

No one said all voters are retarded, you shit-juggling nig­ger. Of course some voters are retarded. Mostly those who voted Trump.

4c9a044b No.3722933

Who do you think are the most intelligent members of society"

"And in professing themselves to be wise, they became fools."
It sure ain't fucking liberals.
I have yet to meet one that can hold an intelligent conversation with me.
How like Little children you are to me.

245b229a No.3722934

Because you are a fucking retard, you don't have any idea what's smart

4c9a044b No.3722935

"Football fans are retarded"

You think Trump only has rallies at football games?
Trump gets crowds like that ANYWHERE he goes!

Biden gets crowds like that NOWHERE he goes.

It's ok though we all know who actually won,
And it wasn't the Mummy.

245b229a No.3722940

6424dbdc No.3722943

File: 1701046261208.jpg (139.77 KB, 1280x1275, ixar_26_trips.jpg)

There's approximately an equal distribution of paedos in each party.

The left by their own nature, better at PR and marketing, and thus better at hiding their paedos.

af5f6c20 No.3722946

File: 1701046853178.jpg (120.04 KB, 864x862, ixar_ted.jpg)

Your image retardation distilled to its purest form. True information will never lead one to socialism.

Where as ancap-style capitalism stems purely from greed from all directions…

Socialism is a result of three things:
Greed by those at the bottom.
Pathological empathy by those at the top.
The ignorant masses who just want what "sounds good" and are not informed by history of what such systems devolve into over time.

All of which have a very low need for personal autonomy, and thus satisfy their "power process" via the group, rather than individually.

Read Kaczynski.

42fff98e No.3722947

File: 1701046861279.png (133.54 KB, 788x398, U-Cant-Handle-the-Truth.png)

Is there anyone of this board's 5 non-bot/non-mod users remaining here that can actually handle what's going on instead of killing themselves by investing their energy and thoughts in zionist/"jewish" fables (such as trump rahrah, biden rahrah)? What an awful thing to invest (your remaining life) in.
Spoiler: They're all terrible, because anyone who isn't terrible is either dead, destroyed in some way, or prevented from ever being heard.

…Be honest now.

a8407836 No.3722952

File: 1701049274529.jpg (65.47 KB, 600x400, lllllllll.jpg)

>No one said all voters are retarded

Thats correct. No one said that. You are seeing things that are not there. A clear indication of your mental illness.

Stay away from schools.

a8407836 No.3722955

File: 1701049556056.jpg (38.42 KB, 480x570, warrior.jpg)

a8407836 No.3722956

File: 1701049674446.jpg (10.91 KB, 223x254, movie critics.jpg)

>movie poster

6424dbdc No.3722957

File: 1701049780672.jpg (110.29 KB, 1080x1080, ixar_campaign.jpg)

>Spoiler: They're all terrible

This guy gets it!

734bc8d1 No.3722973

maybe the ones prevented from being heard are better off that way cuz u might say a durdy word

245b229a No.3722974

MAGA Nazis are dumb and don't get laid they just do mass shootings

245b229a No.3722975

File: 1701060414119.jpeg (27.2 KB, 500x500, xkcb4psc6r2c1.jpeg)

245b229a No.3722976

File: 1701060659075.jpg (67.27 KB, 960x654, zhotznwpcr2c1.jpg)

af5f6c20 No.3722978

File: 1701063122265.jpg (160.99 KB, 1125x1078, just_left_alone.jpg)

You're reaching obscene levels of absurdity.

The average person on the "right" just wants you to leave them alone.

The average person on the left wants everything they dislike to be forbidden, and everything they like to be mandatory.

And the left itself has reached such levels of absurdity that people who just wants personal freedom simply stopped caring what they think, or what "laws" they pass.

If I feel like burning my used motor oil for heat; I will.
If I feel like 3d printing guns, or making them from pipes and springs; I will.
If I feel like making homemade pyrotechnics in my kitchen; I will.
And I will teach others how to do all of these things. And They will teach others.

You guys talk about abolishing the police, keep it up. We on the far right absolutely benefit from this.

af5f6c20 No.3722979

File: 1701063458157.jpg (49.65 KB, 563x659, dems_vs_nra.jpg)


245b229a No.3722985

Thank you mspaint
The beacon of truth for retard kkk maga Nazis

245b229a No.3722986

File: 1701068652439.png (163.73 KB, 909x646, dwqu2zht7r2c1.png)

f38a28ea No.3722989

>There's a big difference between earthly jerusalem and Heavenly Jerusalem

So in your idea, the millenium - the 1000 year reign of Jesus on earth - will actuallly be done by the antichrist ?
That's a bold statement, because at the end of it Jesus defeats Satan and throw him into the lake of fire where the *beast and false prophet are already*

I don't see how what you say can be compatible with any interpretation of Revelation 20.

f6902829 No.3722995

>Your name will be forgotten.

But we are all 3B and 3B lives on forever.

f6902829 No.3722996

>Many in the crowd cheered for Trump.

Yes, and you know why? They got free tickets to be there paid for by his super-PAC. That's why so many of them were wearing Trump hats and T-shirts instead of team related items.

His staff learned the hard way 4 years ago that little Donny doesn't like being booed.

He threw a MASSIVE tantrum after he got booed at a game so now every time he goes to a sporting event they surround his seats with fans to make sure his ego is stoked.

4 years ago - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa9jPLFBOoY

1e1b0f39 No.3723004

Hi, 3B.

1e1b0f39 No.3723005

Wait, you said before that football fans were retarded, is why they were cheering Trump.
Now you're saying they booed Trump somewhere so they must then be Liberals.
Which is it?

Whatever fantasy your diseased mind wants to concoct.

8cd79453 No.3723007

Is this the progressive idea of freedom?


Freedom is means that you can not be compelled to do something(not forced to pledge allegiance to dear leader, not forced to quarter troops in your home, not forced to wave a pride flag)

It dos not mean you can have sex in public, it does not mean you can talk to kids in secret about sex, it does not mean you can force people to stay home because someone else sneezed, it does not mean you can steal an election.

f6902829 No.3723026

File: 1701098037625.webm (2.06 MB, 288x512, shhh.webm)

>Freedom is means that you can not be compelled to do something …

Yes, that "something" includes putting up with your stupid ass and having to obey what you think is the correct way of society to work.

Freedom means none of us are compelled to do what you and people like you want.

Freedom means we get to mock you for being fucking morons.

Freedom means we can tell you that following a cult leader is never going to change the fact your Daddy didn't love you and never will, you pathetic loser.

7831882d No.3723185

File: 1701200978171.jpeg (197.2 KB, 941x824, IMG_4894.jpeg)

You didn’t refute anything stated, do you agree that strange adults don’t have a right to talk to children in secret about sex?

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