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0029013d No.3718656

Can I ask you all a general question that has always nagged at me.

I'm tall. My brother is a fucking beanstalk. Do you look up at us tall people and see boogers in our noses?

Srs question. I've wondered for ages.

0029013d No.3718658

File: 1697195728736.png (74.59 KB, 290x539, a9563a90-15c2-4e0a-8248-e1….png)

I'm 6'1, my brother is 6'9. He's not athletic, just like me stretched out.

I'm just wondering out you small folk feel when you're around us big bois.

0029013d No.3718659

I'm trying to romance this girl but she's so much smaller than me. She's half my size easily, and I feel like I'm a fucking monolith compared to her. She's not a midget just a normal person, but shes so much tinier than me.

I don't know how to deal with it.

1340c2da No.3718665

File: 1697206457997.jpg (78.14 KB, 800x337, urgonnagetit.jpg)

I'm literally a dog and walk on all fours, so having tall people around me as I walk around is completely normal.

BTW, pretty soon you and the mods will be the only ones posting here, and as satan begins to collect their empty poisoned earthly husks one by one to never be seen again, you'll be the only one left standing (tall).

0029013d No.3718693

File: 1697235108533.png (46.26 KB, 277x294, fuckeverything.png)

I only post here occasionally now, it will eventually be just mods.

btw, I started giving my dog large breed science diet, what kind of kibble do you prefer?

0029013d No.3718695

I used to use purina wild venesin but he's getting older and I wanted to get something more easy on the stomach.

92dbe00b No.3718709

File: 1697244759898.jpg (322.87 KB, 2024x1038, 1476816602760.jpg)


>pretty soon you and the mods will be the only ones posting here

f60178c2 No.3718719

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