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Furi which is the worse exorcise for your body? for example; situps could ruin your back.

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10 Exercises All Men Should AVOID!

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Is yoga better than weight lifting?

2cc0450b No.3717792

sit ups are bad for your back, do crossover crunches, they're way better for you.

41343a88 No.3717797

I just want to run and don't do anything else. Am I doing it right? Or I should mix other exercises with it?

2cc0450b No.3717801

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Running is actually terrible for you, but some things need to be done.

When I was in the military we had a track, and me and my friend rand a lap, stopped, did push ups, ran a lap, did cross overs, ran a lap did squats, ect.

I was in the top 1% of the air force in PT, so I was doing something right.

2cc0450b No.3717802

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then again I did have the benefit of training in an extremely high elevation, then taking my test down in texas.

I was like superman on meth with psychosis.

41343a88 No.3717803

I like walking and running. Doing pushups and the like bores me a lot. I hope you had a good time in the military.

So you recommend running for a bit, then pause to do pushups, then run again right? What do you think of gyms?

2cc0450b No.3717811

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gyms work, but mind you back at the time p90x was popular, so it was about bs muscle confusion

Most gyms have a cycle they put you through do that. Military asshole knowledge will kill you.

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