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148276bb No.3717427

Lets hear some stories of the mods' insanity.

97ae2f06 No.3717432

File: 1695933206498.jpeg (112.95 KB, 604x657, F7DJKmPXMAAxzFq.jpeg)

Not much has happened now that I've been sober.

148276bb No.3717439

you're a mod. You don't get to complain.

Also congrats on the sobriety.

97ae2f06 No.3717440

File: 1695935286159.jpeg (276.2 KB, 1436x1572, F3S1av_XEAAsCi4.jpeg)


Thank you, Steam.

09af2318 No.3717450

You won't.

They will just remove it.

09af2318 No.3717451

You're not allowed to criticize mods here Steam.
They call the shots.

You fight back

You get shadow banned

End of story y

4d6e6de6 No.3717462

Still ban evading, Aufy? Don't you have anything productive to do with your life?

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