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423f0156 No.3717402

Dear /furi/, my throat tingles for a while whenever I give my dog a blowjob.

Does that mean I'm allergic? Or is it just because it's live sperm cells wriggling around? It doesn't seem to affect me in any other way.

c3d4030b No.3717430

File: 1695932994649.jpg (321.16 KB, 1448x2048, 1665574262_2-prelesti-pro-….jpg)

you're probably allergic, slightly. I've swallowed quite a bit of cum, and never had allergic effects.

There is a very old and useful way of testing to see if you're allergic. Just put some cum on a cloth, tape it to your skin, let it sit there for a day, and then take the cloth off. If you're allergic you'd have an outbreak. Otherwise, your dog has worms, and you need to fix both of you fast.

c3d4030b No.3717431

this has nothing to do with bestiality, I'm just known to practice witchcraft, and I know how to use old school medicine.

c3d4030b No.3717434

if its worms I'd suggest just saying he shat the bed and you woke up in it. Otherwise they might put him down.

c3d4030b No.3717435

human skin is a lot thicker than intestinal organs, or even animal skin for that matter, so the worms, scabies, or whatever has as very very low chance of infecting you

ec278c5a No.3717436

Both of you, keep your penis out of your dog

c3d4030b No.3717437

hey, my dog is fixed and not interested in sex at all. I'm just giving witchy medical advice to a a person possibly involved in that kind of stuff.

c3d4030b No.3717438

I'd just hate to see a dog put down because his owner is a NEET.

7e11de34 No.3717441

No, fuck off.

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