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File: 1695539734099.png (166.77 KB, 1006x718, duplicated images.png)

9c248a3a No.3716960

Clearing out some stuff and finding old files that is all.

9c248a3a No.3716962

Find and remove duplicate files in windows 10 without installing software

26eb9bea No.3716993

I would not trust propietary malware to collect info about my zoo and furry collections, try github projects or better to make your own, its not hard, chatgpt if you are struggling.

d3319153 No.3716999

I'm not the OP but, it's simple to find files that have identical checksums, MD5 or SHA hashes, however, what good software can find identical images if one is compressed or resized?

e15d2ab4 No.3717000

My favorite has always been the awesome duplicate photo finder. Its free and really lightweight.

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