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c1ba0416 No.3716722

What the fuck happened to the fun in the fandom? Most furries are on Twitter now and exist only to complain about the smallest shit.Artists with unique, experimental or toony styles no longer exist. It's all boring shit, why this still exists.

45f05784 No.3716728

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Find different places to get your fix. Avoid social media pits. They're designed to infuriate you.

c8560de3 No.3716729

File: 1695423679436.jpg (130.08 KB, 685x900, FTcHUX3VEAEQAVN.jpg)

Not only it waste your time it ruins your life.

6f3d6cff No.3716776

its a hugbox and alot of cringe characters on the trans-ticket signed up for it unfortunately.

c8560de3 No.3716806

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c8560de3 No.3716807

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822eecb6 No.3716968

Try quitting social media. It might do your mental health some good.

ae78535c No.3717037

Politics … Politics happened

69e29a45 No.3717131

File: 1695663016932.png (881.13 KB, 880x650, reply degenerates are a tr….png)

Furry was fine in the 70's.

Fast forward to today.

Look at this site. Covered with child pornography and other trash and no one really cares. Site admin and mods do nothing.

Its not furry. Its the degenerates infesting it.

Burned Furs did nothing wrong.

5a242d20 No.3717169

File: 1695690088132.png (379.46 KB, 1283x934, dark game.png)

bedb5715 No.3717191

>Burned Furs did nothing.


77f2a34e No.3717530

Popular mainstream (shit) furry fandom seems to be one of the many cultures showing signs of "Repressive Acceptance"

Freedom of expression and ideas are permitted, as long as you agree with the officially prescribed shitty political/religious/health/pro-pedophile dogma.

Nobody will read it, and it might not be worth reading, because no solutions are really offered by it, but there's a book called:
"The tyrrany of civil rights" by Kerry R. Bolton

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