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Did you go? What interesting things happened there this year? Share your experiences from Megaplex 2023.


576c878e No.3716187

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89da569a No.3716237

Furry conventions are terrible gatherings of terrible people

c1c90fa1 No.3716272

don't be a debbie-downer, anon

2c6f0c71 No.3716286

I stopped going to furry cons. There's too much autism.

4d1edf4f No.3716359

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File: 1695125749094.png (699.49 KB, 606x1284, kaijuangry.png)

14d62dd3 No.3716381

That kid is a total asshole! Saw him at mff years ago. He lost his shit in the headless lounge started kicking his head around crying because he missed the photoshoot. Total sperg lord.

902a1703 No.3716414

I've never been to a furry convention, but always wanted to attend. I have two questions.

1. Are they all this trashy?
2. Have you noticed them becoming trashier over the last 5, or 10 years?

The second question is more to confirm/refute my bias against what I'd call the "Twitter Era" of furries.

a587ba56 No.3716416

youre such a magnet

89da569a No.3716428

They've always been this trashy, the only difference is the amount of trash has increased in quantity.

c1c90fa1 No.3716445

>not realizing that's the joy of them
Come on, it's like a zoo of your own emporium of entertainment
Most of the anons on here are going to be in the negative about furry conventions, so I'm playing devil's advocate: depends on what you make of it.
1. Yeah, but during my time going to FWA this year, I kept going to panels all the time so much, I usually missed any degeneracy that was happening. Was hanging out with my friend more and smoking cigs with strangers which was very /comfy/ than you'd expect. I'm a young person too, so it was cool talking to an older crowd of people who have been going to these thing for perhaps years.
2. IDK. They have gotten larger, and I'm only now an adult that I have the time and money to actually attend these. There's always has been that subset of gas station furries who are utter garbage, but it's more in the limelight than it was before.

4d1edf4f No.3716453

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