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File: 1694480016105.png (18.99 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

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File: 1694480802768.jpg (263.02 KB, 1570x1200, Ychan - r - forest - fores….jpg)

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File: 1694481258537.jpg (46.51 KB, 560x339, progozhin-africa.jpg)

So who did it? I'd like to think Ukrainians did. It seems too soon for Putin to act.

3baf0137 No.3715257

Witnesses on the ground reported hearing anti-air units firing when Prighozin's plane was seen falling.

But there are also reports that he received an unexpected gift, alleged to be a box containing wine bottles, before the plane took off (Which may have carried an extra spicy surprise)

There are many possibilities.

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File: 1694481786165.jpg (25.79 KB, 720x514, 1693247317452993.jpg)

Think of how much better literally everything would be if fatties were rounded up and put into concentration camps where they'd be forced to do hard labor and kept hungry

f8d674e7 No.3715262

The reddest states are the fattest and poorest so you tell me fatass

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File: 1694483309205.jpg (46.76 KB, 600x450, 3gh5p6n97pnb1.jpg)

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Weird thing that, it was the same group responsible for both of those.

f8d674e7 No.3715295

Saudi Arabia?

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File: 1694492742731.png (125.1 KB, 607x766, mttb3i0w6qnb1.png)

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If they are poor how can they be fat?
Poor African niigers are skinny as hell.

349cdce5 No.3715381

>If they are poor how can they be fat?
Because of farm subsidies. America is retarded and decided everyone should eat nothing but corn and seed oil.

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File: 1694525839728.gif (807 B, 1x1, t.gif)


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File: 1694527589103.jpg (68.36 KB, 732x767, gc21b9iqdsnb1.jpg)

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File: 1694528383738.jpg (232.07 KB, 750x499, 1izkc8.jpg)

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File: 1694528445532.jpg (28.39 KB, 397x400, 34364101_10213904501941477….jpg)

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File: 1694532203096.jpg (42.36 KB, 640x360, Things_Are_About_To_Go_To_….jpg)

This place is dead, but there might be a couple of people (or animals) still here with souls, on this zionist-owned/run online viper pit so I'll still post every now and again hoping they'll be inspired to leave. :3
For today, here's a link to a good video that I suggest those 2 or 3 remaining souls watch. This place is and always has been monitored and controlled by modern-day talmudic/kabbalistic pharisees/synagogue-of-satan and their lowly satanic stooges, so if you watch the video and want to comment, keep that in mind. It's best if you leave this place and other controlled viper pits like it, and get your own life in order first - invest in yourself in positive and honest ways, avoid poisons, support/invest in non-poisonous things.

Don't forget that most of the available information on Christianity has been tainted, as well as what many "opposition" types say or believe, including even Max. That's why some more things will be posted that'll set the record a bit straighter, in about 48 hours. Don't let the very few remaining good posts keep you here. Be careful about stooges like Carlson or BS political narratives - they're all created by the same sources, for you to blow your load over and then do nothing good for yourself/others afterwards.

BTW, this electromagnetic mind control shit is real, as said before, it was used on masses of people around the world and I've personally felt its effects (so it even works on super-intelligent dogs) - the "suggestions" being implanted into people were to get themselves injected with poison. It's beyond evil, but who knows what other suggestions are or were being implanted. Maybe this explains the many NPCs.
Value what's good for you and stop using WiFi and stick to ethernet/LAN, stop carrying your tracking device (smartphone) everywhere, avoid places with lots of "phone" antennas - reduce the electromagnetic radiation in your area to a minimum and avoid TV/media/AI.

I have never found a single source I can agree with 100%, but they're worth looking at nonetheless IMO. To the 2 or 3 decent souls on here, all the best and be strong. It's exhausting knowing how bad things are, but it's even more exhausting giving in to psychopathic abusers, and you deserve to live up to what your creator wants for you - which is far greater than simply to rot and lose your soul.

Things Are About To Go To The Next Level

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Stfu business jew

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File: 1694532471587.png (176.61 KB, 537x766, ni85uvzzjrnb1.png)

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File: 1694533453892.jpg (58.9 KB, 509x497, superdog.jpg)

Just like clockwork. Bump the post off the index page too. I feel sorry for you. What a shit job and fate you have chosen.
(That's assuming it's not a software bot but instead still something resembling a human - getting hard to tell with these types nowadays.)

Anyway… off to doggy bed in a couple of minutes.

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File: 1694534007017.png (358.9 KB, 594x398, you are welcome for slaver….png)


You do know that blacks benefited from slavery…..

f8d674e7 No.3715399

Only a dumbass would think that

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File: 1694536443818.png (412.92 KB, 505x533, 0268333202731176ebd0fc441f….png)


>leftard meme
>old meme with red hat and many words edited in
Checks out lol.

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File: 1694543884478-0.webm (523.2 KB, 640x1138, 1694533016879741.webm)

File: 1694543884478-1.webm (1.81 MB, 640x357, 1694532980500442.webm)

You're ignoring all the nignogs in "food deserts" buying goyslop with their EBT cards.

It's your side who claims that taking care of yourself is a sign of right wing white supremacism. https://www.msnbc.com/opinion/msnbc-opinion/pandemic-fitness-trends-have-gone-extreme-literally-n1292463

ccb0aa30 No.3715412

File: 1694547850817.png (1.47 MB, 2385x1677, 4521837 - Centaurworld Eli….png)

349cdce5 No.3715446

They're not even using the fucking format properly. It's not that leftist memes are bad, they aren't even memes. They're just bad web comics.

0deb974e No.3715453

File: 1694559563898.jpg (221.67 KB, 1296x1200, 32r2e2ewc.jpg)

This is true. America's not the fattest nation in the world by accident. It's because during the great depression the government started subsidizing small farms and then never stopped because the farmers make up a powerful voting block. Less so now days because those small farms are now mostly corporate owned.

86b8b3f4 No.3715479

File: 1694567175403.jpg (171.11 KB, 706x500, reply black ancestor ensla….jpg)


Negroes need to be grateful….

4ed53e3e No.3715480

File: 1694567879478.jpg (20.03 KB, 250x250, 3gnqzq.jpg)

Teen Girl Killed Over McDonald's Dipping Sauce…

86b8b3f4 No.3715481

File: 1694568195530.jpg (36.13 KB, 670x527, you are not in the club.JPG)

>Less so now days because those small farms are now mostly corporate owned.

You have that backwards. The corporate block has more influence than any number of paper voters.

Lobbyists votes matter the most. Wealth determines influence, not voters. All the more ironic that the left defends the wealthy so vigorously.

01fd8674 No.3715487

trans aren't gamers

4ed53e3e No.3715489

File: 1694569025156.jpg (123.27 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Stan Returns to South Park - SOUTH PARK: POST COVID

ea183e92 No.3715496


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File: 1694574510865.jpg (63.01 KB, 831x767, 212b1181ewnb1.jpg)

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File: 1694591767030.jpg (17.7 KB, 400x400, typical nigger 366.jpg)

> Lol
That's pretty racist of you to laugh openly at those fat niggers.

7d81a4f7 No.3715550

that means you won't bother opposing it then?

4ed53e3e No.3715559

File: 1694601727074.png (331.96 KB, 942x623, Why France and Turkey are ….png)

f8d674e7 No.3715568

File: 1694611130248.jpg (57.09 KB, 380x766, QytacQIk5g3gS0YZwpTbfmXhGQ….jpg)

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File: 1694611507812.jpg (84.83 KB, 400x389, negrosaythankyouforslavery.jpg)

Blacks have benefited from slavery….

74bdfb93 No.3715570

File: 1694611885200.jpg (94.27 KB, 699x1009, 1565838976611.jpg)

You get your political takes from lonely eggless polish women? Cringe.

f8d674e7 No.3715573

File: 1694613444317.jpg (187.47 KB, 800x569, fexcqsvrw0ob1.jpg)

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File: 1694615248110.png (40.78 KB, 420x294, 1337962133786_8709176.png)

Who cares? This channel you linked is run by a loser who is obsessed over controversies from a decade ago.

He's still making videos about Chris Chan!
For fucks sake man, let. it. go.

He's a loser MTG supporter who probably believes in Jewish space lasers.

Why are you following an idiot? Only an idiot rots their brain with this nonsense. Don't be an idiot.

0deb974e No.3715576

File: 1694616262921.png (464.49 KB, 1224x693, f423f234gv3vf.png)

Oh, no, I agree with you 100% that corporations run America but as a voting block farmers are losing power because the activity of farming is becoming so heavily automated it takes fewer and fewer people every year.

Speaking of corporations running America though - Your favorite Republican party just passed a new law to let corporations vote directly in local elections.


Republicans are the party of corporate rule because they want fascism and they will take it in any way they can get it.

They want to bring slavery back in any way they can get it.

0deb974e No.3715577

File: 1694616782194.png (293.36 KB, 783x386, Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 1….png)

Speaking of tax rates - Trump's team released a draft of his future tax plans if he wins office and wouldn't you know it, he is going to have to raise your taxes and my taxes but cut taxes almost in half for people like himself!

That's just a sacrifice he's willing to make you make for America!


0908c468 No.3715578

These just leave me scratching my head. Leftards really are clueless.

Biden is a puppet. His removal means nothing. It's removal and minecrafting of the puppeteers that we need.

0908c468 No.3715579

You retards lied about this before. Not listening.

74bdfb93 No.3715582

>Your favorite Republican party just passed a new law to let corporations vote directly in local elections.
>Delaware house passes bill allowing LLCs to vote in elections
Actually deranged leftard blaming Republicans for everything as usual. Touch grass.

e8a71db9 No.3715584

Republicans deserve the blame.

f8d674e7 No.3715585

Because they are racist, violent, easily led sheep

f8d674e7 No.3715586

File: 1694627309865.jpeg (163.21 KB, 640x878, F51II7DbYAA1XEb.jpeg)

01fd8674 No.3715588

farmers probably did 9/11

8f473a23 No.3715592

"act of worship before Heaven" ? With clothes that show her breasts like that, nope, try again.

0d089efb No.3715593

File: 1694637636983.png (187.37 KB, 930x859, 3703406_HalcyonWinter_2103….png)

> farmers probably did 9/11
Furries did 9/11. Fact.

4ed53e3e No.3715598

File: 1694641285771.jpg (151.02 KB, 1080x1066, ERSScF-U0AEL-rc.jpg)

I hate this concept they don't even taste each other's carrot what of one of these carrots taste good the other taste bad?

4ed53e3e No.3715599

File: 1694641983711.png (295.8 KB, 460x345, wubed.png)

4ed53e3e No.3715604

File: 1694646879056.jpg (80.24 KB, 888x499, 4d70mc.jpg)

Girl prays to CAUSE Japanese earthquake

ef66a109 No.3715607

File: 1694647882707.jpg (134.48 KB, 504x754, reply tradition preserves ….jpg)


>"act of worship before Heaven" ? With clothes that show her breasts like that, nope, try again.

Thats a yup! You appreciate the creator by appreciating the creation.

Totally on point.

0deb974e No.3715612

File: 1694649053409.jpg (206.43 KB, 1197x1460, F514h8mWsAAxNUX.jpg)

Yet another Trump fanatic goes away to prison for molesting children. It's almost like the people who spend every day telling you Democrats are the real pedophiles are the problem.

c8029a0d No.3715613

File: 1694649128250.png (2.86 MB, 1900x1216, 1536648916750.png)

>Furries did 9/11. Fact.

31e1c4b3 No.3715614

>Rollo Tomassi

Yeah… Sure… I'll hold my tongue because I'm pretty sure it's a hate crime to make fun of him.

I wonder if there are any other groups we can identify as having higher rates of paedophilia. Probably not. Forget I asked.

f8d674e7 No.3715617

Youth pastors

f8d674e7 No.3715618

File: 1694650561912.jpg (70.84 KB, 665x767, 1eyim74ewznb1.jpg)

9c044a4c No.3715619

File: 1694650575060.png (553.14 KB, 888x820, 1692788503645245.png)

746b7ff4 No.3715620

You only need ONE red flag in a partner.
Them saying they are a Liberal
Ditch immediately,
Preferably IN a ditch.

f8d674e7 No.3715621

Andy ngo is friends with pedophiles they just hate trans people like you and seek out validation for their hatred.
Kill yourself.

f8d674e7 No.3715623

Lol but maga republican is number one red flag
MAGA Republicans don't fuck

f8d674e7 No.3715624

File: 1694651930610.jpg (83.47 KB, 706x767, 1etel34j13ob1.jpg)

746b7ff4 No.3715625

That's a Man.
How many actual women do you know that have a huge prominent Adam's Apple in their throat like that.

0deb974e No.3715629

File: 1694653368662.jpg (119.44 KB, 1179x1288, F5mzK61WQAAKvPq.jpg)

It was a missed opportunity that they didn't make that image about Baloo and kid Cloudkicker from Tailspin.

7bbba214 No.3715630

Facebook dad tier meme. You ONLY make money if you own the trades business. If you aren't working independently, enjoy making 35-45k a year.
t. worked as a welder

0deb974e No.3715631

File: 1694654907029.png (391.6 KB, 718x661, PoorsNeedToSufferMore.png)

1. 2. 3. 4. Kill the rich and feed the poor.


4ed53e3e No.3715634

File: 1694657745048.png (543.79 KB, 1672x811, infographics show.png)

4ed53e3e No.3715635

Facts are fun, but most are presented in boring and badly edited videos. The Infographics Show focuses on making animated motion infographic videos, made in a fun and entertaining way.

f8d674e7 No.3715637

File: 1694663692057.jpg (111.05 KB, 600x900, 78763327.jpg)

0deb974e No.3715638

File: 1694665271352.webm (6.78 MB, 240x240, lbtrash.webm)

Republican congress woman Lauren Boabert was thrown out of a theater for yelling at the live actors performing the Bettlejuice musical.

327de624 No.3715639

File: 1694665675888.jpg (65.68 KB, 750x544, ofefltsiy6u11.jpg)

Yeah, so what's your point nigger?

7bbba214 No.3715645

Crazy white women being crazy dawg

4ed53e3e No.3715647

File: 1694672617272.jpg (174.46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Is America Destined to Fall Like Rome? | Victor Davis Hanson

01fd8674 No.3715649

romans killed jesus

4ed53e3e No.3715655

File: 1694678191887.png (881.02 KB, 1641x806, scarystuff.png)

8f473a23 No.3715656

>romans killed jesus

And it was far before their empire fell so what's your point ?

2b701af4 No.3715660


The poor taste so good on a BBQ,
and nobody really misses them.
Pass the BBQ sauce.

90399bb9 No.3715662

File: 1694688901245.jpg (352.19 KB, 1333x1000, dave's bbq sauce.jpg)

4ed53e3e No.3715663

File: 1694690364569.png (852.35 KB, 800x800, 1477857177.atza_Вилли_Шион….png)

The Secretive Schools that Teach the World’s Richest Kids (Documentary)

f8d674e7 No.3715668

File: 1694709762229.png (79.67 KB, 806x767, 2xnvcrzg98ob1.png)

746b7ff4 No.3715684

File: 1694733754379.png (520.24 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20230914-164043.png)

746b7ff4 No.3715685

File: 1694733820812.png (314.87 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20230914-164106.png)

0908c468 No.3715688

Ain't no way anything comes of this. I am absolutely done with all this 'these things could and totally are going to happen in 2 weeks' shit. I want to see action. I want to see outcomes. Promises to take action are worth jack shit in today's economy.

11db0703 No.3715697

File: 1694737192020.jpg (30.15 KB, 619x245, biden.JPG)

Bidenomics in action

Keep voting for democrats you sheep

11db0703 No.3715698

File: 1694737219695.webm (3.93 MB, 720x1054, meat.webm)

Beasts that walk upright.

0deb974e No.3715701

File: 1694738411420.webm (786.45 KB, 320x180, Repulbican-traitors.webm)

It's actually less than nothing. The Republican speaker of the house announced the impeachment without a vote on actually having one. Impeaching a president isn't something he can do by himself. There has to be a vote on it and the Republicans don't have the votes to pass it in the house much less in the senate.

It's literally just shit they are making up at this point. Complete fiction.

0deb974e No.3715712

File: 1694740268099.jpg (58.89 KB, 501x500, 73iod9.jpg)

>Effective U.S. Income fell for 3 straight years. It's Biden's fault!
>3 straight years

3baf0137 No.3715714

File: 1694740696522.jpg (147.51 KB, 806x767, 1694709762229b.jpg)

3baf0137 No.3715717

File: 1694742015800.jpg (129.67 KB, 860x838, merchant_caused_that_feel.jpg)

>Inflation continues under democrat president. Republicans blame democrats.
>Inflation continues under Republican president. Democrats blame Republicans.
>Inflation continues under democrat president. Republicans blame democrats.
>Inflation continues under Republican president. Democrats blame Republicans.
>Inflation continues under democrat president. Republicans blame democrats.
>Repeat forever.
[pic related]

0deb974e No.3715721

File: 1694743156918.png (89.05 KB, 1020x480, Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 2….png)

No, Trump really did do that. He gave the wealthy a never seen before in the history of America tax cut which skyrocketed inflation.


2b701af4 No.3715725

Where is your PROOF?

2063ac6d No.3715750

>No, Trump really did do that. He gave the wealthy a never seen before in the history of America tax cut which skyrocketed inflation.

You could just as well say Trump's orange skin caused inflation.

Something more likelly is this: Covid lockdown and massive distribution of money so people don't starve caused inflation.

f18098f5 No.3715809

Inflation is fake news. Costs are up because capitalists jacked up costs to make more money. If you're not with left labor you're retarded and have a slave mentality.

f8d674e7 No.3715819

Inflation is because companies are taking record profits because people are too stupid to blame them, blinded by partisanship.

a9275667 No.3715820

Left labor knows who's taking all the money from it and it's not "muh joos" or "muh blacks" or "muh commies." Peasant-mentality retards can't help but point the finger the wrong way because they can't resist the urge to bend over and spread their cheeks for some billionaire fuck with a receding hairline

b988dd69 No.3715821

Inflation is because the money pool is growing, and the only one who can create money is the central bank, backed by the government that keeps issuing new bonds to generate more money.

If companies were only taking in record profits without the government creating new money, consumers' purchasing power would drop like a stone and the companies would lose business. There has to be an injection of money into the system to maintain those profits.

0908c468 No.3715822

File: 1694789976110.jpg (1.13 MB, 1500x1790, ea33fa22570d7db7cb3ee9284f….jpg)

Never forget that inflation is 100% intentional. It never happens by accident. Inflation technically refers exclusively to inflation of the money supply; printing more money. You have the federal reserve to blame for that.

Another thing is scarcity of products, something which only ever happens when government gets in the way and stifles industry. Both of these things were done in spades during the scamdemic.

Here, retard, let me help you. You can blame Trump for revving up the money printers. If you're going to attack him for something, attack him for the right reason at least.

Companies that were allowed to operate while the government shut down their competition made record profits? Imagine my fucking shock. Say it ain't so.

That's not inflation though, you mongoloid.

b988dd69 No.3715823

File: 1694790046342.png (63.97 KB, 785x597, Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 1….png)

Simply jacking up prices won't create inflation in the long term, only redistribute money in the system to the point that nobody can pay those high prices anymore - which leads to stagnation of the economy and slowing down GDP growth. This isn't happening - the GPD keeps growing at a steady 2-3% (excluding covid years) which tracks the growth of national debt - in other words, the amount of money that the government keeps "printing" to keep up paying the public expenditure.

0908c468 No.3715825

National debt is a promissory note to the American people that the government plans on fucking them with inflation.

As long as inflation keeps above interest, the government has made money.

Fiat currency is such an unbelievably kiked scam.

a9275667 No.3715826

"Muh inflation" is more retard shit made up by the rich cunts whose dicks you suck. Class traitor cuck motherfucker.

0908c468 No.3715827

File: 1694795086824.jpg (335.13 KB, 1500x843, 685baaecd148a5ce90ecdde6ce….jpg)

For the entire history of the US up until the kikes dropped the gold standard, there was NEGATIVE inflation. That is to say, that the purchasing power of your dollar became stronger.

The kikes at the federal reserve and the kike bankers are the enemy, you unbelievably dense individual.

a9275667 No.3715828

Shut the fuck up retard, you're nothing but a goldbug shill for a bunch of rich cocksuckers trying to sell overpriced coins and libertarian oligarch trash. You're a fucking class traitor stabbing real workers in the back because you're too fucking headassed to admit that your mentally ill rightwinger bullshit is a scam

cc3b25fa No.3715829



b988dd69 No.3715830

Class traitor?

Inflation is hidden regressive taxation. It destroys your purchasing power as the government hands the money they print to the owning class to buy overpriced "services" and paying "stimulus" towards corporations under the excuse of social spending.

0908c468 No.3715832

File: 1694795910101.png (1.19 MB, 1320x1200, f8c34f34fd56e257cc87581c70….png)

No? Do you have any actual arguments or are you just going to keep sperging out now?

0deb974e No.3715836

File: 1694796067278.jpg (476.14 KB, 1024x791, F5v40TzWwAAaKeP.jpg)

>Where is your proof.

Are you saying Trump's tax cuts didn't happen or are you saying that those tax cuts didn't cripple the economy and make the super-wealthy even more insanely wealthy? Which part of reality are you having trouble accepting, specifically?

0908c468 No.3715837

File: 1694796131302.jpg (583.94 KB, 1022x1080, b4d704ce3720a49eb7d08a18e4….jpg)

Telling that that's where your mind goes lol.

0908c468 No.3715840

File: 1694796200622.png (4.19 MB, 1254x1771, 2b166c75ea10d43088be186fdf….png)

Because there's nothing else that happened during that time that could have caused or in any way contributed to those things, right?

b988dd69 No.3715841

As a bonus, inflation means that the middle classes can't accumulate savings to move upwards in the social ladder. The money they try to collect to pass onto their children becomes worthless and has to be spent as soon as possible, which means it has to be invested just to maintain its value, which means you're really handing the use of the money over to the owning classes.

And does investment mean you become part of the owning class? No - you give them your money, and in return you get a nominal stake in a venture or a financial asset that you won't control, that will eventually be driven to the ground once the real owners pump the money out and leave you with worthless paper.

a16915f7 No.3715842


Yep, Trump's cut to the wealthy's taxes fucked over America, Europe and the rest of the world, LOL.

Because: Newsflash !!! There's inflation in Europe too, and a lot of it, and we don't have Trump. "3715836" Please explain :P

cc3b25fa No.3715843

Rich oligarchs rule over everyone under global capitalism and only a complete retard buys this "inflation" excuse. Take the fucking money back and watch the "inflation" disappear you class traitor fuck

No more billionaires = no more inflation

b988dd69 No.3715844

Of course, if you're smart, you will shift your investment around to avoid losing it, but eventually you'll hit a bad investment and lose your money.

Rich people are actually necessary because without them, only the government would have enough money (in one place) to pull off anything bigger than building a house. The problems start when the rich collude with the government to keep the money instead of using it to build useful infrastructure and services like normal business does.

0deb974e No.3715845

File: 1694797126410.jpg (207.93 KB, 1500x969, yande.re 832717.jpg)

>Inflation is because the money pool is growing, and the only one who can create money is the central bank

No dumbass. We have been over this MANY, MANY times. Every bank is creating money all the time.

Every loan creates more money.
Every time anyone deposits money into a bank account 90% of it is used to create more money.
Home Loans are handed out using 100% imaginary money that the bank just creates from nothing with the stroke of a keyboard. There is no real money involved. It's all debt. It all adds to inflation.

If you want to stop inflation there are only two ways: Take money from the people who have too much of it or increase the amount that banks have to keep in reserve so they can't loan out 90% of every deposit creating more money in someone else's account while also "having" the money you deposited.

Every single bank, everywhere in America and around the globe works on the mechanism of just creating as much money as they need to loan out. That's why people rob banks, it's where the money is.

cc3b25fa No.3715848

Good, give the government all the money to lend out. Who fucking cares. At least I can vote for who runs the government, unlike the piece of shit billionaires you keep fellating

0908c468 No.3715849

File: 1694797417514.png (1.14 MB, 2975x3850, 855f67463dd669007dda73af79….png)

Do you believe that someone who produces more is entitled to the extra fruits of his labour?

This is a simple yes or no question.

cc3b25fa No.3715850

Billionaires produce NOTHING. Workers create EVERYTHING. Class traitor cunt

0908c468 No.3715851

File: 1694797553806-0.png (44.21 KB, 727x494, 637cb99eaaa5b731a24428c534….png)

File: 1694797553807-1.png (1.7 MB, 2000x1400, eaf76c790e2ef2f029798935db….png)

At least I can choose which corporations I buy my products from, unlike my government which is chosen for me.

At least until the government just gives the corporation I hate all of my money anyway.

0908c468 No.3715852

File: 1694797671611-0.png (3.07 MB, 3507x2480, 8ba7384d017d57b9c85a97bb0e….png)

It is a simple yes or no question. You pick two apples and I pick one. We both sell all of our apples. Is it right for you to end up with more money than me?

Yes or no.

cc3b25fa No.3715853

Name a single thing produced by a billionaire

1b8cbeb8 No.3715855


b988dd69 No.3715857

>Every bank is creating money all the time.

Banks need reserve to create debt, and that reserve comes from the money printed by the central bank as it is deposited in these banks. They "multiply" the amount of money under the fractional reserve system, but it all fundamentally comes from the government that issues bonds to create the "seed" money.

cc3b25fa No.3715858

Wrong, made by workers

Try again

cc3b25fa No.3715859

Money doesn't exist without governments retard. Your gold has no value without a government

0908c468 No.3715860

File: 1694798492035.gif (4.34 MB, 600x600, 85359baa0c332d6a4be8d1e14e….gif)

Not talking about millionaires. Two working class people.


b988dd69 No.3715861

>If you want to stop inflation there are only two ways:

There is only one way: stop printing more money. Taking the money from the people who have it doesn't reduce the amount of money in the economy, it just shifts it elsewhere and the prices remain high because there's just as much money to account for all the economic value in the system.

Taxing the owning classes and corporations simply passes the burden of the tax onto the working class because the corporations ADD the tax to their prices.

b988dd69 No.3715862

>Your gold has no value without a government

Gold has value because it's a useful commodity. Your computer wouldn't work without gold in its circuitry.

cc3b25fa No.3715863

Billionaires produce NOTHING and you KNOW IT


0908c468 No.3715864

Stop giving him shit to dodge to. He still has to answer my very very simple yes or no question.

cc3b25fa No.3715866

WRONG retard, shiny metal is WORTHLESS without a GOVERNMENT to turn it into CURRENCY

cc3b25fa No.3715867

You can't name ANYTHING made by the owning class

0908c468 No.3715868

File: 1694799087757.png (1.02 MB, 1250x1750, 152b170c0de7478199dfc560bd….png)

I'm taking this as an admission that you're wrong and you know it. You refuse to even entertain other ideas. You are a brick wall of stupid and denial. Enjoy your meaningless life.

ea891c05 No.3715869


Kill yourself pedo

Less class traitor pedos = better world

ea891c05 No.3715870

Bull a bullet through the roof of your mouth pedo

0908c468 No.3715871

File: 1694799213797.png (599.67 KB, 1000x783, c5076e098c3df0f2cf8b89567f….png)


b988dd69 No.3715872

We don't have to care if a government considers it currency, we can still trade with gold and convert it to whatever currency there is because people are willing to pay money for gold.

ea891c05 No.3715873

Pedos get the noose

ea891c05 No.3715874

>s-s-sir will you trade loaf bread for shiny rock?? i-i-i-i promise its valuable for make circuit, simply look at this econ texbook, no wait come back

All of you are retarded

f2cc7807 No.3715878

File: 1694801089689.jpg (1.23 MB, 5000x5000, bafybeibyb7rcaai7fhwzd3c5f….jpg)

> Of course, if you're smart, you will shift your investment around to avoid losing it, but eventually you'll hit a bad investment and lose your money.
No you won't. That is what diversification prevents. People who "invest" everything in one place are NOT investors, they are gamblers.

0908c468 No.3715879

File: 1694801220787.jpg (2.54 MB, 4000x3834, eb7e847a4ea533359ee0adf0f4….jpg)

The stupid flood detection won't let me post with just more smilies :)

f2cc7807 No.3715880

File: 1694801781950.jpeg (217.33 KB, 1246x1664, 379d5d99460cb2ca.jpeg)

> And does investment mean you become part of the owning class? No
That is patently false. If your investment is shares of a corporation, for example, you OWN a fraction of it, equivalent to how many shares you have.
> you give them your money, and in return you get a nominal stake in a venture or a financial asset that you won't control
False. You get a vote at stockholders meetings for every share you own. Or are you claiming that if you own 0.001% of a company you should have total control over it?

f2cc7807 No.3715881

File: 1694801913563.jpg (196.12 KB, 1309x1800, 4421605_Hienbu_twoshakes.jpg)

Smilies bad. :)

a16915f7 No.3715882

>All of you are retarded

Dunno how people did it without big Gov during prehistory then.

"- Take shiny metal for wife's jewelry, I take your fish.
- Wait a minute, it doesn't just work like that ! You need an USA president printed on the shiny metal before I accept it ! Guess we are fucked."


0deb974e No.3715884

File: 1694804116704.jpg (216.08 KB, 1062x1500, yande.re 753226.jpg)

>We didn't have Trump so explain why our inflation is up!

You do understand that multi-national corporations wealth don't stay in one nation, right? Like, you get that there is a global economy, right?

If Exxon's stock value goes up in America they are worth more in every nation, not just America.

Trump cutting taxes to the wealthy gutted America's national debt, crippled our economy and exploded inflation across the world. It was literally TRILLIONS of dollars dumped into the pockets of the richest people in the world.

Trump's administration added slightly over 25% of the TOTAL national debt America has ever had in just his term because he cut revenue from taxes so deep in the middle of an economic disaster caused by the pandemic.

The nation's economy was burning down so he thought that was a great time to cut revenue and force us to borrow even MORE money from China. Fucking brilliant.

0deb974e No.3715885

File: 1694804322018.jpg (1.5 MB, 4096x2896, F508l4QXgAAnrTp.jpg)

The problem with your argument is that the billionaires don't sell or produce anything. Other people sell and produce the stuff. Other people are selling the apples and the billionaires are just taking the money from other people's labor.

There is no such thing as a good billionaire unless it's a dead billionaire.

f8d674e7 No.3715886

File: 1694804442652.jpg (41.77 KB, 524x499, fkrlhg4eseob1.jpg)

0908c468 No.3715887

File: 1694804467579.png (553.92 KB, 750x900, e899373b87e2bfe1313441c51f….png)

The dude can't even tell if more apples = more money. You think he can comprehend that? I think he has sub-caveman intelligence.

0908c468 No.3715888

File: 1694804606675.png (626.29 KB, 750x1000, e06968fb4b5ea59a1263dfbfc9….png)

There it is again, the redhat edit manywords meme lol.

0deb974e No.3715889

File: 1694804863980.jpg (118.53 KB, 700x875, 374568703_693237329497866_….jpg)

I really don't get that whole thing. The Republicans are indicting him on a felony fire arms charge for lying on the background checks they argue shouldn't even exist.

What's even more stupid is that he already pleaded guilty. He took a plea bargain for the crime. They are basically trying to prosecute him twice for the same crime which is in and of itself, highly illegal.

They are committing a crime to make it look they caught him doing more crime.

f8d674e7 No.3715890

File: 1694805486167.jpg (32.21 KB, 582x428, 014dqkyoxfob1.jpg)

68eb0354 No.3715899

File: 1694806510482.jpg (41.98 KB, 640x583, bbuqy9b6ygob1.jpg)

b988dd69 No.3715901

> the billionaires don't sell or produce anything. Other people sell and produce the stuff

So when you build an business with factories, warehouses and supply chains, with your money, it's not you doing anything?

It's called management. It's kinda like what the government does, only private, and subject to the laws of market competition where badly performing managers don't get re-elected term after term.

b988dd69 No.3715902

>If your investment is shares of a corporation, for example, you OWN a fraction of it, equivalent to how many shares you have.

Yes, but unless you own 51% of it, you have little say in how the corporation operates. Little people owning a few shares as investments don't have any meaningful control - all they own is a piece of paper that may be valued at some nominal amount but that's about it. The dominant shareholders are the rich people, and they ACTUALLY decide what the corporation does and behaves - the rest are just cash cows.

b988dd69 No.3715903

It's kinda like voting for a government. An individual has about 1 part in 430 million power over the government, and not even that because their vote is lost if they vote for the losing candidate, and then the government does what it wants regardless of the individual voter's opinions anyways. The government is NOT the people - it's a small elite of rich people who trick the public into giving them power and use this "consent to be governed" as they please.

Likewise, the common small shareholders are NOT the real controlling element of a corporation. When you own something, it's yours to do with as you please. All you can do with a few shares of a corporation is to keep them or sell them - that has nothing to do with what the corporation or its real owners actually do.

aa95a6bd No.3715904

Riddle me this.

I own a hundred shares of Microsoft.

What part of Windows 11 is mine?

0908c468 No.3715906

File: 1694808414454.jpg (2.83 MB, 2125x2287, 43a4137c934e7f95954034b331….jpg)

>we named our bill the fix everything and give free blowjobs to everyone bill and they voted against it! Can you believe that?

>thinking the GOP isn't as kiked as the democrats

>thinking anything is going to fix the price of oil when the democrats shut down all your refineries and drills

You are a retard for so so SO many reasons.

aa95a6bd No.3715907

To answer my own question: >>3715904

The actual owners of Microsoft are institutional investors (70%), which represent insurance companies and mutual funds etc. with many smaller customers. It's corporations owning corporations (owning corporations…). The actual people who put money into it are the customers of these middle-man investment companies and do not own the stock themselves.

So while I have investments in Microsoft, I don't actually own any part of Microsoft.

aa95a6bd No.3715909

>Institutional investors account for about 80% of the S&P 500 total market capitalization, according to data from Pensions & Investment Online.

Corporations owning other corporations account for 80% of the shares, and these corporations are in turn owned by the same elite of rich people who own the government.

f2cc7807 No.3715923

File: 1694812166428.jpg (455.25 KB, 2000x2500, 4402020_Orgunis_01151.jpg)

> these corporations are in turn owned by the same elite of rich people who own the government.
You are a fucking liar. It is not an "elite of rich people". These institutional investors are things such as mutual funds, which are largely for small investors who don't want the burden of managing their own stock portfolio. Those are just regular people.

Another group of institutional investors are the insurance companies that invest cash value life insurance policies for regular average working people.

Yet another group of institutional investor are those that invest retirement funds for regular average working people. If you work somewhere that has a retirement plan then your future money is probably with an " institutional investor" now.

680acf4f No.3715925

File: 1694812678973.png (277.3 KB, 1112x1045, 0e4fdfea1c12a110212d9096a5….png)

Your "elite of rich people who own the government" is an imaginary foe. It is only in your head.

4b6fcbd6 No.3715928

Let's take an example.

Musk built Tesla, risked becoming a hobo over it. Now I see Teslas every day, and I'm not in the USA. Without big bad millionaire Musk, we would have less EVs on the road. Bad ?

Same for SpaceX. All big firms in rocket business where pretty happy sitting on tech that could improve the cost of access. Why sell one resusable rocket to NASA when you can sell 10 single use ones ?
Bad billionaire Musk put money into it, and now space costs less to access.
Only ludites will find the way to make it sound bad.
The public sector would never have done it, people are paid, why risk your job taking risk ?
Big companies wouldn't have done it for similar reasons : why take risk and get your shareholders angry if it fails ?

The world needs billionnaires.

680acf4f No.3715929

File: 1694813517263.jpg (464.47 KB, 3626x1701, 1689806561962.jpg.webp.jpg)

> So while I have investments in Microsoft, I don't actually own any part of Microsoft.
More lies. If you own stock in Microsoft then you are absolutely a part owner of Microsoft. If you have some other financial arrangement with them, then it is stupid for you to expect that it also includes ownership.

0908c468 No.3715930

File: 1694813582001.png (1.3 MB, 818x1157, e4e89db4ad366bec9497652436….png)

Yes, yes, Blackrock and Vanguard are just made up of small everyday investors like you or I.

680acf4f No.3715932

File: 1694813809408.jpg (1.01 MB, 2922x2303, commission_tibby_streakers.jpg)

> Yes, but unless you own 51% of it, you have little say in how the corporation operates.
> An individual has about 1 part in 430 million power over the government,
Now you are just whining that your vote is not more important than anyone else's. Too bad. Get over it.

0deb974e No.3715945

File: 1694817652842.jpg (141.19 KB, 1500x1032, 300-years-old.jpg)

Sure, you're being a manager but that doesn't mean you should get all the money and everyone else should get as little as possible. It's a bullshit system where only one person is rewarded fairly for the effort they put into the business.

For one person to make so much, everyone else must be exploited.
That's why socialism is such a popular idea once you know what it actually is.

It shares the profit made by the company among the people who make the company profitable more fairly.

7bbba214 No.3715946

File: 1694817679575.jpg (38.83 KB, 680x558, 746.jpg)

How are you literate and cant process information
Delusional much?

0908c468 No.3715947

File: 1694819256455.png (701.12 KB, 600x596, fcb61de558319a662971601b6b….png)


746b7ff4 No.3715962

File: 1694825573703.png (528.54 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20230915-204957.png)

869a6368 No.3715964

File: 1694825996279.png (1.59 MB, 942x1200, 3194448_rb_furry_and_repub….png)

It's good to be a Republican. :)

3baf0137 No.3715965

>It's good to be a Republican. :)

But we all know you're not.


0908c468 No.3715966

File: 1694838725654.jpg (951.79 KB, 1537x1157, b87649d32c2458a4440e46121a….jpg)

You remember why this happened? Because it was proven that the FBI convinced them to do it.

A jury found them innocent because an FBI agent pt them up to it.

0deb974e No.3715967

The inbreeding is strong with those three guys. Brothers? Uncle/fathers?

Also, the jury found them innocent of the terrorism and weapons charges because all they ever did was train along side the 9 other men who actually did do the crime and are now in prison for a long while.

They knew about the plot but didn't participate in it directly unlike the other 9 guys so they were released.

This is the justice system working as intended.

0deb974e No.3715968

File: 1694839776946.jpg (412.95 KB, 1483x1200, yande.re 616564 sample ass….jpg)

>it was proven that the FBI convinced them to do it.

100% bullshit. 9 guys were convicted of the crime. The FBI did nothing but watch them and stop them. They chose to do terrorism. These three guys chose not to be a part of it so they didn't go to prison like the other 9.

Learn a lesson from this - Don't do terrorism.

7d81a4f7 No.3715983

File: 1694843183161.jpg (56.21 KB, 1024x957, 71veXWPWlBL.jpg)

>>Learn a lesson from this - Don't do terrorism.

No, it's because you have to protect your illegitimate Biden regime by any means necessary, including long prison sentences and/or even murder for anyone challenging or even questioning it.

But it's ok, you Leftist TERRORISTS always lose in the end.
History (something you know nothing about) ALWAYS shows this.

0ba0c58c No.3715989

File: 1694845013117.jpg (679.4 KB, 4668x3881, 2509489_MicahFox_benji_r2.jpg)

> The inbreeding is strong with those three guys. Brothers? Uncle/fathers?
Well they all have somewhat similar beards and all have an overfed look. Other than that, the facial features are all different, different ears and so on.

But then, all whites look alike, right? :-)

f8d674e7 No.3716010

Does caps mean u mad?
Lolol are u shouting boomer? Rofl

51fe47f5 No.3716014

File: 1694879972429.jpg (17.56 KB, 280x157, deja-flu.jpg)

I doubt there's anyone remaining here except for bots and jidf-monkeys, but in case some unfortunate soul strays into this viper-matrix, I'll just post a link to this W&T, which discusses some things I wanted to mention but haven't had time yet. Can't agree with Jeff on a handful of things but meh, close enough and Lucy's usually spot-on with her advice:

Controlled Demolition: From the Federal Reserve to 9/11 to the COVAIDS 19
My older post here is worth seeing as well. >>3715393

There are a couple of "jewish" (kabbalistic/satanic) holidays coming up in September, which I won't mention because I don't want to give them any energy.
Usually wicked murders (especially of Whiteys and Christians and children) happen on these holidays, so if anything big and bad happens then you'll know who's behind it - these psychos believe they have the right to the power over the life and death of others. My advice is to not fear or even to "escape" into escapism. Instead, know who's behind the evil and know that it'll be defeated in the end. I suggest that you make an effort to survive with your soul intact, as the journey will be worth it in the end.
Don't waste your load by blowing it on replying to bullshit posts on a dead board - let me be the one to make the occasional reality-check post on here.
Consider getting a KJV Bible and slowly getting familiar with it - starting with Genesis, then John and Revelation may be the quickest and easiest way to start. Good luck to the 3 or 4 who aren't animated-dead yet.

PS: Bolt is still awesome.

314222c6 No.3716017

File: 1694880962793.jpg (64.05 KB, 679x503, reply gender studies math.jpg)


>Tax cuts reduce the cost of business

>This cripples the economy

Whoa everyone! We got us an Economics Gender Studies major here.

314222c6 No.3716018

File: 1694881419028.jpg (136.89 KB, 750x1097, reply gun control.jpg)

>The Republicans are indicting him on a felony fire arms charge for lying on the background checks they argue shouldn't even exist

Whereas the democrats say you dont even need a gun for which he illegally obtained one to begin with.

Suddenly, they are now pro-gun ownership because it is a relative of a democrate politician.

ab5ceb08 No.3716020

File: 1694881998096.jpg (68.17 KB, 1024x682, b53hz3jhplob1.jpg)

ab5ceb08 No.3716021

File: 1694882042035.jpg (30.64 KB, 828x355, sgw277g8dmob1.jpg)

0908c468 No.3716022

File: 1694884928797.jpg (96.41 KB, 777x702, a06314872cfcb62d6079598e26….jpg)

It's not even gun ownership, it's how many subhumans your country has.

314222c6 No.3716023

File: 1694885504039.webm (3.23 MB, 480x848, black teens steal car ram….webm)

>Beasts that walk upright
Rowdy 'teens' steal car and go on rampage on road

0deb974e No.3716024

File: 1694885726690.webm (1.63 MB, 720x372, White-trash-Republicans.webm)


It looks like Republican congress woman Boabert wasn't just vaping and being loud at the Beatlejuice musical. Footage has been released of her jerking off her husband while he fondles her tits after conservatives attacked the owner of the theater online for unjustly kicking her out.

Apparently the owner decided defending the honor of the congress woman wasn't worth the death threats his staff was getting from MAGAts who thought he had kicked her out just for vaping while Republican.

Yes, the champion of not "grooming kids" was jerking off her husband in a room full of teenagers and it wasn't the first time for them.

In January 2004, then Lauren Opal Roberts, age 17, was with her 24-yo boyfriend, Jayson Boebert, as he exposed his penis to two young women at a bowling alley. They refused to leave and became belligerent. The police were called.

Jayson was arrested, pleaded guilty to “public indecency and lewd exposure" and was sentenced to four days in jail and two years probation.

Unsurprisingly, the loudest voice in the republican party against people "sexualizing our kids" gets off on jerking her husband to completion while he looks at teenage girls.

0deb974e No.3716025

Imagine being this stupid that you still think trickledown economics works after 40 years of it failing non-stop.

0908c468 No.3716048

File: 1694907525983.jpg (78.78 KB, 1030x1173, 9cfe240f76bb021f948edc726f….jpg)

>The cyclist died
>He was a retired cop

They both still deserve a painful death.

2b701af4 No.3716052

File: 1694911778936.png (317.56 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20230916-204620.png)

2b701af4 No.3716053

File: 1694911967750.png (678.43 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20230916-204929.png)

314222c6 No.3716059

File: 1694916953099.jpg (53.25 KB, 750x594, clownworld.jpg)

>We need FBI agents to protect FBI agents from the Americans we are supposed to protect because we are attacking Americans.

Only in Clownworld does this happen.

90399bb9 No.3716076

File: 1694926813228.png (4.76 MB, 1357x1697, Grimace-is-Cobalt's-Pimp.png)

01fd8674 No.3716086

preyy sure they wont give him any reimbursement for showing tits

01fd8674 No.3716088

so was he born a strzok or was he grandfathered in

01fd8674 No.3716090

dont people get abducted in that state more than any other

4ed53e3e No.3716096

File: 1694934027626.jpg (520.1 KB, 1920x1280, ZEO4293-1-min-1-1920x1280.jpg)

0deb974e No.3716100

File: 1694941017651.png (1.1 MB, 979x1306, 84045873_p0.png)

Republicans in the Texas state Senate have acquitted the Texas DA accused of taking bribes, using his office to cover up financial crimes for his rich friends and various financial crimes himself including securities fraud.

Republicans in the TX house impeached him for the crimes but before the trial could even start the Senate Republicans cleared him of all charges without any investigation.

Once again they prove Republican politicians are the party of protecting the wealth elites and the corrupt at all costs.

0deb974e No.3716105

File: 1694943401039.jpg (39.33 KB, 600x649, 105238364_p4_master1200~2.jpg)

That lawsuit will go nowhere. At 16 she either had to get parental consent or go to court and get special dispensation to get that surgery in her state. Either way the doctor is covered from all liability.

2b701af4 No.3716108

File: 1694955290421.png (690.42 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20230917-085103.png)

Is that so?
I smell a liar,
I smell 3B.

f8d674e7 No.3716114


No conservative has class. Anybody that voted republican in 2020 is an UnAmerican, anti-democratic shitbag who doesnt belong in the US. Thats the honest truth. Conservatives are lower than low. They dont amount to the spit on the bottom of your shoes. Nazis need treated like nazis or it keeps getting worse.

Time for everyone to rewatch Inglorious Basterds

54b3c134 No.3716115

You should go for a walk in the woods and look at some neat mushrooms.

79741b68 No.3716116

File: 1694964952150-0.jpg (66.28 KB, 535x900, media left bias criticize ….jpg)

File: 1694964952150-1.jpg (30.85 KB, 519x346, left hunter Biden_Pozharsk….jpg)

File: 1694964952150-2.jpg (62.92 KB, 810x891, bidencorruption.jpg)

Leftists in the US Media have acquitted President BIden accused of taking bribes, using his office to cover up financial crimes for his son and various financial crimes himself including securities fraud.

Democrats in the US House refuse to impeach him for the crimes but before the votes could even start the DOJ and FBI cleared him of all charges without any investigation.

Once again they prove Democrat politicians are the party of protecting the wealth elites and the corrupt at all costs.

79741b68 No.3716118

File: 1694965412238.jpg (82.14 KB, 737x506, Capture2.JPG)

>The White House has finally made official what it has been implying for more than two years: Any journalist who reports on President Biden’s misdeeds and corruption is betraying American democracy.

>The latest call for loyalty oaths comes in response to House Republican leadership launching an impeachment inquiry on Biden family corruption.

>The White House leaked a draft letter it will send to major media outlets urging them to “ramp up their scrutiny” of House Republicans “for opening an impeachment inquiry based on lies.”

The communist Media is just propaganda now.

0deb974e No.3716119

File: 1694965478912.jpg (200.4 KB, 1500x1084, yande.re 957752 sample anu….jpg)

So a republican whistle blower turned over evidence of crimes to the Republican house who created a Republican committee to investigate the allegations who in turn suggested to the Republican house members to proceed with the impeachment, which they did and somehow this was all because of Biden?

Daaaaymn, I guess Biden is even more of a political super-genius than everyone on CNN seems to think he is!

0deb974e No.3716121

File: 1694966265407.png (17.91 KB, 336x461, trash-site.png)

Notice how he cut off the name of the webpage that image comes from?


That's because it's an opinion piece in the New York Post (a right-wing gossip rag)

If he had linked to the actual article you would find out that the entire story is based on a "leaked draft of an white house memo" that the writer TOTALLY-FOR-REALZ has but won't show any one.

It's not at all made up and he is just keeping it in a super-secret safe place where no one can see it!

036003c2 No.3716123

>The communist Media is just propaganda now.

Now? Was there every a time when total journalist death wasn't the objectively correct position?

344b5614 No.3716124

File: 1694972103885.png (148.95 KB, 900x900, 2613432_HalcyonWinter_1809….png)

> At 16 she either had to get parental consent or go to court and get special dispensation to get that surgery in her state. Either way the doctor is covered from all liability.
Not really. Suppose the doctor had consent to prescribe opioids to the patient. The MD is still responsible for the act if it was a completely inappropriate treatment and resulted in addiction.

The same for any other treatment. The doctor is required to assess if it is medically appropriate. Otherwise he or she can be held liable if a jury so determines.

344b5614 No.3716127

File: 1694973279638.jpg (350.29 KB, 829x980, 4665974_pervertedLION_44_.jpg)

> Imagine being this stupid that you still think trickledown economics works after 40 years of it failing non-stop.
Only libtards claim a tax stimulus won't work. Dishonest democrats make it into an issue simply because they hope it gets them more votes from unsophisticated low income voters.

We Republicans understand the importance of American business to the overall American economy, including those low income people.

14ee667e No.3716129

Only republicans are dumb enough to think that giving blank checks to companies or the rich is a good thing. That they would do anything but hoard it. Maybe it is something you wouldn't understand unless you had a job so let me explain it to you. Even if you gave a company a million dollars they would still try to work with as little employees and as broken/old equipment as possible. That money goes right to the top and stays there.

344b5614 No.3716131

File: 1694977239668.png (369.64 KB, 887x1000, 4234798_hanage1_3.png)

Misleading statements and outright falsehoods. Just the normal rhetoric from lying libtards.

344b5614 No.3716134

File: 1694978906519.jpg (425.94 KB, 2110x1500, 2482370_RogerButSmaller_sw….jpg)

> giving blank checks to companies or the rich
That is a blatant lie. In no case was a "blank check" given as part of a stimulus program.

Just the normal rhetoric from lying libtards.

344b5614 No.3716136

File: 1694979375270.jpg (83.12 KB, 616x800, 1059964_stormlust_winter_v….jpg)

> Even if you gave a company a million dollars
Completely misleading statement. A tax relief is not "giving" money. It is money the company or individual already has, and otherwise would have to surrender to the the government without the tax cut.

Just the normal rhetoric from lying libtards.

344b5614 No.3716138

File: 1694979871049.png (269.05 KB, 771x1000, 0ba0acd5c6e9f44cf60aecee5e….png)

> they would still try to work with as little employees and as broken/old equipment as possible
That is a false statement. When one badly run company does not upgrade its equipment, or expand its business, it falls behind the competition. The company will either go out of business or be bought up by companies that do upgrade equipment, etc.

Just the normal rhetoric from lying libtards.

0deb974e No.3716139

File: 1694980407305.jpg (252.43 KB, 1500x1125, yande.re 939155 sample bot….jpg)

>Not really <things I imagine might be true but aren't in any way based in reality.>

There are laws.
Doctors have to follow laws.
There is a zero percent chance she got both of her breasts removed without the doctor getting approval.

He would have needed a full surgical team and a hospital to be willing to throw away their entire lively hood and risk life in prison for your imaginary scenario of a rogue double mastectomy to be true.

It didn't happen.
You are not living in the real world.
Take your medication.

344b5614 No.3716140

File: 1694980420058.jpg (160.77 KB, 1060x1200, 1501532_Peony_jessotter_co….jpg)

> That money goes right to the top and stays there.
More lies. If in an exceptional case that were to happen, it would only be temporary until the business failed and was liquidated. Then there are no assets and no income (also no employees).

Just the normal rhetoric from lying libtards.

b461cca3 No.3716142

There's also a whole business of buying old outdated companies just before they crumble and then liquidating their assets to make the money back. Kinda like how people buy old cars to sell for spares and scrap metal. The owner gets less than it was worth, but they save the effort of having to sell it in pieces.

That's what happens to all those "buggy whip" companies that try to use production equipment from a century ago to avoid paying the money to modernize. Past a certain point, it costs more to upgrade than just bulldoze everything down and start anew.

344b5614 No.3716143

File: 1694980646214.png (498.71 KB, 2000x2000, 1441926_thekzx_gloriousizs….png)

> It didn't happen
That was your post I replied to. Are you now saying it didn't happen?

0908c468 No.3716145

File: 1694981266009.png (1.73 MB, 908x1587, 7152a0a63710f7ef3ec05216bc….png)

Man, whoever came up with the idea of glass swing-seats deserves a Nobel Prize.

While I'm sure anything he says is completely retarded and out of context, it should be criminal for governments to play favorites with some businesses over others, especially the big over the small, and this is far from exclusive to Republicans.

b461cca3 No.3716146

>if you gave a company a million dollars they would still try to work with as little employees and as broken/old equipment as possible. That money goes right to the top and stays there.

If you give ONE company a million dollars, they would do that because there's no reason not to. That's called crony capitalism: the state gives subsidies to some companies, taxes to their competitors.

When you give tax breaks or a million dollars to every company, suddenly those who use the money to development instead of CEO dividends outtake and push out the ones that simply pocket the money.

0deb974e No.3716147

File: 1694981462081.jpg (430.61 KB, 664x792, Im-Republican.jpg)

You should look up Gov. Sam Brownback's Kansas experiment.

Republicans had full control of the state so they implemented those "Supply-side" economic policies including slashing taxes on the owner class and businesses.

It was an epic failure that almost destroyed the state. The rich got richer and the state collapsed.

They proved with 100% clarity that trickle down economics does not work, it never has, it never will.


c2540843 No.3716148

File: 1694981593035.jpg (27.89 KB, 527x334, warner.JPG)


The Warner Animation Studios made a series of cartoons to explain basic business and investment and its effects to preschoolers. It is possible even you might understand it.


c2540843 No.3716151

File: 1694982395117.jpg (87.96 KB, 1024x915, jew proverb tasty is someo….jpg)

Irrelevant. As long as the Government is being used as a wealth redistribution instrument and not administering the common good, any tax cut is a good tax cut.

0deb974e No.3716154

File: 1694984621918.jpg (225.01 KB, 987x792, oops-spilled-milk.jpg)

>not administering the common good
So you think it is the duty of the government to provide for the common good but you don't think people should pay taxes.
How do you think the government should pay for the common good if not taxes?
How do we fund the military if not taxes?
Who gets to pay the bills if you don't want to tax the people who have all the money?

0908c468 No.3716155

File: 1694986624512.gif (1.58 MB, 414x800, 97ae39794322f0676e745d6f85….gif)

They collect taxes under the pretense of using it for the public good. Either they do that or they stop collecting taxes.

Currently they are collecting taxes and NOT putting it towards the public good.

Why do you need this explained to you? How stupid are you?

4ed53e3e No.3716156

File: 1694990011643.jpg (55.19 KB, 500x346, 108517.jpg)

2b701af4 No.3716158

File: 1694993873769.png (333.05 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20230917-193450.png)

2b701af4 No.3716159

File: 1694993917929.png (774.57 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20230917-193232.png)

3f558eb7 No.3716160

File: 1694994569902.jpg (293.82 KB, 1911x2275, 3149680_Rethex_862.jpg)

> Federal authorities charge 44-year-old Eduardo Moreno, a railroad engineer, with train-wrecking after he allegedly derailed a train near USNS Mercy to bring attention to the U.S. government's response to the pandemic.
Ha! That's pretty nonspecific description. The railroad engineer was telling people he was convinced the US Navy hospital ship was not there to ease the burden on hospitals treating seriously ill covid patients. He said the ship was actually full of UN soldiers that were going to takeover. Or some equally insane thing.

Really BusinessDog levels of crazy.

3434cead No.3716170

Do you have a more credible source than The Atlantic? A Hasan stream or something? Maybe an anonymous transvestite on twitter?

c2540843 No.3716173

File: 1695001425627.png (518.47 KB, 900x506, reply woke immigration.png)

If child poverty is so much higher, why are we importing 100 million shitskins?

Any lefty want to field this one? I am thinking 'helping the wealthy reduce labor costs' but I will keep an open mind for an answer.

0908c468 No.3716176

File: 1695001919128-0.png (510.42 KB, 960x705, 93c334273206e063ea2275135b….png)

File: 1695001919128-1.png (1.7 MB, 2000x1400, eaf76c790e2ef2f029798935db….png)

Billionair apitalists = jews
Woke progressive leftists = also jews
Literally any world problem = you guessed it, more jews

77d66174 No.3716180

File: 1695005104003.png (1.46 MB, 1327x936, Dems_destroy_america.png)

f8d674e7 No.3716181

f8d674e7 No.3716182

File: 1695008534691.jpg (52.42 KB, 734x767, iofksa1qxvob1.jpg)

0deb974e No.3716189

No, you fucking retard, I'm saying the doctor got approval according to the law before he did the operation so he can't be held liable for it.

0deb974e No.3716190

What would you have them do now that they are not doing? What do you consider the "common good"?

0deb974e No.3716191

File: 1695016580966.jpg (42.71 KB, 640x640, keep-em-hungry.jpg)

Child poverty and child hunger was all but ended during Biden administration thanks to the child tax credit but Republicans put an end to that. Couldn't have children getting spoiled! Gotta keep them hungry so they'll be good corporate slaves when they grow up!

0deb974e No.3716192

File: 1695017107910.png (529.01 KB, 469x705, liberty.png)

We are "importing" people because that is what America is founded on. We're a melting pot. We've always been a land of immigrants.

Anti-American, traitors like you like to chant about making America great again but you have no fucking clue what actually happened in America before you were in high school.

Read a book, you fucking clueless rube.

7d81a4f7 No.3716197


PROOF, lying pedo 3B.
You have none.

7d81a4f7 No.3716199

File: 1695018500560.jpg (76.92 KB, 800x710, 170113070623-lady-liberty-….jpg)


"The claim that the United States is “a nation of immigrants” is the benevolent version of U.S. nationalism. The ugly underside is the panic of enemy invasion. In the Supreme Court ruling on a case challenging the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1893 (Fong Yue Ting v. United States), Justice Horace Gray wrote:

the presence of foreigners of a different race in this country . . . [is] dangerous to its peace and security, their exclusion is not to be stayed because at the time there are no actual hostilities with the nation of which the foreigners are subject. The existence of war would render the necessity of the proceeding only more obvious and pressing."

387269ac No.3716204

unfortunately this type of thing is also called a pipe dream. people have to be housed and fed and educated and often at the expense of others for a contribution only amounting to a lost cause…but also alot of them prove to not be lost causes so much that they actually do stuff they need to do as working class people. they are stuck in blue collar if they are not here on an exchange work, if they dont get white collar on their own or when they rely on every single aspect of welfare instead that plan actually backfires and costs everyone else their entire livelihoods. forcing free healthcare for people needing handouts and asking for change constantly just to resort to drugs instead of actually building the country, is why the united states is deteriorated and bankrupt…there is no hemorhhaging funding in an already excavated wound in the economy, its entirely fucked and doubly fucked…its completely backasswardsly fucked. this single philosophy to allow immigration as some bastion for freedom has fucked everyone in the country by allowing a parasitic relationship between full on jimmy carter life slaving and junkie addicts that pandhandle for some FAKE-idealism of instant-wealth. Not to mention the flood of money pouring out of the country to their so called starving families back in their own lazy-coat-tail countries. Sorry but thats fact.

a16915f7 No.3716206

>We are "importing" people because that is what America is founded on. We're a melting pot. We've always been a land of immigrants.

IT works in the wild west. Anyone can do what they want, minimal state or federal pressure. A full country to populate and develop, etc.

But nowadays realistically, which of those moneyless migrant will be able to build a business (a hotdog stand doesn't count) or a factory ?
The big guys made it so the little guys can't become competitors, importing more people only makes more people willing to work for peanuts.

Marx said the jobless are the capitalist's "reserve army of labour", which must be kept high to be as cheap as possible.
Pro tip to our dear resident leftists: it is not a good thing ! Yet you cheer when migrants are let into your developped country.

4ed53e3e No.3716208

4ed53e3e No.3716209

they were hydraulic fracturing pioneers in the oil industry and made billions from fracking by 2015

52589ecf No.3716213

They are true American heroes, then.

f8d674e7 No.3716214

File: 1695046723963.png (103.17 KB, 584x766, yekc7pitmyob1.png)

3434cead No.3716215

Bring back slavery? Did they get rid of slavery at some point? I must have missed that one.

03ae8290 No.3716216


Correcting with fantasies from both sides:

One side wants to bring back slavery, nazis, fascism, and women not being allowed to vote or own property.

The other side wants children sexual mutilation, legal pedophilia, newborn abortion and though police."

03ae8290 No.3716217


Thinking more about it, I wonder if she really talks about the repubs ; maybe she has muslims in mind, it checks out:
- Slavery: duh !
- Nazi: kill or tax the heathen, pretty close.
- Fascism: One united umma (nation in arab), for Allah !
- Women stuff: no need to point it out.

966c7fe6 No.3716218

>Biden did that
>It was actually Trump

"For tax years 2018 through 2025, the Child Tax Credit is increased to $2,000 per qualifying child under age 17. The law also adds a $500 nonrefundable credit for certain non-child dependents."

Confirmed: 3B is a lying pedo.

966c7fe6 No.3716219

File: 1695049200801-0.jpg (418.19 KB, 1024x1555, reply red skull homeland i….jpg)

File: 1695049200801-1.png (1.34 MB, 1224x637, reply america is not a nat….png)

>We're a melting pot
>land of immigrants

These lies again….

That propaganda no longer works….

56ef44ce No.3716220

>children sexual mutilation
That's called circumcision, and it's what the maga retards wants.
>though police
You mean thought police? Again, it's the maga retards banning books.

f8d674e7 No.3716221

Nazi propaganda doesn't work

7d81a4f7 No.3716224

There's a reason they call you LibTards, you know.

f8d674e7 No.3716225

Yeah because they are Nazi pieces of worthless shit

3434cead No.3716226

>it's the maga retards banning books.
Nobody is banning books. Calm your tits. Having to go to the public library instead of the elementary school library to find a specific book isn't oppression. You haven't been murdered. You're fine.

I live in a country that actually does ban books. I have to order from overseas and use re-shipping services to get them. I could go to prison for what's on my bookshelf.

Get some perspective you mongoloid.

d22ad95f No.3716227

No one cares about your shithole country.

0deb974e No.3716233

Legal pedophilia should be in the conservative policy list. They are the ones fighting tooth and nail to make marrying children legal.

0deb974e No.3716234

File: 1695058835023.png (41.95 KB, 744x278, Proof-u-wanted.png)

f8d674e7 No.3716235

Cult45 has zero credible rationalization of their Daddy Trumpbucks’ diarrhea of the brain, so they invariably deploy their usual whataboutist horseshit impugning of President Biden, frequently consisting of batshit conspiracist hogwash, dishonestly doctored video/pics or other imaginary gobbledygook.

0deb974e No.3716236

File: 1695059311332.png (984.34 KB, 1275x906, 62884625_p0.png)

>Yet you cheer when migrants are let into your developed country.
Because the alternative is that they DIE.
Yes, I don't want people to die.
You bigots like to pretend that if we turn them away they'll just be sent back to their air-conditioned apartments and have to work a job that pays less.

People don't walk 400 miles to get away from a mildly inconvenient life. They are trying to survive. They are trying to keep their children alive.

966c7fe6 No.3716239

File: 1695062267012.gif (745.1 KB, 440x246, notmyproblem.gif)

>Because the alternative is that they DIE.

Another LIE. The problem is that the communists are inviting them by giving free stuff that belong to others. They would be fine having NEVER LEFT to begin with.

The REAL issue is that you think its everyone elses problem when its not. That makes YOU the real problem. You make it EVERYONE ELSES PROBLEM while you suffer no consequences.

There is a word for that….

0deb974e No.3716240

File: 1695062390980.png (547.61 KB, 718x655, Fucking-idiots.png)

Hey, moron, you are talking about something completely different than what everyone else is talking about.

Trump increased the DEDUCTION parents could take for have a child on their taxes through 2025. They still had to wait until those taxes were filed at during tax season.

Biden created the Child Tax Credit program as part of the American Rescue Plan which sent out actual checks to parents. They didn't need to wait till they filed taxes to get a deduction. He sent them real money. That real money halved childhood poverty and hunger in under a year.

They did a large sum in the first check then a monthly stipend to help parents until the pandemic was under control.

That is the program that Republicans killed. Every single MAGA Republican in congress voted against it because cruelty is the point for them.

You're all monsters.
You all deserve the chopping block.

966c7fe6 No.3716241

File: 1695062591624.jpg (64.47 KB, 538x482, laughviking.jpg)

>A temporary $300 cash payment solved child poverty.
>It sunset as it was supposed to
>This recreates child poverty

0deb974e No.3716242

So let's pretend for a moment that you get your wish and no more non-Americans are allowed in.

What do you imagine would happen?
Go ahead, enlighten us with your brilliant insights!

2ff6cc37 No.3716243

File: 1695062721603.jpg (533.83 KB, 800x818, 1242598505.jader_ukasi_ske….jpg)

> Because the alternative is that they DIE.
Lies. These illegal aliens are here because they've heard their children will get a free education, no questions asked, at our expense. And because they fucked up their own country by voting for socialism, or by supporting a corrupt strongman regime instead of free market capitalism. They want our generosity and our jobs.

In short, it is greed that brings these criminal aliens here.

966c7fe6 No.3716244

File: 1695063236634.jpg (138.07 KB, 991x1024, left killed by immigrants.jpg)

>Fewer illegals

Lower taxes
Lower housing costs
Rising wages
Lower consumer costs
Lower crime
Lower drug problems
Homelessness decreases
Poverty decreases
Better national security
Reduced incidence of exotic diseases

etc. etc.

The bottom line is that American citizens go without due to the massive spending on all these issues.

Basically, it would reduce slavery in the United States. You leftists are ALWAYS pro-slavery.

0deb974e No.3716245

File: 1695063560739.jpg (352.51 KB, 533x800, 111845610_p13.jpg)

It didn't create child poverty, it stopped child poverty and when the Republicans killed it the original child poverty that existed returned.

That's how money works.
If you don't have it, you can't spend it.
If you can't spend it, your kids go hungry.

3d60e92d No.3716246

No, it's greed that's keeping them out. America never has been nor was intended to be a gated community. Spoiled brats like Trump, who have never worked a day in their lives, just don't get it. Learn some history, dumbfucks.

746b7ff4 No.3716247

It's obvious from your comments that you've never cracked open a history book in your life.
Or you would know how things ACTUALLY work.
Is the version you keep spewing what CNN and MSNBC keep spoon-feeding you, or where do you pick that up at.

0deb974e No.3716248

File: 1695064492469.jpg (1.29 MB, 1200x800, 111845851_p0_master1200.jpg)

How would it lower taxes? It wouldn't. It would increase taxes because we would have to have a standing army at every step of the boarder to make your fever dream come true not to mention the people making sure no outsider ever flies to America on a plane.

You think landlords are going to make housing CHEAPER if there are fewer people looking to rent? You think people will want to sell their house for less just because only Americans could buy it? What planet do you live on? We're a capitalist nation, Baby! We always maximize profit!

Lower consumer costs? Are you out of your damn mind? The cost of food and consumer goods would SKYROCKET because there ain't no American going to do the labor an illegal does for the amount of money they are willing to take and you better believe that cost will be passed on to you.

Lower crime? Illegals already do way, way, less crime than Americans do to each other.

Lower drug problems? You think drug manufacturers won't take advantage of the sudden lack of street drugs and get everyone hooked on prescription drugs?

Homelessness decreased - Now this one is accurate. There would be more money and room for shelters if we drove out every non-citizen. Of course Republicans would take that as an excuse to cut funding because they wouldn't want the homeless becoming dependent on the government, right?

Poverty decreases? With the increased price of consumer products poverty would be at an all time high.

Better national security? Almost every terrorist who has ever attacked America in the modern era was an American citizen except the 9/11 terrorists.

Reduced diseases - You do realize that most diseases which enter America are carried in by Americans, right? Unless you plan on locking everyone out of America once they leave for any reason, this isn't going to change.

20b27269 No.3716249

>People don't walk 400 miles to get away from a mildly inconvenient life.
correct. They didn't walk 400 miles. You can't just grab someone off the street with no training and ratty old shoes and have them hike 400 miles. It's not a credible claim.

I get it. Not everyone is into fitness. That's fine, but take my word on this.

No magic dirt bro. Take that blood and soil rhetoric to the curb where it belongs.

746b7ff4 No.3716250

This picture and article in it illustrates the point of how most leftists have the minds of little children.
There is no way they could believe the things they do if they didn't.

20b27269 No.3716251

Where are all these poor poor dirt farmers scrounging up the 5000+ calories a day they would need to make this journey?

746b7ff4 No.3716252

Sorry, that hasn't been a credible source since they went left 30 or 40 years ago
Provide proof of what you claim, please.

746b7ff4 No.3716253

File: 1695065520583.gif (126.27 KB, 220x221, kgf-chapter2.gif)

4ed53e3e No.3716255

File: 1695067645695.png (293.12 KB, 455x295, Picture1.png)

How Elon Musk's 700 MPH Hyperloop Concept Could Become The Fastest Way To Travel

americans are historically so allergic to public transport that has been proven to work like trains that they'll instead simp for some crybaby billionaire's junk science project like this lmao

4ed53e3e No.3716256

File: 1695067774046.jpg (503.44 KB, 3000x2000, 6800fb_2_disinfo_fact-chec….jpg)

2f51ed3a No.3716261

America is screwed because they don't lock unstable weirdos like thunderfoot up in an institution.

This nig is actually complaining about military spending? I guess we shouldn't expect a scientists to understand economics.

He's probably one of those retarded boomers who thinks America should pay down it's debt.

966c7fe6 No.3716263

>America never has been nor was intended to be a gated community

God you are stupid


4ed53e3e No.3716270

File: 1695074123571.jpg (1.02 MB, 4448x2960, N700S makes it maiden voya….jpg)

4b6fcbd6 No.3716273

>People don't walk 400 miles to get away from a mildly inconvenient life. They are trying to survive. They are trying to keep their children alive.

Actually those that move are the well offs. You need money to travel and pay the people who can make you enter the country.
Even more so with black africans to Europe: the really poor ones can't afford to make the trip (you have to cross a sea, not a shitty fence in a desert). Those who do are middle class, often borrowing to the familly on promises they'll send money once settled.

These people migrate for economic reasons. You leftist should actually hate them : they are the rich using their money to get even richer (so they hope at least) in a developped country.

4b6fcbd6 No.3716277

>You think landlords are going to make housing CHEAPER if there are fewer people looking to rent?

It's called offer and demand and none of your leftist fantasies will change how it works.

Landlords want their money and they'll compete for it, because if their houses are empty it costs them. No landlord is going to go "My houses are empty but it's fine, I'll work my ass off to pay the mortgage ; better that than to lower the rent I ask for. It'll teach the poors, whom I despise, MUHAHAHAHA!"

0908c468 No.3716280

File: 1695075856516.jpg (443.49 KB, 1700x1700, 15e2929f17f7763246717c3142….jpg)

Literally every country is a gated community. No borders means no country.

180726fe No.3716302

Riddle me this, you dumbfucks. Why do almost no countries have giant border walls like the Berlin Wall, the Great Wall of China, or the Jew Wall? Those aren't real countries, huh?

20b27269 No.3716304

You can have a border without a border wall. I don't understand your question. Can you rephrase?

4ed53e3e No.3716305

File: 1695080314381-0.jpg (143.8 KB, 824x549, Berlin-Wall-1961-824x549.jpg)

File: 1695080314381-1.jpg (175.16 KB, 860x580, the-great-wall-of-china.jpg)

File: 1695080314381-2.jpg (318.99 KB, 1400x840, Walls-2.jpg)

File: 1695080314381-3.jpg (329.06 KB, 1200x800, 048c523359bb4313949dcf8399….jpg)

File: 1695080314381-4.jpg (91.11 KB, 499x339, JB17obJWCSay87heB3Rlep0JEe….jpg)

Wealth inequality

Roma People - Europe's Forgotten Social Disaster

4ed53e3e No.3716306

File: 1695080546231-0.jpg (242.77 KB, 1200x1600, 4eb052b05e35f364dd8631be3d….jpg)

File: 1695080546231-1.jpg (69.26 KB, 698x1000, 51m651vGwXL._AC_UF1000,100….jpg)

File: 1695080546231-2.jpg (71.6 KB, 632x960, MV5BNGI2ZjVhMDktYzQxZi00MT….jpg)

These use to be free to watch on youtube why was it taken down again?

f8d674e7 No.3716311

Because qtards are crackpot weirdos

bb7c4333 No.3716313

File: 1695082530005.jpg (49.08 KB, 533x388, reply laughing faces.jpg)

Stuff like this is why I keep coming here. It is amazing how some individuals can exist with delusional mindsets like this. A testament to how easy life is today.

0908c468 No.3716318

File: 1695083575767.png (4.28 MB, 1254x1771, d09fff435700e00eaa61e0b191….png)

Jews. Jews are the reason why no White country is allowed to preserve its own existence. And they are all in sharp decline as a result.

f8d674e7 No.3716319

Lol Nazi alert

51fe47f5 No.3716320

File: 1695085302644.jpg (339.31 KB, 1610x2250, friendlytip.jpg)

3716313 Nigga, this place is a satan-of-synagogue's deathzone. It's not worth engaging with, because it's designed to spy on (the 2 or 3 remaining) people (or animals) with souls and learn from their original (God-inspired) thoughts, for evil purposes.
Also, it's designed to "trap" them and their attention to divert it away from scripture and keep them focused on the satan-of-synagogue's (probably by now AI-directed) "scripts". Don't forget that satan's synagogue has passed actual laws, making it "legal" for them to mindfuck the global population (amongst other near-infinite wicked things).
This has been discussed and proven for decades by now, including on here before people realised they're shouting into a deathzone, it's not new.

You're either getting worked up over an employed NPC (such as a jidf-and-co type of creature), an NPC product that's doing it for free, or a bot (the last 2 are "merging/being-merged").
Are you a "bot/NPC"? Because if you're not careful, you'll devolve into one due to engaging with these hideous toxic creations so much.

Do you value your life and soul so little, and do you truly deserve to be dragged down with them? Engaging with the lowest of the low in order to be better than them isn't going to lift you up in any way, it'll just drag you down further.

01fd8674 No.3716322

maybe they will make a virus to turn people into animals

d97fb1bc No.3716323

File: 1695086720430.jpg (50.04 KB, 711x456, pgtv9whi62pb1.jpg)

0908c468 No.3716324

File: 1695087049552-0.png (238.36 KB, 629x701, 753d95fb32e8dd251b14a56ecb….png)

File: 1695087049552-1.jpg (452.73 KB, 1663x1452, 085f3e62c1c4a17b4209b5b1ee….jpg)

File: 1695087049552-2.jpg (80.13 KB, 804x750, 7f6bf6dfce64023e14f167477a….jpg)

File: 1695087049552-3.png (57.21 KB, 784x411, b73855ee3820ee1bfec73930f7….png)

File: 1695087049552-4.jpg (102.03 KB, 1074x1440, dc8f0d66a84096e64c44fadc50….jpg)

There are hundreds and hundred of news articles penned by jews denying our right to exist, demanding that we open ourselves to the world.

I want nothing more than to be left the fuck alone, and the death of people who refuse to leave me the fuck alone. And that means genociding jews, apparently.

d97fb1bc No.3716325

File: 1695087134134.jpg (51.09 KB, 535x767, nny5p0oli1pb1.jpg)

0908c468 No.3716326

File: 1695087305079-0.png (155.58 KB, 1010x932, 34adb122ada1c745a62d6c7da3….png)

File: 1695087305079-1.jpg (93.52 KB, 1093x1280, 08ebe865eb32bd950e8ce1d989….jpg)

File: 1695087305079-2.jpg (126.39 KB, 1135x1280, a12c74e44c9e0f494dbd4eb435….jpg)

File: 1695087305079-3.png (811.94 KB, 673x2920, 23356876788c0a951d1a0d2765….png)

File: 1695087305079-4.jpg (90.7 KB, 935x1205, c107a10128747920b3c6bdf12e….jpg)

d97fb1bc No.3716329

White supremos post like boomers

0deb974e No.3716330

The whole Hyperloop concept has been debunked. It's nonsense.


f8d674e7 No.3716332

File: 1695091497903.png (74.57 KB, 738x767, 9j2ay4vjr2pb1.png)

68d6badb No.3716340

File: 1695104936854.jpg (95.98 KB, 589x756, 2969397_TheDomovoi_oinoefh….jpg)

> The whole Hyperloop concept has been debunked
…by a totally unknown crackpot who posted his ravings on YouTube.

4ed53e3e No.3716348

File: 1695110200663-0.jpg (66.21 KB, 960x640, s960_corr13_logo_EN.jpg)

Toomer Town sounds like a good name for a generation…

4ed53e3e No.3716349

File: 1695112018333-0.jpg (158.01 KB, 1920x1005, YHKQY3KTCVIZZNIR76MWCQZUCU.jpg)

French father goes on hunger strike for kids 'abducted' by Japanese wife

ccb0aa30 No.3716350

File: 1695113299401.png (41.23 KB, 1000x1000, 1689710605.research-purpos….png)

Japanese mother on hunger strike for kids attempted to be abducted by French man, refusing to feed her children until he stops being.

ccb0aa30 No.3716351

File: 1695114137316.jpg (94.33 KB, 616x431, ExWpmj5W8AET3b6.jpg)

She is eating just fine, you'd think a hunger strike would be your own hunger, not just refusing to feed your kids, to spite the father, who is also hunger striking.

The emotional baggage these kids will have.

58d7d304 No.3716377

She doesn't even know what revenge porn is. How is that a win? She sounds like a bimbo.

274af9e4 No.3716379

File: 1695129065187-0.webm (2.92 MB, 720x1280, 1695073571125174.webm)

File: 1695129065187-1.png (233.17 KB, 671x605, 1695073772715432.png)

Beasts that walk upright

0deb974e No.3716387

File: 1695132477615.jpg (948.18 KB, 1200x800, 111718833_p0_master1200.jpg)

This woman got attacked and her first instinct was to call Fox News and try to get on TV.

She wasn't a democrat.
You know how I know she's a MAGAt and always has been? She blames Biden for defunding the police as to why it took the cops a long time to respond to her attack.

Fun fact: The police haven't been defunded. They are funded the same as every other agency in the city.

However, there are 70 police officer jobs available in the city but no one wants to work them because the dept has such a bad reputation for being full of racist, shitbag, wanna-be Nazis.

The police are paying officers double overtime rates to keep cops on the streets because no cop will come near that department. Working there is just asking to be thrown into prison for life because they have so many sub-human conservatives on the force.

They can't fire all the bad cops since the bad cops make up most of the remaining force and good cops won't take a job where they risk going to prison because they are involved in a fellow cop's hate crime. It's a catch-22 for the city.

f2b4583b No.3716389

ngl that video is kinda hot

3f321301 No.3716391

>good cops won't take a job where they risk going to prison because they are involved in a fellow cop's hate crime. It's a catch-22

The real catch-22 is that you keep calling it a hate crime whenever they throw black criminals in jail for any reason. You can't even police the most crime-ridden areas because it's "racial profiling", since those areas are full of blacks. If the police were doing their jobs, you'd call them nazis, and since they're not doing their jobs you're calling them nazis anyways.

That's the real reason nobody's willing to take the job.

3f321301 No.3716393

The left's hatred of the police is calculated rhetoric: the left rejects any social institution or system they can't or don't control. If they can't win democratically they will incite riots and civil disobedience - social terrorism - against the system, which is represented by the police. They deliberately seek conflict with the police to play martyrs when the police beats them back.

If the police are doing their jobs and suppressing the rioting and anti-social behavior by the left, they're fascists and enemies of the people because they're attempting to suppress the revolution, which justifies attacking the police in the first place. If they don't suppress this criminality and let the people riot and smash windows and rob each other, that means the police doesn't care about the people and "only protect the rich".

It's a game of "Heads you lose, tails I win".

0908c468 No.3716394

File: 1695138447537.png (903.5 KB, 688x4687, 08ba8e10a012ff25f0eab66b8f….png)

More jewish tricks. The CDC wants to regain your trust by doubling down on everything they did to lose your trust and gaslight you into believing they were right the whole time.

13fac2aa No.3716395

Isn't the right the one wanting to defund fbi? Or is that Antifa false flag lol you retards are chickens with heads cut off

13fac2aa No.3716396

Ooooooooo Nazi posting, brave

274af9e4 No.3716397

File: 1695139053515-0.jpg (34.93 KB, 636x377, defund.JPG)

File: 1695139053515-1.jpg (56.83 KB, 645x410, defund2.JPG)

>Fun fact: The police haven't been defunded.


Confirmed: 3B is a lying pedo.

0908c468 No.3716398

File: 1695139077125.jpg (695.66 KB, 2000x1150, d7672cfb22b72a5f2534567c6b….jpg)

I honestly don't understand their hatred for the police. Those zogbots are the only things stopping citizens from shutting down their anarchy and looting.

I agree with them. Fuck the police, let's bring back vigilante justice Leo Frank style.

3f321301 No.3716399

The police upholds the laws of the state they wish to destroy and take over, therefore the police is the enemy. The rest is just figuring out clever rhetoric and mental gymnastics to blame the police instead of the criminals.

29a9ce7e No.3716402

File: 1695151453686.png (1.1 MB, 1321x952, Dems4.png)


Dems are totally against the wealthy

29a9ce7e No.3716404

File: 1695156444553.png (1.31 MB, 1333x948, Dems_want_to_steal.png)

Also Dems want to steal again. They want all the voting regulations put into place by states after 2020 swept away.



274af9e4 No.3716411

File: 1695158684344-0.jpg (161.27 KB, 823x451, 1694884718697595.jpg)

File: 1695158684344-1.jpg (73.05 KB, 727x467, conven.JPG)

>Dems are totally against the wealthy

Yeah. They sure are! Here is San Fran woke central bending over backwards to clean up the homeless, trash and drugs for a wealthy convention.

29a9ce7e No.3716432

File: 1695166810856.png (212.27 KB, 687x237, Idiot_dems.png)

Way to go Socialist dems. You fucked up Chicago so much that now they want government run grocery stores.


29a9ce7e No.3716433

File: 1695167095549.png (806.32 KB, 1229x834, 7765555.png)

And BTW Ray Epps finally got charged with a crime, a super duper harsh misdemeanor.

Oh and did you know? He's a "Trump supporter".


Can you believe it. Guy told people to storm the capital. And gets a slap on the wrist. He's totally not a fed.

f8d674e7 No.3716481

Trump told people to storm the Capitol.

f8d674e7 No.3716483

Trump told people to do j6

e3f55699 No.3716488

whats your point

f8d674e7 No.3716489

Whites bad

49fc3f05 No.3716490

The point is maga retards will try to find any lame excuse to deflect blame from Trump. No one knows or cares who this Ray Epps guy is. Trump's going down.

63a6b1d5 No.3716493


2b701af4 No.3716496

We all know you're a retard,
but do you have to keep coming here to prove it?

0deb974e No.3716497

>I'm a conservative and I think no one should ever be allowed to question or protest people in power unless they are people I disagree with then we should be allowed to hang them.

Yeah, that's pretty much what we expected from a conservative.

0deb974e No.3716498

We were talking about a specific police department in a specific city where a specific woman got mugged.

Also, if Texas is cutting its police budget you can't really blame that on the left. Texas is one of the reddest states in America. Republicans control everything.

0deb974e No.3716499

File: 1695224528292.webm (1.98 MB, 320x180, so-predictable.webm)

>Guy told people to storm the capital. And gets a slap on the wrist. He's totally not a fed.
You guys are so predicable and basic it's sad.

0908c468 No.3716501

File: 1695226040170.png (1.02 MB, 1000x1200, 1d181c3590bbb0486aaba74b85….png)

Calm down there captain tardo. You're going to hurt yourself.

e3f55699 No.3716507

that's what you wanted to happen tho

f8d674e7 No.3716509

File: 1695230064347.png (45.24 KB, 656x516, 9jl3n5st3fpb1.png)

03962b73 No.3716512

File: 1695235132425.jpg (155.03 KB, 688x958, 4657453_MidnightGospel_pin….jpg)

Donald Trump Jr. for president!

He would be far better than Dementia Joe Biden.

0deb974e No.3716517

It's been debunked by Elon Musk.
He's abandoned the original concept all together and now just wants to build underground roads only rich people can drive on.

f3a29188 No.3716518

File: 1695240680043.png (315.62 KB, 1312x964, bafybeicxcbc5qacgiich3bjna….png)

So claims the loony libtard who lies about everything.

f8d674e7 No.3716523

Maga retards = u

9847a618 No.3716525

File: 1695255405522.jpg (88.27 KB, 1119x673, 28062register_all_democrat….jpg)

So you like posting in this thread. That means you're a pedophile-democrat just like most pedophiles.

ef4cab37 No.3716526

A fish doesn't know it's wet. You are oblivious to the waters you swim in and it's kinda adorkable.

Stay gold.

f8d674e7 No.3716528

Google youth pastor arrested to learn about republican pedophiles maga your children within the youth pastor lol retards

86673a58 No.3716530

Most youth pastors are democrats. Fact. Just as most convicted pedophiles are democrats.

9133f087 No.3716531

File: 1695263158385.jpg (27.53 KB, 284x292, hellholes.JPG)

>Texas is one of the reddest states in America

There are these crime-ridden hellholes though….what to do about them?

9133f087 No.3716533

File: 1695263304995.png (766.08 KB, 934x1024, ww2 david irving allies jo….png)

Lets see…..the choice seems to be a leftist or a Nazi. Which to choose?

4ed53e3e No.3716534

File: 1695263717426-0.jpg (46.21 KB, 1100x619, 220228155725-gerrymanderin….jpg)

File: 1695263717426-1.gif (2.59 MB, 720x404, vrCv8r.gif)


9133f087 No.3716535

File: 1695263744528.png (574.81 KB, 767x449, diversity.png)

A kids little league club received some diversity as 'nig'….er….'youths' broke in to the facility to steal $30 and doing $3000 damage in the process.

Al Sharpton is alleged to have said that this is simply reparations for White devils centuries of oppression and White Supremacy.

bccb9e14 No.3716538

File: 1695271243975.png (399.73 KB, 1321x958, UK_overeach.png)

The UK Parliament is de-platforming Russel Brand, an independent news reporter.

He is not guilty of anything, only Accused.


bccb9e14 No.3716539

File: 1695271537361.png (555.76 KB, 1059x902, SPYING.png)

Also The UK Parliament has passed its Online Safety Act, it is waiting on the king's approval to make it law.

Where even Encryption is not safe anymore.


387269ac No.3716542

Let's put a chokehold on people and make them revolt against us but blame some celebrity scumbag.

0deb974e No.3716543

File: 1695279753633.jpg (507.32 KB, 800x1244, F5_o37lawAIG6LE.jpg)

>Just as most convicted pedophiles are democrats.

You keep repeating that lie but no matter how many times you do the facts don't change. Republicans are the party of pedos.

They always have been and always will be because the thing they value most is power over everyone around them. They need to dominate everything because they are so afraid of losing control. That includes their kids.

8d604ac3 No.3716544

Whatever you say, pedo.

4ed53e3e No.3716545

4ed53e3e No.3716546

UK turning to China?

7d81a4f7 No.3716549


Stop watching
They're lying to you.

f8d674e7 No.3716557

Lol you think fox and nazimax is real news?

25463265 No.3716558

You nigs seriously arguing about who watches the best CIA propaganda? Gonna start arguing about which party loves Israel the most next? Maybe who likes war the most?

A fox news viewer is literally indistinguishable from a CNN watcher. It's a distinction without a difference.

f8d674e7 No.3716559

File: 1695301831227.jpg (51.83 KB, 750x545, bfgh5dk38ipb1.jpg)

f8d674e7 No.3716570

not to try diminish their malign influence on the world but this is the thing i get stuck on with this entire crowd of right-wing influencer. libs of tiktok, matt walsh, the other daily wire guy who looks like a koopa from the '93 mario bros movie — they're all the weirdest freaks imaginable

0908c468 No.3716585

File: 1695316257565.png (1.89 MB, 3101x4089, f7f5308faaebeaefaedbada49b….png)

If he fucked a kid, then I don't give a fuck about his youtube account, I want him thrown in jail.

What you faggots really want is to forgo the trial and just skip to the punishing a guy you don't like.

Fuck you and your disingenuous kike argumentation tactics.

dd304202 No.3716589

>If he fucked a kid, then I don't give a fuck about his youtube account, I want him thrown in jail.
>Posting this while also posting drawn chilp porn

f8d674e7 No.3716591

Nazi style

d45ffbfa No.3716592

File: 1695321538182.jpg (486.98 KB, 1792x1721, 22-07-11 scoot vs diamond ….jpg)

>Posting this while also posting drawn chilp porn
You are fucked in the head. There is no child in that post. All there is are two, nonexistent, fantasy creatures. No humans at all.

0deb974e No.3716594

File: 1695322527281.png (485.78 KB, 840x706, Trump Orders GOP to Ensure….png)

Trump is demanding that the GOP shut down the U.S. government so that the people prosecuting him will have to miss his court date because they won't be employed while the government is shut down.

He's too stupid to realize that isn't how it works. Even if the Republicans shut down the federal government and bankrupt America police and courts will still work for a while, long enough to throw his ass in prison.

f8d674e7 No.3716596

His supporters will say he's secretly the president and running everything from prison lol predictible retarded rubes

8c94222c No.3716597

Your post makes utterly no sense at all. If they aren't working then they have nothing better to do than go to court.

Don't you even think about your posts before hitting submit? It sure appears that whatever random thought you have immediately gets posted with no critical judgement. A sure sign of clinical mental disease.

0908c468 No.3716601

File: 1695324207861.png (676.07 KB, 655x676, 97153d7a9000af4f391b0a2f46….png)

Nah, dude. They're dogs. Dogs are sexually mature at 1 year old, and that girl is like at least 8. There are also no age of consent laws with dogs because dogs aren't people and don't have human rights.


f8d674e7 No.3716604

Your zoophilic and pedophilic preferences are red state farm hillbilly no front teeth fuck your sister cleatus incel type

0908c468 No.3716605

File: 1695326618173.png (1.39 MB, 825x1155, 656b820bafaa37d3491d0364d7….png)


d096686d No.3716619

Even pedos should have free speech until the day of their execution. How else will they be able to plead their sick disgusting case to the people?

Are you old enough to remember Amos Yee? I'm glad he was able to share so many of his opinions with the world. Hope he dies in prison.

ccb0aa30 No.3716620

File: 1695339720230.png (101.76 KB, 750x400, Reasons-Why-Dogs-Are-Bette….png)

I'm still not convinced that Cobalt Blaze is not a cat. He talks like he's shitting on a keyboard. I prefer dogs over cats anyways.

0deb974e No.3716621

File: 1695347590485.jpg (235.81 KB, 976x1500, yande.re 1118547 sample ba….jpg)

Trump is so stupid he thinks that if you shut down the government the courts will stop functioning and he can't be sent to prison so his plan is just to end all police and courts everywhere until… he dies I guess?

It isn't a plan at all based in reality and even if things work the way he thinks they work he would literally need to just shut down all cops and courts for years to escape his fate.

Funny how Republicans are suddenly the party of #DefundThePolice #ACAB when it's a semi-rich, orange-ish, white guy going to prison.

ef4d9f6a No.3716623

File: 1695348945202.png (473.99 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20230920-184609.png)

af94f855 No.3716626

The Biden Crime Family's tentacles extend far.

4d875007 No.3716627

File: 1695349334933.jpg (251.83 KB, 1536x2048, UK no eggs flour.jpg)


The UK has fallen. This is the USAs future.

4d875007 No.3716628

File: 1695349491363.png (45.98 KB, 1000x650, 1679386315088282.png)

I have ALREADY posted the proof in a previous thread. YOU are repeating the lie and ignoring the facts.

The left is overwhelmingly pedophiles.

799b02af No.3716631


It's Wales, so you can't buy eggs or flour, but you can still fuck sheep and goats.

0deb974e No.3716632

You can't see Hunter Biden's penis in his mug shot so conservatives won't care much about it.

0deb974e No.3716633

File: 1695352276582.jpg (143.79 KB, 707x1200, Charlie-Kirk-Driven-off-ca….jpg)

No, you posted an image that said it was the OPINION of the people polled that most convicted pedophiles were democrats. The meme included a link to a study which does not seem to exist and can not be found anywhere on the internet.

So, basically, you're a moron who believes anything he is told as long as it gives him an excuse to act as if he has moral superiority when we all know you're the scum of the human species and the world would be better if you were dead.

6e5bc113 No.3716634

File: 1695352537047.jpg (53.15 KB, 854x1233, 122421345_394787068343217_….jpg)

I think that's only for Halloween, which is still fucked. Are kids over there such delinquents that laws like this seem reasonable?

2b701af4 No.3716635

File: 1695352573644.jpg (85.3 KB, 640x508, dcb74203c5d9c7c67a47881780….jpg)

3B are you
related to Zippy The Pinhead?
So many similarities

50628cb6 No.3716636

If you gave Trump a button and told him it would KILL everyone who ever voted for him but it would 100% keep him out of jail, he'd push it so fast he wouldn't even have time to remember that he voted for himself.

de5e9b49 No.3716637


0deb974e No.3716671

File: 1695391105890.png (685.96 KB, 1196x1176, 98416653_p2.png)

Republican Sen. Tubbervil is getting spanked by Democrats for holding up over 500 promotions of key military officers.

His main job was to approve the promotions and he has been holding our military hostage while demanding a federal abortion ban. The white isis extremist has been crippling our military for over a year.

Now Democrats will be approving them one at a time without him. They have made him irrelevant because he refused to do his job.

6e11344e No.3716672

File: 1695392216390.jpg (83.67 KB, 960x720, ukpolicewewontcomeifyouspe….jpg)

No one in the UK cares about yobs. Only if you are White or not.

0deb974e No.3716673

File: 1695394297174.jpg (501.26 KB, 800x1244, F6UOQo-XwAA_KjO.jpg)

Headline: The police won't help you if you speak English!

The actual article: Police will be prioritizing helping the elderly, disabled, mentally ill and people who can't communicate well with in-person, officer visits while people who are healthy and can communicate well will have more questioning handled over the phone.

There is literally nothing controversial about this unless you're a entitled, white, bigot.

7d81a4f7 No.3716674

Sounds like a typical lying leftist newspaper then,
to even run a headline like that.

Oh hey 3B, watch those arms.

f8d674e7 No.3716675

Kill yourself cleatus

7d81a4f7 No.3716677

>>Kill yourself cleatus

You see, everyone?
that the LEFT
They even SAY THEY ARE.

c81a7eac No.3716678

>words = violence
You see, everyone?
that the RIGHT
They even SAY THEY ARE.


6e11344e No.3716685

File: 1695399561490-0.jpg (25.54 KB, 694x181, left tyranny.JPG)

File: 1695399561490-1.jpg (75.34 KB, 785x403, played.jpg)

>words = violence

6e11344e No.3716687

File: 1695400072004-0.jpg (156.76 KB, 667x936, reply animal monkey disgus….jpg)

It CLEARLY says if you do not speak ENGLISH, not just unable to speak you mongoloid.

It is a CLEAR reference to non-citizens; AKA non-whites (shitskins, slopes, dunecoons, currynigers, pigfuckers, gooks, chinks, porch monkeys, jungle bunnies, pavement apes, slants, beaners, spics, poos, etc, etc ).

0deb974e No.3716696

I thought you said illegals did more crime? So shouldn't cops be investigating non-citizen crimes first? Which racist conspiracy theory are you going to choose?

0deb974e No.3716697

File: 1695401709750.png (935.17 KB, 1147x1185, 99043444_p0.png)

Also, get triggered.

7cf9804a No.3716698

File: 1695403096073.jpeg (203.11 KB, 1365x1519, eba51b736dcc8c22.jpeg)


6e11344e No.3716700

File: 1695410077111.jpg (91.9 KB, 785x403, played.jpg)

>I thought you said illegals did more crime? So shouldn't cops be investigating non-citizen crimes first?
>It is a CLEAR reference to non-citizens

Hmm….an interesting thought….maybe they do give preference to non-Whites due to that very fact. They commit more crimes, make the police priority non-Whites.

6e11344e No.3716701

File: 1695410187648.jpg (90.08 KB, 668x699, tranny 4.jpg)

Why do you keep posting Islamic pictures? Are you muslim?

Here is another muslim picture for you.

0deb974e No.3716702

File: 1695410475192.png (548.19 KB, 1323x1250, 99043444_p2.png)

>dumb enough to think Breitbart is real news.

3a3a9c2f No.3716703

File: 1695410938150.jpg (234.82 KB, 1147x1185, 6a8331ee46173773.jpg)

> Why do you keep posting Islamic pictures?
It's characters from final fantasy xiv. Does that automatically make it Islamic?

dad99b23 No.3716704

File: 1695411563478.png (433.34 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20230922-153205.png)

dad99b23 No.3716706

File: 1695413357469.png (430.52 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20230922-160631.png)

0deb974e No.3716710

File: 1695420309782.jpg (155.82 KB, 1176x1474, Fvz0IfcXoAAlBrN.jpg)

Meet 2022 REPUBLICAN candidate Joel M. Koskan of N. Dakota.

He was sentenced to 10 YEARS in prison after he plead guilty to 2 counts of Incest with his 13-yr-old stepdaughter.

Koskan was NOT a Drag Queen.
Koskan was not transgender.
Koskan was not a 'Democrat Groomer'.
Koskan is a typical conservative.

0deb974e No.3716712

File: 1695420637961.jpg (147.58 KB, 591x667, 36300a3183c7.jpg)

This story only proves that Democrats actually stop corruption in our party. Republicans celebrate it in theirs.

caafa6ed No.3716721

>>Democrats actually stop corruption in our party. Republicans celebrate it in theirs.

That's not what the public actually sees happening though.
Have that a little backwards there don't you, RiffRaff?

fbcb5c2c No.3716727

File: 1695423174321.png (1.31 MB, 1319x952, Dems_fucking_up.png)


Dems fucking up new york more

57afd49f No.3716733

Oooooh look at me. I still believe voting matters. Hurr durr.

4ed53e3e No.3716739

File: 1695425797491.png (291.31 KB, 894x894, furry__thinking__commissio….png)

What Causes The Rural Urban Divide In American Politics & Beyond?

0908c468 No.3716744

1. Working for the Chinese is a level above having ever sold anything to the Chinese

2. Explicitly selling favors from the office of the president to the Chinese is a bit different from renting office space to them.

3. You argue like a disingenuous kike. Gas yourself.

6e11344e No.3716757

File: 1695428696993.gif (3.01 MB, 497x302, reply laughing muslims.gif)

>Does not answer

Ok. I have my answer pigfucker. That explains your pathological pedo compulsion.

Aloha Ackbar

6e11344e No.3716758

File: 1695428906996.jpg (103.28 KB, 910x1024, pedophile by race black sp….jpg)

>Leftist posts non-stop child porn
>Calls someone else a pedophile

Ah, he is your contemporary then.

You are also 95% probable non-White from pic related.

f8d674e7 No.3716759

I'm sure this isn't made up lol
Racists are so retarded

f8d674e7 No.3716760

f8d674e7 No.3716761

It's all the deep dish pizza Democrats in double secret power fault that better-than-god-himself trump is being persecuted unfairly. Bill Gates and the Top Jews are collaborating to program people to think Trump is bad. But, no! I, your average schmuck can see right through their plans! Thanks to the power of memes.

fbcb5c2c No.3716763

File: 1695431909488.png (824.83 KB, 1309x974, Trust.png)


Remember, always trust the media. If you don't, your a conspiracy nut.

6e11344e No.3716768

File: 1695433645257-0.webm (1.93 MB, 480x852, beasts.webm)

File: 1695433645257-1.webm (2.67 MB, 960x540, beasts 2.webm)

>Says it made up
>Sources from .GOV right there

You are not White for sure. You are one of those beasts that walk upright.

6e11344e No.3716770

File: 1695433992298-0.webm (3.23 MB, 480x852, beasts 3.webm)

File: 1695433992298-1.webm (574.95 KB, 480x848, beasts 4.webm)

Throwbacks to the animal that humans have evolved from.

6e11344e No.3716771

File: 1695434087046-0.webm (3.43 MB, 320x568, beasts 6.webm)

File: 1695434087046-1.webm (3.43 MB, 320x568, beasts 6.webm)


Dangerous, unpredictable, savages who have no place in modern society.

6e11344e No.3716772

File: 1695434215409-0.webm (792.18 KB, 320x568, beasts 7.webm)

File: 1695434215409-1.webm (1.82 MB, 360x640, beast 9.webm)

Primitive, unevolved, immature, low IQ people who are driven by animal instincts.

6e11344e No.3716773

File: 1695434331930-0.webm (1.99 MB, 576x1024, beasts 10.webm)

File: 1695434331930-1.png (215.41 KB, 684x528, black beasts.png)

You feel more comfortable among the other unevolved animals in the wilderness.

fbcb5c2c No.3716774

File: 1695435045482.png (1.97 MB, 1536x1024, Succubus445.png)


Food deserts ain't a problem anymore see >>3716432

You go girl, make all your food run by the government. The government loves more power

6e11344e No.3716780

File: 1695440945136.png (927.47 KB, 1914x1317, replyjoker.png)

The leftists that voted for this are getting what they wanted - good and hard - so I have no sympathy for them. In fact, I am chuckling.

The remainder are victims and the 'do-gooders' like 3B have MUCH to answer for.

90399bb9 No.3716815

File: 1695461201015.gif (2.46 MB, 320x246, piper coconut gif.gif)

4ed53e3e No.3716821

File: 1695463497187-0.png (885.05 KB, 800x1200, 8ea6ce7444255a96650bd5b37e….png)

File: 1695463497187-1.jpg (134.41 KB, 629x1280, 1547165751.asheraart_tweet….jpg)

File: 1695463497187-2.png (375.26 KB, 939x1061, 1547203073.viktria_tweet.png)

File: 1695463497187-3.png (156.29 KB, 1075x1280, 1547203749.blues4th_twitte….png)

File: 1695463497187-4.png (155.95 KB, 1075x1280, 1547205859.blues4th_twitte….png)

The Muskrat fans killed her with a sink.

4ed53e3e No.3716822

File: 1695463592419-0.jpg (141.05 KB, 1280x1043, 1547416716.bassywolfeh_twe….jpg)

File: 1695463592420-1.jpg (102.14 KB, 713x1080, jBITYf58RP0_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1695463592420-2.jpg (178.64 KB, 600x900, tweet_FA_version_1_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1695463592420-3.jpg (1.35 MB, 1156x2067, tweetfur_by_holivi_dcweqkr.jpg)

File: 1695463592420-4.jpg (169.28 KB, 600x900, yiff-miles-DF-yiff-artist-….jpg)

Rest in peace you blue feathered slut.

90399bb9 No.3716823

File: 1695464117866.png (47.44 KB, 769x519, Screenshot 2023-09-23 at 0….png)

0deb974e No.3716840

File: 1695474225336.jpg (42.41 KB, 600x617, 105364449_p0_master1200.jpg)

That is a chart of the race of the victims of rape and molestation among minors, not the perpetrators, you fucking moron.

Get triggered.

70dd6d6f No.3716851

File: 1695476019402-0.jpg (15.01 KB, 251x113, black pedo.JPG)

File: 1695476019402-1.jpg (29.87 KB, 377x264, reply laugh.jpg)

>I have been found out, better make up some bullshit….

Oh, wait….facts are still a thing. Pic is straight from the source.

But wait! Lets pretend that it is what you say it is….any social worker will tell you that if a child is molested, it is almost always by…..<drum roll> A FAMILY MEMBER <ta-ting>.

The race is STILL THE SAME you spear-chucker.

f8d674e7 No.3716862

Racists are not very bright

2b701af4 No.3716864

Can't come up with a counter argument on this because you didn't think the facts through so you're slinging insults again?
Sounds to us like you're the one who's not very bright.

0deb974e No.3716865

File: 1695481296955.jpg (30.64 KB, 251x113, 1695476019402-0.jpg)

>Look at these totally real numbers I made up!

0deb974e No.3716866

File: 1695481675888.jpg (404.95 KB, 1074x990, 111967439_p0.jpg)

You never provide any facts! You post memes you find on facebook. You never cite any sources or provide any proof your memes aren't 100% bullshit then you post from your phone and pretend to be someone else who supports your claims.

We can all see through your nonsense. No one likes you, no one wants you here, you bring shame to your family every day you are alive.

Get triggered.

0908c468 No.3716868

File: 1695483730526-0.jpg (89.22 KB, 912x509, 42ca7f537cdecac1ff6ac2150a….jpg)

File: 1695483730526-1.jpg (241.17 KB, 1194x736, 3c1b0505db84b9be59d0895f83….jpg)

File: 1695483730526-2.jpg (818.4 KB, 2362x1624, 6007dbd10b4c40d9e4f2c67c46….jpg)

File: 1695483730526-3.png (223.22 KB, 917x977, 948dd5a27f75e9dba90c201e60….png)

File: 1695483730526-4.png (1.69 MB, 2000x1500, 4f28c5d082e75ff30bc942d7d8….png)

While they're just primitive animals acting on impulse, the saddest part of this is the cuck who just stands by and records it, either too devoid of testosterone to intervene or too oppressed by the jews to lay them out on the ground without repercussion.

In a just world, these shoplifters would be shot on sight.

Also, don't call me a leftist.

7d81a4f7 No.3716869

You're delusional.
None of that is true.

0d719aa4 No.3716870

File: 1695484328267.png (1.08 MB, 1313x944, Biden_fascism.png)


Oh boy, a whole year of extra Biden censorship for a year.

Isn't your retarded stupid as fuck wikipedofile links under every youtube video. Thats treating adults like whining crying bitching babies enough?

0deb974e No.3716872

File: 1695485319588.jpg (87.82 KB, 670x680, F6pK0SgbUAE33ON.jpg)

Get triggered

ad2e2d6b No.3716874

Violation of the first amendment

0908c468 No.3716875

File: 1695486463802-0.gif (2.67 MB, 900x900, 333c44d950794a17222c2abd7e….gif)

File: 1695486463802-1.png (120.38 KB, 879x373, 2139aac93adc3821ff0304272f….png)

Yes, I am aware of Zion Ron DeShabbos.

I'd consider traveling to foreign soil to sign anticonstitutional legislation to be literal treason, but what do I know.

70dd6d6f No.3716893

File: 1695489845055.jpg (52.38 KB, 580x640, reply laugh hyena.jpg)


>Gets out MS paint
>Shuffles the numbers in image
>The 13 percenters STILL look bad
>The Whites STILL look better


Try harder rape-ape.

f8d674e7 No.3716903

Kill yourself

f8d674e7 No.3716904

File: 1695493125675.jpg (58.27 KB, 624x767, qt9n475yqzpb1.jpg)

4ed53e3e No.3716911

File: 1695494769336.jpg (224.08 KB, 1512x2048, EDfKA9a.jpg)

4ed53e3e No.3716912

File: 1695496228552-0.jpg (343.25 KB, 1637x1340, bd3bf0_e93017edc24f4f46a13….jpg)

File: 1695496228552-1.jpg (128.8 KB, 740x655, bd3bf0_aa9ee477b50a49f09a6….jpg)

File: 1695496228552-2.jpg (83.79 KB, 740x378, bd3bf0_19c28d7648994e04b13….jpg)

4ed53e3e No.3716913

File: 1695496524335.png (222.63 KB, 595x944, 1511760415.hunterbahamut_g….png)

Why The Government Has Infinite Money

0908c468 No.3716914

File: 1695500511348.gif (600.29 KB, 700x495, 1523276e12f1988c3a7646629a….gif)

Man, this cartoonist loves conflating two different groups into one thing and then laughing about how his creation is logically inconsistent. Seems a bit masturbatory if ya ask me.

Also, Musk is pioneering space travel and rocket science. I thought the left only hated the do-nothing billionaire usurers.

0d719aa4 No.3716915

File: 1695501252408.png (1.37 MB, 1345x942, delusional.png)



And printing money doesn't cause any problems.

And the only reason everything isn't free is because rich business owners want to skim extra.

And I totally want Central bank digital currency so money can be deleted any time to fight inflation.

Marxism, Marxism, marxism!

0deb974e No.3716916

File: 1695505114554.jpg (1.7 MB, 1400x980, 98807227_p0.jpg)

>None of that is true.
Prove it.
Provide the study that shows the majority of pedophiles in prison are democrats. Not just a meme but a link to the actual data.

I dare you.

0deb974e No.3716917

Musk is pioneering nothing but investing his Daddy's money. He's a fucking moron.

0908c468 No.3716927

File: 1695509703361.png (281.71 KB, 818x1000, cfc5fc558b731acdf80802c1fb….png)

So his company under his leadership isn't developing new technologies that were thought to be impossible? Coulda fooled me.

I think I get it now. You not only declare all property of others to be yours, but all work, discovery, and invention too.

When met with someone who DID work for what he has you just go "nope" and attempt to dismantle it.

70dd6d6f No.3716929

File: 1695511194926.jpg (16.02 KB, 300x175, liberalism.jpg)

0d719aa4 No.3716930

File: 1695512514479.png (255.06 KB, 709x687, Soc4.png)

d510c385 No.3716932

File: 1695513335341.jpg (262.03 KB, 1518x1677, 4435928_UnchainedMonkey_ph….jpg)

The fatal flaw with socialism is you eventually run out of other peoples money.

f2c55b76 No.3716951

I'm not the one who made the original claim,
Although I do believe it to be true,
As do most of the general public.
Hmmm, I wonder why that is.

8f473a23 No.3716959

>Musk is pioneering nothing but investing his Daddy's money. He's a fucking moron.

We get it, you got shares in Boeing, Lockheed, etc.. and you're a bit pissed at Elon for making space less expensive.

Don't worry, the USA-China war will boost your stock portfolio, stop hating Elon it's bad for the health to be bitter.

0deb974e No.3716963

File: 1695541411880.jpg (92.11 KB, 664x680, Conservative-school-system.jpg)

You just happen to post as soon as N¡ggerman put something up, often within seconds of his posts. Sure, you're totally not him.

You still defend the insane statement so prove it, Bitch! Where are your facts! Where is the data?!

Also the majority of people don't believe Democrats are pedophiles. That's why what you spew is called a conspiracy theory. You're mocked for your insane beliefs by the public. You're a joke and a freak.

The American people see Republicans getting arrested every fucking day for being pedos. You're all sub-human monsters and you deserve to be hung like the Nazis you love so much.

0deb974e No.3716964

File: 1695541892786.jpg (1003.4 KB, 1062x1200, Get-triggered-32edw2.jpg)

>Under Musk's leadership

Musk doesn't lead anything. HE'S A MORON. Most of his education came from South African schools where he was born. He migrated to Canada and got dual citizenship to finish out his BA in economics then went to Stanford and dropped out after two days of classes because it was too hard for him.

The only company he has ever directly lead is Twitter and look how well that's going.

You are simping super hard for a South African drop out whose only accomplishment in life was inheriting money and taking credit for other people's work.

2b701af4 No.3716973


I'm not Niiggerman, regardless of what you claim.
And that's ADORABLE coming from 3B bitch who historically since 2008 has been putting up endless runs of series shitposting one after the other, bam, bam, bam, within seconds of each other and switching proxies for each one, using the same exact wording style and phrasing and tone and format for each one, and all the while denying it was you. Give me a break.

People like you deserve all manner of punishment, imprisonment, and death in the most horrendous ways possible. You will never hold power again. never.

Articles, links, published polls, are not accurate since they are mostly leftist based. You need to actually go out, like I do, on the street and ask random people of all races and persuasions a question "Who do you think has the most pedophiles, Democrats or Republicans"? 8 out of 10 will say "Democrats". And this was in a liberal city.
Try it if you don't believe me.
What's the matter, your DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN isn't working?

f8d674e7 No.3716974

f8d674e7 No.3716975

File: 1695560132996.jpg (41.72 KB, 354x766, nh9ntivkb4qb1.jpg)

0deb974e No.3716977

>Articles, links, published polls, are not accurate since they are mostly leftist based.

Reality leans left?

51fe47f5 No.3716980

File: 1695566044783.jpg (369.53 KB, 1920x1080, AI_Dog_Business.jpg)

Just a quick post to remind the 2 or 3 remaining souls to be careful about investing themselves into this commie/zionist viper's nest, and to consider investing positively into themselves instead.
Also - this weekend has another important satanic "jewish" (babylonian talmudic/kabbalistic, etc.) holiday, so if there's a terrible loss of (Christian/Whitey) life somewhere, then you'll know who has caused it.
It's amazing what one can find out about the evil that's gripping this world just by reading the Bible, and you'll see who is responsible if you're brave enough (and how to survive it).

Some tips - stick to the KJV (or Geneva) version and avoid like the plague pretty much any pastor/preacher who claims to be "judeo-Christian" (jews HATE Jesus), passes out satanic NIV versions, quotes mostly from the old testament, claims that today's jews follow the old testament (over 96% of them don't, but instead follow the satanic babylonian talmud/kabbalah), focuses on gaining earthly wealth (commonly TV evangelists, etc.), preaches new world order talking points (as the pope does), supports the building of an earthly temple/building or supports israhell/"jews" (they are the enemy of Christ and are feverishly working on bringing about the antichrist), doesn't point out the countless lies/crimes/murders of socialism/communism/bolshevism and who's behind it, promotes "coexistence"/one-world-religion/new-age shit), call Jesus "yahweh"/etc. or claim he was black/brown (lolol), and a whole bunch of other things I'll probably mention later but you get the idea. The "jews" of the Bible aren't today's BTW, today's are the descendants of pharisees/synagogue-of-satan/scribes/etc. - that's another of their dirty tricks. Spoiler: These psychos believe in and that murdering every non-"jew" on the planet will make them into gods.
While you're at it, beware anything to do with serpents, double-headed eagles, old Roman or Egyptian symbolism - it won't be benevolent.

Anyway… another W&T of Lucy and her bodyguard: https://vigilante.tv/w/k2mKR98eTGsVjL2V2yGyKt
PS: Bolt is still awesome.

2b701af4 No.3716981

No, but the media does.
As you well know since you have commandeered it.

f8d674e7 No.3716982

File: 1695569818309.jpg (69.31 KB, 455x457, quopeuqtz6qb1.jpg)

2b701af4 No.3716983

And this is exactly what is happening to society.
Glad you agree.

0deb974e No.3716984

File: 1695573740537.gif (1.31 MB, 296x371, This-is-the-end.gif)

Show us some of this "Far left" media you think is happening.
Give us some examples of what you think is too far left.

Speaking of things that will never happen, did you hear that Marjory Taylor Green tried to take the day off because she was expecting to be raptured by Jesus?

There was some prediction that the rapture was going to happen a few days ago so she called in to work and took the day off waiting to be sucked up into the sky.

As if Jesus would have anything to do with her hateful, skanky, ass! If Christianity is real she is defiantly going the other way.

f8d674e7 No.3716986

File: 1695576386488.jpg (79.83 KB, 614x767, gdj8xa16u7qb1.jpg)

0908c468 No.3716988

File: 1695579356212.gif (2.57 MB, 600x600, a6b271e6ef5600ebe33558e5e1….gif)

The left pretends to be a band of revolutionaries fighting the power until met with someone actually fighting the power and now suddenly they're sucking the boot with the force of a neutron star.

0908c468 No.3716989

File: 1695580342771-0.png (130.96 KB, 1366x768, 3fc30e0e955d28e1af2608a71d….png)

File: 1695580342771-1.jpg (132.6 KB, 915x799, 85cdd55fb0d4bd13c296a5ba09….jpg)

File: 1695580342771-2.png (393.21 KB, 708x1000, 1994fbbf386189a0cb82192d2a….png)

If reality leaned left, the left wouldn't have to make it illegal to deny their narrative.

In Canada it has been ruled by the supreme court that a factual statement can constitute hate speech. Reality is literally racist. The law says so.

35c1cfac No.3716992

Reality is left. You maga tards are dinosaurs

35c1cfac No.3716994

File: 1695585926134.jpeg (157.44 KB, 1079x1437, E8nXu1pUcAAXPAA.jpeg)

0deb974e No.3717035

File: 1695598531407.jpg (600.45 KB, 1240x1754, 94184873_p1.jpg)

The most retarded aspect of the MAGA Republicans shutting down the government for no reason is that they honestly believe it will stop Donald Trump from being taken to court and thrown in prison for his crimes.

It won't. The courts stay open even if the government shuts down. There is nothing congress can do to stop Trump from going to court.

Trump is such a fucking moron he thinks he can just turn off America wait it out till after 2024.

0deb974e No.3717036

File: 1695598866238.png (550.96 KB, 1488x2105, 90656846_p5.png)

How, exactly, did Trump "Fight the power"?
Was it the tax cuts he gave to himself and all his wealthy friends?
Was it the business deals he made with our enemies?
Was it the classified information he kept at his golf club so he could raise the price of membership?
Was it him agreeing with Saudi Arabia's plans to cut oil production by a 3rd globally so they could keep gas prices high during covid which is why they are so high now?

Which of Trump's "Achievements" was spitting in the eye of the man, exactly?

f2c55b76 No.3717038

File: 1695600318088.jpg (3.07 MB, 6144x6144, a997522bc5bc2c416d5b5fc70d….jpg)

Just a daily reminder that leftists are sub-human pigs who want to destroy America and make deals with our enemies like CHINA JOE.
Here, Lefty, here, Libby,
Come to the trough and get your slop,


deserving of all manner of imprisonment and torture.

90399bb9 No.3717040

File: 1695601592137.gif (1.08 MB, 498x280, oh-no-kermit.gif)

984015e0 No.3717041


well at least both left and right all loves the KIKES !!!

here Kikey , here Jewie . come the bank teller and get your Shekels


Kikes with CAPITAL
Money grabbing KIKES

0deb974e No.3717042

File: 1695602230451.jpg (1.13 MB, 4096x2896, F6amnPiWMAExi9L.jpg)

Squeal more piggy, you have no power. Your party is dying. Your voters are dying. Your red states are turning blue. You are losing in every conceivable way.

I can't wait for Trump to be your nominee so we can crush his balls again.

Squeeeeeal, piggy! Squeeeeeal!

6ddcf7aa No.3717047

File: 1695603228126.png (223.38 KB, 549x953, trump raid by fbi.png)

>Which of Trump's "Achievements" was spitting in the eye of the man

The 'man' is so terrified of President Trump that they faked intelligence information to get an illegal FISA wiretapping warrant to eavesdrop on his 2016 campaign in violation of election laws.

The left has been OK with all of this while saying they are the side of law and order.

Just sayin'…..

0908c468 No.3717049

File: 1695604252392.jpg (245.29 KB, 1510x1808, 573a37ab88d1e46b5016dd93fe….jpg)

4 years of no new wars and deescalation of the existing ones, improving economy before the Dems nuked it, lowered taxes for the middle class much to the continued disbelief from retards like you, making kikes absolutely seethe so hard you have to continue making shit up about him even after rigging him out of office.

4ed53e3e No.3717058

File: 1695607834638.jpg (56.81 KB, 720x1167, OAH9vqa.jpg)

8d4f9c49 No.3717059

File: 1695609373913.png (913 KB, 1299x936, Leftism4.png)

f8d674e7 No.3717060

Republicans and the rich did this

0deb974e No.3717061

File: 1695609920692.png (1.48 MB, 1421x725, Think-Mark-think.png)

If what you think is real was true, if Obama ordered his people to illegally wire tap Trump, why did Trump not prosecute Obama for breaking the law during his 4 years?

If Obama's administration broke the law, why did Trump and Republicans do nothing to them? Why was no one taken to prison over it?

0deb974e No.3717062

File: 1695610220589.png (426.1 KB, 900x663, Screenshot - Young America….png)

A video from the Young Americans Foundation convention which is held by old, white, Republicans to try and convince young people to be just as selfish and racist as they are.

8d4f9c49 No.3717063

File: 1695610310763.png (708.36 KB, 1343x940, Sorrow.png)


You are the rich. This is what being poor looks like.


8d4f9c49 No.3717064

File: 1695611192456.png (804.61 KB, 1325x946, Starvation4.png)

"Here was an American, and now he's dead"


You got a computer, internet, probably welfare check, snaps/food stamps, etc,

These people didn't have nothing.

8d4f9c49 No.3717075

File: 1695614989181.png (542.47 KB, 833x880, haha.png)

Haha, was canada dumb enough to celebrate nazis?

How could he forget ukraine has nazis


f8d674e7 No.3717076

Dk is

9870a25f No.3717077

Crazy af

70c93849 No.3717078


>Also - this weekend has another important satanic "jewish"

It's 3 feasts into one this week because this year is a jubilee year. I doubt there will be a loss of life somewhere, but the rapture could happen because there will never be a better moment for pre-trib rapture:

2023 + 7 years of tribulation = 2030, pretty near the 2000th aniversary of Jesus resurection.

70 "weeks" in Daniel prophecy could be 70 Jubilee (49 years) between the jews conquering Jerusalem the first time and 2023.

Also the generation that saw Israel become a nation again supposedly will see Jesus come back, and they are getting old.

I sure hope it happens, but if not christian will probably live the tribulations and we get to see some of the atheists coming to their sense at least.

f2c55b76 No.3717082

File: 1695619907211.png (322.11 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20230924-202633.png)

f8d674e7 No.3717083


9f61b5de No.3717084

4ed53e3e No.3717085

File: 1695624864629-0.gif (1.01 MB, 1300x2000, Ychan - ot - help support ….gif)

File: 1695624864629-1.gif (912.73 KB, 1300x2000, Ychan - ot - help support ….gif)

File: 1695624864629-2.gif (1011.33 KB, 1300x2000, Ychan - ot - help support ….gif)

File: 1695624864629-3.gif (858.05 KB, 1300x2000, Ychan - ot - help support ….gif)

File: 1695624864629-4.gif (935.92 KB, 1300x2000, Ychan - ot - help support ….gif)

Surviving a Day in the Victorian Era (24 Hours in the Past) | Reel Truth History

4ed53e3e No.3717086

File: 1695624913946-0.gif (944.56 KB, 1300x2000, Ychan - ot - help support ….gif)

File: 1695624913946-1.gif (952.48 KB, 1300x2000, Ychan - ot - help support ….gif)

File: 1695624913946-2.gif (995.13 KB, 1300x2000, Ychan - ot - help support ….gif)

File: 1695624913946-3.gif (1.08 MB, 1300x2000, Ychan - ot - help support ….gif)

File: 1695624913946-4.gif (935.18 KB, 1300x2000, Ychan - ot - help support ….gif)

glad to re-upload this lost gem.

4ed53e3e No.3717087

File: 1695625833444-0.jpg (479.79 KB, 1500x1125, FullSizeRender (1).jpg)

File: 1695625833444-1.jpg (126.8 KB, 1500x1000, economy.asp-ADD-SOURCE-9f4….jpg)

File: 1695625833444-2.png (96.14 KB, 1500x1000, economics-source-b80e91b60….png)

Elmer Fudd on Business and Investment

Exploring the State of Venezuela and How It Affects RuneScape

4ed53e3e No.3717097

File: 1695627896564-0.png (810.9 KB, 640x989, Ychan - ot - help support ….png)

File: 1695627896564-1.png (1.61 MB, 1238x1913, Ychan - ot - help support ….png)

File: 1695627896564-2.png (2.61 MB, 1325x2048, Ychan - ot - help support ….png)

If jan 6 didn't happened this chart would not exist.

ca1b8aa6 No.3717103

3B the racist with more hate-filled anti-white lies.

90399bb9 No.3717106

File: 1695638135522.jpg (99.68 KB, 800x618, snow-plow.jpg)

4ed53e3e No.3717108

File: 1695639112917.gif (1.08 MB, 480x360, giphy.gif)


it's not about the mailbox; it's about sending a message.

Pigeon Man | Hey Arnold! | NickRewind

4ed53e3e No.3717111

File: 1695644829408.jpg (50.16 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

What Happened to Confederates After the Civil War? | Animated History

2707f4b2 No.3717114

Your one thread solution sucks and you all know it.
I would agree that there were perhaps too many political threads at one time but this solution sucks.

Politics covers a wide range of topics when you lump it all into one thread it degrades open discussion.

All you get is a waist of time where far left liberal radicals and communist nut balls argue the same points with centrist and more conservative posters, people with common sense, and some just straight up fascist over and over, over the same points.

You the staff don't try come up with any real solutions because they're afraid of work and of change.

01fd8674 No.3717120

goo goo ba ba

70c93849 No.3717122


Do you expect a /pol/ on Lulz ? Don't be silly, do you know the cost of all the bytes it would take ?!!!

51fe47f5 No.3717124

File: 1695658030701.jpg (182.66 KB, 700x649, kindlyallies.jpg)

The pretrib rapture has pretty much been debunked and is likely a "jewish" subterfuge to make (susceptible) "Christians" feel better about not trying to make this world a better place while they're still alive and have a chance to actually do it. A lot of "Christians" will buy in to the selfish belief that they can just ignore others' (and their own) peril. It's unfortunate, but will also further separate the tares from the wheat.

The satan/serpent-worshipping synagogue-of-satan Khazarian psychopaths who call themselves "jews" are going to try and fake the return of Jesus (who will be the antichrist), and it looks like they (almost?) have the technology now to pull it off:
Clearly they have earthquake and weather weapons - that quake in Turkey and many firestorms and floods around the world were obviously not "natural" disasters, plus they're constantly spraying the skies with toxic reflective shit that might be used to try and project holograms into the skies, and they clearly have incredibly powerful satellite weapons, plus they appear to have been spreading bullshit (regarding aliens and/or satan coming from space) on other image boards to gauge the reaction, so they can decide which bullshit story to best go with, for when they start destroying more towns and cities.
Lest we forget the very likely possibility of the injections having a remote-triggered fatal "payload" that'll cause actual deaths in the streets AND these deranged fuckers even appear to possess mind/thought/emotion-altering EMR technology around the world.

So many neurotic, paranoid and futile attempts (and much more) to try and emulate what real Christians already possess, for free, and it still pales in comparison to God's gift and promise. Pathetic!

As long as you believe in the gospel of salvation, in Jesus Christ and that He is the Son of God who was resurrected, then you're on the right track and will receive supernatural protection and insight which the likes of jidf/"jews"&co,3Broken, etc. will likely never receive.

01fd8674 No.3717126

life and death doesnt matter to a religious person and the struggle for one's bounty in life is a fallacy in that those who are non religious will never be satisfied in and often damn themselves for having material goods but also druggies are pretty much the same type of people who think molecules will give them some sort of enlightenment too. then its really just athiest parasites that rule the world oh no.

b630ea09 No.3717130

File: 1695662702272.png (412.34 KB, 907x587, climate change is not evir….png)

The twister in the first pict is leftist wealth redistribution (Bidenomics).

Everyone is rich.
Everyone starves.

4ed53e3e No.3717136

File: 1695670387555-0.png (836.05 KB, 1024x712, drained the lake for cotto….png)

File: 1695670387555-1.png (61.2 KB, 860x772, cotton prices.png)

File: 1695670387555-2.png (355.92 KB, 963x2433, cotton prices history.png)

4ed53e3e No.3717137

File: 1695671196133-0.png (435.77 KB, 1239x922, markets on cotton producti….png)

File: 1695671196133-1.png (96.54 KB, 720x873, markets on cotton producti….png)

Want to discuss about how cotton production plays a role in on our markets?

c5e4b08c No.3717139

File: 1695672097405.png (452.46 KB, 507x507, Dumbass.png)

Ah, yes, the quote by a renowned climate scientist in 2010 about how the Paris climate accords have devolved into nothing but a socialist plot.

Ignore the fact that the International Paris Climate Change (IPCC) accord this quote is supposed to be talking about didn't EXIST until 2015.

I guess he is not only a genius scientist but a clairvoyant who can see the future, right?!

4ed53e3e No.3717140

File: 1695673176817-0.webm (7.65 MB, 1276x720, Beavis and Butthead Candy….webm)

File: 1695673176817-1.jpg (100.38 KB, 847x860, Ychan - ot - funny picture….jpg)

b630ea09 No.3717146

File: 1695676270987.jpg (296.13 KB, 750x726, reply you are a dumbass.jpg)

"From 2008 to 2015 Edenhofer served as a co-chair of Working Group III "Mitigation of Climate Change" of the (IPCC). Under his leadership as co-chair, the IPCC published the Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation"


cce8692e No.3717147

File: 1695677289210.png (673.7 KB, 1272x849, spirited away.png)


Stalin is godless who drain the lake and the spirits of the lake cursed them with salty dustbowl of sand melting the icecaps on the mountains.

Spirited Away - Why Work Is Toxic

cce8692e No.3717154

File: 1695681520894.png (415.58 KB, 1031x715, genesis.png)

Genesis, but only the really messed-up parts - Abrahamic Mythology Explained

cce8692e No.3717155

File: 1695681848586.png (886.58 KB, 1130x1495, genesis dustbowl and wife ….png)


Communist dustbowl has turn my wife into a pillar of salt! it's all connected now!

cce8692e No.3717157

File: 1695682161117-0.png (554.26 KB, 700x500, One-day-God-was-looking-do….png)

File: 1695682161117-1.jpg (22.08 KB, 220x279, Karl_Marx_001.jpg)

File: 1695682161117-2.jpg (144.73 KB, 1500x1000, karl-marx-c72a757132d04b5b….jpg)

Marxist looks like Yaweh god Holy shit it's all connected!

c5e4b08c No.3717159

File: 1695682390616.jpg (593.43 KB, 800x1200, 109362066_p0_master1200.jpg)

Yes, he was part of the precursor to the modern IPCC but that still doesn't change that he can't be talking about how the implementation of the Paris accord has been a scam 5 years before the Paris accords even began, idiot.

As usual, you are either too stupid to know what he is talking about or you are purposefully taking it out of context to try and shore up one of your delusional conspiracy theories.

What he was actually talking about in 2010 was that as new technologies replaced oil and coal it would redistribute wealth as the old industries lost value and were replaced.

He wasn't talking about a socialist plot to steal money from the wealthy, he was saying that the natural result of implementing new green tech would be oil dependent nations like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Russia would lose much of their economic and political power.

Speaking of which, how's that war in Ukraine going for your homeboy, Putin?
Has he killed himself yet?

70d83e09 No.3717162

The fuck is this shit? Who is this for? Genesis is legit only like 20 pages. Just read it if you want to know what it says.

God spare me the interventions of the illiterate.

d27db33c No.3717163

That's Aufy the autistic wacko you all are replying to. You're supposed to include a cub image with the reply.

cce8692e No.3717164

File: 1695687338445-0.jpg (51.62 KB, 590x350, fam-381414.jpg)

File: 1695687338445-1.jpg (9.99 KB, 275x273, vesuvx.jpg)

d27db33c No.3717165

> What Happened to Confederates After the Civil War?
What happened to my relative after the Civil War? Records show he was discharged from the Union Army but he never made it back to his home. He simply vanished without a trace.

01fd8674 No.3717167

no one refers to the christian god as yaweh and this is an african idea that they want to be part of a christian orthodoxy (which they arent)

c5e4b08c No.3717168

>Genesis is legit only like 20 pages.
It's about 46 pages, 50 chapters spanning thousands of years if you believe the bible is true.

Isn't it funny how the people who claim to be empowered by the bible to be an asshole are also the people who know the least about what's in the bible?

0908c468 No.3717170

File: 1695692963391.png (925.64 KB, 1000x827, 88bd418ff0a4e9e1c70106f202….png)

And then you get faggots making dozens of new threads with nothing but a retarded twitter screencap. Fuck that.

0908c468 No.3717171

File: 1695693387778.jpg (223.65 KB, 1200x796, 7ed182caedd01001d7c2f2fcda….jpg)

It doesn't take clairvoyance when these climate fascist kikes have been pulling literally the same shit for 100 years.

"The planet is dying and can only be solved by putting all of the power and money into our hands."

2b701af4 No.3717172

You forgot to change your sock proxy again 3B.
Watch those arms!

2b701af4 No.3717173

I’m voting for the guy with several indictments and hundreds of charges against him.

If Trump isn’t afraid to face these people I’m not afraid to vote for him.

This on top of the hundreds of charges he's already beaten. His record to date 9,873 wins and no losses. It's probably a safe bet on my part…of course once he receives the nomination they will drum up hundreds more…they will never stop! Funny how they never went after him two years before running for his first term

..when he was a Hillary loving Democrat!

2b701af4 No.3717174

Where is Hunter's mugshot?
Why won't they release it?
Is it not public record, by law?
3B always say we just want to see Hunter's mugshot because it has something to do with his dick?
A mugshot is just a face.
3B must think Hunter's nose looks like a dick.

f8d674e7 No.3717175

Lol why is the right so obsessed with hunters hog

1f122af2 No.3717176

Because he was flopping it all over the place while he was committing crimes.

f8d674e7 No.3717185

Ahh just like the orange nig ger

cce8692e No.3717193

File: 1695705049809-0.png (3.04 MB, 2475x1913, 1999PartCty.png)

File: 1695705049809-1.jpg (165.47 KB, 1200x841, religious-map-of-russia.jpg)

2b701af4 No.3717203

I don't expect to get a sensible or coherent reply from you, but in what context are you using the word 'Hog'?
I've only ever seen it used in reference to a motorcycle, or as an insult directed towards Cops and Leftists,
Are you saying it's also another name for a Cock?

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